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Graham, David. E., 1808-1852. A
lawyer of New York city. Practice of
the Supreme Court of New York State ;
New Trials ; Courts of Law and Equity
in New York State.

Graham, John Andre^v. Ct., 1764-
1841. A lawyer of Rutland, Vermont.
Descriptive Sketch of Present State of
Vermont (1797) ; Speeches ; Memoirs
of Home Tooke.

Graham, Mrs. Margaret [Collier],

la., 1850 . A California writer

who has published Stories of the Foot-
HiUs. Hou.

Graham, Sylvester. Ct., 1794-1851.
A once well-known vegetarian and lec-
turer upon temperance. He advocated
the use of unbolted wheat, since called
Graham flour. Lectures on the Science
of Human Life ; Bread and Breadmak-
ing ; Philosophy of Sacred History.

Grahame, Nellie. See Dunning, Mrs.

Granbery, John CoAvper. Va., 1829-

. A bishop of the Methodist

Church South who published a Bible

Grant, Asahel. iV. Y., 1807-1844. A
physician who was a missionary in Per-
sia. The Nestorians, or the Lost Tribes.
Sie Memoir, 1847 ; Grant and the Nes-
torians, 1853.

Grant, Robert. Ms., 1852 — ^—. A
lawyer of Boston well known as a lit-
terateur ; from 1893 a judge of probate
and insolvency for Suffolk County, Mas-
sachusetts. He has written several sa^
tirieal works, including The Little Tin
Gods on Wheels ; The Lambs ; Yan-
kee Doodle ; and the juvenile tales,
Jack Hall ; Jack in the Bush. In fic-
tion he has published Confessions of a
Frivolous Girl ; The Carletons ; Mrs.
Harold Stagg ; An Average Man ; The
Knave of Hearts ; A Romantic Young
Lady ; Face to Face ; The Bachelor's
Christmas, and Other Stories; The
Opinions of a Philosopher ; Reflections
of a Married Man. Other works of his
are. The Art of Living ; The Oldest
School in America. Hou. Scr.

Grant, Ulysses Simpson. O., 1822-
1885. The eighteenth president of the
United States. He served in the Max -




ican War as lieutenant, and in the Civil
War as major-general, 1861-64, and
subsequently became lieutenant-general
in command of the entire army. Report
of the Armies of the United States ;
Personal Memoirs. See Military Life
of, by A. Badeau, supra ; Life by J. G.
Wilson ; Appleton's American Biogra-
phy. Cent.

Gratacap, Louis Pope. N. Y., 1850-

. A naturalist connected with the

American Museum of Natural History
in New York city who has published
Philosophy of Ritualism, or Apologia
Pro Ritu.

Graves, Mrs. Adelia Cleopatra
[Spencer]. "Aunt Alice." O., 1821-

1895. An educator of Tennessee. Life
of Columbus ; Poems for Children ;
Seclusarval, or the Arts of Romanism ;
Jephtha's Daughter, a drama.

Graves, James Robinson. Ff., 1820-

1896. Brother-in-law of Mrs. A. C.
Graves, supra. A Baptist clergyman
of Nashville, prominent as a controver-
sialist. The Great Iron Wheel, or Re-
publicanism Backward ; The Little
ton Wheel ; The Intermediate State ;
Old Landmarks ; Intercommunion of
Churches ; The Redemptive Work of
Christ ; The New Great Iron Wheel ;
Denominational Sermons ; Parables and
Prophecies of Christ.

Gray, Albert Zabriskie. N. Y.,
1840-1889. An Episcopal clergyman
and educator, warden of Racine Col-
lege, Wisconsin, 1882-88. Racine and
her Labour of Love ; The Land and
the Life ; Jesus Only, and Other Devo-
tional Poems ; Mexico as it Is. Ban.

Gray, Asa. N. F., 1810-1888. An
eminent botanist of Cambridge, and one
of the highest authorities in his depart-
ment. He was professor at Harvard
University 1842-88, and was in charge
of the botanical garden at Cambridge.
Elements of Botany, 'now called Struc-
tural and Systematic Botany ; How
Plants Grow ; A Free Examination of
Darwin's " Origin of Species ; " Darwin-
iana ; Natural Science and Religion ;
Manual of the Botany of the Northern
United States ; Synoptical Flora of
North America ; How Plants Behave ;
Field, Forest, and Garden Botany ; Les-
sons in Botany ; School and Field Book
of Botany ; Botany of the United States

Pacific Exploring Expedition (1854) ;
Scientific Papers selected by C. S. Siir-
gent. See Letters of, edited by Mrs.
Gray. Am. Ap.

Gray, Barry. See Coffin, R. B.

Gray, David. S., 1836-1888. A jour-
nalist of Buffalo, on the editorial staff
of The Courier, 1856-82. See Letters,
Poems, and Selected Writings.

Gray, Elisha. O., 1835-1901. An
electrician and inventor who published
Experimental Researches in Electric
Harmonic Telegraphy.

Gray, Francis Galley. Ms., ITOO-
1856. A Boston lawyer prominent aa
an enlightened patron of arts and edu-
cation who published a work on Prison

Gray, George Seaman. N. Y., 1835^
1885. A Presbyterian clergyman who,
after retiring from the ministi-y, en-
gaged in business in Cincinnati. Eight
Studies of the Lord's Day. Hou.

Gray, George Zabriskie. N. Y.,
1838-1889. Brother of A. Z. Gray, su-
pra. An Episcopal clergyman of Cam-
bridge, dean of the Theological School,
1876-89, and prominent among Broad
Church thinkers. The Scripture Doc-
trine of Recognition ; The Children's
Crusade : An Episode of the Thirteenth
Century ; Husband and Wife ; The
Church's Certain Faith. Hou. Wh.

Gray, John Chipman. Ms., 1839-

. A lawyer of Boston. Royall

professor of law at Harvard University
from 1883. Restraints on the Aliena-
tion of Property ; Rule against Per-
petuities ; Select Cases. Lit.

Graydon, Alexander. Pa., 1752-
1818. A citizen of Harrisburg who
published Memoirs of a Life Passec
Chiefly in Pennsylvania within the lasf
Sixty Years (1811), a lively, entertain
ing autobiography.

Graydon, William. Pa., 1759-1840.
Brother of A. Graydon, supra. A law-
yer of Harrisburg. Digest of the Laws
of the United States ; Justice and Con-
stable's Assistant ; Forms of Convey-

Grayson, "William John. S. C, 1788-
1863. A South Carolina statesman.
Chicora, and Other Poems ; The Hire-
ling and Slave, a poem ; The Country,
a poem ; Life of James Petigru. Har.




Greeley, Horace. N. H., 1811-1872.
A famous journalist of New York city,
founder and editor of The Tribune. In
1872 he was the unsuccessful candidate
of the Democratic party for the presi-
dency. For a generation he was one of
the most influential leaders of Ameri-
can public opinion. Letters from Tex-
as ; Glances at Europe ; Essays in Po-
litical Economy ; What I Know About
Farming ; The American Conflict ; Re-
collections of a Busy Life. See Lives
by Parton, 1868; Beavis, Ingersoll; Ap-
pleton's American Biography.

Greely, Adolphus Washington.

Ms., 1844 . An arctic explorer in

the United States service. In 1887 he
was appointed chief of the signal ser-
vice corps, with the rank of brigadier-
general, and was thus at the head of
the Weather Bureau until its transfer
to the Department of Agriculture in
1891. Three Years of Arctic Service ;
American Weather ; Handbook of Arc-
tic Discoveries ; Explorers and Travel-
lers. Do. Bob. Scr.

Green, Alexander Little Page.
Tn., 1806-1874. A Methodist clergy-
man of Nashville who was the author
of The Church in the Wilderness.

Green, Anna Katharine. See
Rohlfs, Mrs.

Green, Ashbel. N. J., 1762-1848.
A Presbyterian clergyman, president
of Princeton College, 1812-22. Ser-
mons from 1790 to 1836 ; Sermons on
the x4.ssembly'3 Catechism ; History of
Presbyterian Missions. See Autobio-
graphy and Memoir by J. H. Jones, 1849.

Green, Beriah. Ct., 1795-1874. A
reformer and anti-slavery leader of
Ohio and New York. History of the
Quakers ; Sermons and Discourses.

Green, Duff. Ga., 1780-1875. A
Washington lawyer and journalist.
Facts and Suggestions ; How to Pay
off the National Debt.

Green, Francis Matthe-ws. Ms.i
1835-1902. A United States naval
commander. The Navigation of the
Caribbean Sea ; Telegraphic Deter-
mination of Longitudes ; List of Geo-
graphical Positions.

Green, George Walton. N. T.,
1854-1903. A New York city lawyer
and politician. Repudiation.

Green, Horace. Vt., 1802-1866. A
physician of New York city, president
of the New York Medical College,
1850-60. Diseases of' the Air Pas-
sages ; Pathology and Treatment of
Croup ; Surgical Treatment of the
Polypi of the Larynx ; Report of a Hun-
dred Cases of Pulmonary Diseases.

Green, Jacob. Pa., 1790-1841. Son
of Ashbel Green, supra. A Philadel-
phia scientist who was professor of
chemistry in Jefferson Medical College.
Chemical Diagrams ; Chemical Phi-
losophy ; Astronomical Recreations ;
Trilobites ; The Botany of the United
States ; Notes of a Traveller ; Diseases
of the Skin.

Green, Joseph. Ms., 1706-1780. A
Boston loyalist, widely known in his
day for his political lampoons and his
ready wit. He went to England in
1775, and never returned. The Won-
derful Lament of Old Mr. Tanner ;
Poems and Satires. See Tyler^s Amer-
ican Literature ; Harfs American Liter-

Green, Mrs. Julia [Boynton]. N.

Y., 1861 . A verse-writer of

Rochester, New York, who has pub-
lished Lines and Interlines.

Green, Rufus Smith. N. T., 1848-
. A Presbyterian minister, presi-
dent of Elmira College for Women
since 1893. History of Morristown,
New Jersey ; Our Church at Work ;
The Christian Steward ; Both Sides, or
Jonathan and Absalom.

Green, Samuel Abbott. Ms., 1830-

. A physician and antiqiiarian of

Boston. Groton during the Indian
Wars; History of Medicine in Massa-
chusetts ; Groton Historical Series.

Green, Seth. N. Y., 1817-1888. A
noted pisciculturist, from 1870 until
his death the superintendent of the
New York Fish Commission. Trout
Culture; Home Fishing and Home
Waters ; Fish Hatching and Fish

Green, William Henry. N. J., 1825-
1900. A Presbyterian clergyman, pro-
fessor of biblical literature at Prince-
ton College from 1851. The Pentateuch
Vindicated ; Grammar of the Hebrew
Language ; A Hebrew Chrestomathy ;
Argument of Job Unfolded; Moses




and the Prophets ; Newton Lectures
for 1885; The Hebrew Feasts; The
Higher Criticism of the Pentateuch ;
The Unity of the Book of Genesis.
Scr. Wil.

Green, William Mercer. N. C,
1798-1887. The first Protestant Epis-
copal bishop of Mississippi. His only-
publications were Lives of Bishop
Ravenseroft and Bishop Otey.

Greene, Aella. Ms., 1838-1903. A
journalist of Springfield, Massachusetts.
Rhymes of Yankee Land ; Into the
Sunshine, and Other Poems ; Stanza
and Sequel, and Other Poems ; John
Peters ; Gathered from Life.

Greene, Albert Gorton. E. L, 1802-
1868. A lawyer of Providence who is
chiefly remembered for his humourous
poem. Old Grimes. He published Ca-

Greene, Asa. Ms., 1788-1837. A
bookseller of New York city of note
among his contemporaries as a humour-
ist. Life and Adventures of Dr. Dodi-
mus Duckworth ; Perils of Pearl Street ;
A Yankee Among the Nullifiers; A
Glance at New York ; Debtor's Prison ;
Travels of Ex-Barber Fribbleton in

Greene, Belle C. See Greene, Mrs. Isa-

Greene, Charles Ezra. Ms., 1842-
1903. A professor of civil engineering
in the University of Michigan from
1872. Graphical Method for Analysis
of Bridge Trusses ; Trusses and Arches ;
Notes on Rankine's Civil Engineering.

Greene, Charles Warren. Ms.,

1840 . Nephew of S. S. Greene,

infra. A Massachusetts physician who
has written upon natural science. Ani-
mals, their Homes and Habits ; Birds,
their Homes and Habits.

Greene, Edward Lee. E. I., 1843-

. A professor of botany in the

University of California. Illustrations
of West American Oaks ; Flora Fran-

Greene, Mrs. Frances Harriet
[Whipple], See McDougal, Mrs.

Greene, Francis Vinton. E. I.,
1850-1900. A captain in the United
States army who resigned in 1886.
The Russian Army and its Campaigns

m Turkey in 1877-78; Sketches of
Army Life in Texas ; The Mississippi,
a military work ; Life of General
Greene. Ap. Scr.
Greene, George Washington. E. I.,
1811-1883. An historian who was pro-
fessor of American history at Cornell
University from 1872. Historical Stu-
dies ; The German Element in the
American War of Independence ; Short
History of Rhode Island ; Historical
View of the American Revolution;
Life of General Nathanael Greene ;
Biographical Studies ; History and
Geography of the Middle Ages. Hou.

Greene, Homer. Pa., 1853 . A

story-writer of Honesdale, Pennsyl-
vania. The Blind Brother ; Burnham
Breaker ; Coal and the Coal Mines ;
The Riverpark Rebellion. Cr. Hou.

Greene, Mrs. Isabella Catherine

[Colton]. Vt., 1844 . A novel-
ist and writer for young people, long a
resident of Nashua, New Hampshire.
A New England Conscience ; Adven-
tures of an Old Maid ; A New England
Idyl ; The Hobbledehoy. Lo.

Greene, Nathaniel. N. H., 1797-
1877. A Boston journalist, postmaster
of Boston 1829-40 and 1845-49. He
published a translation of Sforzosi's
History of Italy ; Tales from the Ger-
man ; Tales and Sketches from the Ger-
man, Italian, and French.

Greene, Samuel Stillman. Ms.,
1810-1883. An educator of Providence,
professor at Brown University, 1851-83,
who published Analysis of the English
Language and several text-books on
English Grammar.

Greene, Mrs. Sarah Pratt [Mc-
Lean]. Ct., 1858 . A writer

whose first novel, Cape Cod Folks, was
widely popular, while the fact that cer-
tain of the dramatis personaa were
portraits of living people gave rise to
much litigation. Her other works in-
clude Towhead ; Some Other Folks ;
Peter Patrick ; Vesty of the Basins ;
Flood Tide. Har.

Greene, William Batchelder. Ms.,
1819-1878. Son of N. Greene, supra.
In early life a member of the noted
Brook Farm Community. He was sub-
sequently a Unitarian minister, and
during the Civil War served as colonel




of a Massachusetts regiment. Re-
marks on the Science of History ;
Theory of the Calculus ; Socialistic,
etc., Fragments ; Reflections and Mod-
em Maxims. Put.

Greene, 'William. Houston. Pa.^

1854 — ■ . A Philadelphia chemist,

professor in the Central High School
from 1880. Medical Chemistry ; Les-
sons in Chemistry. Lip.

Greenhow, Robert. Va., 1800-1854.
A surgeon and scholar whose latest
years were spent in California. His-
tory of Tripoli ; History of Oregon and
California (1846).

Greenleaf, Benjamin. Ms., 1786-

1864. An educator of Bradford, Mas-
sachusetts, who published a popular
series of text-books on arithmetic and
the higher mathematics.

Greenleaf, Jonathan. Ms., 1785-

1865. A Presbyterian clergyman of
Brooklyn. Sketches of Ecclesiastical
History of Maine ; History of New York
Churches ; Genealogy of the Greenleaf

Greenleaf, Moses. Ms., 1788-1834.
Brother of J. Greenleaf, supra. Statis-
tical View of Maine (1816) ; Survey of
Maine (1829).

Greenleaf, Simon. Ms., 1783-1853.
Brother of B. Greenleaf, supra. A dis-
tinguished jurist of Massachusetts, and
professor of law at Harvard Univer-
sity from 1835 till his death. His
greatest work, A Treatise on the Laws
of Evidence, has passed into fifteen edi-
tions. His other writings include Ori-
gin and Principles of Freemasonry;
Full Collection of Cases Overruled,
etc. ; Reports of Cases in the Supreme
Court of Maine, 1820-31 ; Examination
of the Testimony of the Four Evan-
gelists by the Rules of Evidence. See
Bibliography of Maine.

Greenough [green'o], Henry. Ms.,
1807-1883. An architect of Cambridge
whose writings include the novels Er-
nest Carroll ; Apelles and his Contem-
poraries, and various essays on art.

Greenough, James Bradstreet.
Me., 1833-1901. A professor of Latin
at Harvard University from 1873, who
published with J. H. Allen, supra, a
series of classical text-books. Other
works of his are, Special Vocabulary to

Virgil ; The Queen of Hearts, a Dra-
matic Fantasia. Gi.

Greenough, Mrs. Richard. See
Greenough, Mrs. Sarah.

Greenough, Mrs. Sarah Dana [Lor-
ing]. 1827-1885. The wife of the
noted sculptor Richard Greenough. In
Extremis, a Story of a Broken Law ;
Arabesques, four stories of the super-
natural ; Mary Magdalene, and Other
Poems. Roi.

Green-wald, Emanuel. Md., 1811-
1885. A Lutheran clergyman of Lan-
caster, Pennsylvania. Order of Family
Prayer ; The Lutheran Reformation ;
The Baptism of Children ; Meditations
for Passion Week ; Romanism and the
Reformation ; The True Church ; Med-
itations for the Closet, include the most
of his controversial and other writings.
See Life by Haupt, 1889.

Green-wood, Francis William
Pitt. Ms., 1797-1843. A Unitarian
clergyman of Boston, pastor of King's
Chapel, 1824-43. History of King's
Chapel ; Sermons to Children ; Sermons
of Consolation ; Sermons on Various
Subjects ; Essays ; Lives of the Apos-
tles ; Miscellaneous Writings. A. U. A.

Greenwood, Grace. See Lippincott,
Mrs. Sarah.

Greenwood, James Micklebor-

ough. II., 1836 . An educator

and school superintendent of Kansas
City who has published Principles of
Education Practically Applied. Ap.

Greer, David Hummell. W. Va.y
1844 . Protestant Episcopal bish-
op-coadjutor of New York from 1904.
The Preacher and his Place ; From
Things to God ; Visions. Scr. Wh.

Greey [gree], Edward. E., 1835-
1888. An English writer of French
descent who came to America in 1868,
and was for many years a dealer in
Japanese curios in New York city. Hi&
writings include the dramas, Vendome,
and Mirah ; Blue Jackets, a novel ; The-
Golden Lotus ; the juvenile tales Young-
Americans in Japan ; The Wonderful;
City of Tokio ; The Bear Worshippers,
of Yezo ; and translations from the
Japanese of the novels. The Loyal Ro-
nins ; The Captive of Love. Le.

Gregg, Alexander. S. C, 1819-1893.
The first Protestant Episcopal bishop




of Texas. History of the Old Cheraws,
an Account of the Indian Tribes in the
Valley of the Pedee.

Gregory, Daniel Seeley. N. Y.,

1832 . A Presbyterian clergyman,

president of Lake Forest University,
Illinois, 1878-86. Christian Ethics;
Why Four Gospels ; Practical Logic ;
The Tests of Philosophic Systems ;
Christ's Trumpet Call to the Ministry.

Gregory, John Milton. N. Y., 1822-
1898. A Baptist clergyman and edu-
cator of MicHgan and Illinois. Hand-
book of History ; New Political Eco-
nomy ; The Seven Laws of Teaching.

Greylock, Godfrey. See Smith, J.

Griffin, Edward Dorr. Ct., 1777-
1837. A Congregational clergyman of
Boston and elsewhere who was presi-
dent of WilHams College, 1821-36.
Lectures in Park Street Church, Bos-
ton ; Sixty Sermons on Practical Sub-
jects. See Recollections of, by P. Cooke,

Griffin, George. Ct., 1778-1860. Bro-
ther of E. D. Griffin, supra, A lawyer
of New York city. Sufferings of Our
Saviour ; Evidences of Christianity ;
The Gospel its Own Evidence.

Griffin, Gilderoy Wells. Ky., 1840-
1891. A journalist who was a consul
in Australia and elsewhere. Studies
in Literature ; Danish Days ; Visit to
Stratford ; New Zealand, her Com-
/nerce and Resources ; Life of George
Prentice, infra.

Griffin, Solomon Bulkley. Ms.,

1 852 . A journalist of Springfield,

Massachusetts, who has published Mex-
ico of To-Day (1886). Har.

Griffis, ■William Elliot. Pa., 1843-

. A Dutch Reformed clergyman,

pastor at Schenectady 1877-86, in
charge of the Shawmut Congregational
Church in Boston 1886-92, and subse-
quently settled at Ithaca, New York.
An authority upon Japanese topics.
The Mikado's Empire ; Japanese Fairy
World ; Corea : the Hermit Nation ;
The Tokio Guide; The Yokohama
Guide ; Japan in History, Folk-Lore,
and Art ; The Religions of Japan ; Brave
Little Holland and What She Taught
Us ; The Lily Among Thorns, a bibli-

cal study ; Life of Matthew Calbraith
Perry ; Sir William Johnson and the
Six Nations ; Townsend Harris, first
American Envoy in Japan ; Honda the
Samurai: a Story of Modern Japan.
Do. Har. Hou. Scr.

Griffith, Robert Eglesfield. Pa.,
1798-1850. A physician and botanist
who was from 1838 a medical professor
in the University of Virginia. Medical
Botany ; Universal Formulary.

Griffiths, John Willis. N. Y., 1809-
1882. A naval architect of New York
city. Treatise on Marine and Naval
Architecture, a work of great value ;
The Ship Builders' Manual ; The Pro-
gressive Ship Builder.

Grimke [grim'ke], Archibald Hen-
ry. S. C, 1849 . A Massachu-
setts lawyer of African descent. Eulogy
on Wendell Phillips ; Charles Sumner,
the Scholar in Politics ; William Lloyd
Garrison, the Abolitionist. Fu.

Grimke, Frederick. S. C, 1791-1863.
Son of J. F. Grimke, infra. An Ohio
jurist. Ancient and Modern Litera-
ture ; Nature and Tendencies of Free
Institutions. Clke.

Grimke, John Faucheraud. S. C,
1752-1819. A jurist of South Caro-
lina. Revised Edition of Laws of South
Carolina ; Law of Executors of South
Carolina; Public Law of South Caro-
lina ; Probate Directory ; Duty of Jus-
tices of the Peace.

Grimke, Sarah Moore. S. C, 1792-
1873. Daughter of J. F. Grimke, supra.
A reformer who was very prominent in
the anti-slavery movement. Epistle to
the Clergy of the Southern States ;
Letters on the Condition of Women.

Grimke, Thomas Smith. S.C., 1786-
1834. Son of J. F. Grimke, supra. A
reformer of Charleston, active in tem-
perance and in the promotion of peace
societies, who published Addresses on
Science, Education, and Literature.

Grimsha-w, Robert. Pa., 1850- ,

A civil engineer, lecturer on physics at
the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia.
History, etc., of Saws; Saw Filing;
Steam Engine Catechism ; Pump Cate-
chism ; Steam Boiler Catechism ; Rec-
ord of Scientific Progress; Hints to
Power Users ; Fifty Years Hence. Bai.
Cas. Wil




Grimshaw, "WUliam. I., 1782-1852.
A Philadelphia writer who published a
once popular series of school histories,
and also Etymological Dictionary ; Gen-
tlemen's Lexicon ; Ladies' Lexicon ;
The American Chesterfield; Life of
Napoleon. Lip.

Grinnell [grin' el], George Bird. N.

Y., 1849 . An ornithologist and the

editor of " Forest and Stream " of New
York city. He has enjoyed a long and
friendly acquaintance with the Indians
of the Great Plains. The Story of a
Prairie People ; The Story of the In-
dian; Pawnee Hero Stories and Folk
Tales. Ap. Scr.

Grinnell, Josiah Bushnell. Vt.,
1821-1891. A distinguished citizen of
Iowa ; in early life a Presbyterian min-
ister. He founded the Iowa town of
Grinnell in 1854, and was president of
Iowa College, formerly Grinnell Uni-
versity. It was to him that Horace
Greeley is said to have made the famous
remark, " Go West, young man, go
West." Home of the Badgers ; Cattle
Industries of the United States ; Men
and Events of Forty Years. Lo.

Griscom, John. N. J., 1774-1852. A
once noted educator who was professor
of chemistry at P tgers College, 1812-
28. A Year in Europe ; Monitorial
Instruction. See Memoirs of, by his

Griscom, John Ha-wkins. N. Y.,
1809-1874. Son of J. Griscom, supra.
An eminent physician of New York
city. Animal Mechanism and Physi-
ology ; Prison Hygiene ; Use and Abuses
of Air ; Use of Tobacco and Evils Re-
sulting Therefrom ; Physical Indica-
tions of Longevity. Har.

Griswold, Alexander Viets. Ct,
1766-1843. Third Protestant Episcopal
bishop of Massachusetts. Discourses
on the Most Important Doctrines ; The
Reformation and the Apostolic Office ;
Remarks on Prayer Meetings. See
Memoirs, by J. S. Stone, infra.

Griswold, Mrs. Frances Irene

[Burge] [Smith]. R. I., 1826-1900.
A Brooklyn writer of Sunday-school
tales, among which are The Bishop and
Nannette Series ; Miriam's Reward.

Gris-wold, Mrs. Harriet [Tyng].
Ms., 1842 . In earlj life a school-

teacher in Columbus, Wisconsin, who
has published Apple Blossoms, a vol-
ume of poems ; Home Life of Great
Authors ; Waiting on Destiny ; LucUle
and her Friends. Her poem. Under
the Daisies, has had a wide popularity
as a song. Mg.

Griswold, Rufus "Wilmot. Vt.,
1815-1857. An industrious compiler
and literary editor who possessed but a
slight amount of critical insight and
discrimination. His best known publi-
cations are. Female Poets of America ;
Prose Writers of America ; Poets and
Poetry of America ; Sacred Poets of
England and America. His other
works include Washington and the
Generals of the Revolution ; The Re-
publican Court ; Scenes in the Life of
the Saviour ; Napoleon and the Mar-
shals of the Empire (with H. B. Wal-
lace, infra). See LowelVs Fable for
Critics. Ap. Co.

Griswold, William Macrillis. Me.,
1853-1899. Son of R. W. Griswold, su-
pra. A literary worker of Cambridge
who has published A Manual of Mis-
used Words, and many valuable indexes
to periodicals.

Gronlund, Laurence. Bk., 1847-
1899. A lecturer upon socialistic topics
in naany cities of the United States.

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