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ton, Massachusetts, 1784-1827, and after
his death a resident of Montreal. She




was the daughter of Grant Webster, a
merchant of Boston, and was probably
born in that city. She wrote The
Boarding School ; Letters of a Precep-
tress ; but is remembered chiefly for
having been the author of the once
famous story. The Coquette, or the
History of Eliza Wharton, which was
largely based upon fact, and passed
through more than thirty editions.

Foster, John Wells. Ms., 1815-1873.
A geologist employed by the United
States in a geological survey of the
Lake Superior region, and subsequently
a resident of Chicago. The Mississippi
Valley ; Mineral Wealth and Railroad
Development ; Prehistoric Races of the
United States ; Geology and Topogra-
phy of the Lake Superior Land Dis-
trict (with J. D. Whitney, infra). Sc.

Foster, Mrs. Judith Ellen [Hor-

ton]. Ms., 1840 . A lawyer and

prominent temperance advocate of Iowa.
The Crime Against Ireland ; Amend-
ment Manual (Prohibition) ; The Amer-
ican Renaissance ; Republican Conten-
tions and Supreme Court Decisions.

Foster, Randolph Sinks. O., 1820-
1903. A Methodist bishop of much
prominence in his denomination. Ob-
jections to Calvinism ; Christian Purity ;
Ministry Needed for the Times ; The-
ism ; Beyond the Grave ; Centenary
Thoughts ; Studies in Theology. Meth.

Foster, Robert Verrell. Tn., 1845-
. A Cumberland Presbyterian cler-
gyman and educator, professor of He-
brew in the Theological Seminary at
Lebanon, Tennessee, since 1877. In-
troduction to the Study of Theology ;
Old Testament Studies; Commentary
on the Epistle to the Romans.

Foster, Stephen Collins. Pa., 1826-
1864. A famous song- writer and com-
poser of Pittsburg and New York city.
He set to music 150 or more songs, the
words in nearly all cases being his own.
Some of them, like the Suwanee River,
My Old Kentucky Home, Nelly Bly,
are known in all English-speaking lands.
See Atlantic Monthly, November, 1867.

Poster, Stephen Symonds. N.H.,
1809-1881. A noted anti-slavery agi-
tator of Worcester, Massachusetts. He
married in 1845 Abby Kelly, also
noted as an abolitionist. The Brother-

hood of Thieves, a True Picture of the
American Church and Clergy.

Foster, Mrs. Theodosia Maria
[Toll]. " Faye Huntington." N. Y.,

1838 . An educator of Verona,

New York, who has written much for
young people. In Earnest ; What Fide
Remembers ; A Baker's Dozen ; A Mod-
em Exodus, are among her works, io.

Foster, William Eaton. Vt., 1851-

. A librarian of Providence. The

Civil Service Reform Movement ; The
Literature of Civil Service Reform in
the United States ; Stephen Hopkins, a
Rhode Island Statesman ; Town Gov-
ernment in Rhode Island.

Fowler, Henry. Ms., 1824-1872. A
Presbyterian clergyman of Auburn,
New York. The American Pulpit, a
collection of sketches of American

Fo-wler, Lorenzo Niles. N. Y., 1811-
1896. A lecturer, editor, and publisher
of New York city who settled in Lon-
don in 1863, and lectured frequently in
England from that period. Marriage,
its History and Ceremonies ; Lectures
on Man.

Fowler, Mrs. Lydia [Folger]. Ms.,
1823-1879. Wife of L. N. Fowler, su-
pra. A practicing physician for some
years. Nora, the Lost and Redeemed ;
The Pet of the Household and How to
Save It ; Familiar Lessons on Phre-
nology and Physiology ; Familiar Les-
sons on Astronomy.

Fowler, Orin. 0^,1791-1852. A Con-
gregational clergyman of Fall River,
noted as a temperance and anti-slavery
orator, who was a member of Congress,
1848-52. Treatise on Baptism ; His-
torical Sketch of Fall River.

Fowler, Orson Squire. N. Y., 1809-
1887. Brother of L. N. Fowler, supra,
and with him a member of the New
York publishing house of Fowler &
Wells, 1844-63. He was an ardent
phrenologist, and wrote much on his;
favourite topic. Memory and Intellec-
tual Improvement ; Physiology, Ani-
mal and Mental ; Matrimony ; Self -Cul-
ture ; Hereditary Descent ; Love and
Parentage ; Sexual Science ; Amative-
ness ; Human Science ; Creative Sci-
ence ; The Self -Instructor in Phreno-
logy (with L. N. Fowler).




Fowler, Philemon Halstead. N.
Y., 1814-1879. A Presbyterian cler-
gyman of Utica. History of Presby-
terianism in central New York ; The
Presbyterian Element in our National
Life and History.

Fowler, "William Chauncey. Ct,
1793-1881. A Congregational clergy-
man and educator of New England,
who married a daughter of Noah Web-
ster, infra. Memorials of the Chaun-
ceys ; The Sectional Controversy, or
Passages in United States Political
History ; History of Durham, Connec-
ticut ; Local Law in Massachusetts and
Connecticut ; Essays ; English Gram-
mar ; The English Language in its
Elements and Forms. Har.

Fowler, "William "Worthington.
Vt., 1833-1881. Son of W. C. Fowler,
supra. He was successively a lav^er,
broker, and journalist of New York
city. Ten Years in Wall Street ; Fight-
ing Fire, the Great Fires of History
(1873) ; Woman on the American Fron-
tier ; Twenty Years of Inside Life in
Wall Street.

Fox, Ebenezer. Ms., 1763-1843. A
Bostonian who was postmaster of his
city 1830-36, and the author of The
Revolutionary Adventures of Ebenezer
Fox (1848).

Fox, John ["William], Ey., 186—
. A Cumberland Vendetta. Har.

Fox, Norman. N. Y., 1836 . A

Baptist minister of New York and Mis-
souri. George Fox and the Early
Friends ; Rise of the Use of Pouring
and Sprinkling for Baptism ; A Lay-
man's Ministry ; Inspiration of the
Apostles in Speaking and Writing.

Foxton, E. See Palfrey, Sarah.

Foye, James Clark. N. H., 1841-
1896. An educator who was a profes-
sor of chemistry at Lawrence Univer-
sity from 1867. Chemical Problems;
Handbook of Mineralogy; Tables for
Determination of United States Miner-

France, Lewis Browne. D. C, 1833-
— — . A lawyer and litterateur of Den-
ver. Over the Old Trail ; Pine Valley,
a volume of short stories ; Mountain
Trails and Parks in Colorado. Cr.

Francis, Convers. Ms., 1795-1863.
Brother of Mrs. Lydia Child, supra.

A Unitarian clergyman of Watertown,
Massachusetts, and subsequently Park-
man professor of pulpit eloquence at
Harvard University, 1843-63. Life of
John Eliot (supra) ; Historical Sketch
of Watertown ; Errors of Education, in-
clude his principal writings.

Francis, James Bicheno. E., 1815-
1892. A noted hydraulic engineer of
Lowell. Lowell Hydraulic Experi-
ments ; The Strength of Cast Iron Col-

Francis, John "Wakefield. N. Y.,
1789-1861. A physician of much pro-
minence at one time in medical and
literary circles of New York city. Use
of Mercury ; Cases of Morbid Anatomy ;
Febrile Contagion ; The Anatomy of
Drunkenness ; Old New York, a vol-
ume of pleasant reminiscences, com-
prise his principal writings. See Life
by Tuckerman.

Francis, Samuel "Ward. iV. Y.,
1835-1886. Son of J. W. Francis, supra.
A physician of New York city and sub-
sequently of Newport, Rhode Island
Mott's Clinics ; Water ; Inside and Out ;
Biographical Sketches of New York
Surgeons and Physicians ; Life and
Death ; Curious Facts Concerning Man
and Nature.

Francis, "Valentine Mott. N. Y.,
1834. Son of J. W. Francis, supra. A
physician of Newport who has pub-
lished Hospital Hygiene.

Francke, Kuno. ^S.^., 1855 . A

professor in Harvard University. So-
cial Forces in German Literature : a
Study in the History of Civilization.

Franklin, Benjamin. Ms., 1706-1790.
A celebrated philosopher, statesman,
and scientist who was born in Boston
but went to Philadelphia in 1723, where
he worked as a journeyman printer. In
1729 he became the proprietor of The
Pennsylvania Gazette, and after that
date his rise in life was rapid. He es-
tablished the Philadelphia Library in
1731, the American Philosophical Soci-
ety in 1744, and was one of the found-
ers in 1749 of the institution which in
1753 became the University of Penn-
sylvania. In 1753 he was appointed,
jointly with William Hunter, postmas-
ter-general of the colonies. He was
twice sent to London as colonial agent




for Pennsylvania, and in 1770 was
appointed agent for Massachusetts in
England. I^ 1776 he helped draft the
Declaration of Independence. During
the next nine years he was first commis-
sioner, then minister, to France ; and was
also a member of the commission which
negotiated the treaty of peace with Eng-
land. He was the discoverer of the
identity of lightning with electricity,
and the inventor of the lightning-rod.
As a writer his influence has been felt
throughout the world, his works in-
cluding essays on politics, religion, com-
merce, science, and philosophy. The
Busybody is a series of papers of the
type of those in The Spectator, but
furnishing much more lively reading.
Poor Richard's Almanac, published
1732-57, was everywhere popular, and
had a great influence over the mass of
readers. The work by which he is best
known, however, is his famous Auto-
biography, which has been one of the
most widely read books ever printed.
His Complete Works in ten volumes
have been edited by J. Bigelow, supra.
See Edinburgh Review, July, 1806, and
August, 1817 ; Contemporary Review,
July, 1879; Harper^ s Magazine, July,
1880 ; Godey^s Magazine, 1896 ; Apple-
ton''s American Biography; Parker'' s
Historic Americans ; HaWs Franklin in
France ; Lives by Parton, McMaster, H.
Mayhew, Morse ; MigneVs Vie de Frank-
lin, 1873 ; Wetzel's Franklin as an Eco-
nomist. Put.

Franklin, Benjamin. R. I., 1819-
1898. An Episcopal clergyman of
Shrewsbury, New Jersey. The Creed
and Modem Thought ; The Church and
the Era.

Franklin, Thomas Levering. Pa.,
1820-1899. An Episcopal clergyman
of western New York, and more re-
cently of Philadelphia. His writings
include an important work on The
Creed, and several tractates on Divorce.

Frazer, Persifor. Pa., 1844 . A

distinguished geologist attached to the
State geological survey of Pennsylva-
nia who has published Tables for the
Determination of Minerals ; The Geo-
logy of Lancaster County. Lip.

Frederic, Harold. N. Y., 1856-1898.
A novelist and journalist who served as
the London correspondent of the New

York Times from 1884. The scenes of
several of his novels are placed in small
American communities. Marsena, and
Other Stories ; The Copperhead ; The
Lawton Girl ; la the Valley ; Seth's
Brother's Wife ; The Damnation of
Theron Ware ; March Hares. Ap. Scr.

Fredet, Peter. F., 1801-1856. A Ro-
man Catholic priest who came frona
France to America in 1831, and was pro-
fessor in St. Mary's Seminary at Balti-
more from that date until his death.
Ancient History ; Modern History ;
Original Texts and Translations of the
Bible ; Treatise on the Eucharistie
Mystery ; Lay Baptism ; Inspiration
and Canon of Scripture ; Interpretation
of Scripture ; Doctrine of Exclusive
Salvation ; Necessity of Baptism ; Ef-
fect of Baptism.

Freedley, Edwin Troxell. Pa.,

1827 . A Philadelphia writer and

compiler of books of useful informa-
tion, but of small literary value. The
Business Man's Legal Adviser ; Lead-
ing Pursuits of Leading Men ; Phila^
delphia and its Manufactures ; Oppor-
tunities for Industry ; History of Amer-
ican Manufactures ; Common Sense in
Business ; Home Comforts. Lip.

Freeman, Barnardus. G., 1660-1743.
A Dutch Reformed clergyman of Long
Island who came to America in 1700
and was especially noted for his influ-
ence over the Indians. De Spixel der
Self Kennis (Mirror of Self-Know-
ledge) ; De Weegshale der Gerade
Gods (Balance of God's Grace).

Freeman, Frederick. Ms., 1800-
1883. An Episcopal clergyman and
educator who was a Presbyterian min-
ister in the earlier portion of his career.
History of Cape Cod ; Annals of Barn-
stable County ; Freeman Genealogy ;
Civilization and Barbarism illustrated
by Especial Reference to Metacomet
and the Extinction of his Race.

Freeman, Jame.=3. 31s., 1759-1835.
The first clergyman in the United States
to bear the name Unitarian. While a
lay reader at King's Chapel in Boston,
in 1782, he became a Unitarian in his
views, and was ordained in 1787 min-
ister of that church, the members of
which adopted Mr. Freeman's theology
as their own, and he continued in that


oflSce iinta his death. The oldest Epis-
copal church in New England thus be-
came the first Unitarian church in
America. Mr. Freeman's Sermons and
Charges were published in 1832,

Freeman, James Midwinter. "Rob-
ert Ranger." N. Y., 1827-1900. A
Methodist clergyman of New York city
who published many books for chil-
dren under the pseudonym "Robert
Ranger." Other works of his include
Illustration in Sunday-School Teach-
ing ; Handbook of Bible Manners and
Customs ; Short History of the English
Bible ; Book of Books. Meth.

Freeman, Samuel. Me., 1743-1831.
A jurist of Portland, Maine. The Mas-
sachusetts Justice ; Probate Directory ;
The Town Officer. See Bibliograjjihy
of Maine.

Fremont, Mrs. Jessie [Benton],
Va., 1824-1902. Wife of J. C. Fre-
mont, infra, and daughter of T. H,
Benton, supra. A resident of Los An-
geles. The Story of the Guard, a
Chronicle of the War ; A Year of
American Travel ; Souvenirs of My
Time ; Sketch of Senator Benton ; Far
West Sketches ; Will and the Way Sto-
ries. Lo.

Fr6mont, John Charles. Ga., 181-3-
1890. A famous soldier and politician
who in 1856 was the first Republican
candidate for the presidency, and served
during the Civil War as a major-gen-
eral in the Federal army. Report of
the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky
Mountains in 1842, and to Oregon and
Northern California in 1843-44 ; Fre-
mont's Explorations ; Memoirs of My
Life. See Appleton's American Bio-
graphy ; Lives by J. Bigelow, supra, C

French, Alice, "Octave Thanet."

Ms., 1850 . A writer of novels

and short stories whose home has been
in Davenport, Iowa, and also in Arkan-
sas. Knitters in the Sun ; Otto the
Knight, and other Trans - Mississippi
Stories ; Stories of a Western Town ;
An Adventure in Photography ; Expi-
ation. Hou. Scr.

Fiench, Benjamin Franklin. Va.,
1799-1877, A writer of New Orleans
and subquently of New York city, Bi-
ographia Americana ; Memoirs of Em-
inent Female Writers j Historical Col-

138 FREY

lections of Louisiana ; History of ttie
Iron Trade in the United States ; His-
torical Annals of North America.

French, Henry Willard. Ct., 1853-

. A lecturer and miscellaneous

writer of Boston. Art and Artists in
Connecticut ; Our Boys in China ; Our
Boys in India ; Through Arctics and
Tropics ; Gems of Genius ; Nuna the
Brahmin Girl ; Lance of Kehama ; Os-
car Peterson ; Colonel Thomdike's Ad-
ventures ; and the novels. The Only
One ; Castle Foam ; Ego. Le. Lo.

French, John William, C<., 1809-
1871. An Episcopal clergyman of
Washington, 1842-66, and from the lat-
ter date till his death professor of eth-
ics at West Point. He was the author
of a work on Practical Ethics.

French, Mrs. L. Virginia [Smith].
Va., 1830-1881. A writer and educa-
tor of Memphis. Wind Whispers, a
collection of poems ; Legend of the
South ; Iztalixo, a Tragedy ; My Roses,
the Romance of a June Day.

French, "William Henry. Md., 1815-
1881. An officer who served in the
army of the United States during the
Mexican, Seminole, and Civil wars. His
only published work is a manual of In-
struction for Field Artillery,

Freneau [fre-no'], Philip. N. Y ,
1752-1832. A journalist of New York
city who, during the Revolution, pro-
duced much patriotic verse that was
very efPective as well as popular, though
none of it is marked by any high de-
gree of excellence. Poems of Philip
Freneau, written chiefly during the
Late War (1786) ; Poems Written be-
tween the Years 1768 and 1794 ; Poems
Written and Published during the
American Revolution ; Collection of
Poems on American Affairs. Among
his prose writings are, The Philosopher
of the Forest ; Essays by Robert Slender.
See American Literatures by Hart,Nichol,
and Richardson. Cr.

Frey, Albert Romer. N. Y., 1858-

. A writer of New York city upon

Shakesperean and dramatic topics, who
has also published a work upon Sobri-
quets and Nicknames, Hou.

Frey, Joseph Samuel Christian
Frederick, C?., 1773-18-50. A clergy-
man of Jewish descent who became d.




Christian in 1798, and, after coming to
Anaerica in 1816, was for some ten
years a Presbyterian minister and sub-
sequently a Baptist preacher, especially
active as a missionary to the Jews.
Narrative of My Life ; Hebrew Bible ;
Hebrew Grammar; Judah. and Israel;
Joseph and Benjamin ; The Passover ;
Scripture Types.

Frieze, Henry Simmons. Ms., 1817-
1889. A professor of Latin in the Uni-
versity of Michigan from 1854 until his
death. He published editions of Quin-
tilian and Virgil's ^neid, and was the
author of The Story of Giovanni Dupr^.

Prisbie, Levi. Ct., 1748-1806. A Con-
gregational clergyman of Ipswich,
Massachusetts, who published Sermons
and Orations.

Frisbie, Levi. Ms., 1783-1822. Son
of L. Frisbie, supra. A tutor and pro-
fessor at Harvard College from 1805
till his death. Miscellaneous Writings
of Professor Frisbie, edited with Me-
moir by Andrews Norton, infra, ap-
peared in 1823.

Fritschel, Gottfried Leonhard
Wilhelm. G., 1836-1889: A Lu-
theran clergyman who came from Ger-
many to the United States in 1857, and
was a professor of theology in the semi-
nary at Mendota, Illinois, from that
time. He published (in German) Medi-
tations on the Passion of Christ ; His-
tory of Protestant Missions among
North American Indians in the 17tE
and 18th Centuries.

Frost, John. Me., 1800-1859. An
educator of Philadelphia who was a
prolific writer and compiler of histori-
cal and other works of indifferent merit.
Their number was very great, and the
sale of some of them extensive. Among
them are. Beauties of English History ;
Beauties of French History ; Wild
Scenes in a Hunter's Life ; Pioneer
Mothers in the West ; The Presidents
of the United States ; Pictorial History
of the United States ; History of the
World. Har. Le.

Frothingham, Ellen. Ms., 1835-1902.
Daughter of N. L. Frothingham, infra.
A Bostonian who published several
fine translations from Lessing (The La-
ocoon) ; Auerbach ; Goethe (Hermann
and Dorothea) ; Grillparzer (Sappho) ;
"Marie-Herbert " (Poems of Therese).

Frothingham, Nathaniel Lang-
don. Ms., 1793-1870. A Unitarian
clergyman of Boston whose writing
displays singular grace and refinement.
Deism or Christianity ; Sermons in the
Order of a Twelvemonth ; Metrical
Pieces, Original and Translated.

Frothingham, Octavius Brooks.

Ms., 1822-1895. Son of N. L. Froth-
ingham, supra. A Unitarian clergy-
man of extremely radical views who
resigned his charge in New York city
in 1879, and returned to Boston the
next year, devoting the remainder of
his life to literary pursuits. He was at
one period art critic for the New York
Tribune. Stories from the Lips of the
Teacher ; Stories from the Old Testa-
ment ; The Religion of Humanity ;
The Cradle of the Christ ; Memoir of
W. H. Channing, supra; The Safest
Creed ; Beliefs of the Unbelievers ;
Creed and Conduct ; The Spirit of the
New Faith ; The Rising and the Set-
ting Faith ; Visions of the Future ;
Lives of Gerrit Smith, George Ripley,
Theodore Parker ; History of New
England Transcendentalism ; Boston
Unitarianism ; Recollections and Im-
pressions. Hou. Put.

Frothingham, Richard. Ms., 1812-
1880. A journalist and local historian
of Charlestown, Massachusetts. His-
tory of the Siege of Boston ; The Rise
of the Republic ; History of Charles-
town ; Life of General Joseph Warren ;
The Command in the Battle of Bunker
Hill. Lit.

Frothingham, Washington. N. Y.,

1822 . A Presbyterian fclergyman

of Albany. Atheos, or Tragedies of
Unbelief ; The Martel Papers : Scenes
in the Reign of Terror.

Fry, James Barnet. II. , 1827-1894.
A colonel and brevet major-general in
the United States army who was retired
from active service in 1881, and there-
after lived in New York city. Sketch
of the Adjutant-General's Department,
1775-1875; Historical and Legal Ef-
fects of Brevets in Great Britain and
the United States from their Origin in
1692 ; Army Sacrifices ; McDowell and
Tyler in the Campaign of Bull Run;
Operations of the Army under Buell;
New York and Conscription.




Puller, Andrew S . N.Y., 1828-

1896. A horticultural writer and jour-
nalist of New York city, editor of Wood-
ward's Record of Horticulture. The
Fruit Tree Culturist ; The Grape Cul-
turist ; The Small Fruit Culturist ; The
Strawberry Culturist ; Practical For-
estry ; The Propagation of Plants ; The
Nut Culturist.

Fuller, Anna. Ms., 1853 -. A

Boston novelist. Pratt Portraits ; A
Literary Courtship ; Peak and Prairie ;
A Venetian June. Put.

Fuller, Edward. N. Y., 1860 .

A Boston journalist, subsequently on
the staff of the Providence Journal.
The Complaining Millions of Men, a
novel of social conditions in Boston.

Fuller, Henry Blake. iZ., 1857 .

A novelist of Chicago. The Chevalier
of Pensieri-Vani ; The Chatelaine of
La Trinity ; The Cliff DweUers ; With
the Procession ; The Puppet-Booth,
twelve one-act plays. Cent. Har.

Fuller, Hiram. Ms., c. 1815-1880. A
journalist of New York city who at the
outset of the Civil War supported the
Confederate cause, and emigrated to
England on that account. Subse-
quently he became an adventurer in
Paris. The Groton Letters ; Belle
Brittan on a Tour; Sparks from a
Locomotive ; Grand Transformation
Scenes in the United States.

Fuller, Margaret. See Ossoli.

Fuller, Richard. S. C, 1804-1876.
A Baptist clergyman of Charleston,
and subsequently of Baltimore. Argu-
ment on Baptist Close Communion ;
Sermons ; Scriptural Baptism.

Fuller, Richard Frederick. Ms.,
1821-1869. Brother of M. Fuller,
supra. A lawyer of Boston who pub-
lished Visions in Verse ; Chaplain
Fuller, a life of his brother Arthur.

Fuller, Samuel. N. Y., 1802-1895.
An Episcopal clergyman, professor at
the Berkeley Divinity School, Middle-
town, Connecticut. Confirmation, its
Authority and Nature ; The Revela-
tion of St. John Self-Interpreted.

Fuller, Samuel Richard. Ms., 1850-

. Son of S. Fuller, supra. An

Episcopal clergyman of Massachusetts.
Personality, a volume of Sermons. Hou.

Fullerton, George Stuart. E. J.,

1859 . An Episcopal clergyman,

professor of moral philosophy in the
University of Pennsylvania. The Con-
ception of the Infinite and the Solu-
tion of the Mathematical Antinomies,
a psychological treatise ; A Plain Argu-
ment for God. Lip.

Fullerton, William Morton. Ct.,

1865 . A journalist in Boston for

several years, and since 1890 a member
of the Paris staff of the London Times.
Cairo, a descriptive essay ; Patriotism
and Science, a collection of essays.
Mac. Bob.

Fulton, John. S., 1834 . An

Episcopal clergyman noted as an able
exponent of canon law, and professor
of that subject at the Episcopal Divin-
ity School in Philadelphia. Letters on
Christian Unity ; Index Canonura ; The
Laws of Marriage ; Documentary His-
tory of the Episcopal Church in the
Confederate States ; The Beautiful
Land, a description of Palestine ; The
Chalcedonian Decree. Wh.

Fulton, Justin Dewey. iV^. Y., 1828-
1901. A Baptist clergyman, prominent
in Boston and Brooklyn for his con-
tinued and violent attacks upon the
Roman Catholic Church. The Roman
Catholic Element in American History ;
The True Woman ; Show Your Colors,
a story of Boston Life ; The Way Out ;
Witnessing for the Truth, or the Over-
throw of the Papacy ; Rome in Amer-
ica, include the most of his work, which
is of interest as an example of religious
bigotry if for no other reason.

Furness, Mrs. Helen Kate [Ro-
gers]. 1837-1883. Wife of H. H.
Furness, infra. A Shakespearean
scholar of Philadelphia who published
A Concordance to the Poems of Shake-
speare. Lip.

Furness, Horace Howard. Pa.,

1833 . Son of W. B. Furness,

infra. A distinguished Shakespearean
scholar of Philadelphia, widely known
in the literary world for his scholarly
and exhaustive variorum editions of
King Lear, Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo
and Juliet, Othello, Merchant of Ven-
ice, As You Like It, Midsummer
Night's Dream, and others of Shake-
speare's plays. Lip.




FurnesB, "William Henry. Ms.,
1802-1896. A Unitarian clergyman of
Philadelphia, from 1825 to 1875 pastor
of the Unitarian church in that city.
A theologian of radical views, but rev-
erent temper. The Unconscious Truth

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