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second President of the United States,
and a political writer of great ability
and force. A Dissertation on Canon
and Feudal Law, a work relating to the
constitutional rights of New England ;
Thoughts on Government ; Novanglus :
a History of the Dispute with America
from 1754 to 1774; Defence of the
American Constitution ; Discourses on
Davila : a Series of Papers on Political
History. See complete Works in 10
volumes, 1850-56. See, also. Lives by
J. Q. and C. F. Adams, 1871 ; John
Adams, by Morse, 1885; Histories of
" the United States, by Bancroft, McMas-
ter, Henry Adams, and Schouler ; Par-
ker'' s Historic Americans; Appleton's
American Biography.

Adams, John Coleman. Ms., 1849-

. Son of J. G. Adams, infra. A

Universalist clergyman and editor of

New York city. Christian Types of
Heroism ; The Fatherhood of God ; The
Leisure of God and Other Studies in
Spiritual Evolution.
Adams, John Greenleaf. N. H.,
1810-1887. A Universalist clergyman,
among whose writings the chief are
The Universalist Church, its Faith and
its Works ; Universalism of the Lord's
Prayer ; Talks About the Bible to
Young Folks ; Fifty Notable Years, or
Views of the Ministry of Universalism.

Adams, John Quincy. Ms., 1767-
1848. Son of President John Adams,
supra. The sixth President of the
United States, and a statesman whose
writings, though mainly political in
their character, include several purely
literary works. Lectures on Rhetoric
and Oratory ; The Bible and its Teach-
ings ; Poems of Religion and Society ;
Letters on Freemasonry ; Lives of Cel-
ebrated Statesmen, and many State
Papers. See Complete Works, edited by
C. F. Adams, with Life ; also Diary of;
Lives by Seward, Quincy, Morse ; His-
tories of the United States by Bancroft,
McMaster, Schouler. Lip.

Adams, John Turvill. B. G., 1805-
1882. A lawyer of Norwich, Con-
necticut. The Knight of the Golden
Melice, an historical tale ; The Lost

Adams, Julius "Walker. Ms., 1812-
1899. An engineer of distinction, who
was employed in many important engi-
neering works. Sewers and Drains for
Populous Districts.

Adams, Myron. N. Y., 1841-1895.
A Congregational clergyman of Roch-
ester, New York, from 1876 until his
death. The Creation of the Bible ;
The Continuous Creation, an Applica-
tion of the Evolutionary Philosophy to
the Christian Religion. Hou.

Adams, Nehemiah. Ms., 1806-1878.
A once noted Congregatiojial clergy-
man of Boston, whose iiost famous
work, A South Side View of Slavery,
provoked much hostile criticism.
Among other works by him are Walks
to Emmaus ; Scriptural Argument for
Endless Punishment ; Remarks on Uni-
tarian Belief ; Life of John Eliot ;
Agnes and the Little Key ; Evenings
with the Doctrines.



Adams, Robert Chamblet, Ms.,

1839 . Son of Nehemiah Adams,

supra. History of England in Rhyme ;
History of the United States in Rhyme ;
On Board the Rocket; Aids to En-
deavour, Evolution, a Summary of Evi-
dence ; Travels in Faith from Tradition
to Reason ; Pioneer Pith. Lo.

Adams, Samuel. Ms., 1722-1803.
Cousin of President John Adams, su-
pra. A statesman and orator who fills
a large place in the annals of the Amer-
ican Revolution. See Lives by Wells,
Hosmer, 1885 ; Harper'' s Magazine, vol.

Adams, William. Ct., 1807-1880. A
Presbyterian clergyman of prominence
in New York city, 1835-80. The
Three Gardens : Eden, Gethsemane,
Paradise ; Conversations of Jesus Christ
with Representative Men ; In the
World, not of the World ; Thanksgiv-
ing, Memories of the Day and Helps
to the Habit.

Adams, William. I., 1813-1897. An
Episcopal clergyman who was one of
the founders of Nashotah Theological
Seminary, Wisconsin, and professor of
systematic divinity there from 1841.
Mercy to Babes ; Elements of Christian
Science ; New Treatise of Baptismal

Adams, William Taylor, "Oliver
Optic." Ms., 1822-1897. A prolific
and popular writer of books for boys,
who was for many years a teacher in
the Boston public schools. Among his
writings are Army and Navy Series;
Young America Abroad Series ; Lake
Shore Series ; Starry Flag Series. Le.

Ade, George. II., 1866 . A Chi-
cago journalist. Artie : a Story of the
Streets and Town. 8.

Adeler, Max. See Clark, C. H.

Adler, Felix. G., 1851 . An eth-
ical reformer of New York city. Creed
and Deed ; The Moral Instruction of
Children. Ap. Put.

Adler, Georg. G., 1821-1868. A phi-
lologist of New York city who was the
author of a valuable German and Eng-
lish Dictionary and other educational
works. Ap.

Agassiz [ag'a-see or a-gas-se'], Alex-
ander. Sd., 1835 . Son of L.

Agassiz, infra. Marine zoologist. Born

in Neuchatel, he came to America with
his father, and has distinguished him-
self in lines of special scientific re-
search. Exploration of Lake Titicaca ;
List of the Echinoderms ; Three Cruises
of the Blake : a Contribution to Amer-
ican Thalassography. Sou.
Agassiz, Mrs. Elizabeth [Gary].

Ms., 1822- . Wife of L. Agassiz,

infra. Life of Louis Agassiz ; Seaside
Studies in Natural History (with A.
Agassiz, supra).

Agassiz, Jean Louis Rodolphe.

Sd., 1807-1873. A naturalist of emi-
nence. Founder of the Museum of
Natural History at Cambridge. Re-
cherches sur les Poissons FossHes ;
Lake Superior, Natural History of
Fresh - Water Fishes of Central Eu-
rope ; Etudes sur les Glaciers ; Syst^me
Glaci^re ; Methods of Study in Nat-
ural History ; Geological Sketches ;
Structure of Animal Life ; Journey in
Brazil. See Whipple'' s Character and
Characteristic Men ; Louis Agassiz and
Evolution, Popular Science Monthly,
vol. 32; Lives by Mrs. E. Agassiz,
Holder, 1892, Jules Marcou, 1896;
LowelVs ode, Agassiz.

Agne-w, David Hayes. Pa., 1810-
1892. A physician who was for a long
time professor of surgery in the Uni-
versity of Pennsylvania. His writings
were the outcome of wide experience.
Handbook of Practical Anatomy ; Prin-
ciples and Practice of Surgery : a trea-
tise on Surgical Diseases and Injuries.
See Life of by J. H. Adams, 1892. Lip.

Aikman, William. N. F.,1824 .

A Presbyterian clergyman. The Moral
Power of the Sea ; Life at Home, or
the Family and its Members ; The Al-
tar in the Home ; A Bachelor's Talks
about Married Life.

Aimwell, Walter. See Simonds.

Ainslie, Hew. S., 1792-1878. A
Scottish poet who emigrated to Amer-
ica in 1822 and lived mainly in Ken-
tucky. Pilgrimage to the Land of
Burns, a prose work with lyrics inter-
spersed ; Scottish Songs, Ballads, and

Akers, Elizabeth. See Allen, Mrs.

Albee, John. Ms., 1833 . For-
merly a clergyman ; now living at Cho-
corua, New Hampshire. Literary Art ;




St. Aspenquid : an Indian Idyl ; Prose
Idyls. Hou. Put.

Alcott [awl'kot], Amos Bronson.
Ct, 1799-1888. A philosopher of a
singularly unpractical type, whose per-
sonality was of greater interest than
his writings. Conversations with Chil-
dren on the Gospels ; Table Talk, Em-
erson ; Essays ; Tablets, Concord Days,
Sonnets, and Canzonets ; New Connect-
icut : a poem. See Miss E. P. Pea-
body'' s Records of a School; Life, by F.
B. Sanborn and W. T. Harris, 1893.

Alcott, Louisa May. Pa., 1832-
1888. Daughter of A. B. Alcott, supra.
A writer whose books for young people
have been widely popular. They can-
not, however, claim consideration as
examples of literary art. Among them
are Little Women ; Little Men ; An
Old - Fashioned Girl ; Eight Cousins ;
Under the Lilacs. Moods; Hospital
Sketches; A Modern Mephistopheles,
are works for older readers. The
thoughtful poem, Thoreau's Flute, is
her finest effort. See Life, Letters, and
Journals, edited by Mrs. Cheney ; Recol-
lections of, by Mrs. M. S. Porter, 1893.

Alcott, "William Andrus. Ct., 1798-
1859. Cousin of A. B. Alcott, supra.
An energetic, earnest writer upon diet
reform. The House I Live in ; Vege-
table Diet ; Library of Health.

Alden [awl'den], Henry Mills. Vt.,
1836—— — . A thoughtful and sugges-
tive writer on religious themes who has
been editor of Haider's Magazine from
1869. God in his World; A Study of
Death. Har.

Alden, Mrs. Isabella [Macdonald].

" Pansy." N. Y., 1841- , A very

prolific writer of religious tales for
young people, the literary worth of
which is inconsiderable. Four Girls
at Chautauqua; Chautauqua Girls at
Home, are among the earlier ones. Lo.

Alden, Joseph. N. Y., 1807-1885.
An industrious contributor to educa-
tional and Sunday-school literature.
He was for many years president of the
Normal School at Albany. Example
of Washington ; Citizen's Manual ;
Christian Ethics ; The Science of Gov-
ernment ; Studies in Bryant ; Elements

of Intellectual Philosophy. Ap. Xe.

Alden, 'William Livingston. Ms.,

1837 . Son of J. Alden, supra. A

humourous writer who has for some time
resided in London. A New Robinson
Crusoe ; Domestic Explosions ; Shoot-
ing Stars ; Moral Pirates ; Cruise of the
Canoe Club ; Life of Christopher Co-
lumbus. Har. Ho. Put.

Aldrich [awl'dritch], Annie Reeve.
N. Y., 1866-1892. A New York city
writer of notably erotic verse and fic-
tion. The Rose of Flame and Other
Poems of Love ; Songs about Life, Love,
and Death ; The Feet of Love : a novel.

Aldrich, James. N. Y., 1810-1866.
A litterateur of New York, who estab-
lished The Literary Gazette in 1840, in
which a number of his verses appeared.
His Poems were privately printed by
his daughter in 1884.

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey. N. H.,

1837 . A poet and novelist whose

work in both verse and prose is dis-
tinguished for grace of expression
and delicacy of execution. Verse:
The Bells ; Ballad of Baby Bell ; Pam-
pinea ; Flower and Thorn ; Cloth of
Gold ; Friar Jerome's Beautiful Book ;
XXXVI Lyrics and XII Sonnets ; The
Sisters' Tragedy ; Wyndham Towers ;
Unguarded Gates ; Mercedes and Later
Lyrics ; Judith and Holofernes. Prose :
Prudence Palfrey ; The Queen of She-
ba ; The Stillwater Tragedy ; Marjorie
Daw and Other Stories ; Two Bites at
a Cherry, with Other Tales ; The Story
of a Bad Boy ; An Old Town by the
Sea : a description of Portsmouth, the
author's birthplace ; From Ponkapog
to Pesth : Travel Sketches ; Ponkapog
Papers. See Stedman's Poets of Amer-
ica; Vedder^s American Writers. Hou.

Alexander, Archibald. Va., 1772-
1851, A Presbyterian clergyman who
was professor at Princeton Theologi-
cal Seminary 1812-51, Evidences of
Christianity ; The Carlon of Scripture ;
Moral Science ; Bible Dictionary, are
some of his many works. See Life, by
J. W, Alexander ; Spr ague's Annals of
the American Pulpit. Scr.

Alexander, Caleb. N. Y., 177.5-r828.
A clergyman, much of whose life was
spent in teaching at Onondaga, New



York. He published Latin and Eng-
lish grammars ; Essay on the Deity of
Christ ; The Columbian Dictionary ;
Grammar Elements : a literal prose ver-
sion of Virgil.
Alexander, James "Waddel. Va.,
1804-1859. Son of A. Alexander, supra.
A Presbyterian clergyman of New York
city. Plain Words to a Young Com-
municant ; Sacramental Discourses ;
Thoughts on Preaching ; Life of Arch-
ibald Alexander ; Consolation ; The
American Mechanic and Workingman,
are among his writings. Ban. Scr.

Alexander, John Henry. Md., 1812-
1867. A once noted Maryland scien-
tist. History of the Metallurgy of Iron ;
Universal Dictionary of Weights and
Measures, Ancient and Modern ; Inter-
national Tonnage ; Treatise of Mathe-
matical Instruments ; Introits ; Catena
Dominica: a collection of religious

Alexander, Joseph AdAison. Pa.,
J 809-1860. Son of A. Alexander, su-
pra. A Presbyterian clergyman, pro-
fessor at Princeton College, and Theo-
logical Seminary, 1820-60. He was
the author of Commentaries on the
Psalms, Isaiah, Acts, Matthew, and
Mark ; and many theological reviews,
often as sarcastic as they were forcible.
See Life, by H. C. Alexander ; HarVs
American Literature. Scr.

Alexander, Samuel Davies. ZV. J.,

1819-1894. Son of A. Alexander, su-
pra. A Presbyterian clergyman of New
York city from 1855. Princeton Col-
lege in the 18th Century. Scr.

Alexander, Stephen. N. Y., 1806-
1833. An astronomer who was a pro-
fessor at Princeton College, 1834-78.
Physical Phenomena of Solar Eclipses ;
Certain Harmonies of the Solar Sys-

Alger [al'jgr], Horatio, Jr. Ms., 1832-
1899. The author of a long series of
popular juvenile tales, among which the
Ragged Dick stories are best known.

Alger, William Rounseville. Ms.,

1822 . A Unitarian clergyman and

lecturer of Boston. Symbolic History
of the Cross ; The School of Life ; His-
tory of the Doctrine of a Future Life ;
The Solitudes of Nature and Man ; The

Friendships of Women ; Poetry of the
Orient ; Life of Edwin Forrest. A. U.
A. Lip. Rob.

Alice, Aunt. See Graves, Mrs.

Alice, Cousin. See Haven, Mrs.

Allan, William. Va., 1837-1889. A
lieutenant-colonel in the Confederate
army during the Civil War. Battle-
fields of Virginia ; Jackson's Valley
Campaign ; Army of Northern Vir-
ginia. Hou. Lip.

Allen, Alexander Viets Gris-wold.

Ms., 1841 . An Episcopal clergy-
man, prominent among leaders of mod-
ern religious thought, and a professor
in the Episcopal Theological School at
Cambridge. The Continuity of Chris-
tian Thought : a Study of Modern
Theology in the Light of its History ;
Life of Jonathan Edwards ; The Greek
Theology and the Renaissance of the
19th Century ; Religious Progress^

Allen, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann [Chase]
[Akers], "Florence Percy." Me.

1832 . A writer of verse, whose

song, "Rock Me to Sleep, Mother,"
is her most famous though not her
best poem. The Triangular Society ;
Queen Catharine's Rose ; Forest Buds ;
Poems by Florence Percy ; The Silver
Bridge ; The High Top Sweeting. Hou.

Allen, Frederick De Forest. O.,
1844-1897. A professor of "classical
philology at Harvard University from
1880. Remnants of Early Latin ; Greek
Versification in Inscriptions.

Allen, Fred Hovey. N. H, 1845-

. A clergyman, author of the text

of a number of popular art works, such
as Great Cathedrals of the World ; Mod-
ern German Masters; Recent German
Art; Famous Paintings ; Grand Modern
Paintings ; Glimpses of Parisian Art ;
History of the Reformation.

Allen, Harrison. Pa., 1841-1897. A
surgeon of Philadelphia, professor in
the University of Pennsylvania from
1865. Outlines of Comparative Anat-
omy ; System of Human Anatomy.

Allen, Ira. Ct., 1751-1814. An officer
in the American army during the Rev-
olutionary War, who was afterwards
instrumental in settling the disputes




between Vermont and its neighbours.
Natural and Political History of Ver-

Allen, James Lane. Ky., 1849 .

At one time a teacher, now devoted to
literature. A writer of short stories,
notable for literary excellence. Flute
and Violin ; The Blue Grass Region
and Other Sketches of Kentucky ; John
Gray : a Novel ; The Kentucky Cardi-
nal ; Aftermath ; A Summer in Ar-
cady ; The Choir Invisible ; The Reign
of Law ; Two Gentlemen of Kentucky.
Har. Lip. Mac.

Allen, Jerome. Vt, 1830-1894. An
educator of New York, dean of the
School of Pedagogy. Handbook of
Experimental Chemistry ; Methods for
Teachers in Grammar ; Mind Studies
for Young Teachers j Temperament in

Allen, Joel Asaph. Ms., 1838 .

A naturalist who since 1885 has been
curator of ornithology and mammalogy
in the American Museum of Natural
History in New York city. History of
North American Pinnipeds ; Mono-
graphs of North American Rodentia
(with E. Coues, infra).

Allen, Joseph Henrj. Ms., 18^0-
1898. A Unitarian clergyman of Cam-
bridge, who is also noted as the author
of a number of valuable and popular
classical text-booka. Ten Discourses
on Orthodoxy ; Hebrew Men and Times ;
Christian History in Three Great Pe-
riods ; Fragments of Christian History ;
Historical Sketch of the Unitarian
Movement since the Reformation ; Our
Liberal Movement in Theology ; Out-
line of Christian History, A. d. 50-1880 ;
are some of his religious works. El.
Gi. Rob.

Allen's Wife, Josiah. See Holley.

Allen, Lewis Falley. Ms., 1800-
1890. A once prominent cattle broker.
Rural Architecture; The American
Herd Book ; American Cattle.

Allen, Nathan. Ms., 1813-1889. A
physician of Lowell. The Law of Hu-
man Increase ; The Opium Trade ;
Physical Development.

Allen, Paul. R. I., 1775-1826. A
journalist of Philadelphia. Poems :
Noah, a poem in five cantos ; Life of
Alexander I. ; Lewis and Clark's Nov-

els. The Life of Washington, whicli
bears his name, was written by John
Neal, infra, and others.
Allen, Richard Lamb. Ms., 1803-
1869. Brother of L. F. Allen, supra,
with whom, in 1842, he founded the
American Agriculturalist. Domestic
Animals; Diseases of Domestic Ani-
mals ; New American Farm Book (with
L. F. Allen). See Last Letters of, with

AUen, Stephen Merrill. N. H.,

1819-1894. A banker and merchant
of Boston. Fibrilia and Fibrous Man-
ufactures, Ancient and Modem ; Theo-
ries of Light ; Religion and Science.

Allen, Timothy Field. Vt., 1837-
1902. A physician of New York city,
dean of the Homoeopathic Medical
College from 1882. Characese Ameri-
canse ; General Symptom-Register of
Homoeopathic Materia Medica. He
has edited Encyclopaedia of Pure Ma-
teria Medica.

AUen, William. 3fs., 1784-1868. The
author of an American Biographical
and Historical Dictionary, the first edi-
tion of which appeared in 1809, the
earliest work of the kind in the United
States. From 1820 to 1829 he was
president of Bowdoin College. Lec-
tures to Young Men; Junius Un-
masked ; Wunissoo : a poem, with notes.

Allen, William Francis. Ms., 1830-
1889. Brother of J. H. Allen, supra.
A professor in the University of Wis-
consin. He published Outline Studies
in the History of Ireland ; Monographs
and Essays ; and edited a collection of
Slave Songs.

Allen, Willis Boyd. Me., 1855 .

A Boston litterateur whose writings are
popular with juvenile readers. Among
them are The Red Mountain of Alaska ;
Pine Cones ; Silver Rags ; Kelp ; The
Mammoth Hunters. He has published
In the Morning, a collection of verse.
Est. Lo. Ran.

Allen, Zachariah. R. L, 1795-1882.
A noted inventor and manufacturer of
Providence. Practical Tourist; Prac-
tical Mechanics ; Philosophy of the
Mechanics of Nature ; Solar Light and
Heat. See Memorial by A. Perry, 1883,

AUerton, Mrs. Ellen [Palmer]. N.




F., 1835-1893. A Kansas writer living
at Padonia in that State. Poems of
the Prairies.

Allibone, Samuel Austin. Pa.,
1816-1889. A Philadelphia author
■widely known by his Critical Diction-
ary of English Literature and British
and American Authors, a work of im-
mense labour and research. It is of
great value as a work of reference, but
is not an infallible guide, and is more
or less marred by trivial comment and
moralizing. See Pennsylvania Maga-
zine, vol. 15, 1891. Lip.

Allmond, Marcus Blakey. Va.,

1851 . An educator of Louisville

who has published Estelle, an Idyl of
Old Virginia, a volume of verse ; Agri-
cola, an Eastern Idyl ; Outlines of Latin

AUston [awl'ston], Robert Francis
Withers. <S. C, 1801-1864. A South
Carolina statesman well known at one
time as an agricultural reformer. Me-
moir on Rice ; Essay on Sea Coast
Crops ; Report on Public Schools.

AUston, Washington. S. C, 1779-
1843. A once famous artist of Cam-
bridge who was also known as a poet
and romancer. Sylphs of the Seasons
and Other Poems ; The Romance of
Monaldi ; Lectures on Art. See Tuck-
erman's Book of the Artists; Life and
Letters, edited by J. Flagg, 1892.

Alsop [awl'sop], Richard. Ct., 1761-
1815. A once noted political satirist,
chief of the " Hartford Wits," who
wrote The Echo, a series of metrical
parodies upon current publications, ora-
tions, state papers, and the like. Other
works by Alsop are The Charms of
Fancy; A Monody on the Death of
Washington; The Enchanted Lake of
the Fairy Morgana.

Alvord [awl'vord], Benjamin. Vt.,
1813-1884. A. United States officer
who served in the Mexican and Civil
wars. Tangeneies of Circles and
Spheres; Interpretation of Imaginary
Roots in Questions of Maxima and Mi-

Ames, Charles Gordon. Ms., 1828-
. A Unitarian clergyman who be-
came pastor of the Church of the Disci-
ples in Boston on the death of J. F.
Clarke, infra. George Eliot's Two Mar-

riages ; As Natural as Life : Studies of
the Inner Kingdom.

Ames, Mrs. Eleanor Maria [East-
erbrook], "Eleanor Kirk." 1830-
— — . A litterateur of Brooklyn. Up
Broadway and Its Sequel ; Information
for Authors ; Perpetual Youth.

Ames, Fisher. Ms., 1758-1808. Son
of N. Ames, infra. A statesman whose
speeches are marked examples of con-
densed effective statement as well as
of felicitous expression. Laocoon and
Other Essays. See Works of, with Me-
moir, 1854, ; Magoon''s Orators of the
American Revolution.

Ames, Lucia True. N. H., 1856-
. A Boston writer who has pub-
lished Great Thoughts for Little
Thinkers; Memoirs of a Millionaire,
a novel. Hou. Put.

Ames, Mary Clemmer. See Hudson,

Ames, Nathaniel. Ms., 1708-1764.
A physician of Dedham, Massachu-
setts, who published, 1725-64, an As-
tronomical Diary and Almanac which
contained much shrewd humour and
original philosophy and was widely
popular. See Tyler^s American Litera-
tures ; Essays, Humour and Poems of
Nathaniel Ames, father and son, edited
by S. Briggs, 1891.

Ammen, Daniel. O., 1820-1898. A
rear-admiral of the United States navy,
the designer of the Ammen life raft.
The Atlantic Coast ; Country Homes
and their Improvement ; The Old Navy
and the New. Lip. Scr.

Amory, Thomas Coffin. Ms., 1812-
1889. A lawyer of Boston. Life of
James Sullivan, Governor of Massachu-
setts ; Military Services of Major-Gen-
eral John Sullivan ; Life of Sir Isaac

Anagnos, Mrs. Julia Romana
[Howe]. 184-1-1883. Daughter of
Dr. S. G. and Julia Ward Howe, infra,
and wife of M. Anagnos, the Superin-
tendent of the Perkins Institute for the
Blind in Boston. Stray Chords, a vol-
ume of verse ; Philosophiaa Questor.

Anderson, Alexander. iV. Y.,

1775-1870. The firet wood-engraver
in the United States, He was the
author of an illustrated General His-
tory of Quadrupeds.




Anderson, John Jacob. N. Y.,

1821 , An educator of New York

city who prepared a number of histori-
cal text books, among which are A His-
tory of France ; Common School His-
tory of the United States. My.

Anderson, Mary. See Navarro.

Anderson, Rasmus Bjorn. Wis.,
"1846 . A Norse scholar of Nor-
wegian descent who has translated
Bjornson's novels and written much in
relation to Norse mythology. America
not Discovered by Columbus ; Norse
Mythology ; Viking Tales of the
North ; The Younger Edda ; The Elder
Edda. Sc.

Anderson, Rufus. Me., 1796-1880.
A clergyman, who was secretary of the
American Board of Foreign Missions,
1824—74. Foreign Missions, their Rela-
tions and Claims ; History of the
American Board's Missions in the Sand-
wich Islands, Turkey and India, Pelo-
ponnesus and Greek Islands. C. P. S.

Andre-w, James Osgood. Ga.,
1794-1871. A bishop of the Methodist
Church South. Family Government ;

Andrews, Christopher Columbus.
N. H., 1829 . A brevet major-
general in the United States army, who
was minister to Sweden 1869-77, and
consul-general to Brazil 1882-85.
Minnesota and Dakota (1857) ; Practi-
cal Treatise on the Revenue Laws of
the United States ; Hints to Company
Officers on their Military Duties ; His-
tory of the Campaign of MobUe; Di-
gests of the Opinions of the Attorneys-
General of the United States ; Brazil,
its Condition and Prospects (1887). third
enlarged edition (1895). Ap.

Andrews, Elisha Benjamin. N.H.,

1844 . A prominent educator,

president of Brown University. Insti-
tutes of General History ; Institutes of
Economics ; Brief Institutes of our Eco-
nomical History; An Honest Dollar;
Eternal Words and Other Sermons;
History of the United States ; Wealth
and Moral Law ; History of the Last
Quarter Century in the United States,
1870-95. Gi. Scr. Sil.

Andrews, Eliza Frances. Ga.,

1840 . An educator of Macon,

Georgia, whose writing is mainly in the
line of fiction. A Mere Adventurer ;

A Family Secret ; How he was
Tempted; Prince Hal.

Andrews, Ethan Allen. Ct., 1787-
1858. An educator who was at one
time professor of ancient languages in
the University of North Carolina. Be-
side a Latin-English Dictionary, he
published a valuable series of classical

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