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Munroe, [Charles] Kirk. Wis., 1850-

. A popular writer, now resident

in Florida, whose writings are mainly
for juvenile readers. Wakulla; Life
of Mrs. Stowe (with her son) ; The
Flamingo Feather ; Derrick Sterling ;
Clirystal Jack and Co. ; The Golden
Days of '49 ; Dory mates ; Under Or-
ders ; Prince Dusty ; Campmates ;
Canoemates ; Cab and Caboose ; Raft-
mates ; The Coral Ship ; The White
Conquerors ; The Fur Seal's Tooth ;
Big Cypress ; Snow-Shoes and Sledges ;
Totem of the Bear ; Rick Dale ; A
Young War Chief ; At War with Pon-
tiac. Do. Har. Put. Scr.

Munsell, Franklin. N. Y., 1857 .

Son of J. MunseU, infra. A publisher
of Albany. Chips for the Chimney
Corner ; The Bibliography of Albany.

Munsell, Joel. Ms., 1808-1880. A
printer and publisher of Albany. Out-
lines of the History of Printing ; Every-
Day Book of History and Chronology ;
Chronology of Paper and Paper-Mak-

Munsey, Frank Andrevr. Me., 1854-

. A prominent magazine publisher

of New York city. Afloat in a Great
City ; The Boy Broker ; Deringforth.

Munson, James Eugene. N. Y.,

1835 . A phonographer of New

York city. The Complete Phono-
grapher ; Dictionary of Practical Pho-
nography; Phrase Book of Practical
Phonography. Har.

Murat, Napol6on Achille. F., 1801-
1847. The son of Joachim Murat,
King of Naples. In his youth he bore
the title of Prince of the Two Sicilies.
He came to the United States in 1821 ,
was naturalized and settled at Talla-
hassee, Florida. He was mayor of that
place in 1824, and postmaster, 1826-28.
Lettres d'un citoyen des Etats Unis k
ses amis d'Europe ; Esquisses morales
et politiques sur les Etats Unis d'Am^-
rique ; Exposition des principes du gou-
vemement republicain tel qu'il k 6t&
perfectionn^ en Am^rique, which went
through more than fifty editions.

Murdoch, James Ed-wrard. Pa.,
1811-1893. A noted actor and lec-
turer. Orthophony (with W. Russell) ;
The Stage ; Plea for Spoken Language ;
Analytic Elocution. Clke. Lip.

Murdock, Harold. Ms., 1862 .

A bank cashier of Boston. The Recon-
struction of Europe, a Sketch of the
Diplomatic and Military History of
Continental Europe from the Rise to
the Fall of the Second French Empire.

Murdock, James, a., 1776-1856. A
Congregational clergyman and edu-
cator of New Haven. He was the
author of Sketches of Modem Philoso-
phy, and translator of Mosheim's Ec-
clesiastical History, and other works,
as well as of a Literal Translation of
the New Testament from the Ancient

Murfree, Fanny Noailles Dickin-
son. Tn., 185 . SisterofM. N.

Murfree, infra. Felicia, a Novel. Hou,

Murfree, Mary Noailles. "Charles
Egbert Craddock." Tn., 1850—^. A
novelist of Tennessee whose stories are
all concerned with the life of the moun-
taineers in North Carolina and Tennes-
see. They display close, sympathetic
observation and strong, vivid charac-
terization. In the Tennessee Moun-
tains ; Where the Battle was Fought ;
The Prophet of the Great Smoky
Mountains ; Down the Ravine ; His
Vanished Star ; In the Clouds ; The
Story of Keedon Bluffs; The Despot
of Broomsedge Cove ; In the " Stranger
People's " Country ; The Phantoms of
the Footbridge ; The Mystery of Witch-
Face Mountain, and Other Stories ; The
Juggler. See Allihone's Dictionary, Sup-
plement. Har. Hou.

Murphy, Lady Blanche Elizabeth
Mary Annunciata [Noel]. E.,
1846-1881. The eldest daughter of
the Earl of Gainsborough. She mar-
ried her father's organist, came to
America, and wrote stories and sketches
for the magavdnes. On the Rhine, and
Other Sketches.

Murphy, Henry Cruse, i. I., 1810-
1882. A lawyer and journalist of
Brooklyn. The Voyage of Verrazano ;
Henry Hudson in Holland ; Anthology
of the New Netherlands.




jVIurphy, Thomas. I., 1823-1900. A
Presbyterian clergyman of Philadel-
phia. Pastoral Theology ; Pastor and
People ; Duties of Church Members.

Murray, David. N. Y., 1830 .

An educator of New York city, foreign
adviser to the Japanese government on
education. Manual of Land Surveying ;
Outline History of Japanese Educa-
tion ; The Story of Japan.

Murray, James Ormsbee. 1827-
1899. An educator, professor of Eng-
lish literature in Princeton College, and
dean of the coUege from 1886. Life of
Francis Wayland, infra.

Murray, John O'Kane. J., 1847-
1885. A physician and author of New
York city. Popular History of the
Catholic Church in the United States ;
Catholic Pioneers of America ; Lessons
in English Literature ; The Prose and
Poetry of Ireland ; Little Lives of the
Great Saints ; Catholic Heroes and He-
roines of America.

Murray, Lindley. Pa., 1745-1826.
A famous grammarian whose life after
1784 was passed near York, England.
Grammar of the English Language ;
Power of Religion on the Mind ; Com-
pendium of Religious Faith and Prac-
tice. See Memoirs written by Himself^
with continuation by E. Frank, 1826;
Dictionary of National Biography, vol.
39; AUibone'' s Dictionary ; Bibliography
of Maine. Lip.

Murray, Nicholas. "Kirwan." I.,
1802-1861. A Presbyterian clergyman
of Elizabeth, New Jersey, famous in
his day as a controversialist. Letters
by Kirwan to Bishop Hughes ; Roman-
ism at Home ; Men and Things ; The
Happy Home ; Preachers and Preach-
ing ; Parish and Other Pencillings. See
Life by Prime. Har.

Murray, "William Henry Harrison.
Ct., 1840-1904. A noted Congrega-
tional minister, pastor of Park Street
Church, Boston, 1868-74. Adventures
in the Wilderness ; Adirondack Tales ;
Deacons ; Music Hall Sermons ; The
Perfect Horse ; Sermons from Park
Street Pulpit ; How Deacon Tubner
Kept New Year's; The Doom of
Mamelons ; Daylight Land ; Words
Fitly Spoken. Le.

Murray, "William Vans. Md., 1762-
1803. A Maryland statesman who was

minister to the Netherlands from 1793
till his death, and author of a treatise
on The Constitution and Laws of the
United States.

Musick, John Roy. Mo., 1849-1901.
A novelist and historian of KirksvUle,
Missouri. The Banker of Bedford;
History Stories of Wisconsin ; Cala-
mity Row ; Brother Against Brother ;
Mysterious Mr. Howard; and a series
of twelve Columbian historical novels,
including Columbia ; Estevan ; St. Au-
gustine ; Pocahontas ; The Pilgrims ;
A Century Too Soon, a story of Bacon's
Rebellion; The Witch of Salem;
Braddock ; Independence ; Sustained
Honor ; Humbled Pride ; Umon. Fu.

Mussey, Reuben Dimond. iV. if.,
1780-1866. A Boston physician who
published Health : its Friends and its

Muzzey, Artemas Bo'wers. Ms.,
1802-1892. A Unitarian clergyman of
Massachusetts who retired from active
ministry in 1865. The Blade and the
Ear ; Prime Movers of the Revolution ;
The Young Men's Friend; Moral
Teacher ; Christ in the Will, the Heart,
and Life ; The Higher Education ; Ira-
mortality in the Light of Scripture and
Science ; Truths Consequent upon Be-
lief in God ; Education of Old Age,
comprise his chief works. A. U. A.
Le. Lo.

Myer, Albert James. N. Y., 1827-
1880. A brigadier-general in the United
States army, for some years chief sig-
nal officer and author of Manual of
Signals for Use in the Field.

Myers, Peter Hamilton. N. Y.,

1812-1878. A lawyer and romancer
of Brooklyn. The First of the Knicker-
bockers, a tale ; The Young Patroon ;
The King of the Hurons ; The Prisoner
of the Border.

Myers, Philip Van Ness. N. Y.,

1846 . An educator of Cincinnati,

professor of history and political econo-
my in the University of Cincinnati
from 1890, and dean of the University
from 1895. Life and Nature under
the Tropics ; Remains of Lost Empires ;
Outlines of Ancient History ; Outlines
of I^ediaeval and Modern History ; A
History of Greece; The Eastern Na-




tions and Greece ; A History of Rome ;
General History. Gi. Har.

Myers, Mrs. Sarah Ann [Ir-win].
Del., 1800-1876. A writer and artist
of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Among her
many contributions to juvenile litera-
ture are, Margaret Gordon ; Impatient
EUen ; The Silk- Weaver of I.yons.

Myrtle, Mollie. See Hill, Mrs. Agnes.


Nack, James. N. H., 1809-1879. A
deaf and dumb verse-writer of New
York city. The Legend of the Ark ;
Earl Rupert ; The Immortal, a drama-
tic romance ; The Romance of the King,
and Other Poems. See Duyckinck''s
American Literature.

Nadal, Bernhard Harrison. Md.,
1812-1870. A Methodist clergyman
and educator of Virginia who published
New Life Dawning. Meth.

Nadal, Ehrman Syme. W. Va.,

] 843 . Son of B . H. Nadal, supra.

A journalist who has lived much in
London as secretary of legation, 1870-
1871, and 1877-1884. Essays at Home
and Elsewhere ; Impressions of London
Social Life ; Zweiback, or Notes of a
Professional Exile. Cent. Scr.

Naphegi, Gabor. Hy., 1824-1884. A
native of Buda-Pesth who became a
naturalized American citizen in 1868.
Ghardia, or Ninety Days in the Desert ;
The Album of Language ; Hungary ;
Among the Arabs ; The Grand Review
of the Dead (verse). Lip.

Napheys [na'feez], George Henry.
Pa., 1842-1876. A prominent physi-
cian and medical writer of Philadel-
phia. The Body and its Ailments;
Modern Medical Therapeutics ; Modern
Surgical Therapeutics ; The Transmis-
sion of Life ; Physical Life of Woman ;
Prevention and Cure of Disease ; Per-
sonal Beauty (with D. G. Brinton,
supra). My.

Nasby, Petroleum Vesuvius. See
Locke, D. R.

Nash, Simeon. Ms., 1804-1879. A
jurist of Gallipolis, Ohio. Digest of
Ohio Reports ; Pleading and Practice
under the Civil Code ; Morality and
the State ; Crime and the Family. Clke.

Nason, Elias. Ms., 1811-1887. A
Congregational minister of North BU-
lerica, Massachusetts, among whose
numerous religious biographical and
historical writings are, Gazetteer of
Massachusetts ; Life of John A. An-
drew ; Lives of Moody and Sankey ;
Life of Charles Sumner ; Life of Henry
Wilson, infra; History of Middlesex
County ; Originality ; Thou Shalt Not
Steal ; Fountains of Salvation. Lo.

Nason, Mrs. Emma [Huntington].

Me., 1845 . A verse-writer of Au-
gusta, Maine. White Sails (verse) ;
The Tower, with Legends and Lyrics.
Hou. Lo.

Nason, Henry Bradford. Ms., 1881-
1895. Cousin of Elias Nason, supra.
A professor of chemistry in the Troy
Polytechnic Institute. Table of Re-
actions for Qualitative Analysis ; Table
for Qualitative Analysis in Colors, are
among his published works.

Nast, William. G., 1807-1899. A
Methodist minister of Cincinnati, editor
of The Christian Apologist for many
years. Christological Meditations ; Gos-
pel Records ; A German Commentary
on the New Testament ; Das Christen-
thum und seine Gegensatze.

Nauman, Mary. See Bobinson, Mrs.

Navarro, Madame Mary Antoi-
nette [Anderson] de. Cal., 1859-

. A once popular actress who

retired from the stage in 1890, was
married to M. de Navarro soon after,
and has since lived in England. A Few
Memories, an autobiography. See Lives
by Farrar, 1884, Winter, 1886.

Nead, Benjamin Matthias. Pa.,

1847 . A lawyer and journalist

of Harrisburg. Sketches of Early
Chambersburg ; Guide to County Offi-
cers; Early Government of Pennsyl-
vania ; Brief Review of the Financial
History of Pennsylania.

Neal, Alice B. Wife of J. C. Neal,
infra. See Haven, Mrs.

Neal, John. Me., 1793-1876. A once
famous litterateur of Portland, Maine,
who early gained a hearing, and, as
poet, novelist, dramatist, and magazin-
ist, was constantly before the public
for the rest of his long life, though
little of his work can be said to sur-




vive, able as some of it is. The more
important of his writings include, Keep
Cool, a novel ; The Battle of Niagara,
a poem ; Goldau, and Other Poems ;
Rachel Dyer, a novel ; Downeasters, a
novel ; True Womanhood ; Bentham's
Morals and Legislation ; Great Mys-
teries and Little Plagues ; Wandering
Recollections of a Somewhat Busy Life
(1870). See Duyckinck''s American
Literature ; LowelVs Fable for Critics ;
Allihone's Dictionary ; Appletons' Ame-
rican Biography ; Bibliography of Maine.

Neal, Joseph Clay. N. H., 1807-
1847. A journalist of Philadelphia
who founded The Saturday Gazette,
and was a popular humourist in his
day. Charcoal Sketches ; Peter Ploddy,
and Other Oddities. See Griswold^s
American Prose Writers.

Neely, Thomas Benjamin. Pa.,

18 — . A Methodist clergyman.

Young Workers in the Church ; The
Church Lyceum ; Parliamentary Prac-
tice ; Evolution of Episcopacy and Or-
ganic Methodism ; The Parliamenta-
rian ; The Governing Conference in
Methodism. Meth.

N3ill, Edward Duffield. Pa., 182.3-
1893. A Reformed Episcopal clergyman
of St. Paul, but formerly a Presby-
terian clergyman. History of Min-
nesota; Terra Marise, or Threads of
Maryland History ; The Fairfaxes of
England and America ; History of the
Virginia Company; English Coloniza-
tion of America in the 17th century ;
Founders of Virginia ; Virginia Ve-
tusta ; Virginia Carolorum ; Concise
History of Minnesota. Lip.

Neill, John. Pa., 1819-1880. Brother
of E. D. Neill, supra. A Philadelphia
physician. Neill on the Veins ; Com-
pend of Medicine (with F. G. Smith).

Neill, William. Pa., 1778-1860. A
Presbyterian minister of Philadelphia,
president of Dickinson College, 1824-
1829. Lectures on Bible History ;
Divine Origin of the Christian Religion ;
Ministry of Fifty Years.

Neilson, Joseph. N. Y., 1813-1888.
Memoirs of Rufus Choate, with some
Consideration of his Studies, Opinions,
and Style. Hou.

Nelson, David. Ind., 1793-1844. A
Presbyterian minister and educator of
Missouri and Illinois. His principal

work, Cause and Cure of Infidelity, haa
been widely read.

Nelson, Harry Leverett. Ms., 1858-
1889. A lawyer of Worcester, Massa-
chusetts. Bird Songs About Worcester,
a collection of nature studies. Lit.

Nelson, Henry Addison. Ms., 1820-
. A Presbyterian clergyman, pro-
fessor at Lane Seminary, 1868-74, and
from 1886 editor of The Church at
Home and Abroad. Seeing Jesus ; Sin
and Salvation ; Home Whispers. San.

Nelson, Henry Loomis, N. Y.,
1846 — ■ — . A .iournalist of New York
city, editor-in-chief of Harper's Week-
ly, 1894-99. The Money We Need;
Our Unjust Tariff Law ; John Rantoul,
a novel. Har. Hou.

Nesmith, James Ernest. Ms., 1856-

1898. An artist and verse-writer of
Lowell, Massachusetts. Monadnoc, and
Other Sketches in Verse ; Philoctetes,
and Other Poems ; Life and Addresses
of Governor Greenhalge.

Nevin, Alfred. Pa., 1816-1890. A
prominent Presbyterian clergyman and
religious editor of Philadelphia. His
more important writings include. Words
of Comfort for Doubting Hearts ; The
Voice of God; The Man of Faith;
Letters to Colonel Ingersoll ; Chris-
tian's Rest ; Guide to the Oracles ;
Triumph of Truth.

Nevin, Edwin Henry. Pa., 1814-

1899. Brother of A. Nevin, supra. A
German Reformed clergyman of Phila-
delphia. The City of God; Human-
ity and its Responsibilities ; Thoughts
About Christ; The Minister's Hand-

Nevin, John "Williamson. Pa.,
1803-1886. Cousin of A. Nevin, supra.
An eminent German Reformed clergy-
man of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, presi-
dent of Franklin and Marshall College,
1866-76. Prior to his presidency he
had been active as a theologian at
Mercersburgh, and his works form the
basis of what is styled the " Mercers-
burgh Theology." Among his writings
are, History and Genesis of the Heidel-
berg Catechism ; The Mystical Pre-
sence ; Anti - Christ ; The Anxious
Bench ; Biblical Antiquities. See Life
by T. Appel. 1S89.

Nevin, William Channing. O.,
1844 . Son of E. H. Nevin, sh-




pra. A lawyer of Philadelphia. His-
tory of AU Religions ; Life of Albert
Barnes, supra ; The Blue Ray of Sun-
light ; A Slight Misunderstanding ; A
Wild Goose Chase ; In the Nick of
Time ; Joshua Whitcomb's Tribula-
tions ; A Summer School Adventure.

Nevin, William Wilberf orce. Pa.;
1836-1899. Son of J. W. Nevin, supra.
A journalist and railway director of
Philadelphia who published Vignettes
of Travel.

Nevins, William, a., 1797-1835. A
Presbyterian minister of Baltimore.
Thoughts on Popery ; Practical
Thoughts ; Select Remains, with Me-

Nevius, Mrs. Helen S [Coan].

N. F., 1832 . Wife of J. L.

Nevius, infra. A Catechism of Chris-
tian Doctrine (in Chinese) ; Our Life in
China ; Life of J. P. Nevius. Rev.

Nevius, John Livingston. N. Y.,

1829-1893. A Presbyterian mission-
ary in Ningpo. China and The Chi-
nese ; San-Poh, or North of the Hills;
Methods of Missionary Work ; Demon
Possession ; and a number of works in
Chinese. See Life by his wife. Hev.

Newberry, John Strong. Ct., 1822-
1892. A geologist who was professor
of geology in the School of Mines of
Columbia College, 1866-92, and State
geologist of Ohio from 1869. He pub-
lished nine volumes of reports relating'
to the geological survey of Ohio ; Paleo-
zoic Fishes of North America, and many
scientific papers.

Newoomb, Harvey. Ms., 180.3-1863.
A Congregational clergyman of West-
ern Pennsylvania and other localities
among whose many moral and religious
works, mainly juvenile in character,
are. Young Lady's Guide ; How to be a
Man ; How to be a Lady ; Manners and
Customs of North American Indians.

Newcomb, Simon. N. S., 1835 .

An astronomer of distinction, superin-
tendent of the Nautical Almanac, issued
by the Navy Department, from 1877,
and professor of astronomy and mathe-
matics at Johns Hopkins University,
1884-93. Popular Astronomy ; School
Astronomy ; Geometry ; Analytic Geo-
metry ; Essentials of Trigonometry ;
Calculus ; A Plain Man's Talk on the

Labor Question ; Principles of Political
Economy ; The A, B, C, of Finance,
include his most important publica-
tions. Har. Ho.

Newell, Robert Henry. " Orpheus
C. Kerr." N. Y., 1836-1901. A jour-
nalist of New York city, at one time
popular as a humorist. Versatilities,
a collection of humorous and other
verses ; The Palace Beautiful, and
Other Poems ; Avery Glibun, an Ame-
rican romance ; The Walking Doll, a
novel ; There Was Once a Man ; Stu-
dies in Stanzas. Fo. Le.

Newell, Samuel. Me., 1784-1821. A
noted Baptist missionary in Bombay.
The Conversion of the World (1818) ;
Life of Harriet Newell (his first wife)
which was widely popular.

Newell, William Wells. Ms., 1839-
. A folk-lore scholar of Cam-
bridge, editor of The Journal of Amer-
ican Folk-Lore from 1888. Games and
Songs of American Children ; Words
for Music, a collection of verse. Har.

Newhall, Charles Stedman. Ms.,

1842 . A clergyman and educator

of Asbury Park, New Jersey. The Trees
of Northeastern America ; The Shrubs
of Northeastern America; The Vines
of Northeastern America ; The Leaf-
Collector's Handbook and Herbarium.
His writings for young people include
Harry's Trip to the Orient ; Joe and
the Howards ; Ruthie's Story. Put.

Newman, John Philip. iV^. F., 1826-
1899. A Methodist bishop at Omaha,
at one time a prominent Washington
pastor. From Dan to Beersheba ;
Thrones and Palaces of Babylon and
Nineveh ; Christianity Triumphant ;
America for Americans ; The Supre-
macy of Law. Fu. Meth.

Newman, Samuel Phillips. Ms.,
1796-1842. An educator who was a
classical professor in Bowdoin College.
Practical System of Rhetoric, long a
popular work ; Elements of Political

Newton, Richard. E., 1812-1887. An
Episcopal clergyman of Philadelphia,
long prominent among extreme Low
Churchmen. The King's Highway ;
The Great Pilot ; Rills from the Foun-
tain of Life ; Bible Promises ; Natural
History of the Bible, are among his
writings. liev.




Ne^vton, Richard Heber. Pa.,

1840 . Son of R. Newton, supra.

An Episcopal clergyman of New York
city, rector of All-Souls Church, and
prominent as a very Broad Church
theologian. Among more conservative
thinkers his views have excited much
opposition and needless alarm. Woman-
hood ; The Morals of Trade ; The Right
and Wrong Uses of the Bible ; The
Book of the Beginnings ; Philistinism ;
Social Studies ; Church and Creed ; The
Children's Church. Put. Ran.

Newton, Robert Safford. O., 1818-
1881. A surgeon of New York city.
Eclectic Treatise in the Practice of
Medicine ; Antiseptic Surgery.

Newton, William. E., c. 1820-189-.
Brother of R- Newton, supra. A Re-
formed Episcopal clergyman of West
Chester, Pennsylvania. The First Two
Visions of the Book of Daniel ; The
Morning Star, and Other Poems ; Na-
ture's Testimony to Nature's God.

Newton, "William Wilberforoe.

Pa., 1843 . Son of R. Newton,

supra. An Episcopal clergyman of
Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Essays of
To-Day, Religious and Theological ;
The Legend of St. Telemachus ; The
Voice of St. John, and Other Poems ;
Summer Sermons ; The Voice Out of
Egypt ; Ragnar, the Sea King ; Para-
dise ; The Priest and the Man, or Abe-
lard and H^loise, an historical novel ;
Life of W. A. Mjihlenberg, supra; and
several collections of sermons to chil-
dren, including, The Wicket Gate ; The
Interpreter's House ; Little and Wise ;
A Father's Blessing. Hou. Ran. Wh.

Nichols, Edward Leamington. E.,

1854 . A professor of physics at

Cornell University from 1887. Labo-
ratory Manual of Physics and Applied
Mechanics ; The Galvanometer. Mac.

Nichols, George Ward. Me., 1831-
1885. A writer on art and music who
was president of the Cincinnati Colleg'e
of Music. The Story of the Great
March ; Art Education Applied to In-
dustry ; Pottery ; Sanctuary, a story of
the Civil War. Har.

Nichols, Ichabod. N. H., 1784-
1859. A Unitarian minister of Port-
land, Maine, 1814-55, and from the
latter date a resident of Cambridge.
Natural Theology ; Hours with the

Evangelists ; Remembered Words. A.

Nichols, James Robinson. Ms.,
1819-1888. A manufacturing chemist
of Boston who founded The Journal of
Chemistry (now The Popular Science
News) in 1866. What, When, and
Where ? ; Fireside Science ; Chemistry
of the Farm ; The New Agriculture.

Nichols, Mrs. Mary Sargeant
[Neal] [Gove]. " Mary Orme." N.
H., 1810 . A hydropathic phy-
sician. Lectures on Anatomy and Phy-
siology ; Experience in Water Cure ; A
Woman's Work in Water Cure and
Sanitary Education. As " Mary'Orme "
she published the novels. Uncle John ;
Agnes Norris ; The Two Loves, Eros
and Anteros.

Nichols, Mrs. Rebecca S

[Reed]. Ms., 1820 . A verse-
writer of Cincinnati. Bernice, and
Other Poems ; Songs of the Heart.

Nichols, Starr Hoyt. Ct, 1834 .

A broker of New York city, in earlier
life a Unitarian minister. He has pub-
lished Monte Rosa, the Epic of an Alp.

Nichols, Thomas L . Circa 1820-

. An American physician who

settled in Malvern, England, near the
opening- of the Civil War. Women
in All Ages ; Esoteric Anthropology ;
Forty Years of American Life ; How
to Cook ; How to Behave ; How to
Live on Sixpence a Day ; Humaij Phy-
siology the Basis of Sanitary Reforms.

Nichols, Walter Ripley. Ms., 1847-
1886. A professor of chemistry in the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
who published Water Supply from a
Chemical and Sanitary Standpoint, and
many scientific papers.

Nicholson, Mrs. Eliza Jane
[Poitevent]. " Pearl Rivers." Mi.,
1849-1896. A journalist of New Or-
leans, owner and editor of The Pica-
yune, and the first woman in the world
to own and manage a great daily paper.

Nicholson, James Bartram. Mo.,

1820 . A prominent bookbinder

of Philadelphia, author of a Manual of
Bookbinding, an exhaustive treatise on
the subject. Bai.

Nicholson, William Rufus. Mi.,
1822-lCOl. A Reformed Episcopal




bishop, dean of the theological semi-
nary of that faith in Philadelphia. The
Blessedness of Heaven ; Why I Became
a Reformed Episcopalian ; The Real
Presence ; The Call to the Ministry.

Nicolay, John George. Bv., 1832-
1901. The private secretary of Presi-
dent Lincoln, and marshal of the United
States Supreme Court, 1872-87. The
Outbreak of the Rebellion ; Abraham
Lincoln, a History (with J. Hay, supra).
Cent. Scr.

Nioum, John. Wg., 1851 . A

prominent Lutheran minister of Ro-
chester, New York, who has published
History of the New York Ministerium ;
Gleichniss - Reden Jesu ; Weihnachts
Andacht ; and a translation of Wolf's
Lutherans in America.

Nieriker, Mrs. May [Alcott]. Ms.,
1840-1879. Daughter of A. B. Alcott,
supra. An artist who published Con-
cord Sketches ; Studying Art Abroad.

Niles, Hezekiah. Del, 1777-1839. A
journalist of Baltimore, founder of
NUes's Register. The towns of Niles,
Michigan, and Niles, Ohio, were named
in his honour. Quill Driving ; Princi-
ples and Acts of the Revolutionary Pe-
riod. Bar.

Niles, John Milton. Ct, 1787-1856.

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