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Marcy, Erastus Edgerton. Ms.,
1815-1900. A physician of New York
city. Theory and Practice of Medi-
cine ; Theory and Practice of HomcB-
opathy ; Christianity and its Conflicts ;
Life Duties.

Marcy, Henry Orlando. Ms., 1837-
. A physician of Cambridge. Ana-
tomy and Surgical Treatment of Her-
nia ; professional translations from the
Italian of Ercolani. Ap.

Marcy. Randolph Barnes. Ms.,
1812-1887. Brother of E. E. Marcy,
supra. A brigadier-general in the
United States army. Exploration of
the Red River in 1852 ; Thirty Years
of Army Life on the Border ; The
Prairie Traveller ; Border Reminis-
cences. Har.

Marden, Orison Swett. N. H., 1848-
'-. A Boston writer whose collec-
tions of brief biographies, comprise
Pushing to the Front ; Architects of
Fate. Hou.

Marguerittes, Julie de. See Rea,

Markell, Charles Frederick. Md.,

1855 . A Maryland lawyer and

journalist. Charmodine, a volume of

Markham, Charles Edwin. Or.,
1852 . An educator and verse-
writer of California. In Earth's Sha-
dow, a book of verse ; Songs of a Dream
Builder ; The Man with the Hoe.

Markham, Jared Clark. Ms., 1816-

. An architect who designed the

Saratoga monument. Appeal in Be-
half of National Monuments ; Monu-
mental Art ; Historic Sculpture.

Markoe, Thomas Masters. Pa.,
1819-1901. A surgeon of New York
city, professor in Columbia College
from 1860, and author of a Treatise on
Diseases of the Bones. Ap.

Marsh, Mrs. Caroline [Crane]. Ms.,
1816-1901. Wife of G. P. Marsh, in-
fra. The Halllg, or the Sheepfold in
the Waters, from the German of Bier-
natzki ; Wolfe of the Knoll, and Other
Poems ; Life of George P. Marsh. Scr.

Marsh, George Perkins. Vt., 1801-
1882. A philologist of distinction who
■was minister to Italy, 1861-82. Lec-
tures on the English Language ; Man
and Nature, re-written and enlarged,
with the title. The Earth as Modified
by Human Action ; Icelandic Gram-
mar ; Origin and History of the Eng-
lish Language ; Media3val and Modern
Saints and Miracles. See Life hy Mrs.
Marsh, stipra. Hart Scr.

Marsh, John. Ct., 1788-1864. A
Congregational clergyman long promi-
nent as a temperance lecturer. Epi-
tome of Ecclesiastical History ; Half
Century Tribute to Tempefance ; Tem-
perance Recollections.

Marsh, Othniel Charles. N. Y.,
1831-1899. A palaeontologist, profes-
sor at Yale University from 1866.
Odontornithes ; Dinocerata ; Sauropoda,
are among valuable scientific mono-
graphs by him.

Marshall, Edward Chauncey. N.
Y., 1824-1898. An educator, invent-
or, and journalist. Book of Oratory ;
History of the United States Naval
Academy ; Ancestry of General Grant.

Marshall, Humphrey. Pa., 1722-
1801. A famous botanist of Marshall-
ton, Pennsylvania. Arboretum Ameri-




canimi, a very valuable work of his,
■was translated into a number of foreign

Marshall, John. Va., 1755-1835.
Chief Justice of the United States from
1801 until his death. The Life of
Washington ; Writings upon the Fede-
ral Constitution. See Lives by Van
Santvord, 1854, Flanders, 1858, Ma-
gruder, 1885 ; Appletons^ American Bio-

Martin, Edward Sandford. N. Y.,

3856 . A journalist of New York

city. Sly Ballades in Harvard China ;
A Little Brother of the Rich, and Other
Poems; Cousin Anthony and I, sonae
Views of Ours ; Windfalls of Observa-
tion ; Lucid Intervals. Har. Scr.

Martin, Fran<pois Xavier. F., 1764-
1846. A New Orleans jurist, chief
justice of Louisiana, 1837-45. General
Digest of Louisiana Laws ; Reports of
Louisiana Supreme Court, 1813-30 ;
History of Louisiana to 1814.

Martin, Henry Newell. I., 1848-
1896. A biologist of note, professor of
biology at Johns Hopkins University
from 1876. The Human Body ; Prac-
tical Biology (with T. H. Huxley);
Handbook of Vertebrate Dissection
(with W. A. Moale). Ho.

Martin, John Hill. Pa., 1823-

A lawyer of Philadelphia, legal editor
of The Intelligencer from 1881. Beth-
lehem and the Moravians ; The Bench
and Bar of Philadelphia ; Chester and
its Vicinity ; Delaware County.

Martin, Mrs. Margaret [Maxwell].
S., 1807 . An educator of Colum-
bia, South Carolina. Day Spring ;
Christianity in Earnest ; Religious
Poems ; Scenes and Scenery of South
Carolina, include the larger part of her

Martin, William Alexander Par-
sons. N. Y., 1827 . A Pres-
byterian clergyman and missionary,
president of the Tungwen College,
Peking. Among his writings in Chi-
nese are. Evidences of Christianity ; The
Three Principles ; Religious Allegories.
In English he has published The Chi-
nese : their Education, Philosophy, and
Letters ; The Lore of Cathay. Har.

Martyn, Mrs. Sarah Towne
[Smith]. N.H., 1805-1879. A writer

of Sunday-school semi-historical fie«
tion whose home was in New York city.
Among her many works are comprised
Huguenots of France ; William Tyn-
dale ; Lady Alice Lisle.

Martyn, William Carlos. N. Y.,

1841 . Son of Mrs. Martyn, supra.

A Presbyterian clergyman of New York
city. History of the Huguenots ; His-
tory of the English Puritans ; The Pil-
grim Fathers of New England ; History
of the Dutch Reformation; Lives of
John Milton, John B. Gough, Wendell
Phillips, William E. Dodge. Fu.

Marvel, Ik. See Mitchell, D. G.

Marvin, Enoch Mather. Mo., 1823-
1877. A bishop of the Methodist
Church South. The Work of Christ ;
Sermons ; To the East by Way of the

Mason, Mrs. Caroline Atherton
[Briggs]. Ms., 1823-1890. A verse-
writer of Fitchburg, Massachusetts,
whose poem, Do They Miss Me at Home,
was long a popular song. Utterance, a
Collection of Home Poems ; The Lost
Ring, and Other Poems ; Rose Hami-
lan, a tale. Hou.

Mason, Mrs. Clara Stevens Ar-
thur. Me., 1844-1884. The Cherry
Blooms of Yeddo, a volume of verse.

. Lo.

Mason, David Hastings. Pa., 1828-
1903. A Chicago journalist who pub-
lished a Short Tariif History of the
United States. Bai.

Mason, Emily Virginia. Ky., 1815-
. A nurse in Confederate hospi-
tals, and after the Civil War an educa-
tor in Paris. She edited a collection
of Southern Poems of the War, and
wrote a Popular Life of General Robert
E. Lee.

Mason, George Champlin. R. I.,
1820-1894. An architect of Newport,
Rhode Island. Newport and its Envi-
rons ; Application of Art to Manufac-
tures; The Old House Altered; Life
and Works of Gilbert Stuart ; Remini-
scences of Newport.

Mason, John. K, 1600-1672. A
Puritan soldier who held a place in the
estimation of the Massachusetts Bay
Puritans corresponding to that filled
by Miles Standish among the Pilgrims.
History of the Pequot War is a vigor-




OU3 narrative, first printed by Increase
Mather in 1677. See Tyler^s American
Literature ; Life by G. E. Ellis, supra.

Mason, John Mitchell. N. Y., 1770-
1829. A Presbyterian clergyman of
New York city, long famous as a pul-
pit orator, his Oration on the Death of
Alexander Hamilton being especially
noted. Letters on Frequent Commu-
nion ; Plea for Sacramental Communion
on Catholic Principles. See Works in
four volumes ; Memoirs by Van Vechten,

Mason, Otis Tufton. Me., 1838 .

An anthropologist of note. The Hupa
Indian Industries ; Woman's Share in
Primitive Culture ; The Origins of In-
vention ; The Land Problem ; Cradles
of the North American Indians ; The
Antiquities of Guadeloupe. Ap. Scr.

Mather, Cotton. Ms., 1663-1728.
Son of I. Mather, infra. A famous
Congregational clergyman of Boston,
pastor of the North Church, 1683-1728,
and his father's colleague for the
greater part of that period. He was a
prolific author, publishing nearly four
hundred works, large and small, but it
is upon the Magnalia Christi Americana
that his reputation rests. Among other
works are Wonders of the Invisible
World ; Christian Philosopher ; Psal-
terium Americanum ; Manductio ad
Ministerium ; Memorable Providences
Relating to Witchcraft ; Essays to Do
Good ; The Armour of Christianity ;
Batteries Upon the Kingdom of the
Devil ; Death made Easie and Happy.
His style is disfigured by pedantry and
strained analogies, and is at all times
far removed from simplicity, but the
author is nevertheless easily seen to be
intensely in earnest in his endeavours
to be of service to his generation. See
Lives by S. Mather, 1729. W. B. O.
Peabody, A. P. Marvin, 1889. B. Wen-
dell, 1892; North American Review,
July, 1840, April, 1869; Tyler's Ame-
rican Literature; Pond's The Mather
Family ; Old Colony Days, by Mrs. May
Alden Ward.

Mather, Fred. N. Y., 183.3-1900. A
pisciculturist of note, author of Ichthy-
ology of the Adirondacks.

Mather, Increase. E., 16.39-1723.
Son of R. Mather, infra. A Congre-
gational clergyman of Boston, pastor

of the Nortii Church, and president of
Harvard CoUege, 1685-1701. Of his
nearly one hundred printed works, the
m.ost noted is the Remarkable Provi-
dences, which was entitled by its author
An Essay for the. Recording of Illustri-
ous Providences, an effort to prove by
induction the existence of mundane su-
pernatural forces. His style is much
superior to that of his son. See Tyler's
American Literature; Sprague's Annals
of the American Pulpit.

Mather, Moses. Ct., 1719-1806. A
Congregational clergyman of Darien,
Connecticut, from 1744 till his death,
who was of much prominence in his
day as a controversialist. Systematic
View of Divinity ; Infant Baptism
Defended ; Election Sermons. See
Spr ague's Annals of the American Pul-

Mather, Richard. E., 1596-1669. A
Puritan clergyman who came from
England in 1635, and was minister at
Dorchester, 1636-69. He was a man
of large influence in the colony, and
was one of the three divines who pre-
pared The Bay Psalm Book. A Trea-
tise on Justification is as important as
any of his many writings. See Life by
I. Mather ; Tyler's American Literature.

Mather, Samuel. Ms., 1706-1785.
Son of C. Mather, supra. A Congrega-
tional clergyman of Boston who suc-
ceeded his father and grandfather as
pastor of the North Church, but in 1741
became the head of a new church, of
which he was pastor till his death.
Among his writings are. Life of Cotton
Mather, supra ; Essay on Gratitude ;
America Known to the Ancients, an at-
tempt to prove the Japhetic origin of
the first inhabitants of the American
continent. See Sprague's Annals of the
American Pulpit.

Mather, "William "Williams. Ct.,
1804-1859. A geologist of Ohio. Ge-
ology of the First Geological District.

Mathews, Albert. N. F., 1820-1903.
A lawyer of New York city. Walter
Ashwood, a Love Story ; A Bundle of
Papers, by Paul Siegvolk ; Thoughts
on Codification of the Common Law ;
Ruminations, and Other Essays. Put,

Mathews, Cornelius. N. Y., 1817-
1889. Cousin of A. Mathews, supra.
An author and playwright of New York




city, among whose non-dramatic works
are, Indian Book of Fairy Tales ; The
Enchanted Moccasins, and Other Le-
gends ; Money-Penny : a romance. Ja-
cob Leisler ; The Politicians ; Witch-
craft, comprise some of his plays.

Mathews, James McFarlane. N.
Y., 1785-1870. A Reformed Dutch
clergyman of New York city, at one
period chancellor of the University of
the City of New York. What is Your
Ijife ? ; The Bible and Men of Learn-
ing ; Fifty Years in New York.

Mathe-ws, Joanna Hooe. N. Y.,

1849-1901. Daughter of J. M. Math-
ews, supra. A writer of Sunday-school
tales, among which are, The Bessie
Books ; The Sunbeams. Cas.

Mathews, Julia A . 183 .

Daughter of J. M. Mathews, supra. A
writer of Sunday-school fiction, among
which are, Bessie Harrington's Ven-
ture ; Jack Granger's Cousin ; Drayton
Hall Series. Ran.

Mathews, TATilliam, Me., 1818 .

An educator and essayist of Chicago,
and later of Boston. Hours with Men
and Books ; Getting on in the World ;
The Great Conversers ; Literary Style ;
Men, Places, and Things ; Oratory and
Orators ; Wit and Humor, their Use
and Abuse ; Nugse Litterari*. Rob. Sc.

Mathew^s, 'William Smith Bab-
cock. N. H., 1837 . A musi-
cal critic of Chicago. Outline of Mu-
sical Form ; Dictionary of Music and
Musicians ; How to Understand Music ;
New Musical Miscellanies.

Matthews, [James] Brander. La.,

1852 . A litterateur of New York

city. Among his many writings the
naore important are. The Theatres of
Paris ; French Dramatists of the 10th
Century ; Margery's Lovers, a Comedy ;
The Last Meeting, a Story ; The Secret
of the Sea, and Other Stories ; A Fa-
mily Tree, and Other Stories ; The Story
of a Story ; Tom Paulding ; Studies of
the Stage ; Americanisms and Briti-
cisms ; Vignettes of Manhattan ; His
Father's Son ; Introduction to the Study
of American Literature ; The Royal
Marine ; Tales of Fantasy and Fact.
Har. Scr.

Matthews, James Newton. Ind.,
1852 . A physician and verse-

writer of Mason, Illinois. Tempe Vale,
and Other Poems, includes many of his
contributions to The Century and other
periodicals. Ke.

Matthews, Stanley. 1824-1889. A
Cincinnati jurist, associate justice of the
United States Supreme Court from
1881. A Summary of the Law of Part-
nership for the Use of Business Men.

Matthews, "Washington. I., 1843-

. A surgeon in the regular army,

well known as an ethnologist. Among
his writings are included a Grammar of
the Language of the Hidatsa; Ethno-
graphy and Philology of the Hidatsa
Indians ; Gentile Organization of the
Navajo Indians.

Mattison, Hiram. N. Y., 1811-1868.
A Methodist clergyman of New York
city, active as a controversialist. Bible
Doctrine of Immortality; The Trinity
and Modern Arianism ; Tracts for the
Times ; Impending Crisis ; Defence of
American Methodism ; Popular Amuse-
ments, include his chief works. Meth.

Maturin [mat'u-rin],. Edward. /.,
1821-1881. An educator of New York
city. Beside Lyrics of Spain and Erin,
he was the author of several historical
novels, comprising Eva ; Bianca ; Mon-
tezuma ; Benjamin : the Jew of Gre-
nada. Har.

Maury [maw'ri], Ann. E., 1803-1876.
Cousin of M. F. Maury, infra. Me-
moirs of a Huguenot Family.

Maury, Dabney Herndon. Va.,
1822-1900. Nephew of M. F. Maury,
infra. A Confederate major-general in
the Civil War. Skirmish Drill for
Mounted Troops ; Recollections of a
Virginian in the Mexican, Indian, and
Civil Wars. Scr.

Maury, Matthew Fontaine. Va.,

1806-1873. A once famous scientist,
for many years in charge of the Hydro-
graphical Office at Washington, as well
as of the Naval Observatory. During
the Civil War he entered the Confeder-
ate service, and from 1868-73 was a
professor in the Virginia Military Insti-
tute at Lexington. Treatise on Naviga-
tion ; Physical Geography of the Sea ;
Wind and Current Charts ; Physical
Geography for Schools ; The World we
Live In. See North British Review,




May, 1858 ; Life by his daughter, Mrs.
Corbin ; Manly'' s Southern Literature.

Maury, Mrs. Sarah Mytton
[Hughes]. E., 1808-1849. Sister-
iu-law of A. Mauxy, supra. Etchings
from the Caracci ; The Englishwoman
in America ; The Statesmen of Ame-
rica ; Progress of the Catholic Church
in America.

May, Caroline. E., c. 1820 . A

writer of New York city. American
Female Poets ; The Woodbine, a Holi-
day Gift ; Poems ; Hymns on the Col-
lects ; Lays of Memory and Affectioi^.

May, Edith. See Drinker, Mrs.

May, John 'Wilder. Ms., 1819-1883.
A jurist of Boston. The Law of In-
surance ; Law of Crimes ; Criminal Law.

May, Margaret. See Tucker, Mrs.

May, SamueL Ms., 1810-1899. A
retired Unitarian clergyman of Leices-
ter, Massachusetts, of prominence in
the anti-slavery movement, and author
of The Fugitive Slave Law and its Vic-

May, Samuel Joseph. Ms., 1797-
1871. Cousin of S. May, supra. A Uni-
tarian clergyman of Syracuse promi-
nent in the anti-slavery cause, and also
in educational reforms. Education of
the Faculties ; Revival of Education ;
Recollections of the Anti-Slavery Con-
flict. See Memoir, 1873.

May, Sophie. See Clarke, Rebecca.

Mayer, Alfred Marshall. Md., 1836-
1897. Nephew of B. Mayer, tn/ra. An
astronomer, professor of physics in
Stevens Institute at Hoboken, New
Jersey, from 1871. Light (with C. Bar-
nard) ; Notes on Physics ; The Earth a
Great Magnet ; Sound ; Sport with Gun
and Rod in American Woods and Wa-
ters (edited.) Ap. Cent.

Mayer, Brantz. Md., 1809-1879. A
lawyer and journalist of Baltimore, and
an officer in the Federal army during
the Civil War. Mexico as It Was and
as It Is ; Mexico : Aztec, Spanish, and
Republican ; Observations on Mexican
History and Archasology ; Mexican An-
tiquities ; Captain Canot, or Twenty
Years of an African Slaver; Memoir
of Jared Sparks, infra.

Mayer, Lewis. Pa., 1783-1849. A
German Reformed clergyman of east-

ern Pennsylvania. Lectures on Scrip-
tural Subjects ; The Sin Against the
Holy Ghost ; History of the German
Reformed Church.

Mayhe"w, Experience. Ms., 1673-
1758. A missionary to the Indians of
Martha's Vineyard. Indian Converts ;
Grace Defended.

Mayhew, Jonathan. Ms., 1720-1766.
Son of Experience Mayhew, supra. A
Congregational clergyman of Boston,
pastor of the West Church, 1747-66.
He was a bold thinker both in religion
and politics, and his influence over the
colonial mind at an eventful period was
very great. He was as eloquent as he
was original and independent. A noted
Sermon on the Repeal of the Stamp Act
is an effective example of his style.
Seven Sermons ; Sermons to Young
Men. See Memoir by Alden Bradford,

Maynard, Charles Johnson. Ms.,

1845 . A naturalist of Newton,

Massachusetts. The Naturalist's Guide ;
The Birds of Florida ; The Birds of
Eastern North America ; A Manual of
Taxidermy ; The Butterflies of New

Mayo, Amory D wight. Ms., 1823 -
. A Unitarian clergyman, promi-
nent since the Civil War in educational
matters in the Southern States. Graces
and Powers of the Christian Life ; Sym-
bols of the Capitol ; Religion in Com-
mon Schools ; Talks with Teachers.

Mayo, Robert. Va., 1784-1S64. A
writer long in the civil service at Wash-
ington. View of Ancient Geography
and History ; New System of Mytho-
logy ; United States Pension Laws ;
Synopsis of the Commercial and Reve-
nue System ; The Treasury Depart-
ment, its Origin and Operations.

Mayo, Mrs. Sarah Carter [Edgar-
ton]. Ms., 1819-1848. Wife of A.
D. Mayo, supra. The Palfreys ; Ellen
Clifford, and several compilations of
verse and prose.

Mayo, "William Starbuck. N. Y.,
1812-1895. A novelist and physician
of New York city. Kaloolah ; The
Berber ; Never Again ; Flood and Field ;
Romance Dust, a collection of short
stories. Put.

Mead, Charles Marsh. Vt., 1836-
. A Congregational clergyman,




professor at Andover Seminary, 1866-
1882, and ^ce the latter date a resident
in Germany. He published The Soul
Here and Hereafter, a Biblical Study ;
Christ and Criticism ; Supernatural
Revelation. San.

Mead, Edwin Doak. N. H., 1849-

. A Boston writer and lecturer

upon social and historical topics, and
editor of The New England Magazine
(1897). Martin Luther : a Study of the
Reformation ; The Philosophy of Car-
lyle ; The Roman Church and the Pub-
lic Schools. EL

Meade, William. Va., 1789-1862.
The third Protestant Episcopal bishop
of Virginia. Family Prayers; Old
Churches of Virginia ; Lectures on the
Pastoral Office'; Reasons for Loving
the Episcopal Church. See Memorial
by J. Johns.

Mears, John "William. Pa., 1825-
1881. A Presbyterian clergyman, pro-
fessor in Hamilton College, 1870-81.
The Bible in the Workshop ; The Mar-
tyrs of France ; The Beggars of Hol-
land ; The Story of Madagascar ; The
Heroes of Bohemia ; From Exile to

Meehan, Thomas. E., 1826-1901. A
botanist and nurseryman of German-
town, Philadelphia, editor and pub-
lisher of " Meehan's Monthly," a popu-
lar journal devoted to botany and
floriculture. American Handbook of
Ornamental Trees ; Flowers and Ferns
of the United States.

Meek, Alexander Beaufort. S. C,

1814-1865. An Alabama jurist and
journalist. Red Eagle ; Songs and Po-
ems of the South ; Romantic Passages
in Southern History.

Meek, Fielding Bradford. Ind.,
1817-1876. A palaeontologist in govern-
ment service. Palaeontology of the
Upper Missouri ; Check List of North
American Invertebrate Fossils ; Report
on Fossils of the Upper Missouri Coun-

Megapolensis, Johannes. Hd., 1603-
1670. A Dutch clergyman of the New
Amsterdam colony, the first Protestant
missionary to the Indians. His Short
Account of the Mohawk Indians ap-
peared in 1651.

Meigs [megs], Charles Delucena.
Ba., 1792-1869. A noted Philadel-
phia physician, professor in Jefferson
Medical College, 1841-61. Philadel-
phia Practice of Midwifery ; Science
and Art of Obstetrics ; Treatment of
Child-Bed Fevers ; Acute and Chronic
Diseases of the Neck of the Uterus,
and several translations from French
medical writers. See Memoir hy J. F.
Meigs, infra; Allibone''s Dictionary;
Grosses Sketches of Contemporaries.

Meigs, James Aitkin. Pa., 1829-
1879. A physician and naturalist of
Philadelphia, author of Cranial Charac-
teristics, and other scientific mono-
graphs. See Gross's Sketches of Con-

Meigs, John Forsyth. Pa., 1818-
1882. Son of C. D. Meigs, supra. A
Philadelphia physician. Memoir of C.
D. Meigs, supra ; Diseases of Children.

Meigs, Return Jonathan. Ct., 1734-
1823. A noted soldier in the American
Revolution. Journal of Occurrences
during the Expedition to Quebec.

Meigs, Return Jonathan. Ky., 1801-
1891. Grand-nephew of R. J. Meigs,
supra. A noted lawyer of Tennessee.
Reports of Tennessee Supreme Court
Cases ; Digest of Tennessee Decisions ;
The Code of Tennessee.

Meline, James Florant. N. Y.,

1811-1873. A New York writer, an
officer in the Federal army during the
Civil War. Two Thousand Miles on
Horseback ; Commercial Travelling ;
Mary Queen of Scots and her Latest
English Historian, an attack upon
Froude's view of the subject ; Life of
Sixtus V. Clke.

Melish, John. S., 1771-1822. A once
noted traveller of Scottish birth. Tra-
vels in the United States, etc. ; Descrip-
tion of the Roads, etc. ; Description of
the United States (1816) ; Necessity of
Protecting Manufactures ; Information
for Emigrants ; Statistical View of the
United States.

Mell, Patrick Hues. Ga., 1811-1888.
A Baptist clergyman and educator of
Georgia, vice-chancellor of the Univer-
sity of Georgia. Baptism ; Corrective
Church Discipline ; Parliamentary Prac-
tice ; The Philosophy of Prayer ; Church
Polity ; Predestination.




Mellen, Grenville. Me., 1799-1841.
A lawyer and litterateur of New York
city, whose verse was once very popu-
lar and much praised by critics, but is
now forgotten. Our Chronicle of '26,
a satire ; The Martyr's Triumph, and
Other Poems ; The Passions ; Glad
Tales and Sad Tales, a collection of
tales in prose ; The Rest of the Na-
tions. See GriswoWs Poets and Poetry
of America.

Mellick, Andrew D . N. J., 1844-

1895. A lawyer of Plainfield, New
Jersey. The Story of an Old Farm ;
The Hessians in New Jersey.

Melville, George "Wallace. N. Y.,

1841 . Chief of the Bureau of

Steam-Engineering in the United States
navy from 1887. A survivor of the ill-
fated " Jeannette," of which he was en-
gineer. In the Lena Delta, a Narrative
of the Search for Lieut.-Commander De
Long and his Companions. Hou.

Melville, Herman. N.Y., 1819-1891.
,V novelist of New York city, for many
years employed in the custom-house.
His earliest writings were very popu-
lar, but had nearly passed out of re-
membrance before the author's death.
Typee ; Omoo ; White Jacket ; Red-
burn ; Mardi ; Pierre ; Israel Potter ;
The Piazza Tales ; Moby Dick ; The
Confidence Man ; Battle Pieces, a vo-
lume of verse ; Clarel, a poem ; John
Marr and Other Sailors ; Timoleon, a
collection of poems. Har.

Mendenhall, James William. O.,

1844-1892. A Methodist clergyman,
editor of The Methodist Review from
1888. Echoes from Palestine ; Plato
and Paul. Meth.

Mendenhall, Thomas Cor-win. O.,

1841 . A prominent scientist,

president of the Worcester Polytechnic
Institute from 1894, and author of A
Century of Electricity. Hou.

Menken, Adah Isaacs. La., 1835-
1868. An actress of Jewish birth
whose name originally was Dolores
Adios Fuertes. She was several times
married and divorced, but is known by
the name of her first husband. Her
verse is morbid, but still finds occa-
sional readers. Memories ; Infelicia.
See Every Saturday, September 12, 1868.

Mercein, Thomas Fitz Randolph.

iV'. r., 1825-1856. A Methodist cler-

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