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Women ; Life of Margaret Fuller ;
Larger History of the United States ;
Travellers and Outlaws ; Women and
Men ; The Afternoon Landscape, a col-
lection of poems ; Life of Francis Hig-
ginson ; The New World and the New
Book ; Concerning All of Us ; Such as
They Are ; The Monarch of Dreams ;
Huits on Writing and Speech-Making ;
Cheerful Yesterdays ; English History
for Americans (with E. Channing, sw-
pra) ; Book and Heart. Do. Har. Hon.
Le. Lgs.

Hildeburn, Charles Swift Rich^.
Pa., 1855-1901. The librarian of the
Philadelphia Athenaeum from 1876. A
Century of Printing, or the Issues of
the Press in Pennsylvania, 1685-1784 ;
Printers and Printing in Colonial New
York. Do.

Hildeburn, Mrs. Mary Jane
[Reed]. Pa., 1821-1882. A Phila-
delphia writer of Sunday-school tales,
among which are. Day Dreams ; Arehy
and Pussy Series ; Dr. Leslie's Boys ;
Gaffney's Tavern.

Hildreth, Charles Lotin. N. Y.,
1856-1896. A journalist of New York
city. Judith, a novel ; The New Sym-
phony, and Other Stories ; The Masque
of Death, and Other Poems.

Hildreth, Ezekiel. Ms., 1784-1856.
An educator of Ohio and Virginia.
Logopolis, a grammatical treatise ; A
Key to Knowledge.




Hildreth, Richard. Ms., 1807-1865.
A Boston journalist and historian who
was consul at Trieste in his latest years.
Archy Moore, an anti-slavery novel ;
History of Banks ; Theory of Polities ;
Despotism in America ; Japan as it
Was and Is ; History of the United
States from the Discovery of the Con-
tinent to the Close of the 16th Congress
in 1820, a work which has few charms
of style, though its general merit is im-
questioned. Har.

Hildreth, Samuel Prescott. Ms.,
1783-1863. A physician once promi-
nent in Marietta, Ohio, where he set-
tled in 1806. History of the Diseases
and Climate of Southeastern Ohio;
Lives of the Early Settlers of Ohio ;
Contributions to the Early History of
the North-West ; Meteorological Obser-
vations (with J. Wood) ; Pioneer His-
tory of the Ohio Valley (1848) ; Bio-
graphical and Historical Memoirs of
Early Pioneer Settlers of Ohio. See
Bibliography of Ohio. Meth.

Hilgard, Eugene Waldemar. Bv.,

1831 . A professor of agricultural

chemistry at the University of Califor-
nia from 1875. Geology and Agricul-
ture of Mississippi ; Geology of Lower
Louisiana ; Cotton Production fti the
United States; Climatic Features, etc.,
of the Arid Regions of the Pacific Slope
(with T. C. Jones).

Hilgard, Julius Erasmus. Bv., 1825-
1891, Brother of E. W. Hilgard, su-
pra. A civil engineer of note who was
superintendent of the United States
Coast Survey, 1881-85, who published
many valuable professional papers.

Hill, Adams Sherman. Ms., 1833-
. The Boylston professor of rhe-
toric at Harvard University from 1876.
Our English ; The Principles of Rhe-
toric ; The Foundation of Rhetoric.

Hill, Mrs. Agnes Leonard [Scan-
land]. " MoUie Myrtle." Ky., 1842-

. Myrtle Blossoras; Vanquished,

a novel ; Heights and Depths.

Hill, Benjamin Dionysius. E., 1842-
— '■ — . A Roman Catholic clergyman
and educator, for some time at Notre
Dame University, who has published
Poems Devotional and Occasional.

Hill, Benjamin Harvey. Ga., 1823-
1882. A noted Georgia statesman. Notes

on the Situation (1867-68) ; Address to
the People of Georgia.

Hill, Britton Armstrong. N. J.,

c. 1818 . A prominent lawyer

of St. Louis. Liberty and Law under
Federative Government ; Absolute Mo-
ney ; Specie Resumption and National
Bankruptcy Identical.

Hill, Daniel Harvey. S. C, 1821-
1889. A noted mathematician who
held professorships in several Southern
colleges before and since the Civil War,
but during that conflict was a general
in the Confederate army. Elements of
Algebra ; Consideration of the Sermon
on the Mount; The Crucifixion of

Hill, David Jayne. N. J., 1850 .

An educator of note, president of the
Lewisburg University, Pennsylvania,
from 1879, and subsequently of the
University of Rochester, New York.
Science of Rhetoric ; Elements of Rhe-
toric ; Life of Washington Irving ; Life
of Bryant ; Principles and Fallacies of
Socialism ; Social Influences of Chris-
tianity ; The Elements of Psychology ;
Genetic Philosophy.

Hill, Edward Judson. iV.F., 183—

. A lawyer of Chicago. Common

Law Jurisdiction in Illinois ; Chancery
Jurisdiction in Illinois ; Probate Juris-
diction in Illinois ; Municipal Oflices in

Hill, Frederic Stanhope. Ms., 1829-
. A journalist of Cambridge. Twen-
ty Years at Sea, or Leaves from my Old
Log -Books; Historical Continuity of
the Anglican Church. Hou,

Hill, George. 0^,1796-1871. Averse-
writer who held several government
clerkships, and after 1835 lived at
Guilford, his native town. Ruins of
Athens, and Other Poems; Titania's
Banquet, and Other Poems. See Crris-
woWs Poets of America.

Hill, George Canning. Ct., 1825-
1898. Lives of Captain John Smith,
Israel Putnam, Benedict Arnold, Dan-
iel Boone ; Homespun, or Five and
Twenty Years Ago ; Our Parish, or Pen
Paintings of Village Life.

Hill, Hamilton Andrews. E., 1827-
1895. A Boston writer who published
History of the Old South Church, Bos-
ton, 1669-1884 ; Memoir of Abbott
Lawrence. Hou. Lit.




Hill, Henry Barker. Ms., 1849-1903.
Son of T. Hill, infra. A professor of
chemistry at Harvard University from
1879, and author of Notes on Qualita-
tive Analysis. Put.

Hill, Theophilus Hunter. N. C,
1836-1901. A lawyer of Raleigh, North
Carolina. Hesper, and Other Poems,
the first book copyrighted by the Con-
federate government ; Passion Flower,
and Other Poems.

Hill, Thomas. N. J., 1818-1891. A
Unitarian clergyman and educator and
a mathematician of eminence. He was
president of Harvard University, 1862-
1868, and held pastorates at Waltham,
Massachusetts, and Portland, Maine.
He invented several mathematical in-
struments, one of which is the occul-
tator. The Postulates of Religion and
Ethics ; The Stars and the Earth ; The
True Order of Studies ; Geometry and
Faith ; Curvature ; Jesus the Interpre-
ter of Nature ; Christmas, and Poems on
Slavery ; The Natural Sources of The-
ology ; In the Woods and Elsewhere,
containing notable experiments in clas-
sic metres ; and several text-books on
arithmetic and geometry. See Biblio-
graphy of Maine. El. Le. Put.

Hill, Walter Henry. Ky., 1822 .

A Roman Catholic clergyman and edu-
cator of Chicago, a professor in St.
Louis University, 1864-65 and 1871-
1884. Elements of Philosophy ; Ethics,
or Moral Philosophy ; Historical Sketch
of St. Louis University.

Hillard, George Stillman. Me., 1808-
1879. A lawyer of Boston. Life of
General McClellan ; Life of George
Ticknor (with Mrs. Ticknor) ; Six
Months in Italy. He also published a
series of school readers and an edition
of Spenser. Hou.

Hillhouse, James Abram. Ct, 1789-
1841. A dramatic poet of New Haven.
His ambitious, heavy dramas, Percy's
Masque, Hadad, Dem^etria, were once
extravagantly praised, but have long
been hopelessly dead. Dramas, Dis-
courses, and Other Pieces, appeared in
1839. See North American Review,
January, 1840.

Hilliard [hil'yard], Francis. Ms.,
1808-1878. A jurist of Boston. The
Law of Taxation ; The Law of Vend-

ors and Purchasers ; The Law of Mort-
gages ; The Law of Torts ; Law of
Injunctions ; Law of New Trials ; Law
of Contracts ; Law of Bankruptcy ;
American Jurisprudence ; American
Law, a Compreheusive Summary. Ijip.

Hilliard, Henry Washington. iV^.

C, 1808-1892. A lawyer and congress-
man of Alabama. lu 1841 he was
charg^ d'affaires to Belgium. During
the Civil War he served in the Con-
federate army, and subsequently prac-
ticed law in Atlanta, serving as minis-
ter to Brazil, 1877-81. Speeches and
Addresses ; De Vane, a Story of Ple-
beians and Patricians ; Politics and Pen
Pictures. Har.

Hills, George Morgan. N. Y., 1825-
1890. An Episcopal clergyman, rector
of St. Mary's Church, Burlington, New
Jersey, 1870-90. History of the Church
in Burlington ; John Talbot, the First
Bishop in North America ; Church of
England Missions in New Jersey ;
Transfer of the Church from Colonial
Dependence to the Freedom of the Re-

Hinkel, Charles John. E., 1817-
1894. A German educator who came
to America in 1855, and was professor
of Greek and Latin at Vassar College,
1869-90. Die Speculative Analysis des
Begriffs Geist ; Leitfaden bei dem Un-
terreicht in der deutschen Grammatik ;
AUegemeine Aesthetik fiir gebildete

Hinman, Royal Ralph. Ct., 1785-
1868. A lawyer and antiquarian of
New Hampshire, and subsequently of
New York city. Historical Recollec-
tions of Connecticut in the American
Revolution ; Catalogue of the First
Puritan Settlers of Connecticut.

Hinrichs, Carl Detlef. BTc., 1836-

. A Danish educator who came to

America in 1860, and was professor of
physical sciences in Iowa University,
1863-85. Elements of Physics; Ele-
ments of Atom Mechanics ; Principles
of Pure Crystallography ; Principles of
Physical Sciences ; First Course in Qua-
litative Analysis.

Hinsdale, Burke Aaron. O., 1837-
1900. An Ohio educator, president of
Hiram College, 1870-82, and for four
years subsequently superintendent of




schools in Cleveland. Genuineness and
Authenticity of the Gospels ; President
Garfield and Education ; Schools and
Studies ; The Old Northwest ; How to
Study and Teach History ; editor Life
and Works of Garfield. Ap. Hou. Sil.

Hinton, Isaac Taylor. E., 1799-
1847. A Baptist clergyman who came
to America from England in 1822, and
was pastor in Richmond, Virginia, and
in New Orleans, in which latter city he
died. History of Baptism; Lectures
on the Prophecies.

Hirst, Henry Beck. Pa., 1813-1874.
A lawyer and verse-writer of Philadel-
phia. His poetical writings comprise
Endymion, a Tale of Greece ; The Pen-
ance of Roland; The Coming of the
Mammoth, and Other Poems. He also
published a Poetical Dictionary.

Hitchcock, Alfred. Vt., 1813-1874.
A surgeon of Fitchburg, Massachu-
setts, who published Christianity and
Medical Science.

Hitchcock, Charles Henry. Ms.,

1836 . Son of Edward Hitchcock,

infra. The State geologist of New
Hampshire. Natural History and Geo-
logy of Maine ; New Hampshire Geo-
logical Survey ; The Geology of New

Hitchcock, Edward. Ms., 1793-
1864. A Congregational clergyman.
State geologist of Massachusetts, 1833-
1844, and president of Amherst College,
1845-54. Religion of Geology ; Illus-
trations of Surface Geology ; Fossil
Footprints in the United States ; Ich-
nology of New England ; Dyspepsia
Forestalled and Resisted ; Religious
Truth Illustrated from Science ; Ele-
mentary Geology; Reminiscences of
Amherst College. See Allibone's Dic-

Hitchcock, Edward. Ms., 1828-
——. Son of E. Hitchcock, supra. A
physician, professor of hygiene in Am-
herst College from 1861. Anatomy
and Physiology.

Hitchcock, Enos. Ms., 1744-1803.
A Congregational clergyman of Provi-
dence once famous as a preacher. Trea-
tise on Education ; Sermons ; Catecheti-
cal Instruction for Children and Youth.

Hitchcock, Ethan Allen. Vt, 1798-
1870. A general in the Federal army

during the Civil War. He was a grand-
son of Ethan Allen, the noted patriot,
and was an ardent advocate of the doc-
trines of Swedenborg. -Alchemy and
the Alchemists ; Swedenborg, a Her-
metic Philosopher ; Christ the Spirit, an
argument for the symbolic exposition
of the Gospels ; Remarks on the Son-
nets of Shakespeare ; Spenser's Colin
Clout Explained ; Notes on Dante's
" Vita Nuova."

Hitchcock, James Ripley "Well-

man. Ms., 1857 . Son of A.

Hitchcock, supra. A litterateur of
New York city. The Western Art
Movement ; A Study of George Jen-
ness ; Etchings in America ; Madonnas
by Old Masters ; Notable Etchings by
American Artists ; Some American
Painters in Water Colors ; The Future
of Etching.

Hitchcock, Roswell Dwight. Me.,
1817-1887. A Congregational clergy-
man who was president of Union Sem-
inary from 1880. Life of Edward
Robinson, infra ; Complete Analysis of
the Bible ; The New Testament, with
Readings Preferred by the American
Committee Incorporated into the Text ;
Eternal Atonement (with Francis
Brown, the editor of The Teaching of
the Twelve Apostles). Scr.

Hittell, John Shertzer. Pa., 1825-
1901. A journalist of San Francisco.
Evidences against Christianity ; JVIining
in the Pacific States ; Brief History of
Culture ; History of San Francisco ;
The Spirit of the Papacy ; History of
Mental Growth of Mankind in An-
cient Times ; Resources of California.
Ap. Ho.

Hittell, Theodore Henry. Pa., 1830-

. Brother of J. S. Hittell, supra.

A prominent lawyer and historian of
San Francisco. Adventures of Captain
Capen Adams ; General Laws of Cali-
fornia, 1850-64, commonly called Hit-
tell's Digest ; Codes and Statutes of Cal-
ifornia ; History of California, a work of
great value, the first two volumes, ap-
pearing in 1885, carrying the narrative
as far as the close of the Mexican War,
the remaining two volumes, issued in
1897, bringing it to 1887. Goethe's
Faust, a critical review, was issued in
1870. Se.




Hob art, John Henry. Pa., 1775-
1830. The third Protestant Episcopal
bishop of New York, and a leader of
Church thought in his day. Compan-
ion for the Altar ; State of Departed
Spirits ; Festivals and Fasts ; Apolog-y
for Apostolic Order. See Earli^ and
Professional Years of Bishop Hobart,
1834-36. Dut.

Hobart, John Henry. N. Y., 1817-
1889. Son of J. H. Hobart, supra. An
Episcopal clergyman of New York city.
Instruction and Encouragement for
Lent ; Church Keform in Mexico ; Me-
diaeval Papal and Ritual Principles
Stated and Contrasted.

Hobby, William. Ms., 1707-1765.
A Congregational clergyman of Read-
ing, Massachusetts. Vindication of
Whitefield ; Self -Examination.

Hodge, Archibald Alexander. N.
J., 1823-1886. Son of C. Hodge, in-
fra. A Presbyterian clergyman, profes-
sor of theology at Princeton College
from 1877. Outlines of Theology ; Life
of Charles Hodge, infra ; The Atone-
ment ; Commentary on the Confession
of Faith ; Popular Lectures on Theo-
logical Themes. Scr.

Hodge, Charles. Pa., 1797-1878. A
Presbyterian clergyman, for nearly for-
ty years editor of The Princeton Review,
which he founded, and to which he
was the chief contributor. Systematic
Theology ; Commentaries on the Epis-
tles ; Constitutional History of the
Presbyterian Church in the United
States ; What is Darwinism ? ; Discus-
sions in Church Polity ; Conference Pa-
pers. See Life by A. A. Hodge ; Prince-
toniana, by Charles Salmond. Scr.

Hodge, Frederick "Webb. E., 1864-
. An ethnologist at the Smithso-
nian Institution. Architecture of the
Prehistoric Pueblos of Southern Ari-
zona ; Methods of Irrigation of the An-
cient Inhabitants of the Salado Valley.

Hodge, Hugh Lenox. Pa., 1796-
1873. Brother of C. Hodge, supra. A
physician who was professor of obstet-
rics in the University of Pennsylvania
from 1835. Principles and Practice of
Obstetrics ; Diseases Peculiar to Wo-

Hodge, John Aspirivrall. Pa., 1831-
1901. A Presbyterian clergyman in

Hartford, 1866-92. What is Presby-
terian Law ? ; Theology of the Shorter
Catechism (second part) ; Recognition
After Death.

Hodges, George. N. Y., 1856 .

An Episcopal clergyman, dean of the
Theological School at Cambridge from
1894, and prominent among Broad
Church thinkers. The Heresy of Cain ;
Christianity Between Sundays ; Faith
and Social Service. Wh.

Hodgkin, Louise Manning. Ms.,

1846 . An educator who was

from 1876 to 1891 professor of English
Literature in Wellesley College. Guide
to the Study of Nineteenth Century
Literature ; Via Christi.

Hodgson, Francis. E., 1805-1877.
A Methodist minister in Pennsylvania
and other States. Examination into
the System of New Divinity ; Ecclesias-
tical Policy of Methodism Defended ;
Calvinistic Doctrine of Predestination
Examined and Refuted. Meth.

Hoffman, Charles Fenno. N. Y.,
1806-1884. Half brother of M. Hoff-
man, infra. A once popular poet and
story-writer of New York city who
from 1850 lived in absolute retirement
by reason of mental disorder. He ex-
celled as a song-writer, his best known
songs being, Sparkling and Bright, and
The Myrtle and Steel. A Winter in
the West; Wild Scenes in the Forest
and Prairie ; The Vigil of Faith, and
Other Poems ; The Echo, or Borrowed
Notes for Home Circulation (verse).
Love's Calendar, and Other Poems ;
Grayslaer, a novel. See Poems of, ed-
ited by E. Hoffman, 1874.

Hoffman, David. Md., 1784-1854.
A lawyer who was professor of law in
the University of Maryland. A Course
of Legal Study ; Legal Outlines ; Legal
Hints ; Miscellaneous Thoughts on
Men and Things ; Chronicles Selected
from the Originals of Cartaphilus, the
Wandering Jew ; Viator, a Peep into
my Notebook.

Hoffman, David Bancroft. N. Y.,

1827 . A politician and physician

of San Diego who has published Medi-
cal History of San Diego County, Cali-

Hoffman, David Murray. N. Y.,
1791-1878. A once prominent New




York jurist. OSiee and Duties of Mas-
ters in Chancery ; Estate and Rights
of the Corporation of New York as
Proprietors ; Law of the Protestant
Episcopal Church in the United btates ;
Ecclesiastical Law in the State of New
York ; Law and Practice as to Refer-
Hoffman, Eugene Augustus. N.Y.,
1829-1902. An Episcopal clergyman
of New York city, dean of the General
Theological Seminary from 1879, and
a prominent benefactor of that institu-
tion. Free Churches ; The Ritualistic
Week ; Manual of Devotion for Com-

Hoffman, John N . Pa., 1804-

1857. A Lutheran clergyman of
Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Evangelical
Hymns, Original and Selected ; A Col-
lection of Tests ; The Broken Plat-
form, a Defence of the Symbolical
Books of the Lutheran Church.

Hoffman, "Wiokham. N. Y., 1821-
1900. Son of D. M. Hoffman, supra. A
diplomatist who, after serving as secre-
tary of legation at Paris, London, and
St. Petersburg successively, was minis-
ter to Denmark, 1833-85. Camp, Court,
and Siege, a Narrative of Personal
Adventure during Two Wars ; Leisure
Hours in Russia.

Hogan, John. I., 1805-1892. A poli-
tician and banker of St. Louis.
Thoughts about St. Louis ; Resources
of Missouri ; Sketches of Early West-
em Pioneers ; History of Western

Hoge [hog], Moses. Va., 1752-1820.
A Presbyterian clergyman and educa-
tor of Virginia, president of Hampden
and Sidney College, 1803-20, and widely
known as an eloquent preacher. Chris-
tian Panoply, a Reply to Paine's " Age
of Reason ; " Sermons.

Hoge, "William James. Va., 1821-
1804. A Presbyterian clergyman of
New York city, and subsequently of
Petersburg, Virginia, very popular in
his day, and the author of Blind Bar-
timeus, or the Sightless Sinner.

Hogg, Wilson Thomas. N. Y.,
1852 . A Free Methodist clergy-
man, president of Greenville College
from 1893. Handbook of Homiletics
and Pastoral Theology ; Revivals and
Revival Work.

Hoke, Jacob, 18-

-. The Age

we Live In ; Holiness, or the Higher
Christian Life ; Clusters from Eshcol ;
Guide to the Battle Field of Gettys-
burg ; The Great Invasion of 1863.

Holbrook, Alfred. Ct., 1816 .

An educator of Lebanon, Ohio. The
Normal, or Methods of Teaching ; An
English Grammar Conformed to Pre-
sent Usage.

Holbrook, James. 1812-1864. From
1845 a special agent of the United
States Post Office. He published Ten
Years Among the Mailbags.

Holbrook, John Edwards. -S. C,
1794-1871. A physician and naturalist,
professor of anatomy at the Medical
College in Charleston for more than
thirty years. American Herpetology;
Ichthyology of South Carolina.

Holbrook, Martin Luther. O.,
1831-1902. A physician of New York
city, professor of hygiene in the New
York Medical College and Hospital
for Women, and editor of The Herald
of Health and Journal of Hygiene.
Parturition Without Pain; Eating
for Strength : Hygiene of Brain and
Nerves ; Marriage and Parentage ; How
to Strengthen the Memory; Hygienic
Treatment of Consumption.

Holbrook, Silas Pinckney. S. C.^
1796-1835. Brother of J. E. Holbrook,
supra. A lawyer of Medfield, Massa-
chusetts. Sketches by a Traveller is a
collection of his contributions" to the
Boston Courier and the New England

Holoombe, Henry. Va., 1762-1826.
A Baptist clergyman of Philadelphia.
Lectures on Primitive Theology ; First

Holoombe, Hosea. S. C, 1780-1841.
A Baptist clergyman of Alabama. Col-
lection of Sacred Hymns ; Anti-Mis-
sion Principles Exposed ; History of
Alabama Baptists.

Holoombe, James Philemon. Va.y.
1820-1873. A lawyer and educator of
Virginia, professor of law in the Uni-
versity of Virginia, 1852-60, and mem-
ber of the Confederate Congress, 1861-
1863. Law of Debtor and Creditor ;
Literature and Letters ; Introduction to
Equity Jurisprudence ; Leading Cases
upon Commercial Law ; Digest of




United States Supreme Court Deci-
sions ; Merchants' Book of Reference.
Holcombe, ■William Frederick.

Ms., 1827 . A physician of New

York city, professor of eye and ear dis-
eases in several medical institutions.
History of Mount Sterling, Kentucky ;
History of the Holcombes in America ;
Family Records, their Importance and
Holcombe, "William Henry. Va.,
1825-1894. Brother of J. P. Holcombe,
supra. A homoeopathic physician of
New Orleans, who was well known as
a Swedenborgian writer. Our Children
in Heaven ; Lost Truths of Christian-
ity ; The Other Life ; Southern Voices,
a volume of verse ; Scientific Basis of
Homoeopathy; How I Became a Ho-
moeopath ; Poems ; The Sexes Here
and Hereafter ; In Both Worlds ; The
End of the World ; The New Tenant ;
Letters on Spiritual Subjects ; Con-
densed Thoughts About Christian Sci-
ence. Lip.
Holden, Edw^ard Singletou. Mo.,

1846 • An astronomer, president

of the University of California since
1880, and director of the Lick Obser-
vatory. Astronomy for Students (with
S. Newcomb, infra) ; Life of Sir WU-
liam Herschel ; Monograph of the Cen-
tral Parts of the Nebula of Orion;
Notes on the Bastion System of Forti-
fication ; Astronomical Bibliography ;
Handbook of Lick Observatory ; The
Mogul Emperors of Hindustan. Scr.
Holden, George Henry. Ms., 1848-

. The proprietor of a bird store

in Boston who has published Canaries
and Cage Birds. Ju.

Holden, Luther Loud. 18 .

Persis, a Tale of the White Mountains ;
A Summer Jaunt through the Old
Holder, Charles Frederick. Ms.,

1851 . Son of J. B. Holder, infra.

A naturalist of New York city, and a
popular writer upon natural history
topics. Elements of Zoology (with J.
B. Holder) ; Marvels of Animal Life ;
The Ivory King ; Living Lights ; Won-
der Wings ; A Strange Company ; A
Frozen Dragon, and Other Tales ; All
About Pasadena ; Along the Florida
Reef ; Life of Agassiz ; Young Folks'

Story Book of Natural History. Ap.
Do. Le. Lo. Put. Scr.

Holder, Joseph Bassett. Ms., 1824-
1888. A zoologist who was a curator
in the American Museum of Natural
History, New York city. History of
the North American Fauna ; History of
the Atlantic Right Whales ; The Liv-
ing World.

Holdich, Joseph. E., 1804-1893. A
Methodist clergyman who was secre-
tary of the American Bible Society,
1849-78. Bible History; Life of A.
H. Hard ; Life of Wilbur Fisk, supra.
Uar. Meth.

Holland, Edward Clifford. S. C,
1794-1824. A journalist of Charleston
who was the author of a volume of
Odes, Naval Songs, and Other Poems.

Holland, Frederick May. Ms.,18QQ-

. Son of F. W. Holland, infra. A

Unitarian clergyman of Massachusetts.
The Reign of the Stoics ; Stories from
Robert Browning ; The Rise of Intel-
lectual Liberty from Thales to Coper-
nicus; Life of Frederick Douglass.
Fu. Ho.

Holland, Frederick West. Ms.,
1811-1895. A Unitarian clergyman of
Concord, Massachusetts. Scenes in Pal-
estine ; Sinai and Jerusalem, or Scenes
from Bible Lands.

Holland, Henry Ware. N. Y.,

1844 . Son of F. W. HoUand,

supra. A Boston lawyer and journal-
ist. WUliam Dawes and his Ride with
Paul Revere.

Holland, Josiah Gilbert. " Timothy
Titcomb." 3fs., 1819-1881. A popu-
lar author and lecturer whose writings
met with severe criticism as literary
productions without being naaterially
affected in popularity. They were ad-
dressed to average commonplace hu-
manity, and exerted a wide and helpful
influence. He was editor of The Spring-
field Republican, 1849-66, and of Scrib-

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