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tion from 1818 to the year of his own

Da Costa, Jacob Mandes. W. I.,
1833-1900. A Philadelphia physician
connected with Jefferson Medical Col-
lege since 1864, and a specialist in dis-
eases of the throat and lungs. Epithe-
lial Tumours and Cancers of the Skin ;
The Pathological Anatomy of Acute
Pneumonia; The Physicians of the
Last Century ; Serous Apoplexy ; Med-
ical Diagnosis ; Inhalation in Treat-
ment of Diseases of the Respiratory
Passages ; Strain and Over-action of
the Heart ; Harvey and his Discovery.

Dadd, George H. £".,0.1813 . A

veterinary surgeon who has published
The Modern Horse Doctor ; Manual of
Veterinary Science ; Anatomy and
Physiology of the Horse ; The Ameri-
can Cattle Doctor.

Dagg, John Leadley. Va., 1794-
1884. A Baptist clergyman who retired
from the ministry in 1833, and was
president of Mercer University, Geor-
gia, 1844-56. Manual of Theology;
Elements of Moral Science ; Evidences
of Christianity ; English Grammar.

Dahlgren, John Adolph. Pa., 1809-
1870. A famous United States naval
officer, made admiral in 1863, who in-
vented the cannon bearing his name,
and conducted the siege of Charleston
during the Civil War. Thirty-Two
Pounder Practice for Rangers ; System
of Boat Armament in the United States
Navy; Naval Percussion Locks and

Primers ; Ordnance Memoranda ; Shells
and Shell Guns ; Memoir of Ulric Dahl-
gren ; Notes on Maritime International
Law, edited by Charles Cowley, supra.
See Memoir by Mrs. DaMgre7i, infra.

Dahlgren, Mrs. Madeleine [Vin-
ton] [Goddard]. O., 1835-1898.
Second wife of J. A. Dahlgren, supra,
to whom she was married in 1865. A
noveHst of Washington. Idealities ;
Thoughts on Female Suffrage ; South
Sea Sketches ; Etiquette of Social Life
in Washington; Memoir of Admiral
Dahlgren; South Mountain Magic, a
Narrative ; A Washington Winter, a
Society Novel ; The Lost Name ; Di-
vorced ; Lights and Shadows of a Life.

Daloho, Frederick. E., 1777-1836.
An Episcopal clergyman of Charleston,
rector of St. Michael's Church there,
1819-36, but in earlier life successively
a physician and journalist. The Evi-
dence of the Divinity of Our Saviour •
Historic Account of the Episcopal
Church in South Carolina ; Ahiman
Rezon, a work for freemasons.

Dale, James Wilkinson. Del, 1812-
1881. A clergyman of eastern Penn-
sylvania. The Cup and the Cross, or
the Baptism of Calvary ; Classic Bap-
tism ; Judaic Baptism ; Johannic Bap-
tism ; Christie and Patristic Baptism.

Dales, John Blakely. N. Y., 1815-
1893. A United Presbyterian clergy-
man of Philadelphia, whose principal
writings include Roman Catholicism ;
Dangers and Duties of Young Men ;
The Gospel Minister.

Dall, Mrs. Caroline Wells [Hea-

ley]. Ms., 1822 . Wife of C

H. A. Dall, infra. A Washington
writer whose early efforts were mainly
in the line of social reforms, while her
later works were concerned with gen-
eral literature. Essays and Sketches ;
Historical Pictures Retouched ; Life
of Dr. Marie Zakrzewski ; Woman's
Rights under the Law ; The Romance
of the Association, or one Last Glimpse
of Charlotte Temple and Eliza Whar-
ton ; What we Really Know about
Shakespeare ; Woman's Place in His-
tory ; Life of Dr. Anandabai Joshee ;
College, Market and Court ; Woman's
Right to Labor ; Essays on Confucius ;
Patty Gray's Journey to the Cotton



Islands ; My First Holiday, or Letters
from Colorado ; Egypt's Place in His-
tory, include her principal works. Le,

Dall, Charles Henry Appleton.
Md., 1816-1886. A Unitarian mission-
ary to Calcutta. The Temperance
Movement in Modern Times ; Theism,
in Questions and Answers.

Dall, William Healey. Ms., 1845-

. Son of C. H. and C. W. Dall,

supra. A naturalist of distinction who
has been connected with the United
States Coast Survey and the Geological
Survey. Alaska and its Resources
(1870) ; Tribes of the Extreme North-
west ; Scientific Results of the Explo-
ration of Alaska ; Coast Pilot of Alas-
ka ; Pacific Coast Pilot ; Reports on
the MoUusca of the Blake Expedition.

Dallas, Alexander James. F.,
1759-1817. A noted statesman who
was secretary of state, 1796-1801, and
secretary of the treasury under Madi-
son. Features of Jay's Treaty ; Speeches
on the Trial of Blount ; Address to Con-
stitutional Republicans ; Causes and
Character of the Late War (1815) ;
Reports of Cases. See Life and Writ-
ings of, by G. M. Dallas, infra,

Dallas, George Mifflin. Pa., 1792-
1864. Son of A. J. Dallas, supra. A
statesman who was minister to Russia,
1837-39, vice-president of the United
States, 1845-49, minister to England,
1856-61. Series of Letters from Lon-
don ; Eulogy on Andrew Jackson, as
well as many single speeches and ad-
drefiSes. Lip.

Dalton [dawl'ton], John Call. Ms.,
1825-1889. A physician of note who
was a professor in various medical col-
leges. Observations on Trichina Spi-
ralis ; The Experimental Method in
Medical Science ; Doctrines of the Cir-
culation ; Topographical Anatomy of
the Brain ; History of the College of
Physicians and Surgeons in New York
city ; Treatise on Human Physiology ;
Treatise on Physiology and Hygiene.

Daly, Charles Patrick. N. Y., 1816-
1899. A prominent jurist of New York
City. Historical Sketch of the Judi-
cial Tribunals of New York, 1823-46 ;
Reports of Cases in Court of Common
Pleas, City and County of New York ;

First Settlement of Jews in North
America ; What we Knew of Maps and
Map Drawing before Mercator.
Daly, John Augustin. N. C, 1838-
1899. A dramatist and theatrical man-
ager of New York city who, besides
adapting many plays from the Ger-
man and the French, wrote Divorce ;
Pique ; Horizon ; Under the Gaslight,
and other plays, as well as Peg Wof-
fington, a Tribute to the Actress and
the Woman.

Damon, Howard Franklin. Ms.,
1833-1884. A hospital physician of
Boston. Leucocythsemia ; Neurosis of
the Skin ; General Remarks on the
Frequency of Skin Diseases. Lip.

Dana, Alexander Hamilton. E.,

1807-1887. A lawyer of New York
State. Ethical and Physiological In-
quiries ; Inductive Inquiries in Physi-
ology ; Ethics and Ethnology ; Enigmas
of Life, Death, and the Future State.

Dana, Charles Anderson. N. H.,

1819-1897. A distinguished journalist
of New York City. He was assistant sec-
retary of war 1863-65, and since 1868
the editor of The New York Sun. His
political writing is noted for its bitter .
partisanship, but the literary quality
of his work is admirable. With J. G.
Wilson, infra, he prepared a Life of
General Grant, and was co-editor with
George Ripley, infra, of the American
Cyclopaedia. The Household Book of
Poetry was edited by him. Ap.
Dana, Charles Louis. Vt., 1852-
. A physician of note as a neuro-
logist, who has published a Text-Book
on Nervous Diseases.

Dana, Ed-ward Salisbury. Ct.,

1849 . Son of J. D. Dana, infra,

assistant professor of natural philoso-
phy at Yale University since 1879, and
curator of the mineral cabinet in the
Peabody Museum there. Since 1875 he
has been one of the editors of Silliman's
Journal. Text-Book of Mineralogy ;
Text-Book of Elementary Mechanics ;
Appendix II. (1875) and Appendix III.
(1883) of Dana's System of Mineralogy.

Dana, James. Ms., 1735-1812. A once
famous Congregational clergyman of
New Haven, who wrote An Examina-
tion of Edwards on the Will.




Dana, James Dwight. N. Y., 1813-
1895. A celebrated geolo^t, profes-
sor at Yale University from 1850. Sys-
tem of Mineralogy ; Manual of Miner-
alogy ; Text-Book of Geology ; Corals
and Coral Islands ; The Geological
Story Briefly Told. Am. Do. Wil.

Dana, James Freeman. N. H.,
1793-1827. A chemist and physician,
the first professor of chemistry at
Dartmouth College. Epitome of Chem-
ical Philosophy ; Outlines of the Min-
eralogy and Geology of Boston and its
Vicinity (with S. L. Dana, infra).

Dana, Mrs. Katharine [Floyd].
L. I., 1835-1886. A writer of New
York City. Our PhU and Other Sto-
ries. Hou.

Dana, Mrs. Mary. See Shindler, Mrs.

Dana, Richard Henry. Ms., 1787-
1879. A poet and critic who was one
of the founders of the North American
Review in 1815. As a critic his Lec-
tures on Shakespeare represent him
fairly, and it must not be forgotten
that he was one of the earliest in Amer-
ica to appreciate the genius of Words-
worth. The Idle Man, a publication
begun in 1821 and extending to six
numbers, includes his two novels, Tom
Thornton ; Paul Felton. His later pub-
lications include The Buccaneer, and
Other Poems ; Poems and Prose Writ-
ings. His verse is both imaginative
and original, but at the same time un-
melodious. See Atlantic Monthly, April,
1879 ; Harper'' s Magazine, April, 1879 ;
LowelVs Fable for Critics; Bryant and
his Friends.

Dana, Richard Henry, Jr. Ms.,
1815-1882. Son of R. H. Dana, supra.
A noted lawyer of Boston, best known
in literature by the famous Two Years
before the Mast, a narrative of personal
adventure, which first appeared in 1840,
and was re-issued, enlarged, in 1869.
His other works include The Seaman's
Friend, known in England as The Sea-
man's Manual ; Letters on Italian
Unity ; To Cuba and Back ; Letters
on the Somers Mutiny ; Life of Major
Vinton ; Enemy Property and Enemy
Territory. See Life by C- F. Adams,

Dana, Samuel Luther. N. H., 1795-
1868. Brother of J. F. Dana, supra. A
noted chemist of Lowell, who made

many improvements in cotton-printing,
and was one of the foremost agricultural
writers of his time. Chemical Changes
in the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid ;
Muck Mineral for Manures ; Essay on
Manures. See American Journal of
Science, May, 1868.

Dana, William Coombs. Ms., 1810-
1873. A Presbyterian clergyman of
Charleston. Hymns for Public Wor-
ship ; A Transatlantic Tour ; Life of
Samuel Dana.

Dana, Mrs. William Starr. See Par-
sons, Mrs. Frances,

Dandridge, Mrs. Danske [Bedin-

ger]. D^., 1858 . Averse-writer

of Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Joy,
and Other Poems.

Dane, Nathan. Ms., 1752-1835. A
very prominent lawyer of Massachu-
sette, who founded the Dane professor-
ship at the Harvard University Law
School. He published an Abridgment
and Digest of American Law [in nine

Danenhower, John Wilson. J?.,
1849-1887. An Arctic explorer who
was second in command of the De Long
Expedition in 1879, and published The
Narrative of the Jeannette, 1882.

Danforth, John. 3fs., 1660-1730. Son
of S. Danforth, infra. A once noted
Congregational clergyman of Dorches-
ter, Massachusetts, who published
many single sermons and occasional

Danforth, Joshua Noble. Ms., 1798-
1861. A Congregational minister of
Massachusetts and Virginia, who pub-
lished Gleanings and Groupings from a
Pastor's Portfolio.

Danforth, Samuel. E., 1626-1674.
A once famous Puritan clergyman of
Roxbury, Massachusetts, 1650-74. An
Astronomical Description of the Comet
of 1 664 ; An Election Sermon ; The Cry
of Sodom Inquired Into.

Danforth, Samuel. Ms., 1666-1727.
Son of S. Danforth, supra. A Congre-
gational clergyman of Taunton, Massa-
chusetts, famous for his great learning
and wide influence. Eulogy on Thomas
Leonard ; Essay Concerning the Singing
of Psalms. The MS. of his Indian Dic-
tionary is now the property of the
Massachusetts Historical Society.



Dang€, Henri. See Hammond^ Mrs.

Daniel, John Moncure. Va., 1825-
1865. A once noted Virginia journal-
ist who edited The Richmond Exami-
ner, and was minister to Italy 1853-60.
See Writings of, with Memoir by his
brother, 1868.

Daniel, John Warwick. Va., 1842-

. A prominent Virginia lawyer

who was an adjutant-general in the
Confederate army during the Civil
War. Attachments under the Code of
Virginia ; Negotiable Instruments.

Daniels, Mrs. Cora [Linn]. Ms.,

1852 . A novelist of Franklin,

Massachusetts. Sardia, a Story of
Love ; As It Is to Be. Ban. Le.

Daniels,"William Haven. Ms., 1836-
. A Methodist clergyman, promi-
nent as an evangelist. D. L. Moody
and his Work ; That Boy, who Shall
Have Him ? ; The Temperance Reform
and its Great Reformers ; Moody, his
Words, Work, and Workers ; Illus-
trated History of Methodism in the
United States; Graduated with Hon-
our ; Memorials of Gilbert Haven ; Short
History of the People called Method-
ists. Meth.

Dannelly, Mrs. Elizabeth Otis

[Marshall]. Ga., 1838 . A

Texas writer of verse. Cactus, or
Thorns and Blossoms ; Wayside Flow-

Da Ponte, Lorenzo. ly., 1749-1838.
An Italian dramatist who furnished li-
bretti for Mozart's operas, Don Gio-
vanni and Nozze di Figaro. He came
to America in 1805, and after 1828 was
professor of Italian in Columbia Col-
lege. He published his own Life
(1823) ; History of the Florentine Re-
public and the Medici (1833).

Darby, John. See Garretson.

Darby, John. Ms., 1804-1877. An
educator who was connected with va-
rious colleges North and South. Man-
ual of Botany ; The Botany of the
Southern States ; Chemistry, are some
of his publications.

Darby, William. Pa., 1755-1834.
A geographer who published Geo-
graphical Dictionary of Louisiana ;
Plan of Pittsburg and Adjacent Coun-
try ; Emigrant's Guide to the Western
Country ; Tour from New York to De-

troit (1819) ; Geography and History of
Florida; View of the United States
(1823) ; Lectures on the Discovery of
America ; Mnemonica, a Register of
Events from the Earliest Period ; Geo-
graphical Dictionary.

Darden, Mrs. Fannie [Baker]. AL,

1829 . Romances of the Texas

Revolution ; Poems.

Dargan, Clara Victoria. See Mac-
lean, Mrs.

Darley, Felix Octavius Carr. Pa.,
1822-1888. A weU-known artist and
illustrator whose home was at Clay-
mont, Delaware. His only writing is
included in Sketches Abroad with Pen
and Pencil.

Darling, Mrs. Flora [Adams].

N. H., 1840 . A writer of fiction

whose writings include Mrs. Darling's
Letters, or Memoirs of the Civil War ;
A Wayward Winning Woman ; The
Bourbon Lily ; Was it a Just Verdict ?;
A Social Diplomat ; From Two Points
of View ; The Senator's Daughter.

Darling, Henry. Pa., 1823-189L A
Presbyterian clergyman who was pres-
ident of Hamilton College, 1881-1891,
The Close Walk; Slavery and the
War ; Conformity to the World ; Not
Doing but Receiving.

Darling, Mary Greenleaf. Pa.,

1848 . Battles at Home ; In the

World ; Gladys, a Romance. Le. Lo.

Darling, William. S., 1815-1884. A
distinguished New York physician who
published Anatmography, or Graphic
Anatomy ; Essentials of Anatomy (with
A. L. Ranney).

Darlington, William. Pa., 1782-
1863. A famous botanist of West Ches-
ter, Pennsylvania, in whose honour
Darlingtonia, a genus of pitcher-plants,
was named. Mutual Influence of Hab-
its and Disease ; Agricultural Botany ;
Flora Cestrica ; Memorials of John Bar-
tram, supra, and Humphrey Marshall.

D'Arusmont, Madame Frances

[Wright]. S., 1795-1852. A very
energetic and versatile Scottish re-
former who came several times to
America, and finally settled in Cincin-
nati. Her attacks on social institu-
tions aroused much hostility, her oppo-
sition to slavery making her the object
of especial dislike. Popular Lectures




on Free Inquiry ; Biographical Notes
and Political Letters of Fanny Wright
D' Arusmont (1844) ; Altorf : a tragedy ;
Views of Society and Manners in Amer-
ica ; A Few Days in Athens, include
her principal works. See Gilbert'' s The
Pioneer Woman, 1855; Dictionary of
National Biography, vol. 14-

Daveiss, Mrs. Maria [Thompson].
Ky., 1814-1896. A Kentucky author
who wrote much for agricultural jour-
nals, and published Roger Sherman, a
Tale of '76 ; Woman's Love ; History
of Mercer and Boyle Counties, Ken-
tucky ; Cultivation and Uses of the
Chinese Sugar Cane.

Davenport, John. E., 1597-1G70.
A famous Puritan divine who, before
coming to America in 1637, was a cele-
brated London preacher. In 1638 he
was one of the founders of New Haven,
and in 1660 concealed the noted regi-
cides, Goffe and Whalley, from their
pursuers. In 1666 he became pastor of
the First Church in Boston. Instruc-
tions to Elders of the English Church ;
Catechism containing the Chief Heads
of the Christian Religion ; Discourse
about Civil Government in New Eng-
land. See Sprague'' s Annals of the Amer-
ican Pulpit; Dictionary of National
Biography, vol. I4.

David, Jean Baptist. F., 1761-1841.
A Roman Catholic bishop of Bards-
town, Kentucky. Among his many
works are Vindication of Catholic Doc-
trine concerning Images ; Address to
Brethren of Other Professions j On the
Rule of Faith ; True Piety.

Davidson, Charles. 0., 1852 .

An instructor of Belmont, California.
The Phonology of the Stressed Vowels
of Beowulf ; Studies in the English
Mystery Plays.

Davidson, George. E., 1825 .

A.n astronomer of distinction, founder
01 the Davidson Observatory in San
Francisco. The United States Coast
Survey of the Pacific Coast ; Coast Pi-
lot of Alaska ; Voyages of Discovery
on the Northwest Coast of America,

Davidson, James "Wood. S. C,
1829 . An educator of South Car-
olina and elsewhere, whose Living Writ-
ers of the South is quite wanting in
discrimination and critical ability. His

other works include School History of
South Carolina ; The Correspondent ;
The Poetry of the Future ; Florida of
To-Day. Ap.

Davidson, Lucretia Maria. N. Y.,
1808-1825. A precocious verse-writer
now quite forgotten. Amir Khan and
Other Poems was issued in 1829. See
Memoir by S. F. B. Morse, and Life by
C. M. Sedgwick, infra.

Davidson, Margaret Miller. N. Y.,
1823-1838. Sister to L. M. Davidson,
and, like her, a juvenile prodigy whose
immature verses were extravagantly
lauded by contemporary writers, but by
no critics of a later day. See Memoir
by Washington Irving.

Davidson, Robert. Md., 1750-1812.
A Presbyterian clergyman who was
president of Dickinson College, Car-
lisle, Pennsylvania, 1804-09. Epitome
of Geography in Verse for Schools ; The
Christian's A, B, C, or the 119th Psalm
in Metre ; New Metrical Version of the
Psalms, with Notes.

Davidson, Robert. Pa., 1808-1876.
Son of R. Davidson, supra. A Presby-
terian minister in Kentucky and other
States, among whose writings are Eli-
jah, a Sacred Drama, and Other Poems ;
The Christ of God, or the Relation of
Christ to Christianity.

Davidson, Thomas. S., 1840-1900.
A writer on art and philosophy who
came to the United States in 1866 and
settled at Cambridge. The Parthenon
Frieze and Other Essays ; The Place of
Art in Education ; Giordano Bruno and
the Relation of his Philosophy to Free
Thoiight ; Handbook of Dante, from
the Italian of Scartazzini, with Notes
and Additions ; Prolegomena to Tenny-
son's "In Memoriam ; " Aristotle, and
Ancient and Modern Educational Ide-
als ; The Education of the Greek Peo-
ple and its Influence on Civilization.
Ap. Gi. Hon.

Davies, Charles. Ct., 1798-1876. A
noted professor of mathematics in Co-
lumbia College from 1857. Beside a
notable series of mathematical text-
books, from A Primary Table Book to
Elementary Geometry and Trigonome-
try, he published also editions of Le-
gendre's Geometry and Bourdon's Al-
gebra. Other works by him comprise
Practical Mathematics; Elements of




SnTVeying ; Analytical Geometry ; Dif-
ferential and Integral Calculus ; Logic
and Utility of Mathematics ; The Met-
ric System ; Mathematical Dictionary
(with W. G. Peck).
Davies, Samuel. Del, 1724-1761. A
Presbyterian clergyman of great renown
in his day as a preacher, and the fourth
p'risident of Princeton College. He
wrote a number of hymns still in use,
and his Sermons in 5 volumes appeared
in London in 1767. See Sermons, 1S51,
with Memoir hy Albert Barnes, supra.

Davies, Thomas Alfred. N. Y.,
1809-1899. Brother of C. Davies, su-
pra. A Federal officer in the Civil
War. Cosmogony, or Mysteries of Cre-
ation ; Adam and Ha-Adam ; Genesis
Disclosed ; Answer to Hugh Miller and
Theoretical Geologists ; How to Make
Money and how to Keep It.

Davis, Andrevr Jackson. N. Y.,

1826 . A noted spiritualist of

Poughkeepsie, among whose many mys-
tical rhapsodical writings the following
may be considered the most important :
The Great Harmonia ; Harmonial Man ;
Present Age and Inner Life ; Philoso-
phy of Spiritual Intercourse ; The Prin-
ciples of Nature ; The Penetralia ; Gen-
esis and Ethics of Conjugal Love ;
Autobiography, 1885. Ban.

Davis, Andre-w McFarland. Ms.,

1833 . Brother of H. Davis, infra.

An antiquarian writer of Cambridge.
Currency and Banking in the Province
of the Massachusetts-Bay. Mac.

Davis, Asahel, Ms., 1791-18—, A
Massachusetts antiquary who published
Ancient America and Researches of
the East (1847) ; History of New Am-

Davis, Augusta Cordelia. Me.,
1836 . Poems from Yare.

Davis, Mrs. Caroline E [Kel-
ly]. N. H., 1831 . A prolific

writer of Sunday-school tales. Among
lier fifty or more volumes are, No Cross,
No Crown ; Little Conqueror Series ;
Miss Wealthy's Hope ; That Boy. Lo.

Davis, Charles Henry. Ms., 1807-
1877. Son of D. Davis, infra. A rear-
admiral in the United States navy, and
a noted hydrographer. "Besides editing
the American Nautical Almanac, he
published Law of Deposit of Flood

Tide ; Geological Action of Tidal and
Other Ocean Currents ; and translated
Gauss's Theoria Motus Coi-porum Cce-
lestium. See Life, hy C. H. Davis,
infra, 1899.
Davis, Charles Henry. Ms., 1845-

. Son of C. H. Davis, supra. A

United States naval officer. Chrono-
meter Rates as Affected by Tempera-
ture and Other Causes ; Telegraphic
Determination of Longitudes.

Davis, Charles Henry Stanley.

Ct., 1840 . A physician of Meri-

den, Connecticut. History of Walling-
ford and Meriden ; The Voice as a
Musical Instrument ; Education and
Training of Feeble Minded Children ;
Index to Periodical Literature.

Davis, Cushman Kellogg. N. Y.,
1838-1900. A prominent Minnesota
lawyer and United States senator, who
wrote The Law in Shakespeare.

Davis, Daniel. Ms., 1762-1835. A
Massachusetts jurist who was solicitor-
general of his State, 1800-32. Crimi-
nal Practice ; Precedents of Indict-

Davis, Edwin Hamilton. O., 1811-
1888. An archaeologist whose chief
work is Monuments of the Mississippi.

Davis, Emerson. Ms., 1798-1866. A
Congregational clergyman who was
president of Williams College, 1861-68.
Historical Sketch of Westfield, Massa-
chusetts; The Teacher Taught; The
First Half Century, or Events and
Changes, 1800-50.

Davis, George Thomas. Ms., 1810-
1877. A Massachusetts lawyer whose
speeches in Congress were published in

Davis, Henry "Winter. Md., 1817-
1865. A Maryland statesman and law-
yer, conspicuously loyal to the Union
during the Civil War. The War of
Ormuzd and Ahriman in the ICth Cen-
tury (1853) ; Speeches and Addresses
in Congress (1867). Har.

Davis, Horace. Ms., 1831 .

Nephew of G. Bancroft, supra. A man-
ufacturer of California. Dolor Da^^is,
a Sketch of his Life ; American Con-
stitutions and the Relation of the Three
Departments as adjusted by a Century ;
Shakespeare's Sonnets, an Essay.




Davis, Jefferson. Ky., 1808-1889.
President of the Confederate States.
After the fall of the Confederacy, in
1865, he was confined as a prisoner of
war in Fortress Monroe, and upon his
release, in 1867, he lived in retirement
in Mississippi. His history, which ap-
peared in 1881, The Rise and Fall of
the Confederate Government, is a valu-
able commentary on the Civil War as
it appeared to one of the chief figures
of the time, but it is as narrowly con-
ceived as it is diffuse in statement and
bitter in tone. See Lives, by Alfriend,
1868; E. A. Pollard, infra, 1869;
Prison Life of, by Craven, 1866 ; Me-
moir by his IVife, 1890 ; London Times
Biographies of Eminent Persons, 4th
Series. Ap.

Davis, John A. G. Va., 1801-1840.
A Virginia la'w _ er, professor of law in
the University of Virginia, 1830-40.
Estates Tail, Executive Devises, and
Contingent Remainders under Virginia
Statutes ; Treatise on Criminal Law.

Davis, John Chandler Bancroft.

Ms., 1822 . Brother of H. Davis,

supra. A diplomatist who was agent
for the United States before the Gen-
eva court of arbitration on the Alaba-
ma claims, and afterwards, 1873-77,
minister to Germany. The Massachu-
setts Justice ; The Case of the United
States before the Tribunal of Arbitra-
tion at Geneva ; Treaties of the United
States, with Notes ; United States Su-
preme Court Reports ; Mr. Fish and
the Alabama Claims. Hou.

Davis, John "Woodbridge. N. T.,

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