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1854 . A musical critic on the

staff of the New York Tribune. Notes
on the Cultivation of Choral Music;




Review of the New York Musical Sea^
sons, 1885-90 ; Studies in the Wag-
nerian Drama ; How to Listen to Mu-
sic. Har. Scr.

Kroeger, Adolph Ernst. Sg., 1837-
1882. A writer of St. Louis. The
Minnesingers of Germany ; Our Forms
of Government and the Problems of
the Future ; translations of Fiehte's
Science of Knowledge and Science of

Erou, Karl. See Bagg.

Krotel, Gottlob Frederick. Wg.,

1826— . A Lutheran clergyman of

New York city. Who are the Blessed ? ;
Explanation of Luther's Small Cate-
chism ; several translations from the

Kunz [koonz], George Frederick.

N. Y., 1856 . A mineralogist of

note, the foremost American specialist
in precious stones. He has published
Gems and Precious Stones of North

Kunze [koont-se], John Christo-
pher. Sxy., 1744-1807. A once fa-
mous Lutheran clergyman of New York
city, professor of ancient languages in
Columbia College. History of the Chris-
tian Religion and of the Lutheran
Church ; Catechism and Liberty.

Kunze, Richard Ernest. G., 1838-

. A physician of New York city

who has done much to promote a know-
ledge of medical botany. Cactus ; Car-
dinal Points in the Study of Medical
Botany ; Germination and Vitality of

Kurtz, Benjamin. Pa., 1795-1865.
A Lutheran clergyman, for nearly thirty
years the editor of The Lutheran Ob-
server. Lutheran Prayer-Book ; Year-
Book of the Reformation ; Why are
You a Lutheran ? ; Faith, Hope, and
Charity ; Theological Sketch-Book, are
his most important works.

Labagh, Isaac Peter. iV. F., 1804-
1879. An Episcopal clergyman of Iowa,
but formerly a clergyman of the Dutch
Reformed faith. Great Events of Un-
fulfilled Prophecy ; The Great Events
that are Coming ; The Two Witnesses,
Moses and Elijah ; Theoklesia.

La Borde, Maximilian. S. C, 1804-
1873. An educator who was professor
in the University of South Carolina,
1842-73. Introduction to Physiology ;
Story of Lethea and Verona ; History
of South Carolina College.

Ladd, George Trumbull. O., 1842-

. A Congregational clergyman of

prominence, professor of philosophy at
Yale University from 1881. Principles
of Church Polity ; The Doctrine of
Sacred Scripture ; Philosophy of Mind ;
A Primer of Psychology ; Psychology,
Descriptive and Explanatory ; Outlines
of Psychological Psychology ; Elements
of Psychological Psychology ; Intro-
duction to Philosophy ; What is the
Bible ? He has translated Lotze'a
Philosophical Outlines, from the Ger-
man. Gi. Scr.

Ladd, Horatio Oliver. Me., 1839-

. An Episcopal clergyman, but

formerly of the Congregational faith,
at one period president of the Univer-
sity of New Mexico. History of the
War with Mexico ; The Story of New
Mexico. Do. Lo.

La Farge, John. N.Y., 1835-

noted figure and landscape artist of
New York city. Lectures on Art. Mac.

Laighton, Albert. N. H., 1829-1887.
A banker of Portsmouth, New Hamp-
shire, cousin of Mrs. Thaxter, infra.
Poems, a collection of quiet, thought-
ful verse, was published in 1878.

Lamar, Mirabeau Buonaparte.

Ga., 1798-1859. The second of the
four presidents of the Republic of
Texas, 1838, and United States minis-
ter to Central America, 1857-58. Verse
Memorials. See Bibliograjjhy of Texas.
Lamb, Mrs. Martha Joan Reade
[Nash]. Ms., 1829-1893. An his-
torical writer of New York city, editor
of the Magazine of American History,
1883-93. The History of the City of
New York, her chief work, is the re-
sult of a vast amount of patient labour
and research. Her other works include,
Spicy, a novel ; Play-School Stories ;
The Christmas Owl ; Snow and Sun-
shine, a Story for Girls ; Wall Street
in History. Bar. Do.

Lambert, Mrs. Mary Eliza [Fe-
rine] [Tucker]. AL, 1838 . A

writer of Philadelphia. Poems ; Loew's




Bridge, a Broadway Idyl ; Life of Mark

Lamon, Ward Hill. Va., 1828-1893.
An Illinois lawyer, law partner of Abra-
ham Lincoln. Recollections of Abraham
Lincoln; Life of Abraham Lincoln. J\Jg.

Lamson, Alvan. Ms., 1792-1864. A
Unitarian clergyman of Dedham, Mas-
sachusetts, 1818-60. History of the
First Church in Dedham ; Sermons ;
The Church of the First Three Centu-

Lamson, Daniel LoTwell. N. H.,
1834-18^ — . A physician of Fryeburg,
Maine. Lectures ; Differential Diagno-
sis of Diseases.

Lamson, Mrs. Mary [Svrift]. Ms.,

1822 . For five years a teacher of

Laura Bridgman, the noted blind deaf
mute, and for three years in entire
charge of her education. Life and
Education of Laura Dewey Bridgman.

Lance, "William. 1791-1840. A law-
yer and political writer of Charleston,
■who published a Life of Washington in

Lander, Meta. See Lawrence, Mrs.

Lander, Sarah West. Ms., 1810-
1872. A writer of Salem, Massachu-
setts, whose Spectacles for Young Eyes,
a series of volumes of travel, was very

Landon, Judson Stuart. Ct., 1832-
. A lawyer of Schenectady, jus-
tice of the Supreme Court of the State
of New York and lecturer in the Albany
Law School. The Constitutional His-
tory and Government of the United
States. Hou.

Landon, Melville De Lanoey. " Eli
Perkins." iS^.y.,1839 . A popu-
lar humourous lecturer. The Franco-
Prussian War in a Nutshell ; Saratoga
in 1901 ; Eli Perkins at Large ; Eli Per-
kins's Wit, Humor, and Pathos ; Fun
and Fact, Thirty Years of Wit ; Money :
Silver, Gold, or Bimetallism, include
the most of his writing. Cas. Ke.

Langdell, Christopher Columbus.

iV. H., 1826 . A legal writer of

distinction, dean of the Harvard Law
School. Cases on the Law of Con-
tracts ; Summary of Equity Pleading ;
Cases in Equity Pleading ; Elementary
Treatise on the Law of Contracts.

Langdon, William Chauncey. Vt.,
1881-1895. An Episcopal clergyman
of Bedford, Pennsylvania. The De-
fects of our Practical Catholicity ;
Plain Papers for Parish Priests and
Peoples ; The Catholic Reform Move-
ment in the Italian Church ; Conflict of
Practice and Principle in the American

Langley, Samuel Pierpont. Ms.,
1834 . An astronomer of emi-
nence, the secretary of the Smithsonian
Institution from 1887- Researches on
Solar Heat ; The New Astronomy.

Langston, John Mercer. Va., 1829-
1897 • A distinguished educator of Af-
rican birth, minister to Hayti, 1877-85,
and president of the Virginia Normal
Institute at Petersburg from the latter
date. He published Freedom and Citi-

Lanier [la-neer'j, Clifford Ander-
son. Ga., 1844 . A Georgia

writer of fiction. Two Hundred Bales ;

Lanier, Sidney. Ga., 1842-1881. Bro-
ther of C. A. Lanier, supra. A distin-
guished Southern writer over whose
rank as a poet much controversy has
arisen. His verse can hardly be said
to appeal to many readers, and its form-
lessness at times repels rather than at-
tracts. A Centennial Ode, written for
the opening of the Exposition of 1876,
first brought him into general notice.
Subsequently he lectured upon English
literature in Baltimore. Poems ; Tiger
Lilies, a novel ; The Science of English
Verse ; The English Novel and its De-
velopment; Florida: its Scenery, His-
tory, and Climate. He edited The
Boys' Percy ; The Boys' Mabinogion ;
The Boys' King Arthur; The Boys'
Froissart. See Century Magazine, April,
1884 ; Gosse^s Questions at Issue. Lip.

Lanigan, George Thomas. Q.,1845-
1886. A journalist of Montreal, and
subsequently of New York city. Cana-
dian Ballads ; Fables Out of the World.

Lanman, Charles. McL, 1819-1895.
An artist and author of Washington, at
one time the private secretary of Daniel
Webster. Essays for Summer Hours ;
Summer in the WUdernessj Private




Life of Daniel Webster ; Dictionary of
Congress ; The Red Book of Michigan ;
Leading Men of Japan ; Letters from
a Landscape Painter ; Tour to the River
Saguenay ; Farthest North ; Haphazard
Personalities, include the most of his
works. Ap. Le. Lo.

Lanman, Charles Rockvsrell. Ct.,

1850 . A professor of Sanskrit at

Harvard University from 1880. Noun
Inflection in the Vedas ; A Sanskrit
Reader, with Notes. Gi.

Lansing, John Gulian, La., 1851

A Dutch Reformed clergyman, profes-
sor of Old Testament Languages in the
New Brunswick Theological Seminary,
New Jersey. American Revised Ver-
sion of the Book of Psalms ; An Arabic
Manual. Scr.

Lanza, Marchioness Clara [Ham-
mond], its., 1858 . Daughter

of W. A. Hammond, supra. A novelist
of New York city. Tit for Tat ; Mr.
Perkins's Daughter; A Righteous
Apostate ; Tales of Eccentric Life ; A
Modern Marriage ; David Morton's
Transgression ; A Golden Pilgrimage.

Lapham [lap'am], Increase Allen.
N. Y., 1811-1875. A prominent sci-
entist of Milwaukee. Antiquities of
Wisconsin ; Wisconsin : its Geography,
Topography, History, Geology, and
Mineralogy. See Popular Science
Monthly, April, 1883.

Lapham, William Berry. Me., 1828-
1894. An agricultural editor of Maine,
who published several histories of
Maine localities, including Woodstock,
Paris, Norway, Bar Harbor, and Mount
Desert Island. See Bibliography of

Larcom, Lucy. Ms., 1824-189.3. A
popular verse and prose writer of Bev-
erly, Massachusetts, who in early life
worked in the Lowell factories, and was
a contributor to the noted Lowell Offer-
ing. Her writings in verse include. At
the Beautiful Gate ; Childhood Songs ;
Wild Roses of Cape Ann ; An Idyl
of Work ; Easter Gleams ; Complete
Poems. Skipper Ben and Hannah Bind-
ing Shoes are her best known lyrics.
Her original work in prose comprises,
Ships in the Mist, and Other Stories ;
The Sunbeam ; Similitudes ; Leila
among the Mountains ; The Unseen
Friend ; As It is in Heaven ; A New

England Girlhood, an autobiographic
work. See Life by D. D. Addison.

Larned, Augusta. Vt., 1835-

A journalist of New York city. Home
Story Scenes ; Talks with Girls ; Old
Tales from Grecian Mythology ; Tales
from the Norse Grandmother ; Village
Photographs, a work of the nature of
Miss Mitford's " Our Village," and with
much of the same charm ; In Woods
and Fields, a book of verse. Ho. Meth.

Larned, Josephus Nelson. Ont.,

1836 . The superintendent of the

public library at Buffalo, 1877-1897.
History for Ready Reference ; Talks
About Labor. Ap.

Larned, Walter Cranston. II.,

1850 . A lawyer and litterateur

of Lake Forest, Illinois. Churches
and Castles of Mediaeval France. Scr.

La Roche, Rend. Pa., 1794-1872.
A Philadelphia physician. Pneuraonia :
its Supposed Connection with Autum-
nal Fevers ; Treatise on Yellow Fever.

Larrabee, William Clark. Me.,
1802-1859. A once prominent Metho-
dist clergyman and educator of Indiana,
professor in De Pauw University for a
number of years. Scientific Evidences
of Natural and Revealed Religion ;
Wesley and his Co-Laborers ; Asbury
and his Co-Laborers ; Rosebower, a
volume of essays. Meth.

Latham, Charles Sterrett. Cal.,
1861-1890. A Translation of Dante's
Eleven Letters, with Explanatory Notes
and Historical Comments. Hou.

Lathbury, Mary Artemisia. N. Y.,

1841 . That Sweet Story of Old ;

Bethlehem and her Children ; Child's
History of Paul ; Fleda and the Voice ;
From Meadow Sweet to Mistletoe. Meth.

Lathrop, George Parsons. H. L,

1851-1898. A litterateur of New York
city, and more recently of New Lon-
don. His writings in verse include,
Rose and Rooftree ; Dreams and Days.
In fiction they comprise. Afterglow ;
An Echo of Passion ; In the Distance ;
Newport; Would You Kill Him?;
True ; Two Sides of a Story ; Love
Wins ; Gold of Pleasure ; Behind Time.
Other works are, A Study of Haw-
thorne ; Spanish Vistas ; A Story of




Courage : Annals of the Georgetown
Convent (mth Mrs. Lathiop, infra).
Cas. Fu. Har. Hou. Lip. Scr.

Lathrop, Mrs. Rose [Hawthorne].
Ms., 1851 . Wife of G. P. La-
throp, supra, and daughter of N. Haw-
thorne, supra. Along the Shore, a
volume of verse ; Some Memories of
Hawthorne. Hou.

Latimer, Charles. D. C, 1827-1888.
An engineer of note who published
Roadmaster's Assistants ; The Divin-
ing Rod ; Battle of Standards.

Latimer, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth
[Wormeley]. E., 1822-1904. An
educator of Baltimore. Familiar Talks
on Shakespeare's Comedies ; France in
the Nineteenth Century, 1830-90; Rus-
sia and Turkey in the Nineteenth
Century; England in the Nineteenth
Century ; Europe in Africa in the Nine-
teenth Century ; Italy in the Nineteenth
Century. Mg. Bob.

Latrobe, John Hazelhurst Bone-
val. Pa., 1803-1891. A lawyer of
Baltimore. Son of the architect Ben-
jamin Latrobe. History of Mason and
Dixon's Line ; Three Great Battles ;
Justices' Practice under the Laws
of Maryland ; Reminiscences of West
Point ; Odds and Ends, a book of verse ;
History of Maryland in Liberia.

Latta, Samuel Arminius. O., 1804-
1852. A Methodist clergyman of Ohio,
subsequently a physician in Cincinnati,
who published The Chain of Sacred

Laughlin, James Lawrence. O.,

1850 . A political economist of

note, professor at Harvard University,
1883-87, and at Chicago University
from 1892. Facts About Money;
Study of Political Econonay ; Elements
of Political Economy ; History of Bi-
Metallism in the United States. Ap.

Lawrence, Eugene. N. Y., 1823-
1894. An historical writer of New
York city. Lives of the British His-
torians ; Historical Studies ; Essays and
Papers ; Literature Primers ; The Jews
and their Persecutors ; Columbus and
his Contemporaries. Har.

Lawrence, Mrs. Margaret Oliver
["Woods]. "Meta Lander." Ms.,
1813-1901. Daughter of L. Woods,

infra. Light on the Dark River;
Fading Flowers ; L'Esp^rance ; The
Tobacco Problem ; Marion Graham.

Lawrence, "William. O., 1819-1899.
A jurist of Ohio who was comptroller
of the national treasury, 1880-85. De-
cisions of Ohio Supreme Court ; The
Treaty Question ; Law of Religious
Societies and Religious Corporations ;
Law of Claims Against the Govern-
ment ; Organization of the United
States Treasury Department ; Deci-
sions of the First Comptroller of the

Lawrence, William. Ms., 1850 .

The seventh Protestant Episcopal bi-
shop of Massachusetts. Life of Amos
A. Lawrence ; Visions and Service, dis-
courses in collegiate chapels. Hou.

Lawrence, William Beach. N. Y.,
1800-1881. An eminent jurist of New
York city, and after 1850 of Newport,
Rhode Island. Letters on the Treaty
of Washington ; an edition of Whea-
ton's Elements of International Law ;
Visitation and Search ; Institutions of
the United States ; Commentaire sur
les ^Idments du droit international ; Ad-
ministration of Equity Jurisprudence,
include his principal writings.

Lawson, James. S., 1799-1880. A
New York city journalist. Tales and
Sketches by a Cosmopolite ; Poems ;
Giordana, a tragedy. See Wilson^s
Poets and Poetry of Scotland.

Lawson, John. E., 16 1712. The

surveyor-general of North Carolina,
burned at the stake by hostile Indians.
His entertaining travels were published
with the title of History of North Caro-
lina. See Tyler'' s American Literature.

Lawton, William Cranston. Ms.,

1853 . A classical teacher and

lecturer, formerly of Cambridge, now
(1897) of Brooklyn and professor in
Adelphi College there. Three Dra-
mas of Euripides ; Folia Dispersa, a
book of verse ; Art and Humanity in
Homer. Hou. Mac.

Lay, Henry Champlin. Va., 1823-
1885. The first Protestant Episcopal
bishop of Easton (Maryland), but from
1859 to 1869 the third bishop of Ar-
kansas. Studies in the Church ; The
Church and the Nation.




Lazarus, Emma. N. Y., 1S49-18S7.
A talented Jewish -writer of New York
city who wrote much in verse and prose
for The Century and other periodicals.
Alide, an Episode of Goethe's Life ;
Poems; Admetus, and Other Poems;
Songs of a Semite ; Poems and Bal-
lads translated from Heine. Her Com-
plete Poems, with a brief memoir, ap-
peared in 1889. Hou.

Lazarus, Josephine. N. Y., 1846-

. Sister of E. Lazarus, supra. The

Spirit of Judaism ; The Love-Letters
of a Portuguese Nun, a translation from
the French. Cos. Do.

Lazelle, Henry Martyn. Ms., 1832-

. A United States army officer,

since 1887 in charge of the bureau of
■war records. One Law in Nature ;
Improvements in the Art of War.

Lea, Henry Charles. Pa., 1825 .

Son of I. Lea, infra. A prominent
•writer and publisher of Philadelphia.
Superstition and Force ; An Histori-
cal Sketch of Sacerdotal Celibacy in
the Christian Church ; Chapters from
the Religious History of Spain ; Stu-
dies in Church History ; Translations,
and Other Rhymes ; History of the
Inquisition. See Allibone''s Dictionary,
Supplement; Catholic World, March,
1897. Har. Hou.

Lea, Isaac. Del, 1792-1886. A pub-
lisher and naturalist of Philadelphia.
Contributions to Geology ; Observa-
tions on the Genus Unio, in thirteen
volumes ; Fossil Footmarks in the Red
Sandstones of Pottsville.

Lea, Matthew Carey. Pa., 1823-
1897. Son of I. Lea, supra. A che-
mist of Philadelphia whose Manual of
Photography is a standard work.

Leaming, Jeremiah. Ct., 1717-1804.
An Episcopal clergyman of Connecti-
cut. Defense of Episcopal Govern-
ment ; Evidences of the Truth of Chris-
tianity ; Dissertations.

Learned, Walter. Ct., 1847 . A

versf^-writer of New London who has
published Between Times, a collection
of poems, and translated Ten Tales
from Copp^e. Sto.

Leavitt, John McDowell. O., 1824-

. An Episcopal clergyman. Faith,

a Poem ; Afranius ; The Siege of Ba-
bylon, a tragedy ; Hymns to Our King ;

New World Tragedies from Old World
Life ; Reasons for Faith ; Visions of
Le Conte [le-kont], John. Ga., 1818-
1891. A naturalist and physician, pre-
sident of the University of California,
1875-81, and professor of physics there
before and after his presidency. Phi-
losophy of Medicine ; Study of the
Physical Sciences ; Vital Statistics.

Le Conte, John Eaton. N. J., 1784-
1860. Uncle of J. Le Conte, supra. A
naturalist who in early life served in
the corps of army engineers with the
rank of major. Monographs of North
American Species of Utricularia, Gra-
tiola, and Ruellia ; North American
Species of Viola.

Le Conte, John Lawrence. N. Y.,
1825-1883. Son of J. E. Le Conte,
supra. An entomologist of distinction,
author of List of Coleoptera of North
America, and other technical publica-

Le Conte, Joseph. Ga., 1823-1901.
Brother of John Le Conte, supra. A
geologist of eminence, professor of
geology in the University of California
from 1869. Elements of Geology ;
Sight ; Evolution and its Relation to
Religious Thought ; Religion and Sci-
ence. Ap.

Lee, Alfred. Ms., 1807-1887. The
first Protestant Episcopal bishop of
Delaware, and prominent as a Low
Churchman. The Harbinger of Christ ;
Life of St. Peter; Eventful Nights in
Bible History ; Life of St. John ;
Treatise on Baptism. Har. Pan.

Lee, Benjamin. Ct., 1833 . Son

of A. Lee, supra. A physician of Phila-
delphia. Treatment for Angular Cur-
vature of the Spine ; Tracts on Mas-

Lee, Benjamin Franklin. N. J.,

1841 . A Methodist clergyman of

African birth, president of Wilberforce
University from 1876. Wesley the
Worker ; Causes of the Success of

Lee, Charles Alfred. Ct., 1810-1872.
A physician of New York city who
published Elements of Geology for
Popular Use ; Human Physiology.

Lee, Day Kellogg. N. Y., 1816-1869.
A TJniversalist clergyman of New York




city. Summerfield, or Life on a Farm ;
Master Builders, or Life at a Trade ;
Marrimack, or Life at a Loom.

Le3, Mrs. Eliza [Buckminster].
N. H., 1794-1864. Sister of J. S.
Buckminster, supra. A once popular
Boston Asrriter. Life of Richter ;
Sketches of a New England Village ;
Naomi ; Florence, the Parish Orphan ;
Parthenia, or the Last Days of Pagan-

Lee, Mrs. Hannah Farnham [Sa-w-
yer]. Ms., 1780-1865. A once promi-
nent writer of Boston. Grace Seymour ;
Luther and his Times ; Sculpture and
Sculptors ; Three Experiments in Liv-
ing, which was extraordinarily popular
both in America and England ; Fami-
liar Sketches of the Old Painters ;
The Huguenots in France and Ame-
rica ; Memoir of Pierre Toussaint.

Lee, Henry. Va., 1756-1818. A fa-
mous general in the American army
during the Revolution. He published
Memoirs of the War in the Southern
Departments of the United States. In
his oration in Congress on the death of
Washington first occurs the familiar
phrase, " first in war, first in peace,
and first in the hearts of his country-

Lee, Henry. Fa., 1786-1837. Son of
H. Lee, supra. A Virginia writer who
published The Campaign of 1781 in
the Carolinas ; Life of Napoleon.

Lee, Jesse. Va., 1758-1816. A Metho-
dist missionary, called " the Apostle
of Methodism," who published a His-
tory of Methodism, which is a valuable
record of the early years of that faith.
See Life and Times by L. M. Lee.

Lee, Luther. N. Y., 1800-1889. A
Wesleyan clergyman of Michigan.
Universalism Examined and Refuted ;
Church Polity ; Immortality of the
Soul ; Slavery in the Light of the Bi-
ble ; Elements of Theology.

Lee, Mrs. Mary Catherine [Jen-
kins], Ms. 18 . A novelist

of Springfield, Massachusetts. A Qua-
ker Girl of Nantucket ; In the Cheer-
ing-Up Business ; A Soulless Singer.

Lee, Mary Elizabeth. S. C, 1813-
1849. A writer of Charleston, author
of Historical Tales for Youth, and a

volume of Poems issued in 1851 with
memoir by S. Gilman, supra.

Leech, Samuel Van Derlip. N. Y.,

1837 . A Methodist clergyman

and temperance reformer. The Drunk-
ard ; Ingersoll and the Bible ; The Ine-
briates. Fu.
Leeds, David. E., 1652-1720. A
prominent figure among the early set-
tlers of Burlinglon, New Jersey, and
a violent opponent of the Quakers.
His writings, directed almost entirely
against them, include The Temple of
Wisdom ; The News of a Trumpet ;
Hue and Cry against Error ; A Trum-
pet Sounded ; The Rebuker Rebuked ;
The Great Mystery of Fox-Craft Dis-

Leeser [la'zer], Isaac. Wa., 1806-
1868. A Jewish rabbi of Philadelphia
who published The Jews and the Mo-
saic Law ; Discourses on the Jewish
Religion ; Portuguese Forms of Prayer ;
a Translation of the Scriptures from the
original Hebrew.

Lefferts, George More-wood. L. I.,

1846 . A physician of New York

city. Diseases of the Nose ; Diagnosis
of Nasal Catarrh ; Pharmacopoeia for
Diseases of the Throat and Nose.

Legare [la-gree'], Hugh Swinton.
S. C, 1799-1843. A South Carolina
jurist and essayist, attorney-general of
the United States in 1841. Constitu-
tional History of Greece ; Essay on
Classical Learning ; Essay on " Roman

Legare, James Matthe-ws. -S. C,

1823-1859. An inventor and verse
writer. Orta^Undis, and Other Poems.

Leggett, William. N. Y., 1802-1839.
A journalist once prominent in New
York city. Leisure Hours at Sea ;
Tales by a Country Schoolmaster ; Na-
val Stories ; Political Writings. See
Memoir by T. Sedgwick, infra.

Leidy [li'di], Joseph. Pa., 182.3-1891.
A Philadelphia scientist of distinction
who was a constant contributor to scien-
tific periodicals. Among his writings
are. The Extinct Species of the Ame-
rican Ox ; Ancient Fauna of Nebraska ;
Cretaceous Reptiles of the United
States ; Elementary Text-Book on Hu-
man Anatomy. Lip,




Leighton [li'ton], "William. Ms.,

1833 . A writer of Wheeling,

West Virginia. The Sons of Godwin,
a tragedy that appeared simultaneously
with Tennyson's " Harold " on the same
theme ; At the Court of King Edwin, a
drama ; Shakespeare's Dream ; Change ;
The Subjection of Hamlet.

Leland, Charles Godfrey. "Hans
Breitmann." Pa., 1824-1903. A very
versatile Philadelphia author who lived
much in Europe, and was considered
an authority upon Gypsy lore. Hans
Breitmann Ballads ; The Music Les-
son of Confucius, and Other Poems;
Songs of the Sea and Lays of the Land ;
The English Gypsies and their Lan-
guage ; Origin of the Gypsies ; The Gyp-
sies ; The Algonquin Legends of New
England ; Egyptian Sketch Book; Abrar-
ham Lincoln and the Abolition of Sla-
very ; Practical Education ; Manual of
Wood Carving ; Memoirs, include his
fcaore important works. See Allibone's
Dictionary and Supplement; Appletons'
American Biography. Ap. Hou. Lip.
Mac. Scr.

Leland, Henry Perry. Pa., 1828-
1868. Brother of C. G. Leland, supra.
A Philadelphia writer who served as
lieutenant in a Pennsylvania regiment
during the Civil War. The Americans
in Rome ; The Grey Bay Mare, and

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