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ontologist of distinction, professor of
geology at the Troy Polytechnic School
from 1836, and State geologist of
New York from 1837. Geology of the
Fourth District of New York ; Paleon-
tology of New York; Geological Sur-
vey of Wisconsin ; and many scientific

Hall, John. Pa., 1806-1894. A Pres-
byterian clergyman, pastor of the First
Church in Trenton, New Jersey, from
1841, among whose writings are, Trans-
lation of Milton's Latin Letters ; His-
tory of the Presbyterian Church in
Trenton ; Forty Years' Familiar Letters
of James W. Alexander, supra ; Sab-
bath-School Theology.

Hall, John. /., 1829-1898. A Pres-
byterian clergyman who came from
Dublin to America in 1867, and became
pastor of the Fifth Avenue Presbyte-
rian Church in New York city. All the
Way Across ; The Chief End of Man ;
Familiar Talks to Boys ; Questions of
the Day ; God's Word through Preach-
ing; A Christian Home ; Foundation
Stones for Young Builders, include his
principal writings. Bar. Ban.

Hall, John Elihu. Pa., 1783-1829.
Son of Mrs. Sarah Hall, infra. A law-
yer and author of Philadelphia who
edited The Portfolio, 1817-27. Me-
moirs of Eminent Persons ; Practice
and Jurisdiction of the Court of Ad-
miralty ; Life of Dr. John Shaw ; Tracts
on Constitutional Law. See A. H.
Smyth'' s Philadelphia Magazines, 1892.

Hall, Mrs. Louisa Jane [Park].
Ms., 1802-1892. A writer of Provi-
dence. Miriam, a dramatic poem ; Jo-
anna of Naples, a tale ; Life of Eliza-
beth Carter. See Griswold's Female
Poets of America.

Hall, Samuel Read. N. H., 1795-
1877. An educator of Vermont who
organized the first training-school for
teachers in the United States. The
Instructor's Manual ; Lectures on Edu-
cation ; Geography for Children.

Hall, Mrs. Sarah [Ewing]. Pa.,
1761-1830. A PhUadelphia writer well
known at one time as the author of
Conversations on the Bible. Selections

from her work were published in 1833,
with Memoir by Harrison Hall, supra.

Hall, Thomas Mifflin. Pa., 1798-
1828. A Philadelphia litterateur. Son
of Mrs. Sarah Hall, supra.

Hall, WilUam "Whitty. Ky., 1810-
1876. A physician of New York city,
the founder of Hall's Journal of Health.
Health and Good Living ; Health and
Disease as Affected by Constipation ;
Fun Better than Physic ; Consumption ;
Sleep ; Guide-Board to Health ; Coughs
and Colds ; Health at Home ; How to
Live Long ; Dyspepsia ; Treatise on
Cholera ; Bronchitis and Kindred Dis-
eases. Hou.

Hallam, Robert Alexander. Ct.,
1807-1877. An Episcopal clergyman
who was rector of St. James's Church,
New London, Connecticut, from 1835
till his death. Lectures on the Morn-
ing Prayer ; Lectures on Moses ; Sove-
reigns of Judah ; Sermons ; Annals of
St. James's.

Halleck, Fitz-Greene. Ct., 1790-
1867. A poet who was for many years
a clerk in a New York banking-house,
and subsequently confidential adviser
to John Jacob Astor. His verse has
grace and sweetness, but is wanting in
positive qualities, and has already large-
ly passed out of remembrance. Marco
Bozzaris is his most famous poem. Fan-
ny ; Alnwick Castle, and Other Poems.
See Life and Letters, by Grant Wilson ;
LowelVs Fable for Critics ; Bryant and
his Friends; Appleton''s American Bio-
graphy. Ap. Cr.

Halleck, Henry Wager. N. F.,
1816-1872. A major-general who was
general-in-chief of the armies of the
United States, 1862-64. Bitumen, its
Varieties, Properties, and Uses ; Min-
ing Laws of Spain and Mexico ; Ele-
ments of International Law (1866) ;
Treatise on International Law (1861) ;
Elements of Military Art and Science.
See Appleton^s American Biography.

Halliday, Samuel Byram. N. J.,
1812-1897. A Congregational clergy-
man of Brooklyn, assistant of Henry
Ward Beecher at Plymouth Church for
nearly twenty years. The Little Street
Sweeper ; The Lost and Found, or Life
Among the Poor ; Winning Souls ; The




Church in America and Its Baptisms of
Fire (with D. S. Gregory, supra). Fu.

Hallock, Charles. N. Y., 1834 .

A journalist of New York city, founder
of Forest and Stream. The Fishing
Tourist ; Camp Life in Florida ; The
Sportsman's Gazetteer ; Our New Alas-
ka. Har.

Hallock, Mrs. Julia Isabel [Sher-
man]. Ct, 1846 . A Connecti-
cut writer. Broken Notes from a Gray
Nunnery, a study of country life. Le.

Hallock, Mrs, Mary Angelina

[Ray] [Lathrop]. Ms., 1810 .

Wife of W. A. Hallock, infra. A writ-
er of Sunday-school books, including
That Sweet Story of Old ; Child's His-
tory of the Fall of Jerusalem ; Child's
Life of Daniel ; The Story of Moses ;
Bethlehem and her Children ; Beasts
and Birds ; Child's History of Solomon ;
Life of the Apostle Paxil.

Hallock, William Allen. Ms., 1794-
1880. A Congregational clergyman,
secretary of the American Tract Soci-
ety, 1825-70. Life of Harlan Page ;
Moses Hallock ; Justin Edwards, supra,
and several very popular tracts.

Hallow^ell, Richard Price. Pa.,
1835-1904. A wool merchant of Bos-
ton who wrote The Quaker Invasion
of Massachusetts ; The Pioneer Quak-
ers. Hou.

Halpine, Charles Graham. " Miles
O'ReiUy." I., 1829-1868. A journal-
ist of New York city who came to Amer-
ica in 1852 and served during the Civil
War as a colonel in the Federal army.
Lyrics ; Poems ; Miles O'ReiUy Papers ;
Life and Adventures of Private Miles
O'Reilly ; Baked Meats of the Funeral.
His Poetical Works, edited by R. B.
Roosevelt, infra, appeared in 1869.
See Dictionary of National Biography,
vol. 24 ; Appleton''s American Biography.

Halsey, Leroy Jones. Va., 1812-
1896. A Presbyterian clergyman, from
1859 professor in Chicago Theological
Seminary. The Literary Attractions
of the Bible ; The Life and Pictures of
the Bible ; The Beauty of Emmanuel ;
Living Christianity; Scotland's Influ-
ence on Civilization.

Halstead, Murat. O., 1829-

joumalist of note, editor and proprietor

of The Commercial of Cincinnati, and
since 1890 of The Standard Union,
Brooklyn. Caucuses of 1860 j Life of
William McKinley.

Halsted, Byron David. N. Y.,

1852 . An agricultural writer,

since 1884 professor of botany in Iowa
Agricultural College. A Century of
American Weeds ; The Vegetable Gar-
den ; Farm Conveniences ; Household

Halsted, George Bruce. N. J.,
1853 . Grandson of O. S. Hal-
sted, infra. A professor of mathe-
matics in the University of Texas from
1887, and a mathematician of promi-
nence. Metrical Geometry, a Treatise
on Mensuration ; Elements of Geome-
try ; Synthetic Geometry ; Number,
Discrete and Continuous. See Biblio-
graphy of Texas. Gi. Wil.

Halsted, Oliver Spencer. N. J.,

1792-1877. A jurist of Newark, New-
Jersey. The Theology of the Bible ;
The Book called Job.

Ham, Charles Henry. N. H., 1831-
1902. A lawyer and journalist of Chi-
cago. Manual Training : the Solution
of Social and Industrial Problems.

Ham, Marion Franklin. O., 1867-

. A verse-writer of Chattanooga.

The Golden Shuttle, and Other Po-

Hamersley, Lewis Randolph. D.

C, 1847 . A lieutenant in the

United States marine corps. Records
of Living Officers of the United States
Navy and Marine Corps (1890) ; Naval

Hamilton, Alexander. W. I., 1757-
1804. A statesman who ranks as the
ablest political writer of his day in
America. In 1789 he became the first
secretary of the United States Trea-
sury, and his first Report on the Public
Credit was one of the most notable of
national state papers. He was the^
principal contributor to The Federal-^
ist, 51 of its 85 articles being by him
alone, and he assisted Washington in
preparing the latter' s Farewell Ad-
dress. See Complete Works, including
The Federalist, edited by H. C. Lodge,
infra, 1885 ; Lives, by Williams, 1804;
J. C. Hamilton, infra, I84O ; Benwick,




1841 ; Smucker, 1856 ; J. T. Morse, Jr.,
1876; Shea, 1879; Lodge, 1882 ; Ham-
ilton and his Contemporaries, HichtmueJ-
ler ; Shears Historical Study of Ham-
ilton; Bibliotheca Hamiltoniana, Ford,
1886. Ap. Pict.

Hamilton, Alice King. 18 .

A novelist. Mildred's Cadet ; One of
the Duanes. Lip.

Hamilton, Allen McLane. N. Y.,

1848 . A physician of New York

city. Clinical Electro - Therapeutics ;
Nervous Diseases ; Medical Jurispru-
dence ; Types of Insanity ; The Modern
Treatment of Headaches. Ap.

Hamilton, Edward John. L, 1834-
. A Presbyterian clergyman, pro-
fessor of philosophy in the State Uni-
versity of Washington. The general
system of philosophy advocated by him
is best defined by the term Perception-
al. The Human Mind; Mental Sci-
ence ; The Modalist, or the Laws of
Rational Thought ; A New Analysis in
Fundamental Modes, a short treatise in
ethics. Gi.

Hamilton, Frank Hastings. Vt.,
1813-1886. A distinguished surgeon of
New York city, for many years profes-
sor in Bellevue Hospital. Strabismus ;
Fractures and Dislocations ; Military
Surgery ; Principles and Practice of
Surgery ; Surgical Memories of the
War of the Rebellion.

Hamilton, Gail. See Bodge, Abigail.

Hamilton, James Alexander. N.

Y.y 1788-1878. Third son of A. Ham-
ilton, supra. A lawyer of New York
city. Reminiscences during Three
Quarters of a Century ; Martin Van
Buren's Calumnies Repudiated.

Hamilton, John Church, Pa., 1792-
1882. The fourth son of A. Hamilton,
supra. A lawyer in New York city.
Memoirs of Alexander Hamilton ; His-
tory of the Republic ; The Prairie
Province. He edited his father's

Hamilton, John "William. W. Va.,

1845 . A Methodist clergyman

who founded the People's Church in
Boston. Memorials of Jesse Lee ; Lives
of the Methodist Bishops ; People's
Church Pulpit.

Hamilton, Kate Waterman. " Flee-
ta." N. ¥., 1841 . An Illinois

writer of Sunday-school and other
fictions. Among them are. The Old
Brown House ; Frederick Gordon ;
Wood, Hay, and Stubble ; Rachel's
Share of the Road, a Novel ; The Par-
son's Proxy. Hon.

Hamilton, Robert S . 18 —

. Present Status of Social Sci-
ence ; Present Status of the Philoso-
phy of Society.

Hamilton, Schuyler. N. Y., 1822-
1908. Son of J. C. Hamilton, supra,
A major-general in the Federal army
during the Civil War. History of the
American Flag ; Our National Flag.

Hamlin, Alfred Dwight Foster.

Ty., 1855 . Son of Cyrus Hamlin,

infra. An architect, professor of archi-
tecture in Columbia College from 1889.
Handbook of the History of Orna-

Hamlin, Augustus Choate. Me.,

1829 . A surgeon of Bangor.

Martyria, or Anderson ville Prison ; The
Tourmaline ; Leisure Hours Among the
Gems. Hon.

Hamlin, Charles. Me., 1837 .

Cousin of A. C. Hamlin, and son of
Hannibal Hamlin, who was vice-presi-
dent of the United States, 1861-65. He
was an officer in the Federal army dur-
ing the Civil War, and has published
The Insolvent Laws of Maine.

Hamlin, Cyrus. Me., 1811-1900. A
Congregationalist missionary in Tur-
key, 1837-60, president of Robert Col-
lege, Constantinople, 1860-76, and of
Middlebury College, Vermont, 1880-85.
Papists and Protestants ; Arithmetic
for Americans ; Cholera and Its Treat-
ment ; Among the Turks ; Mj Life and
Times (1893). C. P. S.

Hamlin, Teunis Slingerland. iV.
Y., 1847 . A Presbyterian cler-
gyman of Washington. Denomination-
alism versus Christian Union. Bev.

Hamline, Leonidas Lent. Ct., 1797-
1865. A Methodist bishop prominent
in Ohio. Sermons ; Works, edited by
F. G. Hibbard.

Hammett, Samuel A . "Philip

Paxton." Ct., 1816-1865. A journal-
ist of New York city. A Stray Yan-
kee in Texas ; The Wonderful Adven-
tures of Captain Priest, are among his




Hammond, Anthony. 18 .

Law of Nisi Prius ; Parties to Actions ;
Principles of Pleading ; Reports in
Equity ; Criminal Code : Forgery ; Prac-
tice and Proceedings in Parliament ;
Index to Tennessee Reports ; Criminal
Code : Simple Larceny.

Hammond, Edward Payson. Ms.,

1831 . A noted evangelist who

has been a prolific author of religious
books and tracts. Among his hundred
or more publications are, Good Will to
Men ; Sketches of Palestine ; The Con-
version of Children ; Gathered Lambs.
See Reaper and Harvest, by P. C. Head-
ley, infra. Fu. Rev.

Hammond, Mrs. Henrietta [Har-
dy]. "Henri Dang^." Va., 1854-
1883. A Southern writer of fiction.
The Georgians ; A Fair Philosopher ;
Her Waiting Heart ; Woman's Secrets,
or How to be Beautiful. Hou.

Hammond, Jabez D. Ms., 1778-1855.
A jurist of New York State. The Po-
litical History of New York ; Life of
Julius Melbourn ; Life of Silas Wright ;
Evidence of the Immortality of the

Hammond, James Henry. S. C,
1807-1864. A South Carolina politi-
cian, governor of his State, 1842-47,
and United States Senator, 1857-60.
Owing to a speech of his in Congress in
which the term " mudsills " was used,
he was afterwards known as " Mudsill
Hammond." He published The Pro-
Slavery Argument.

Hammond, Marcus Claudius
Maroellus. ;S. C, 1814-1876. Bro-
ther of J. H. Hammond, supra. A
United States army officer whose home
was in South Carolina, and who pub-
lished A Critical History of the Mexi-
can War.

Hammond, William Alexander.
il/d., 1828-1900. An eminent phj'sician
of New York city, surgeon-general of
the United States army, 1862-64 ; later
on the retired list as brigadier-general
and surgeon-general. His medical writ-
ings include Military Hygiene ; Phy-
siological Essays ; Sleep and its De-
rangements ; Nervous Derangements ;
Physiological Memoirs ; Lectures on
Venereal Diseases ; Wakefulness ; In-
sanity in its Medico-Legal Relations ;
Physics and Physiology of Spiritual-

ism ; Diseases of the Nervous System ;
Insanity and its Medical Relations;
Sexual Impotence in the Male ; Cere-
bral Hypersemia ; Neurological Con-
tributions. His novels include Robert
Severne ; Lai ; Dr. Grattan ; Mr. Old-
mixon ; A Strong-Minded Woman ; On
the Susquehanna. Ap. Lip.

Hanaford, Mrs. Phebe Ann [Cof-
fin]. Ms., 1829 . A Universalist

minister, the first woman to enter the
ministry in the Universalist denomina-
tion. Since 1887 she has been in
charge of a church at New Haven.
Life of Abraham Lincoln ; Life of
George Peabody ; Lucretia the Quaker-
ess ; Leonette, or Truth Sought and
Found ; The Best of Books and its
History ; Frank Nelson the Runaway
Boy; The Soldier's Daughter; Field,
Gunboat, and Hospital ; Women of the
Century ; The Captive Boy of Tierra
del Fuego ; Life of Dickens ; From
Shore to Shore, and Other Poems.

Hancock, Anson Uriel. 18 .

The Genius of Galilee, an historical
novel ; John Auburntop, Novelist;
Old Abraham Jackson, a Nebraska
Story. Ke.

Hanson, Edgar Filmore. Me., 1853-

. Demonology or Spiritualism,

Ancient and Modern.

Hanson, John Wesley. Ms., 1823-
. A Universalist clergyman, pas-
tor of the Church of the Covenant,
Chicago, 1869-84. Histories of Dan-
vers, Norridgewock, and Gardiner, in
Maine ; Bible Threatenings Explained ;
Cloud of Witnesses, a compilation ; Aion
Aionos ; Bible Proofs of Universal Sal-
vation ; Sermons on the Lord's Prayer ;
The Leaven at Work ; The New Cove-
nant, a translation of the New Testa-

Hapgood, Isabel Florence. 3Ts.,

1851 . A writer and translator of

New York city. The Epic Songs of
Russia ; Russian Rambles ; translations
of Gogol and Victor Hugo. Hou. Scr.

Harbaugh [har'baw], Henry. Pa.,
1817-1867. A German Reformed cler-
gyman of Pennsylvania, professor in
Mercersburg Seminary, whose principal
writings include Fathers of the Ger-
man Reformed Church in Europe and
America ; The Heavenly Home ; Chria-




tological Theology; The True Glory
of Woman ; Heaven, or the Sainted
Dead ; Birds of the Bible ; The Golden
Censer ; Union with the Church.

Harbaugh, Thomas Chalmers.
Md., 1849 . A popular verse-
writer of Casstown, Ohio, whose only
published collection of poems is enti-
tled Maple Leaves.

Harby, Isaac. S. C, 1788-1828. A
dramatist of Charleston whose plays
include Alexander Severus ; The Gor-
dian Knot ; Alberti. See Life by H. L.
Finckney, 1829.

Harby, Mrs. Lee [Cohen]. S. C,
1849 . A New York writer, for-
merly of Texas, who has published
Christmas Before the War. See Bibli-
ography of Texas.

Hardee, William Joseph. Ga.,
1815-1873. A Confederate general
who was the author of a well-known
work on Rifle and Light Infantry Tac-
tics. See Southern Generals, by W. P.

Hardie, James. S., c. 1750-1832. An
educator of New York city. Corderii
CoUoquia ; Epistolary Guide ; Free-
man's Monitor; Wonders of Art and
Nature, especially in America; Bio-
graphical Dictionary ; Malignant Fe-
vers in New York; Viris lUustribus
Urbis Romse; Description of New
York City.

Hardy, Arthur Sherburne. Ms.,
1847— . A professor of mathema-
tics at Dartmouth College 1878-93,
well known both as novelist and mathe-
matician. Elements of Quaternions ;
New Methods in Surveying ; Elements
of Analytic Geometry ; Elements of
Calculus; But Yet A Woman; The
Wind of Destiny ; Passe Rose ; Joseph
Hardy Neesima, a biography. See Lon-
don Academy, June 30, 1883. Gi. Hou.

Hare, George Emlen. Pa., 1808-
1892. Son of R. Hare, infra. An Epis-
copal clergyman, professor of biblical
learning in the Philadelphia Divinity
School from 1852. Christ to Return;
Visions and Narratives of the Old
Testament, a volume of sermons. Dut.

Hare, John Innes Clark. Pa., 1816-

. Son of R. Hare, infra. A noted

Philadelphia jurist. Treatise on Con-
tracts ; New England Exchequer Re-

ports; American Constitutional Law.

Hare, Robert. Pa., 1781-1858. A
once prominent Philadelphia scientist
who made a number of important dis-
coveries, and contributed frequently
to scientific journals. Brief View of
Policy and Resources of the United
States ; Spiritualism Scientifically De-
monstrated ; Chemical Apparatus and
Scientific Manipulations.

Hargrove, Robert Kenyon. Al,
1829 . A bishop of the Metho-
dist Church South from 1882. Laws
of the Methodist Episcopal Church
South as Interpreted by the College of

Hark, J[oseph] Max[imilian]. Pa.,

1849 . A Moravian clergyman and

educator of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
The Unity of Truth in Christianity
and Evolution. He has translated and
edited from the German The Chronicon

Harkey, Sidney Levi. N. C, 1827-

. A Lutheran clergyman whose

writings include The Signs of the
Times; The Faith Once Delivered to
the Saints ; Thorough Education ; Ag-
nosticism ; National Blessings and Dan-

Harkey, Simon "Walcher. N. C,
1811-1889. A Lutheran clergyman of
Illinois. True Wisdom Triumphant ;
Justification by Faith ; The Church's
Best State, are among his writings.

Harkness, Albert. Ms., 1822 .

An educator of Providence, professor
of Greek in Brown University from
1855. He has published Complete Latin
Course for the First Year, and many
Greek and Latin text-books.

Harkness, James. S., 1803-1878. A
Presbyterian clergyman who emigrated
from Scotland in 1839, and was a pas-
tor in Jersey City, 1862-78. Messiah's
Throne and Kingdom was his only pub-
lished work.

Harkness, "William. S., 1837 .

Son of J. Harkness, supra. A mathe-
matician of distinction who has pub-
lished Magnetic Observations on the

Harlan, George Cuvier. Pa., 1835-

. Son of R. Harlan, infra. A

i hiladelphia physician who has made




a specialty of diseases of the eye, and
is the author of Eyesight and How to
Take Care of It.

Harlan, Richard. Pa., 1796-1843.
A physician and naturalist of Philadel-
phia. Observations on the Genus Sala-
naandra ; Fauna Americana ; American
Herpetology ; Medical and Physical

Harland, Henry. " Sidney Luska."

N. F., 1861 . A novelist of New

York city who removed to London, and
has there edited The Yellow Book.
Grandison Mather ; Mea Culpa ; As It
Was Written ; Mrs. Peixada ; The Land
of Love; The Yoke of the Thorah;
My Uncle Florimond ; Grey Roses.
Cas. Rob.

Harland, Marlon. See Terhune, Mrs.

Harman, Henry Martyn. Md., 1822-
1897- A Methodist clergyman, profes-
sor in Dickinson College, Carlisle, Penn-
sylvania, from 1870. Journey to Egypt
and the Holy Land; Introduction to
Study of the Scriptures. Meth.

Harney, John Milton. Del., 1789-
1825. A Savaimah journalist who be-
came a Dominican monk. He pub-
lished Crystallina, a fairy tale in verse,
and his other poems appeared post-
humoiisly in periodicals.

Harney, ■William "Wallace. la.,
1831 . A journalist and verse-
writer of Florida whose poems have
appeared in magazines and anthologies,
but have not been gathered into book

Harper, Robert Goodloe. Va.,
1765-1825. A once noted South Caro-
lina and Maryland statesman. Letters
on the Proceedings of Congress ; Let-
ters to Constituents. His Select Works
appeared in 1814.

Harper, "William Rainey. O., 1856-

. A Baptist clergyman, president

of the University of Chicago. Elements
of Hebrew ; Elements of Hebrew Syn-
tax ; Hebrew Vocabularies ; An Intro-
ductory New Testament, Greek Method
(with R. F. Weidner). Scr.

Harrigan, Edward. N. T., 1845-

. An actor and playwright of

New York city among whose many
plays of low life in the metropolis are.
Squatter Sovereignty ; Cordelia's As-

Harriman, "Walter. 2V. R., 1817-
1884. A New Hampshire politician,
governor of his state, 1867—68, and dur-
ing the Civil War a Federal officer.
History of Warner, New Hampshire ;
Travels and Observations in the Ori-
ent. See Life hy Amos Hadley. Le,

Harrington, Mark "Walrod. 11,

1848 . A scientist, professor of

astronomy in the Lniversity of Michi-
gan. The Analysis of Plants; Identi-
fication of Crude Drugs.

Harris, Amanda Bartlett.

1824— . A writer whose


life has

been mainly spent at her birthplace,
Warner, New Hampshire. Christ our
Friend ; Thy Will be Done ; The Duty
of Uniting with the Church ; Summer's
Autographs ; How we went Birds'-Nest-
ing, republished as Field, Wood, and
Meadow Rambles ; Wild Flowers and
Where They Grow ; Door-yard Folks
Pleasant Authors for Young Folks
American Authors for Young Folks
The Luck of Edenhall. She has con-
tributed much to periodical literature,
and has written reviews for The (Bos-
ton) Literary World from 1877. Lo.

Harris, Chapin A . N. Y., 1806-

1866. A dentist of Baltimore, founder
of the Baltimore Dental College. Prin-
ciples of Dental Surgery ; Characteris-
tics of the Human Teeth ; Diseases
of the Maxillary Sinus; Dictionary of
Dental Science.

Harris, George. Me., 1844-

Congregational clergyman of Massa-
chusetts, professor of Christian theo-
logy in Andover Theological Seminary
since 1883, and one of the editors of
" The Andover Review," 1884-93. Ed-
itor (with W. J. Tucker and E. K.
Glezen) of Hymns of the Faith. Author
of Moral Evolution. Hou.

Harris, George "Washington. Pa.,

1814—1869. A Tennessee River steam-
boat captain who contributed humour-
ous and political articles to newspapers.
Sut Lovengood's Yarns were published
in 1867.
Harris, Jbel Chandler. Ga., 1848-

. An Atlanta journalist, editor of

The Constitution, celebrated as the au-
thor of Uncle Remus, a unique charac-
ter study of the Southern negro as well
as a notable contribution to the litera-




tore of folk-lore. His writings include
Uncle Remus : his Songs and his Say-
ings ; Nights with Uncle Remus ; Un-
cle Remus and his Friends ; Mingo,
and Other Sketches in Black and
White ; Balaam and his Master, and
Other Sketches ; Little Mr. Thimble-
finger, a juvenile ; Mr. Rabbit at Home,
a juvenile ; The Story of Aaron, a ju-
venile ; Free Joe, and Other Georgian
Sketches ; Evening Tales, from the
French of Frederic Ortoli ; Stories of
Georgia ; Sister Jane, her Friends and
Acquaintances ; Georgia, from the In-
vasion of De Soto to Recent Times.
See Chautauquan, October, 1896. Ap.
Hou. Scr.

Harris, Mrs. Miriam [Coles]. L. I.,

1834 . A novelist of New York

city whose first story, Rutledge, was
very popular. Later works are, Rich-
ard Vandermarck ; The Sutherlands ;
St. Philip's ; Happy-Go-Lucky ; Missy ;
Frank Warrington ; A Perfect Adonis ;
Phoebe ; An Utter Failure ; Louie's
Last Term at St. Mary's ; The Rosary
for Lent, a compilation. Ap. Hou.

Harris, Samuel. Me., 1814-1899. A
Congregational clergyman, professor of
systematic theology at Yale University
from 1871. Zaccheus, or the Scriptural
Plan of Benevolence ; The Kingdom
of Christ on Earth ; The Philosophic
Basis of Theism ; The Self-Revelation
of God ; Christ's Prayer for the Death
of His Redeemed ; God : Creator and
Lord of AU. See Andover Review, Feb-

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