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rector of St. Stephen's Church in Phila-
delphia, 1882-96, and of Holy Trinity,
Brooklyn, subsequently. Sons of God ;
Sermon Stuff ; History of the Episco-
pal Church in the United States; A
* A distinguishing initial only.




Tear's Sermons ; An Open Secret. Ar,
McCook, Henry Christopher. O.,

1837 . A Presbyterian clergyman

of Philadelphia, well known as a natu-
ralist. Object and Outline Teaching;
The Last Year of Christ's Ministry ;
The Last Days of Jesus ; Garfield Me-
morial Sermons ; The Women Friends
of Jesus ; The Gospel in Nature ; The
Mound-Making Art of the AUeghanies ;
Natural History of the Agricultural
Ant of Texas ; Honey Ants and Occi-
dent Ants ; Tenants of an Old Farm ;
American Spiders. Fu. Lip.

McCord, Mrs. Louisa Susannah
[Cheves]. S. C, 1810-1880. A
writer of South Carolina. Sophisms of
the Protective Policy, translated from
Bastral ; Caiiis Gracchus, a tragedy ;
My Dreams, a volume of verse.

McCormick, Richard Cunning-
ham. N. Y., 1832 . An Arizona

journalist, governor of that Territory,
1866-69. Visit to the Camp at Sebas-
topol ; St. Paul's to St. Sophia ; Ari-
zona: its Resources (1865).

MoCosh, James. S., 1811-1894. A
metaphysician of eminence and a Pres-
byterian divine of the Free Church. Af-
ter being professor in Queen's College,
Belfast, 1852-68, he came to America
in 1868, and was president of Prince-
ton College, 1868-88, resigning in the
latter year, but holding an emeritus
professorship until his death. As a
philosophical thinker he exercised an
extended influence. His principal
writings include. Logic : the Laws of
Discursive Thought; Christianity and
Positivism ; Scottish Philosophy ; Mill's
Philosophy ; Method of the Divine
Government ; First and Fundamental
Truths ; Psychology ; The Emotions ;
Our Moral Nature ; Gospel Sermons ;
Philosophy of Reality ; The Religious
Aspect of Evolution ; Realistic Philo-
sophy defended ; Whither ? O Whither
Tell Me Where ; The Development of
Hypotheses ; Philosophic Series : I.
Expository, II. Historical and Critical.
See Life of, edited by W. M. Sloane,
infra. Meth. Scr.

McCoy, Mrs. Catherine [Webb]

[Towles]. 3fs., 1823 . A writer

of Columbus, Georgia. Tales from the
Freemason's Fireside ; The Three Gold-

en Links ; Poor Claire, or Life Among
the Queer.
McCrackan, William Denison.

Bv., 1864 . An author and lec-
turer of New York city, born in Munich
of American parents. The Rise of the
Swiss Republic ; Romance and Teu-
tonic Switzerland ; Swiss Solutions of
American Problems ; Little Idyls of the
Big World. Ar. Kt.

MacCracken, Henry Mitchell. O.,

1840 . A Presbyterian clergyman

and educator, chancellor of the Univer-
sity of the City of New York from 1891.
Tercentenary of Presbyterianism ; Kant
and Lotze ; A Metropolitan University ;
Leaders of the Church Universal.

MacCreary, George Washington.
Ind., 1835-1890. An Indiana jurist.
Treatise on the American Law of Elec-
tions ; Reports of the Circuit Courts of
the United States, Eighth District,

McCuUoch, Hugh. Me., 1808-1895.
A distinguished financier, secretary of
the treasury, 1865-69 and 1884-85.
Men and Measures of Half a Century
was his only publication. Scr.

McDermott, Hugh Farrar. 1833-
1890. A journalist of New York city.
Poems from an Editor's Table ; The
Blind Canary, a book of verse.

McDonald, James Madison. Me.,
1812-1876. A Congregational clergy-
man who was pastor of a church in
Princeton, New Jersey, 1856-76. Cre-
dulity; My Father's House, or the
Heaven of the Bible ; Life and Writ-
ings of St. John ; Ecclesiastes Ex-
plained ; Key to the Book of Revela^
tion. Scr.

McDougal, Mrs. Frances Harriet
[Whipple] [Greene]. B. L, 1805-
1875. A Rhode Island writer who re-
sided in California from 1862. The
Original ; The Mechanic ; Might and
Right, a History of the Dorr Rebellion ;
Shahmah in Pursuit of Freedom ; The
Dwarf Boy, and Minor Poems ; Beyond
the Veil.

MacDo-well, Mrs. Katharine Sher-
wood [Bonner]. Mi., 1849-1883.
A writer of Holly Springs, Mississippi,
from 1873 to 1878 a resident of Boston
and the private secretary of Longfel-
low. In Mrs. Kirk's novel of " Marga-




ret Kent " she figures as the heroine.
Dialect Tales ; Suwanee River Tales ;
Like unto Like. Har. Hob.

Mace, Mrs. Frances Parker

[Laughton]. Me., lSo6 . A

popular verse-writer of San Jos^, Cali-
fornia. The authorship of Only Wait-
ing, her best known poem, has been
elaiiued by several writers. Legends,
Lyrics, and Sonnets ; Under Pine and
Palm. Hou.

McFadden, Bernarr Adolphus.

Mo., 1868 . A teacher of physical

training in New York city. The Ath-
lete's Conquest, a novel ; System of
Physical Training.

MacFerrin, Anderson Purdy. Tn.,

1818 . A Methodist clergyman in

Tennessee. Sermons for the Times ;
Heavenly Shadows and Hymns.

MacFerrin, John Berry. Tn., 1807-
1887. Brother of A. P. MacFerrin,
supra. A Methodist clergyman in
Tennessee. History of Methodism in

McGaffey, Ernest. O., 1861 .

A lawyer of Chicago. Poems of Gun
and Rod ; Poems. Do. Scr.

MacGahan, Januarius Aloysius.
O., 1844-1878. A famous journalist
and war correspondent. During the
Franco-Prussian war he was the corre-
spondent at Paris of the New York
Herald, and he went through the Russo-
Turkish war as the correspondent of
the London Daily News. Campaigning
on the Oxus, and the Fall of Khiva ;
Under the Northern Lights ; Turkish
Atrocities in Bulgaria. Har.

McGarvey, John William. Ky.,
1829 . A clergyman of the Chris-
tian denomination, professor of sacred
history in the University of Kentucky
from 1865. Commentary on the Acts ;
Commentary on Matthew and Mark ;
Lands of the Bible ; Text and Canon ;
Credibility and Inspiration of the Bi-

McGifTert, Arthur Cushman. N. Y.,

1861 . A Presbyterian clergyman,

professor of church history in Union
Seminary from 1893. Dialogiie of Pa-
pias and Jason. He has published a
translation with prolegomena and notes
of the Church History of Eusebius
Pamphilus ; The Apostolic Age. Scr.

McGill, John. Pa., 1809-1872. A
Roman Catholic bishop of Richmond.
Our Faith the Victory; The True
Church Indicated ; Life of John Cal-
vin, from the French.

McGlasson, Eva Wilder. See Brod-
head, Mrs.

Mcllvaine [mak-il-van'J, Charles
Petitt. iV. J., 1709-1873. The second
Protestant Episcopal bishop of Ohio,
and long a prominent figure among
Low Churchmen. Evidences of Chris-
tianity ; Oxford Divinity ; The Holy
Catholic Church; The Truth and the
Life, include his chief works. Han.

Mcllvaine, Joshua Hall. DeZ., 1815-
1897. A Presbyterian clergyman of
note in the Middle States who founded
Evelyn College at Princeton, New Jer-
sey, in 1887. He was professor of
belles - lettres at Princeton College,
1860-70, and president of Evel/n Col-
lege at the time of his death. The
Tree of the Knowledge of Good and
Evil ; Elocution, the Sources and Ele-
ments of its Power; The Wisdom of
Holy Scripture ; The Wisdom of the
Apocalypse ; Pastoral Directions to In-
quiring Souls. Han. Scr.

Mcintosh, Maria Jane. Ga., 1803-
1878. A New York writer whose no-
vels and tales of domestic life enjoyed a
long popularity. Her writings include.
Praise and Principle ; Conquest and
Self-Conquest ; Violet ; Two Lives, or
To Seem and To Be ; Charms and
Counter-Charms ; The Lofty and the
Lowly ; Meta Gray ; Two Pictures ;
Evenings at Donaldson Manor ; Aunt
Kitty's Tales ; Woman in America, her
Work and her Reward ; The Cousins,
a juvenile tale. Ap.

Mackaye, Mrs. Maria Ellery

[Goodwin]. E. I., 1830 . An

educator of Cambridge, author of The
Abbess of Port Royal, and Other French
Studies. Le.

McKeever, Harriet Burn. Pa., 1807-
1886. A Philadelphia writer of Sun-
day-school fiction, among whose works
are, Nothing but Leaves ; Edith's Mi-
nistry ; The Old Chateau ; Crown Jew-
els. Meth.

McKellar, Thomas. N. Y., 1812-

. A prominent type-founder of

Philadelphia who, beside publishing




American Printer, and was the author
of Tarn's Fortnight Ramble, and Other
Poems ; Droppings from the Heart ;
Lines for the Gentle and Loving;
Rhymes Atween Times. His verse is
unpretentious, and seldom more than
commonplace in sentiment and execu-
tion. Lip.

McKenny, Thomas Lorraine. Md.,
1785-1859. A writer for many years
in charge of the Bureau of Indian Af-
fairs. Sketches of a Tour to the Lakes ;
Essays on the Spirit of Jacksonianism ;
History of the Indian Tribes (with J.
Hall) ; Memoirs, Official and Personal.

McKenzie, Alexander. Ms., 1830-

. A Congregational clergyman of

Cambridge from 1867. Cambridge Ser-
mons ; History of the First Church in
Cambridge ; Some Things Abroad ;
The Two Boys. Lo.

Mackenzie, Alexander Slidell. N.
Y., 1803-1848. A naval officer of
prominence in his day. Popular Essays
on Naval Subjects ; The American in
England ; Lives of John Paul Jones,
Commodore Decatur, Commodore Oli-
ver Hazard Perry ; A Year in Spain.

Mackenzie, Robert Shelton. I.,
1809-1881. A journalist of London
who came to America in 1852, and from
1857 was the literary editor of the Phi-
ladelphia Press. His writings include,
Lives of Dickens, Scott, and Guizot ;
Titian: an art novel; Lays of Pales-
tine ; Partnership en Commanditi, a
work upon commercial law ; Bits of
Blarney ; Mornings at Matlock ; Tres-
silian and his Friends.

Mackey [mak'ee], Albert Gallatin.
S. C, 1807-1881. A physician of
Charleston whose life was principally
devoted to the study of freemasonry.
Text-Book of Masonic Jurisprudence ;
Lexicon of Freemasonry ; The Mystic
Tie ; Book of the Chapter ; Manual of
the Lodge ; Cryptic Masonry ; Masonic
Ritualist ; Masonic Parliamentary Law ;
History of Freemasonry in South Caro-
lina ; Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry.
He edited the Ahimon Rezon.
Mackey, John. S. C, 1765-1831. A
journalist and educator of Charleston
whose American Teacher's Assistant
(1826) was the first comprehensive work
on arithmetic published in America.

Mackie, John Milton. Ms., 1813-
1894 . A New England writer, in early
life a tutor in Brown University. Cosas
de Espafia ; Lives of Leibnitz, Schamyl,
Samuell Gorton ; Tai Ping Wang ; From
Cape Cod to Dixie.

McKim, Randolph Harrison. Md.,

1842 . An Episcopal clergyman,

rector of the Church of the Epiphany at
Washington. Nature of the Christian
Ministry ; Vindication of Protestant
Principles ; Future Punishment ; Bread
in the Desert, and Other Sermons ;
Christ and Modern Unbelief ; Chris-
tianity and Buddhism. Wh.

McKinney, Mordecai. Pa., c. 1796-
1867. A jurist of Harrisburg. Penn-
sylvania Justice of the Peace ; United
States Constitutional Manual ; Our
Government ; The American Magistrate
and Civil Officer ; Pennsylvania Tax
Laws ; Digest of Pennsylvania Bank-
ing Laws.

McLaren, William Edward. N. Y.,
1831 . The third Protestant Epis-
copal bishop of Chicago. He was con-
secrated bishop in 1875, but prior to
1872 was a Presbyterian clergyman.
Catholic Dogma the Antidote of
Doubt; The Practice of the Interior

McLaughlin, Andrew Cunning-
ham. II., 1861 . A professor of

American history at the University of
Michigan from 1891. Life of" Lewis
Cass, supra. Hou.

Maclean, Mrs. Clara Victoria

[Dargan]. S. C, c. 1840 . An

educator of South Carolina. Her work
in fiction includes Riverlands ; Helen

McLellan, Isaac. Me., 1806-1899. A
verse-writer of New York city of note
as a sportsman. His verse, once popu-
lar, is now nearly forgotten. The Year,
and Other Poems ; The Fall of the In-
dian ; Poems of the Rod and Gun ( 1883),
with biographical sketch.

McLeod, Alexander. S., 1774-1833.
A Reformed Presbyterian minister of
New York city, famous as a preacher
in his day. Negro Slavery Unjustifia-
ble ; The Messiah ; Life and Power of
True Godliness ; American Christian
Expositor, include his chief works.




McLeod, Xavier Donald. N. Y.,

1821-1865. Son of A. McLeod, supra.
A Roman Catholic clergyman, but be-
fore 1852 an Episcopal clergyman.
Pynnshurst, his Wanderings and
Ways of Thinking; Life of teir Wal-
ter Scott ; Life of Mary Queen of
Scots ; Our Lady of Litanies ; De-
votion to the Blessed Virgin Mary,
include the more important of his

McMahon, John Van Lear. Md.,
1800-lSTl. A prominent lawyer and
politician of Maryland, whose Histori-
cal View of Maryland is an authority
on the early history of the province.

McMaster, Gilbert. I., 1778-1854.
A Reformed Presbyterian clergyman of
Duanesburgh, New York. The Shorter
Catechism Analyzed ; Apology for the
Psalms ; Moral Character of Civil Gov-

McMaster, Guy Humphrey. N. Y.,

1829-1887. A jurist and verse-writer
of Bath, in central New York. He
wrote a History of Steuben County, but
his name lingers in anthologies as au-
thor of the well-known lyric. Carmen

McMaster, John Bach. L. I., 1852-
. A professor of American histo-
ry at the University of Pennsylvania
from 1883, and prior to that date an
instructor in engineering at Princeton
College. Bridge and Tunnel Centres ;
High Masonry Dams ; History of the
People of the United States ; Franklin
as a Man of Letters ; Pennsylvania and
the Federal Constitution (with F. D.
Stone). Ap. Hou.

McMillan, Conway. Mch., 1867-

. A professor of botany in the

University of Minnesota from 1891.
Twenty-Two Common Insects of Ne-
braska ; The Metaspermse of the Min-
nesota Valley.

McMurtrie, Henry. Pa., 1793-1865.
An educator of Philadelphia. Lexicon
Scientiarum is his principal work.

McMurtrie, William. N. J., 1851-

. A professor of chemistry in the

University of Illinois. Culture of the
Sugar Beet ; Culture of Sumac ; Grape
Culture in the United States, are among
his publications.

McNamara, John. I., 1824-1885. An
Episcopal clergyman of Nebraska.
Three Years on the Kansas Border;
The Black Code of Kansas.

McNaughton, John Hugh. N. Y.,

1829 . A verse - writer of Cale-
donia, New York, many of whose
songs have been set to music, and
proved extremely popular. Babble
Brook Songs ; Onnalinda, a romance in
Macomb, Alexander. D. C, 1782-
1841. An officer of prominence in the
American army during the War of
1812, becoming major-general in com-
mand of the army in 1828. Treatise
on Martial Law ; Treatise on Practice
of Courts-Martial ; Pontiac, a drama.
See Memoir by G. H. Richards.

Macon, John Alfred. Al, 1851-

. A journalist of New York city.

Uncle Gabe Tucker. Lip.

McPherson, Edward. Pa., 1830-
1895. A journalist of Gettysburg, ed-
itor of The Tribune Almanac from 1877,
and for some years American editor of
the Almanach de Gotha. Political
History of the United States during
the Civil War ; Political History of the
United States during Reconstruction ;
Handbook of Politics.

MacQueary, How^ard. Va., 1861-

. A Universalist clergyman of

Minneapolis. He was formerly an
Episcopal clergyman in Ohio, but, on
account of his denial of the Virgin
birth of Christ, was tried for heresy in
1891, and suspended from the Episco-
pal ministry. Evolution of Man and
Christianity ; Topics of the Times,
lectures on theological and sociological
themes. Ap.

McSherry, James. Md., 1819-1869.
A lawyer of Frederick, Maryland.
P^re Jean, the Jesuit Missionary ; Wil-
liloft, or the Days of James the First ;
History of Maryland.

McSherry, Richard. W. Va., 1817-
1885. A physician of prominence in
Baltimore, and in early life in the naval
service. Early History of Maryland,
and Other Essays ; El Puchero, a dis-
cursive work on Mexico ; Military Life
in Field and Camp ; Health and How
to Promote It, are his principal writ-
ings. Ap.




McTyeire [mak-teer'], Holland
Nimmons. ^S. C, 1824-1889. A Me-
thodist bishop in Tennessee. Manual of
Discipline ; Duties of Masters ; History
of Methodism, are among hia works.

McVickar, William Augustus. N.
Y., 1827-1877. An Episcopal clergy-
man who became rector of Christ
Church, New York city, in 1876. Life
of Rev. John McVickar ; City Missions.

Macy, Jesse. Ind., 1842 . A

professor of political science in Iowa
College. Our Government ; The Eng-
lish Constitution. Mac.

Madison, James. Va., 1751-1836.
The fourth President of the United
States. The Reports of the Debates in
the National Convention of 1788 are the
most important writings of his ear-
lier career. His complete works have
been issued in six volumes. See Lives
by Rives, J. Q. Adams, S. H. Gay ;
History of the United States, Madi-
son's Administrations, by H. Adams.

Maffit, John Newland. I., 1795-
1850. A once noted Methodist preacher
and lecturer. Tears of Contrition ; Pul-
pit Sketches ; Poems.

Magill, Mary Tucker. Va., 1832-

. Granddaughter of H. St. George

Tucker, infra. An educator and fic-
tion-writer of Winchester, Virgiaia.
The Holcombes; Women, or Chroni-
cles of the Late War ; School History
of Virginia ; Pantomimes, or Wordless
Poems. Lip.

Magoon, Ellas Lyman. N. H., 1810-

. An eminent Baptist clergyman

of Philadelphia, well known as a lec-
turer and art connoisseur of liberal
thought and wide attainments. Pro-
verbs for the People ; Orators of the
American Revolution ; Republican
Christianity ; Westward Empire ; Elo-
quence of the Colonial Times ; Living
Orators in America.

Magruder, Allan Bo"wie. 18 .

The Bible Defended ; Life of John
Marshall, infra. Hou.

Magruder, Julia. Va., 1854 . A

novelist. Miss Ayr of Virginia, and
Other Stories ; The Child Amy ; Across
the Chasm ; At Anchor ; A Magnifi-
cent Plebeian ; Honored in the Breach ;
The Violet ; Princess Sonia. Cent. Har.
Lgs. Lip. Lo. S. Scr.

Mahan [ma-han'], Alfred Thayer.

N. Y., 1§40 . A distinguished

officer in the United States navy whose
masterly works upon sea power in his-
tory have received official recognition
from both home and foreign govern-
ments. The Influence of Sea Power
upon History, 1600-1783 ; Influence of
Sea Power upon the French Revolu-
tion and Empire, 1783-1812 ; The Gulf
and Inland Waters ; Life of Admiral
Farragut ; Life of Nelson, the Embodi-
ment of the Sea Power of Great Bri-
tain. Ap. Lit. Scr.

Mahan, Asa. N. Y., 1799-1889. A
Congregational clergyman and educa-
tor, president of Adrian College, 1860-
1871, and after the latter date resident
in England. Critical History of Phi-
losophy; The Science of Intellectual
Philosophy ; Science of Moral Philoso-
phy ; The Doctrine of the Will ; The
Scripture Doctrine of Christian Per-
fection ; Logic ; Theism and Anti-
Theism in their Relations to Science ;
Critical History of the American Civil
War. Bar. Meth.

Mahan, Dennis Hart, N. Y., 1802-
1871. A military engineer of distinc-
tion whose text-books have been widely
used. Treatise on Field Fortifications ;
Elementary Course of Civil Engineer-
ing ; Elementary Treatise on Advanced
Guard, etc. ; Industrial Drawing ; De-
scriptive Geometry ; Philosophy of En-
gineering ; Permanent Fortifications ;
an edition of Moseley's Mechanical
Principles of Engineering and Archi-
tecture, with additions. Wil.

Mahan, Milo. Va., 1819-1870. Bro-
ther of D. H. Mahan, supra. An Epis-
copal clergyman of Baltimore. The
Exercise of Faith ; History of the
Church ; Reply to Colenso ; Palmoni, a
Free Inquiry ; Comedy of Canoniza-

Malcom, Howard. Pa., 1799-1879.
A Baptist clergyman and educator at
one time prominent in Philadelphia.
Nature and Extent of the Atonement ;
Bible Dictionary ; Christian Rule of
Marriage ; Travels in Southeastern

Mallery, Garrick. Pa., 1831-1894.
An army officer in charge of the bureau
of ethnology from its foundation in
1879. Calendar of the Dakota Lan-




^age ; Introduction to the Study of
Sign Language among North American
Indians ; Greeting by Gesture ; Israel-
ite and Indian, a Parallel in Planes of
Culture ; Picture Writing of the Ame-
rican Indians, are among his important
contributions to ethnology.

Malone, Walter. ML, 1866 . A

verse-writer of Memphis, Tennessee.
Songs of Dark and Dawn.

Maltby, Isaac. Ct, 1767-1819. A
Boston author who was general of mili-
tia. Elements of War; Courts-Mar-
tial and Military Law ; Military Tac-

Manly, Basil. S. C, 1825-1892. A
Baptist clergyman and educator, pro-
fessor in the Southern Baptist Semi-
nary at Louisville. Kind Words Teach-
er ; A Call to the Ministry ; Bible
Doctrine of Inspiration Defended.

Manly, John Matthews. AL, 1865-
. Pre-Shakesperean Drama.

Mann, Cyrus. iV. if., 1785-1859. A
Congregational clergyman of West-
minster, Massachusetts, 1815-41. Epi-
tome of the Evidences of Christianity ;
History of the Temperance Reforma-

Mann, Horace. Ms., 1796-1859. A
famous Massachusetts educator and
philanthropist, president of Antioch
College, Ohio, 1852-59, and for twelve
ypars secretary of the Massachusetts
Board of Education. He entirely re-
modelled the school system of his State.
Beside his twelve important annual re-
ports on education, he published Lec-
tures on Education ; An Educational
Tour ; Thoughts for a Young Man ;
Slavery : Letters and Speeches ; Lec-
tures on Intemperance ; Powers and
Duties of Women. See Life by Mrs.
Mann; Boone'' s Education in the United
States ; Gordey^s Rise and Growth of
the Normal School System ; Horace
Mann, the Educator, by A. Winship.

Mann, Mrs. Mary Tyler [Pea-
body]. Ms., 1806-1887. Wife of H.
Mann, supra, and sister of Elizabeth
Peabody, infra. Flower People ; Chris-
tianity in the Kitchen ; Culture in In-
fancy (with E. Peabody) ; Life of Ho-
race Mann ; Juanita, a Romance of Real
Life in Cuba. Le. Lo.

Mann, MattheTv Derbyshire, N.

Y., 1845 . A physician, professor

of gynaecology in the University of Buf-
falo, who has published a Text-Book
on Prescription Writing, and edited
The American System of Gynaecology.

Mann, William Julius. G., 1819-
1892. A Lutheran clergyman of Phi-
ladelphia, author of Life and Times of
Henry Muhlenberg. See Memoir by E.
T. Mann, 1893.

Manning, Jacob Merrill. N. Y.,
1824-1882. A Congregational clergy-
man of Boston, pastor of the Old South
Church, 1857-82. Helps to a Life of
Prayer ; Half Truths and the Truth ;
Not of Man, but of God ; Sermons. Hou.

Mansfield, Edward Deering. Ct.,
1801-1880. Son of J. Mansfield, infra.
A lawyer and journalist of Cincinnati.
Utility of Mathematics ; Treatise on
Constitutional Law ; Political Gram-
mar of the United States ; Legal
Rights, etc., of Married Women ; Life
of General Scott ; History of the
Mexican War ; American Education ;
Memoirs of D. Drake, supra ; Popu-
lar Life of General Grant ; Personal
Memories. Clke.

Mansfield, Jared. Ct., 1759-1830.
A mathematician, professor at West
Point, 1812-28, who published Essays :
Mathematical and Physical.

Mansfield, Lew^is William. Ct.,

1816 . A writer of Cohoes, New

York. The Morning Watch, a book of
verse ; Up-Country Letters ; Country

Manship, Andrew. Md., 1824 .

A Methodist evangelist of Philadel-
phia. Thirteen Years in the Itineracy ;
Cherished Memories ; Reminiscences
from the Saddle-Bags of a Methodi t
Preacher ; History of Gospel Tents and

Manville, Mrs. Helen Adelia
[Wood]. N. Y., 1839 . Averse-
writer of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Heart
Echoes, a volume of verse.

Manville, Marion. Daughter of Mrs.
ManviUe, supra. See Pope, Mrs.

Marble, Manton. Ms., 1835 - — . A
journalist of New York city, editor and
proprietor of The World, 1862-76, and
author of A Secret Chapter of Political




March, Alden. Ms., 1795-1869. A
once prominent surgeon of Albany.
Wounds of the Abdomen ; Improved
Forceps for Harelip Operations.

March, Charles Wainright. N. H.,
1815-1864. A journalist and essayist
of New York city. Daniel Webster
and His Contemporaries ; Sketches in
Madeira, Portugal, and Spain.

March, Daniel. Ms., 1816-1902. A
Congregational clergyman. Walks and
Homes of Jesus ; Night Scenes in the
Bible ; Our Father's House ; From Dark
to Dawn ; Home Life in the Bible ;
The First Khedive, or Lessons in the
Life of Joseph ; Morning Light in
Many Lands. C. P. S.

March, Francis Andrew. Ms., 1825-
. A philologist of distinction, pro-
fessor at Lafayette College from 1856,
and the successor of James Russell
Lowell in 1891 as president of the
American Language Association. Re-
lation of the Study of Jurisprudence
to the Roman Period ; Hamilton's The-
ory of Perception ; Method of Philo-
logical Study of the English Language ;
Comparative Grammar of the Anglo-
Saxon Language ; Anglo-Saxon Reader.

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