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ruary, 1884. Scr.

Harris, Samuel Smith. AL, 1841-
1888. The second Protestant Episcopal
bishop of Michigan. The Dignity of
Man ; Christianity and Civil Society ;
Thoughts on Life, Death, and Immor-
tality ; Shelton, a novel. Mg. Wh.

Harris, Thaddeus Mason. Ms.,
1768-1842. A Unitarian clergyman of
Dorchester from 1793 until his death.
Discourses in Favor of Freemasonry ;
Journal of a Tour in the Northwest
Territory (1805) ; Memorials of the
First Church at Dorchester; Biogra-
phical Memoirs of James Oglethorpe ;
Natui'al History of the Bible.

Harris, Thaddeus "William. Ms.,
179.5-1856. Son of T. M. Harris, supra.
An entomologist and physician who was
librarian of Harvard University from

1831. He published Systematic Cata-
logue of the Insects of Massachusetts,
and a valuable work on Insects Injuri-
ous to Vegetation.

Harris, Thomas Lake. E., 1823-

. A mystical philosopher who

founded the Brotherhood of the New
Life, which had its home at Salem-on-
Erie, near Brocton, New York. He
has since lived in California. Among
his writings are included Epics of the
Starry Heavens ; Modern Spiritualism ;
Lyric of the Morning Land ; Truth and
Life in Jesus ; The Millennium Age ;
Arcana of Christianity ; The Wisdom
of the Adepts ; God's Breath in Man.
See Life of Laurence Oliphant, by Mrs.
M. O. W. Oliphant.

Harris, William Logan. O., 1817-
1887. A Methodist bishop of promi-
nence as educator and missionary. The
Powers of the General Conference ; Ec-
clesiastical Law (with W. J. Henry) ;
Relation of Episcopacy to the General
Conference. Meth.

Harris, William Torrey. Ct., 1835-

. A speculative philosopher and

educator of Washington city, a transla-
tor of Hegel, and editor of The Journal
of Speculative Philosophy; since 1889
United States commissioner of educa-
tion. The Spiritual Sense of Dante's
Divina Commedia; Method of Study
of Social Science ; How to Teach Social
Science ; Hegel's Logic, a critical expo-
sition ; Introduction to the Study of
Philosophy. Ap. Hou. Sc.

Harrison, Mrs. Burton. See Harri-
son, Mrs. Constance.

Harrison, Mrs. Constance [Cary].
Va., 1846 . A novelist and mis-
cellaneous writer of New York city.
Story of Helen Troy ; Woman's Handi-
work in Modern Homes ; An Edel-
weiss of the Sierras, and Other Tales ;
Bar Harbor Days ; The Old-Fashioned
Fairy Book ; Folk and Fairy Tales ;
Anglomania ; An Errant Wooing ; A
Virginia Cousin ; Bric-a-Brac Stories ;
A Bachelor Maid ; Sweet Bells Out of
Tune ; Crow's Nest and Belhaven
Tales ; Externals of Modern New
York. Bar. Cent. Har. Scr.

Harrison, Gabriel. Pa., 1818-1902.
A Brooklyn dramatist and instructor in
elocution. Life of John Howard Payne ;
The Stratford Bust, a Critical Inquiry




as to its Authenticity ; Melanthia; Dart-
more, are among his writings.

Harrison, George Leib. Pa., 1811-
1885. A philanthropist of Philadel-
phia. Chapters on Social Science ;
Legislation on Insanity, a compilation
of lunacy laws.

Harrison, Gessner. Va., 1807-1862.
A once noted educator of Virginia.
Exposition of some Laws of Greek
Grammar ; On Greek Prepositions.

Harrison, Hall. Md., 1837-1900. An
Episcopal clergyman and educator.
From 1865 to 1879 he was a master in
St. Paul's School at Concord, and after
the latter date rector of St. John's
church at EUicott City, Maryland. Life
of Hugh Davy Evans, supra; Life of
Bishop Kerfoot.

Harrison, James Albert. M., 1848-

. An educator in Virginia, since

1876 a professor of languages at Wash-
ington and Lee University. Greek
Vignettes ; Spain in Profile ; The Rhine ;
French Syntax ; The History of Spain ;
The Story of Greece ; Autrefois, tales
of Old New Orleans and Elsewhere ;
A Group of Poets and Their Haunts ;
Dictionary of Anglo-Saxon Poetry (with
W. M. Baskerville) ; Exodus and Dan-
iel (with T. W. Hunt). Hou. Lip. Lo.
Mer. Put.



Jonathan Baxter. O.,
. A Unitarian clergyman of
New Hampshire. Certain Dangerous
Tendencies in American Life ; The
Latest Studies on Indian Reservations.

Harrison, Joseph. Pa., 1810-1874.
A Philadelphia engineer and inventor,
from 1843-52 employed in locomotive
construction hy the Russian govern-
ment. Essay on the Steam Boiler ; The
Locomotive Engine and Philadelphia's
Share in its Early Improvements ; The
Iron Worker and King Solomon, a

Harrison, 'William Pope. Ga., 1830-

. A prominent oicrgymar» of the

Methodist Church South. Theophilus
Walton, a controversial work ; Lights
and Shadows of Forty Years ; The Liv-
ing Christ ; The High Churchman Dis-
armed ; Methodist Union ; The Gospel
among the Slaves.

Harrisse [har-es'], Henri. F., 1830-

. A bibliographer of New York

city, of French birth, but long a citi-
zen of the United States. Bibliotheca
Americana Vetustissima ; Christophe
Colombe ; Jean et Sebastian Cabot ;
The Discovery of North America. Do.

Harsha, David Addison. N. Y.,

1827-1895. A writer in Argyle, New
York. The Heavenly Token; The
Star of Bethlehem ; Manual of Sacred
Literature ; Lives of Charles Sumner,
Doddridge, Baxter, Bunyan, Addison,
James Hervey, Watts, Whitefield,
Abraham Booth ; Eminent Orators and
Statesmen. Co.

Hart, Albert Bushnell. Pa., 1854-
. A professor of history in Har-
vard University. Coercive Powers of
the United States Government ; Intro-
duction to the Study of Federal Gov-
ernment ; Formation of the Union,
1750-1829 ; Studies in Education ; Life
of Salmon P. Chase ; Practical Essays
on American Government. Fl. Hou.

Hart, Charles Henry. Pa., 1847-

. A lawyer and antiquarian of

Philadelphia. Memoir of W. H. Pres-
cott, infra ; Biographical Sketch of
Abraham Lincoln ; Turner, the Dream
Painter ; Remarks on Tabasco, Mex-
ico ; Bibliographia Websteriana.

Hart, James Morgan. N. J., 1839-

. Son of J. S. Hart, inffa. A

professor of Germanic languages at
Cornell University from 1868. Hand-
book of English Composition ; Syllabus
of Anglo-Saxon Literature ; German
Universities. Put.

Hart, John Seely. Ms., 1810-1877.
An educator of New Jersey who was
professor of rhetoric at Princeton Col-
lege, 1872-77. Manuals of English and
American Literature ; Composition and
Rhetoric ; In the Schoolroom.

Hart, Samuel. Ct., 1845 . An

Episcopal clergyman, professor in Trin-
ity College from 1868, who has pub-
lished editions of Juvenal and Persius.
Historical Sermons of Bishop Seabury.

Harte, [Francis] Bret. iV. Y., 1839-
1902. A Calif ornian writer who first
drew public attention in 1868 by a short
story called The Luck of Roaring
Camp, published in The Overland


Monthly, which he edited. This tale,
and the now famous poem, Plain Lan-
guage from Truthful James, estab-
lished his reputation. From 1871 to
1878 he resided in New York, and after-
ward he made his home abroad, but
mainly in London from 1885. His
writings include. Condensed Novels;
The Luck of Roaring Camp, and Other
Sketches ; Mrs. Skaggs's Husbands ;
Tales of the Argonauts ; Gabriel Con-
roy ; Two Men of Sandy Bar, a play ;
The Story of a Mine ; Drift from Two
Shores ; Thankful Blossom ; The Twins
of Table Mountain ; By Shore and
Sedge ; Flip, and Found at Blazing
Star ; In the Carquinez Woods ; On the
Frontier ; Maruja ; Snow-Bound at Ea-
gle's ; The Queen of the Pirate Isle, a
Child's Story ; A Millionaire of Rough-
and-Ready ; The Crusade of the Excel-
sior ; A Phyllis of the Sierras ; The
Argonauts of North Liberty ; Cressy ;
The Heritage of Dedlow Marsh ; A
Waif of the Plains; A Ward of the
Golden Gate; A Sappho of Green
Springs; Colonel Starbottle's Client;
A First Family of Tasajara ; Susy ; A
Protdg^e of Jack Hamlin's; Sally
Dows; The Bell-Ringer of Angel's;
Clarence ; In a Hollow of the Hills ;
Barker's Luck. In verse he has pub-
lished East and West Poems ; Echoes
of the Foot Hills. -See Haweis's Ameri-
can Humorists; NichoVs American Lit-
erature ; Vedder's American Writers ;
Atlantic Monthly, November, 1896. Hon.
Harte, Walter Blackburn. Ont.,
1866 . A litterateur who has pub-
lished Meditations in Motley. Ar.

Hartley, Cecil B . 18 18—.

Louis Wetzel, the Virginia Ranger;
lives of Empress Josephine, Francis
Marion, Daniel Boone ; Hunting Spots
in the West ; Lives of the Three Mrs.
Judsons ; Pictorial Teaching and Bible
Illustration. Co.
Hartley, Isaac Smithson. iV. F.,
1830-1899. Son of R. M. Hartley, in-
fra. A Dutch Reformed clergyman of
Utica since 1871. Prayer and its Rela-
tion to Modern Criticism; Old Fort
Schuyler in History, are his principal
Hartley, Robert Milham. ^.,1796-
1881. A philanthropist who founded
in 1842 the New York Association for


Improving the Condition of the Poor.
History, Science, and Practical Essay
on Milk ; Temperance in Large Cities
and Towns.

Hartshorne, Edward. Pa., 1818-
1885. A Philadelphia physician. Sepa-
rate System for Criminals ; Ophthalmic
Medicine and Surgery ; an edition of
Taylor's Medical Jurisprudence, with

Hartshorne, Henry. Pa., 1823-1897.
Brother of E. Hartshorne, supra. A
Philadelphia physician, professor of
organic science at Haverford College,
1867-97. Memoranda Medica ; Essen-
tials of Principles and Practice of Med-
icines ; Family Adviser ; Our Homes ;
Cholera ; Household Manual ; Hand-
book of Human Anatomy ; Conspectus
of the Medical Sciences ; Glycerin and
its Uses ; Woman's Witchcraft, a dra-
matic romance ; Summer Songs. Lip.

HartzeU, J[onas] Hazard. Pa., 1830-
1890. An Episcopal clergyman of Wa-
verly, New York, but prior to 1881 a
noted clergyman in the Universalist
faith, for fourteen years a pastor in Buf-
falo. Wanderings on Parnassus, a col-
lection of verse; Application and

Hartt, Charles Frederick. N. B.,
1840-1878. A professor of geology at
Cornell University, 1868, and chief of
the geological surveys in Brazil at the
time of his death. Geology and Phy-
sical Geography of Brazil ; Contribu-
tions to the Geology of the Lower
Amazons ; Amazonian Tortoise Myths.

Harvey, "William Hope. ^V. Va.,
1851 . A writer on financial top-
ics whose theories regarding unlimited
coinage of silver have been popular
with superficial thinkers. Coin's Fi-
nancial School ; A Tale of Two Na-
tions, a financial novel.

Harwood, Andrew Allen. Pa.,
1802-1884. Son of J. E. Harwood, in-
fra. A rear-admiral in the United
States navy. Summary Courts Martial ;
Law and Practice of the United States
Navy Courts Martial.

Harwood, John Edmund. E., 1771-
1809. An English actor who came to
the United States in 1793, and pub-
lished a collection of Poems the year
of his death.




Hascall, Daniel. Vt., 1782-1852. A
Baptist clergyman of Hamilton, New
York. Baptism ; Elements of Theo-
logy ; Analysis of Divine Revelation.

Haskell, Daniel. C<., 1784-1848. A
Congregational clergyman of Burling-
ton, Vermont, who was subsequently a
writer in Brooklyn. Gazetteer of the
United States (with J. C. Smith) ; Chro-
nological View of the World.

Haskins, David Greene. Ms., 1818-
1896. An Episcopal clergyman and
educator of Cambridge. Selections
from the Old and New Testament for
Use in Families and Schools ; French
and English First Book ; Maternal An-
cestors of Ralph Waldo Emerson (his

Hassard, John Rose Greene. N.
Y., 1836-1888. A New York journalist
who was a literary critic on the staff of
The Tribune. The King of the Nibe-
lung; School History of the United
States; Life of Archbishop Hughes,
infra ; Life of Pope Pius Ninth ; A
Pickwickian Pilgrimage. Hon.

Hassaurek, Friedrich. A., 1832-
1885. A journalist and lawyer of Cin-
cinnati. Four Years Among the Span-
ish-Americans ; The Secret of the Andes.

Hassler, Ferdinand Rudolph. Sd.,
1770-1843. A noted surveyor in the
government service who published Sys-
tem of the Universe and a series of
works on astronomy, arithmetic, geo-
metry, and trigonometry.

Hastings, Horace Lorenzo. Ms.,
1831-1899. A Boston writer. Signs
of the Times ; Reasons for My Hope ;
Thessalouica ; Atheism and Arithme-
tic, are his principal writings.

HasTwell, Charles Haynes. N. Y.,

1809 . A civil engineer of much

prominence. Mechanics' and Engineers'
Pocket Book ; Mechanics' Tables ; Men-
suration and Practical Geometry; Book-
keeping ; History of the Steam Boiler ;
Reminiscences of New York from 1816
to 1855. Ap. Har.

Hatfield, Edwin Francis. N. J.,
1807-1883. A Presbyterian clergyman
of St. Louis, and subsequently of New
York city. Universalism As It Is ;
History of Elizabeth, New Jersey ; St.
Helena and the Cape of Good Hope ;
The Poets of the Church. Bev.

Hathaway, Benjamin. N. Y., 1822-

. A verse-writer who was for many

years a nurseryman and farmer. Art
Life, and Other Poems ; The League
of the Iroquois ; The Finished Crea-
tion, and Other Poems. Ar.

Haupt [howpt], Herman. Pa., 1817-

. An engineer of distinction who

has held many important posts, and is
the inventor of a drilling engine. Since
1875 the chief engineer of the Tide
Water Pipe Line Company. Hints on
Bridge Building ; General Theory of
Bridge Construction ; Plan for Im-
provement of the Ohio River ; Mili-
tary Bridges ; Street Railway Motors.
Ap. Bat.

Haupt, Lew^is Muhlenberg. Pa.,

1844 . Son of H. Haupt, supra.

An engineer of Philadelphia, since 1872
professor of civil engineering in the
University of Pennsylvania. Engineer-
ing Specifications and Contracts ; Work-
ing Drawings and How to Make Them ;
The Topographer: his Methods and
Instruments ; Essays on Road Making.

Haven, Mrs. Alice [Bradley]
[Neal]. "Cousin Alice." iV. r.,1828-
1863. A writer of juvenile tales which
were very popular. Her later years
were spent in New York city, but she
formerly lived in Philadelphia, her first
husband being J. C. Neal, infra. Among
her writings are. No Such Word as
Fail ; Contentment Better than Wealth ;
Patient Waiting No Loss. See Me-
moir ; Harper's Magazine, October, 1863,

Haven, Erastus Otis. Ms., 1820-
1881. A Methodist bishop, chancellor
of Syracuse University from 1874, and
from 1863-69 president of the Univer-
sity of Michigan. Pillars of Truth ;
Young Man Advised ; Rhetoric ; Amer-
ican Progress. Har. Meth.

Haven, Gilbert. Ms., 1821-1880. A
Methodist bishop whose official resi-
dence was in Atlanta. National Ser-
mons ; The Pilgrim's Wallet ; Our
Next - Door Neighbor, or Mexico of
To-Day; Life of Father Taylor, the
Sailor Preacher; Christus Consolator.

Haven, Joseph. Ms., 1816-1874. A
Congregational clergyman, a professor
in the Chicago Theological Seminary,


1858-70. Mental Philosophy; Moral
Philosophy ; History of Ancient and
Modern Philosophy; Studies in Philo-
sophy and Theology ; Systematic The-
Haven, Samuel Foster. Ms., 1806-
1881. An archaeologist who was libra-
rian of the American Antiquarian So-
ciety at Worcester. Archaeology of the
United States ; History of the Grants
Under the Great Council for New Eng-

Hawes, Joel. Ms., 1789-1867. A
prominent Congregational clergyman of
Hartford, 1818-67. Lectures to Young
Men ; The Religion of the East ; Look-
ing-Glass for Ladies ; Washington and
Jay; Experimental and Practical Ser-
mons ; Tribute to the Pilgrims ; Char-
acter Everything to the Young.

Hawes, William Post. N. Y., 1803-
1842. A lawyer of New York city,
author of Sporting Scenes and Sundry
Sketches, published, with Memoir, by
H. W. Herbert, infra.

Haw^kins, Benjamin Waterhouse.

E., 1807-1889. An English anatomist
who removed to the United States in
1868. Popular Comparative Anatomy ;
Elements of Form ; Comparative View
of the Human and Animal Frame ; Ar-
tistic Anatomy of the Horse ; Artistic
Anatomy of Cattle and Sheep ; Artistic
Anatomy of the Dog and Deer ; Atlas
of Comparative Osteology (with Hux-

Hawkins, Dexter Arnold. Me.,
1825-1886. A lawyer of New York
city, an advocate of protection and sim-
ilar political measures. Among his
writings are, Traditions of Overlook
Mountain ; Free Trade and Protection ;
The Roman Catholic Church in New
York City.

Hawkins, Rush Christopher. Ct.,

1831 . Cousin of D. A. Hawkins,

supra. A New York city lawyer who
served as a colonel in the Federal army
during the Civil War, and has since
been a prominent advocate of political
reforms. He has published The First
Books and Printers of the 15th Cen-

Hawkins, William George. Md.,

182.3 . An Episcopal clergyman

of Nebraska, prominent in the field of


domestic missions. Life of J. H. Haw-
kins, his father, a noted temperance
reformer ; Lunsford Lane ; History of
the New York Freedmen's Associa-

Hawks, Francis Lister. N. C, 1798-
1866. A once noted Episcopal clergy-
man, rector of churches in New York,
New Orleans, and Baltimore. History
of North Carolina ; Reports of Cases in
North Carolina Supreme Court ; His-
tory of the Episcopal Church in Vir-
ginia and Maryland ; The Romance of
Biography ; Cyclopaedia of Biography ;
Egypt and its Monuments ; Documen-
tary History of the Episcopal Church.

Hawley, Bostwick. N. Y., 1814-

. A Methodist clergyman of New

York State. Close Communion ; Man-
ual of Methodism ; The Shield of Faith ;
Dancing as an Amusement ; The Lenten
Season ; Methodist Episcopacy Valid,
include his chief works. Meth.

Hawley, Charles. N. Y., 1819-1885.
A Presbyterian clergyman of Auburn,
New York. Early Chapters of Cayuga
History; Sanitary Reforms; Memorial
Discourses ; Early Chapters of Seneca

Haw^thorne, Julian. Ms., 1846 .

Son of N. Hawthorne, infra. A novel-
ist who has inherited much of his fa-
ther's originality, but whose work is of-
ten careless and hasty in construction
and of ephemeral interest only. Bres-
sant ; Garth ; Dust ; Idolatry ; Fortune's
Fool ; Beatrix Randolph ; Saxon Stu-
dies ; Archibald Malmaison ; Sebastian
Strome ; Noble Blood ; Love, or a Name ;
Mrs. Gainsborough's Diamonds; David
Poindexter's Disappearance, and Other
Tales ; A Dream and a Forgetting ;
Confessions and Criticisms ; Constance ;
Nathaniel Hawthorne and his Wife ;
American Literature ; The Trial of
Gideon ; Prince Saroni's Wife ; Love is
a Spirit. Ap. Fu. He. Hou.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Ms., 1804-
1864. A celebrated romancer, born at
Salem, Massachusetts. From 1838 to
1841 he held a position in the Boston
custom-house, was next a member of the
Brook Farm Association, and after 1843
a resident at Concord, Massachusetts,
from time to time until his death, though
within that period he was surveyor of
the port of Salem, 1846-50, and from




1853 to 1857 consul at Liverpool. Fan-
sliawe ; Twice-Told Tales ; Grandfa-
ther's Chair ; Mosses from an Old
Manse ; Famous Old People ; Liberty
Tree; Biographical Stories for Chil-
dren ; The Scarlet Letter ; True Sto-
ries ; The House of the Seven Gables ;
A Wonder-Book ; The Snow Image,
and Other Twice -Told Tales; The
Blithedale Romance ; Tanglewood
Tales ; The Marble Faun, known in
England as Transformation ; Our Old
Home ; Passages from American Note-
Books ; English Note-Books ; French
and Italian Note - Books ; Septimius
Felton ; The DoUiver Romance ; Dr.
Grimshawe's Secret. See North Amer-
ican Review, July, 1837, July, 1850,
January, 1852 ; Blackwood'' s Maga-
zine, November, 1863; Atlantic Month-
ly, May, 1860 ; Lathrop^s Study of Haw-
thorne; James's Hawthorne; Hawthorne
Index; Lowell's Fable for Critics; Per-
sonal Recollections of, by H. N. Bridge ;
Nathaniel Hawthorne and His Wife,
by J. Hawthorne ; Some Memories of
Hawthorne, by Mrs. R. H. Lathrop ; Ap-
pleton's American Biography; NichoVs
American Literature ; Richardson's
American Literature. Hou.

Hawthorne, Mrs. Sophia [Pea-
body]. Ms., 1810-1871. Wife of N.
Hawthorne, supra, sister of Elizabeth
Peabody, infra. Her only publication
was Notes in England and Italy. Hou.

Hay, John. Ind., 1838 . A writer

who was Lincoln's private secretary,
adjutant, and aide-de-camp during the
Civil War, and also served under Gen-
erals Hunter and Gillmore as major
and assistant adjutant-general, being
brevetted colonel. He was subsequent-
ly in the diplomatic service. Life of
Abraham Lincoln (with J. G. Nicolay,
infra) ; Pike County Ballads, and Other
Poems ; Castilian Days, a volume of
travels. Of his dialect poems, Jim
Bludso and Little Breeches are the
best known. Cent. Hou.

Hayden, Ferdinand Vanderveer.
Ms., 1827-1880. A professor of geo-
logy in the University of Pennsylvania.
Origin and Progress of the United States
Geological Survey of the Territories;
The Yellowstone National Park.

Hayden, Horace H . Ct., 1769-

1844. A once noted Baltimore dentist
who published Geological Essays.

Hay den,'William Benjamin. N.T.,

1816-1893. A Swedenborgian clergy-
man. Science and Revelation ; Phe-
nomena of Modern SpirituaKsm ; The
Apocalyptic Dispensation ; Light on
the Last Things ; Dangers of Modern
Spiritualism, include the greater por-
tion of his work. See Selected Essays
and Memorials of his Life, 1894. Lip-

Hayes, Augustus Allen. 1837-
1892. A novelist of Brookline, Massa-
chusetts. New Colorado and the Santa
F^ Trail ; The Jesuit's Ring, a Ro-
mance ; The Denver Express. Har.

Hayes, Henry, See Kirk, Mrs. Mien.

Hayes, Isaac Israel. Pa., 1832-1881.
An Arctic explorer whose first voyage
was made with Dr. Kane, infra. The
Open Polar Sea ; An Arctic Boat Jour-
ney ; Cast Away in the Cold ; The Land
of Desolation ; Pictures of Arctic Tra-
vel. Har. Hou. Le.

Haygood, Atticus Green. Ga., 1839-
1896. A Methodist clergyman of much
prominence in the South. The Monk
and the Prince, a Critical Study of Sa-
vonarola and Lorenzo de' Medici ; Our
Keep-Sake ; Our Children ; Our Brother
in Black ; Speeches and Sermons ; Jack-
knife and Brambles, a discussion of the
authorship and meaning of the books
of the Bible ; Pleas for Progress ; The
Man of Galilee. Meth.

Hayne, Paul Hamilton. S. C, -1830-
1886. A lyric poet whose verse has
much melody. He served as a colonel
in the Confederate array, and at the
close of the Civil War, broken in health
and fortunes, retired to the small vil-
lage of Grovetown, Georgia, where the
rest of his life was passed, Avolio ;
The Mountain of the Lovers ; Legends
and Lyrics ; Sonnets and Other Poems ;
Lives of Robert Hayne and Hugh Le-
gare, infra. A complete edition of his
Poems appeared in 1883. Lip. Lo.

Hayne, "William Hamilton. S. C,

1856 . Son of Paul Hayne, supra,

and a popular lyrist of the South. Syl-
van Lyrics. Sto.

Haynes, Emory Judson. Vt., 1846-
. A Methodist clergyman of Bos-
ton and elsewhere. Are These Things
So ? ; Fairest of Three, a Tale of Amer-
ican Life ; Dollars and Duties ; A Farm-
house Cobweb, a Vermont novel. Har.




Hays, George Peirce. Pa., 1838-

. A Presbyterian clergyman of

Kansas City. Everyday Reasoning ;
The Honest Book; May Women
Speak ? ; Presbyterians.

Hays, "William Shakespeare. Ky.,

18o7 . A popular ballad and song

composer o£ Louisville. Mollie Darling
is one of his best known songs. He
has published a volume of Poems and

Hayward, Edward Farvrell. Ms.,

1851 . A Unitarian clergyman

for some years pastor of a church in
Boston. WiUoughby ; Patrice ; Ecce

Hayward, George. Ms., 1781-1862.
A Boston writer who published View of
the United States ; Religious Creeds of
the United States ; Book of Religions,
and several gazetteers.

Hayward, George. Ms., 1791-1863.
A Boston physician of note. Outlines
of Physiology ; Surgical Records.

Haywood, John. N. C, 1753-1826.
A jurist of Tennessee. Manual of Laws
of North Carolina ; Haywood's Justice ;
Tennessee Reports ; History of Ten-
nessee ; Statute Laws of Tennessee
(with R. L. Cutts).

Hazard, Caroline. B. L, 1856 .

Granddaughter of R. G. Hazard, infra.
Narragansett Ballads ; Thomas Haz-
ard, a Study of Life in Narragansett
in the XVIIIth Century ; Memoirs of
J. L. Diman, supra. She has edited,
with introductions, the works of R. G.

Hazard, Ebenezer. Pa., 1744-1817.
A Philadelphia writer who was post-
master-general, 1782-89. Historical
Collections, the beginnings of a United
States history ; Remarks on a Report
Concerning the Western Indians.

Hazard, Rowland Gibson. R. I.,

1801-1888. A woolen manufacturer of
Peace Dale, Rhode Island. Essays on
Finance ; Resources of the United
States ; Essay on Language, and Oth-
er Essays and Addresses ; Freedom of
Mind in Willing ; Causation and Free-
dom in Willing ; Man a Creative First
Cause. See Works, in four volumes, ed-
ited by C. Hazard. Hou.
Hazard, Samuel. Pa., 1784-1870.

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