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gyman of New York State. Natural
Goodness ; The Wise Master Builder ;
Childhood and the Church. Meth.
Mercer, Charles Fenton. Va., 1778-
1858. A congressman from Virginia,
1816-40, prominent as an opponent of
slavery. The Weakness and Ineffi-
ciency of the Government of the United
States was not published until 1863.

Mercur, James. Pa., 1842-1896. A
scientist and army officer, professor at
West Point from 1884. Elements of
the Art of War ; Military Mines, Blast-
ing, and Demolitions. Wil.

Meriw^ether, Mrs. Elizabeth [Ave-
ry]. Tn.; 1832 . A novelist of

Memphis, Tennessee. The Master of
Red Leaf ; Black and White ; The Ku
Klux Klan ; My First and Last Love.

Meriwether, Lee. Mi., 1862 .

Son of Mrs. Meriwether, supra. A spe'
cial agent of the United States Bureau
of Labor. A Tramp Trip : how to See
Europe on Fifty Cents a Day ; The
Tramp at Home ; Afloat and Ashore
on the Mediterranean. Har. Scr.

Merriam, Augustus Chapman. N.
Y., 1843-1895. A Greek scholar, ad-
junct professor of Greek at Columbia
College. Law Code of Gortynia in
Crete ; Inscriptions on the Obelisk Crab ;
The Phgeacians of Homer ; Sixth and
Seventh Books of Herodotus. ' Har.

Merriam, Clinton Hart. N. Y., 1855-

. A naturalist of note, chief of

the United States Biological Survey.
Vertebrates of the Adirondack Region ;
Mammals of the Adirondaeks. Ho.

Merriam, Florence Augusta. N.Y.,

1863 . Sister of C. H. Merriam,

supra. A Washington writer. A-Bird-
ing on a Bronco ; My Summer in a
Mormon Village ; Birds Through an
Opera Glass. Hou.

Merriam, George Spring. Ms., 1843-
. A litterateur of Springfield, Mas-
sachusetts. A Living Faith ; Life and
Times of Samuel Bowles, supra ; The
Way of Life ; The Story of William
and Lucy Smith ; A Symphony of the
Spirit ; the Chief End of Man ; Remi-
niscences and Le'^ters of Caroline C
Cent. El. Hou.




Merrill, Ayres PhHlips. Ms., 1793-
1873. A physician of Memphis, and
subsequently of New York city. Lec-
tures on Fevers.
Merrill, George Perkins. Me., 1854-
. A geologist, professor in Colum-
bian University ,Washington, from 1893.
Stones for Building and Decoration;
Handbook of the Geological Depart-
ment, Smithsonian Institution.

Merrill, Selah. Ct., 1837 . A

Congregational clergyman and archae-
ologist, United States consul at Jerusa-
lem, 1882-86. East of the Jordan ;
Galilee in the Time of Christ ; Greek
Inscriptions Collected in 1875-77 East
of the Jordan ; The Site of Calvary.
Merrill, Stephen Mason. O., 182.5-

. A Methodist bishop in Ohio.

Christian Baptism; New Testament
Idea of Hell ; The Second Coming of
Christ; Aspects of Christian Experi-
ence ; Digest of Methodist Law ; Out-
lines of Thought on Probation ; Mary
of Nazareth and Her Family. Meth.
Merrill, 'William Emory. Wis.,

1837 . A military engineer in the

United States army. Iron Truss
Bridges; Improvement of Tidal Ri-
Merriman, Mansfield. Ct., 1841-

. A civil engineer, professor at

Lehigh University from 1881. Continu-
ous Bridges ; Elements of the Method
of Least Squares ; The Figure of the
Earth ; Mechanics of Materials ; Trea-
tise on Hydraulics ; Text - Book on
Retaining Walls and Masonry Dams;
Introduction to Geodetic Surveying ;
Text-Book on Roofs and Bridges. Ho.
Merritt, Timothy. Ct, 1775-1845.
A Methodist clergyman and journalist.
Christian Manual ; Convert's Guide ;
Discussion against Universal Salvation ;
Validity of Infant Baptism ; Lectures
on Universal Salvation (with W. Fiske,
Merwin, Elias. Ct., 1825-1891. A
Boston lawyer, professor of equity in
Boston University from 1854. The
Principles of Equity and Equity Plead-
ing. Hou.
Merwin, Henry Childs. Ms., 1853-

. Son of E. Merwin, supra. A

Boston lawyer living in Concord, Mas-

sachusetts. The Patentability of In-
ventions ; Road, Track, and Stable, a
book about Horses. Lit.
Messenger, Mrs. Lilian Hoselle.
Ky., 1853 . In the Heart of Ame-
rica (verse) ; The Vision of Gold, and
Other Poems.
Metcalf, Richard. R. I., 1829-1881.
A Unitarian clergyman, pastor at Win-
chester, Massachusetts, 1866-81. Let-
ter and Spirit ; The Abiding Memory,
a collection of Sermons. A. U. A.
Metcalf, Theron. Ms., 1784-1875. A
jurist of Massachusetts. Principles of
the Law of Contracts ; Digest of Mas-
sachusetts Supreme Coui-t Cases, 1816-
1823 ; Reports, 1840-1849.

Metcalfe, Henry. N. Y., 1847 .

An instructor of ordnance at West
Point who has published The Cost of
Manufactures ; Ordnance and Gunnery.
Metcalfe, Samuel L вАФ -. Va., 1798-
1856. A physician and scientist of New
York city. Narratives of Indian War-
fare in the West ; New Theory of Ter-
restrial Magnetism ; Caloric. Lip.
Michie [my'key], Peter Smith. S.,
1839-1901. A military engineer, pro-
fessor of mathematics at West Point
from 1871. Wave Motion Relating to
Sound and Light ; Life of General Up-
ton, infra ; Analytical Mechanics ; Hy-
dromechanics ; Practical Astronomy
(with Harlow). Wil.
Middleton, Henry. F., 1797-1876.
A once prominent writer of Charleston.
Prospects of Disunion ; The Govern-
ment and the Currency ; Economical
Causes of Slavery in the United States,
and Obstacles to its Abolition ; The
Government of India ; Universal Suf-
Milburn, "William Henry. Pa.,
1823-1903. A Methodist clergyman,
famous as " the blind preacher," who
has been six times chaplain of the Uni-
ted States House of Representatives.
Rifle, Axe, and Saddle-Bags; Ten
Years of Preacher Life ; Pioneers and
People of the Mississippi Valley.
Miles, George Henry. Md., 1824-
1871. A Maryland lawyer and educa-
tor, professor of English literature at
Mount St. Mary's College, Emmetts-
burg, Maryland, popular at one period




as a verse-writer and dramatist. Be-
sides his dramas, Cromwell ; Mahomet ;
De Soto, he published Christine, and
Other Poems ; Abu Hassan the Wag,
or the Sleeper Awakened ; A Review
of Hamlet ; The Truce of God.

Miles, Henry Adolphus. Ms., 1809-
1895. A Unitarian clergyman of East-
ern Massachusetts. Lowell as It Was
and Is (1845) ; Grains of Gold; Gospel
Narratives ; Words of a Friend ; Mo-
dern Ideas of the Birth of Jesus ; Traces
of Picture Writing in the Bible. El.

Miles, James Warley. S. C, 1818-
1875. An Episcopal clergyman of
Charleston. Philosophic Theology, or
Ultimate Grounds of all Religious Be-
lief based on Reason (1849).

Miles, Nelson Appleton. Ms., 1839-

. A noted soldier of the United

States army who served as a brigadier-
general of volunteers during the Civil
War. He became a major-general in
1890. Personal Recollections.

Miles, Pliny. N. Y., 1818-1865. A
traveller who made his home in London
in his later years. Statistical Register ;
Elements of Mnemotechny, or Art of
Memory ; Northuf ari, or Rambles in
Iceland ; Ocean Steam Navigation ;
Postal Reform.

Miley, John. O., 1813-1895. A Me-
thodist minister and educator, professor
of systematic theology in Drew Semi-
nary, Madison, New Jersey, from 1873.
The Atonement in Christ; Systematic

Millard, David. N. Y., 1794-1873.
A minister of the Christian denomina-
tion, professor at Meadville Seminary,
Pennsylvania, 1845-67. The True Mes-
siah Exalted ; Journal of Travels in
Egypt, etc., 1841. See Life by D. E.
Millard, 1874.

Miller, Mrs. Annie [Jenness]. N.

H., 1859 . A dress reformer of

New York city, publisher of The Jen-.
ness MiUer Magazine. Physical Beau-
ty ; Mother and Babe ; Barbara Thayer,
a novel. Le.

Miller, Charles Henry. N. Y., 1842-

. An art critic of New York city.

The Philosophy of Art in America.

Miller, Cinoinnatus Hiner. " Joa^

quin Miller." Ind., 1841 . A poet

and prose-writer who, after a life of

adventure in California, went to London
in 1870, and speedily became famous as
the author of Songs of the Sierras. For
a time his work continued popular, but
his fame has since greatly declined,
though his writings continue to be read.
Since 1887 he has lived in Oakland,
California. His more important works
include, Songs of the Sierras ; The Ship
of the Desert ; Songs of the Sunland ;
in prose : The Danites in the Sierras ;
Shadows of Shasta ; Memorie and Rime ;
'49, or the Gold Seekers of the Sierras ;
The One Fair Woman ; The Destruc-
tion of Gotham ; The Building of the
City Beautiful, a poetic roinance. See
AUibone's Dictionary, Supplement ; Ved-
der''s American Writers. Fu. St.

Miller, Elihu Spencer. N. J., 1817-
1879. Son of S. MiUer, infra. A law-
yer of Philadelphia, professor in the
University of Pennsylvania. Treatise
on the Law of Partition by Writ in
Pennsylvania ; Caprices, a volume of

Miller, Mrs. Emily Clark Hunt-
ington. Ct., 1833 . An educator

of Evanstou, Illinois, president of the
Woman's College of the Northwestern
University, and a popular writer of
semi-religious fiction for young people.
Among her various writings are. From
Avalon and Other Poems ; The Royal
Road to Fortune; The Kirkwood Series;
Captain Fritz ; Little Neighbors. Dut.

Miller, Mrs. Harriet Mann. " " Olive

Thome Miller." N. Y., 1831 . A

writer of Brooklyn whose books and
magazine articles upon birds have been
widely popular. A Bird-Lover in the
West ; Little Brothers of the Air ;
Bird-Ways ; In Nesting Time ; Four-
Handed Folk ; Little Folks in Feathers
and Fur ; Nimpo's Troubles ; Queer
Pets at Marcy's ; Our Home Pets ; Lit-
tle People of Asia. Dut. Har. Hon.

Miller, James Russell. Pa., 1840-

. A Presbyterian clergyman of

Philadelphia. Week Day Religion ;
Home Making ; In His Steps ; Silent
Time ; Come Ye Apart ; The Marriage
Altar ; Practical Religion ; Bits of
Pasture ; Making the Most of Life ;
Mary of Bethany ; The Dew of Thy
Youth ; The Every Day of Life. Bew.

Miller, Joaquin. See Miller, C. H.




MUler, John. N. J., 1819-1895. Son
of S. MiUer, infra. A Presbyterian
clergyman who was a colonel in the
Confederate army during the Ciyil War,
and who lived in Princeton, New Jer-
sey, from 1871. He was tried for he-
resy, but allowed to withdraw from the
Presbytery, and subsequently estab-
lished several independent churches in
the vicinity of Princeton. Design of
the Church ; Commentary on the Pro-
verbs ; Fetich in Theology ; Metaphy-
sics ; Are Souls Immortal ? ; Was Christ
in Adam ? ; Is God a Creed ? ; Theo-
logy ; Commentary on Romans. Ban.

Miller, Mrs. Minnie [Willis]
[Baines]. N. H., 1845 . A re-
ligious writer of Springfield, Ohio. The
Silent Land ; His Cousin the Doctor ;
The Pilgrim Vision.

Miller, Olive Thorne. See Miller,
Mrs. Harriet.

Miller, Samuel. Del, 1769-1850. A
Presbyterian clergyman, pastor of the
Brick Church, New York city, 1793-
1813, and professor of ecclesiastical his-
tory at Princeton Theological Seminary
for the remainder of his life. Pres-
byterianism the Truly Primitive and
Apostolic Constitution of the Church
of Christ; Letters on Clerical Habits
and Manners ; Letters on Unitarians ;
Life of Jonathan Edwards ; Letters
on the Christian Ministry ; Letters on
Church Government, include his more
important writings. See Life by his

Miller, Samuel Freeman. Ky.,
1816-1890. A jurist of Kentucky, and
after 1850 of Iowa ; a strong opponent
of slavery. The Supreme Court of the
United States, a series of Biographies ;
Reports of Supreme Court Decisions.

Miller, Stephen Franks. iV^. C, c.
1810-1867. A once noted Georgia law-
yer. Bench and Bar of Georgia ; Wil-
kins Wylder, or the Successful Man ;
Memoir of General Blackshear and the
War in Georgia, 1813-14. Lip.

Millet, Francis Davis. Ms., 1846-

. An artist and litterateur of New

York city. A Capillary Crime, and
Other Stories ; The Danube from the
Black Forest to the Black Sea. Har.

Milligan, Robert. J., 1814-1875. A
Campbellite clergyman and educator,

president of Kentucky University,
1859-66. Brief Treatise on Prayer;
Reason and Revelation ; Scheme of
Redemption ; The Great Commission ;
Analysis of the New Testament Com^
mentary on Hebrews.
Mills, Abraham. N. Y., 1769-1867.
A once popular educator of New York
city who, besides editing a number of
text-books, was author of Literature
and Literary Men of Great Britain and
Ireland ; Outlines of Rhetoric ; Poets
and Poetry of the Ancient Greeks;
Compendium of the History of the
Ancient Hebrews. Har.
Mills, Charles Karsner. Pa., 1845-

. A physician of Philadelphia, a

specialist in nervous diseases. The
Nursing and Care of the Nervous and
Mills, Robert. S. C, 1781-1855. An
architect of Washington, the original
designer of the Washington Monument.
Statistics of South Carolina ; American
Pharos, or Lighthouse Guide ; Guide to
the National Executive Offices.
Miner, Alonzo Ames. N. H, 1814-
1895. A prominent Universalist clergy-
man of Boston. Bible Exercises ; Right
and Duty of Prohibition ; Old Forts
Taken. See Life by Emerson, 1896.
Miner, Charles. Ct., 1780-1865. A
journalist of the Wyoming Valley,
Pennsylvania. History of Wyoming;
Essays from the Desk of Poor Robert.
Mines, John Flavel. F., 1835-1891.
A journalist of New York city. The
Heroes of the Last Lustre, a poem ; A
Tour Around New York by Mr. Felix
Oldboy. Har.
Minifie,'"William. E., 1805-1880. An
architect and educator of Baltimore.
Text-Book of Mechanical Drawing ;
Text-Book of Geometrical Drawing;
Theory and Application of Color ;
Popular Lectures on Drawing and De-
Minor, John Barbee. Va., 1813-
1895. A professor of law in the Uni-
versity of Virginia. Virginia Report
of 1799-1800; Synopsis of the Law of
Crimes and Punishments ; Institutes of
Common and Statute Law.
Minor, Lucian. Fa., 1802-1858. Bro-
ther of J. B. Minor, supra. A lawyer
of Williamsburg, Virginia. Reasons




for AboHsliin^ the Liquor Traffic ; Tra-
vels in New England.
Minot, Henry Davis. Ms., 1859-
1890. At the time of his death a rail-
way president in Minnesota. While a
schoolboy of Roxbury, Massachusetts,
he wrote at the age of sixteen The
Land-Birds and Game-Birds of New
England. Hou.

Minot, William. Ms., 1849-1900. A
Boston lawyer. Taxation in Massachu-
setts (1877) ; Local Taxation and Mu-
nicipal Extravagance.

Minturn, Robert Bowne. N. Y.,

1836 . From New York to Delhi,

a popular book of travels.

Mitohel, Frederick Augustus.

1839 . A son of O. M. Mitchel,

infra. Fiction editor of the American
Press Association. Chattanooga, a Ro-
mance of the American Civil War ;
Chickamauga, a Romance of the Ame-
rican Civil War; Ormsby MacKnight
Mitchel, Astronomer and General. Hou.

Mitohel, Ormsby MacKnight.

Ky., 1810-1862. An astronomer of dis-
tinction, director of the Dudley Obser-
vatory at Albany, and a prominent
Union general in the Civil War. Pla-
netary and Stellar Worlds ; The Orbs
of Heaven ; Elementary Treatise on the
Sun, Planets, etc. ; Astronomy of the
Bible. See Headley^s Old Stars ; Popu-
lar Science Monthly, March, 1884; Life
by F. A. Mitchel.

Mitchell, Annie Maria. Ms., 1847-

. A writer of religious juveniles,

among which are Martha's Gift ; Freed
Boy in Alabama.

Mitchell, Donald Grant. " Ik Mar-
vel." a., 1822 . A litterateur of

New Haven, who is best known by his
earlier and still popular works, Dream
Life ; Reveries of a Bachelor, books of
a pleasantly sentimental cast. His
other works include. My Farm at Edge-
wood ; Dr. Johns, a novel ; Rural Stu-
dies ; Fresh Gleaning from the Old
Fields of Europe ; The Battle Sum-
mer, or Paris in 1848 ; The Lorgnette ;
Fudge Doings ; Seven Stories ; Wet
Days at Edgewood ; About Old Story-
Tellers ; The Woodbridge Record, a
genealogy ; Bound Together : a Sheaf
of Papers ; Out of Town Places, a revi-
sion of Rural Studies ; English Lands,

Letters, and Kings ; American Lands
and Letters. Scr.
Mitchell, Edward Copp6e. Ga.,
1836-1887. A real estate lawyer of
Philadelphia. Separate Use in Penn-
sylvania ; Contracts for Land Sales in
Pennsylvania; Equitable Relations of
Buyer and Seller.

Mitchell, Edward Gushing. Ms.,

1829-1900. Grandson of N. Mitch-
ell, infra. A Baptist clergyman and
educator, president of Leland Univer-
sity, New Orleans, from 1887. Les
Sources du Nouveau Testament ; He-
brew Introduction ; Guide to the Au-
thenticity, Canon, and Text of the New
Testament ; The Critical Handbook,

Mitchell, Elisha. Ct., 1793-1857. An
educator of note, professor of geology
in the University of North Carolina
from 1825. While exploring the moun-
tain region of North Carolina, he lost
his life. He is buried on the summit
of the mountain bearing his name.
Elements of Geology ; Reports on North
Carolina Geology.

Mitchell, Henry. Ms., 1830-1902. A
hydrographer of prominence, among
whose scientific monographs are. Physi-
cal Hydrography of the Maine Coast ;
The Estuary of the Delaware ; Re-
clamation of Tide Lands.

Mitchell, Hinckley Gilbert. N. Y.,

1846 . A Methodist clergyman

and educator, a professor at Boston
University from 1883. Final Construc-
tions of Biblical Hebrew ; Hebrew Les-
sons ; Amos, an Essay in Exegesis ; The

Mitchell, James Tyndale. 11, 1834-
. A jurist of Philadelphia. His-
tory of the District Court ; Mitchell on
Motions and Rules.

Mitchell, John. Ct., 1794-1870. A
Congregational minister of Stratford,
Connecticut. Letters to a Disbeliever
in Revivals ; Notes from Over the Sea ;
Reminiscences of College Scenes and
Characters ; My Mother ; Rachel Kell,
or the Diamond.

Mitchell, John Ames. Ms., 1845-

. A journalist of New York city,

founder of Life in 1883, and its editor
from that date. The Summer School
of Philosophy at Mount Desert ; The
Romance of the Moon ; The Last Ame-




rican ; Amos Judd, a novel ; That First
Affair, and Other Stories. Ho. Scr.

Mitchell, John Kearsley. W. Va.,
1798-1858. A physician of Philadel-
phia, of eminence as a medical lec-
turer. Indecision, and Other Poems;
St. Helena : a poem ; Remote Conse-
quences of Injuries of Nerves ; Cryp-
togamic Origin of Malarious and Epi-
demic Fevers ; Five Essays on Fevers.
See Grosses Sketches of Contemporaries.

Mitchell, Langdon El-wyn. " John

PhUip Varley." Pa., 1862 . Son

of S. W. Mitchell, infra. A verse-
writer of promise. Sylvian, a Tragedy ;
Poems ; Love in the Backwoods, prose
stories. Har. Hou.

Mitchell, Mrs. Lucy Myers
[Wright]. Per., 1845-1888. An
archaeologist (the wife of S. S. Mitchell,
an artist), who spent much of her life
abroad. Her only writing, a History
of Ancient Sculpture, is one of the best
books in English upon Greek art. Do.

Mitchell, Maria. Ms., 1818-1889.
Sister of H. Mitchell, supra. A dis-
tinguished astronomer, professor at
Vassar College from 1865. Her sci-
entific papers have not [1897] been
collected. See Mrs. HaWs Woman''s
Record ; Life by Mrs. Kendall.

Mitchell, Nahum. Ms., 1769-185.3.
An eminent jurist of Massachusetts,
well known in his day as a musical
composer. History of the Early Set-
tlement of Bridgewater ; Grammar of

Mitchell, Samuel Augustus. 1792-
1888. A noted geographer of Philadel-
phia who besides publishing a series of
geographies was author also of General
View of the World ; New Traveller's

Mitchell, Silas Weir. Pa., 1829-

. Son of J. K. Mitchell, supra.

A distinguished physician of Phila-
delphia, well known also as novelist
and poet. His professional writings in-
clude Wear and Tear, or Hints for the
Overworked ; Injuries of the Nerves ;
Nurse and Patient ; Fat and Blood ;
Doctor and Patient. In fiction he has
pTiblished Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker ;
Hephzibah Guinness ; In War Time ;
Roland Blake ; Far in the Forest ;

Philip Vernon ; Prince Little Boy, and
Other Tales out of Fairy Land ; Cha-
racteristics ; A Madeira Party ; When
all the Woods are Green ; and, in verse,
Francis Drake, a Tragedy of the Sea ;
The Mother, and Other Poems; The
Cup of Youth; The Hill of Stones,
and Other Poems ; A Psalm of Death ;
A Masque, and Other Poems. See Alli-
hone's Dictionary, Supplement. Cent.
Hou. Lip.

Mitchell, Walter. Ms., 1826 .

An Episcopal clergyman of New York
city. Two Strings to His Bow ; Bryan
Maurice, a novel ; Poems. Tacking
Ship off Shore is the poem by which
he is best known. Hou. Wh.

Mitchell, Wniiam. Ct., 1793-1867.
Brother of John Mitchell, supra. A
Congregational minister of Texas who
published A Doctrinal Guide for Young
Christians ; Coleridge and the Moral
Tendency of his Writings.

Mitchill, Samuel Latham. L. I.,
1764-1831. A once famous physician
and man of letters of New York city
who filled there a position very similar to
that of Oliver Wendell Holmes in Bos-
ton at a later day, the two men having
many points of resemblance. He was
long a professor of chemistry in Colum-
bia College, and for more than a gene-
ration one of the prominent literary
and social figures of the metropolis.
Among his writings are : Life of Tam-
many, the Indian Chief ; Picture of
New York ; Description of Sehooley's
Mountain. See Reminiscences of, by J.
W. Francis, 1859 ; Allihone''s Diction-

Moak, Nathaniel Cleveland. N.
Y., 1833-1892. An Albany lawyer.
Albany Penitentiary Statutes ; English
Reports ; English Digest.

Moffat, James Clement. S., 1811-
1890. A Presbyterian clergyman and
educator, professor at Princeton Theo-
logical Seminary, 1853-90. Compara-
tive History of Religions ; Life of Dr.
Chalmers ; Song and Scenery, or a Sum-
mer Ramble in Scotland ; Alwyn, a
Romance of Study (verse) ; The Church
in Scotland ; Church History in Brief ;
Rhyme of the North Countrie ; The
Story of a Dedicated Life. Do. Ran.

Mombert, Jacob Isidor. G., 1829-
. An Episcopal clergyman of




Paterson, New Jersey. Faith Victori-
ous; Handbook of the English Ver-
sions of the Bible ; Great Lives ; His-
tory of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania ;
History of Charles the Great ; Short
History of the Crusades. Ap. Ran.

Monfort, Francis Cassatt. Ind.,

1844 . A Presbyterian minister

and editor of Cincinnati. Sermons for
Silent Sabbaths; Socialism and City

Monroe, Harriet. IL, 1860 . A

verse-writer of Chicago. Valeria, and
Other Poems ; Life of John Wellborn
Root ; The Passing Show. Hou. Mg.

Monroe, James. Va., 1758-1831.
The fifth President of the United
States. An able though not brilliant
statesman. State Papers ; Tour of
Observation in 1817 ; The People :
the Sovereigns ; View of the Conduct
of the Executive in the Foreign Affairs
of the United States. See Lives by J.
Q. Adams, 1850, D. C. Oilman, 1885 ;
Concise History of the Monroe Doctrine
by G. F. Tucker, 1885; Appletons'
American Biography.

Montague, Charles Howard. Ms.,
1858-1889. A journalist of Boston,
city editor of The Globe. The Ro-
mance of the Lilies ; The Face of
Rosenfel ; Two Strokes of the Bell ;
The Doctor's Mistake ; The Countess

Montague, William Lewis. Ms.,
1831 . A Congregational clergy-
man, professor of modern languages at
Amherst College from 1862. Compara-
tive Spanish Grammar ; Manual of Ita-
lian Grammar ; Introduction to Italian

Montefiore, Joshua. E., 1762-1843.
A Hebrew lawyer, brother of Sir Moses
Montefiore, who came to the United
States, and settled in St. Albans, Ver-
mont. Commercial and Notatorial
Precedents ; Commercial Dictionary ;
Traders' Compendium ; United States
Traders' Compendium ; Law and Trea-
tise on Bookkeeping ; Laws of Land
and Sea.

Montgomery, George "Washing-
ton. aS^., 1804-1841. AUnitedStates
consul at Tampico. Tarcas de un Soli-
tario, a collection of tales ; El Bas-
tarde de Catilla ; Journey to Guatemala
in 1838.

Montgomery, George Washings
ton. JV/e., 1810-1898. A Universalis*
clergyman of Rochester, New York.
Illustrations of the Law of Kindness ;

Montgomery, Marcus "Whitman.
N. Y., 1839-1894. A Congregational
clergyman, instructor in Chicago Theo-
logical Seminary from 1890. History
of Jay County, Indiana ; A Wind from
the Holy Spirit ; The Mormon Delu-

Monti, Luigi. Sy., 1830-

. An

educator of NewYork city who appears
in Longfellow's Tales of a Wayside Inn
as " The Young Sicilian." An Ameri-
can Consul Abroad ; Leone, a novel, Le,

Mooar, George. Ms., 1830 . A

Congregational clergyman, professor in
Pacific Theological Seminary at Oak-
land, California, from 1870. The Re-
ligion of Loyalty ; Prominent Charac-
teristics of Congregational Churches.

Moody, Dwight Lyman. Ms., 1837-
1899. A celebrated evangelist. Among
his more important writings are The
Second Coming of Christ ; The Way
and the Word ; Secret Power ; The
Way to God ; Glad Tidings ; Great

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