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of the Four Gospels ; Jesus and his Bio-
graphers ; History of Jesus ; Thoughts
on the Life and Character of Jesus ;
The Story of the Resurrection Told
Once More ; The Power of Spirit ;
Discourses ; The Veil Lifted and Jesus
becoming Visible ; Verses : Transla-
lations and Hymns ; The Faith of Je-
sus ; a much admired translation of
Schiller's Song of the Bell. See Har-
vard Graduates^ Magazine, June, 1896.
El. Lip.

Futhey, John Smith. Pa., 1820-
1888. A lawyer and antiquarian of
Eastern Pennsylvania. History of
Chester County ; Historical Collections
of Chester County.


Gage, Mrs. Frances Dana [Bar-
ker]. O., 1808-1884. A prominent
advocate of woman suffrage who lec-
tured much on that subject as well
as upon temperance and anti-slavery.
Elsie Magoon, a temperance story ; Po-
ems ; Gertie's Sacrifice ; Nightcaps, a
Series of Books ; Sparks Upward. She
wrote much over the signature " Aunt
Fanny." Lip.

Gage, Mrs. Matilda Joslyn. N. T ,
1826-1898. A noted woman suffragist
of Fayetteville, New York. Woman's
Rights Catechism ; Woman as an In-
ventor ; Woman, Church, and State ;
History of Woman Suffrage (with Miss
Anthony and Mrs. Stanton). Ke.

Gage, Simon Henry. N. Y., 1851-

. A physiologist who has been

professor of physiology at Cornell Uni-
versity. The Microscope and Histeo-
logy ; Anatomical Technology (with B.
G. Wilder, infra).

Gage, William Leonard. N. H.,

1832-1889. A Congregational clergy-
man of Hartford, 1868-84. Trinitarian
Sermons to a Unitarian Congregation ;
Songs of War Time ; Light in Dark-
ness; Life of Carl Ritter; Studies in
Bible Lands; Verses; The Home of

God's People ; A Leisurely Journey ;
Palestine, Historic and Descriptive ; The
Salvation of Faust ; a number of trans-
lations from the German. Lo.

Gallagher [gal'a-ger], "William Da-
vis. Pa., 1808-1894. A journalist of
Cincinnati prominent in the early lit-
erary annals of the Ohio Valley, whose
home in later years was near Louis-
ville. Miami Woods and Other Poems ;
A Golden Wedding* and Other Poems ;
Erato (verse). See Griswold^s Poets
and Poetry of America. Clke.

Gallatin, Albert. Sd., 1761-1849. A
financier of distinction. He came to
America from Switzerland in 1780, and
was active in political affairs. He was
secretary of the treasury under Presi-
dent Jefferson ; an associate of Adams
and Clay in negotiating the Treaty of
Peace with Great Britain in 1815 ; min-
ister to France 1816-23 ; subsequently
minister to Great Britain. After his
retirement from public life he became
a banker in New York city. Consid-
erations on the Currency and Banking
System of the United States ; Synopsis
of the Indian Tribes ; Notes on the
Semi-Civilized Nations of Mexico, Yu-
catan, and Central America ; Peace with
Mexico ; War Expenses. His writings
have been edited in six volumes by H.
Adams, supra. See Lives by H. Ad-
ams, J. A. Stevens. Lip.

Gallaudet [gal-aw-det'], Edward

Miner, q., 1837 . Son of T. H.

Gallaudet, infra. Popular Manual of
International Law ; Life of T. H. Gal-
laudet, infra.

Gallaudet, Thomas Hopkins. Pa.,
1787-1851. A celebrated educator of
deaf mutes, who was superintendent of
the institution for deaf mutes at Hart-
ford, the first in the United States,
1817-30. Child's Book of the Soul;
The Youth's Book of Natural Theolo-
gy ; Sermons Preached to an English
Congregation in Paris ; Bible Stories
for the Young. See Lives by H- Hum-
phrey, E. M. Gallaudet.

Gallitzin, Demetrius Augustine.
Prince. He?., 1770-1841. The son of
the Russian ambassador to France, he
came to America in 1792, was educa-
ted as a Sulpitian priest, and founded
the Roman Catholic colony of Loretto
in Pennsylvania in 1803. Defence of




Catholic Principles ; Appeal to the
Protestant Public ; Six Letters of Ad-
vice ; Letter to a Protestant Friend
on the Holy Scripture. See Lives by
Lemcke, Heyden, Brownson.

Galloway, Charles Betts. Mi., 1849-

. A bishop of the Methodist Church

South. Methodism a Child of Provi-
dence ; Aaron's Rod in Public Morals.

Galloway, Joseph. Md., 1731-1803.
A Philadelphia lawyer who was a noted
loyalist, and went to England after
the evacuation of the city by the Eng-
lish. Historical and Political Reflec-
tions on the American Rebellion ; The
Prophetic History of the Church of

Gallup, Joseph Adams. Ct., 1769-
1849. A Vermont physician, professor
in Vermont Medical College, which he
founded. Epidemic Diseases in Ver-
mont ; Outlines of the Institutes of

Gammell, "William. Ms., 1812-1889.
An educator of Rhode Island, professor
at Brown University, 1835-64. Life of
Roger Williams ; History of American
Baptist Missions.

Gannett, Ezra Stiles. Ms., 1801-
1871. A Unitarian clergyman of pro-
minence in Boston for many years, who
published a great number of single ser-
mons and addresses. See Memoir by
W. C. Gannett.

Gannett, Henry. JJfe.,1846 . The

chief topographer of the United States
Geological Survey since 1882. Bound-
aries of the United States ; The Build-
ing of a Nation ; Dictionary of Alti-
tudes in the United States ; Results of
Primary Triangulation ; Manual of To-
pographical Methods ; Geographic Dic-
tionaries of Massachusetts, Connecti-
cut, Rhode Island, New Jersey.

Gannett, William Channing. 1840-

. Son of E. S. Gannett, supra. A

Unitarian clergyman of Minneapolis,
and subsequently of Rochester, New
York. A Year of Miracle, a poem in
Four Sermons ; Memoir of E. S. Gan-
nett, supra ; The Thought of God in
Hymns and Poems (with F. L. Hos-
mer). A. U. A. El. Bob.

Garden, Alexander. S., circa 1685-
1750. An Episcopal clergyman of
Charleston remembered for his vigour-

ous opposition to Whitefield. Six Let-
ters to the Reverend George White-
field ; Two Sermons. See Tyler'' s Amer-
ican Literature.

Garden, Alexander. S., 1728-1791.
A botanical writer of Charleston for
whom Linnaeus named the genus Gar-
denia. He went to England as a loyal-
ist in 1783, and became vice-president
of the Royal Society.

Garden, Alexander. S. C, 1757-
1829. Son of A. Garden, 2d. An offi-
cer in the American army during the
Revolution. Anecdotes of the Revolu-
tionary War (1822). See edition of

Gardener, Mrs. Helen. See Smart,

Gardiner, Frederick. Me., 1822-
1889. An Episcopal clergyman, pro-
fessor in the Berkeley Divinity School
at Middletown from 1869. The Island
of Life, an Allegory ; Commentary on
Epistle of Jude ; Harmony of the Four
Gospels in Greek ; Harmony of the
Four Gospels in English ; Diatessaron ;
The Principles of Textual Criticism ;
The Old and New Testament in their
Mutual Relations; Aids to Scripture
Study. Hon.

Gardner, Augustus Kinsley. Ms.,
1812-1876. Son of S. J. Gardner, infra.
A physician of New York city. The
French Metropolis ; Causes of Sterility ;
Conjugal Sins ; Our Children, a Hand-
book for Parents ; Old Wine in New
Bottles ; Ships and Shipbuilders of New
York ; translation of Scanonzi's Dis-
eases of Females.

Gardner, Charles Kitchell. N. J.,
1787-1869. A United States army offi-
cer who was postmaster of Washington
in President Polk's administration. Dic-
tionary of United States Army Com-
missioned Officers from 1789 to 1853 ;
Compendium of Military Tactics ; Per-
manent Designation of Companies, and
lesser works.

Gardner, Dorsey. Pa., 1842-1894. A
journalist of New York city who was
one of the revisers of the Webster In-
ternational Dictionary. Quatre Bras,
Ligny, and Waterloo ; Condensed Ety-
mological Dictionary of the English




Gardner, Eugene C. Ms., 1836 .

An architect of Springfield, Massachu-
setts. Homes and All About Them ;
The House that Jill Built ; Homes and
How to Make Them ; Illustrated
Homes ; Home Interiors ; Common
Sense in Church-Building- ; Town and
Country School Buildings.

Gardner, Samuel Jackson. Ms.,

1788-1864. A lawyer of Boston, and
subsequently a journalist of Newark,
New Jersey, whose essays over the sig-
nature " Decius " were issued in book
form with the title Autumn Leaves.

Garfield, James Abram. O., 1831-

1881. The twentieth president of the
United States. A statesman of Ohio,
prominent as a general in the Federal
army during the Civil War, and subse-
quently as a congressman till his ele-
vation to the presidency. In July, 1881,
he was mortally wounded by an assassin,
and died in the September following.
His Complete Works have been edited
by B. A. Hinsdale, infra. See Appleton's
American Biography ; Life by J. R.
Gilmore, infra, 1880; Eulogy by G. F.

Garland, Hamlin, Wis., 1860 .

A novelist who was for some years a
resident of Boston, and then returned
to the Western States, in which the
scenes of his realistic fictions are mainly
laid. Main Travelled Roads ; A Spoil
of Office ; Prairie Folks ; Prairie Songs ;
Crunabling Idols; Rose of Dutcher'a
Coolly ; Little Norsk. St.

Garland, Landon CabeU. Va., 1810-
1895. A mathematician who held pro-
fessorships in several Southern colleges,
and published Trigonometry, Plane and

Garman, Samuel. Pa., 1846 .

A naturalist of Cambridge, assistant in
the Agassiz Museum there. The Rep-
tiles and Batrachians of North Amer-
ica ; Reptiles and Batrachians of Ber-
muda. Clke.

Garnett, James Mercer. Va., 1840-
. A professor of English litera-
ture at the University of Virginia since

1882. Translation of Beowulf ; Anglo-
Saxon Poems ; Translations of Elene,
Judith, Athelstan, and Byrhtnoth.

Garretson. James Edmund. " John
Darby." Bel., 1828-1895. A physi-

cian of Philadelphia, dean of the dental
college there from 1879. System of
Oral Surgery ; Odd Hours of a Physi-
cian ; Thinkers and Thinking ; Two
Thousand Years Ago ; Hours with
John Darby ; Brushland ; 19th Century
Common Sense. Lip.

Garrett, Alexander Charles. L,
1832 . The first Protestant Epis-
copal bishop of Northern Texas. His-
torical Continuity, a series of Sketches
on the Church. Wh.

Garrigues, Henry Jacques. Dk.,

1831 . A Danish physician who

came to America in 1875, and since
1886 has been professor of practical
obstetrics in the post-graduate medi-
cal school of New York city. Gastro-
Elytrotomy ; Practical Guide in Anti-
septic Midwifery.

Garrison, James Harney. Mo.,

1842 . A clergyman and editor

of religious journals. Heavenward
Way ; Alone With God.

Garrison, Joseph Fithian. N. J.,
1823-1892. An Episcopal clergyman
of Camden, New Jersey, professor of
canon law at the Philadelphia Epis-
copal Divinity School for some years.
The Formation of" the Protestant Epis-
copal Church in the United States ; The
American Prayer Book.

Garrison, William Lloyd. Ms.,
1805-1879. A very celebrated anti-
slavery journalist of Boston who-estab-
lished The Liberator in 1831, and was
its editor for the thirty-five years of it3
existence. His uncompromising attitude
roused the fiercest opposition in both
North and South, and he was at one time
dragged through the streets of Boston
by a mob who intended to hang him
for his newspaper utterances, but he
fortunately lived to see the triumph of
his ideas and the liberation of the slave.
Thoughts on African Colonization ;
Sonnets and Other Poems. See John-
son's Garrison and his Times ; Life by
his Sons.

Gath, See Townsend, G. A.

Gay, Ebenezer. Ms., 1696-1787. A
Unitarian clergyman of Hingham from
1718 until his death. The Old Man's
Calendar, a sermon preached on his
eighty-fifth birthday, went through sev-
eral editions in America and England,




and was translated into several conti-
nental languages.

Gay, Eben Howard. Ms., 1858 .

Nephew of S. H. Gay, infra. A banker
of Boston who has published A Trea-
tise on Municipal Bonds.

Gay, Sydney Howard. Ms., 1814-
1888. Great-grandson of E. Gay, supra.
A journalist of New York and Chicago,
during the CivU War the managing
editor of the New York Tribune. Life
of James Madison ; Bryant and Gay's
Popular History of the United States,
of which the preface only was the work
of Mr. Bryant. Hou. Scr.

Gayarr^, Charles ^tienne Arthur.
La., 1805-1895. A jurist of New Or-
leans, profoundly versed in the history
of his State. Histoire de la Louisiane ;
Romance of the History of Louisiana ;
Colonial History of Louisiana ; Louis-
iana as a French Colony ; The Spanish
Domination in Louisiana ; Philip tke
Second, a Biography ; Louisiana Su-
preme Court Reports ; School for Poli-
tics, a drama ; Fernando de Lemos, a
novel ; Aubert Dubayet, a sequel to
the preceding ; School for Politics, a
Dramatic Novel.

Gayler, Charles.- N. Y., 1820-1892.
A dramatist of New York city among
whose many plays are, The Gold Hunt-
ers ; Taking the Chances ; Fritz.
Among his various novels are. The Ro-
mance of a Poor Young Man ; Out of
the Streets, both of which were drama-
tized by their author.

Gaylord, Glance. See Bradley, War-

Geer, George Jarvis. Ct, 1821-1885.
An Episcopal clergyman, long rector
of St. Timothy's Church, New York
city, and the author of The Conversion
of St. Paul, a series of Discourses.

Gemiinder, George. Wg., 1816-1899.
A violin-maker who came to America
from Wiirtemberg in 1847, and settled
in New York city, 1852. He published
Progress in Violin-Making.

Genin, John Nicholas. N. Y., 1819-
1878. A noted hatter of New York
city who wrote a History of the Hat
from the Earliest Ages.

Genth, Frederick Augustus Louis
Charles William. G., 1820-1893.
A professor of chemistry at the Uni-

versity of Pennsylvania from 1872.
Ammonia Cobalt Bases (with O. W.
Gibbs, infra) ; Minerals of North Caro-
lina ; First and Second Preliminary
Reports on the Mineralogy of Pennsyl-

Genung [je-niing'], John Franklin.

N. Y., 1850 . A professor at

Amherst College. A Study of In Me-
moriam ; The Epic of the Inner Life,
an annotated translation of Job ; Prac-
tical Elements of Rhetoric ; The Study
of Rhetoric in College Courses. Gi.

George, Henry. Pa., 1839-1897. A
very widely known political economist
of New York city whose radical views
upon economic and social topics have
met with much criticism both in Amer-
ica and Europe. Progress and Pov-
erty ; Our Land and Land Policy ; The
Subsidy Question and the Democratic
Party ; Protection or Free Trade ; The
Irish Land Question ; The Land Ques-
tion ; Social Problems.

George, Nathan Dow. N. H., 1808-
1896. A Methodist clergyman, long
prominent in Maine, and subsequently
in Massachusetts. An Examination of
Universalism ; Universalism Not of
God ; Materialism Anti-Scriptural ; An-
nihilation Not of the Bible. Meth.

Gerard, James Watson. N. Y.,

1822-1900. A lawyer of New York
city. The Pelican Papers, a satire ;
Titles to Real Estate in New York
City ; Title of the Corporation and
Others to the Streets, Wharves, Lands,
and Franchises in New York City ; The
Peace of Utrecht ; Aquarelles (verse) ;
Ostrea, or the Loves of the Oysters, a
collection of humourous verse. Put.

Gerhard, William Paul. G., 1854-

. A sanitary engineer of New

York city. Theatre Fires and Panics ;
Anlagen von Haus - Erwasserungen ;
Diagram for Sewer Calculations ; House
Drainage and Sanitary Plumbing ;
Guide to General House Inspection;
Domestic Sanitary Appliances ; Prin-
zipien der Haus-Kanalization, include
his principal writings. Wil.

Gerhard, William Wood. Pa.,
1809-1872. A Philadelphia physician.
Diagnosis of Chest Diseases ; Spotted
Fever ; Fevers ; Clinical Guide.




Gerhart [gairTiart], Emmanuel Vo-
gel. Pa., 1817-1904. A German Re-
formed clergyman of Lancaster, Penn-
sylvania, professor of theology in
Franklin and Marshall College. Phi-
losophy and Logic ; Monograph of the
Reformed Church ; Child's Heidelberg
Catechism ; Institutes of the Christian

Gerrish, Theodore. Me., 1846 .

A clergyman of Portland, Maine.
Army Life ; Will Newton, the Young
Volunteer ; Life in the World's Won-
derland ; The Blue and the Gray, an
army history (with J. Hutchinson).

Gholson, William Yates. O., 1807-
1870. An Ohio jurist who published
Speeches on Payment of the Public
Debt of the United States.

Gianque, Florien. O., 1843 . A

Cincinnati lawyer of Swiss descent.
Laws of Election in Ohio ; Election
and Naturalization Laws of the United
States ; Manual for Ohio Road Super-
visors ; Manual for Guardians and Trus-
tees ; Manual for Assignees, Insolvent
Debtors, etc. ; Laws of Ohio relating
to Roads, Ditches, Bridges, and Water-
Courses ; Manual for Notaries, etc. ;
Appendix to Ohio Revised Statutes.

Gibbes [gibz], RobertWilson. Ms.,
1809-1866. A physician, educator, and
journalist of Columbia, South Carolina.
Monograph of the Squalidae ; Typhoid
Pneumonia ; Documentary History of
South Carolina ; Documentary History
of the American Revolution.

Gibbon, John [Oliver]. Pa., 1827-
1896. A major-general in the Federal
army during the Civil War who pub-
lished The Artillerist's Manual.

Gibbons, Henry. Dei, 1808-1848.
Son of W. Gibbons, infra. A physician
of San Francisco, professor in the Paci-
fic Medical College who was the author
of an anti-tobacco treatise, Tobacco and
its Effects.

Gibbons, James. Md., 1834 . A

cardinal of the Roman Catholic church
since 1886. The Faith of Our Fathers ;
Our Christian Heritage ; The Ambas-
sador of Christ.

Gibbons, James Sloan. Bel, 1810-
1892._ Son of W. Gibbons, infra. A
prominent financier and philanthropist

of New York city. He was a noted
abolitionist, and was a pioneer in the
movement for preserving the forests.
The Banks of New York ; The PubUc
Debt of the United States. He wrote
the popular war song, " We are Com-
ing, Father Abraham."

Gibbons, Mrs. Phoebe [Earle].
Pa., 1821-190-. An author of Lancas>
ter County, Pennsylvania. Pennsyl-
vania Dutch, and Other Essays ; French
and Belgians. Lip.

Gibbons, William. Pa., 1781-1845.
A philanthropist and scientist of WiK
mington, Delaware. He wrote Truth
Vindicated, a notably clear exposition
of the principles of the Friends.

Gibbs, George. L. I., 1815-1873. A
lawyer and antiquarian of New York
city. The Judicial Chronicle ; Dic-
tionary of the Chinook Jargon or Trade
Language of Oregon ; Comparative Vo-
cabulary ; Research relative to the
Ethnology and Philology of America ;
Suggestions relating to Scientific Ob-
servation in Russian America.

Gibbs, Josiah Willard. Ms., 1790-
1861. A philologist who was professor
of sacred literature at Yale University,
1824-61. Philological Studies; New
Latin Analyst ; Teutonic Etymology.

Gibbs, Josiah Willard. Ct., 1839-
1903. Son of J. W. Gibbs, supra. A
professor of physics at Yale University,
and the author of scientific papers and

Gibbs, [Oliver] Wolcott. N. Y.,
1822-1903. Brother of G. Gibbs, supra.
A chemist of distinction, Rumford pro-
fessor at Harvard University, and au-
thor of scientific papers.

Gibson, Louis Henry. Ind., 1854-

. An architect of Indianapolis.

Beautiful Houses, a Study in House-
building ; Convenient Houses ; Gradual
Reduction Milling ; Artistic Houses at
Moderate Cost. Cr.

Gibson, William. Md., 1788-1868.
A once famous physician of Philadel-
phia, professor of surgery in the Uni-
versity of Pennsylvania, 1819-55. Prin-
ciples and Practice of Surgery ; Rambles
in Europe. See Gross'' s Sketches of Con-

Gibson, William. Md., 1826-1887.
A United States naval officer retired




in 1879. Sailing Directions for the
Kattegat, etc. ; Poems of Many Years ;
Vision of Faery Land, and Other Po-
ems ; a translation of the Miscellaneous
Poems of Goethe. Le.
Gibson, William Hamilton. Ct.,
1850-1896. An artist and author of
New York city who has illustrated his
own writings. The Complete Ameri-
can Trapper ; Pastoral Days ; High-
ways and Byways ; Strolls hy Starlight
and Sunshine ; Happy Hunting-
Grounds ; Sharp-Eyes, a Rambler's
Calendar ; Camp Life in the Woods ;
Our Edible Toadstools and Mushrooms.
See New England Magazine, February,
1897. Ear.

Giddings, Franklin Henry. Ct.,

1855 . A lecturer on sociology at

Columbia University since 1891. Re-
port on Profit Sharing ; The Modern
Distributive Process (with J. B. Clark) ;
The Principles of Sociology. Mac.

Giddings, Joshua Reed. Pa., 1795-
1864. A once noted anti-slavery states-
man and congressman of Ohio. The
Exiles of Florida ; The Rebellion : its
Authors and its Causes ; " Speeches in
Congress ; Essays of Pacificus. See
Life by G. W. Julian, infra.

Gihon, Albert Leary. Pa., 1833-
1901. A United States naval surgeon.
Practical Suggestions in Naval Hy-
giene ; Need of Sanitary Reform in
Ship Life ; Sanitary Commonplaces
Applied to the Navy ; Prevention of
Venereal Disease by Legislation.

Gilbert, Benjamin. Pa., 1711-1780.
A miller of Northumberland, Pennsyl-
vania, who wrote on theological themes.
Truth Defended ; Discourses on Perfec-
tion ; Further Discourses on Sin, Elec-
tion, Reprobation, and Baptism.

Gilbert, Charles Henry. R, 1859-

. An ichthyologist, professor of

zoology at Stanford University. Syn-
opsis of the Fishes of North America
(with D. S. Jordan).

Gilbert, David MoConaughy. Pa.,

1836 — ■ . A Lutheran clergyman of

Virginia. The Lutheran Church in
Virginia, 1776-1876; The Synod of
Virginia ; The Annihilation Theory
Briefly Ikamined ; Muhlenberg's Min-
istry in Virginia.

Gilbert, Grove Karl. N. Y., 1843-

. A geologist attached to the

United States Geological Survey. Ge-
ology of the Henry Mountains ; Topo-
graphical Features of Lake Shores ;
Geology of Nevada, Utah, etc. ; Lake

Gilder, Richard Watson. N. J.,

1844 . A writer of New York

City well known both as a poet and as
the editor of The Century Magazine, of
which, with its predecessor, Scribner's
Monthly, he has been editor-in-chief
since 1881. The New Day, The Poet
and his Master, Lyrics ; The Celestial
Passion ; Two Worlds ; The Great Re-
membrance, and Other Poems ; Five
Books of Song (1894), include all of his
collected poems up to the year of issue.

Gilder, William Henry. Pa., 1835-
1900. Brother of R. W. Gilder, su-
pra. An Arctic explorer. Schwatka's
Search ; Ice Pack and Tundra. Scr.

Gildersleeve, Basil Lanneau. S. C,

1831 . A professor of Greek at

Johns Hopkins University from 1876,
and editor of the American Journal of
Philology from its establishment. He
is the author of Essays and Studies, and
has published a Latin Grammar, and
editions of Justin Martyr and the Odes
of Pindar. Gi. Har.

Giles, Chauncey. itfs., 1813-1893. A
Swedenborgian clergyman of Philadel-
phia, and of much prominence in his
denomination. The Nature of Spirit ;
The Second Coming of our Lord ; Per-
fect Prayer; Man as a Spiritual Be-
ing ; The Incarnation ; The Wonderful
Pocket ; The Magic Spectacles, a fairy
tale ; The Gate of Pearl ; The Magic
Shoes, and Other Stories ; Heavenly
Blessedness ; The New Jerusalem ; The
Spuitual World; The Valley of the
Diamonds, and Other Stories. Lip.

Giles, Ella Augusta. Wis., 1851-

. A writer of Madison, Wisconsin.

Bachelor Ben ; Out from the Shadows ;
Maiden Rachel ; Flowers of the Spirit
(verse). See Bibliography of Wiscon-

Giles, Henry. 7., 1809-1882. A Unl-
tarian minister of Liverpool, England,
and after 1840 a literary lecturer in the
United States. Lectures and Essays;




Christian Thought on Life ; Illustra-
tions of Genius ; Human Life in Shake-
speare ; Lectures on the Irish, and
Other Subjects. See Hart's American

Gill, Theodore Nicholas. N. Y.,

1837 . A naturalist, professor of

zoology in the Columbian University,
Washington, District of Columbia.
Arrangement of the Families of Mol-
lusks ; Arrangement of the Families of
Fishes ; Arrangement of the Families
of Mammals ; Catalogue of the Fishes
of the East Coast of North America ;
Scientific and Popular Views of Nature

GUI, William Fearing. Ms., 1844-

. The Martyred Church (verse) ;

Home Recreations ; Life of Poe.

Gill, "William Ireland. 18 •.

Evolution and Progress ; Analytical
Processes ; Christian Conception and

Gillespie, George. 5., 1683-1760. A
Presbyterian clergyman, once promi-
nent in Delaware. Treatise Against
Deists and Free Thinkers ; Letters to
the Presbytery of New- York ; Remarks
upon Mr. George Whitefield.

Gillespie, William Mitchell. N.
F., 1816-1868. A professor of civU
engineering at Union College, 1845-63.
Rome as seen by a New Yorker ; Roads
and Railroads ; Manual for Road-
making ; Principles and Practice of
Land Surveying ; Levelling ; Topogra-

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