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Unitarian clergyman of Worcester,
Massachusetts, 1785-1839, who was
prominent in the earlier days of the
Unitarian movement as a writer in its
behalf. Sermons on the Doctrines of
the Gospel ; A Life of Washington.

Bancroft, Edward. Ms., 1744-182L




A physician who resided chiefly in Lon-
don,where he was supposed to have heen
a spy of the English Government dur-
ing the American Revolution. Natu-
ral History of Guiana ; Researches con-
cerning the Philosophy of Permanent
Colors ; Charles Wentworth : a Novel ;
and several political works.

Bancroft, George. Ms., 1800-1891.
Son of A. Bancroft, supra. An emi-
nent historian who was United States
minister to England, 1846-49, and to
Prussia and Germany, 1867-74. He
was inclined to view history from the
philosophic standpoint, and his political
experiences gave him insight into mo-
tives. In his estimates of men he made
smaller allowance for the relative values
of the testimony of different periods
than is now customary among histo-
rians. He paid much attention to style,
but sometimes erred in regard to over-
ornament. His manner, however, where
not laboured, is attractive and often dra-
matic. The first volume of The His-
tory of the United States appeared in
1834, the second in 1837, the third in
1840, and the succeeding ones 1852-74.
A revised edition was issued in 1876,
while volumes 11 and 12 of the first
edition were published in 1882 as The
History of the Formation of the Con-
stitittion of the United States. The
latest revised edition was printed 1884-
85. Minor works include Martin Van
Buren to the End of his Public Ca-
reer; Literary and Historical Miscel-
lanies ; Memorial Address on Abraham
Lincoln; A Plea for the Constitution
of the United States wounded in the
House of its Guardians. See Annual
Cyclopedia, 1891; Century Magazine,
vol. 11 ; Jameson'' s Historical Writing
in America, pp. 100-110. Ap. Har.

Bancroft, Hubert Howe. O., 1832-
— — . An historical writer whose works,
exceedingly comprehensive in their
scope, were prepared with the assist-
ance of a number of coUaborateurs.
The Native Races of the Pacific States,
5 volumes ; History of the Pacific
States of North America, including
Central America, Mexico, California,
Oregon, British Columbia, 39 volumes ;
The Early American Chroniclers ; Pop-
ular History of the Mexican People ;
Literary Industries. See Jameson's

Historical Writing in America, pp. 15S~
156. Ap. Har.

Bandelier, Adolph Francis Al-
phonse. /SJ.,1830 . An archae-
ologist of Swiss birth, whose life has
been chiefly spent in the United States.
The Art of War and Mode of Warfare ;
Tenure of Land and Inheritances of
the Ancient Mexicans ; Historical In-
troduction to Studies among the Seden-
tary Indians of New Mexico ; Archaeo-
logical Toixr in Mexico in 1881 ; The
Delight Makers, a novel of Pueblo In-
dian Life. Ap. Do.

Bangs, John Kendrick. N. Y., 1862-

. A humourous writer of Yonkelrs,

New York, and one of the founders
of " Life." Three Weeks in PoUtics ;
Coffee and Repartee ; The Idiot ; The
Water Ghost ; Mr. Bonaparte of Cor-
sica ; A House Boat on the Styx ; The
Bicyclers and Other Farces; Topple-
ton's Client; A Rebellious Heroine.

Bangs, Nathan. Ct., 1778-1862. An
active Methodist theologian and con-
troversialist, very prominent in the lit-
erary history of his church and a most
prolific writer. Among his works are
comprised History of the Methodist
Episcopal Church to 1840 ; Errors of
Hopkinsianism ; Life of Arminius ;
Letters to a Young Preacher ; Letters
on Sanctification ; Methodist Episco-
pacy. See Life and Times qf^ hy Ahd
Stevens. Meth.

Banks, Louis Albert. Or., 1855-

. A prominent Methodist clei^-

man. The Saloon Keeper's Ledger, a
series of Temperance Discourses ; The
Fisherman and his Friends ; Common
Folks' Religion; Revival Quiver, a
Record of Revival Campaigns ; The
People's Christ ; White Slaves, or the
Oppression of the Worthy Poor ; The
Honeycombs of Life ; Christ and His
Friends. Fu. Le. Meth.

Banister, John. E., 16 — 1692. A
Virginia botanist who assisted the Eng-
lish naturalist, John Ray. Observa-
tions on the Natural Productions of
Jamaica ; Insects of Virginia ; Curiosi-
ties of Virginia ; The Unseen Lupus ;
The Pistolochia, or Serpentaria Virgin-
iana. The genus Banisteria was named
in his honour.

Banneker, Benjamin. Md., 1731-




1806. An astronomer and mathema-
tician of African descent, who assisted
in the original survey of the District
of Columbia and published an astro-
nomical almanac 1792-1806. See Lives,
by Latrobe, 1845 ; N orris, 1854 ; Atlan-
tic Monthly, January, 1863; Catholic
World, vol. 38.
Banvard, John. 1814-1891. An ar-
tist and poet whose famous panorama
of the Mississippi covered 8 miles of
canvas. He wrote much indifferent
verse, and published books of a miscel-
laneous nature. Amasis, The Last of
the Pharaohs, afterwards dramatized
by him ; Carrinia : a Drama ; Descrip-
tion of the Mississippi River ; Pilgrim-
age to the Holy Land ; The Private
Life of a King ; A Tradition of the
Temple : a Poem.
Banvard, Joseph, N. Y., 1810-1887.
Brother of J. Banvard, supra. A Bap-
tist clergyman of Massachusetts who
beside contributing somewhat largely
to Sunday-school literature wrote much
in other directions. Romance of Amer-
ican History ; Plymouth and the PU-
grims ; Novelties of the New' World, or
Adventures and Discoveries of the First
Explorers ; Tragic Scenes in the History
of Maryland ; The American States-
man : a Memoir of Webster ; Southern
Explorers ; Soldiers and Patriots of the
Revolution ; Priscilla : an Historical
Tale. Lo. Mer.
Baraga, Friedric. A., 1797-1868. A
Roman Catholic missionary who came
to America in 1830 from Austria, and
became bishop of Sault St. Marie in
1852. He devoted himself to mission
work among the Chippewa or Ojibway
Indians, and beside writing several
books in their tongue prepared a Gram-
mar and Dictionary of the Otchipewe
Barbe, Waitman. W. Va., 1864-

. A resident of Parkersburg, West

Virginia. Ashes and Incense, a vol-
ume of notable verse ; In the Virginias,
a collection of short stories. Lip.
Barber, John Warner. Ct., 1798-
1885. An industrious annalist whose
compilations though of slight literary
merit are valuable as historical ma-
terial not so readily accessible else-
where. Historical Collections of Mas-
sachusetts, Connecticut, New York,

New Jersey, Virginia, and Ohio, the
four last being prepared with the as-
sistance of Henry Howe, infra ; History
of New Haven ; Elements of General
History ; Historical Scenes in the
United States.

Barbour, John Humphrey. Ct,
1854-1900. An Episcopal clergyman,
professor of New Testament interpre-
tation at the Berkeley Divinity School
at Middletown, Connecticut. Begin-
nings of the Historic Episcopate.

Barbour, Oliver Lorenzo. N. Y.,
1811-1889. An eminent lawyer of New
York State. Equity Digest ; Criminal
Law ; The Law of Set-Off ; Practice
of the Court of Chancery ; Summary
of the Law of Parties to Actions at
Law, and many legal reports.

Barclay, James Turner. Va., 1807-
1874. A leading clergyman of the
Campbellite faith, for many years a
missionary at Jerusalem. He is best
known as the author of The City of the
Great King, a description of Jerusalem.

Barker, Fordyoe. N. H., 1818-1891.
A New York physician of prominence
and a professor in the Bellevue Hospi-
tal from 1860. On Sea-Sickness ; On
Puerperal Diseases. Ap.

Barker, George Frederic. Ms., 1835-

. A professor of physics in the

University of Pennsylvania since 1873.
Correlation of Vital and Physical
Forces ; Text Book of Elementary

Barker, James Nelson. Pa., 1784-
1858. A Philadelphia poet and play-
wright who was comptroller of the
United States Treasury 1838-50. His
dramas include Marmion; The Indian
Princess ; Superstition ; Smiles and

Barlow, Joel. Ct., 1754-1812. A
prominent literary figure in the early
days of the republic. His verse for the
most part is stilted and declamatory.
The Columbiad, his most ambitious
poem, is now unread, but Hasty Pud-
ding, a poetical reminiscence of New
England among Italian scenes, still af-
fords pleasant reading, and is genuinely
humourous. The Vision of Columbus,
The Conspiracy of Kings, are his only
other works of any note. See Life
by Todd, 1886; Tyler's Three Men of




Letters, 1895; Atlantic Monthly, vol.

Barnard, Charles. Ms., 1838 .

A writer and lecturer of New York
city who was an editorial contributor
to The Century Dictionary. The Tone
Masters ; The Soprano ; My Ten Rod
Farm ; Farming by Inches ; A Simple
Flower Garden ; The Strawberry Gar-
den ; Legilda Romanoff ; Knights of
To- Day ; Co-operation as a Business ;
A Dead Town, a Romance of the Old
Country ; Talks about the Weather ;
Talks about the Soil. Put. Scr.

Barnard, Frederick Augustus
Porter. Ms., 1809-1889. An educa-
tional writer who was president of
Columbia College, 1864-89. History
of the United States Coast Survey ;
Imaginary Metrological System of the
Great Pyramid ; The Undulatory The-
ory of Light ; Letters on College Gov-
ernment. See Memoirs of, by John Ful-
ton, 1896. Wil.

Barnard, Henry. Ct., 1811-1900. A
noted advocate of educational reforms.
National Education in Europe ; School
Architecture ; Hints and Methods for
Teachers ; Pestalozzi and Pestalozzian-
ism ; History of Education in Connec-
ticut ; Educational Biography ; Ger-
man Educational Reformers. See New
England Magazine, vol. 4-

Barnard, John. Ms., 1681-1770. A
Congregational minister>of Boston who
was among the earliest New England
dissenters from Calvinism. A robust
and logical thinker. Version of the
Psalms ; Sermons ; The Strange Ad-
ventures of Philip Ashton. See Tyler^s
American Literature.

Barnard, John Gross. Ms., 1815-
1882. Brother of F. Barnard, supra.
A major-general of the United States
Army. Survey of the Isthmus of Te-
huantepec ; Phenomena of the Gyro-
scope ; Dangers and Defences of New
York ; Sea Coast Defence ; The Pe-
ninsular Campaign and its Antece-
dents ; Problems of Rotary Motion.

Barnes, Albert. N. Y., 1798-1870.
A leader of New School Presbyterian
thought and an able scriptural com-
mentator. He was a clergyman of
Philadelphia, and was at one time tried
for heresy. Notes on the New Testa-
ment ; Scriptural Views of Slavery ;

The Atonement ; Life at Three Score ;
Prayers for Family Worship ; Evi-
dences of Christianity in the Nineteenth
Century. See Theological Works of,
1875. Har.

Barnes, James. Md., 1865 . For

King or Country, a Story of the Rev-
olution ; Admiral Farragut ; Naval Ac-
tions of the War of 1812; A Prince-
tonian. Ap. Har. Put.

Barnes, Mrs. Mary Do'wning
[Sheldon]. N. Y., 1850-1898. An
educator who published Studies in Gen-
eral History ; Teachers' Manual.

Barnum, Mrs. Frances Courtenay
[Baylor]. Ark., 1848 . A nov-
elist now living in Savannah. On Bbth
Sides, an international novel ; Behind
the Blue Ridge ; Juan and Juanita, a
juvenile tale ; Claudia Hyde. Hou.

Barnum, Phineas Taylor. Ct.,
1810-1891. A showman of world-wide
fame. Humbugs of the World ; Strug-
gles and Triumphs, or Forty Years'
Recollections ; Lion Jack, or How Me-
nageries are Made ; Autobiography,
See Saturday Review, vol. 71.

Barr, Mrs. Amelia Edith [Hud-
dleston.] E., 1831 . A novel-
ist of English birth who was educated
in Glasgow and came to America in
1854. Her literary career did not be-
gin, however, until 1871. Her books
exhibit many excellencies of construc-
tion and characterization, are whole-
some in tone, and have been deservedly
popular. Among the best of them
may be named Jan Vedder's Wife ;
Paul and Christina ; A Daughter of
Fife ; A Border Shepherdess ; The
Bow of Orange Ribbon, a tale of colo-
nial life in New York ; Between Two
Loves ; Friend Olivia ; Bernicia, a
story in which Whitefield, the famous
preacher, is a prominent figure. Other
works by Mrs. Barr include : Scottish
Sketches ; Flower of Gala Water ; Ro-
mance and Reality ; Young People of
Shakespeare's Time ; Cluny McPher-
son ; The Hallam Succession ; The Lost
Silver of Briffault ; The Last of the
McAlisters ; The King's Highway ;
The Squire of Sandal Side ; Master of
his Fate ; Christopher ; Remember the
Alamo, a story of Texas ; She loved a
Sailor ; A Rose of a Hundred Leaves ;




Michael and Theodora; A Sister to
Esau ; Feet of Clay ; The Household of
McNeil ; The Preacher's Daughter ;
Love for an Hour is Love Forever ; A
Singer from the Sea ; The Lone House.
See Andover Review, vol. 11. Ap. Do.
Barrett, Benjamin Fisk. Me., 1808-
1892. A Swedenborgian clergyman of
Philadelphia who wrote extensively in
behalf oS his faith. Among his many
books are A Life of Swedenborg ;
The New View of Hell ; Swedenborg
and Channing ; Heaven Revealed : a
Popular Presentation of Swedenborg's
Disclosures about Heaven,

Barrett, Walter. See Scoville.

Barron, Elwyn Alfred. Tn., 1855-
. A Chicago journalist on the ed-
itorial staff of The Inter-Ocean from
1879, who has written The Viking, a
blank- verse drama ; A Moral Crime,
and other plays.

Barrow, Mrs. Frances Elizabeth
[Mease]. "Aunt Fanny." S. C,
1822-1894. A writer of juvenile tales
which have been widely circulated.
Among them are The Night Cap Series ;
The Pop Gun Series; The Six Mitten
Books. I^st.

Barro-ws, John Henry. McA., 1847-
1902. A Presbyterian clergyman of
Chicago. The Gospels are True His-
tory ; I believe in God the Father Al-
mighty; Henry Ward Beecher, the
Pulpit Jupiter ; Life of Henry Ward
Beecher. Fu. Lo.

Barrows, Mrs. Katherine Isabel

Hayes [Chapin]. Vt., 1846 .

Wife of S. J. Barrows, infra, and
with him author of The Shay backs in
Camp, a volume of leisurely travel
notes. Hou.

Barrows, Samuel June. N. Y.,

1845 . A Unitarian clergyman of

Boston, editor of The Christian Regis-
ter since 1881. A Baptist Meeting
House, a narrative of a transition from
the Baptist to the Unitarian faith;
The Doom of the Majority of Man-
kind. A. U. A.

Barrows, "William. Ms., 1815-1891.
A Congregational clergyman of Massa-
chusetts. The Church and the Chil-
dren ; The Indian's Side of the Indian
Question; Oregon, the Struggle for

Possession ; The United States of Yes-
terday and To-morrow ; Twelve Nights
in the Hunter's Camp. Hou. Le. Lo.

Barry, John Daniel. Ms., 1866 .

A litterateur of New York city. A
Daughter of Thespis ; The Intriguers,
a novel ; Mademoiselle Blanche ; The
Princess Margarethe, a fairy tale ; The
Congressman's Wife. Ap. St.

Barry, John Stetson. Ms., 1819-
1872. A Universalist clergyman. The
Stetson Genealogy ; History of Massa-


Barry, Patrick. I., 1816-1890. A
prominent horticulturist of Rochester,
N. Y. Treatise on the Fruit Garden. Ju.

Barry, William. Ms., 1805 - 1885.
Brother of J. S. Barry, supra. A Con-
gregational clergyman of Chicago.
Rights and Duties of Neighboring
Churches ; Thoughts on Christia.n Doc-
trine ; History of Framingham ; An-
tiquities of Wisconsin.

Bartholow, Roberts. Md., 1831-
. A physician and medical pro-
fessor of Philadelphia. Materia Medica
and Therapeutics ; Practice of Medi-
cine ; Medical Electricity ; The Antag-
onism between Medicines and between
Remedies and Diseases. Ap. Lip.

Bartlett, Elisha. R. L, 1804-1855.
A Rhode Island physician. The Fe-
vers of the United States ; Simple Set-
tings in Verse for Portraits and Pic-
tures in Mr. Dickens's Gallery.

Bartlett, John. Ms., 1820 . For-
merly a Boston publisher, well known
as the editor of Familiar Quotations,
which reached a ninth edition in 1891 ;
The Shakespeare Phrase-Book ; A
Complete Concordance to Shakespeare.
Lit. Mac.

Bartlett, John Russell. R. L, 1805-
1886. At one time Secretary of State
in Rhode Island. Records of the Col-
ony of Rhode Island ; Memoir of
Rhode Island Officers in the War of
the Rebellion ; Primeval Man ; Gene-
alogy of the Russell Family ; Diction-
ary of Americanisms ; Progress of Eth-
nology. He edited the Letters of
Roger Williams. Lit.

Bartlett, Joseph. Ms., 1762-1827.
A satirical poet whose New Vicar of
Bray once attracted considerable at-




Bartlett, Samuel Colcord. N. H.,
1817-1898. President of Dartmouth
College 1877-92. Life and Death
Eternal, a Refutation of the Doctrine
of Annihilation ; Future Punishment ;
From Egypt to Palestine : observations
of a Journey ; Sources of History in
the Pentateuch. See The Forum, vol.
2. Har.

Bartlett, 'Williain Holms Cham-
bers. Pa., 1804-1893. A prominent
scientist, who was from 1834-71 an in-
structor at West Point. Treatise on
Optics ; Analytical Mechanics ; Spher-
ical Astronomy.

Bartol, Cyrus Augustus. Me., 1813-
1900. A Unitarian clergyman of Bos-
ton, prominent as a leader of radi-
cal religious thought. Pictures of
Europe ; Christian Spirit and Life ;
Radical Problems ; The Rising Faith ;
Principles and Portraits ; Church and
Congregation ; Christian Body and
Form. A. U. A. Bob.

Barton, Benjamin Smith. Pa.,
1766-1815. A once noted physician of
Philadelphia. Observations on Some
Parts of Natural History ; New Views
on the Origin of the Tribes of North
America ; Elements of Botany.

Barton, "William Paul Crillon. Pa.,
1786-1856. Nephew of B. S. Barton,
supra. He organized the United States
Naval Bureau of Medicine and Surgery,
and was known both as botanist and
surgeon. Vegetable Materia Medica
of the United States ; Flora of North
America ; Medical Botany ; Compen-
dium Florae Philadelphise.

Bartram, John. Pa., 1699-1777.
" The Father of American Botany."
A shrewd, care»ul observer whom Lin-
naeus termed " the greatest natural
botanist in the world." Observations
on the Inhabitants. Climate, etc., as
made by Mr. John Bartram in his
Travels from Pennsylvania to Onon-
daga, etc. A similar record of travels
in eastern Florida appeared in 1766.
See Memorials of, by Darlington, 1849.

Bartram, William. Pa., 1739-1823.
Son of J. Bartram, supra. A botanist
and traveller of Pennsylvania. Travel
Through North and South Carolina,
Georgia, etc. ; Observations on the
Creek and Cherokee Indians.

Bascom, Henry Bidleman. N. Y.,

1796-1850. A bishop of the Metho-
dist church. Sermons from the Pulpit ;
Mental and Moral Science ; Methodism
and Slavery. See Life by Heuhle, 1854 >
Methodist Quarterly, vol. 4^.

Bascom, John. N. Y., 1827 .

A philosophical writer, from 1874-87,
president of Wisconsin University, sub-
sequently professor of political science
at Williams College. Elements of
Psychology ; -(Esthetics ; Political Econ-
omy for Colleges ; Science, Philoso-
phy, and Religion ; Natural Theology ;
The Science of Mind; The Words
of Christ ; Philosophy of Englislji
Literature ; Comparative Psychology ;
Problems in Philosophy ; Sociology,
Social Theory ; Ethics ; The New Theo-
logy ; Historical Interpretation of
Philosophy ; A Philosophy of Religion.
Cr. Put.

Bassett, James. Ont., 1834-

Presbyterian missionary in Persia.
Hymns in Persian ; Among the Turco-
mans ; Persia, the Land of the Imams :
a Narrative of Travel ; Grammatical
Note on the Simnuni Dialects of the
Persian. Scr.
Batchelor, George. Ct., 1836-

A Unitarian clergyman. Social Equi-
librium and Other Problems, Ethical
and Religious. El.

Bates, Arlo. Me., 1850 . Profes-
sor of English literature in Massachu-
setts Institute of Technology, and nov-
elist. Talks on Writing English ; The
Pagans ; Patty's Perversities ; A Wheel
of Fire ; In the Bundle of Time ;
A Lad's Love ; The Philistines ; A
Book o' Nine Tales. His verse in-
cludes Berries of the Brier ; Sonnets in
Shadow ; A Poet and his Self ; Told in
the Gate ; The Torch-Bearers ; Under
the Beech-Tree. Ho. Hou. Rob. Scr.

Bates, Charlotte Fiske. See Rog4.

Bates, Mrs. Clara [Doty]. Mch.,
1838-1895. A writer of juvenile tales.
Classics of Babyland Versified ; Child
Lore ; On the Way to Wonderland ;
Heart's Content. Lo.

Bates, Mrs. Harriet Leonora
[Vose]. "Eleanor Putnam." It.,
1856-1886. Wife of A. Bates, supra.
A Woodland Wooing ; Old Salem ;
Prince Vance (with A. Bates),




Bates, Katherine Lee. Ms., 1859-

. A professor of literature at

Wellesley College. The English Re-
ligious Drama ; Hermit Island : a Story
for Girls. Lo. Mac.

Bates, Mrs. Margret Holmes

[Ernsperger]. O., 1844 . A

fiction-writer of Indianapolis. Mani-
tou ; The Chamber Over the Gate.

Bates, Samuel Penniman. Ms.,

1827- 190-. A Pennsylvania educator
of note. Mental and Moral Culture ;
Liberal Education ; History of Penn-
sylvania Volunteers ; History of the
Colleges of Pennsylvania.

Batterson, Hermon Griswold. Ct.,
1827-1903. An Episcopal clergyman
of Philadelphia. The Missionary Tune
Book ; The Churchman's Hymn Book ;
Christmas Carols and Other Verses;
The Pathway of Faith ; A Sketch Book
of the American Episcopate. Lip.

Baxley, Isaac Rieman. Md., 1850-

. A California versifier whose

thought as a whole gains nothing by
being expressed in verse. The Temple
of Alanthur ; The Prophet and Other
Poems ; Songs of the Spirit ; The Bank
of Mist.

Baxter, James Phinney. Me., 1831-
. An historical writer of Port-
land, Maine. George Cleves of Casco
Bay, 1630-67; Sir Ferdinando Gorges
and his Province of Maine ; Idyls of
the Year, a collection of verse.

Baxter, Lydia. N. Y., 1809-1874.
Gems by the Wayside, a collection of
poems. The hymn, The Gates Ajar,
is by her.

Baxter, Sylvester. Ms., 1850 .

A journalist of Boston, prominent in
exploiting the Metropolitan Park sys-
tem. The Cruise of a Land Yacht, a
Boy's Book of Mexican Travel. Lit.

Baxter, William. E., 1820 . A

clergyman of Cincinnati, whose War
Lyrics as originally published in Har-
per's Weekly were once widely popu-
lar. The Loyal West in the Times of
the Rebellion ; Pea Ridge and Prairie
Grove, or Scenes and Incidents of the
War in Arkansas. Meth.

Bayley, James Roosevelt. N. Y.,
1814-1877. A clergyman who entered
the Roman Catholic Church from the
Episcopal and became archbishop of

Baltimore. History of the Catholic
Church of New York ; Memoirs of
Brut^, First Bishop of Vincennes ; Pas-
torals for the People.

Baylies, Francis. Ms., 1783-1852.
An eminent lawyer of Taunton, Massa-
chusetts. Historical Memoir of the
Colony of New Plymouth.

Baylor, Frances Courtenay. See
Barnum, Mrs.

Beach, David Nelson. N. J., 1848-

. A prominent Congregational

clergyman of Cambridge, and, since
1895, of Minneapolis. The Newer Re-
ligious Thinking ; How we Rose ; Plain
Words on Our Lord's Work ; The In-
tent of Jesus. Lit. Rob.

Beal, William James. Mch., 183.3-

. A botanical professor in the

Michigan Agricultural College from
1870. The New Botany ; The Grasses
of North America.

Beale, Mrs. Maria [Taylor]. Va.,

1849 . A novelist of Arden, North

Carolina. Jack O'Doon. Ho.

Beard, George Miller. Ct., 1839-
1883. A New York physician. Amer-
ican Nervous Diseases : Causes and
Consequences ; The Scientific Basis of
Delusions ; Clinical Researches in Elec-
tro-Surgery ; Medical Uses of Electri-
city ; Physiology of Mind-Reading ;
Stimulants and Narcotics ; Psychology
of the Salem Witchcraft and its Prac-
tical Application in Our Own Time.
Some works of lesser note. Har. Wo.

Beardsley, Eben Edwards. Ct.,
1808-1891. An Episcopal clergyman
of New Haven. History of the Epis-
copal Church in Connecticut ; Lives of
Samuel Johnson, the First President of
King's College, New York, William
Samuel Johnson, President of Columbia
College, and Samuel Seabury, Bishop
of Connecticut. Hou.

Beasley, Frederick. N. C, 1777-
1845. An Episcopal clergyman who
was provost of the University of Penn-
sylvania. An Examination of the Ox-
ford Divinity ; Search of Truth in the
Science of the Humian Mind ; Reply to
Dr. Channing.

Beck, Theodric Romeyn. N. Y.,
1791-1855. A medical writer of Al-
bany. Elements of Medical JurisprU'-
dence (with J. B. Beck).




Becker, Greorge Ferdinand. N.Y.,

1847 . A geologist in the United

States service. Geology of the Corn-
stock Lode ; Atomic Weight Deter-
minations ; Geometrical Value of Vol-
canic Cones ; A New Law of Thermo-
chemistry ; Geology of the Quicksilver
Deposits of the Pacific Slope. Several
lesser works.

Beckett, Sylvester Breakmore.
Me., 1812-1882. An author and pub-
lisher of Portland, Maine. Hester, the
Bride of the Islands, a Poem ; Guide
Book of the Atlantic and St. Lawrence.

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