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He wrote Letters to Brother Jonathan.

Elder, Mrs. Susan [Blanchard].

La., 1835 . A litterateur of New

Orleans who has written extensively
for Roman Catholic periodicals. The
Loss of the Papacy ; James the Second ;
Savonarola ; Ellen Fitzgerald, a South-
ern tale.

Elder, William. Pa., 1806-1885. A
Philadelphia physician, prominent as an
abolitionist. Periscopics, a volume of
miscellanies ; The Enchanted Beauty ;
Life of Dr. Kane, infra ; The Debt and
Resources of the United States (1863) ;
Questions of the Day, Economic and
Social ; Conversations on the Principal
Subjects of Political Economy. Bai.

Eliot, Charles William. Ms., 1834-

. Son of S. A. Eliot, infra. A

distinguished educator who has been
president of Harvard University since
1869. Manual of Qualitative Chemical
Analysis ; Manual of Inorganic Chem-
istry (with Storer).

Eliot, Jared. Ct, 1685-1763. Grand-
son of John Eliot, 1st, infra. A Con-
gregational clergyman of Killing-
worth, Connecticut, 1707-63, famous in
his day as an agriculturist, physician,

and scientist. He was awarded a med-
al by the London Institute in 1786 " for
producing malleable iron from Ameri-
can Black Sand." Essays upon Field
and Husbandry, and many single ser-

Eliot, John. E., 1604-1690. A Puri-
tan minister of Roxbury who came to
America in 1631, and is famous in his-
tory as the "Indian Apostle." He is
chiefly remembered for his famous
translation of the Bible into the Indian
language, but he was the author of
other works, among which are the Com-
munion of Churches ; The Harmony of
the Gospels ; Dying Speeches of Several
Indians ; The Indian Primer ; Indian
Logic Primer. See Sparks' s American
Biography ; Life by B. B. Caverly ;
Appleton''s American Biography ; Hart^s
American Literature.

Eliot, John. Ms., 1754-1813. A cler-
gyman of Boston, pastor of the New
North Congregational church, 1779-
1813, and author of the New England
Biographical Dictionary.

Eliot, Samuel Atkins. Ms., 1798-
1862. A citizen of Boston who was
mayor 1837-39, and published Obser-
vations on the Bible for the Use of
Young Persons ; Sketch of the History
of Harvard College.

Eliot, Samuel. Ms., 1821-1898. A
New England educator of prominence,
at one time president of Trinity Col-
lege. History of Liberty ; Manual of
United States History ; Life and Times
of Savonarola.

Eliot, William Greenleaf. Ms.,
1811-1887. A Unitarian clergyman of
St. Louis, chancellor of Washington
University there, 1872-87. Doctrines
of Christianity; Early Religious Edu-
cation ; Lectures to Young Men ; Lec-
tures to Young Women ; Discipline of
Sorrow ; Manual of Prayer ; The Uni-
ty of God ; The Story of Archer Alex-
ander from Slavery to Freedom ; Home
Life and Influence. A. U. A.

Bllet, Charles. Pa., 1810-1862. An
engineer of note who built the first wire
suspension bridge in America. He
served during the Civil War as a colonel
in the Federal army, and was killed
in an engagement on the Mississippi.
Physical Geography of the Mississippi
Valley; Coast and Harbor Defences;




The Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, with
Plans for Protecting the Delta from Li-
undation. Lip.

Bllet, Mrs. Elizabeth Fries [Lum-
mis]. N. Y., 1818-1877. A once pop-
ular miscellaneous writer whose histori-
cal works were the outcome of a good
deal of research and are not without
value, but whose productions as a whole
have little of the quality of permanence.
They include Domestic History of the
American Revolution ; Women of the
American Revolution ; Court Circles of
the Republic ; Queens of American
Society ; Pioneer Women of the West ;
Novelettes of the Musicians ; Rambles
in the West; The Practical House-
keeper ; Family Pictures from the Bi-
ble ; Evenings at Woodlawn ; Poems,
Original and Selected ; Teresa Conta-
rini, a tragedy ; Scenes in the Life of
Joanna of Sicily; The Characters of
Schiller ; Women Artists in All Ages.

Ellinwood, Frank Fields. N. F.,

1826 . A Presbyterian clergyman,

secretary of the Presbyterian Board of
Foreign Missions. The Great Con-
quest ; Oriental Religions and Chris-
tianity. Scr.

Elliot, Benjamin. S. C, 1786-1836.
A South Carolina jurist who published
Refutation of Calumnies respecting the
Institution and Existence of Slavery;
The Militia System of South Carolina.

Elliot, George Henry. Ms., 1831-
1900. A military engineer in the ser-
vice of the United States. European
Light-House Systems ; The Presidio of
San Francisco.

Elliot, Henry Rutherford. 1849-

. A journalist of New York city.

The Basset Claim, a Story of Life in
Washington ; The Common Chord, a
Story of the Ninth Ward. Cas.

Elliot, Samuel Hayes. Vt, 1809-
1869. A Congregational clergyman of
New Haven. Rolling Ridge, or the
Book of Four-and-Twenty Chapters ;
The Parish Side ; Dreams and Reali-
ties; New England's Chattels, or Life
in a Northern Poor-House ; The At-
tractions of New Haven.

Elliott, Charles. I., 1792-1869. A
Methodist clergyman, at one period
president of Iowa Wesleyan University.

Treatise on Baptism; Delineation of
Roman Catholicism ; Life of Bishop
Roberts; History of the Great Seces-
sion from the Methodist Episcopal
Church ; Political Romanism ; Remi-
niscences of the Wyandotte Mission ;
Southwestern Methodism ; The Bible
and Slavery ; Sinfulness of American
Slavery. Meth.

Elliott, Charles. S., 1815-1892. A
Presbyterian minister, professor of
Hebrew at Lafayette College, Easton,
Pennsylvania. The Sabbath ; The In-
spiration of the Holy Scriptures ; Vin-
dication of the Mosaic Authorship of
the Pentateuch.

Elliott, Charles 'Wyllys. Ct., 1817-
1883. A New York writer, at one time
a landscape gardener of note. The
Book of American Interiors ; Pottery
and Porcelain ; Remarkable Characters
and Places in the Holy Land ; Cottages
and Cottage Life ; Mysteries, or
Glimpses of the Supernatural ; St. Do-
mingo, its Revolution and its Hero,
Toussaint I'Ouverture ; New England
History, from its Discovery by the
Northmen ; Wind and Whirlwind, a
novel. Ap. Hou.

ElUott, Ezekiel Brown. Sn., 1823-
1888. A government statistician of
note. Unification of International Coin-

Elliott, Franklin Reuben. C^,1817-
1878. A horticulturist of Cleveland.
The Western Fruit Book ; Popular De-
ciduous and Evergreen Trees; Hand-
book for Fruit Growers ; Handbook of
Practical Landscape Gardening.

Elliott, Henry "Wood. O., 1846-

. Son of F. R. Elliott, supra. An

artist in the employ of the Smithsonian
Institution. Monograph of the Seal
Islands of Alaska; Our Arctic Prov-
inces. Scr.

Elliott, John, tt., 1768-1824. A Con-
gregational minister at Madison, Con-
necticut, 1791-1824, co-author with S.
Johnson of the first American diction-
ary of the English language.

Elliott, Jonathan. K, 1784-1846.
A publicist of Washington who pub-
lished American Diplomatic Code ; De-
bate on Adoption of the Constitution ;
Funding System of the United States ;
Statistics of the United States ; The




Comparative Tariffs ; Sketches of the
District of Columbia. Lip.

Elliott, Mrs. Maud [Howe]. Ms.,

1855 . Daughter of S. G. Howe,

infra. A fiction writer of Chicago.
Atalanta in the South ; Mammon ; A
Newport Aquarelle ; The San Rosario
Ranch ; Honor ; Phyllida. Mer. Bob.

Elliott, Sarah Barnwell. 18 —

. Granddaughter of S. Elliott,

infra. Jerry ; John Paget, a novel of
New York and Newport ; The Fel-
meres. Ho.

Elliott, Stephen. S. C, 1771-1880.
A naturalist of South Carolina, and a
professor in the State Medical College.
His son Stephen, 1800-1866, was the
first Episcopal bishop of Georgia, and
his grandson, Robert Woodward Barn-
well EUiott, 1840-1887, the first bishop
of Western Texas. The Botany of
South Carolina and Georgia.

Elliott, ■William. S. C, 1788-1863.
Nephew of S. Elliott, supra. A poli-
tician of Beaufort, South Carolina, who
published the tragedy of Fiesco ; Car-
olina Sports by Land and Water.

Ellis, Charles Mayo. Ms., 1818-
1878. A Boston lawyer of prominence
as an abolitionist, who published a His-
tory of Roxbury.

Ellis, Edward Sylvester. O., 1840-
. A popular writer of school text-
books and juvenile tales, who was for
a number of years an instructor in Tren-
ton, New Jersey. Among his numerous
writings are included The People's
Standard History of the United States ;
several school histories of the United
States ; From the Throttle to the Pres-
ident's Chair : Lost in Samoa ; The
Camp Fires of General Lee ; The
Hunters of the Ozark ; The Last War
Trail; Righting the Wrong; Up the
Tapajos ; Down the Mississippi ; Life
of Daniel Boone ; Storm Mountain.
Am. Cos. Co. Mer.

Ellis, George Edward. Ms., 1814-
1894. A Unitarian clergyman of Bos-
ton who was pastor of the Harvard
Church in Charlestown, 1840-69, and
for many years president of the Massa-
chusetts Historical Society. He was an
enthusiastic historical student with pos-
itive convictions. They were, however,
held without bitterness or prejudice.
A Half Century of the Unitarian Con-

troversy ; Evidences of Christianity ;
The Red Man and the White in North
America ; The Organ and Church Mu-
sic ; Aims and Purposes of the Found-
ers of Massachusetts ; Memoirs of
Count Rumford, Jared Sparks, Jacob
Bigelow, Luther Bell, and others ;
Lives of John Mason, Anne Hutchin-
son, and William Penn, in Sparks's
American Biography ; History of the
Battle of Bunker HiU. The Puritan
Age and Rule in the Colony of the Mas-
sachusetts Bay is his most important
work. Hou. Lit.
Ellis, Sumner. Ms., 1828-1886. A
Universalist clergyman of Boston and
Chicago. At Our Best, and Other Es-
says ; Life of E. H. Chapin, supra ;
Hints on Preaching. See Memorial by
C. E. Moor, 1887. Meth.
Ellsworth, Erastus Wolcott. Ct.,

1822 . An inventor of Connecticut

who published in 1855 a volume of
poems of very uneven excellence, some
of which were popular for a time.
Ellsw^orth, Henry Leavitt. Ct.,
1791-1858. A commissioner of patents
who was a son of the noted jurist, Oli-
ver Ellsworth. Digest of Patents from
1770 to 1859.
Ellsw^orth, Henry William. Ct.,
1814-1864. Son of H. L. Ellsworth.
A lawyer of Indiana. Sketch of the
Upper Mississippi Valley ; American
Ellsworth, Mrs. Mary "Wolcott
[Janvrin]. N. H., 1830-1870. A
writer for periodicals. Peace, or the
Stolen WiU ; An Hour with the Chil-
dren ; Smith's Saloon.
Ellwanger, George Herman. N.Y.,
1848 . Brother of H. B. Ellwan-
ger, infra. A writer of Rochester,
New York. The Garden's Story ; The
Story of My House ; In Gold and Sil-
ver ; Idyllists of the Country - Side.
Love's Demesne, a Garland of Contem-
porary Love Poems. Ap. Do.
Ellwanger, Henry Brooks. N. Y.,
1851-1883. A horticulturist of Ro-
chester, New York. The Rose, a Trea-
tise on Cultivation, History, etc., of
Roses. Do.
Elmendorf, John James. N. Y.,
1827-1896. An Episcopal clergyman,
professor of philosophy in Racine Col-




lege, Wisconsin, 1867-88, and later con-
nected Avith the Western Theological
Seminary at Chicago. Manual of Rites
and Ritual ; History of Philosophy ;
Outlines of Logic ; Aspects of Modern
Philosophy ; Moral Philosophy.

Elmer, Lucius Quintus Cinciuna-
tus. N. J., 1793-1883. A jurist of
Bridgeton, New Jersey, who published
a Digest of the Laws of New Jersey,
commonly styled " Nixon's Digest ; "
Genealogy of the Elmer Family ; His-
tory of Cumberland County ; History
of New Jersey.

Elsberg, Louis. P., 1836-1885. A
physician of New York city. Laryn-
goscopal Medication ; The Throat and
its Functions.

Elson, Louis Charles. Ms., 1848-

. A Boston journalist, editor of

the Vox Humana. History of Music ;
History of German Song ; Curiosities of
Music. Dit.

Elton, Romeo. Ct., 1790-1870. A
once prominent clergyman of the Bap-
tist faith, at one time a professor in
Brown University, who was author of a
Life of Roger Williams.

Elwell, Edward Henry. Me., 1825-
1890. A journalist of Portland, Maine.
Portland and Vicinity ; The Boys of
Thirty - Five, a Story of a Seaport

Elwyn, Alfred Langdon. N. H.,
1804-1884, A noted PhUadelphia phi-
lanthropist. Bonaparte, a poem ; Glos-
sary of Supposed Americanisms ; Mel-
ancholy and its Musings ; Hints to the
City on Intemperance.

Ely, Ezra Stiles. Ct., 1786-1861. A
Presbyterian minister of Philadelphia.
Contrast between Calvinism and Hop-
kinsianism ; Endless Punishment ; The
Science of the Human Mind ; Sermons
on Faith ; Visits of Mercy ; Memoir of
Zebulon Ely; The Contrast; Ely's

Ely, Richard Theodore. N. Y.,

1854 . A political economist of

distinction, professor of political econ-
omy at Wisconsin University since 1892.
French and German Socialism in Mod-
em Times ; The Past and Present of
Political Economy ; Taxation in Amer-
ican States and Cities ; Problems of
To-Day ; Political Economy ; Social As-

pects of Christianity ; Outlines of Eco-
nomics. See Bibliography of Wisconsin.
Fl. Ear. Meth.
Embury, Mrs. Emma Catharine
[Manly]. N. Y., 1806-1863. A
writer of verse and prose whose home
was in Brooklyn. Her various works
include Guido and Other Poems ; The
Blind Girl and Other Tales ; The Wal-
dorf Family, a Fairy Tale ; Female Ed-
ucation ; Glimpses of Home Life ; Pic-
tures of Early Life ; Poems ; Token of
Flowers ; Nature's Gems, or American
Wild Flowers ; Love's Token Flowers,
a collection of verse.

Emerson, Alfred. Pa., 1859-

An archaeologist, professor at Cornell
University since 1891. Dissertatio de
Hercule Homerico.

Emerson, Charles Noble. Ms., 1821-
1869. A Massachusetts lawyer, com-
missioner of revenue, who published
Internal Revenue Guide ; Handbook of
Internal Revenue for Popular Use.

Emerson, Edward Waldo. Ms.,

1844 . Son of R. W. Emerson,

infra. An instructor in art anatomy,
living at Concord, Massachusetts. Em-
erson in Concord. Hou.

Emerson, Mrs. Ellen [Russell].

Ms., 1837 . A Boston writer upon

art and Indian mythology. Indian
Myths ; Masks, Heads, and Faces, with
Considerations Respecting the Rise and
Development of Art. Hou.

Emerson, Frederick. N. H., 1788-
1857. A once prominent Boston edu-
cator who published a series of popular
arithmetics, chief among which was the
North American Arithmetic.

Emerson, George Barrell. Me.,
1797-1881. An educator of Boston of
much prominence and wide influence.
Lectures on Education ; The School
and the Schoolmaster (with A. Potter,
infra) : Manual of Agriculture (with
C. L. Flint) ; Report on the Trees and
Shrubs of Massachusetts ; Reminis-
cences of an Old Teacher. See Har-
vard Register, May, 1881. Lit.

Emerson, Joseph. N. H., 1777-1833.
A New England clergyman and edu-
cator, author of Lectures on the Mil-
lennium. See Life by R. Emerson, in-




Emerson, Ralph. N. H., 1787-1862.
Brother of J. Emerson, supra, A Con-
gregational clergyman, professor in An-
dover Theological Seminary, 1829—53,
and author of Life of Joseph Emerson,
and translation of Wisgon's Augnstin-
ianism and Pelagianism.

Emerson, Ralph "Waldo. Ms., 1803-
1882. The most distinguished of Amer-
ican essayists, and by some critics
ranked as the foremost American poet
■when the substance of his poetry is
considered apart from its form. He
was ordained in 1829 as a Unitarian
minister in Boston, but retired from
the profession in 1833, and the next
year settled in Concord, Massachusetts,
where the remainder of his life was
spent. He succeeded M^argaret Fuller
as editor of The Dial, and was the most
prominent figure among the Transcen-
dentalists. As a lecturer he was fre-
quently before the public, and in his
writings faced a world-wide public as a
philosophical thinker. His first vol-
ume of Poems appeared in 1847, fol-
lowed in 1867 by May-Day and Other
Pieces. His prose writings are com-
prised in Nature ; Essays, first and sec-
ond series ; Representative Men ; Eng-
lish Traits ; Conduct of Life ; Society
and Solitude ; Letters and Social Aims ;
Lectures and Biographical Sketches ;
Miscellanies ; Natural History of Intel-
lect, and Other Papers. See Scribner''s
Magazine, February, 1879 ; Century
Magazine, April, 1883 ; Fraser^s Maga-
zine, May, 1867 ; Harper's Magazine,
February, 1884 ," Conway's Finer son at
Home and Abroad ; Correspondence be-
tween Carlyle and Emerson ; Benton's
Emerson as a Poet; Emerson in Con-
cord ; Appletons' American Biography ;
Stedman's American Poets ; Lives by
Cabot {1887), Garnett, Ireland, Holmes,
Cooke ; Guernsey's Emerson as Poet and
Philosopher; NickoVs American Liter-
ature; Richardson's American Litera-
ture ; New England Magazine, Decem-
ber, 1896 ; Emerson-Stirling Letters ;
Atlantic Monthly, January, and Febru-
ary, 1897 ; Peterson's Magazine, Febru-
ary, 18d7 ; The Forum, November, 1896;
The Arena, March, 1896. Hou.

Emerton, Ephraim. Ms., 1851-

A professor of history at Harvard Uni-
versity. Introduction to the Study of

Mediaeval History ; Synopsis of the
History of Continental Europe ; The
Practical Method in Higher Historical
Instruction ; Sir William Temple und
die TripleaUianz vom Jahre 1668 ; Me-
diseval Europe, 814-1300. Gi.

Emerton, James Henry. Ms., 1847-
. A naturalist of eminence. Struc-
ture and Habits of Spiders; Life on
the Seashore. Wn.

Emmerton, James Arthur. Ms.,
1834-1888. A New England genealo-
gist and physician. Eighteenth Cen-
tury Baptisms in Salem, Massachusetts ;
Record of the 23d Massachusetts Regi-
ment ; Materials towards an Emmer-
ton Genealogy.

Emmet, Thomas Addis. I., 1764-
1827. An Irish patriot who came to
the United States in 1804 and settled
in New York city, where he practiced
law. He was a brother of the famous
Robert Emmet. Pieces of Irish His-
tory. See Memoir by C. G. Haynes.

Emmet, Thomas Addis. Va., 1828-

. Grandson of T. A. Emmet,

supra. A physician and surgeon of
New York city, whose chief work is
The Principles and Practice of Gyne-

Emmons, Ebenezer. Ms., 1799-1863.
A noted geologist who in the latter
part of his life was attached to the
State geological survey of North Caro-
lina. Maniial of Mineralogy and Geo-
logy ; American Geology.

Emmons, George Foster. F^, 1811-
1884. A rear-admiral in the United
States service who wrote The Navy
of the United States from 1775 to 1853.

Emmons, Nathanael. Cl, 1745-1840.
A once noted Congregational minister
at Franklin, Massachusetts, 1773-1840.
His theological works in six volumes,
with Memoir by J. Ide, appeared in
1842. A later edition contains a Me-
moir by E. H. Park, infra. See
Spr ague's Annals of the American Pul-

Emmons, Samuel Franklin. Ms.,

1841 . A geologist in government

service. Descriptive Geology; Geo-
logical and Mining Industries of Lead-
ville ; Statistics and Technology of the
Precious Metals (with G. F. Becker,




Emory, John. Md., 1789-1835. A
Methodist bisliop of prominence in his
denomination. The Divinity of Christ
Vindicated ; Defence of Our Fathers.
See Life by R. Emory, infra. Meth.

Emory, Robert. Pa., 1814-1848.
Son of J. Emory, supra. A Methodist
minister and educator who was presi-
dent of Dickinson College, Carlisle,
Pennsylvania, 1842-48. Life of Bish-
op Emory ; History of the Discipline
of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Emory, William Helmsley. Md.,
1811-1887. Cousin of J. Emory, supra.
An army officer who retired from the
United States service in 1876 with the
rank of brigadier-general. Notes of a
Military Reconnoissance in Missouri
and California, 1848 ; Report on the
United States and Mexican Boundary

Endicott, Charles Moses. Ms.,
1793-1863. A writer of Salem, Mas-
sachusetts, who was at one time com-
mander of a merchantman. Life of
John Endicott ; The Persian Poet, a
tragedy ; Rights and Duties of Na-
tions ; Three Orations.

Endress, Christian. Pa., 1755-1827.
A Lutheran clergyman of Lancaster,
Pennsylvania, who published in Ger-
man The Kingdom of Heaven not Sus-
ceptible of Union with Temporal Mon-
archy and Aristocracy.

Engelmann, George Julius. Mo.,
1847-1903. A St. Louis physician,
founder of the Polyclinic School of
Medicine in that city. Labor among
Primitive Peoples, or the Development
of Obstetric Science.

England, John. I., 1786-1842. A
Roman Catholic prelate who was ap-
pointed bishop of Charleston in 1820,
and came to America in that year.
He was eminent as a lecturer and ora-
tor, whose influence both within and
without his church was widespread
and beneficent. Letters on Slavery
are among his writings. See Works,
8 vols., 1849.

Engles, William Morrison. Pa.,
1797-1867. A Presbyterian minister
of Philadelphia, for many years editor
of The Presbyterian. Records of the
Presbyterian Church ; English Martyr-

ology ; Siek-Room Devotion ; Bible
Dictionary ; Sailor's Companion ; Sol-
dier's Pocket Book.
English, George Bethune. Ms.,
1787-1828. A versatile adventurer
who wrote The Grounds of Christian-
ity Examined, which was answered by
Edward Everett, and this brought a
rejoinder from English entitled Five
Smooth Stones out of the Brook. He
published also Narrative of the Expedi-
tion to Dongola and Sennaar.

English, Thomas Dunn. Pa., 1819-
1902. A physician and poet of Newark,
New Jersey, widely known by his fa^
mous song Ben Bolt, first published in
1843. His various writings include
Walter Woolf e, a novel ; Poems ; 1844,
or the Power of the S. F., a political
satire ; Ambrose Fecit, or the Peer and
the Painter ; American Ballads ; Book
of Battle Lyrics ; Jacob Schuyler's
Millions. Har.

Errett, Isaac. N. Y., 1820-1888. A
Campbellite clergyman of Cincinnati.
Debate on Spiritualism ; Brief View
of Missions ; Walks about Jerusalem ;
Talks to Bereans ; Letters to Young
Christians ; Evenings with the Bible,
comprise the most of his writing.

Esling, Mrs. Catherine Harbeson

[Waterman]. Pa., 1812 . A

verse-writer of Philadelphia who pub-
lished The Broken Bracelet and Other
Poems in 1850.

Esling, Charles Henry Augustine.
Pa., 1845 . A lawyer of Phila-
delphia, author of Life of Saint Ger-
maine Cousin, the Shepherdess of Pi-

Espy, James Pollard. Pa., 1785-
1860. A meteorologist of Philadelphia,
sometimes called " the storm king,"
who published The Philosophy of
Storms (1841).

Evans, Augusta Jones. See Wilson,
Mrs. Augusta.

Evans, Edvsrard Payson. N. Y.,

1833 . An Oriental scholar who

has lived chiefly in Europe. Abriss
der deutschen Literaturgeschichte ;
Progressive German Reader; transla-
tion of Stahr's Life and Works of Les-

Evans, Mrs. Elizabeth Edson
[Gibson]. B. I., 1833 . Wife




of E. P. Evans, supra. The Abuse o£
Maternity ; Laura, an American Girl ;
The Story of Kaspar Hauser ; The
Story of Louis XVII. of France.

Evans, Frederick William. E.,
1808-1893. An elder among the Shak-
ers of Lebanon, New York, from 1838.
He wrote and lectured much, and pos-
sessed great influence in his sect.
Compendium of Origin, History, and
Doctrines of Shakers; Shaker Com-
munism ; Autobiography of a Shaker ;
Second Appearing of Christ ; Test of
Divine Inspiration, are his chief works.

Evans, Hugh Davy. Md., 1792-
1868. A Baltimore lawyer, conspicu-
ous for loyalty to the Union during the
Civil War, who wrote on legal and
High Church topics. Essay on Plead-
ing ; Maryland Common Law Prac-
tice ; Essay on the Episcopate ; Trea-
tise on the Christian Doctrine of
Marriage ; Essays on the Validity of
Anglican Ordination ; Theophilus
Americanus. Hou.

Evans, Lewis. Circa 1700-17.56. A
surveyor and geographer of Philadel-
phia who published Geographical, His-
torical, Political, and Mechanical Es-

Evans, Mrs. Lizzie Phelps [Ester-
brook]. Ms., 1846 . A writer

of Soraerville, Massachusetts. Aunt
Nabby ; From Summer to Summer.

Evans, Nathaniel. Pa., 1742-1767.
An Episcopal clergyman stationed as
a missionary in Gloucester County,
New Jersey. Poems on Several Occa-
sions, with Memoir by Wm. Smith,
appeared in 1772.

Evans, Oliver. Bel, 1755-1819. A
once famous inventor who constructed
the first high-pressure steam-engine.
The Young Engineer's Guide ; Miller
and Millwright's Guide.

Evans [iv'anz], Thomas. Pa., 1798-
1868. A Quaker controversialist of
Philadelphia who was an active oppo-
nent of the doctrines of Thomas Hicks,
infra, and published an Exposition of
the Faith of the Religious Society of

Evans, Thomas "Wiltberger. Pa.,
182.3-1897. A famous dentist, resident
in Paris from 1848, through whose aid
the Empress Eugenie escaped frona

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