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Andrew^s, Israel "Ward. Ct, 1815-
1888. President of Marietta College.
His only published work of importance
is a Manual of the Constitution of the
United States. Va.

Andrews, Jane. Ms., 1833-1887.
A writer of Newburyport whose books
for children have long been deservedly
popular. Seven Little Sisters who Live
on the Round Ball that Floats in the
Air ; The Seven Little Sisters Prove
their Sisterhood ; The Stories Mother
Nature Told ; Ten Boys who Lived on
the Road from Long Ago to Now ;
Only a Year and what it Brought. Gi.

Andrews, Samuel James. Ct,

1817 . Brother of I. W. Andrews,

supra. An Irvingite clergyman of Hart-
ford, Connecticut. The Life of Our
Lord upon Earth ; God's Revelations of
Himself to Men. Scr,

Andrews, Sidney. 1837-1880. A
Boston journalist. The Art of Flying ;
The South since the War.

Andrews, Stephen Pearl. Ms.,
1812-1886. An eccentric writer of New
York city, the originator of phono-
graphic reporting and at one period
prominent as an abolitionist. Aiuong
his many and varied works are Basic
Outline of Universalogy, in which he
advocated the adoption of a universal
language called Alwato ; Discourses in
Chinese ; Comparison of Common Law
with Roman, French, or Spanish Law
on Entails and Other Limited Proper-
ty ; Love, Marriage and Divdrce.

Angell, Henry Clay. B. L, 1829-

. A professor of ophthalmology in

Boston University. Diseases of the
Eye ; How to Take Care of our Eyes ;
Records of W. M. Hunt. Rob.

Angell, James Burrill. B. I., 1829-
. President of Michigan Univer-
sity since 1871. Manual of French Lit-
erature ; Progress in International




Angell, Joseph BZinnicut. R. L,
1794-1857. A legal writer of Rhode
Island, among whose works are Treatise
on the Common Law of Watercourses ;
The Law of Tide Waters ; The Limi-
tation of Actions. Lit.

Anspach, Frederick Rinehart.
Pa., 1815-1867. A Lutheran clergy-
man of Hagerstown, Maryland. Sons
of the Sires ; Sepulchres of Our De-
parted; The Two Pilgrims.

Anthon, Charles. N. Y., 1797-1867.
A noted classical scholar, for many
years professor of ancient languages at
Columbia College. He was the author
of some fifty classical text-books, in-
cluding a Classical Dictionary. Har.

Anthou, John. Mch., 1784^1863.
Brother of Charles Anthon, supra. A
jurist of New York city. Essay on the
Study of Law ; Analysis of Black-
stone ; Nisi Prius Cases ; American Pre-

Appleton, Jesse. N. H., 1772-1819.
A Congregational clergyman, president
of Bowdoin CoUege, 1807-19. Ad-
dresses; Lectures. His works, with
Memoir by A. S. Packard, infra, ap-
peared in 1837.

Appleton, John. 1804-1891. A
former chief justice of Maine eminent
as a legal reformer. The Rules of
Evidence Stated and Discussed.

Appleton, John Ho^vard. Me.,

1844 . A professor of chemistry

at Brown University since 1868. The
Young Chenust ; Qualitative Analysis ;
Quantitative Analysis ; Chemistry of
Non Metals. Sil.

Appleton, Thomas Gold. Ms., 1812-
1884. An artist and litterateur of
Boston. A Sheaf of Papers ; A Nile
Journal ; Windfalls ; Syrian Sunshine ;
Chequer- Work ; Faded Leaves, a vol-
ume of verse. See Life and Letters,
edited by Susan Hale, 1885. Bob.

Apthorp, William Foster. Ms.,

1848 . A musical newspaper

critic of Boston. Musicians and Music
Lovers and Other Essays. He has
translated Zola's Jacques Damour.
Cap. Scr.

Archibald, Andrew Webster.

N. F., 1851 . A Congregational

clergyman of prominence in Iowa,
The Bible Verified.

Archibald, Mrs. George. See Palm-
er, Mrs. Anna.

Arey, Mrs. Harriet Ellen [Gran-

nis]. Vt., 1819 . An educator

whose home is in Cleveland. House-
hold Songs and Other Poenas ; Home
and School Training. Lip.

Arkwright, Peleg. See Proudfit, D.

Armitage, Thomas. E., 1819-1896.
A prominent Baptist clergyman of New
York city. Jesus, his Self Introspec-
tion ; Lectures on Preaching ; History
of the Baptists.

Armstrong, George Dodd. N. J.,

1813-1899. A Presbyterian clergyman
of Norfolk, Virginia. The Summer
of the Pestilence ; The Doctrine of
Baptisms ; The Christian Doctrine of
Slavery ; Theology of Christian Experi-
ence ; The Sacraments of the New Tes-
tament ; The Books of Nature and
Revelation, a criticism of the theory of
evolution. Fu.
Armstrong, John. Pa., 1758-1843.
An officer of note in the American
army at the time of the Revolution.
He was the author of the first of the
famous Newburg Letters, and in later
life published Notes on the War of
1812 ; Treatise on Gardening ; Treatise
on Agriculture ; Memoirs of Generals
Montgomery and Wayne.

Arnold, Albert Nicholas. R. I.,
1814-1883. A Baptist clergyman who
held professorships in several Baptist
seminaries successively. Pre-requisites
to Communion ; Evils of Infant Bap-
tism ; One Woman's Mission.

Arnold, George. iV. Y., 1834-1865.
A jouma^st and poet of New York
city, whose verse is musical without
being especially strong. Drift and
Other Poems ; Poems Grave and Gay.
See Biographical Sketch by W. Winter,
infra. Hou.

Arnold, Isaac Ne-wton. 2V. F,,1815-
1884. A prominent Chicago lawyer
and politician, member of Congress,
1861-65. Life of Abraham Lincoln ;
Life of Benedict Arnold ; Recollec-
tions of the Early Chicago and Illinois
Bar. Mg.

Arnold, Lauren Briggs. N. Y., 1814-
1888. An agriculturist of western New
York who lectured frequently upon




dairy husbandry and was the author of
American Dairying.

Arnold, Samuel Greene. R. I.,
1821-1880. A lawyer who was several
times lieutenant-governor of Rhode
Island. History of the State of Rhode
Island and Providence Plantations ;
Life of Patrick Henry. Pr.

Arp, Bill. See Smith, C. H.

Arr, E. H. See Rollins, Mrs. Ellen.

Arria. See Pugh, Mrs.

Arlington, Alfred W. N. C, 1810-
1867. A prominent lawyer in the
Southwest, and, later, in Chicago. The
Rangers and Regulators of the Tanaha ;
Sketches of the Southwest ; Poems
(with Memoir), 1869.

Arthur, Timothy Shay. N. F., 1809-
1885. A prolific writer of moral tales,
with much more excellence of intention
than literary merit to recommend them,
but which have enjoyed a very exten-
sive popularity. Ten Nights in a Bar-
Room ; Six Nights with the Washing-
tonians ; Tales of Married Life, are
some of the best known. His life was
nearly all spent in Philadelphia. Co.
Lip. Pet.

Ashhurst, John. Pa., 1839-1900. A
distinguished surgeon of Philadelphia.
Injuries of the Spine ; Principles and
Practice of Surgery. He edited the
International Encyclopaedia of Surgery.

Astor, William Waldorf. N. Y.,

1848- . A noted millionaire of

New York city, minister to Italy, 1882-
85, and more recently the proprietor of
the PaU Mall Gazette and Pall Mall
Magazine in London. Valentino, an
Historical Romance of the 16th Cen-
tury in Italy ; Sf orza, a Story of Milan.

Atkinson, Edward. Ms., 1827 .

A Boston reformer active in matters
of diet and political economy. The
Distribution of Products; Labor and
Capital ; Industrial Progress of the Na-
tion ; The Science of Nutrition ; Mar-
gin of Profits ; Taxation and Work.

Atkinson, John. N. J., 1835-1897.
A clergyman of prominence in the
Methodist church. The Living Way ;
Memorials of Methodism in New Jer-
sey ; The Garden of Sorrows ; The Class

Leader ; Centennial History of Ameri-
can Methodism. Meth.

Atkinson, William Parsons. Ms.,
1820-1890. Brother of E. Atkinson,
supra, A professor of history at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
The Right Use of Books ; History and
the Study of History ; Classical and
Scientific otudies. Rob.

At-water, Horace Cowles. N. Y.,
1819-1879. A clergyman of the Meth-
odist Church South, who published In-
cidents of a Southern Tour (1857).

At-water, Lyman Hotchkiss. Ct.,
1813-1883. A professor of philosophy
at Piinceton College and long a noted
contributor to the Princeton Review.
He published a Manual of Elementary
Logic. Lip.

Atwater, Wilbur Olin. N.Y., 1844-

. A professor of chemistry at Wes-

leyan University since 1873. He has
written extensively upon agricultural
chemistry, and published Co-operative
Experimenting as a Means of Studying
the Effect of Fertilizers ; Results of
Field Experiments with Various Ferti-

Atwood, Anthony. N. J., 1801-
1888. A Methodist clergyman, whoso
only published work is The Abiding

Atwood, Isaac Morgan. N. Y.,

1838 . A Universalist clergyman,

president of the Theological Seminary
at St. Lawrence University. Have we
Outgrown Christianity ; Glance at the
Religious Progress of the United Staies ;
Latest Word of Universalism ; Walks
about Zion ; Manual of Revelation.

Audubon, John James. La., 1780-
1851. An ornithologist of eminence,
whose entire life was devoted to the
pursuit of his favorite study. Birds of
America ; Quadrupeds of North Amer-
ica; Ornithological Biography. <Set!
Audubon, the Naturalist, by Mrs. St.
John ; Journal of Life and Labours of

Auringer, Obadiah Cyrus. N. Y.,

1849 . A Presbyterian clergyman

of New York state, whose writings in
verse include Scythe and Sword ; The
Heart of the Golden Roan ; The Epi-
sode of Jane McCrea ; The Book of the
Emia. Lo.




Austen, Peter To^vnsend. N. Y.,

1852 . A professor of chemistry

at Rutgers College since 1877, who has
contributed much to scientific journals,
and published Chemical Lecture Notes ;
Organic Chemistry, from the German
of Pinner. Wil.

Austin, Arthur Williams. Ms.,
1807-1884. A lawyer of Boston. The
Woman and the Queen, and Other
Specimens of Verse, (1875),

Austin, Benjamin. Ms., 1752-1820.
A Boston merchant, active as a politi-
cal writer and an especially violent
champion of democracy. Constitu-
tional Republicanism is a collection of
some of his contributions to the news-
papers of his day.

Austin, Coe Finch. N. Y., 1831-
1880. A botanist of Closter, New York,
who published Musci Appalachani, a
description of American mosses.

Austin, George Lowell. Ms., 1849-
1893. A Boston physician whose mis-
cellaneous writings include Perils of
American Women, a Doctor's Talk
with Maiden, Wife, and Mother ; Water-
Analysis, a Handbook for Water-Drink-
ers ; Under the Tide ; Life of Franz
Schubert ; Popular History of Massa-
chusetts; Life and Deeds of General
Grant ; Longfellow ; Life of Wendell
Phillips. Le.

Austin, Henry. Ms., 1858 . A

lawyer of Boston, who has written The
Law Concerning Farms ; American
Farm and Game Laws ; American Fish
and Game Laws ; Liquor Law in New

Austin, Henry "Willard. Ms., 1858-

. A journalist and litterateur of

Boston. Vagabond Verses.

Austin, James Trecothick. Ms.,
1784—1870. A once prominent lawyer
of Boston, who published a Life of
Elbridge Gerry.

Austin, Mrs. Jane [Good'win]. Ms.,
1831-1894. A talented writer of his-
torical fiction, much of whose life was
spent in Boston. She was a careful
student of colonial history, and will be
long remembered for her series of ro-
mances relating to the Pljnnouth Pil-
grims and their descendants. These
include A Nameless Nobleman ; Stan-
dish of Standish ; Betty Alden : the

First-Bom Daughter of the Pilgrims ;
Dr. Le Baron and his Daughters ; Da-
vid Alden's Daughter and Other Sto-
ries of Colonial Times. Other novels
by her are Cipher ; The Shadow of
Moloch Mountain ; Mi-s. Beauchamp
Brown ; The Desmond Hundred ; Dora
Darling ; Outpost. Nantucket Scraps
is a volume of travel sketches ; Moon-
folk, a fairy tale. Hou. Le. Put. Rob.

Austin, Samuel. Ct., 1760-1830. A
Congregational clergyman of Worces-
ter, Massachusetts, 1790-1815, and af-
terwards president of the University of
Vermont. Views of the Church ; The-
ological Essays ; Letters on Baptism.

Austin, William. Ms., 1778-1841.
A Boston lawyer whose best claim to
remembrance is that he was author of
the famous sketch Peter Rugg: the
Missing Man, which appeared in the
New England Galaxy in 1824. It is a
very remarkable imaginative study that
in some respects anticipates the later
work of Hawthorne. Other works of
his are Letters from London (1804) ;
The Human Character of Jesus Christ.
See Literary Papers of, with Biographi-
cal Sketch, 1890. Lit.

Avery, Benjamin Parke. iV". Y.,
1829-1875. A Califomian journalist
who was appointed minister to China
in 1874. Califomian Pictures in Prose
and Verse.

Ayres, Alfred. See Osmun.

Ayres, Anne. E., 1816-1896. The
first member of an American sisterhood
in the Protestant Episcopal Church,
becoming a sister of the Holy Commu-
nion in 1845. Evangelical Sisterhoods ;
Life of W. H. Muhlenberg, infra.

Azarias, Brother. See Mullany.

Bache [baych], Alexander Dallas.
Pa., 1806-1867. A scientist who was
superintendent of the United States
Court Survey, 1843-67. His annual
reports to Congress are works of great
value. See Commemorative Address by
B. A. Gould, infra, 1868.

Bache, Franklin. Pa., 1792-1864.
Cousin of A. D. Bache, supra, and like
him a great-grandson of Benjamin




Franklin, infra. A Philadelphia phy-
sician, professor of chemistry in Jeffer-
son Medical Collegfe, 1841-64. A Sys-
tem of Chemistry for Students in Med-
icine ; The Dispensatory of the United
States (with G. B. Wood). See Me-
moir, by G. B. Wood, infra.

Bacheller, Irving. N. Y., 1859-

. A journalist and litterateur of

New York city. The Master of Si-
lence, a romance ; The Still House of
O'Danow ; Eben Holden. Cas. Lo.

Bachman [bak'man], John. N. Y.,
1790-1874. A naturalist of Charleston,
where he was pastor of a Lutheran
church, 181.5-74. He assisted Audu-
bon, preparing the greater part of the
text of The Quadrupeds of North
America, and wrote several religious
and scientific works. Two Letters on
Heredity ; Defence of Luther and the
Reformation. See American Lutheran

Backus, Isaac. Ct, 1724-1806. A
Baptist clergyman of Rhode Island.
A History of New England, with Par-
ticular Reference to the Baptists. See
Spr ague's Annals of the American Pul-

Bacon, Delia Salter. O., 1811-1859.
The earliest exponent of the Baconian
theory of the authorship of Shake-
speare. Philosophy of the Plays of
Shakespeare Unfolded ; Tales of the
Puritans ; The Bride of Fort Edward :
a Drama. See Haivthorne^ s Recollec-
tions of a Gifted Woman; Mrs. Far-
rar^s Recollections of Seventy Years;
Life, by Theodore Bacon; Saturday
Review, vol. 67.

Bacon, Edwin Munroe. R. I., 1844-
. A journalist of Boston. Dic-
tionary of Boston ; Boston of To-Day.

Bacon, Henry. Ms., 18.39-

artist who has lived principally in Paris.
A Parisian Year ; Parisian Art and
Artists. Hou. Robi

Bacon, Leonard. Mch., 1802-1881.
Brother of D. S. Bacon, supra. The
pastor of a Congregational church in
New Haven, Connecticut, 182.5-81, and
a prominent figure in the denomina-
tion to which he belonged. Histori-
cal Discourses ; Slavery Discussed in
Occasional Essays ; Genesis of the New

England Churches ; Christian Self-Cul-
ture. See Century Magazine, vol. 3,

Bacon, Leonard Woolsey. Ct.,

1830 . Son of L. Bacon, supra-

A Congregational clergyman. A Life
Worth Living ; Church Papers ; Ser-
mons ; The *hnplicity that is in Christ.

Bacon, Thomas Scott. iV^. Y., 182.'^-

. An Episcopal controversialist of

Maryland. Both Sides of the Contro-
versy between the Roman and Re-
formed Churches ; The Reign of God
and the Reign of Law ; The Begin-
nings of Religion ; Primitive Man in
Christian Thought ; It is Written ; The
Primitive and Catholic Doctrine as to
Holy Scripture.

Badeau, Adam. N. Y., 1831-1895.
A general in the United States army.
The Vagabond; Military History of
General Grant ; Conspiracy : a Cuban
Romance ; Aristocracy in England ;
Grant in Peace : a Personal Memoir.
Ap. Har.

Bagg, Lyman Hotchkiss. " Karl

Kron." Ms., 1846 . Four Years

at Yale ; Ten Thousand Miles on a

Bailey, James Montgomery. N. F.,
1841-1894. Widely known at one time
as "The Danbury News Man." A
journalist of Danbury, Connecticut, who
was among the earliest to exploit a
kind of native humour chiefly concerned
with local allusion and applicatiori
He has had many imitators whose meth-
ods have been much less legitimate
than his. Life in Danbury ; England
from a Back Window ; The Danbury
Boom ; Mr. Phillis' Goneness ; They
All Do It. Le.

Bailey, Liberty Hyde. Mich., 1858-

. A prominent horticulturist.

American Grape Training ; Cross-
breeding and Hybridization ; Field
Notes on Apple Culture ; Annals of
Horticulture ; The Horticulturist Rule-
Book ; The Nursery-Book : a Complete
Guide to the Multiplication and Pol-
lination of Plants ; Talks Afield about
Plants ; Plant Breeding. Hou. Mac.

Bailey, Loring "Woart. N. Y., 1839-

. A professor of natural history

in the University of New Brunswick.




Mines and Minerals of New Brunswick ;
Geology of Southern New Brunswick ;
Elementary Natural History.

Bailey, William "Whitman. N. Y.,

1843 . Brother of L. W. Bailey,

supra. A professor of botany at Brown
University. New England Wild Flow-
ers and Their Seasons ; Among Rhode
Island Wild Flowers; Botanical Col-
lector's Hand-Book. Pr.

Baird, Charles "Washington. N. J..
1828-1887. Son of R. Baird, supra.
A Presbyterian minister of Rye, New
York. Eutaxia, or the Presbyterian
Liturgies; Book of Public Prayer;
History of Rye ; History of the Hu-
guenot Emigration to America. Do.

Baird, Henry Carey. Pa., 1825-

. Nephew of Henry Carey, infra,

and a political economist holding simi-
lar views. Rights of American Pro-
ducers and Wrongs of British Free
Trade Revenue Reformers ; Protection
of Home Labour and Home Production
necessary to the Protection of the Amer-
ican Farmer ; Miscellaneous Papers on
Economic Questions. Bai.

Baird, Henry Martyn. Pa., 1832-
. Son of R. Baird, infra. Pro-
fessor of Greek at the University of
New York from 1859. An historian
who is conscientious but not absolutely
impartial. Life of Robert Bail d ; Mod-
ern Greece ; Narrative of a Residence
and Travels ; History of the Rise of the
Huguenots of France ; The Huguenots
and Henry of Navarre ; The Hugue-
nots and the Revocation of the Edict
of Nautes. Har. Ran. Scr.

Baird, Robert. Pa., 1798-1863. A
Presbyterian clergyman, active in the
cause of temperance and in promoting
the extension of Protestantism in Eu-
rope. History of the Temperance So-
cieties ; View of Religion in America ;
History of the Waldenses, Albigenses,
and Vaudois ; Protestantism in Italy.
See Life, by H. M. Baird. Har.

Baird, Samuel John. O., 1817-1893.
A Presbyterian clergyman whose writ-
ings are chiefly concerned with the
polity and history of the Presbyterian
church. The Church of Christ : its
Constitution and Order ; History of the
Early Polity of the Presbyterian Church
in the Training of Ministers ; The So-
cinian Apostasy of the English Presby-

terian Church ; History of the New

Baird, Spencer Fullerton. Pa.,
1823-1887. A naturalist of promi-
nence, who was from 1878 the secre-
tary of the Smithsonian Institution.
The translator and editor of the Icono-
graphic Encyclopedia, co-author with
J. Cassin of Birds of North America
and Mammals of North America ; ed-
itor Annual Record of Science and In-
dustry from 1872-78. A History of
North American Birds, written in col-
laboration with T. M. Brewer and R.
Ridgway, is one of his most valuable
works. See Popular Science Monthly,
vol. 33, Har. Lip. Lit.

Baker, Abijah Richardspn. Ms.,
1805-1876. A Congregational clergy-
man of Lynn, Massachusetts. School
History of the United States ; The Cat-
echism Tested by the Bible ; Topics in
Christ's Sermon on the Mount.

Baker, George Augustus. N. Y.,

1849- . A lawyer of New York.

Point Lace and Diamonds, a collection
of sparkling society verse ; The Bad
Habits of Good Society ; Mrs. Hephaes-
tus and Other Short Stories ; West
Point : a Comedy. Sto.

Baker, George Melville. Me., 1832-
1890. The author and compiler of
Amateur Dramas, the Social Stage, and
works of like character. Le.

Baker, George Pierce. R.I., 1866-
. An instructor at Harvard Uni-
versity. Plot Book of Elizabethan
Plays ; Principles of Argiunentation.
Gi. Ho.

Baker, Mrs. Harriette Nevirell
[Woods]. "Madeline Leslie." Ms.,
1815-1893. Wife of A. R. Baker,
supra, and daughter of Leonard Woods,
infra. Beside two novels, — Cora and
the Doctor, The Courtesies of Wedded
Life, — her writings include nearly
two hundred moral and religious tales,
among which Tim the Scissors Grinder
is the best known.

Baker, Mrs. Julia Keim [Wether-
ill]. Mi., 1858 . A journalist of

New Orleans. Wings : a Novel.

Baker, William Mumford. D. C,

1825-1883. A popular novelist who
was a Presbyterian clergyman in the
Southwest until 1870, and afterwards




the pastor of a church in Boston. He
was a vigourous writer of considerable
originality, whose earlier works possess
historic interest as pictures of a now
past stage of civilization in the South-
ern States. Inside : a Chronicle of Se-
cession ; The Virginians in Texas ; Oak
Mot ; The New Timothy ; Mose Evans ;
His Majesty Myself ; Blessed St. Cer-
tainty ; Thirlmore ; Carter Quarter-
man ; A Year Worth Living ; Colonel
Dunwoddie : Millionaire ; The Making
of a Man ; The Ten Theophanies : the
Manifestations of Christ before his
Birth in Bethlehem ; John Westacott,
a juvenile tale. Har. Le. Ran. Rob.

Balch, William Stevens. Vt., 1806-
1887. A Universalist clergyman, long
resident at Elgin, Illinois, and author
of Lectures on Language ; Grammar of
the English Language ; Ireland as I
Saw It ; A Peculiar People.

Baldwin, James Mark. S. C, 1861-

. A professor of psychology at

Princeton University since 1893. Psy-
chology ; Elements of Psychology ;
Mental Development in the Child and
Man ; a translation of Eibot's " Ger-
man Psychology of To-Day." So.

Baldwin, John Denison. Ct, 1809-
1883. A journalist of Worcester, Mas-
sachusetts. Raymond Hill, a Poem;
Pre-Historic Nations ; Ancient Amer-
ica. Har.

Baldwin, Joseph G. Va., 1811-
1864. A once popular humourous writer
who was a jurist of prominence in Ala-
bama and afterwards of California, of
which State he became chief justice.
Flush Times in Alabama and Missis-
sippi ; Party Leaders, able papers on
Southern statesmen.

Baldwin, Mrs. Lydia "Wood. Ms.,

1836 . Rubina ; A Yankee School-

Teacher in Virginia. Fu.

Balestier, Charles Wolcott. 1861-
1891. An American writer who estab-
lished himself as a publisher in London,
and whose sister was married to Rud-
yard Kipling the novelist. A Fair De-
vice ; Life of Blaine ; A Victorious
Defeat ; Benefits Forgot ; The Nau-
lahka (with Rudyard Kipling) ; A Com-
mon Story. See Century Magazine,
April, 189S. Ap. Har.

Ballon, Adin. R. I., 1803-1890. A
Universalist clergyman of Milford,
Massachusetts. Christian N-^n-Resist-
ance Defended ; Treatise on Spirit
Manifestations ; Primitive Christianity
and its Corruptions ; History of the
Town of Milford. See New England
Magazine, April, 1891.

Ballon, Hosea. JV. IT., 1771-1852. A
Universalist theologian of note in New
England, and one of the founders of
American Universalism. With his son
he established the Universalist Quar-
terly. Treatise on Atonement ; Notes
on the Parables ; An Examination of
the Doctrine of Future Retribution.
See Lives, by M. M. Ballon; Whitte-
more, 1854; Safford, 1889. See Uni-
versalist Review, vol. 41-

Ballon, Hosea. Vt., 1796-1861. Neph-
ew of H. Ballon, supra. A Universalist
clergyman who was the first president
of Tufts College, 1854-61. Ancient
History of Universalism.

Ballon, Matnrin Murray. Ms., 1820-
1895. Son of H. Ballon, 2nd. The
founder and editor of several periodi-
cals in Boston which bore his name,
and, in his later years, a traveler to
all parts of the world. History of
Cuba; Life of Hosea Ballon; Due
West, or Round the World in Ten
Months ; Due South, or Cuba Past and
Present ; Due North : Glimpses of Scan-
dinavia and Riissia ; Under the South-
ern Cross : Travels in Australia, Tas-
mania, New Zealand, etc. ; Alaska :
The New Eldorado ; Aztec Land ; The
Story of Malta ; The Pearl of India, a
description of Ceylon ; Equatorial
America, a description of visits to the
Lesser Antilles and to South American
capitals ; Footprints of Travel. Gi.

Ballon, Moses. Ms., 1811-1879. A
nephew of H. Ballon, 1st, and, like
him, a Universalist clergyman. The'
Divine Character Vindicated.

Bancroft, Aaron. Ms., 1755-1839. A

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