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ways picturesque and eloquent, became
polished and elegant. My Bondage and
My Freedom ; Narrative of My Expe-
rience in Slavery; Life and Times of
Frederick Douglass ( 1881 ) . See Life by
Holland, 1891.

Douglass, "William. S., c. 1691-1752.
A Scottish physician who came to
America and settled in Boston in 1718.
He was a man of very positive views,
most of which were op'" -id to those of
the age and the comm; raty in which h&
lived, and his time was well filled in
controversies with the clergy, physi-
cians, magistrates, and colonial govern-
ors. His principal work is a Summary,
Historical and Political, of the British
Settlements in America. Others of
less note are Mercurius Novanglicanus,




an almanac ; Tr^eatise on Small Pox ;
Midwifery ; Practical History of a New,
Eruptive, Miliary Fever. See Tyler^s
American Literature.

Dow, Daniel. Ct, 1772-1849. A
Congregational clergyman of Thomp-
son, Connecticut. Familiar Letters to
Rev. Jolm Sherman ; The Pedobaptist
Catechism ; The Sinaitic and Abra-
hamic Covenants ; Free Inquiry Rec-
ommended on the Subject of Free

Dow, Lorenzo. Ct., 1777-1834. An
eccentric Methodist travelling preacher,
especially vehement against the Jesuits.
Polemical Works ; The Stranger in
Charleston, or the Trial and Confession
of Lorenzo Dow ; A Short Account of a
Long Travel ; Journal and Miscella-
neous Writings ; History of a Cosmop-
olite, an autobiographic work.

Dowd, Mary Alice. W. Va., 1855-
. An educator of Stamford, Con-
necticut, who has published Vacation

Dowling, John. K, 1807-1878. A
Baptist clergyman of New York city
whose writings had a large circulation.
Vindication of the Baptists ; History of
Romanism ; Defence of the Protestant
Scriptures ; Power of Illustration ;
Nights and Mornings ; Judson Offer-
ing ; Exposition of the Prophecies con-
cerning the Second Coming of Christ.

Downes, John. N. Y., 1799-1882. A
mathematician of Washington. Peter
Parley's Almanacs for Old and Young ;
Logarithms and Logarithmic Sines and
Tangents ; United States Almanac
Complete, or Ephemeris.

Dow^nes, William Howe. Ct., 1854-

, A Boston journalist, for many

years on the staff of the Transcript, and
an art critic. Spanish Ways and By-
Ways ; The Tin Army of the Potomac,
or a Kindergarten of War.

Downie, David. S., 1838 . A

Baptist missionary to India who has
published a History of the Telugu Mis-

Downing, Andrew Jackson. N. Y.,
1815-1852. A once noted horticultur-
ist and landscape gardener of New
York who did much to popularize a
knowledge of rural art. Theory and
Practice of Landscape Gardening;

Fruit and Fruit Trees of America ; Ar-
chitecture of Country Houses ; Cottage
Residences ; Rural Essays. See Garden
and Forest, vol. 8. Wil.

Downing, Mrs. Frances [Mur-
daugh]. N. Y.,c. 1835-1894. A writer
of Charlottesville, North Carolina, who
has published Pluto, or the Origin of
Mint Julep, a story in verse after the
manner of the " Ingoldsby Legends ; "
and several novels, including Name-
less ; Perfect Through SiifFering ; Flor-
ida ; Five Little Girls and Two Little

Downing, Jack. See Smith, Seba.

Drake, Benjamin. Ky., 1794-1841.
A Cincinnati journalist whose writings
include Cincinnati in 1820 ; Tales and
Sketches from the Queen City ; Life of
Black Hawk ; Life of William Henry
Harrison ; Life of Tecumseh.

Drake, Charles Daniel. O., 1811-
1892. Son of Daniel Drake, infra.
An eminent lawyer of St. Louis who
published Law of Attachments ; Life
of Daniel Drake. Lit.

Drake, Daniel. N. J., 1785-1852.
Brother of B. Drake, supra. A distin-
guished physician of Cincinnati and
Philadelphia who is best known by
his valuable work on The Diseases of
the Interior Valley of North America,
which embodies a vast amount of pa-
tient research. His other works in-
clude Pictures of Cincinnati and the
Miami Country (1815) ; History of the
Prevention and Treatment of Epidemic
Cholera ; Essays on Medical Educa-
tion ; Discourses ; Pioneer Life in Ken-
tucky. See Lives by Mansfield, 1855,
C. D. Drake, supra, 1871 ; Grosses
Sketches of Contemporaries. Clke.

Drake, Francis Samuel. Ms., 1828-
1885. Son of S. G. Drake, infra. A
bookseller of Boston whose Dictionary
of American Biography is incorporated
in Appleton's Cyclopedia of Biography.
Other works of his are Life of General
Knox ; The Town of Roxbury ; Tea
Leaves ; Indian History for Young
Folks. Har. Lip.

Drake, Joseph Rodman. N. Y.,
1795-1820. A talented physician of
New York city, co-author with Hal-
leck, infra, of The Croaker Papers in
the Evening Post. His poetical fame
rests on The Culprit Fay, a delicate,




fancifixl creation, and the often-quoted
poem The American Flag-. His poetry
was once extremely popular, but has
failed to interest the readers of the
latter half of the 19th century. A
selection from his poems was made by
his daughter and published in 1836.

Drake, Samuel Adams. Ms., 1833-

. Son of S. G. Drake, infra. A

litterateur of Boston whose histories
and books of home travel have been
deservedly popular. Around the Hub,
a Boy's Book About Boston ; The
Heart of the White Mountains ; Old
Landmarks and Historic Personag^es of
Boston ; Nooks and Corners of the New
England Coast; Old Landmarks and
Historic Fields of Middlesex ; Captain
Nelson ; The Watch Fires of '76 ; Bur-
goyne's Invasion of 1777 ; The Taking
of Louisburg ; The Battle of Gettys-
burg- ; Our Colonial Homes ; New Eng-
land Legends and Folk-Lore ; The
Making of New England, 1580-1643 ;
The Making of Virginia and the Mid-
dle Colonies, 1578-1701 ; The Making
of the Ohio Valley States, 1660-1837 ;
The Making of the Great West, 1512-
1853 ; History of Middlesex County ;
The Pine-Tree Coast. Est. Har. Le.
Bob. Scr.

Drake, Samuel Gardiner. N. H.,
1798-1875. A Boston bookseller of
antiquarian tastes who, beside editing
several historical works, was the author
of Memoir of Cotton Mather ; Enter-
taining History of King Philip's War ;
Book of the Indians ; Old Indian Chron-
icle ; Account of the Family of Drake ;
Memoir of Walter Raleigh ; History
and Antiquities of Boston ; Indian Bi-
ography ; Indian Captivities ; Annals of
Witchcraft in the United States ; His-
tory of the French and Indian War.
See Bibliography of Maine.

Draper, Andrew Sloan. N. Y.,

1848 . A lawyer and educator

of Albany, and, since 1894, president
of the University of Illinois. What
Ought the Common Schools to Do ? ;
How to Improve the Country Schools ;
Powers and Obligations of Teachers ;
School Administration in Large Cities ;
Origin of the New York Common
School System ; A Teaching Profes-
sion ; Authority of the State in Edu-
cation; Legal Status of the Public

Schools ; Normal and Training School
System of New York ; Responsibility
and Authority of Trustees ; American
Schools and American Citizenship ;
Public School Pioneering in New York
and Massachusetts.

Draper, Henry. Fa., 1837-1882. Son
of J. W. Draper, infra. A professor
in the University of New York. The
Construction of a Silvered Glass Tele-
scope ; Text-Book of Chemistry.

Draper, John Christopher. Va.,
1835-1885. Son of J. W. Draper, infra.
A New York physician, professor in the
University of New York. Text-Book
in Anatomy ; Physiology and Hygiene ;
Practical Laboratory Course in Physics ;
Text-Book of Medical Physics. '

Draper, John William. E., 1811-
1882. A distinguished scientist who
came from England to the United States
in 1832, and from 1839 to 1881 was con-
nected with the University of New
York. History of the Civil War in
America ; History of the Intellectual
Development of Europe ; The Future
Civil Policy of America ; Human Phys-
iology ; Elements of Chemistry ; Text-
Book of Natural Philosophy ; Text-
Book on Physiology ; Researches in
Actino-Chemistry ; Scientific Memoirs ;
History of the Conflict between Re-
ligion and Science. See Dictionary of
National Biography, vol. 16.

Draper, Lyman Copeland. N. Y.,
1815-1891. An antiquarian writer of
Madison, Wisconsin. Madison, the Cap-
ital of Wisconsin ; King's Mountain and
its Heroes.

Drayton, John. S. C, 1766-1822. Son
of W. H. Drayton, infra. A South
Carolina statesman, twice governor of
his State. View of South Carolina ;
Letters written diiring a Tour through
the Northern and Eastern States.

Drayton, William Henry. 5. C,
1742-1779. A prominent figure among
statesmen of the Revolution and a mem-
ber of the Continental Congress. A
History of the American Revolution,
which he left in manuscript, was after-
wards published by his son.

Drinker, Anne. " Edith May." Pa.,
1827 . A verse-writer of Mont-
rose, Pennsylvania. Poems by Edith
May; Tales and Verses for Children;
Katy's Story.




Drisler, Henry. N. T., 181&-1897.
A classical scholar of distinction, pro-
fessor at Columbia College from 1843,
■whose Greek-and-English Lexicon has
long been a standard authority.

Droch. See Bridges, Robert.

Drone, Eaton Sylvester. O., 1842-

. legal writer on the staff of the

New York Herald. The Law of Prop-
erty in Intellectiial Productions, em-
bracing Copyright and Playright. Lit.

Drummond, Josiah Hayden. Me.,
1827-1902. A lawyer who was attor-
ney-general of Maine for some years,
and published Maine Masonic Text-
Book for Use of Lodges ; History of
Masonic Jurisprudence.

Drury, Augustus Waldo. 1851-

. A clergyman of the sect of United

Brethren in Christ who has written a
Life of Otterbein, the founder of the

Drury, John Benjamin. N. Y.,
1838 . A Dutch Reformed cler-
gyman of Ghent, New York, who has
published Truths and Untruths of Evo-
lution. Ran.

Duane, James Chatham. N. Y.,
1824-1897. A retired brigadier-gen-
eral of the United States army, author
of A Manual for Engineer Troops.

Duane, William. N. Y., 1760-1835.
A once prominent journalist and poli-
tician of Philadelphia. Military Dic-
tionary ; The Mississippi Question ; An
Epitome of the Arts and Sciences;
Visit to Colombia in 1822 ; American
Military Library ; Handbook for Rifle-
men ; Handbook for Infantry.

Duane, William. Pa., 1808-1882.
Son of W. J. Duane, infra. A Phila-
delphia writer who published Relation
of Landlord to Tenant in Pennsylvania ;
Law of Roads, etc., in Pennsylvania ;
Canada and the Continental Congress ;
Ligan, a collection of Tales and Essays.

Duane, William John. J., 1780-

1865. Son to W. Duane, supra. An
eminent lawyer of Philadelphia who
was secretary of the treasury in 1833,
and was dismissed from office by Pres-
ident Jackson for declining to order the
deposits removed from the Bank of the
United States. The Law of Nations
Investigated ; Letters on Internal Im-
provement ; Narrative and Correspond-

ence Concerning the Removal of the
Deposits, 1838.

Dubbs, Joseph Henry. Pa., 1838-

. A German Reformed clergyman,

professor of history in Franklin and
Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsyl-
vania, since 1875. Otterbein and the
Reformed Church; Historic Manual
of the Reformed Church ; Home Bal-
lads and Metrical Versions ; Why Am
I Reformed ?

Du Bois, Augustus Jay. Q., 1849-

. A professor of engineering at

Yale University since 1877. Elements
of Graphical Statics ; The New Method
of Graphical Statics ; Strains in Framed
Structures ; Mechanics. Wil.

Du Bois, William Edward Burg-

hardt. Ms., 1868 . An educator

of African descent, assistant professor
of sociology in the University of Penn-
sylvania. The Suppression of the Af-
rican Slave Trade to the United States,
1638-1810. Lgs.

Du Bois, William E"wring. Pa.,
1810-1881. A Philadelphia numisma-
tist, assayer at the Mint. Manual of
Gold and Silver Coins of All Nations ;
Pledges of History, an account of the
Antique Coins in the United States

Du Bose, Mrs. Catherine Anne
[Richards]. E., 1826 . A Geor-
gia writer who published The Pastor's
Household, or Lessons on the Eleventh
Commandment, a juvenile tale.

Ducatel, Julius Timoleon. Md.,
1796-1849. A chemist of Baltimore,
professor in the University of Mary-
land and author of a Manual of Toxi-

Du Chaillu ("dii-cha-yii'], Paul Bel-
loni. F., 1835-1903. A noted French
traveller who became a naturalized
citizen of the United States. Ivar the
Viking ; Explorations and Adventures
in Equatorial Africa; A Journey to
Ashango Land ; My Apingi Kingdom ;
WUd Life under the Equator ; Lost
in the Jungle ; The Country of the
Dwarfs ; Land of the Midnight Sun ;
Age of the Vikings ; Stories of the
Gorilla Country. The greater number
of his works are intended for juvenile
reading. Har.

Duche, Jacob. Pa., 1737-1798. An
Episcopal clergyman of Philadelphia




who made the prayer at the opening of
the Continental Congress. Becoming
discouraged at the want of success of
the colonists, he urged Washington to
abandon the cause. He was thereupon
considered an enemy of the country and
his property was confiscated. Caspi-
pina's Letters; Discourses on Various

Dudley, Dean. Me., 1823 . A

Boston lawyer of antiquarian tastes.
Pictures of Life in England and Amer-
ica; Tii3 Dudley Genealogies; Social
and Political Aspects of England and
the Continent ; History of the First
Council of Nice ; Officers of the Army
and Navy ; History of the Dudley Fam-


Dudley, Thomas Underwood. Va.,
1837-1904. The second Protestant
Episcopal bishop of Kentucky. He
served in the Confederate army as a
colonel, and afterwards entered the
ministry. A Wise Discrimination the
Church's Need.

Dudley, William Russell, a., 1849-
. A professor of botany at Cor-
nell University, who has published The
Cayuga Flora.

Duer, Edward Louis. N. J., 1836-

. A physician of Philadelphia.

Post Mortem Discoveries; Treatment
of Diphtheria.

Duer, John. N. Y., 1782-1858. A
once prominent New York jurist whose
specialty was insurance law. Duer's
Reports ; Laws and Practice of Marine

Duer, William Alexander. N. Y.,
1780-1858. Brother of J. Duer, supra,
and like him a prominent jurist. He
was president of Columbia College,
1829-42. Constitutional Jurisprudence
of the United States.

Duff, Peter. N. B., 1802-1869. An
educator of Pittsburg, where he
founded Duff's Mercantile College,
one of the earliest institutions of the
kind. The North American Account-
ant was his only publication of note.

Duffel, Mary Gordon. Al, c. 1840-

. A resident of Alabama, who

published A History of Alabama;
Guide to the Mammoth Cave.

Duffield, George. Pa., 1794-1869.
A Presbyterian clergyman, once prom-

inent in Detroit as a leader among New
School Presbyterians. Dissertations on
the Prophecies ; Regeneration ; Travels
in the Holy Land ; Claims of Episcopal
Bishops Examined, include his most
important writings.

Duffield, George. Pa., 1818-1888.
Son of G. Duffield, supra. A Presby-
terian clergyman of some note as a
hymn-writer, one of his most popular
hymns being " Stand up for Jesus."

Duffield, John Thomas. Pa., 1823-
1901. A Presbyterian clergyman who
was professor of mathematics in Prince-
ton College for many years, and pub-
lished The Princeton Pulpit and many
religious monographs.

Duffield, Samuel Augustus Wil-
loughby. L. L, 1843-1887. Son of
G. Duffield, 2d. A Presbyterian clergy-
man of Bloomfield, New Jersey. Eng-
lish Hymns, their Authors and His-
tory ; Latin Hymn- Writers and their
Hymns ; Warp and Woof, a Book of
A' erse. Fh.

Duffield, William Ward. Pa., 1823-

. An engineer of Kentucky who

was a brigadier-general in the Federal
army during the Civil War. School of
the Brigade and Evolutions of the Line.

Duganne, Augustine Joseph Hick-
ey. Ms., 1823-1884. A journalist
of New York city chiefly known as a
poet. During the Civil War he served
in the Federal army, and was foi- some
time a captive in Southern prisons.
Among his writings are Prison Life in
the South ; Camps and Prisons ; His-
tory of Governments ; The Lydian
Queen, a tragedy ; Home Poems ; Par-
nassus in Pillory, a satire.

Dugdale, Richard L. F., 1841-1883.
A writer on sociology. The Jukes, or
Heredity in Crime ; Further Studies of

Duhring, Julia. Pa., 1836 . An

essayist who has published Philoso-
phers and Fools ; Gentlefolks and Oth-
ers ; Amor in Society ; Mental Life
and Culture. Lip.

Duhring, Louis Adolphus. Pa.,

1845^ . Brother of J. Duhring,

supra. A physician of Philadelphia,
prominent as a dermatologist. Atlas of
Skin Diseases ; Practical Treatise on
Diseases of the Skin ; Epitome of Skin
Diseases ; Cutaneous Medicine. Lip,




Duke, "WUliam. Mf., 1757-1840. An
Episcopal clerg-yman and educator of
Maryland who published A Clew to
Keligious Truth.

Dulany, Daniel. Md., 1721-1797. A
noted Maryland statesman. Consider-
ations on the Propriety of Imposing
Taxes on the British Colonies.

Dulles, Charles "Winslo-w. E. I.,

1850 . A surgeon of Philadelphia.

What to Do First in Accidents or Poi-
soning ; What to Do First in Accidents
and Emergencies ; Accidents and Emer-

Dulles, John Welsh. Pa., 1823-1887.
A Presbyterian clergyman of Philadel-
phia, at one time a missionary to India.
The Soldier's Friend ; Life in India ;
The Ride Through Palestine.

Dummer, Jeremiah. Ms., c. 1680-
1739. A noted scholar who was colo-
nial agent for Massachusetts in Lon-
don, 1710-21, and was a political friend
of Bolingbroke. A Letter to a Noble
Lord concerning the Late Expedition to
Canada ; A Defence of the New Eng-
land Charters, — both excellent speci-
mens of literary skill as well as patriot-
ism. See Tyler''s American Literature.

Dumont, Mrs. Julia Louisa [Ca-
rey]. O., 1794-1857. A once noted
educator of Vevay, Indiana. Life
Sketches from Common Paths.

Dunbar, Charles Franklin. Ms.,
1830-1900. A professor of political
economy at Harvard University from
1871. Chapters on The Theory and
History of Banking. Put.

Dunbar, Paul Laurence. O., 1872-

. A verse-writer of Dayton, Ohio,

of African descent. Lyrics of Lowly
Life. Bo.

Duncan, William Cecil. N. Y.,
1S24-1864. A Baptist clergyman of
New Orleans. Life of John the Bap-
tist ; History of the Baptists for the
First Two Centuries of the Christian
Era ; The Years of Jesus ; Brief His-
tory of the Baptists.

Duncan, William Stevens. Pa.,
1834 . A physician of Browns-
ville, Pennsylvania. Medical Delu-
sions ; Physiology of Death.

Dunglison [dung'gli-son], Richard
James. Md., 1834-1901. Son of R.
Dunglison, infra. A physician of Phil-

adelphia who published Practitioner's
Reference Book ; Elementary Physi-

Dunglison, Robley. E., 1798-1869.
An eminent Philadelphia physician,
professor in Jefferson Medical College
from 1836, and one of the most learned
men of his profession. His most im-
portant work is his Medical Diction-
ary, which has a very wide reputation.
Other works are, Human Physiology ;
Elements of Hygiene ; General Ther-
apeutics ; The Medical Student ; The
Practice of Medicine ; Commentaries
on Diseases of the Stomach and Bowels
in Children. See Grosses Sketches of

Dunham, Carroll. N. Y., 1828-1877.
A once prominent homoeopathic physi-
cian of New York. Homoeopathy the
Science of Therapeutics; Lectures in
Materia Medica.

Dunham, William Russell. N. H.,

1833 . A physician of Keene,

New Hampshire, who has published
Theory of Medical Science.

Dunlap, Andrew. Ms., 1794-1835.
A lawyer of Boston, and author of Ad-
miralty Practice in Cases of Maritime

Dunlap, John A. Circa 1793- c. 1858.
A justice of the peace in New York
city. Practice of the Superior Court of
New York in Civil Actions ; Abridge-
ment of the 13th and 14th books of
Coke's Reports.

Dunlap, Samuel Fales. Ms., 1825-

. Son of A. Dunlap, supra, and,

like him, a lawyer of Boston. Origin
of Ancient Names ; Vestiges of the
Spirit History of Man.

Dunlap, William. N. J., 1766-1839.
A once prominent artist, dramatist, and
theatrical manager of New York city.
Life of George Frederick Cooke ; Life
of Charles Bi-ockden Brown ; The
American Theatre; History of New
York ; History, Rise, and Progress of
the Arts of Design in the United
States; Thirty Years Ago, a novel;
New Netherlands, Province of New
York ; The Father, a comedy ; Leices-
ter, a tragedy, include the greater part
of his writings.

Dunlop, James. Pa., 1795-1856. A
Pittsburg lawyer prominent as an op-




ponent of slavery. Laws of Pennsyl-
vania, 1700-1853 ; Digest of the Gene-
ral Laws of the United States.

Dunn, Jacob Piatt. Ind., 1855 .

The State librarian of Indiana. His-
tory of Indiana ; Massacres of the
Mountains, a History of Indian Wars
in the Far West. Har. Hou.

Dunn, Lewis Romaine. N. J., 1822-
1876. A Methodist divine of New Jer-
sey. Lizzie Hagar, the Orphan Girl ;
The Mission of the Spirit ; Angels of
God; Sermons on the Higher Life.

Dunning, Albert Elijah. Ct., 1844-

. A Congregational clergyman of

Boston, editor of the Congregationalist.
The Sunday - School Library ; Bible
Studies ; Congregationalists in Amer-
ica. C. P. S. Hi.

Dunning, Mrs. Annie [Ketchum].

" Nellie Grahame." N. Y., 1831 .

A prolific writer of Sunday-school tales,
mainly for the Presbyterian Board of
Publication. Among them are Clem-
entina's Mirrour ; A Story of Four
Lives ; Broken Pitchers ; Contradic-
tions. Lo.

Dunning, Charlotte. See Morse, Mrs.

Duponceau [du-pon'so or dii'poN'so'],
Pierre Etienne. F., 1760-1844. A
Frenchman who came to America as
aid to Baron Steuben, settled in Phila-
delphia, and became eminent as a law-
yer. He was president of the Ameri-
can Philosophical Society, and his Me-
moir on the Indian Languages of North
America attracted much attention
amongst scholars.

Dupuy [dii-pwe'], Eliza Ann. Va.,
1814-1881. A sensational novelist of
Kentucky, for many years a regular
contributor of serial stories to the New
York Ledger. Among them are The
Conspirator, a story of Aaron Burr;
The Huguenot Exiles ; The Concealed
Treasure. Har.

Durbin, John Price. Ky., 1800-1876.
A Methodist clergyman noted for his
eloquence, who was missionary secre-
tary of the Methodist Episcopal Church,
1850-72. Observations in Europe ; Ob-
servations in Egypt, Palestine, Syria,
and Asia Minor. See Life by J. A.
Roche, 1879. Har.

Durfee, Job. R. I., 1790-1847. A
Khode Island jurist who was chief jus-

tice of his State, 1835-47. What Cheer,
or Roger WiUiams in Exile ; Panidea, a
philosophical treatise. See Complete
Works, with Memoir by his son, 1849.

Durivage, Francis Alexander. Ms.,
1813-1881. Nephew to Edward Ever-
ett, infra. A magazinist of Boston,
among whose writings are The Fatal
Casket ; Life Scenes from the World
Around Us ; Cyclopedia of History.

Durrie, Daniel Steele. N. Y., 1819^
1892. An antiquarian writer of Madi-
son, Wisconsin, who published Biblio-
graphia Genealogica Americana; His-
tory of Madison.

Dutcher, Addison Porter. iV. F.,
1818-1884. A physician of Cleveland.
Selections from my Portfolio, essays on
Popular and Scientific Subjects ; Pul-
monary Tuberculosis ; Sparks from the
Forge of a Rough Thinker ; Two Voy-
ages to Europe. Lip.

Dutcher, Jacob C. Circa 1820 .

A Dutch Reformed clergyman of New
York. Requisites of National Great-
ness ; The Prodigal Son ; Our Fallen
Heroes ; The Old Home by the River ;
Frank Lyttleton, or Winning his Way.

Dutton, Clarence Edward. Ct.,

1841 . An officer in the United

States army associated with the Geo-
logical Survey. Geology of the High
Plateaus of Utah ; Tertiary History of
the Grand Canon District ; Hawaiian
Volcanoes ; Mount Taylor and the Zuiii
Plateau ; The Charleston Earthquake
of 1886.

Dutton, Henry. Ct., 1796-1869. A
prominent jurist of Connecticut who
issued a Digest of the Connecticut Re-

Duval, John Pope. Va., 1790-c. 1855.
A Florida lawyer who published in 1840
A Digest of the Laws of Florida.

Duyckinck [dl'kink], Evert Augus-
tus. N. Y., 18f6-1878. A literary
critic of New York city, who with his
brother George, infra, was the author
of an Encyclopaedia of American Liter-
ature, first issued in 1855. Its esti-
mates were sometimes over-indulgent,
but on the whole the work gave a fairly
just view of the subject at that time.
Other works by the elder Duyckinck
are History of the War for the Union ;
Biography of Eminent Men and Wo-
men of Europe and America.




Duyckinck, George Long. N. Y.,
1823-1863. Brother of E. A. Duyck-
inck, supra. A writer of New York
city who, beside his share in The Eu-

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