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The Cooperative Commonwealth in its
Outlines ; Ca Ira, or Danton in the
French Revolution ; Our Destiny. Le.

Gross, Joseph B . 18^-1891,

Brother of S. D. Gross, infra. A
Lutheran clergyman, among whose
writings are The Heathen Religion
in its Symbolical Development ; Teach-
ings of Providence ; Truth in Religion ;
Belief in Immortality on Purely Logi-
cal Principles ; Old Faith and New

Gross, Samuel David. Pa., 1805-
1884. A distinguished surgeon of Phila-
delphia who was professor of surgery in
Jefferson Medical College 1856-82, and
a member of many medical associations
in America and Europe. A System of
Surgery ; Lives of Eminent American
Physicians and Surgeons of the 19th
Century ; Manual of Military Surgery ;
History of American Medical Litera-
ture ; John Hunter and his Pupils ;
Pathological Anatomy ; Wounds of the
Intestines ; Diseases of the Urinary




Organs. He also edited American
Medical Biography. See Autobiography,
edited by his sons, 1887.

Gross, Samuel Weissell. O., 1837-
1889. Son of S. D. Gross, supra. A
surgeon of Philadelphia who succeeded
his father as professor of surgery in
Jefferson Medical College in 1882. Tu-
mors of the Mammary Gland ; Trea-
tise on Impotence, Sterility, and Allied
Disorders. Ap.

Grosvenor, Edwin Augustus. Ms.,

1845 . A professor of European

History at Amherst College, and from
1873-9U professor of history at Roberts
College, Constantinople. Constantino-
ple. Rob.

Grote, Augustus Radcliffe. 18 —
1903. A scientist, formerly of Buffalo,
but afterward living in Bremen, Ger-
many. Notes on the Bombycidse of
Cuba ; Notes on the Sphingidae of Cuba ;
Notes on the Zygsenidse of Cuba ; Gene-
sis ; The New Infidelity ; Notes of the
Lepidoptera of America (with C. T.
Robinson) ; Rip Van Winkle, a Sun
Myth, and Other Poems.

Grube, Bernhard Adam. G., 1715-
1808. A Moravian missionary who
came to America in 1746 and settled in
Pennsylvania. He published Delaware
Indian Hymn Book ; Harmony of the

Grund, Francis Joseph. Bo., 1805-
1863. A journalist of Philadelphia
who published Exercises in Arithmetic ;
Americans in their Moral, Religious,
and Social Relations ; Aristocracy in
America ; Life of General Harrison (in
German) ; Thoughts and Reflections on
the Present Position of Europe (1860).

Guernsey, Alfred Hudson. Vt.,

1818-1902. A writer of New York
city, at one period editor of Harper's
Monthly. The Spanish Armada ; The
World's Opportunities ; Carlyle, his
Life, Books, and Theories ; Emerson,
Poet and Philosopher. Ap.

Guernsey, Clara Florida. N. Y.,
1836 . A Rochester writer of ju-
venile tales, among which are, The
Boys of Eaglewood School ; The Sil-
ver Library ; Friends in Need ; The
Merman and the Figure Head. Lip.

Guernsey, Egbert. Ct., 1823-1903.
A homoeopathic physician of New York

city, editor of The Medical Times from
1872. History of the United States;
Homoeopathic Domestic Practice ; The
Gentleman's Book of Homoeopathy.

Guernsey, Henry Newell. Vt.,
1817-1885. A homoeopathic physician
of Philadelphia. Application of Ho-
moeopathy to Obstetrics; Plain Talks'
on Avoided Subjects; The Keynote
System ; Obstetrics and Diseases of
Women and Children ; Lectures on
Materia Medica.

Guernsey, Lucy Ellen. lY. r.,1826-
1899. Sister of C. F. Guernsey, supra.
A writer of Rochester, New York, who
published more than fifty juvenile
tales, including Old Stanfield House ;
Through Unknown Ways ; Winifred ;
Agnes Warrington's Mistake. Do.

Guernsey, Rocellus Sheridan.
N. Y., 1836 . Juries and Physi-
cians on Insanity ; Mechanics' Lien
Laws for New York City ; Municipal
Law and its Relations to the Constitu-
tion of Man ; Key to Story's " Equity
Jurisprudence ; " Living Authors at
the New York Bar; Suicide, a History
of the Penal Laws Relating to It ; New
York City and Vicinity during the War
of 1812.

Guild, Mrs. Caroline Snowden
[Whitmarsh]. Ms., 1827-1898. A
religious writer of Boston. Violet ;
Daisy ; Never Mind the Face ; Some
House Songs. Compiler of Hymns of
the Ages ; Prayers of the Ages. Sou,

Guild, Curtis. Ms., 1828 . A

journalist of Boston, founder and edi-
tor of The Commercial Bulletin. Over
the Ocean, a popular book of travels ;
Abroad Again ; Britons and Musco-
vites ; From Sunrise to Sunset, a vol-
ume of verse ; A Chat About Celebri-
ties. Le.

Guild, Reuben Aldridge. Ms., 1822-
1899. A librarian of Brown Universi-
sity, 1848-93. Librarian's Manual;
Rhode Island in the Continental Con-
gress (edited) ; History of Brown Uni-
versity ; Chaplain Smith and the Bap-
tists ; Footprints of Roger Williams ;
Roger Williams, the Pioneer Missionary
to the Indians.

Guiney [gi'ni], Louise Imogen. Ms.,
1861 . A writer of Newton, Massa-
chusetts, whose published works include




Goose-Quill Papers ; Brownies and Bo-
gles ; Three Heroines of New England
Romance (with Mrs. Spofford and Alice
Brown) ; Monsieur Henri, a Footnote
to French History ; A Little English
Gallery ; Lovers' Saint Ruths, and
Three Other Tales ; Patrins, a collec-
tion of essays ; Verse : Songs at the
Start ; The White Sail ; A Roadside
Harp. She has edited the select poems
of Mangan, with a study of his life
and work. Cop. Har. Hou. Lam. Lo.

Gummere [gum'ery], Francis Bar-
ton. N. J., 1855 . A professor

of English in Haverford College, Penn-
sylvania. The Anglo-Saxon Metaphor ;
Handbook of Poetics ; Germanic Ori-
gins, a study in Primitive Cixlture. Gi.

Gummere, John. Pa., 1784-1845. A
once noted educator of Burlington, New
Jersey. Treatise on Surveying ; Theo-
retical and Practical Astronomy.

Gummere, Samuel R. Pa., 1789-
1866. Brother of J. Gummere, supra,
and also an educator of Burlington.
Treatise on Geography; Compendium
of Elocution.

Gunnison, Almon. Me., 1844-

A Universalist clergyman of promi-
nence. Rambles Overland, a Trip
Across the Continent ; Wayside and
Fireside Rambles.

Gunnison, Elisha Norman. Ms.,

1837-1880. A journalist of York,
Pennsylvania, who published One Sum-
mer Dream, and Other Poems ; Our
Gunnison, John Williams. N. H.,
1812-1853. A civil engineer killed by
Mormons and Indians while making
railway surveys in Utah. A History
of the Mormons was his only published

Gunsaulus, Frank "Wakeley. O.,

1856 . A Congregational clergy-
man of Chicago. The Metamorphosis
of a Creed ; The Transfiguration of
Christ ; Monk and Knight, an Histori-
cal Study in Fiction ; Phidias, and Other
Poems ; October at Eastwood ; Songs
of Night and Day. Hou. Mg.

Gunter, Archibald Clavering. E.,

1847 . A writer of popular sensa-
tional romances quite destitute of liter-

ary merit. Mr. Barnes of New York ;
Mr. Potter of Texas ; The First of the
English ; The Ladies' Juggernaut.
Gurowski, Adam. Po., 1805-1866.
A Polish count who came to the United
States in 1849, and was employed as a
translator in the state department at
Washington. La Civilisation et la Rus-
sie ; Pens^es sur I'Avenir des Polonais ;
Aus meinem Gedankenbuche ; Eine
Tour durch Belgien ; Impressions et
Souvenirs ; Die letzen Ereignisse in den
drei Theilen des alten Polen ; Le Pan-
slavisme ; Russia as It Is ; The Turkish
Question ; A Year of the War ( 1855) ;
America and Europe ; Slavery in His-
tory ; My Diary, 1861-66.

Gurteen, Stephen Humphreys
VilUers. £".,1840-1898. An Episco-
pal clergyman of Buffalo, Toledo, and
elsewhere, prominent as an organizer of
charities. Phases of Charity; Provi-
dent Schemes ; What is Charity Organ-
ization ; How Paupers are Made ; Casu-
istry ; The Arthurian Epic ; Epic of the
Fall of Man. Put.

Gustafson, Axel. " Carl Johan."

Sn., 1849 . A Swedish writer who

came to the United States in 1868,
and has published The Foundation of
Death : a Study of The Drink Question ;
The Drink Problem ; Some Thoughts
on Moderation. Fu.

Gustafson, Mrs. Zadel [Barnes]

[Buddington]. Ct., 1841 r- Wife

of A. Gustafson, supra. Meg : a Pas-
toral, and Other Poems ; Can the Old
Love ? a novel ; Genevieve Ward, a
Biography. Le.

Gutheim, James Koppel. Wa.,
1817-1886. A Jewish clergyman of
New Orleans who published The Tem-
ple Pulpit, a volume of sermons ; and
a translation of Gratz's History of the

Guyot [ge-o'], Arnold Henry. Sd.,
1807-1884. A geographer of distinc-
tion who came to America in 1849, and
from 1854 until his death was profes-
sor of geography at Princeton College.
He was the founder of the Princeton
Museum. Earth and Man ; Creation,
or the Biblical Cosmogony in the Light
of Modern Science ; Physical Geogra-
phy ; Social Economy. See Memoir by
J. A, Dana, supra. Scr.




Habberton, John. L. I., 1842 .

A journalist of New York city whose
first book, Helen's Babies, enjoyed a
popularity out of all proportion to its
literary merit. His subsequent writ-
ings include Other People's Children ;
The Barton Experiment ; The Jericho
Road ; Who was Paul Grayson ? ; The
Scripture Club of Valley Rest ; The
Bowsham Puzzle ; Brueton's Bayou ;
Country Luck ; Grown-Up Babies ;
Life of Washington ; Some Folks ;
My Mother-in-Law ; Mrs. Maybum's
Twins ; The Worst Boy in Town ; The
Chautauquans j All He Knew ; Honey
and Gall ; The Lucky Lover. Fl. Fu.
Har. Ho. Lip.

Habersham, Alexander Wylly,
N. Y., 1826-1883. A naval officer
who in later life was a tea merchant in
Japan, and the author of My Last
Cruise, an Account of the United States
North Pacific Exploring Expedition.

Hackett, Horatio Balch. Ms., 1808-
1875. A Baptist clergyman, professor
at Newton Seminary, Massachusetts,
1839-70, and from 1870 till his death
professor in Rochester Seminary, New
York. He was one of the American
Revisers of the Bible, and editor of
Smith's Bible Dictionary. A Com-
mentary on the Original Text of the
Acts of the Apostles is his chief work.
Others are, Memorials of Christian Men
in the War ; Illustrations of Scripture
by a Tour in the Holy Land. See
Memorials of, 1876.

Hackett, James Henry. N. Y.,
1800-1871. A popular actor, noted
for his impersonation of Falstaff.
Notes and Comments on Shakespeare.

Haokley, Charles "William. 1808-
1861. An Episcopal clergyman who
was professor of mathematics at Co-
lumbia College from 1843 until his
death. Treatise on Algebra ; Elemen-
tary Course in Geometry ; Elements of

Haddock, Charles Brickett. N.
H, 1796-1861. Nephew of D. Web-
ster, infra. A professor of rhetoric
at Dartmouth College, 1819-50, and
charg^ d'affaires in Portugal, 1850-54.
He originated the railway system of

New Hampshire, and also the system
of common schools in that State. His
Addresses and Miscellaneous Writings
appeared in 1840.

Hadley , Arthur Twining. Ct., 1856-
. Son of J. Hadley, infra. Pres-
ident of Yale University from 1899 ;
previously a professor of political sci-
ence there. Private Property and Pub-
lic Welfare ; Railroad Transportation,
its History and Laws ; Report on the
System of Weekly Payments. Put.

Hadley, James. N. Y., 1821-1872.
A philologist who was Greek professor
at Yale University, 1848-72. Lectures
on Roman Law ; A Greek Grammar ;
Elements of the Greek Language ; Es-
says, Philological and Critical; Brief
History of the English Language. See
The New Englander, January, 1873.

Hageman, Samuel Miller. N. J.,

1848 . Grandson of S. Miller,

infra. A Presbyterian clerg'yman who
has published Once, a novel ; and
several volumes of poems, including
Vesper Voices ; Greenwood, and Other
Poems ; Silence ; Saint Paul.

Hagen, Hermann August. P., 1817-
1893. An entomologist of prominence
who came to Cambridge from Konigs-
berg in 1870, and was professor of
comparative zoology at Harvard Uni-
versity. Catalogue of Neuropterous
Insects in the British Museum ; Synop-
sis of the Neuroptera of North Amer-
ica ; North American Astacidse ; Some
Insect Deformities.

Hagen, Theodor von. G., 1823-1871.
A musician who came to New York
city from Germany in 1854. Civilisa-
tion und Musik; Musikalisehe Novel-

Hager, Albert David. Vt., 1817-
1888. A geologist, from 1877 libra-
rian of the Chicago Historical Society.
Geology of Vermont (with C. H. Hitch-
cock, infra) ; Economic Geology of

Hager, Mrs. Lucie Caroline [Gil-
son]. Ms., 1853 . A Massachu-
setts writer who has published Box-
borough, a New England Town and its

Hagert, Henry Schell. Pa., 1826-
1885. A noted nisi priua lawyer of




Philadelphia. Poems, with Memoir by
C. A. Lagen (1886).

Hague, Arnold. Ms., 1840 . Son

of W. Hague, infra. A geologist in
the government service. Volcanoes of
California, Oregon, and Washington;
Volcanic Rocks of the Great Basin;
Nevada, with Notes on the Geology of
the District ; Volcanic Rocks of Sal-
vador ; Crystalli2a,tion in the Igneous
Rocks of Washoe.

Hague, James Duncan. Ms., 1836-

. Son of W. Hague, infra. An

engineer attached to the United States
Geological Survey who has published a
work on Mining Industry.

Hague, Mrs. Parthenia Antoinette

[Vardaman]. Ga., 1838 . A

Florida writer. A Blockaded Family ;
Life in Southern Alabama during the
Civil War. Hon.

Hague, William. N. Y., 1808-1887.
A Baptist clergyman of Boston and
elsewhere. Christianity and States-
manship ; The Baptist Church Trans-
planted from the Old World to the
New ; Guide to Conversion ; Home
Life ; Authority of the Christian Sab-
bath ; Self -Witnessing Character of the
New Testament ; Ralph Waldo Emer-
son ; Life Notes, or Fifty Years' Out-
look. Le.

Haldeman [hol'de-man], Samuel
Stehman. Pa., 1812-1880. A pro-
fessor of comparative philology in the
University of Pennsylvania, 1869-81.
Zoological Contributions ; Analytical
Orthography ; Word-Building ; Tours
of a Chess Knight ; Elements of Latin
Pronunciation ; Pennsylvania Dutch ;
Outlines of Etymology ; Affixes in
their Origin and Application ; Rhymes
of the Poets. Lip.

Hale, Benjamin. Ms., 1797-1863.
An Episcopal clergyman and educator,
president of Hobart College, Geneva,
New York, 1836—58. Introduction to
the Mechanical Principles of Carpen-
try ; Scriptural Illustrations of the
Liturgy ; Education in its Relations to
a Free Government ; Historical Notices
of Geneva College (1849). See Life of,
by Malcolm Douglass, 1883.

Hale, Charles Reuben. Pa., 1837-
1900. The Protestant Episcopal co-
adjutor bishop of Springfield, Illinois,

with the title of Bishop of Cairo.
The Mozarabic Liturgy ; The Universal
Episcopate ; Speeches and Addresses.

Hale, Edward Everett. Ms., 1822-
. A prominent Unitarian clergy-
man of Boston, widely known as a
writer, whose literary activity covers a
wide field. Since 1856 he has been
pastor of the South Congregational
Church, and his influence in civic life
has been extensive. As a writer of
short stories he will, perhaps, be longest
remembered, his work in this direction
including The Man Without a Country ;
Ten Times One is Ten ; In His Name ;
Mrs. Merriam's Scholars; His Level
Best ; The Ingham Papers ; Four and
Five ; Crusoe in New York ; Christmas
Eve and Christmas Day ; Christmas
in Narragansett ; Our Christmas in a
Palace. Longer essays in fiction are,
Margaret Percival in America ; Mr.
Tangier's Vacations ; Ups and Downs ;
Philip Nolan's Friends ; The Fortunes
of Rachel. Other works of his are.
Sketches in Christian History ; Kansas
and Nebraska ; How To Do It ; What
Career ? ; Gone to Texas ; Seven Span-
ish Cities ; June to May, a collection
of sermons ; Boys' Heroes ; The Story
of Massachusetts; Sybaris and Other
Homes ; Sunday-School Stories on the
Golden Texts of 1889; For Fifty Years,
a collection of poems ; A New England
Bo.yhood, an autobiographic work ;
Chautauquan History of the United
States ; If Jesus Came to Boston. See
Vedder^s American Writers. See, also,
Hale, Susan. A. U. A. Cas. Fu. Lam.
Pob. Scr.

Hale, Edwin Moses. N. H., 1826-
1899. Nephew of Mrs. Sarah Hale,
infra. A Chicago physician, professor
in the Homoeopathic College. Pocket
Manual of Domestic Practice ; Homoeo-
pathic Materia Medica ; Treatment of
Diseases of Women ; Treatise on Cere-
bro-Spinal Meningitis.

Hale, Enoch, ilfs., 1790-1848. A phy-
sician in Boston, and a nephew of the
patriot Nathan Hale. History of the
Spotted Fever at Gardiner, Maine, in
1814 ; Typhoid Fever.

Hale, Horatio, i?. I., 1817-1896. Son
of Mrs. Sarah Hale, infra. A lawyer
and ethnologist of prominence who
lived in Clinton, Ontario, from 1856.




Ethnology and Philology ; Lidian Mi-
grations as Evidenced by Language ;
Report on the Blackfeet Tribes. He
has edited the Iroquois Book of Rites.

Hale, Lucretia Peabody. Ms., 1820-
1900. Sister of E. E. Hale, supra. A
•writer who is best known by her hu-
mourous juvenile books. The Peterkin
Papers ; The Last of the Peterkins.
Her other works comprise The Lord's
Supper and its Observance ; The Ser-
vice of Sorrow ; Sunday-School Stories
for Little Children ; Fagots for the
Fireside, a collection of games ; The
Struggle for Life, a Story of Home ;
Art Needle Work ; An Uncloseted
Skeleton (with E. L. Bynner, supra) ;
The New Harry and Lucy (with E. E.
Hale). Hou. Bob.

Hale, Robert Beverly. Ms., 1869-
1895. Son of E. E. Hale, supra. Elsie
and Other Poems ; Six Stories and Some

Hale, Salma. N. H., 1787-1866. Bro-
ther-in-law of Mrs. Sarah Hale, infra.
A New Hampshire jurist who repre-
sented his State in Congress in 1816.
History of the United States ; Annals
of the Town of Keene. Har.

Hale, Mrs. Sarah Josepha [Buell].
N. H., 1788-1879. A once well-known
writer of Philadelphia who was editor
of The Lady's Book for forty years.
It was largely through her influence
that Thanksgiving became a national
festival. Among her numerous books
Woman's Record, a large biographical
and critical work, is the most impor-
tant. Others are, The Genius of Ob-
livion, and Other Poems ; North wood, a
novel ; Sketches of American Charac-
ter ; Traits of American Life ; Flora's
Interpreter ; The Way to Live Well ;
Grosvenor, a Tragedy ; Manners, or
Happy Homes ; Love, or Woman's
Destiny, with Other Poems ; The White
Veil ; The Judge, a drama ; Three
Hours, or the VigU of Love ; Harry
Gray, a Sea Story ; Alice Ray, a Ro-
mance in Rhyme. She also edited
cookery books, compilations, annuals,
and the letters of Madame de S^vign4
and Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. See
Alliborui's Dictionary. Har.

Hale, Susan. Ms., 1833 . Sister

of E. E. Hale, supra, and co-author
■with him of the Family Flight series of

travels for young people. She has also
published The Life and Letters of Tho-
mas Gold Appleton, supra. Ap. Lo. Bob.

Hall, Abraham Oakey. N.Y., 1826-
1898. A once prominent Tammany
politician of New York city, of which he
was at one time mayor. He was sub-
sequently on the stafiP of The World,
but for many years lived in Europe.
The Manhattaner in New Orleans ; The
Congressman's Christmas Dream ; Bal-
lads ; Old Whitey's Christmas Trot, a
story for the holidays. Har.

Hall, Arethusa. Ms., 1802-1891. An
educator in New England, and subse-
quently in the Packer Institute, Brook-
lyn. The poet Whittier was one of her
early pupils. Manual of Morals ; Life
of Sylvester Judd ; Memorials of S.
Judd, Senior ; Thoughts of Pascal, a
translation. See Memorial of, edited by
F. E. Abbot, 1892.

Hall, Arthur Cra^vshay Alliston.

E., 1847 . The third Protestant

Episcopal bishop of Vermont. He was
for many years in charge of the mission
of the Cowley Fathers in Boston. Con-
fession and the Lambeth Conference ;
Meditations on the Creed ; Meditations
on the Collects ; The Example of the

Hall, Baynard Rush. Pa., 1798-
1863. An educator of New Jersey and
New York. A Latin Grammar ; The
New Purchase of Life in the Far West,
long a very popular book ; Something
for Everybody ; Teaching a Science ;
The Teacher an Artist; Frank Free-
man's Barber's Shop.

Hall, Benjamin Franklin. iV. Y.,

1814-1891. A New York jurist, chief
justice of Colorado, 1861-64. The Land
Owner's Manual ; The Republican Par-
ty ; Methodism, its Source and Power.

Hall, Benjamin Homer. iV. Y.,
1830-1891. Brother of Fitzedward
Hall, infra. A lawyer of Troy, New
York. College Words and Customs ;
History of Eastern Vermont ; Biblio-
graphy of the United States : Vermont.

Hall, Charles Cuthbert. A^.F., 1852-

. A Presbyterian clergjrman of

New York city, pastor of the First Pres-
byterian Church, Brooklyn, 1877-97 ;
from 1897 president of Union Theo-
logical Seminary. Does God Send




Trouble ? ; Into His Marvellous Light ;
The Children, the Church, and the
Communion; Qualifications for Minis-
terial Power ; The Gospel of the Divine
Sacrifice. Do. Hon.

Hall, Charles Francis. N. H., 1821-
1871. An Arctic explorer. The Arc-
tic Regions; Life Among the Esqui-
maux ; Narrative of the Second Arctic
Expedition. Har.

Hall, Charles Henry. Ga., 1820-
1895. An Episcopal clergyman of
Brooklyn, rector of Holy Trinity
Church, 1869-95. Commentaries on the
Gospel ; Protestant Ritualism ; Spina
Christi ; The Church of the House-
hold ; Valley of the Shadow.

Hall, Charles Winslow. Ms., 1843-

. A lawyer of Minnesota. Arctic

Rovings ; Twice Taken ; Adrift in the
Ice-Fields ; Drifting Around the World;

Hall, Christopher Webber. Vt,

1845 . Professor of geology and

mineralogy in University of Minnesota,
at Minneapolis, from 1878, and dean of
the College of Engineering, Metallurgy,
and Mechanic Arts. He has written
many valuable professional papers, and
a History of the University of Minne-

Hall, Edward Henry. O., 1831-

. Stepson of Louisa Hall, infra.

A Unitarian clergyman of Worcester,
and subsequently of Cambridge. Or-
thodoxy and Heresy in the Christian
Church ; Lessons on the Life of Saint
Paul ; Discourses. A. U. A. El.

Hall, Edwin. N. Y., 1802-1877. A
Congregational clergyman, professor of
theology in Auburn Seminary, 1854-77.
The Law of Baptism ; The Puritans
and their Principles ; Historical Rec-
ords of Norwalk; Shorter Catechism
with Proofs.

Hall, Fitzedward. N. Y., 1825-1901.
A philologist of distinction who was
inspector of schools in India, 1846-62,
and in the latter year became professor
of Sanskrit in King's College, London.
Recent Exemplifications of False Phi-
lology ; Modern English ; English Ad-
jectives in -able with Special Reference
to Reliable ; Lectures on the Nyaya
Philosophy ; and several works in San-
skrit. Scr.

Hall, Mrs. Florence [Howe]. Ms.,

1845 . Daughter of Mrs. J. W.

Howe, infra. A writer of Plainfield,
New Jersey. Social Customs ; The Cor-
rect Thing in Good Society. Est.

Hall, Frederick. Fi., 1780-1843. An
educator who was professor of chemis-
try in Columbian College, Washington,
at the time of his death. He published
Letters from the East and from the

Hall, Gertrude. Ms., 186.3 - — . A
Boston writer of short stories and
poems. Far from To-Day, a collection
of strikingly original stories ; Alle-
gretto, a volume of verse ; Foam of the
Sea, and Other Tales ; Verses. Bob.

Hall, Granville Stanley. 3/s.,1845-

. An educator of note, president

of Clark University, Worcester, Massa-
chusetts, from 1888. Aspects of German
Culture ; Hints Toward a Bibliography
of Education (with J. M. Mansfield) ;
How to Teach Reading.

Hall, Harrison. Md., 1785-1866. Son
of Mrs. Sarah Hall, infra. A scientist
of Philadelphia who in 1815 published
a work on Distillation that was much
commended in its day.

Hall, Hiland. Vt, 179.5-1885. A jurist
of Vermont and governor of that State,
1858-60, who wrote a History of Ver-
mont to 1791.

Hall, Isaac Hollister. Ct., 1837-
1896. Son of E. Hall, supra. A lawyer
and Oriental scholar, lecturer on New
Testament Greek in Johns Hopkins
University, 1884-96. He published
American Greek Testaments, a critical

Hall, James. Pa., 1744-1826. A Pres-
byterian clergyman in the Southern
States. Narrative of a Most Extraor-
dinary Work of Religion in North Caro-
lina ; Missionary Tour through the Mis-
sissippi and Southwest Country.

Hall, James. Pa., 1793-1868. Son
of Mrs. Sarah Hall, infra. Letters
from the West ; Legends of the West ;
Tales of the Border ; Sketches of the
West ; Notes on the Western States ;
Life of General Harrison ; History of
the Indian Tribes (with McKinney) ;
The Wilderness and the War Path ;
The Harpe's Head, a Legend of Ken-
tucky; Romance of Western History.




See Allibone' s Dictionary; Bibliography
of Ohio. Clke.

Hall, James, ilfs., 1811-1898, A pale-

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