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1803-13. Letter on Episcopacy ; Re-
marks on Daniel and Revelation ; The-
ology and Metaphysics.

Osgood, Samuel. Ms., 1812-1880.
A Unitarian clergyman, pastor of the
Church of the Messiah in New York
city, 1849-69. In 1870 he entered the
Episcopal ministry, but assumed no pa-
rochial duties. Studies in Christian
Biography ; God with Men ; Mile-Stones
in our Life Journey ; The Hearthstone ;
Student Life ; The Gospel Among the
Animals ; American Leaves ; The New
Hampshire Book (with C. J. Fox). His
published orations upon patriotic events,
notable men, and historic themes, are
numerous. Har.

Osier, William. Ont., 1849 . A

physician, professor in Johns Hopkins
University from 1889. Clinical Notes
on Small - Pox ; Histology Notes for
Students ; Cerebral Palsies of Children ;
Principles and Practice of Medicine ;
Diagnosis of Abdominal Tumors. Ap.

Osmun, Thomas Embley. " Alfred
Ayres." O., 1826-1902. An author
of New York city. The Verbalist ; The
Orthoepist ; an annotated edition of
Cobbett's Grammar ; The Mentor ; Act-
ing and Actors ; The Essentials of Elo-
cution. Ap. Fu.

Ossoli [os'o-lee], Sarah Margaret
[Fuller], Marchioness d'. Ms.,
1810-1850. A once famous writer of
Boston whose personality was more than
anything she ever wrote, and who is
little more than a name to the pre-
sent generation. She was a gifted wo-
man, and as a teacher in Boston, editor
of The Dial, and literary critic for The
New York Tribune, was a prominent
figure. In 1845 she went to Italy, and
there was married to the Marquis d' Os-
soli. Woman in the Nineteenth Cen-
tury ; Art, Literature, and the Drama ;
At Home and Abroad ; A Summer on
the Lakes. See Memoir by Emerson,
W. H. Charming, and J. F. Clarke ;
Lives by Higginson, Mrs. J. W. Howe ;
Galaxy Magazine, May, 1878 ; Lowell's
Fable for Critics.




Oswald, Felix Leopold. Bm., 1845-
. A naturalist of Tennessee. Phy-
sical Education j Summerland Sketch-
es ; Zoological Sketches ; Household
Remedies ; The Secret of the East, or
the Origin of the Christian Religion ;
Days and Nights in the Tropics ; The
Bible of Nature ; The Poison Problem.
Ap. Lip. Lo.

Otis, Mrs. Eliza Henderson [Bord-
man]. Ms., 179G-1873. Danghter-in-
law of H. G. Otis, infra. A philanthro-
pist and social leader in Boston who
wrote The Barclays of Boston, a novel.

Otis, Elwell Stephen. Md., 1838-

. A United States army officer.

The Indian Question.

Otis, Fessenden Nott. N. Y., 1823-
1900. A physician of New York city.
Lessons in Drawing ; Tropical Jour-
neyings ; History of the Panama Rail-
road ; Stricture of the Male Urethra ;
Clinical Lessons on Syphilis; Physio-
logy of Syphilitic Infection.

Otis, George Alexander. Ms., 1830-
1881. A surgeon who was curator of
the Army Medical Museum at Wash-
ington. Report of Surgical Cases
Treated in the United States Army,
1867-71 ; Amputation at the Hip

Otis, Harrison Gray. Ms., 1765-
1848. Nephew of J. Otis, infra. A
prominent citizen of Boston famous
for his eloquence. Letters in Defence
of the Hartford Convention ; Orations
and Addresses.

Otis, James. Ms., 1725-1783. A cele-
brated orator and politician, and one of
the most active advocates of American
independence. He was an impetuous,
vehement speaker, and seldom failed to
carry his hearers with him. Rights
of the British Colonies Asserted and
Approved ; Vindication of the British
Colonies ; Considerations on Behalf of
the Colonists ; A Vindication of the
Rights of the House of Representa-
tives of Massachusetts Bay. See Life
by Tudor.

Otis, James. See Kaler.

Ott, Isaac. Pa., 1847 . A physi-

cian who has published Cocaine, Vera-
tria, and Gelseminura ; Action of Medi-
cines ; Physiology and Pathology of
the Nervous System,

Otts, John Martin Philip. S. C,

1838-1901. A Presbyterian minister of
Talladega, Alabama. Nicodemus with
Jesus ; Light and Life for a Dead
World ; The Southern Pen and Pulpit ;
Inter-denominational Literature ; The
Gospel of Honesty ; Laconisms ; The
Fifth Gospel ; Unsettled Questions ; At
Mother's Knee. Bev.
Overman, Frederick. G., c. 1810-
1852. A mining engineer of Phila-
delphia. The Manufacture of Iron ;
The Manufacture of Steel ; Political
Mineralogy ; Moulder's and Founder's
Pocket Guide ; Mechanics for the Mill-
wright, etc. ; Treatise on Metallurgy.
Ap. Bai.
Ovren, Catherine. See Nitsch, Mrs.
Owen, David Dale. S., 1807-1860.
Brother of R. D. Owen, infra. The
State geologist of Indiana. Report of
a Geological Survey of Kentucky ;
Geological Survey of Wisconsin ; Re-
port of a Geological Reconnoissance.
Owen, John Jason. N. Y., 1803-
1869. A Presbyterian clergyman and
educator of New York city. Com-
mentary on the Gospels ; Acts of the
Apostles in Greek, with Lexicon ; and
text-book editions of Xenophon, Thucy-
dides, and Homer.
Owen, Richard. S., 1810-1890. Bro-
ther of R. D. Owen, infra, and of D.
D. Owen, supra. A geologist of New
Harmony, Indiana. He succeeded his
brother David as State geologist in
1860, and was author of a Key to the
Geology of the Globe.
Owen, Robert Dale. S., 1801-1877.
A prominent writer of New Harmony,
Indiana, the son of Robert Owen, the
noted Scottish socialist. He was active
in political life, and was an ardent ad-
vocate of Spiritualism. Outlines of the
System of Education at New Lanark ;
Moral Physiology ; Popular Traits ;
Pocahontas, a drama ; Hints on Public
Architecture ; The Wrong of Slavery
and the Right of Freedom ; Footfalls
on the Boundary of Another World;
Beyond the Breakers, a novel ; Thread-
ing my Way ; Debatable Land be-
tween this World and the Next. See
Woollen''s Biographical Sketches oj
Early Indiana ; Dictionary of National
Biography, vol. 4^. Lip,




Packard, Alpheus Spring. Me.,

1839 . A naturalist of eminence,

professor of geology and zoology in
Brown University from 1878. Zoology ;
Life Histories of Animals, or Compara-
tive Embryology ; Guide to the Study
of Insects ; Half -Hours with Insects ;
Our Common Insects ; Entomology for
Beginners ; A Naturalist on the Labra-
dor Coast ; Observations on the Glacial
Phenomena of Labrador and Maine.
Est. Ho.

Packard, Frederick Adolphus.
Ms., 1794-1867. A Philadelphia writer,
editor for nearly forty years of the
publications of the American Sunday
School Union. The Teacher Taught ;
Life of Robert Owen ; Visit to Euro-
pean Hospitals ; The Teacher Teach-
ing; Union Bible Dictionary, include
his most important writings.

Packard, John Hooker. Pa., 1832-

. Son of F. A. Packard, supra. A

surgeon of Philadelphia, surgeon to
the Pennsylvania Hospital from 1884.
Manual of Minor Surgery ; Lectures
on Inflammation ; Handbook of Opera-
tive Surgery ; Sea Air and Sea Bathing.

Packard, Lewis Richard. Pa.,183G-
1884. Son of F. A. Packard, supra.
An educator who was professor of Greek
at Yale University from 1866, and
author of Studies in Greek Thought.

Packard, Silas Sadler. Ms., 1826-
1898. An educator who founded a
business college in New York city.
Bryant and Stratton's Bookkeeping
Series ; Complete Course of Business
Training ; Commercial Arithmetic ;
New Manual of Bookkeeping.

Paddock, Benjamin Henry. Ct.,
1828-1891. The fifth Protestant Epis-
copal bishop of Massachusetts, 1873-
1891. Ten Years in the Episcopate ;
The First Century of the Diocese of Mas-
sachusetts ; The Pastoral Relation ; The
Foundation of Religious Belief. Ap.

Paddock, Mrs. Cornelia. 18

. In the Toils ; The Fate of Ma-
dame la Tour, a Tale of Great Salt
Lake. Fo.

Page, Charles Edward. Me., 1840-
— — • A physician of Boston. How

to Treat the Baby; Natural Cure of
Consumption ; Horses : their Feed and
Feet ; Pneumonia and Typhoid Fever.
Page, Charles Grafton. Ms., 1812-
1868. An examiner in the Patent
Office at Washington from 1840, who
published Psychomancy, Spirit Rap-
pings, and Table Tippings Exposed.

Page, David Perkins. N. H., 1810-
1845. A once prominent educator of
Albany whose Theory and Practice of
Teaching was long popular.

Page, Emily Rebecca. Vt, 1834-
1862. A verse-writer of Vermont whose
work, which enjoyed local fame, is in-
cluded in the volume, Lily of the Val-

Page, Richard Channing Moore.
Va., 1841-1898. A physician of New
York city, but during the Civil War a
Confederate officer. Genealogy of the
Page Family of Virginia; Sketch of
Page's Battery, Lee's Army ; Chart
of Physical Diagnosis.

Page, Thomas Jefferson. Va., 1808-
1899. A naval officer in the service of
the Southern Confederacy, 1861-62.
La Plata, the Argentine Confederation,
and Paraguay.

Page, Thomas Nelson. Va., 1853-
. A lawyer of Richmond, Vir-
ginia, whose studies of Southern life
are notable for a singular charm of
style. In Old Virginia ; Two Little
Confederates ; On Newfound River ;
Elsket, and Other Stories; The Old
South ; Pastime Stories ; Essays, Social
and Political; Unc' Edinburg, a Plan-
tation Echo ; The Burial of the Guns ;
Polly ; Among the Camps ; Meh Lady ;
Marse Chan ; Befo' de War (with A.
C. Gordon, supra). Har. Scr.

Paige, Lucius Robinson. Ms., 1802-
1896. A Universalist clergyman who
retired from the ministry in 1839, and
subsequently filled several offices of
trust in Cambridge. Commentary on
the New Testament ; History of Cam-
bridge, 1630-1877, with Genealogical
Register ; History of Hardwick, Massa-
chusetts. Hou.

Paine, Elijah. F<., 1796-1853. A jurist
and legal writer of New York city.
Paine's Reports ; Practice in Civil Ac-
tions and Proceedings in the State of
New York (with W. Duer, supra).




Paine, Halbert Eleazar. O., 1826-

. A Federal army officer during

the Civil War, and subsequently a law-
yer in Washington, whose Treatise on
the Law of Elections to Public Offices
is a much-valued work. Lit.

Paine, Harriet Eliza. " E. Chester."

Ms., 1845 . A Boston educator.

Girls and Women, a helpful book for
g^rls. Hou.

Paine, Martyn. Vt, 1794-1877. A
physician of New York city. Medical
and Physiological Commentaries ; In-
stitutes of Medicine ; The Cholera
Asphyxia of New York (1832) ; Physi-
ology of Digestion ; Physiology of the
Soul and Instinct as distinguished from
Materialism ; Review of Theoretical
Geology ; The Philosophy of Vitality ;
Defence of the Medical Profession of
the United States ; A Therapeutical
Arrangement of Materia Medica ; Or-
ganic Life Distinguished from Chemi-
cal and Physical Doctrines. See Gross'' s
Sketches of Contemporaries.

Paine, Robert. N. C, 1799-1882. A
prominent Methodist bishop whose Life
and Times of Bishop McKendree was
once a popular biography.

Paine, Robert Treat. Ms., 1773-
1811. A once noted verse-writer of
Boston whose spirited song, Adams
and Liberty, has preserved his memory.
He gave up his profession of law for
literary pursuits, and received large
sums for his poems, among which are.
The Invention of Letters, and The Rul-
ing Passion. His work was stilted and
conventional, with the exception of the
song named above. His collected Verse
and Prose, edited by Prentiss, appeared
in 1812. See Allibone''s Dictionary.

Paine, Thomas. K, 1737-1809. A
celebrated political and deistical writer
of English birth who came to America
in 1774, and in 1776 issued his famous
pamphlet. Common Sense, which was of
great service to the American cause.
In the American Crisis, published in
numbers, 1776—83, he continued his de-
fence of America. His other works
include. The Rights of Man, a reply to
Burke's " Reflections on the French
Revolution " ; The Age of Reason, a
work inferior to his other writings in
matter and style, and fiercely assailed
by the religious sentiment of his day.

Hi a works have been ably edited by M.
D. Conway (1894-95), supra. See Lives
by Chatham, Cobbett, Bickman, G.
Chalmers, G. Vale, Sherwin, M. D.
Conway; Atlantic Monthly, July, No-
vember, and December, 1859; Nine-
teenth Century, March, 1879; McMas-
ter^s History of the People of the United
States, Watson^s Men and Times of the
Revolution ; Allibone^s Dictionary ; Dic-
tionary of National Biography, vol. 43.

Paine, Timothy Otis. Me., 1824-
1895. A Swedenborgian clergyman of
Elmwood, Massachusetts. Solomon's
Temple and Capitol ; Idolatrous High
Places. Hou.

Palfrey [pawl'fri], Francis "Win-
throp. Ms., 1831-1889. Son of J.
G. Palfrey, infra. An officer in the
Federal army during the CivU War, and
from 1872 register of bankruptcy in
Boston. Antietam and Fredericks-
burg ; Memoir of William Francis Bart-
lett. Hou. Scr.

Palfrey, John Gorham. Ms., 1796-
1881. A Unitarian clergyman in Cam-
bridge, professor of sacred literature in
Harvard University, 1831-37, subse-
quently a member of Congress, and
postmaster of Boston, 1861-67. His
literary reputation rests upon his His-
tory of New England, a painstaking,
accurate work, but not especially at-
tractive in style, and marred by want
of perspective. Other works by him
are. Lectures on the Jewish Scriptures ;
The Relation between Judaism and
Christianity. Hou. Lit.

Palfrey, Sarah Hammond. " E.

Foxton." Ms., 1823 . Daughter

of J. G. Palfrey, supra. A novelist and
verse-writer of Cambridge. Her work
in verse comprises, Pr^mices ; Sir Pavon
and St. Pavon ; The Chapel ; The Blos-
soming Rod ; Agnes Wentworth. In
fiction she has published Katharine
Morne ; Herman, or Young Knight-
hood. Le.

Palmer, Alonzo Benjamin. N. Y.,
1815 - 1887. A physician who was
medical professor in the University of
Michigan from 1852. Homceopathy,
What Is It ? ; The Treatment of the
Science and Practice of Medicine ; Epi-
demic Cholera; Temperance Teachings
of Science ; Diarrhoea and Dysentery.




Palmer, Mrs. Anna [Campbell].
"Mrs. George Archibald." N. Y.,

1854 . A writer of Elmira, New

York. The Summerville Prize ; Little
Brown Seed ; Lally Gay ; Lally Gay
and her Sister ; Verses from a Mother's

Palmer, Benjamin Morgan. S. C,
1818-1902. A Presbyterian minister
o£ New Orleans. Life and Letters of
James Thornwell, infra ; Sermons ; The
Family in its Civil and Churchly As-
pects ; Formation of Character ; The
Broken Home ; Theology of Prayer.

Palmer, Elihu. a., 1764-1806. A
writer of New York city who was in his
early career a Congregational minister,
but became a deist and a political agi-
tator. The Principles of Nature ; Pros-
pect or View of the Moral World from


Palmer, Mrs. Frances [Purdy].

N. Y., 1839 . A journalist and

lecturer of Providence who has pub-
lished A Dead Level, and Other Epi-

Palmer, George Herbert. Ms., 1842-
. Alford professor of natural re-
ligion, moral philosophy, and civil po-
lity at Harvard University. He has
published The New Education, and an
English translation of the Odyssey in
rhythmic prose. Hou. Lit.

Palmer, Mrs. Henrietta [Lee]. Md.,

1834 . Wife of J. W. Palmer,

infra. The Stratford Gallery, or the
Shakespeare Sisterhood ; Home Life
in the Bible ; The Heroines of Shake-

Palmer, Horatio Richmond. N.

F., 1834 . Elements of Musical

Composition ; Theory of Music.

Palmer, John Williamson. Md.,
1825 . A physician and littera-
teur of Baltimore and subsequently of
New York city. The Queen's Heart :
a Comedy ; The Beauties and Curiosi-
ties of Engraving ; After His Kind, a
novel ; The Golden Dagon, or Up and
Down the Irrawaddi ; The New and the
Old, or California and India.

Palmer, Julius Auboineau. Ms.,
1840-1899. About Mushrooms ; Me-
mories of Hawaii ; One Voyage and its
Consequences ; Mushrooms of Ameri-
ca ; Again in Hawaii. Le. Lo. Wn.

Palmer, Lynde. See Peebles, Mrs.

Palmer, Mrs. Phoebe Worrell. N.
Y., 1807-1874. A Wesleyan evange-
list of New York city, whose writing is
mainly concerned with the doctrine of
perfection. The Way of Holiness ;
Entire Devotion ; Faith and its Effect ;
Promises of the Father ; Four Years in
the Old World ; Pioneer Experiences.
See Life and Letters of, 1876.

Palmer, Ray. R. I., 1808-1887. A
Congregational clergyman of Albany,
widely known as a writer of hymns, the
most famous of which is, ' ' My Faith
Looks up to Thee." Home, or the Un-
lost Paradise ; Spiritual Improvement ;
Closet Hours ; Hymns and Poems ;
Hymns of My Holy Hours ; Remember
Me ; Voices of Hope and Gladness.
Bar. Le. Ran.

Palmer, William Pitt. Ms., 1805-
1884. An insurance president of New
York city known also as a verse-writer.
Light ; Echoes of Half a Century, a
collection of poems.

Pancoast, Joseph. N. J., 1805-1882,
An eminent surgeon of Philadelphia,
professor of surgery in Jefferson Medi-
cal College, 1838-74. Operative Sur-
gery ; Essays and Lectures ; System of
Anatomy. See Gross's Sketches of Con-

Pancoast, Seth. Pa., 1823-1889. A
Philadelphia physician, professor in
Pennsylvania Medical College, 1854-62.
The Cabala ; Consumption ; Ladies'
Medical Guide ; Boyhood's Perils ;
Bright's Disease.

Pansy. See Alden, Mrs.

Parish, Elijah. Ct., 1762-1825. A
Congregational minister, pastor at By-
field, Massachusetts, 1787-1825. He
was co-author with Jedediah Morse,
supra, of several geographical works,
and wrote a New System of Modern
Geography. See Sermons of, with Me-
moir, 1836.

Park, Edwards Amasa. R. L. 1808-
1900- A Congregational clergyman in
Andover, Massachusetts, professor in
the Theological Seminary there, 1835-
1881. Discourses and Treatises on the
Atonement ; Discourses on Some Theo-
logical Doctrines as Related to the Re-
ligious Character ; Lives of S. Hopkins,
supra, N. Emmons, supra, B. B. Ed-




wards, supra, S. H. Taylor, infra, W.
B. Homer.

Park, Roswell. Ct, 1807-1869. An
Episcopal clergyman and educator,
president and chancellor of Racine Col-
lege, 1852-63. Sketch of the History
of West Point ; Jerusalem, and Other
Poems ; Pantology, or Systematic Sur-
vey of Human Knowledge.

Park, Roswell. Ct., 1852 . A pro-
fessor of surgery in the University of
Buffalo from 1833 who has published
Lectures on Surgical Pathology.

Parke, John. Del., 1754-1789. An
officer in the American army during
the Revolution, who published The
Lyric Works of Horace. The transla-
tion, in rhymed verse, was dedicated
to Washington, and in it the names of
American patriots were substituted for
those of the Roman worthies.

Parke, John Grubb. Pa., 1827-1900.
A soldier of distinction who was super-
intendent of the United States Military
Academy in 1887, and was retired from
active service in 1889. United States
Laws Relating to Public Works ; Laws
Relating to the Construction of Bridges
over Navigable Waters.

Parker, Edward Griffin. Ms., 1825-
1868. A lawyer of New York city.
The Golden Age of American Oratory ;
Reminiscences of Rufus Choate.

Parker, Edwin Pond. Me., 1836-

. A Congregational clergyman of

Hartford, pastor of the South Church
from 1860. Book of Praise ; Memorial
of H. Bushnell, supra ; The Ministry of
Natural Beauty.

Parker, Mrs. Elizabeth Lowber
[Chandler]. " Bessie Chandler."

N. Y., 1856 . A writer of Ba-

tavia. New York, who has contributed
much to magazines. A Woman who
Failed and Others. Rob.

Parker, Foxhall Alexander. N.
Y., 1821-1879. A commodore in the
United States navy. Fleet Tactics
under Steam ; The Naval Howitzer
Afloat ; The Naval Howitzer Ashore ;
The. Fleets of the World ; The Battle
of Mobile Bay ; Elia, or Spain Fifty
Years Ago, a translation from the

Parker, Francis Wayland. N. H.,
1837-1902. A prominent educator of

Chicago, principal of Cook County Nor-
mal School, and formerly supervisor of
the Boston schools. Talks on Teach-
ing ; The Practical Teacher ; Course in
Arithmetic ; How to Teach Geography.

Parker, Sir [Horatio] Gilbert. Ont.,
1859 — . A popular novelist of Ca-
nadian birth. Pierre and His People ;
An Adventurer of the North ; A Ro-
many of the Snows ; A Lover's Diary ;
When Valmond came to Pontiae ; The
Seats of the Mighty ; The Pomp of the
Lavillettes ; The Battle of the Strong.
Hou. St.

Parker, Mrs. Helen Fitch. N. Y.,
1827-1874. Wife of H. W. Parker, in-
fra. Sunrise and Sunset ; Morning Stars
of the New World; Rambles After
Land Shells ; Missions and Martyrs of
Madagascar; Frank's Search for Sea
Shells ; Constance of Aylmer, a tale ;
Blind Florette ; Arthur's Aquarium.

Parker, Henry "Webster. N. Y.,

1824 — ■ . Son of S. Parker, infra.

A Presbyterian clergyman and edu-
cator, professor of mental science in
Iowa College from 1879. The Story of
a Soul, a poem ; Verse.

Parker, James Cutler Dunn. Ms.,

1828 . Nephew of R. G. Parker,

infra. A Boston musician. Manual of
Harmony ; Theoretical and Practical
Parker, Joel. N. H, 1795-1875. A
jurist of Massachusetts, professor of
law at Harvard University, 1847-75.
The War Power of Congress ; The
Right of Secession ; The Non-Exten-
sion of Slavery ; Constitutional Law ;
Revolution and Construction ; The
Three Powers of Government ; Con-
flict of Decisions.

Parker, Joel. Vt., 1799-1873. A Pres-
byterian clergyman of New York city.
Lectures on Unitarianisra ; Invitations
to True Happiness ; Reasonings of a
Pastor ; Sermons ; Notes on Twelve
Psalms, include his principal writings.

Parker, Nathan Howe. 18 .

Iowa as it is in 1855 ; Kansas and Ne-
braska Handbook for 1857-58; The
Missouri Handbook (1865) ; Missouri
as it is in 1867, are among Ids various
statistical works.




Parker, Mrs. Permelia Jane

[Marsh]. N. Y., 1836 . A writer

of Rochester, New York. Toiling and
Hoping, a novel ; The Boy Missionary ;
Losing the Way ; Under His Banner ;
The Midnight Cry, a novel of the Mil-
lerite delusion; Rochester, a Story
Historical ; Life of S. F. B. Morse, su-
pra ; The Morgan Boys ; Around the
Manger ; Andy, the Story of a Trou-
hlesome Boy. Cas. Do.
Parker, Peter. Ms., 1804-1888. A
Congregational missionary and diplo-
mat in China, and after 1857 a resident
of Washington. Journal of an Expedi-
tion from Singapore to Japan ; State-
ment respecting Hospitals in China.

Parker, Richard Green. Ms., 1798-
1869. An educator of Boston. Natu-
ral Philosophy ; Aids to English Com-

Parker, Samuel. Ms., 1799-1866. A
Congregational clergyman of New York
State, said to have been the first who
suggested the possibility of a railway
through the Rocky Mountains to the
iPacific Ocean. He published, Explor-
ing Tour Beyond the Rocky Moun-

Parker, Theodore. Ms., 1810-1860.
A famous Unitarian clergyman of West
Roxbury, Massachusetts, whose ex-
tremely radical views excited great
opposition in his denomination, and re-
sulted in his becoming pastor of an
independent congregation in Boston.
He was very outspoken in his champion-
ship of freedom for the slave, temper-
ance, and the rights of labour, and rap-
idly came to be a controlling influence
in contemporary thought. Since his
death his influence has deepened both
in America and Europe. He was a
prolific writer, but the purely literary
value of his work is not great. Miscel-
laneous Writings ; Sermons on Theism,
Atheism, and Popular Theology ; Occa-
sional Sermons and Speeches ; Matters
Pertaining to Religion ; Additional
Sermons and Speeches ; Sermons for the
Times ; Experience as a Minister ; West
Roxbury Sermons ; Prayers ; Lessons
from the World of Matter and the
World of Mind ; Historic Americans ;
Views of Religion. His complete works,
as edited by Frances Power Cobbe, fill
twelve volumes. See Lives by John

Weiss, 1864, R&ville, 1865, O. B. Fro.
thingham, 1874 ; The Story of Theodore
Parker, by Miss Cobbe ; Atlantic Month-
ly, October, 1860 ; North American Re-
view, April, 1864. A. U. A. Bob.
Parker, Thomas. E., 1595-1677. A
learned Puritan clergyman who was
one of the founders of Newbury, Mas-
sachusetts, and its first pastor. Parker
River, in that region, is named in his
honour. Letter on Church Government ;
Prophecies of Daniel Expounded ; Me-
thodus Gratise Divinise ; Theses de Tra-
ductione Peccatoris ad Vitarn.
Parker, WiUard. N. H., 1800-1884.
A distinguished surgeon of Philadel-
phia, professor of surgery in the College
of Physicians and Surgeons, 1839-1869.
Cystotomy ; Spontaneous Fractures ;
The Concussion of Nerves, are among
his professional monographs.
Parker, William Harwar. N. Y.,
1826-1896. Brother of F. Parker, su-
pra. An officer in the Confederate
navy during the Civil War. Instruc-
tion for Naval Light Artillery ; Recol-
lections of a Naval Officer. Scr.
Parkhurst, Charles Henry. Ms.,

1842 . A Presbyterian clergyman

of New York city, pastor of the Madi-
son Square Church from 1880, and

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