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early explorer of the Western country.
The Discovery, Settlement, and Pres-
ent State of Kentucky ; Map of Ken-
tucky ; Topographical Description of
the Western Territory. See Life by B.
T. Burret, 1884.

Finch, Francis Miles. N. Y., 1827-

. A New York jurist, dean of the

law school of Cornell University since
1892. He has published a number of
poems, among which Nathan Hale and
The Blue and the Gray are well known.

Finck, Henry Theophilus. Mo.,

1854 . A musical journalist of

New York city. Wagner and Other
Musicians ; Romantic Love and Per-
sonal Beauty ; Chopin, and Other Mu-
sical Essays ; Lotos - Time in Japan ;
The Pacific Coast Scenic Tour; Spain
and Morocco. Scr.

Findley, Samuel. Pa., 1818-1889.
An Associate Reformed clergyman and
educator. Rambles Among the In-

Findley, 'William. I., c. 1750-1821.
A once noted Pennsylvania politician.
Review of the Funding System ; His-
tory of the Insurrection of the Four
Western Counties of Pennsylvania.

Finley, James Bradley. N. C, 1781-
1856. A Methodist clergyman of Ohio,




at one time chaplain in the state peni-
tentiary. History of the Wyandot
Mission ; Memorials of Prison Life ;
Sketches of Western Methodism ; Life
Among' the Indians. See Autobiogra-
phy. Bibliography of Ohio. Meth.
Finley, John. Va., 1796-1866. A
journalist of Richmond, Indiana, mayor
of that town for a number of years.
The Hoosier's Nest and Other Poems
■were once widely circulated.

Finley, John Park. McL, 1854 .

A lieutenant in the signal service. Tor-
nadoes ; Manual of Instruction in Opti-
cal Telegraphy ; Sailors' Handbook of
Storm Track, Fog and Ice Charts of
the North Atlantic and Gulf of Mex-

Finley, Martha. " Martha Farquhar-

son." O., 1828 . A voluminous

writer of religious and moral tales for
girls, including more than twenty Elsie
Books ; The Mildred Books ; Casella ;
Wanted — a Pedigree ; and others. Do.

Finney, Charles Grandison. Ci.,
1792-1875. A Congregational clerg-y-
man famous during his earlier career
as a revivalist. He was president of
Oberlin College, 1852-66. Lectures on
Revivals ; Systematic Theology ; Lec-
tures to Professing Christians ; Char-
acter of Free Masonry ; Sermons on
Gospel Themes. See Autobiography ;
Life by G. F. Wright, 1890. Bar.

Finotti, Joseph Maria. ly., 1817-
1879. A Roman Catholic clergyman
who was in charge of a Colorado parish
at the time of his death. French
Grammar ; A Month of Mary ; Life of
Blessed Paul of the Cross ; Italy in
the Fifteenth Century ; Diary of a Sol-
dier ; The French Zouave ; Herman
the Pianist ; The Spirit of St. Francis
de Sales. Bibliographia Catholica
Americana, his most important work,
was never completed.

Fish, Henry Clay. Vt., 1820-1877.
A Baptist clergyman of Newark, New
Jersey. Primitive Piety Revived ; The
Price of Soul Liberty ; Harry's Conver-
sion ; Harry's Conflicts ; Handbook of
Revivals ; Bible Lands Illustrated, and
several compilations. Bar. Do.

Fisher, Ebenezer. Me., 1815-1879.
A Universalist clergyman who was the

first president of the theological semi«
nary at Canton, New York. The Chris-
tian Salvation. See Life, 1880.

Fisher, Frances. " Christian Reid."
See Tiernan, Mrs. F.

Fisher, George Jackson. N. Y.,
1825-1893. A physician, for many years
medical director at Sing Sing prison.
Biographical Sketches of Distinguished
Physicians of Westchester County, New
York ; Animal Substances Employed
as Medicines by the Ancients ; Diplo-

Fisher, George Park. Ms., 1827-

. A Congregational clergyman,

professor of ecclesiastical history at
Yale University since 1861. The Su-
pernatural Origin of Christianity ; The
Reformation ; The Beginnings of Chris-
tianity ; Faith and Rationalism ; Dis-
cussions in History and Theology ; Life
of Benjamin Silliman, infra ; The
Grounds of Theistic and Rationalistic
Belief ; History of the Christian Church;
The Christian Religion ; Manual of Nat-
ural Theology ; Manual of Christian
Evidences ; Outlines of Universal His-
tory ; Nature and Method of Revela-
tion ; The Colonial Era. Fl. Scr.

Fisher, Joshua Francis. Pa., 1807-

1873. A municipal reformer of Phila-
delphia. The Degradation of our Rep-
resentative System and its Reform ;
Reform of Municipal Elections ; Nomi-
nation of Candidates.

Fisher, Michael Montgomery.
Ind., 1834-1891. A Presbyterian cler-
gyman and educator, professor of Latin
at the University of Missouri from 1871.
The Three Pronunciations of Latin ;

Fisher, Samuel Reed. Pa., 1810-
1881. A German Reformed clergyman
of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Ex-
ercises in the Heidelberg Catechism ;
The Rum Plague, a translation from
Zschokke ; The Family Assistant ;
Heidelberg Catechism Simplified.

Fisher, Samuel Ware. Pa., 1814-

1874. A Presbyterian clergyman and
educator, who was president of Hamil-
ton College, 1858-67. Three Great
Temptations of Young Men; Occa-
sional Sermons and Addresses.

Fisher, Sydney George. Pa., 1856-
• . A lawyer of Philadelphia. The




Evolution of the Constitution of the
United States ; The Making of Penn-
sylvania ; Pennsylvania : Colony and
Commonwealth. Co. Lip.

Fisher, Theodore Willis. Ms.,

1837 . A physician, since 1881

clinical instructor in mental disease
at Harvard University. Plain Talks
About Insanity.

Fisher, Thomas. Pa., 1801-1856. A
Philadelphia writer who published Dial
of the Seasons ; Song of the Sea Shells ;
Mathematics Simplified and Made At-

Fisk, Samuel. Ms., 1828-1864. A
Congregational clergyman who served
as a soldier in the Federal army, and
■was killed at the Battle of the Wilder-
ness. Mr. Dunn Browne's Experiences
in the Army.

Fisk, Wilbur. Vt., 1792-1839. A
Methodist clergyman once famous as a
pulpit orator, and the first president of
Wesleyan University, 1831-39. Cal-
vinistic Controversy ; Travels in Eu-
rope ; Sermons on Universalism. See
Lives by G. Prentice, 1889, J, Holdich,
1890. Meth.

Fiske, John. Ct., 1842-1901. A phi-
losopher and historian of Cambridge,
■who lectured and wrote extensively on
American history, and was a thinker
of the school of Darwin and Spencer.
Myths and Myth - Makers ; Outlines
of Cosmic Philosophy ; The Unseen
World ; Darwinism and Other Essays ;
Tobacco and Alcohol ; Excursions of
an Evolutionist ; The Destiny of Man ;
The Idea of God as Affected by Mod-
em Knowledge ; American Political
Ideas from the Standpoint of Universal
History ; The Critical Period of Amer-
ican History, 1783-89 ; The Beginnings
of New England ; Civil Government in
the United States ; The War of Inde-
pendence, a work for young readers ;
The American Revolution ; The Dis-
covery of America ; United States His-
tory for Schools ; Life of Edward L.
Youmans, infra; Virginia and Her
Neighbours. Ap. Har. Hou.

Fiske, Nathan. Ms., 1733-1799. A
Congregational clergyman of Brook-
field, Massachusetts, who was a prolific
author of essays and addresses. Be-
side separate sermons, his published
works include Sermons (1794) ; The

Moral Monitor, a collection of essays
once very popular as a school reader.

Fiske, Nathan Welby. Ms., 1798-
1847. Son of N. Fiske, supra. A Con-
gregational clergyman, professor at
Amherst College, 1824-47. He was
the father of Mrs. Helen Jackson, " H.
H.," infra. Manual of Classical Lit-
erature ; Sermons ; Young Peter's Toiur
Around the World ; Story of Aleck, or
the History of Pitcairn's Island. See
Biography by H. Humphrey, 1850.

Fitch, Elijah. 1745-1788. A Congre-
gational minister of Hopkinton, Mas-
sachusetts. The Beauties of Religion,
a Poem Addressed to Youth ; The
Choice, a Poem. See Duyckinck''s Amer-
ican Literature.

Fitch, William Clyde. N. Y., 1865-

. A dramatist of New York city,

the author of Beau Brummell and
other plays ; The Knighting of the
Twins, and Ten Other Tales ; Some
Correspondence and Six Conversations.
Rob. St.

Fitzgerald, Oscar Penn. N. C, 1820-

. A bishop of the Methodist

Church South, living at Atlanta. Cal-
ifornia Sketches ; Christian Growth ;
Centenary Cameos ; Bible Nights ; The
Class Meeting ; Life of Judge Long-
street, infra.

Fitzhugh, George. Va., 1807-1881.
A lawyer of Port Royal, Virginia, noted
as an advocate of slavery as the proper
condition for the mass of mankind.
Sociology for the South ; Cannibals
All, or Slaves -without Masters.

Flagg, Edmund. Me., 1815-1890. A
lawyer and journalist of St. Louis and
elsewhere, living in West Salem, Vir-
ginia, in recent years. Venice, the City
of the Sea, a history, is his most im-
portant work. Other writings of his
include North Italy since 1849 ; Com-
mercial Relations of the United States ;
Blanche of Artois ; Edmond Dantes,
a sequel to Monte Christo.

Flagg, Isaac. Ms., 1843 . Son of

W. Flagg, infra. A professor of Greek
at Cornell University, 1871-88, and pro-
fessor at the University of California
since 1891. The Hellenic Orations of
Demosthenes ; Versicles ; The Seven
Against Thebes, of ^schylus ; Iphige-
nia among the Taurians, of Euripides.




Plagg, John Foster Brewster. Ms.,
1804-1872. A Philadelphia physician.
Ether and Chloroform and their Em-
ployment in Surgery, Dentistry, Mid-
wifery, etc.

Flags, "WUson. Ms., 1805-1884. A
naturalist of Cambridge. Studies in
the Field and Forest ; Woods and By-
Ways of New England ; Halcyon Days ;
A Year among the Trees ; A Year
among the Birds.

Flanders, Henry. N. H., 1826 .

A lawyer of Philadelphia. Maritime
Law ; The Law of Shipping ; Lives of
the United States Chief Justices (1858) ;
Memoirs of Cumberland ; Exposition
of the United States Constitution ; The
Law of Fire Insurance ; Adventures of
a Virginian.

Flash, Henry Lynden. O., 1835-

. An officer in the Confederate

army during the Civil War. Since
1887 he has lived in Los Angeles. Ho
published a volume of Poems (1860).

Fleeta. See Hamilton, Kate.

Fleming, Mrs. May Agnes [Early].
N. B., 1840-1880. A prolific author
of sensational romances, some of which
were issued under the pseudonyn " Cou-
sin May Carleton." Among them are
Guy Earlscourt's Wife ; Lost for a Wo-
man ; Pride and Passion.

Fleming, George. See Fletcher, Julia.

Fletcher, James Cooley. Ind., 1823-
1901. A Presbyterian clergyman,
missionary to BrazU, 1851-54, author
with D. P. Kidder of the once very
popular work Brazil and the Brazilians,
which first appeared in 1857, and
reached an eighth edition in 1868.
See HarVs American Literature.

Fletcher, Julia Constance.

"George Fleming." B., 1853 .

Daughter of J. C. Fletcher, supra. A
novelist whose home is in Rome. Kis-
met ; The Head of Medusa ; Mirage ;
Vestigia ; Andromeda ; The Truth
About Clement Ker ; For Plain Women
Only. Bob.

Fletcher, Robert. E., 1823 .

An eminent anthropologist of Wash-
ington. Paul Broca and the French
School of Anthropology ; Prehistoric
Trephining and Cranial Amulets ;
Human Proportion in Art and An-
thropometry ; Some Recent Experi-

ments in Serpent Venom ; The New
School of Criminal Anthropology ;
Tattooing among Civilized People.

Fletcher, William Baldwin. Ind.,

1837 . A physician, since 1883

superintendent of the Indiana Hospital
for the Insane. Cholera, its Character-
istics, History, etc. Clke.

Flickinger, Daniel Krumler. O.,

1824 . A clergyman belonging

to the sect of United Brethren, and
since 1885 a foreign missionary bishop
of that faith. Off-hand Sketches of
Men and Things in Western Africa ;
Ethiopia ; The Churches, Marching

FUnt, Abel. Ct., 1765-1825. A Con-
gregational clergyman of Hartford
who published a Geometry and Trigo-
nometry with a Treatise on Surveying.

Flint, Austin. Ms., 1812-1886. A
distinguished physician of New York
city who held professorships in several
New York medical colleges. Practice
of Medicine ; Continued Fever ; Chronic
Pleurisy ; Dysentery ; Physical Ex-
planation and Diagnosis of Diseases of
the Respiratory Organs ; Diseases of
the Heart ; Essays on Conservative
Medicine ; Phthisis ; Clinical Medicine ;
Manual of Auscultation and Percus-
sion ; Medical Ethics and Etiquette ;
Medicine of the Future. Ap.

Flint, Austin, Jr. Ms., 1836 .

Son of Austin Flint, supra, and like
his father an eminent physician ot New
York city, connected with several hos-
pitals and medical colleges. Text-
Book of Human Physiology ; Manual
of Chemical Examinations of Urine
in Disease ; Physiological Effects of
Severe and Protracted Muscular Exer-
cise ; The Source of Muscular Power ;
Physiology of Man. Ap.

Flint, Charles Louis. Ms., 1824-
1889. The secretary of the Massachu-
setts Board of Agriculture, 1853-81,
and one of the founders of the Mas-
sachusetts Agricultural College. The
Agriculture of Massachusetts ; Grass
and Forage Plants ; Milch Cows and
Dairy Farming ; Manual of Agriculture
(with G. B. Emerson, supra). Le.

Flint, Henry Martyn. Fa., 1829-
1868. A journalist of Chicago. Life
of Stephen A. Douglas; History and




Statistics of United States Railroads :
Mexico under Maximilian.

Flint, Joshua Barker. Ms., 1801-
1864. A surgeon of Boston and sub-
sequently of Louisville, where he was
professor of surgery in the Kentucky
school of medicine from 1849 till his
death. He published The Practice of

Flint, Micah P. Ms., 1807-1830. Son
of T. Flint, infra. The Hunter and
Other Poems (1826). See CoggeshalV s
Poets of the West.

Flint, Timothy. Ms., 1780-1840. A
Congregational clergyman of New Eng-
land who after some years of mission-
ary labour in the Ohio Valley devoted
himself to literary pursuits in Cincin-
nati, New York, and elsewhere. His
most important work in some respects,
the Geography and History of the Mis-
sissippi Valley, materially advanced
the settlement of that region. His
other works include Recollections of
Ten Years in the Valley of the Missis-
sippi ; Indian Wars in the West ; Me-
moir of Daniel Boone ; Lectures on
Natural History, etc. Fiction: Fran-
cis Berrian ; Arthur Clenning ; George
Mason ; The Shoshonee Valley. See
Bibliography of Ohio.

Flovrer, Benjamin Orange. II.,

1859 . Formerly the editor and

publisher of The Arena at Boston.
Civilization's Inferno, or Studies in the
Social Cellar; Lessons Learned from
Other Lives ; The New Time ; Persons,
Places, and Ideas ; The Century of Sir
Thomas More ; Gerald Massey, Poet,
Prophet, and Mystic. Ar.

Flower, Frank Abial. N. Y., 1854-
. A Wisconsin statistician, cura-
tor of the state historical society. Old
Abe, the Wisconsin War Eagle ; Life
of Matthew H. Carpenter ; History of
the Republican Party.

Floy, James. N. Y., 1806-1863. A
Methodist clergyman of New York
city, prominent as a botanist and as
an anti-slavery leader. Guide to the
Orchard and Fruit Garden ; Occasional
Sermons, etc. ; Literary Remains (1870).

Folger, Peter. E., 1617-1690. Grand-
father of Benjamin Franklin. An emi-
grant from Norwich, England, in 1635.
He settled successively at Watertown,

Martha's Vineyard, and in 1663 at
Nantucket. He is remembered as the
author of A Looking-Glass for the
Times, a spirited doggerel ballad with-
out literary merit, but a very manly
appeal for religious toleration. See
Ti/ler^s American Literature.

FoUen, Charles Theodore Chris-
tian. G., 1796-1840. A German
scholar who came to America in 1824.
He was German instructor at Harvard
University, 1830-34, but lost his posi-
tion on account of his anti-slavery opin-
ions, and in 1836 was ordained as a
Unitarian clergyman. He published
a German Reader ; Practical German
Grammar. See W^orks in Jive volumes,
with Memoir, edited by Mrs. Follen.

FoUen, Mrs. Eliza Lee [Cabot].
Ms., 1787-1859. Wife of C. Follen,
supra. A popular author for many
years. Sketches of Married Life ;
Twilight Stories, a volume of excellent
juvenile tales ; The Well-spent Hour ;
The Skeptic ; Poems ; To Mothers in
the Free States ; Anti-Slavery Hymns
and Songs; Home Dramas; Little
Songs for Little People ; The Old Gar-
ret Stories. Le.

Folsom, Charles Follen. Ms., 1842-

. A physician of Boston, professor

in the Harvard Medical School, 1877-
1885. Mental Diseases; Present As-
pect of the Sewage Question Applied
to Boston (1877).

Folsom, George. Me., 1802-1869.
An antiquarian writer of New York
city. Sketches of Saco and Biddeford ;
Dutch Annals of New York ; Letters
and Dispatches of Cortes, translated
from the Spanish ; Political Condition
of Mexico.

Folwell, Wimam "Watts. N. Y.,

1833 . An educator of Minnesota.

Public Instruction in Minnesota ; Lec-
tures on Political Economy.

Fontaine, Edward. Va., 1814-1884.
An Episcopal clergyman of Mississippi.
How the World was Peopled, a series
of ethnological lectures.

Fontaine, Francis. 18 — . The Ex-
ile ; Etowah, a Romance of the Con-

Foote, Andrew Hull. Ct., 1806-
1863. A rear-admiral of the United
States navy. Africa and the American




Flag (1854). See Life by J. M. Hoppin,

Foote, Henry Stuart. Va., 180(>-
1880. A prominent Mississippi politi-
cian. He was governor of his State,
1853-54, and, though opposed to seces-
sion, a member of the Confederate Con-
gress, where he was noted for his strong
opposition to Jefferson Davis. Texas
and the Texans ; The War of the Re-
bellion, or Scylla and Charybdis;
Bench and Bar of the South and
Southwest ; Personal Reminiscences.

Foote, Henry Wilder. Ms., 1838-
1889. A Unitarian clergyman of Bos-
ton, minister of King's Chapel from
1861 till his death. Annals of King's
Chapel ; Thy Kingdom Come, ten ser-
mons on the Lord's Prayer; The In-
sight of Faith. EL Rob.

Foote, Mrs. Mary Anna [Hallock].

N. Y., 1847 . A novelist and

illustrator whose married life has been
passed chiefly in the Rocky Mountain
country, where the scene of much of
her work is laid. The Led Horse Claim,
a Romance of a Mining Camp ; In Ex-
ile, and Other Stories ; John Bodewin's
Testimony ; The Chosen Valley ; Coeur
d'Alene ; The Last Assembly Ball ;
The Cup of Trembling, and Other Sto-
ries. Hou.

Foote, William Henry. Ct., 1794-
1869. A Presbyterian clergyman and
educator of West Virginia. Sketches
of North Carolina ; Sketches of the
Presbyterian Church in Virginia ; The
Huguenots, or Reformed French
Church ; Sketches of Virginia.

Forbes, Mrs. Harriette [Merri-

field]. Ms., 1856 . A writer

of Westborough, Massachusetts. The
Hundredth Town, a series of historical
sketches of Westborough ; The Diary
of Rev. Ebenezer Parkman.

Forbes, Robert Bennet. Ms., 1804-
1889. A sea captain who was subse-
quently a Boston merchant. China
and the China Trade (1844) ; Construc-
tion of Ships for the Merchant Ser-
vice ; Life Boats, Projectiles, and Other
Means for Saving Life ; Seamen Past
and Present ; Rambling Reminiscences ;
Notes on Some Few Wrecks and Res-

Forbes, Stephen Alfred. IL, 1844-
— — . A professor of zoology in the

University of Illinois and State ento-
mologist. Studies of the Food of Birds,
Fishes, and Insects; Contagious Dis-
eases of Insects.
Force. Manning Ferguson. O.,
1824^1899. Son of P. Force, infra. A
brigadier-general in the Federal army
during the Civil War, and subsequently
a prominent jurist of Cincinnati. From
Fort Henry to Corinth ; Marching
Across Carolina ; The Mound Builders ;
Prehistoric Man; Recollections of the
Vicksburg Campaign, include the most
of his writings. Clke. Scr.

Force, Peter. N. J., 1790-1868. A
journalist and historian of Washington
who began in 1833 a documentary his-
tory of the American colonies. Thirty
years' labour was spent upon the task,
and nine volumes completed, entitled
American Archives. His other works
include Tracts and Other Papers relat-
ing to the Origin of the North Ameri-
can Colonies ; Grinnell Land. His im-
mense and valuable library was pur-
chased by Congress in 1867.

Force, William Quereau. D. C,

1820-1880. Son of P. Force, supra.
A meteorologist of Washington who
assisted his father in preparing Ameri-
can Archives, and published Builder's
Guide ; The Picture of Washington.

Ford, Corydon La. N. Y., 1813-

. A physician of note who has

held several medical professorships, and
since 1886 has been professor emeritus
in the Long Island College hospital.
Questions on Anatomy, etc. ; Questions
on the Structure and Development of
the Human Teeth ; Syllabus of Lec-
tures on Odontology, Human and Com-

Ford, Mrs. Emily Ellsworth [Fow-
ler]. Ms., 1826-1893. Daughter of
W. C. Fowler, infra, and grand-daugh-
ter of Noah Webster. A Brooklyn
writer who has published My Recollec-
tions, a volume of verse.

Ford, James Lauren. Mo., 1854-

. A journalist and litterateur of

New York city. Dr. Dodd's School ;
The Third Alarm, are tales for juvenile
readers. Other works of his are Hyp-
notic Tales ; The Literary Shop ; Bo-
hemia Invaded ; Dolly DiUenbeck.
Bic. Sto.




Ford, Paul Leicester. L. I., 1865-
1902. Son of Mrs. Emily Ford, supra.
Bibliotheca Hamiltonia ; Franklin Bib-
liography ; The Honorable Peter Stir-
ling ; The True George Washington ;
The Story of an Untold Love ; Janice
Meredith. Do. Ho. Hou. Lip.

Ford, Mrs. SalUe [Rochester].

Ky., 1828 . Wife of S. H. Ford,

infra. A St. Louis writer whose early
writings were very popular, Grace
Truman, her first book, having an ex-
tensive sale. Other works of hers are,
Romance of Freemasoniy ; Raids and
Romance of Morgan and his Men ;
Mary Bunyan, the Dreamer's Blind
Daughter ; Evangel Wiseman ; Ernest

Ford, Samuel Ho-ward. Mo., 1819-
. A Baptist clergyman of Mem-
phis, Mobile, and elsewhere, living in
retirement in St. Louis since 1887. The
Origin of the Baptists ; Servetus, Hero
and Martyr.

Ford, Thomas. Pa., 1800-1850. An
Illinois jurist who was governor of his
State, 1842-46. History of Illinois
from 1818 to 1847.

Ford, William Henry. Pa., 1839-
1897. A Philadelphia surgeon twice
president of the municipal board of
health. He has published Healthy
Dwelling-Houses and How to Build

Ford, Worthington Chauncey. L.

I., 1858 . Son of Mrs. Emily Ford,

supra. A government statistician at
Washington. American Citizens' Man-
ual ; The Standard SUver Dollar.

Forester, Frank. See Herbert, W. H.

Forestier, Auber. See Moore, Mrs.

Forney, John "Weiss. Pa., 1817-
1881 . A journalist of Philadelphia and
Washington, of prominence as a poli-
tician, and secretary of the United
States Senate, 1861-68. Life of Gen-
eral Hancock ; Anecdotes of Public
Men ; The New Nobility, a story of
England and America ; What I Saw in
Texas ; A Centennial Commissioner in
Europe ; Letters from Europe ; Forty
Years of American Journalism. Ap.
Har. Lip.

Forrester, Fanny. See Judson, Mrs.

Forrester, Francis. See Wise, Dan-

Forry, Samuel. Pa., 1811-1844. A
physician and surgeon of New York
city. The Climate of the United
States and its Endemic Influences ;

Fort, George Franklin. N. J., 1809-
1872. A governor of New Jersey, 1850-
1854. Early History and Antiquities of

Fortier, Alc^e. La., 1856 . An

educator of Louisiana, professor of Ro-
mance languages in Tulane University.
Le Chateau de Chambord ; Gabriel
d'Ennerich, an historical novelette ;
Bits of Louisiana Folk-Lore ; Sept
Grands Auteurs de xix'^ Si^cle ; Histoire
de la Litt^rature Frangaise ; Louisiana
Studies ; Louisiana Folk Tales. He has
also annotated college editions of sev-
eral French texts. He. Ho. Hou.

For-wood, William Stump. Md.,
1830-1892. A physician of Darlington,
Maryland. History and Descriptive
Account of Mammoth Cave, with Full
Scientific Details of the Eyeless Fishes.

Fosdick, Charles Austin. " Harry

Castlemon." N. Y., 1842 . A

voluminous author of juvenile books,
among which The Gunboat Series ;
Rocky Mountain Series ; Roughing It
Series ; The Steel Horse, or the Ram-
bles of a Bicycle, are but a few of the
whole number. Co.

Fosdick, William Whiteman. O.,
1825-1862. A lawyer of Cincinnati,
who published Malmiztic the Toltec, a
novel ; Ariel and Other Poems.

Foss, Samuel Walter. N. H., 1858-

. A writer of popular dialect and

other poems, whose home is in Somer-
ville, Massachusetts. Back Country
Poems; Whiffs from Wild Meadows
(verse). Le.

Foster, Charles Hubbs. N. Y., 1833-
1895. An actor and playwright of New
York city, who wrote more than sev-
enty-five plays, mostly melodramas,
among which are, Twins of London ;
Twenty Years Dead ; The Chain Gang.

Foster, Mrs. Hannah [Webster].
Ms., 1759-1840. A writer who was the
wife of John Foster, minister at Brigh-

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