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Britain ; Life of Silas Wright, include
the larger part of his writings. Co.

Jenks, Jeremiah Whipple. McL,

1856 . An educator, since 1891

professor of political, municipal, and
social institutions at Cornell University.
Henry C. Carey als National-okonom ;
Road Legislation for the American

Jenks, John Whipple Potter. Ms,,
1819-1894. A naturalist who was di-
rector of the museum of natural history
at Brown University, 1872-94, and pro-
fessor of agriculture and zoology there,
1875-94. Hunting in Florida ; Jenks
and Steele's Zoology.

Jenks, William. Ms., 1778-1866. A
once prominent Congregational clergy-
man of Boston who founded the Amer-
ican Oriental Society. Commentary on
the Bible, long a popular work ; Bible
Atlas and Scripture Gazetteer.

Jenness, John Soribner. N. H.,
1827-1879. A lawyer of New York
city. The Isles of Shoals, an Historical
Sketch; The First Planting of New
Hampshire. He edited Transcripts of
Original Documents relating to the
Early History of New Hampshire.

Jennison, Lucy White. " Owen
Innsley." Ms., 1850 . A verse-
writer who has lived mainly in Europe.
Love Poems and Sonnets.

Jervey, Mrs. Caroline Hb-ward
[Gilman] [Glover]. S. C, 1823-
1877. Daughter of S. Gilman, supra.
A writer of fiction and verse. Vernon
Grove ; Helen Courtenay's Promise.

Jervis, John Bloomfield. N. Y.,
1795-1885. A civil engineer of New
York who designed many important
works, such as the Croton Dam and
High Bridge. Railway Property ; La-
bor and Capital. Bai.

Jessup, Henry Harris. Pa., 1832-

. A Presbyterian missionary in

Syria from 1856. The Women of the
Arabs ; The Children of the East ; The
Greek Church and Protestant Missions ;
Syrian Home Life, include his most im-
portant works. Do.

Jeter, Jeremiah Bell. Va., 1802-
1880. A Baptist clergyman prominent
in the South as a preacher and contro-




versialist. Among his writings are,
Campbellism Examined ; Campbellism
Re-Examined ; The Seal of Heaven ;
The Christian Mirror ; Recollections of
a Long Life. See Life by W. E. Hatcher.

Jewett, Charles Coffin. Me., 1816-
1868. A bibliographer who was the
£rst superintendent of the Boston Pub-
lic Library. Facts and Considerations
Relative to Duties on Books ; Notices
of Public Libraries in the United
States ; Construction of Catalogues.

Jewett, George Baker. Me., 1818-
1880. Brother of C. C. Jewett, supra.
A New England educator whose prin-
cipal works were Baptism versus Im-
mersion ; Critique on the Greek Text
of the New Testament.

Jewett, Milo Parker. Vt., 1808-
1882. An educator who was the first
president of Vassar College. Baptism ;
The Relation of Boards of Health and

Jewett, Sarah Orhe. Me., 1849 .

A popular writer of quiet fiction whose
life has been passed mainly at her
birthplace in South Berwick, Maine,
and in Boston. Her painstaking, accu-
rate studies of phases of rural New
England life and character have re-
ceived much well-deserved praise. Old
Friends and New ; Play- Days ; Country
By- Ways ; Deephaven ; The Mate of
the Daylight, and Friends Ashore ; A
Country Doctor ; A Marsh Island ; A
White Heron, and Other Stories ; The
Story of the Normans, an historical
work ; The King of Folly Island, and
Other People ; Betty Leicester, a Story
for Girls; Strangers and Wayfarers;
A Native of Winby, and Other Tales ;
The Life of Nancy ; The Country of
the Pointed Firs. See Bibliography of
Maine. Hou. Put.

Johnson, Alexander Bryan. E.,
1786-1867. A prominent banker of
Utiea for nearly half a century. Trea-
tise on Banking ; The Philosophy of
Human Knowledge ; Religion in its
Relations to the Present Life ; The
Physiology of the Senses ; The Mean-
ing of Words ; Nature and Value of
Capital ; Encyclopsedia of Instruction ;
Guide to the Right Understanding of
Our American Union.

Johnson, Barton "W . II., 1833-

1894. A CampbeUite minister and

educator of Iowa. The Vision of the
Ages ; Commentary on John ; The Peo-
ple's New Testament ; Young Folks in
Bible Lands.

Johnson, Benjamin F., of Boone.
See Riley, James Whitcomb.

Johnson, Charles Frederick. N.Y.,

1836 . A professor of English

literature in Trinity College. English
Words, an Elementary Study of Deri-
vations ; Three Americans and Three
Englishmen, lectures. Har.

Johnson, Clifton. Ms., 1865 .

A writer and illustrator of Hadley,
Massachusetts, best known by his pho-
tographic illustrations to White's Sel-
borne and other books. What They
Say in New England ; A Book of Coun-
try Clouds and Sunshine ; The Country
School in New England ; The Farmer's
Boy ; The New England Country ; The
Isle of the Shamrock. Ap. Le.

Johnson, Edward. E., 1600-1682.
The principal founder of Woburn, Mas-
sachusetts, in 1640, and a prominent
citizen of that town for the rest of his
life. The Wonder- Working Providence
of Zion's Saviour in New England is a
valuable account of New England
" from the English planting in 1628 till
1652." An edition, with Introduction
and Notes by W. F. Poole, infra, ap-
peared in 1867. See Tyler^s American
Literature; Bibliography of Rhode Is-

Johnson, Edwin A . iV^.r.,1829-

. A Methodist clergyman. Half-
Hour Studies of Life ; The Live Boy,
or Charley's Letters ; Winter Green-
eries at Home ; The Lilyvale Club and
its Doings. Meth.

Johnson, Francis How^e. Ms., 1835-

. A Congregational clergyman in

Andover, Massachusetts. What is Re-
ality ? an Inquiry as to the Reasona-
bleness of Natural Religion, and the
Naturalness of Revealed Religion.

Johnson, Frank Grant. Ct, 1835-

. A physician and inventor of

Brooklyn. The Water Metre and the
Actual Measurement System ; The
Nicholson and Other Pavements ;
Health Lifts ; Infected Air and Disin-

Johnson, Franklin. 1836 . A

Baptist clergynoan, professor in Chicago




University, and previously pastor of a
church in Cambridge. Quotations of
the New Testament from the Old ;
True Womanhood ; The New Psychic
Studies in their Relation to Christian
Thought ; Heine's Lyrical Interludes,
with introduction and notes ; Dies
Irae, and Stabat Mater, with introduc-
tion and notes. Bap. Fu. Lo.

Johnson, Mrs. Helen [Kendrick].

N. Y., 1843 . Wife of Rossiter

Johnson, infra, and daughter of A. C.
Kendrick, infra. She has edited Our
Familiar Songs ; Tears for the Little
Ones; The Nutshell Series, and other
works ; and has written Raleigh West-
gate, or Epimenides in Maine ; The Rod-
dy Books ; Woman and the Republic.
Ap. Ho. Hou. Put.

Johnson, Herrick. N.Y., 1832 .

A Presbyterian clergyman of Chicago,
professor in McCormick Theological
Seminary from 1880. Christianity's
Challenge ; Plain Talks about Thea-
tres ; Forms for Special Occasions ; Re-
vivals. Rev.

Johnson, John Butler. O., 1850-
1902. A professor of civil engineering
in Washington University, at St. Louis,
from 1883. Theory and Practice of
Surveying ; Modern Framed Structures ;
Stadia and Earth- Work Tables. Wil.

Johnson, Mrs. Laura [Winthrop].
Ct, 1825-18—. Sister of Theodore
Winthrop, infra. A writer of New
York city. Little Blossom's Reward ;
Poems of Twenty Years ; Eight Hun-
dred Miles in an Ambulance. Lip.

Johnson, Oliver. Vt., 1809-1889. An
editor and lecturer of New York city,
successively managing editor of The
Independent, editor of the Weekly
Tribune, and editor of the Christian
Union. William Lloyd Garrison and
his Times. Hou.

Johnson, Richard "W. Xy., 1827-
1897. A brigadier-general in the
Federal army during the Civil War,
brevetted major-general. A Soldier's
Reminiscences in Peace and War ; Life
of Major-General George H. Thomas.

Johnson, Robert Under-wood. D.

C, 1853 . A New York writer

on the editorial staff of The Century
Magazine from 1873. The Winter
Hour and Other Poems. Cent.

Johnson, Mrs. Rosa V, See Jeffrey,

Johnson, Rossiter. N. Y., 1840-

. A writer of New York city who

edited Appletons' Annual Cyclopae-
dia 1883-1902, and also edited Famous
Single Poems ; Play-day Poems ; Little
Classics ; The Authorized History of
the World's Columbian Exposition, and
other works. His original writings in-
clude, Phaeton Rogers, a Novel of Boy
Life ; History of the French War, End-
ing in the Conquest of Canada ; His-
tory of the War of 1812-15 ; A Short
History of the War of Secession, en-
larged as Campfire and Battlefield ;
The End of a Rainbow, an American
Story ; Idler and Poet (verse) ; Three
Decades (verse). Ap. Do. Ho. Hou. Scr.

Johnson, Samuel. Ct., 1696-1772.
An Episcopal clergyman of Stratford,
Connecticut, who was president of Co-
lumbia (then Kings) College, 1753-63.
A System of Morality, republished by
Franklin as Elementa Philosophia ;
English and Hebrew Grammar. An
influential writer in his day. See Life
and Correspondence by E. E. Beardsley ;
Life by T. B. Chandler, 1805.

Johnson, Samuel. Ms., 1822-1882.
A Unitarian clergyman of radical views,
pastor of an independent church in
Lynn for many years. Oriental Re-
ligions ; Lectures, Essays, and Ser-
mons ; The Worship of Jesus In its Past
and Present Aspect. See Memoir by S.
Longfellow, infra. Hou.

Johnson, Samuel 'William. iV. Y.,

1830 . A professor of chemistry

in Sheffield Scientific School at Yale
University from 1856. Essays on Ma-
nures ; Peat and Its Uses ; How Crops
Feed ; Chemical Notation and Nomen-
clature, and several translations of Ger-
man scientific works. Wil.

Johnson, Mrs. Sarah [Barclay].
Va., 1837-1885. Daughter of J. T.
Barclay, supra. She lived for many
years in Syria, where her husband was
consul-general. The Hadji in Syria
was her only published work.

Johnson, Thomas Gary. W. Va.,

1859 . A Presbyterian clergyman,

professor of ecclesiastical polity in
Union Seminary, Virginia, from 1892.
The History of the Southern Presbyte'
rian Church.




Johnson, Virginia Wales. L. I.,

1847 . A novelist who has resided

in Europe since 1875, and mainly in
Italy. The Neptune Vase is her finest
effort. Her other works comprise, Jo-
seph the Jew ; A Sack of Gold ; The
Calderwood Secret ; Two Old Cats ;
Miss Nancy's Pilgrimage ; A Foreign
Marriage ; An English Daisy Miller ;
The House of the Musician ; Tulip
Place ; The Fainalls of Tipton ; Amer-
ica's Godfather. Est. Har. Hou. Scr.

Johnson, Walter Rogers. JV/s., 1791-
1852. A once prominent chemist of
Boston and elsewhere. The Use of
Anthracite ; Report on Coals ; Coal
Trade of British Ameiica; Natural
Philosophy ; Memoir of L. D, Ton
Schweinitz,. infra.

Johnston, Alexander. L. J., 1849-
1889. A professor of political economy
at Princeton College, 1883-89. The
Genesis of a New England State ; His-
tory of the United States for Schools ;
The United States, its History and Con-
stitution ; History of Connecticut ; His-
tory of American Politics. Ho. Hou.

Johnston, Henry Phelps. 1842-

. A professor of history in the

College of tlie City of New York. Loy-
alist History of the Revolution ; The
Campaign of 1776 around New York ;
The Yorktown Campaign ; Yale and
her Honor Roll in the American Revo-
lution; Observations on Judge Jones.

Johnston, John. Me., 1806-1879. An
educator who was for many years pro-
fessor of natural science in Wesleyan
University. Manual of Chemistry ;
Manual of Natural Philosophy ; Primer
of Natural Philosophy ; History of the
Towns of Bristol and Bremen in Maine.

Johnston, Joseph Eggleston. Va.,
1807-1891. A famous general in the
Confederate service who surrendered
to General Sherman on April 26, 1865.
He published a Narrative of Military
Operations, a spirited defence of his
military policy. See Life of, hy B. M.
Hughes. Ap.

Johnston, Richard Malcolm. Ga.,
1822-1898. A Baltimore writer and
educator whose humourous writings are
very distinctly original. Life of Alex-
ander Stephens, infra (with W. H.

Browne, supra) ; Dukesborough Tales ;
Old Mark Langston ; Two Gray Tour-
ists ; Mr. Absalom Billingslea and
Other Georgia Folk ; Ogeechee Cross-
Firings ; Studies, Literary and Social ;
The Primes and Their Neighbors ;
Mr. Billy Downs and his Likes ; Wid-
ow Guthrie, a Novel ; The Chronicles
of Mr. Bill Williams; Mr. Fortner's
Marital Claims ; Little Ike Templin,
stories for young people ; Etiglish
Classics : a Historical Sketch. Ap.
Har. Lip. Lo.

Johnston, William Preston. Jiy.,
1831-1899. An educator of Louisiana,
president of Tulane University from
1884. He was the son of the Confed-
erate general, Albert Sidney Johnston.
Besides a life of liis father he wrote
The Prototype of Hamlet. Ap.

Johonnot, James. Vt, 1823-1888.
An educator of Illinois and Missouri.
Principles and Practice of Teaching ;
Glimpses of the Animate World ; Book
of Cats and Dogs ; Friends in Feathers
and Fur; Some Curious Flyers, Creep-
ers, and Swimmers ; Schoolhouses ;
Schoolhouse Architecture. Ap.

Jones, Alexander. N. C, c. 1802-
1863. A New York journalist who
•was a physician in the earlier portion
of his career. Cuba in 1851 ; Histori-
cal Sketch of the Electric Telegraph,
1852 ; The Cymri of Seventy-Six.

Jones, Amanda Theodosia. O.,

1835 . An educator and inventor

of Chicago. Her writings in verse
comprise Ulah, and Other Poems ; At-
lantis ; A Prairie Idyl.

Jones, Charles Colcock. Ga., 1804-
1863. A Presbyterian clergyman of
Georgia. Religious Instruction for
Negroes; History of The Church of

Jones, Charles Colcock. Ga., 1831-
1893. Son of C. C. Jones, supra. A
lawyer and archaeologist of Augusta,
Georgia. Ancient Tumuli in Georgia ;
Antiquities of the Southern Indians ;
The History of Georgia ; Negro Myths
from the Georgia Coast ; Biographical
Sketches of the Delegates from Georgia
to the Continental Congress ; The Eng-
lish Colonization of Georgia. Ap. Hou.

Jones, George. Me., 1800-1870. An
Episcopal chaplain in the United States
navy. Sketches of Naval Life ; Life




Scenes from the Gospels ; Life Scenes
from the Old Testament ; Excursions
to Cairo, Jerusalem, etc.
Jones, Horatio Gates. Pa., 1822-
1893. A lawyer of Philadelphia who
published many local histories and bio-
graphies, among the latter being An-
drew Bradford, Founder of the News-
paper Press in the Middle States.

Jones, Hugh. E., 1669-1760. An
Episcopal clergyman, for sixty -five
years rector of parishes in Virginia and
Maryland. He was author of The
Present State of Virginia, a work much
valued by collectors of colonial litera-

Jones, James Athearn. Ms., 1790-
1853. A journalist of Philadelphia
and elsewhere. Traditions of the North
American Indians ; Haverhill, a novel.

Jones, Jenkin Lloyd. W., 1843-
. A Unitarian clergyman of Chi-
cago, editor of Unity from 1880. Prac-
tical Piety ; The Faith that Makes

Jones, Joel. Ct., 1795-1860. A jurist
of Philadelphia who wrote much on
theological topics, and was the first
president of Girard College. Manual
of Pennsylvania Land Law ; Jesus and
the Coniing Glory ; Knowledge of One
Another in a Future State, are among
his works.

Jones, John Beauchamp. Md., 1810-
1866. A journalist whose books en-
joyed considerable popularity at one
time, but have very little literary me-
rit. A Rebel War Clerk's Diary ; Wild
Western Scenes ; Border War ; Love
and Money ; Life and Adventures of a
Country Merchant ; War Path ; Freaks
of Fortune ; The Rival Belles, are some
of them. Lip.

Jones, Joseph. Ga., 18.33-1893. Son
of C. C. Jones, 1st, supra. A physician,
professor in Tulane University, New
Orleans, from 1869. Among his writ-
ings are. Sanitary Memoirs of the War
of the Rebellion ; Surgical Memoirs of
the War of the Rebellion ; Hospital
Construction and Organization ; Medi-
cal and Surgical Memoirs.

Jones, Joseph Huntington. Ct.,
1797-1868. Brother of Joel Jones, su-
pra. A Presbyterian clergyman of
Philadelphia. The Effects of' Physical

Causes on Christian Experience ; Life
of Ashbel Green, supra ; Revival of

Jones, Joseph SeaTvell. N. C, c.
1811-1855. A Southern writer who
published Defence of the Revolution-
ary History of North Carolina ; Memo-
rials of North Carolina.

Jones, Joseph Stevens. 1811-1877.
An extremely prolific playwright of Bos-
ton, among whose best known produc-
tions are, Solon Shingle ; Eugene Aram ;
The Silver Spoon ; The Liberty Tree ;
MoU Pitcher.

Jones, Leonard Augustus. Ms.,
1832 . A lawyer of Boston, edi-
tor of The American Law Registbr.
Personal Property ; The Law of Mort-
gages of Real Property ; On The Law
of Pledges ; Pledges and Collateral Se-
curities ; Corporate Bonds and Mort-
gages ; Chattel Mortgages ; Liens ; Real
Estate in Conveyancing ; Forms in Con-
veyancing. Hon.

Jones, Samuel Porter. Al, 1847-

. A noted and eccentric revival

preacher. Sam Jones's Sermons ; Music
Hall Sermons ; Sam Jones's Own Book.

Jones, William Alfred. N. Y., 1817-
1900. A critic and essayist of Norwich,
Connecticut. The Analyst ; Essays
upon Authors and Books ; Characters
and Criticisms ; Literary Studies.

Jordan, Mrs. Cornelia Jane [Mat-
thews]. Fa., 1830 . A Virginia

writer of verse whose volume, Corinth,
and Other Poems of the War, was pub-
licly burnt on its appearance in 1865,
by order of General Terry, as an ob-
jectionable and incendiary publication.
Her other works are. Flowers of Hope
and Memory ; Christmas Poem for
Children ; Richmond, her Glory and
her Graves ; Useful Maxims for a No-
ble Life.

Jordan, David Starr. N. Y., 1851-

. A noted naturalist who became

the first president of Leland Stanford
Junior University. Besides a great
number of scientific papers and mono-
graphs, he has published A Manual of
the Vertebrate Animals of the North-
ern United States ; Scientific Sketches ;
Contributions to American Ichthology ;
The Factors in Organic Evolution. Gi.




Jordan, Mrs. Dulcie [Mason]. N.
Y., 1835-1895. A journalist and verse-
writer of Richmond, Indiana, who pub-
lished Rosemary Leaves, a volume of
uneven but often pleasing verse.

Jordan, John "Woolf. Pa., 1840 .

A Philadelphia antiquarian, editor of
the Pennsylvania Magazine of History.
Friedensthal and its Stockaded Mill ; A
Red Rose from the Olden Time ; Some-
thing about Trombones ; Occupation of
New York by the British.

Jordan, Thomas. Fa., 1819-1895. A
Confederate officer, editor of The Min-
ing Record. The South, its Products,
Commerce, and Resources (1861) ; Cam-
paigns of Lieutenant-General Forrest.

Jouin, Louis. P., 1818-1899. A Je-
suit educator of note, professor at St.
John's College, Fordham. Elementa
Philosophise Moralis ; Compendium
Ijogicse et Metaphysicse ; Evidences of

Joyce, Robert D-wyer. I., 1836-
1883. An Irish journalist who came to
America in 1866 and settled in Boston.
Ballads, Romances, and Songs ; Deirdr^,
a Poem ; Ballads of Irish Chivalry ;
Irish Fireside Tales ; Legends on the
Wars in Ireland ; Blanid ; The Squire
of Castleton, an historical novel. Bob.

Judd, Sylvester. Ms., 1789-1860. An
antiquarian of Northampton, Massa-
chusetts. Thomas Judd and his De-
scendants ; History of Hadley. See
Memorials of, by A. Hall, supra.

Judd, Sylvester. Ms., 1813-1853.
Son of S. Judd, supra. A Unitarian
clergyman of Augusta, Maine. His
greatest work is the remarkable story
of Margaret : a Tale of the Real and
the Ideal. Other works of his include,
Philo, a religious poena ; Richard Ed-
ney, a novel ; The Church, a series of
sermons. See NichoVs American Liter-
ature ; Lowell's Fable for Critics. Rob.

Judson, Edward Z C . Pa.,

1822-1886. A writer of sensational
non-literary stories for weekly papers
which gave him a large income. He
was also a temperance lecturer. Among
his stories are. Red Ralph the Ranger ;
The Sea Bandit; Buffalo Bill; The
White Cruiser.

Judson, Mrs. Emily [Chubbuck].
" Fanny Forester." N. Y., 1817-1854.

A once popular writer who was the>
third wife of the famous Baptist mis-'
sionary, Adoniram Judson. Alderbrook,
a collection of stories ; Trippings in
Author Land ; An Olio of Domestic

Judson, Harry Pratt. N. Y., 1849-

. A professor of political science

in the University of Chicago. Europe
in the Nineteenth Century ; The Growth
of the American Nation ; Caesar's Army,
a Study of the Military Art of the Ro-
mans. Gi. Fl.

Judson, L Carroll. 18 .

Biography of the Signers of the Decla-
ration of Independence ; Sages and He-
roes of the American Revolution ; The
Moral Probe, a collection of Essays.

Julian, George Washington. Ind.,
1817-1899. An Indiana statesman, sur-
veyor-general of New Mexico in 1885.
Speeches on Political Questions ; Poli-
tical Recollections from 1840-72 ; Life
of Joshua Giddings, supra. Mg.

June, Jennie. See Croly.

Junkin, David Xavier. Pa., 1808-
1880. A Presbyterian clergyman ot
Chicago and elsewhere. The Good
Steward ; Life of General Hancock
(with F. H. Norton) ; The Oath a Di-
vine Ordinance. Ap.

Junkin, George. Pa., 1790-1868.
Brother of D. X. Junkin, ^ sMjora. A
Presbyterian clergyman once promi-
nent among leaders of the Old School
party. He was the founder of Lafay-
ette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, and
was twice its president. His more im-
portant works include. Commentary on
Hebrews; Political Fallacies ; The Great
Apostasy ; Sanctification ; Justification ;
The Tabernacle. See Biography by D.
X. Junkin.

Junkin, Margaret. Daughter of G.
Junkin, supra. See Preston, Mrs.

Kaler, James Otis. Me., 1846 .

A journalist of New York city who has
written much for juvenile readers. The
Boy Captain ; Under the Liberty Tree ;
A Short Cruise; The Boys' Revolt;
Toby Tyler ; Left Behind ; Mr. Stubbs's
Brother; Tom and Tip; Raising the




Pearl ; Silent Pete ; The Castaways ;
Little Joe ; Stories of American His-
tory ; Jerry's Family ; Jenny Wren's
Boarding-House. Cr. Est. Har.

Kalisch, Isidor. P., 1816-1886. A
Jewish clergyman who came to the
United States in 1849, and was rabbi
of congregations in Cleveland, Mil-
waukee, and elsewhere. He published
Sketch of the Talmud, and several im-
portant translations from the German
and Hebrew.

Kane, Elisha Kent. Pa., 1820-1857.
A surgeon in the United States navy
who was famous as an Arctic explorer.
The United States Grinnell Expedition
of 1850 ; Second Grinnell Expedition.
See Lives by Elder and Schmucker.

Kane, Thomas Leiper. Pa., 1822-
1883. Brother of E. K. Kane, supra.
A lawyer of Philadelphia, and a briga-
dier-general in the Federal army in the
Civil War. The Mormons ; Alaska ;

Kautz, August Valentine. G., 1828-
1895. An officer in the United States
amay who served invthe Civil War and
in several subsequent Indian campaigns,
and became a colonel and brevet major-
general. The Company Clerk ; Customs
of Service for Non-Commissioned Offi-
cers and Soldiers ; Customs of Service
for Officers. Lip.

Keating, John Marie. Pa., 1852-
189.3. A Philadelphia physician. With
General Grant in the East; Mothers'
Guide for Management of Infants ; Ma-
ternity, Infancy, and Childhood ; Dis-
eases of the Heart (with W. A. Ed-
wards), include his principal writings.

Kedney, John Steinfort. N. J.,

1819 . An Episcopal clergyman,

professor in Seabury Divinity School at
Faribault, Minnesota, from 1871. Mens
Christi, and Other Problems in Theo-
logy ; Catawba, and Other Poems ; The
Beautiful and the Sublime, an Analysis
of the Emotions ; Hegel's .^Esthetics ;
Christian Doctrine Harmonized. Put.

Keeler, Charles Augustus. Wis.,
1871 . An ornithologist and verse-
writer of California. Evolution of Co-
lor in North American Land Birds ; A
Light through the Storm.

Keeler, Ralph, O., 1840-1873. A
journalist of California and New York.
Gloverson and his Silent Partner ; Va-
gabond Adventures.

Keen, William Williams. Pa.,

1837 . An eminent Philadelphia

surgeon, professor of surgery at Jeffer-
son Medical College from 1889. Reflex
Paralysis ; Gunshot Wounds ; Clinical
Chart of the Human Body ; Complica-
tions and Sequels of Continuous Fever ;
Early History of Practical Anatomy.

Keenan, Henry Francis. N. Y.,

1849 . A journalist and novelist

formerly of Rochester, New York. The
Money-Makers, a Social Problem ; Tra-
jan, the History of a Sentimental Young
Man ; The Aliens ; One of a Thousand ;
The Iron Game. Ap. Cas.

Keep, Josiah. Ms., 1849 . An

educator of California. Common Sea
Shells of California ; West Coast Shells.

Keep, Robert Porter. Ct., 1844-
1904. An educator of Norwich, Con-
necticut. Stories from Herodotus ; Es-
sential Uses of the Moods in Greek and

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