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Dewey, Melvil. N. Y., 1851-

The librarian of Columbia College and
director of the New York State library.
Library School Rules ; The Decimal
Classification and Relation Index.

Dewey, Orville. Ms., 1794-1882. A
Unitarian clergyman of conservative
opinions, once prominent as a pastor in
New York and Boston. Unitarian Be-
lief ; Discourses on Human Life ; The
Old World and the New ; Letters on
Revivals ; Problems of Human Life
and Destiny ; Education of the Human
Race, comprise his principal writings.
See Autobiography and Letters, 1883.
A. U. A.

De Witt, Benjamin. 1774-1819. A
New York physician and scientist who
published Oxygen ; Minerals in New

De Witt, John. N. Y., 1821-

A Reformed Dutch clergyman, profes-
sor in the Theological Seminary at New
Brunswick, New Jersey, 1863-92. The
Sure Foundation and how to Build on
It ; The Psalms, a New Translation
(1891) ; What is Inspiration ? Rev.

De Witt, John. Pa., 1842 . A

Presbyterian clergyman, professor at
Princeton Theological Seminary since
1892, and the author of Sermons on
the Christian Life.

De Witt, Simeon. N. Y., 1756-1834.
A once famous surveyor who is com-
monly held responsible for the classical
nomenclature of places in central and
western New York. He published Ele-
ments of Perspective.



Dexter, Henry Martyn. Ms., 1821-
1890. A Congregational clergyman of
prominence in Boston as editor of The
Congregationalist, 1867-90. He was a
positive, dogmatic writer, much addicted
to historical and religious controversy.
His most important work is The Congre-
gationalism of the Last Three Hundred
Years. Handbook of Congregational-
ism ; Pilgrim Memoranda ; The Ver-
dict of Reason ; As to Roger Williams
and his Banishment, a marked exam-
ple of special pleading ; History of
the Old Plymouth Colony; History
and the Study of History ; The Right
Use of Books ; The Study of Politics,
include the greater number of his other
works. C. P. S. Har.

Dexter, Samuel. Ms., 1761-1816.
A jurist of Boston who was secretary
of war under President John Adams.
Letters on Free Masonry ; Progress of
Science, a poem ; Speeches and Politi-
cal Papers.

Diaz, Mrs. Abby [Morton]. Ms.,
1821-1904. A Boston writer who in
youth was one of the famous company
at Brook Farm, and was afterward
prominent in relation to social reforms.
Her books for juvenile readers, which
are characterized by a strong vein of
humour, include The William Henry
Letters ; William Henry and his
Friends ; Chronicles of the Stimpcett
Family ; The Cats' Arabian Nights ;
The John Spicer Lectures ; Lucy Ma-
ria ; Polly Cologne ; Jimmyjohns ; A
Story-book for Children. Other works
are Bybury to Beacon Street, a discus-
sion of social topics ; Domestic Prob-
lems ; Only a Flock of Women. Lo.

Dibble, Sheldon. N. Y., 1809-1845.
A missionary to the Sandwich Islands
who published History of the Sandwich
Island Missions.

Dickenson, Baxter. Ms., 1795-1875.
A Congregational clergyman of Bos-
ton, author of Letters to Students.

Dickinson, Anna Elizabeth. Pa.,

1842 . A once famous lecturer

on politics and woman suffrage who,
after a short and unsuccessful career
as an actress, has since lived in retire-
ment. A Paying Investment, a Plea
for Education ; A Ragged Register of
People, Places, and Opinions ; What
Answer ? a novel ; and two plays, Mary

Tudor; The Crown of Thorns. Har.

Dickinson, Charles Monroe. N.

Y., 1842 . A journalist of Blng-

hamton, New York, who published The
Children, and Other Verses.

Dickinson, Daniel Stevens. Ct,
1800-1866. A Democratic politician,
long prominent in the State of New
York. Speeches and Correspondence,
with a biography of him by his brother,
appeared in 1867.

Dickinson, Emily. Ms., 1830-1886.
A poet whose entire life was passed in
Amherst, Massachusetts, in great seclu-
sion, and who rarely published any of
her work. Since her death attention
has been drawn to the strikingly ori-
ginal nature of her poetry by the pub-
lication of three volumes of Poems,
selected from her manuscripts. They
display an utter disregard of technique
as well as an almost startling original-
ity of conception. See Letters of, 1847-
1886, edited by Mrs. Todd. Rob.

Dickinson, John. Md., 1732-1808.
A political writer of great influence
during the period of the Revolution.
Dickinson College, which he helped to
found, was named in his honour. He
wrote vigourously against the Stamp
Act, and his various state papers dis-
play both eloquence and dignity. Peti-
tion to the King ; Second Petition to
the King ; Letters from a Pennsylvania
Farmer ; Letters of Fabius.

Dickinson, Jonathan. E., 16

1722. A chief justice of Pennsylvania
who came to the colony in 1696. His
book, entitled God's Protecting Provi-
dence Man's Surest Help in Times of
Danger, is a narrative of personal ad-
venture, and has been several times re-
printed since its first appearance in

Dickinson, Jonathan. Ms., 1688-
1747. A Presbyterian clergyman of
Elizabethtown, New Jersey, who was
one of the chief American theologians
of his day, and the first president of
the College of New Jersey (now Prince-
ton College). He was a voluminous
writer, and much given to controversy
of a theological nature. Among his
many works are included Familiar
Letters upon Important Subjects in
Religion ; Reasonableness of Chris-




tianj ':y ; True Scriptiire Doctrine. See
Tyler^s American Literature.
Dickinson, Richard William. N.
Y., 1804-1874. A Presbyterian clergy-
man of New York city. Scenes from
Sacred History ; Responses from the
Sacred Or?eles; Religious Teaching
by Example ; Life and Times of John
Howard ; The Resurrection of Christ
Historically and Logically Viewed.

Dickinson, Rodolphus. Ms., 1787-
1863. An Episcopal clergyman in
Deerfield, Massachusetts, who pub-
lished a much criticised New and Coi'-
rected Version of the New Testament ;
Geographical and Statistical View of

Dickson, Andrew Flinn. S. C,
1825-1879. A Presbyterian clergy-
Tnan of Alabama. Plantation Sermons ;
The Temptation in the Desert; The
Light, is it Waning ?

Dickson, John. N. H., 1783-1852.
A New York congressman, early pro-
minent in opposition to slavery. Re-
marks on the Presentation of Petitions
for the Abolition of Slavery in the Dis-
trict of Columbia.

Dickson, Samuel Henry. S. C,

1798-1872. A physician of eminence
in Charleston, and afterwards in Phila-
delphia, where from 1858 to 1872 he
was a professor in the Jefferson Med-
ical College. He wrote much on med-
ical and other topics, his literary style
being greatly admired. Essays on
Life, Sleep, Pain, and Death ; On the
Correlation of Forces ; Esthetics of
Suicide ; Elements of Medicine; Dengue,
its History, Pathology, and Treatment ;
Manual of Pathology ; Practice of
Medicine ; Essays on Pathology and
Therapeutics ; Studies in Pathology
and Therapeutics. See Allibone^s Dic-
tionary ; Grosses Sketches of Contempo-
Didier [dy'deer], Eugene Lemoine.

Md., 1838 -. Son of F. J. Didier,

infra. A Baltimore litterateur whose
style as a critic is somewhat aggressive.
Life of Poe ; Life and Letters of Ma-
dame Bonaparte ; Primer of Criticism ;
The Political Adventures of James G.
Blaine (1884). Scr.

Didier, Franklin James. M/., 1794-
1840. A Baltimore physician who was

the author of Didier's Letters from
Paris ; Franklin's Letters to his Kins-

Dillaye, Stephen Devalson. N. F.,

1820—1884. The Money and Finances
of the French Revolution of 1789.

Dillon, John Forrest. N. Y., 1831-

. A noted jurist of Iowa, and,

since 1879, of New York city. United
States Circuit Court Reports ; Munici-
pal Corporations ; Removal of Causes
from State to Federal Courts; Muni-
cipal Bonds ; Laws and Jurisprudence
of England and America. Lit.

Diman, Jeremiah Lewis. R. J.,
1831-1881. A Congregational clergy-
man who was professor of history and
political economy in Brown University
from 1864. Orations and Essays ; The
Theistic Argument as Affected by Re-
cent Theories. See Memoirs by Caroline
Hazard, infra. Hou.

Dimitry, Charles Patton. D. C,

1837 . A novelist and journalist

of New Orleans. Guilty or not Guilty ;
Angela's Christmas ; The Alderly
Tragedy ; The House in Balfour Street.

Dimitry, John Bull Smith. D. C,

1835-1901. Brother of C. P. Dimitry,
supra. A journalist of New York city.
History and Geography of Louisiana
from its Earliest Settlement to the
Close of the Civil War.

Dimmock, George. Ms., 1852-

A naturalist of Cambridge, at one time
editor of Psyche, a journal of entomo-
logy. Anatomy of Mouth Parts of
Some Insects of the Order of Diptera.
Dinnies, Mrs. Anna Peyre [Shack-
elford]. S. C, 1816-1886. A verse-
writer of New Orleans who published
The Floral Year, a collection of one
hundred poems.

Dinsmore, Robert. N. H., 1757-
1836. A homely verse-writer of Wind-
ham, New Hampshire, who was known
as "The Rustic Bard," and published
Incidental Poems, strongly imitative of
Burns. See Whittier''s Old Portraits
and Modern Sketches.

Dirck, Cornelius Lansing. N. F.,

1785-1857. A Presbyterian clergyman
for many years connected with Auburn
Theological Seminary, who published
Sermoias on Important Subjects.




Disos'way, Gabriel Poillon. N.Y.,

1798-18(58. An antiquary of New York
city. The Children's Book of Ser-
mons ; The Earliest Churches of New
York and its Vicinity.

Disturnell, Jo>\n. N. Y., 1801-1877.
A map-publisher of New York city
who was an industrious compiler of
guide - books and similar literature.
New York as it Was and Is, 187G ; In-
fluence of Climate in North and South
America ; The Great Lakes of Amer-
ica ; Traveller's Guide to Hudson River ;
Tourist's Guide to the Upper Missis-
sippi, include some of his more im-
portant works.

Ditson, George Leighton. Ms.,
1812 . A noted traveller who pub-
lished Circassia, or a Tour to the Cau-
casus ; Crimora ; The Para Papers, or
France, Eg-ypt, and Ethiopia ; The Cres-
cent and the French Crusaders ; The
Fedariti of Italy, a Romance of Circas-
sian Captivity.

Dix, Dorothea Lynde. Me., 1802-
1887. A famous Massachusetts phi-
lanthropist the greater part of whose
life was spent in efForts to improve the
condition of the insane. The present
enlightened treatment of the insane
throughout the world is due in large
measure to the impetus given in that
direction by her labours in America and
Europe. Her writings, except Prisons
and Prison Discipline, are intended for
children, and include The Garland of
Flora ; Conversations about Common
Things ; Alice and Ruth ; Evening
Hours. See Life by F. Tiffany, infra,

Dix, John Adams. N. H., 1798-
1879. A general and statesman who
while secretary of the treasury in 1861
issued the celebrated order, " If any
one attempts to tear down the Ameri-
can flag, shoot him on the spot." A
Winter in Madeira, and A Summer in
Spain and Florence ; Speeches and Oc-
casional Addresses ; Resources of the
State of New York. See Memoir, by
Morgan Dix, infra. Ap.

Dix, John Homer. Circa 1810-1884.
An oculist and aurist of Boston who
published Changes of the Blood, a
translation from the French of Gibert ;
Treatise on Strabismus ; Morbid Sen-
sibility of the Retina ; The Opthalmo-
scope and its Uses.

Dix, Morgan. N. Y., 1827 . Son

of J. A. Dix, supra, A prominent
Episcopal clergyman of New York city
conspicuous among High Church theo-
logians, and rector of Trinity Church
since 1859. Sermons, Doctrinal and
Practical ; Lectures on the Calling of a
Christian Woman ; Memoir of J. A. Dix,
supra ; Gospel and Philosophy ; The
Sacramental System ; The Seven Dead-
ly Sins ; Lectures on the First Prayer
Book of King Edward VI. ; The Two
Estates, — Wedded in the Lord, Single
for the Kingdom of Heaven's Sake.
Ap. Dut. Har,

Dixon, James Main. S., 18.56 .

A professor of English literature in
Washington University, St. Louis, since
1892, and the author of A Dictionary
of Idiomatic English Phrases.

Doane, George Hobart. Ms., 1830-

. Son of G. W. Doane, infra, A

prelate of the papal household at
Rome since 1886, with the title of Mon-
signore. First Principles ; Exclusion
of Protestant Worship from Rome ;
Manual of Instructions and Prayers.

Doane, George Washington. N. J.,
1799-1859. The second Protestant
Episcopal bishop of New Jersey ; con-
secrated bishop in 1832. Songs by the
Way ; Sermons on Various Occasions.
The familiar hymn beginning " Softly
now the light of day ' ' is one of his
most noted poems. See Life and Writ-
ings of, by W. C. Doane, infra,

Doane, William Croswell. N. J.,

1832 . Son of G. W. Doane, supra.

The first Protestant Episcopal bishop
of Albany. He has contributed much
to reviews and other periodicals on
topics of the day, is the author of a
number of poems, among which The
Sculptor Boy is often quoted, and has
published several works, including Ser-
mons ; Mosaics, or the Harmony of
Collect Epistle and Gospel for the Sun-
days of the Christian Year. As a theo-
logian his place is amongst liberal High

Dod, Albert Baldwin. N, J,, 1805-
1845. A Presbyterian clergyman, pro-
fessor of mathematics at Princeton
College, 1830-45. Theological Essays
was his only published work.

Dodd, Mrs. Anna Bowman
[Blake]. L. L, 1855 . A New




York writer whose volumes of travels
have been very popular. The Republic
of the Future, or Socialism a Reality ;
Cathedral Days ; Glorinda : a Story ;
Three Normandy Inns ; In the Norfolk
Broads. Cas. Rob.
Dodd, Stephen. N. J., 1777-1856.
A Presbyterian minister of Connecti-
cut, who published History of East
Haven ; Revolutionary Memorials.

Doddridge, Joseph. Pa., 1769-1826.
An Episcopal clergyman of western
Virginia. Logan, a drama ; Notes on
the Settlement and Indian Wars of the
Western Country, 1763-83.

Dodge, David Low. Ct., 1774-1852.
A New York merchant who was the
first president of the New York Peace
Society. The Mediator's Kingdom not
of this World ; War Inconsistent with
the Religion of Jesus Christ. See Memo-
rials of, 1854.
Dodge, Ebenezer. Ms., 1819-1890.
A Baptist clergyman, president of Mad-
ison (now Colgate) University, 1868-90.
Evidences of Christianity; Christian
Dodge, Mary Abby. " GaU Ham-
ilton." Ms., 1838-1896. A noted es-
sayist and magazinist of Hamilton,
Massachusetts, whose aggressive, pun-
gent style made her writings at one
time extremely popular. Much of her
work is ephemeral in its nature, but it
is always readable and often brilliant.
A New Atmosphere ; Gala Days ; Wo-
man's Wrongs ; Red-Letter Days ;
Summer Rest ; Battle of the Books ;
Twelve Miles from a Lemon ; Sermons
to the Clergy ; First Love is Best ;
What Think ye of Christ ? ; Country
Living and Country Thinking; Skir-
mishes and Sketches ; Wool-Gathering ;
Woman's Worth and Worthlessness ;
Little Folk Life ; Nursery Noonings ;
Our Common School System ; Divine
Guidance ; The Insuppressible Book ;
A Washington Bible Class ; Biography
of James G. Blaine. Ap. Har.

Dodge, Mrs. Mary Barker [Car-
ter]. Pa., 18 . Belfry Voices;

The Gray Masque and Other Poems.

Dodge, Mrs. Mary [Mapes]. N. Y.,

1838 . A writer of New York

city who has edited the Saint Nicholas

MagL^me since 1873. Her writings for
young people include Hans Brinker ;
Donald and Dorothy ; Rhymes and
Jingles ; Irvington Stories ; A Few
Friends ; The Land of Pluck ; When
Life is Young, poems for young peo-
ple. She has also written Theophilus
and Others ; Along the Way : a volume
of Short Poems. Scr.

Dodge, Nathaniel Shatswell. Ms.,
1810-1874. A Boston litterateur who
was the author of Stories of a Grand-
father about American History. Le-

Dodge, Richard Irving. N.C., 1827-
1895. A colonel in the United States
army who saw much service in Indian
campaigns, and made careful study o^
the Indian character. The Black
HUls ; The Plains of the Great West ;
Our Wild Indians ; A Living Issue.

Dodge, Theodore Ayrault. Ms.,
1842 . A captain and brevet lieu-
tenant-colonel in the United States
army, prominent as a military historian.
The Campaign of Chancellorsville ; A
Bird's-Eye View of our Civil War;
Great Captains ; Alexander, a History
of the Origin and Growth of the Art of
War from the Earliest Times to the Bat-
tle of Ipsus, B. c. 301, with a detailed
account of the Campaigns of the Great
Macedonian ; Hannibal ; Caesar ; Gus-
tavus Adolphus ; Patroclus and Pene-
lope, a Chat in the Saddle ; Riders of
Many Lands. Har. Hou.

Dods, John Bovee. N. Y., 1795-
1872. A clergyman of New York city
whose published works include Thirty
Sermons ; Philosophy of Mesmerism ;
Philosophy of Electrical Psychology ;
Immortality Triumphant ; Spirit Man-
ifestations Examined and Explained.

Doe, Charles Henry. Ms., 1838-
1900. A journalist of Worcester, Mas-
sachusetts. Buffets, a novel.

Doesticks, Q. K. Philander. See

Thoniso7i, Mortimer.
Doggett, David Seth. Va., 1810-
1880. A Methodist bishop who lived
at Richmond, Virginia, and published
The War and its Close.

Dolbear, Amos Emerson. Ct.,

1837 . A professor of physics and

astronomy at Tufts College since 1874.
The Art of Projecting ; The Speaking




Telephone ; Sound and its Phenomena.
Matter, Ether, and Motion. Le.

Dole, Charles Fletcher. Me., 1845-
. A Unitarian clergyman of Bos-
ton. The Citizen and the Neighbour;
Jesus and the Men about Him; A Cat-
echism of Liberal Faith ; The American

Dole, Edmund Pearson. Me., 1850-
. Cousin of C. F. Dole, supra. As-
sistant attorney-general of the Hawaii-
an Islands. Talks About Law. Mou.

Dole, Nathan Haskell. Ms., 1852-

. Brother of C F. Dole, supra.

A litterateur of Boston who, besides
publishing translations from the Rus-
sian of Tolstoi and other writers, is the
author of A Score of Famous Compos-
ers ; The Hawthorn Tree and Other
Poems, a collection of pleasing, unpre-
tentious verse ; Not Angels Quite ; His-
tory of the Turko-Russian War of 1877-
1878; On the Point, a Summer Idyl;
Flowers from Foreign Gardens. One
of his most important works is a vario-
rum edition of the Rubdiy^t of Omar
Khayydm. Cr. Est. Kt. Mer.

Donald, Elijah Winchester. Ms.,
1848-1904. An Episcopal clergyman
of Boston, rector of Trinity Church
from 1892. The Expansion of Religion.

Donaldson, Frank. Md., 1822-1891.
A Baltimore physician, professor of hy-
giene in the University of Maryland
since 1866. Influence of City Life and
Occupations in Consumption.

Donaldson, James Lo-wry. Md.,
1814-1885. A colonel and brevet ma-
jor-general in the United States army
■who published Sergeant Atkins, a tale
of the Florida War.

Donnelly, Eleanor Cecilia. Pa.,

1838 . Sister of I. DonneUy, infra.

A Philadelphia writer of religious verse,
the greater part of which is occupied
•with Roman Catholic themes. Among
her many volumes are Domus Dei ; Out
of Sweet Solitude ; Hymns of the Sa-
cred Heart ; Children of the Golden
Sheaf and Other Poems.
Donnelly, Ignatius. Pa., 1831-1901.
A Minnesota writer who, besides pub-
lishing An Essay on the Sonnets of
Shakespeare ; Atlantis : the Antedilu-
vian World ; Caesar's Column ; Ragna-

rok : the Age of Fire and Gravel, was the
author of The Great Cryptogram. In
this work he claims to have discovered
a cipher in the plays of Shakespeare
which sufficiently establishes the fact
that they were written by Lord Bacon,
an eccentric exercise of ingenuity that
has not been taken seriously by scholars.
Ap. Har.

Doolittle, Benjamin. Ms., 1695-
1749. A clergyman of Northfield, Mas-
sachusetts, 1718-49. Narrative of the
Mischief of the French and Indians,
1744-48; Inquiry into Enthusiasm,

Dorchester, Daniel. 3/s., 1827 .

A noted Methodist clergyman of Mas-
sachusetts. Concessions of Liberalists
to Orthodoxy ; Problem of Religious
Progress ; Latest Drink Sophistries ;
The Liquor Problem in All Ages ; The
Why of Methodism ; Christianity in the
United States ; Romanism versus the
Public Schools. Meth.

Dorgan, John Aylmer. 1836-1866.
A lawyer and verse writer of Philadel-
phia, whose only publication was a col-
lection of verse entitled Studies. See
Manhattan Magazine, June, 1883.

Dorr, Benjamin. Ms., 1796-1869. An
Episcopal clergyman who was rector of
Christ Church, Philadelphia, 1837-69.
The Churchman's Manual ; The His-
tory of a Pocket Prayer-Book ; Recog-
nition of Friends in Another World ;
Sunday - School Teacher's Encourage-
ment ; Prophecies and Types Relative
to Christ ; Memorials of Christ Church ;
Travels in the East ; Memoir of John
Fanning Watson, infra.

Dorr, Mrs. Julia Caroline [Rip-
ley]. S. C, 1825 . A poet and

novelist of Rutland, Vermont. Her
verse, much of which reaches a high
degree of excellence, includes Day-
break, an Easter Poem ; Vermont ;
Friar Anselmo ; Afternoon Songs ; Le-
gend of the Baboushka ; Poems (com-
plete edition). Her other writings
comprise four novels : Lanmere ; Sibyl
Huntington ; Expiation ; Farmingdale ;
Bermuda, a volume of travel ; Bride
and Bridegroom, or Letters to a Young
Married Couple ; The Flower of Eng-
land's Face ; A Cathedral Pilgrimage.
Lip. Mac. Meth. Ran. Scr.

Dorsey, Mrs. Anna Hanson. D. C,
1815-1896. A prolific writer of dra-




mas, novels, poems, and essays, long
resident in Washington, and from 1840
an ardent Roman Catholic. Among
her works are May Brooke ; Guy the
Leper, an epic poem ; The Old House
at Glenarra ; Palms ; Warp and Woof.

Dorsey, Ella Loraine. D. C, 1853-
1901. Daughter of Mrs. Anna Dorsey,
supra. A Washington writer of stories
for boys. Midshipman Boh ; Saxty's
Angel ; The Two Tramps.

Dorsey, James Owen. Md., 1848-
1895. An ethnologist who for a time
was an Episcopal missionary to the
Ponka Indians, but for many years has
been engaged in linguistic studies for
the Bureau of Ethnology. Omaha So-
ciology ; Osage Traditions ; Kansas
Mourning and War Customs ; The
Dhegiha Language, are among his

Dorsey, Mrs. Sarah Anne [Ellis].
Mi., 1829-1879. A Mississippi author
who was the amanuensis of Jefferson
Davis, supra., to whom she bequeathed
her estate of Beanvoir on the Gulf of
Mexico, where he died. Lucia Dare ;
Agnes Graham, both stories of the Civil
War ; Panola, a tale of Louisiana ; Ata-
lie, or a Southern Villeggiatura ; Life
of Governor Allen of Louisiana.

Dorsheimer, "William. N. r.,1832-
1888. A prominent citizen of Buffalo
who was twice lieutenant-governor of
New York, and published A Life of
Grover Cleveland (1884).

Doten, Lizzie. Ms., 1829 . A

Boston spiritualist trance medium whose
verses are claimed to be inspired by the
spirits of Shakespeare, Burns, Poe, and
other poets of the past. Poems of Pro-
gress ; Poems from the Inner Life.

Doubleday, Abner. N. F., 1819-
1893. A colonel and brevet major-
general in the United States army who
retired from active service in 1873.
Reminiscences of Forts Sumter and
Moultrie ; Chancellorsville and Gettys-
burg ; Gettysburg made Plain. Har.

Doubleday, Charles "William. E.,
1829 . A soldier who accompa-
nied Walker on the famous Nicaragua
expedition, and later served as acting
brigadier-general in the United States

army. Reminiscences of the Filibuster
War in America.

Douglas, Alice May. Me., 1865-

. A writer of verse and juvenile

tales whose home is at Bath, Maine.
Her verse includes Phlox ; May Flow-
ers ; Gems Without Polish. Jewel Gath-
erers ; The Peacemaker ; Self -Exiled
from Russia, are among her tales for
young readers.

Douglas, Amanda Minnie. N. Y.,
1837 . A popular novelist of New-
ark, New Jersey, whose more than
thirty works of fiction have obtained a
wide circulation. They are readable,
and not without skill in construction,
but are not particularly strong od the
literary side. Among them are In
Trust ; Stephen Dane ; Claudia ; With
Fate Against Him ; Sherburne House ;
In Wild Rose Time ; Seven Daughters ;
Larry ; Hope Mills. Do. Le.

Douglas, Marian. See Bobinson, Mrs.

Douglas, Silas Hamilton. N. Y,,
1816-1890. A professor of chemistry
at the University of Michigan, 1844r-79.
Tables for Qualitative Chemical Anal-
ysis ; Qualitative Chemical Analysis
(with A. R. Prescott).

Douglass, Frederick. Md., 1817-
1895. A famous orator and the most
distinguished member of the African
race in America. He was born in
slavery, but escaped to the North in
1838, educated himself, and soon be-
came prominent as an anti- slavery
speaker. As time went on, his style, al-

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