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Latin; Greek Lessons. Sar.

Keith, Alyn Yates. See Morris, Mrs.

Keller, Joseph Edward. Bv., 1827- -
1886. A Jesuit educator, president of
St. Louis University. Life and Acts of
Pope Leo XIII. (1880).

Kelley, Hall Jackson. N. H., 1790-
1874. An educator of Boston who or-
ganized the first Sunday-school in New
England, and made an unsuccessful at-
tempt to colonize Oregon in 1830. Ge-
ographical Description of Oregon ; Let-
ters from an Afflicted Husband ; History
of the Settlement of Oregon.

Kelley, James Douglas Jerrold.
iV. Y., 1847 . A lieutenant-com-
mander in the United States navy. The
Question of Ships ; Our Navy ; A Des-
perate Chance, a story. Scr.

Kelley, William Darrah. Pa., 1814-
1890. A jurist of Philadelphia who
was in Congress frona 1860, and was
very prominent as an abolitionist and a
protectionist. Speeches, Addresses, and
Letters on Political Questions ; Letters
from Europe ; Lincoln and Stanton ;
The Old South and the New. Bai.

Kellogg, Alfred Hosea. Pa., 1837-

. A Presbyterian clergyman of

Detroit. Abraham, Joseph, and Moses




in Egypt, an attempted solution of the
Exodus problem.

KeUogg, Elijah. Me., 1813-1901. A
Congregational clergyman of Harps-
well, Maine, from 1844. He wrote
many popular juvenile books, includ-
ing Elm Island Series ; Forest Glen
Series ; Good Old Times Series ; Plea-
sant Cove Series ; Whispering Pine
Series, but perhaps is best known as the
author of the Address of Spartacus to
the Gladiators. See Bibliography of
Maine. Le.
Kellogg, Samuel Henry. L. I., 1839-
1899. A Presbyterian missionary to
India. Grammar of the Hindi Lan-
guage ; The Jews, or Prediction and
Fulfillment ; The Light of Asia and the
Light of the World ; From Death to
Resurrection ; The Genesis and Growth
of Religion. Mac.
Kellogg, Warren Franklin. N. Y.,
18G0 ■ — . A Boston publisher. Re-
cent French Art ; Hunting in the Jun-
gle, adapted from " Les Animaux Sau-
vages." Est.
Kelton, John Cunningham. Pa.,
1828-1893. A brigadier-general in the
United States army. New Manual
of the Bayonet ; Fencing with Foils ;
Pigeons as Couriers ; Information for
Kendall, Amos. Ms., 1789-1869. A
once famous journalist, politician, and
philanthropist of Washing-ton. Life of
Andrew Jackson ; Autobiography (ed-
ited by W. Stickney). Le.

Kendall, George "Wilkins. N. H.,

1807-18()4. A journalist of New Or-
leans. The War between the United
States and Mexico ; The Texan Santa
F^ Expedition. Ap.

Kendrick, Asahel Clark. 1^^,1809-
1895. A noted Greek scholar who was
professor of Greek at Rochester Uni-
versity from 1850. Echoes : metrical
translations from the Greek and Ger-
man ; The Moral Conflict of Humanity
and Other Papers ; Life of Mrs. Emily
Judson, supra; A Child's Book of
Greek ; Introduction to the Greek Lan-
guage, are among his writings. He
was one of the Revisers of the New
Testament, published independent com-
mentaries and translations, and edited
Our Poetical Favorites. Bap. Hon.

Kenly, John Reese. Md., 1822-1891.
A captain and major of volunteers in
the Slexican War, and brigadier-gen-
eral in the Federal army in the Civil
War. Memoirs of a Maryland Volun-
teer in the Mexican War.

Kennan, George. O., 1845 . A

noted traveller who made a careful in-
vestigation of the Russian exile system
for The Century Magazine, and drew
world-wide attention to the subject.
Tent Life in Siberia ; Siberia and the
Exile System. Cent. Put.

Kennedy, Crammond. S., 1842-

. A lawyer of Washington. James

Stanly, a Sunday-school tale ; The Lib-
erty of the Press ; Corn in the Blade,
a book of verse ; Close Communion or
Open Communion.

Kennedy, John Pendleton. Md.,
1795-1870. A once famous novelist
who was a prominent Maryland politi-
cian and secretary of the navy in 1852.
Annals of Quodlibet ; At Home and
Abroad ; Swallow Barn ; Horse-Shoe
Robinson ; Rob of the Bowl ; Life of
William Wirt. See Life by H. T.
Tuckerman, infra. Put.

Kennedy, William Sloane. Pa.,

1822-1861. A Congregational clergy-
man of Ohio. Messianic Prophecies ;
Life of Christ ; History of the Plan of
Union ; Sacred Analysis.

Kennedy, William Sloane. O.,

1850 . A litterateur of Belmont,

Massachusetts. Lives of Longfellow,
Holmes, and Whittier; Wonders and
Curiosities of the Railway ; Poems of
the Weird and Mystical ; Reminiscences
of Walt Whitman ; Art of Life, a
Ruskin Anthology ; Whittier, the Poet
of Freedom ; In Portia's Gardens ;
Bibliography and Literary History of
Leaves of Grass. Fu. Lo. Mer. Wn.

Kenrick, Francis Patrick. J., 1797-
1863. The Roman Catholic archbishop
of Baltimore, 1851-63. An active
controversialist and a biblical scholar
of distinction. Theologia Dogmatica;
Theologia Moralis ; The Primacy of
the Apostolic See Vindicated ; Vindica-
tion of the Catholic Church ; End of
Religious Controversy Controverted,
are among his many works. He also
published a translation of the Scrip-
tures with commentary.




Kenrick, Peter Richard. I., 1806-
1896. Brother of F. P. Kenrick.
The first Roman Catholic archbishop
of St. Louis. In the Ecumenical Coun-
cil of 1870 he actively opposed the
dogma of papal infallibility. The Holy
House of Lorretto ; Anglican Ordina-
tions ; Concia in ConcUio Vatieana.

Kent, James. N. Y., 1763-1847. A
jurist of eminence who was chancellor
of New York, 1814-23, and profes-
sor of law at Columbia College, 1793-
1798, and again on retiring from the
chancellorship of the State. His fa-
mous Commentaries on American Law,
a work of the highest authority, reached
a 13th edition in 1884, that of Holmes
and Barnes. He published also a treat-
ise On the Charter of New York City.
See Duer^s Discourse on Life of Kent ;
Memoirs of, by W. Kent, 1898. Lit.

Kenyon, James Benjamin. N. Y.,

1858 . A Methodist clergyman of

Syracuse who has written much verse
of a pleasing if not very striking kind.
Out of the Shadows ; The Fallen, and
Other Poems ; Songs in All Seasons ;
In Realms of Gold ; At the Gate of
Dreams ; An Oaten Pipe. Lip.

Ker, David. E., 18 . A jour-
nalist of New York city. The Broken
Image, and Other Tales ; On the Road
to Khiva ; The Wild Horseman of the
Pampas ; The Boy Slave in Bokhara ;
From the Hudson to the Neva; Lost
Among White Africans ; Into Unknown
Seas ; The Lost City, or the Boy Ex-
plorers in Central Asia ; The Wizard
King. Har. Lip. Lo.

Kerr, Orpheus C. See Newell, R. H.

Kerr, Robert Pollok. Ms., 1850-

. Presbyterianism for the People ;

History of Presbyterianism ; Hymns of
the Ages ; Voice of God in History.

Ketchum, Mrs. Annie [Chambers].
Ky., 1824-1904. An educator and lec-
turer. Lotos Flowers (verse) ; Christ-
mas Carillons, and Other Poems ; Bot-
any for Academies and Colleges ; The
Teacher's Empire ; Nellie Braden, a
novel ; Rilla Motto, a romance. Lip.

K5Y, Francis Scott. Md., 1780-1843.
A lawyer of Washington whose miscel-
laneous poems were collected and pub-
lished after his death. The Star-Span-
gled Banner, composed in 1814 during
the bombardment of Fort McHenry by

English forces in whose hands the
author was a prisoner, is his only poem
of note. See Boyle'' s Biographical
Sketches of Distinguished Marylanders.

Keyes, Edward La-wrence. S. C,

1843 . Son of E. D. Keyes, infra.

A physician of New York city. The
Tonic Treatment of Syphilis ; Vene-
real Diseases ; Genito-Urinary Diseases.

Keyes, Emerson Willard. N. Y.,
1828-1897. A lawyer of New York.
New York Court of Appeals Reports ;
History of United States Savings
Banks ; Laws of New York Relating
to Common Schools, with Comments.

Keyes, Erasmus Darwin. Ms.,
1810-1895. A major-general in the
Federal army in the Civil War, who
resigned in 1864. Fifty Years' Observa-
tion of Men and Events. Scr.

Keyser, Peter Dirok. Pa., 1835-
1897. A surgeon of Philadelphia who
has published Operations for Cataracts,
and other works on diseases of the eye.

Kidder, Daniel Parrish. N. Y.,
1815-1891. A Methodist clergyman
of prominence who held professor-
ships in several theological institutions.
Homiletics ; The Christian Pastorate ;
Mormonism and the Mormons ; Sketches
of a Residence in Brazil ; Helps to
Prayer ; co-author with J. C. Fletcher,
supra, of Brazil and the Brazilians.

Kidder, Frederick. N. H., 1804-
1885. A Boston ntierchant among
whose historical monographs are. The
Boston Massacre ; The Expeditions of
Captain John Lovewell.

Kiddle, Henry. E., 1824-1891. An
educator who was superintendent of
the schools of New York city, 1870-7'\
Text-Book of Physics ; Elements of
Astronomy ; Dictionary of Education,
include his most important works.

Kieffer, Henry Martyn. Pa., 1845-

. A German Reformed clergyman

of Norristown, and subsequently of
Easton, Pennsylvania. The Recollec-
tions of a Drummer Boy. Hou.

Kilbourne, Payne Kenyon, Ct.,
1815-1 S59. A journalist of Connecti-
cut. The Skeptic and Other Poems ;
History of the County of Litchfield;
Chronicles of Litchfield.




Eilgore, Damon Young. 1827-

1888. A lawyer of Philadelphia. Dan-
gers which Threaten the Republic ;
Questions of the Day.

Kimball, Arthur Lalanne. N. J.,

1856 . A professor of physics at

Amherst College from 1891. The
Physical Properties of Gases. Hou.

Kimball, Harriet McEvren. N. H.,

1834 . A religious verse- writer of

Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Swal-
low Flights of Song ; Hymns ; The
Blessed Company of All Faithful Peo-
ple ; Complete Poems (1889). Han.

Kimball, James "William. Ms.,
1812-1885. A religious writer educated
for the ministry, but whose life was
spent in commercial pursuits. Heaven
my Father's Home ; Friendly Words
with Fellow Pilgrims ; Encouragements
to Faith ; How to See Jesus ; The
Christian Ministry.

Kimball, Richard Burleigh. iV^. H.,
1816-1892. A lawyer of New York
city who founded the town of Kimball
in Texas, and built the first railroad in
that State. His novels and other writ-
ings at one time enjoyed considerable
popularity. They include St. Leger ;
Undercurrents of Wall Street Life;
Letters from Cuba ; Letters from Eng-
land ; Cuba and the Cubans ; Was He
Successful ? ; To-day in New York ;
Stories of Exceptional Life ; Henry
Powers, Banker, a Novel ; Romance of
a Student Life Abroad.

Eling, Mrs. Anna [Eichberg]. Sd.,

1853 . A Boston writer of short

stories. Brown's Retreat, and Other
Stories ; Kitwyk Stories. Cent. Rob.

King, Charles. N. Y., 1844 . A

United States army officer, retired in
1879 with the rank of captain, whose
military novels and other works have
been very popular. Among his many
publications are. Famous and Decisive
Battles ; Between the Lines ; Cam-
paigning with Crook ; Stories of Army
Life ; Cadet Days ; The Colonel's
Daughter ; The Deserter ; A War Time
Wooing ; Kitty's Conquest ; Under
Fire ; Waring's Peril ; Foes in Am-
bush ; Fort Frayne ; Noble Blood. See
Bibliography of Wisconsin. Har. Lip.

King, Clarence. R. I., 1842-1901.
A geologist for a number of years in

the government service. Mountaineer-
ing in the Sierra Nevada ; Systematic

King, Dan. Ct, 1791-1864. A Rhode
Island physician. Life and Times of
Governor Dorr ; Quackery Unmasked ;
Tobacco : What it Is and What it

King, David Bennett. Pa., 1848-

. A lawyer of New York city.

Latin Pronunciation ; The Irish Ques-
tion. Scr.

King, Edward. 3Is., 1848-1896. A
journalist who lived in Paris as corre-
spondent for American journals. The
Gentle Savage ; The Golden Spike ;
French Leaders ; My Paris, or French
Character Sketches ; Kentucky's Love ;
The Great South ; Echoes from the
Orient, a volume of poems ; Europe in
Storm and Calm ; A Venetian Lover, a
Poem ; Joseph Zalmonah ; Under the
Red Flag. Co. Hou. Le.

King, Grace Elizabeth, ia., 1859-
. A popular writer of New Or-
leans. Monsieur Motte ; Tales of a
Time and Place ; Earthlings ; New Or-
leans, the Place and the People ; Jean
Baptiste Lemoine, Founder of New Or-
leans ; Balcony Stories. Cent. Do. Har.

King, Henry Melville. Mo., 1838-

. A Baptist clergyman. Early

Baptists Defended ; Mary's Alabaster
Box, a collection of homilies ; Our Gos-
pels. Bap.

King, Horatio. Me., 1811-1897. An
attorney in Washington who was post-
master-general in 1861. Sketches of
Travel, or Twelve Months in Europe ;
Turning on the Light, a Survey of the
Administration of Buchanan. Lip.

King, Horatio Collins. Me., 1837-
. Son of H. King, supra. A jour-
nalist of New York city. Guide for
Regimental Courts Martial ; The Brook-
lyn Congregational Council ; The Ply-
mouth Silver Wedding.

King, James Wilson. Md., 1818-

. A naval engineer, chief of the

bureau of steam engineering, 1869-73.
European Ships of War ; The War
Ships and Navies of the World.

King, Jonas. Ms., 1792-18'^>9. A Con-
gregational missionary in Greece who




lived at Athens from 1831. He was
a profound Oriental scholar, and his
various works were written in Modern
Greek, Classical Greek, French, and
Arabic. The Defence of Jonas King ;
Exposition of an Apostolic Church ;
Hermeneutics of the Sacred Scriptures ;
Sermons ; Synoptical View of Palestine ;
Miscellaneous Works. See Life, 1879.

King, Rufus. O., 1817-1891. A pro-
minent lawyer of Cincinnati. History
of Ohio. Hou.

King, Mrs. Sue [Petigru]. See Bow-
en, Mrs.

King, Thomas Starr. N. F., 1824-
1864. A Unitarian clergyman of Bos-
ton, 184.5-56, and of San Francisco for
the remainder of his life. He was
largely instrumental in securing the
wavering allegiance of California to
the general government at the open-
ing of the Civil War, and as a religious
writer his influence was widely felt.
Substance and Show ; Christianity and
Humanity, with a Memoir by E. P.
Whipple ; The White Hills, a volume
of travel in the White Mountains ; Pa-
triotism, and Other Papers. Hou.

King, William Basil. P. E. I., 1859-

. An Episcopal clergyman of New

York. The Daily Song : Thoughts on
the Offices for Morning and Evening
Prayer ; Griselda, a novel. S.

King, William Rufus. N. Y., 1839-

. An engineering officer in the

United States army. Torpedoes, their
Invention and Use ; Materials for De-
fensive Armor.

Kingsley, Calvin. N. Y., 1812-1870.
A Methodist bishop. The Resurrec-
tion of the Dead ; Round the World.

Kinney, Coates. N. Y., 1826 .

An Ohio lawyer and journalist. Keuka,
and Other Poems ; Lyrics of the Real
and Ideal. The Rain upon the Roof
is his most familiar poem. Clke.

Kinney, Mrs. Elizabeth Clemen-
tine [Dodge] [Stedman]. N. Y.,
1810-1889. Mother of E. C. Stedman,
infra. A verse-writer of Newark, New
Jersey, but resident in Italy, 1850-65.
Felicitd ; Poems ; Bianca Capello : a
Tragedy. See Griswold's Female Poets
oj" America.

Kinzie, Mrs. Juliette Augusta
[Magill]. C<., 1806-1870. A novelist

of Chicago. Wau-bun, or the Early
Day in the Northwest ; Walter Ogilby ;
Mark Logan. Lip.

Kip, Leonard. N. Y., 1826-190L
Brother of W- I. Kip, infra. A lawyer
of Albany. California Sketches ; The
Volcano Diggings ; ^none, a Roman
Tale ; The Dead Marquise ; Hannibal's
Man, and Other Tales ; Under the Bells,
a romance ; Nestlenook, a novel ; At
Cobweb and Crusty's ; Thaloe ; The
Puntacooset Colony ; Three Pines ; A
Tale of the Incredible.

Kip, William Ingraham. N. Y.,
1811-1893. The first Protestant Epis-
copal bishop of California, 1853-93. A
popular religious writer whose works
have gone into many editions. Dou-
ble Witness of the Church ; Lenten
Fasts ; Early Conflicts of Christianity ;
Christmas Holidays in Rome ; Cata-
combs of Rome ; Early Jesuit Missions
in North America ; Recantation, an
Italian tale ; The Unnoticed Things of
Scripture ; The Church of the Apos-
tles; The Olden Time in New York.
Ap. But. Ran. Wh.

Kirk, Edward Norris. N.Y., 1802-
1874. A Congregational clergyman of
Boston, pastor of the Mount Vernon
church, 1842-74. Sermons ; The Para-
bles of our Lord; Lectures on Revi-
vals ; Canon of the Holy Scripture ;
The Waiting Saviour ; Christian Sym-
pathy Awakened.

Kirk, Eleanor. See Ames, Mrs. E.

Kirk, Mrs. Ellen Warner [Olney].

"Henry Hayes." C<., 1842 . Wife

of J. F. Kirk, infra. A popular novel-
ist of Germantown, Philadelphia.
Through Winding Ways ; A Midsum-
mer Madness ; Waif ord ; The Story of
Margaret Kent ; Sons and Daughters ;
Love in Idleness ; A Lesson in Love ;
Fairy Gold ; Queen Money ; Better
Times, short stories ; A Daughter of
Eve ; Narden's Choosing ; Ciphers ; The
Story of Lawrence Garthe. Hou.

Kirk, John Foster. N. B., 1824-
1904. The secretary to the historian
Prescott for eleven years, and from
1885 lecturer on European history at
the University of Pennsylvania. His-
tory of Charles the Bold ; Supplement,
to Allibone's Dictionary. Lip.

Kirkbride, Thomas Story. Pa.,
1809-1883. A physician of Philadel-




phia, -widely known for skillful treat-
ment of the insane, who was superin-
tendent of the Pennsylvania Hospital
for the Insane, 1840-83. Appeal for
the Insane ; Essays on Insanity ; Con-
struction of Hospitals for the Insane.

Kirke, Edmund, See Gilmore.

Kirkland, Mrs. Caroline Matilda
[Stansbury]. N. Y., 1801-1864. A
once popular writer of New York city.
A New Home, Who 'U FoUow ? ; West-
em Clearings ; Fireside Talks on Mo-
rals and Manners ; Holidays Abroad ;
A Book for the Home Circle ; Forest
Life, include her principal writings.
See HarVs American Literature. Cr.

Kirkland, Elizabeth Stansbury.
iV^. Y., 1828-1896. Daughter of Mrs.
Earkland, supra. An educator of Chi-
cago. Six Little Cooks ; Dora's House-
keeping ; Speech and Manners for Home
and School ; Short Histories of English
Literature, France, England, Italy, for
Young People. Mg.

Kirkland, John Thornton. N. Y.,
1770-1840. A Unitarian clergyman
who was president of Harvard Univer-
sity, 1810-27. Life of Fisher Ames ;
Eulogy of General Washington.

Kirkland, Joseph. N. Y., 1830-1894.
Son of Mrs. Kirkland, supra. A lawyer
of Chicago who was a maior in the
Federal army during the Civil War.
His two novels of pioneer life in Illi-
nois, Zury, and The McVeys, are nota-
bly faithful, graphic studies. His other
writings include. The Captain of Com-
pany K ; The Story of Chicago ; Story
of the Chicago Massacre of 1812. Hou.

Kirkman, Marshall Monroe. H.,

1842 . The vice-president of the

Chicago and Northwestern Railway.
Railway Disbursements; RaUway Re-
venue ; Railway Service ; Baggage Car
Traffic ; Railway Expenditures ; Han-
dling of Railway Supplies ; Railway
Rates and Government Control ; How
to Collect RaUway Revenues without

Kirkwood, Daniel. Md., 1814-1895.
An astronomer of distinction, professor
in Indiana University from 1850. Me-
teoric Astronomy ; Comets and Mete-
ors ; Asteroids and Minor Planets be-
tween Mars and Jupiter.

Kirkwood, Robert. S., 1793-1866.
A Presbyterian clergyman of Yonkers.
Lectures on the Millennium ; Universal-
ism Explained ; A Plea for the Bible ;
Illustration of the Offices of Christ.

Kirwan. See Murray, Nicholas.

Klingle, George. See Holmes, Mrs.

Knapp, Arthur May. Ms., 1841 .

A Unitarian clergjTnan, pastor at Fall
River, Massachusetts, from 1891. Feu-
dal and Modern Japan. Kt.

Knapp, Samuel Lorenzo. Ms., 1783-
1838. A lawyer of New York city,
among whose many works are. The
Genius of Freemasonry ; Travels in
North America by Ali Bey ; American
Biography ; Lives of Aaron Burr, An-
drew Jackson, Daniel Webster j Fe-
male Biography.

Kneeland, Abner. Ms., 1774-1844.
A Universalist clergyman who became
a free-thinker, and established The In-
vestigator in Boston in 1832. The De-
ist ; Universal Benevolence ; Universal
Salvation ; Review of Evidences of

Kneeland, Samuel. Ms., 1821-1888.
A naturalist and surgeon of Boston.
Science and Mechanism ; An American
in Iceland ; The Wonders of the Yo
Semite ; Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

Knight, Edward Henry. E., 1824-
1883. An English writer who settled
in the United States in 1845, and was
long connected with the patent office
in Washington. American Mechanical
Dictionary ; New Mechanical Diction-
ary. Hou.

Knight, James. Md., 1810-1887. A
physician of New York city. Improve-
ment of Health by Natural Means ;
Orthopsedia ; Static Electricity as a
Therapeutic Agent.

Knight, Sarah Kemble. Ms., 1666-
1727. A teacher of Boston among
whose pupils was Benjamin Franklin.
Her Narrative of a Journey from Bos-
ton to New York in 1704 is a valuable
historical record of contemporary man-
ners and customs written in a graphic,
entertaining style.

Knortz, Karl. P., 1841 . A Ger-
man writer who came to the United
States in 1863, and settled in New York




city. Marchen unci Sagen der nordame-
rikanische Indianer ; Amerikanische
Skizzen ; An American Shakespeare
Bibliograpliy ; Humorische Gedichte ;
Longfellow : eine literarhistorisclie Stu-
die ; Aus der Wigwam ; Kapital und
Arbeit in Amerika ; Aus der trans-
atlantisehen Gesellschaft ; Staat und
Kirche in Amerika ; Shakespeare in
Amerika; Amerikanische Lebensbild-
er ; Brook Farm and Margaret Fuller,
include his principal writings. Ho.

Knox, Mrs. Adeline [Trafton].

Me., 1845 . A novelist of St. Louis.

Katharine Earle ; His Inheritance ; An
American Girl Abroad ; Dorothy's Ex-
perience. Le.

Knox, Charles Eugene. JSf. Y., 1833-
1900. A Presbyterian clergyman, pre-
sident of the theological seminary at
Bloomfield, New Jersey, from 1863.
A Year with Saint Paul ; Love to the
End ; David the King ; Graduated Sun-
day-school Text-Books. Meth. Ran.

Knox, George William. N. Y.,

1853 . A Presbyterian missionary

in Japan, professor of ethics in the Uni-
versity of Japan from 1886. His writ-
ings in Japanese include : A Brief Sys-
tem of Theology ; Outlines of Homi-
letics ; Christ the Son of God ; The
Basis of Ethics. In English he has
published The Japanese Systems of

Knox, John Jay. N. Y., 1828-1892.
A financier of distinction, comptroller
of the currency, 1867-84. He pub-
lished United States Notes, a History
of the Various Issues of Paper Money
by the United States Government. Scr.

Knox, Thomas Wallace. N. H.,
1835-1896. A journalist and traveller
whose home was in New York city.
His books of travel for young people
have been widely popular. Overland
Through Asia ; Camp-Fire and Cotton-
Field ; Backsheesh ; Underground Life ;
John ; The Boy Travellers Series, in
sixteen volumes ; How to Travel ; Pock-
et Guide Around the World ; The Voy-
age of the Vivian ; Hunting Adven-
tures on Land and Sea ; Marco Polo for
Boys and Girls ; Decisive Battles since
Waterloo ; Life of Robert Fulton ; Hun-
ters Three ; In Wild Africa ; The Si-
berian Exiles J The Lost Array, include

the greater number of his books. Ap.
Cas. Bar. Mer. Put. We.

Kobbe, Gustav. N. Y., 1857-

A litterateur of New York city. Jer-
sey Coast and Pines ; Wagner's " Ring
of the Nibelung ; " New York City and
its Environs. Har.

Koehler, Sylvester Rosa. G., 1837-
1900. An art critic of Boston, editor
of the American Art Review. His
more important publications are, Ame-
rican Art ; Etching : an Outline of its
Technical Processes and History. Cas.

Koopman [kope'man], Harry Ly-
man. Me., 1860 . A verse-writer,

librarian of Brown University. The
Great Admiral ; Orestes, and Other
Poems ; Woman's Will, with Other
Poems ; What to Read.

Kouns [koonz], Nathan Chapman.
Mo., 1833-1890. A Missouri lawyer,
State librarian at Jefferson City from
1886, who published two historical ro-
mances, Arius the Libyan ; Dorcas the
Daughter of Faustina. Ap. Fo.

Kraitsir, Charles. Hy., 1804-1860.
An educator and philologist of New
York city. The Poles in the United
States ; Significance of the Alphabet ;

Krauth, Charles Porterfleld. Va.,
1823-1883. A prominent Lutheran
clergyman of Philadelphia, professor
of moral science in the University of
Pennsylvania, 1868-83. The Conserva-
tive Reformation and its Theology is
his greatest work ; and among others
are. The Evangelical Mass and the
Romish Mass ; Sketch of the Thirty
Years' War ; Christian Liberty ; Infant
Baptism and Salvation in the Calvinis-
tic System ; Chronicle of the Augsburg
Confession. See American Lutheran
Biographies. Lip.

Krebs, John MiohaeL Md., 1804-
1867. A Presbyterian clergyman of
New York city. Righteousness and
National Prosperity ; The American
Citizen ; Private, Domestic, and Social
Life of Jesus ; The Presbyterian Psalm-

Krehbiel, Henry Edward. Mch.,

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