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very prominent as a municipal reformer.
Forms of the Latin Verb Illustrated by
the Sanskrit ; The Blind Man's Creed ;
The Pattern on the Mount; Three
Gates on a Side; What Would the
World Be Without Religion?; The
Swiss Guide; Our Fight with Tam-
many. San. Bev. Scr.
Parkinson, William. Md., 1774-
1848. A Baptist clergyman of New
York city. Ecclesiastical History ;
Public Ministry of the Word ; Sermons
on Deuteronom- xxxii. See Sprague's
Annals of the American Pulpit.
Parkman, Ebenezer. Ms., 1703-
1789. A Congregational pastor in
Westborough, Massachusetts, from 1724
tiU his death. Reformers and Inter-
Parkman, Francis. Ms., 1788-1852.
Grandson of E. Parkman, supra. A
Unitarian clergyman of Boston, author
of The Offering of Sympathy.
Parkman, Francis. Ms., 1823-1893.
Son of F. Parkman, supra. The fore-




most of American historians. He was
born in Boston, was a graduate of
Harvard in 1844, and in 1846 explored
the wilderness beyond the Rocky
Mountains, The Oregon Trail resulting
from this journey. For many years he
was partially blind, but as far as possi-
ble continued the historical work which
he was meditating, while as a relaxa-
tion he devoted much time to hortievJ-
ture and published a Book of Roses in
1866. The work of his life was the
series of historical narratives called
France and England in North Ame-
rica, begun in 1864 and completed in
1892. The work includes, in their
order, Pioneers of France in the New
World; The Jesuits in North Anae-
rica ; La Salle and the Discovery of the
Great West ; The Old Regime in Cana-
da ; Count Frontenac and New France
under Louis XIV. ; A Half Century
of Conflict ; Montcalm and Wolfe. The
Conspiracy of Pontiae forms a sequel
to the work, though first issued in
1857. The picturesque charm of his
style has been widely acknowledged,
while his scholarship has never been
questioned. See Life and Uncollected
Papers^ hy Farnham ; Life by H. D.
Sedgwick, 1904 ; Atlantic Monthly, No-
vemb r. 1874r May, 1894 ! Canadian
Ma,'jazine, October, 1SS4 ! Harvard
(.iradua'es Magazine, June, 1895 ; Ved-
ders American Writers. Lit.

Parkman, George. Ms., 1791-1849.
Grandson of E. Parkman, supra. A
Boston physician who published Insa-
nity and the Management of the Insane.
See Trial of Webster for the Murder of
Dr. Parkman. 1850.

Parks, Leighton. N. Y., 1852 .

An Episcopal clergyman of Boston
(1878-1904), and later of New York.
His Star in the East ; Winning of
the Soul, and Other Sermons. Put. Hou.

Parley, Peter. See Goodrich, S. G.

Parloa, Maria. Ms., 1843 . A

lecturer and writer upon domestic eco-
nomy, especially upon the science of
food preparation. First Principles of
Household Management and Cook-
ery ; Kitchen Companion ; The Young
Housekeeper ; New Cook Book and
Marketing Guide. Est. Hou.

Parrish, Edward. Pa., 1822-1872.
Son of Joseph Parrish, 1st, infra. An

educator and pharmacist of Philadel-
phia, and president of Swarthmore
College, 1868-70. Introduction to Prac-
tical Pharmacy; The Phantom Bou-
quet, a Treatise on Skeletonizing
Leaves ; Essay on Education in the
Society of Friends.

Parrish, John. Md., 1729-1807. A
Quaker preacher of Pennsylvania noted
as an early opponent of slavery, who
published Remarks on the Slavery of
the Black Race.

Parrish, Joseph. Pa., 1779-1840.
Nephew of J. Parrish, supra. An
eminent Philadelphia physician who
was the author of Practical Observa-
tions on Strangulated Hernia. See
Memoir by G. B. Wood.

Parrish, Joseph. Pa., 1818-1891.
Son of Joseph Parrish, supra. A physi-
cian of Burlington, New Jersey, famous
as an authority upon the treatment of
inebriates. Alcoholic Inebriety from
the Medical Standpoint.

Parry, Charles Christopher. E.,
1823-1890. A botanist of Davenport,
Iowa, among whose writings are. Bo-
tanical Observations in Western Wyo-
ming ; Botanical Observations in South-
ern Utah.

Parsons, Mrs. Frances Theodora

[Smith] [Dana]. N. Y., 1861 .

A writer of Albany whose books were
published under the name of Mrs. Wil-
liam Starr Dana. How to Know the
Wild Flowers ; According to Season ;
Plants and Their Children. Am. Scr.

Parsons, Frank. N. J., 1855 .

A lawyer of Boston. The World's
Best Books ; Our Country's Need, or the^
Development of a Scientific Industrial
System. He has edited several legal
works. "

Parsons, George Frederic. E.,

1840 . A journalist of New York

city. Life of J. W. MarshaU, Dis-
coverer of Gold in California; Middle
Ground, a novel.

Parsons, Jonathan. Ms., 1705-1776^
A Presbyterian minister of Newbury-
port, who adopted the views of White-
field, and in whose house that famous
preacher died. Lectures on Justifica-
tion ; Good News from a Far Coun-
try, said to be the first book published
in New Hampshire ; Sixty Sermons ;




Freedom from Ecclesiastical and Civil
Slavery the Purchase of Christ. See
Sprague''s Annals of the American Pul-

Parsons, Theophilus. Ms., 1750-
1813. A jurist of Newburyport and
after 1800 of Boston, and chief jus-
tice of Massachusetts from 1801. Com-
mentaries on the Law of the United
States ; The Essex Result, a famous
political pamphlet of 1777. See Memoir
by his son.

Parsons, Theophilus. Ms., 1797-
1882. Son of T. Parsons, supra. A
noted legal writer, Dane professor of
Law in Harvard University from 1847,
and an eminent Swedenborgian thinker.
Treatise on the Law of Contracts ; Ele-
ments of Mercantile Law ; The Laws
of Business; Maritime Law; Law of
Promissory Notes ; Principles of the
Law of Partnership ; The Law of Ma-
rine Insurance ; Treatise on the Law
of Partnership ; Political, Personal, and
Property Rights of a United States
Citizen ; Memoir of Chief Justice Par-
sons, supra ; The Ministry of Sorrow ;
Dens Homo ; The Infinite and the Fi-
nite ; Essays ; Outlines of the Religion
and Philosophy of Swedenborg ; The
Mystery of Life. Lip. Lit.

Parsons, Thomas 'William. Ms.,
1819-1892. A poet of Boston who for
some years practised his profession of
dentistry there. The quality of his
writing is uneven, but in such poems as
the Lines on a Bust of Dante, and When
Franeesca Sings, he is at his best. His
work includes a much-admired though
incomplete translation in English verse
of Dante's Divina Commedia, of which
an edition was issued in 1893, with in-
troduction by C. E. Norton, supra, and
memorial sketch by Miss Guiney, supra ;
Ghetto di Roma ; The Magnolia ; The
Old Home at Sudbury ; The Shadow
of the Obelisk, and Other Poems ; Po-
ems (1893). See Atlantic Monthly ; Sted-
man''s Poets of America ; Hovey^s Sea-
ward, an Elegy. Hou.

Parsons, Usher. Me., 1788-1868. A
surgeon of Providence. The Art of
Making Anatomic Preparations ; Prize
Dissertations ; Sailors' Physician ; His-
tory of the Battle of Lake Erie ; Life
of Sir William Pepperell.

Partington, Mrs. See Shillaber.

Parton, James. E., 1822-1891. A
popular litterateur of English birth who
came to America when very young and
for the latter part of his life resided in
Newburyport. The permanent value
of his writing is not great, with the
possible exception of his Life of Vol-
taire. His other works include. Lives of
Greeley, Aaron Burr, Andrew Jackson,
Franklin, Jefferson ; General Butler
in New Orleans ; Famous Americans
of Recent Times ; Smoking and Drink-
ing ; Captains of Industry ; Triumphs
of Enterprise ; Noted Women of Ame-
rica and Europe ; The People's Book
of Biography ; Caricature and Other
Comic Art ; Topics of the Times (1871).
See New England Magazine, January,
1893. Cr. Har. Hou.

Parton, Mrs. Sarah Payson ["Wil-
lis] [Eldridge]. "Fanny Fern." Me.,
1811-1872. Wife of J. Parton, supra,
and sister of N. P. Willis, infra. A once
popular but now neglected writer who
for some sixteen years contributed a
weekly article to The New York Ledger.
Her writing was fresh and piquant in
style, but wholly ephemeral in charac-
ter. Rose Clark, a novel ; Ruth Hall,
a novel more or less autobiographic ;
Fern Leaves ; Folly as it Flies ; Ginger
Snaps ; Caper Sauce. See Memoir by
J. Parton, supra.

Partridge, William Ordway. F.,

1861 . A sculptor of Milton, Mas-
sachusetts. Art for America ; The
Technique of Sculpture ; The Song
Life of a Sculptor. Gi. Rob.

Parvin, Theodore Sutton. N. J.,
1817-1901. An educator of Iowa, pro-
fessor in Iowa University, 1859-70. His-
tory of Iowa ; History of Templary in

Parvin, Theophilus. Ar., 1829-1898.
A Philadelphia physician, professor in
Jefferson Medical College, who was
author of The Science and Art of Ob-

Pasohall, George Washington.
Ga., 1812-1878. A jurist of Texas,
and later of Washington, where he was
professor of jurisprudence in George-
town College. Annotated Digest of
Texas Laws ; Decisions of Texas Su-
preme Court ; Annotated Constitution
of the United States.




Patten, Claudius Buchanan. 1828-
1886. A banker of Boston who pub-
lished, in 1885, England as Seen by an
American Banker. Lo.

Patten, George Washington. R.I.,
1808-1882. Son of W. Fatten, infra.
An officer in the United States army
•who wrote the noted lyrics, The Semi-
nole's Reply ; Joys that We've Tasted.
His published books include. Army
Manual ; Infantry Tactics ; Cavalry
Drill ; Voices of the Border, a volume
of verse.

Patten, Simon Nelson. II., 1852-

. A professor of political economy

in the University of Pennsylvania from
1888. The Stability of Prices; The
Consumption of Wealth ; Economic
Basis of Protection ; Principles of Ra-
tional Taxation ; Educational Value of
Political Economy ; Theory of Dynamic
Economics ; The Premises of Political
Economy ; The Theory of Social Forces.

Patten, William. Ms., 1763-1839. A
Congregational clergyman of Newport,
Rhode Island. Christianity the True
Religion; Reminiscences of Samuel
Hopkins, supra.

Patterson, Christopher Stuart.
Pa., 1842 . A lawyer of Phila-
delphia, professor of the law of real
estate in the University of Pennsyl-
vania from 1887. Memoir of Theodore
Cuyler ; Railway Accident Law ; Fed-
eral Restraints on State Action ; The
United States and the State under the

Patterson, Robert. /., 174.3-1824.
A professor of mathematics in the Uni-
versity of Pennsylvania, 1779 - 1814,
and director of the Philadelphia Mint.
The Newtonian System ; Treatise on

Patterson, Robert. I., 1829-

Presbyterian clergyman of Brooklyn,
California, from 1880. The Fables of
Infidelity and the Facts of Faith ; The
American Sabbath ; The Sabbath :
Scientific, American, and Christian ;
Christianity the Only Republican Re-
ligion ; Christ's Testimony to the Scrip-
tures; Egypt's Place in History.

Patterson, Robert Mayne. Pa.,

1832 . A Presbyterian clei^yman

of Philadelphia. History of Presby-
terianism in Philadelphia ; Paradise ;

Visions of Heaven ; Elijah the Favored
Man ; History of the Synod of Penn-

Patton, Alfred Spencer. E., 1825-
1888. A Baptist minister of Utica, and
subsequently editor, in New York city,
of The Baptist Weekly. Light in the
Valley ; My Joy and Crown ; Kincaid,
the Hero Missionary ; The Losing and
Taking of Mansoul.

Patton, Francis Landey. Sa., 184-3-

. A Presbyterian clergyman and

educator, president of Princeton Col-
lege from 1888. Inspiration of the
Scriptures ; Summary of Christian Doc-

Patton, Jacob Harris. Pa., 1812-
1903. An historical writer of New
York city. Concise History of the
American People ; Yorktown, 1781-
1881 ; The Democratic Party : its His-
tory and Influence ; Brief History of
the Presbyterian Church ia the Uni-
ted States ; Natural Resources of the
United States ; Political Economy for
American Youth ; Four Hundred Years
of American History ; Political Parties
in the United States. Fo. Lov.

Patton, William. Pa., 1798-1879. A
Presbyterian clergyman of New York
city, founder of the Union Theological
Seminary. The Laws of Fermentation
and the Wines of the Ancients ; The
Judgment of Jerusalem Predicted in
Scripture ; Jesus of Nazareth ; Bible
Principles and Bible Characters.

Patton, William Weston. N. Y.,
1821-1889. Grandson of W. Patton,
supra. A Congregational clergyman in
New York city, and president of How-
ard University from 1877. Spiritual
Victory ; Prayer and its Remarkable
Answers ; The Young Man's Friend ;
Conscience and Law ; Slavery and In-
fidelity. Fa.

Paul, John. See Webb, C. H.

Paulding, James Kirke. Md., 1779-
1860. A versatile and once popular
writer of New York city, the friend of
Irving, and co-author with him of The
Salmagundi Papers in 1807. He was
secretary of the navy, 1837-41. His
various writings include : The Divert-
ing History of John Bull and Brother
Jonathan, his most successful work;
Salmagundi, a second series, 1819 ; Ko-




ningsmarke, the Long Finne, a novel ;
John Bull in America ; The Dutch-
man's Fireside ; Lay of the Scottish
Fiddle, a travesty of the Lay of the
Last Minstrel ; Westward Ho ; Merry
Tales of the Three Wise Men of Go-
tham ; The Puritan and his Daughter ;
The New Mirror for Travellers; The
Backwoodsman, a poem ; The Buck-
tails, a Comedy ; Letters from the
South ; Life of George Washington ;
Slavery in America, a spirited defence
of that institution. See Literary Life
of Paulding by his son; Appletons' Ame-
rican Biography. Scr.

Payne, Charles Henry. Ms., 1830-
1899. A Methodist clergyman and
educator, president of Ohio Wesleyan
University, 1876-88. The Social Glass
and Christian Obligation ; Daniel, the
Uncompromising Young Man ; Guides
and Guards in Character - Building ;
Methodism, its History and Eesults ;
Temperance ; Women and their Work
in Methodism. Meth.

Payne, Daniel Alexander. S. C,

1811-1893. A Methodist bishop of
African descent, president of Wilber-
force University, 1865-76. Domestic
Education; History of the African
Methodist Church ; Recollections of
Men and Things.

Payne, John Howard. N. F., 1792-
1852. A dramatist and actor of
New York city in whose drama of
Clari, the Maid of Milan, occurs the
famous lyric. Home, Sweet Home, his
chief claim to remembrance. From
1841 till his death he was United States
consul at Tunis, his remains being re-
moved from there to Washington in
1883. His best plays include, Brutus ;
Virginius ; Charles II. See American
Magazine of History, May, 1881 ; Bio-
graphical Sketch by Brainard, 1885.

Payne, William Harold. N. Y.,

1836 . An educator of Tennessee,

chancellor of the University of Nash-
ville, and president of Peabody Normal
College from 1888. School Supervision ;
Outlines of Educational Doctrine ; Con-
tributions to the Science of Education ;
Lectures on Pedagogy. Ap.

Payne, ■Will[iam Hudson]. 17.,

1865 . A journalist of Chicago.

Jerry the Dreamer, a novel. Har.

Payne, 'William Morton. Ms., 1858-

. An educator and literary critic

of Chicago, professor of physical sci-
ence in the High School. Our New
Education ; Little Leaders. Wy.

Payson, Edward. N. H., 1783-1827.
A Congregational clergyman of Port-
land, Maine, whose three volumes of
Sermons were for a long time widely
popular in the religious world. See
Bibliography of Maine.

Payson, Edward. 1814-1890. A
writer of Deering, Maine. The Law
of Equivalents in its Relations to Poli-
tical and Social Ethics ; Doctor Tom ;
The Maine Law in the Balance. Hou.

Peabody, Andrew Preston. Ms.,
1811-1893. A Unitarian clergyman of
eminence, pastor of a church at Ports-
mouth, New Hampshire, 1833-60, and
Plummer professor of Christian morals
at Harvard University, 1860-81. A
conservative, tolerant thinker, greatly
beloved by all within the sphere of his
influence. Sermons of Consolation ;
Lectures on Christian Doctrine ; Chris-
tianity the Fruit of Nature ; Moral
Philosophy ; Faults and Graces of Con-
versation ; Sermons for Children ; Chris-
tianity and Science ; King's Chapel
Sermons ; Reminiscences of European
Travel ; Christian Belief and Life ;
Baccalaureate Sermons ; Building a
Character ; Harvard Graduates Whom
I Have Known ; Harvard Reminis-
cences ; translations of the ethical writ-
ings of Cicero and Plutarch's Delay of
Divine Justice. A. U. A. Hou. Lit.

Peabody, Elizabeth Palmer. Ms.,
1804-1894. A noted educator of Bos-
ton, very active in awakening American
interest in the kindergarten system,
and in her early life associated in teach-
ing with A. B. Alcott, supra, as related
in her Record of a School. Her other
works include : Chronological History
of the United States ; Kindergarten
Guide ; Esthetic Papers ; Lectures to
Kindergartners ; First Steps to His-
tory ; Reminiscences of Dr. Channing ;
Last Evening with AUston, and Other
Papers. Le. Bob.

Peabody, Ephraim. N. H., 1807-
1856. Cousin of A. P. Peabody, supra.
A Unitarian clergyman of Boston, rec-




tor of King's Chapel, 1846-56. Chris-
tian Days and Thoughts; Sermons
(with Memoir by S. A. Eliot), 1857.

Peabody, Francis Greenwood.

Ms.,lM1 . Son of E. Peabody,

supra. A Unitarian clergyman of Cam-
bridge, Parkman professor of theology
at Harvard University, 1880-86, and
Plummer professor of Christian morals
from 1886. Mornings in the CoUege
Chapel. Hou.

Peabody, Oliver 'William Bourne.
N. H., 1799-1848. A lawyer and jour-
nalist of Boston, subsequently a Uni-
tarian clergyman and pastor of a church
in Burlington, Vermont, 1845-48. He
published Lives of Generals SuUivan
and Putnam, in Sparks's American Bio-
graphy, and an edition of Shakespeare
with Life and Notes.

Peabody, "William Bourne Oliver.
N. H., 1799-1847. Twin brother of
O. W. B. Peabody, supra. A Unitarian
clergyman, pastor of a church in Spring-
field, Massachusetts, 1820-47. He was
the author of Lives of A. Wilson, Cot-
ton Mather, Brainerd, and Oglethorpe,
in Sparks's American Biography ; and
Report on Birds of the Commonwealth.
As a verse-writer he is best represented
by such poems as Monadnock ; Hymn
of Nature ; Winter Night.

Peacock, Thomas Brower. O.,

1852 . A verse-writer of Topeka,

whose ambitious lines are quite without
poetic merit. The Rhyme of the Bor-
der War ; The Vendetta ; Poems of the
Plains. Put.

Peale, Charles "Wilson. Md., 1741-
1827. An artist, inventor, and miscel-
laneous writer of Philadelphia, among
whose works are. On Building Wooden
Bridges ; Domestic Happiness ; Eco-
nomy in Fuel. See Tucker man'' s Book
of the Artists; Biography of, by R.
Peale, infra ; Boyle's Distinguished

Peale, Rembrandt. Pa., 1778-1860.
Son of C. W. Peale, supra. An artist
of Philadelphia. Notes on Italy ; Port-
folio of an Artist ; Graphics. See Tuck-
erman's Book of the Artists.

Pearson, Jonathan. N. H., 1813-
1887. A genealogist who was professor
of chemistry and subsequently of botany
at Union CoUege from 1839. Early

Records of the County of Albany ; Ge-
nealogy of the First Settlers of Albany ;
Genealogies of the First Settlers of

Pease, Theodore Claudius. N. Y.,
1853-1893. A Congregational clergy-
man of Maiden, Massachusetts. The
Christian IViinistry. Hou.

Peaselee, Edmund Randolph. N.
H., 1814-1878. A physician of New
York city, medical professor in several
institutions. Human Histology ; Ova-
rian Tumors. Ap.

Peattie, Mrs. Elia "Wilkinson.

Mch., 1862 . A journalist of

Chicago. The Judge, a novel ; A
Trip through Wonderland, a volume of
Alaska travel ; With Scrip and Staff,
a story of the Children's Crusade ; A
Mountain Woman. Wy.

Peck, George. N. Y., 1797-1876. A
Methodist clergyman of prominence
who was editor of several denomina-
tional journals. Christian Perfection ;
Early Methodism; Wyoming and its
History ; Universalism Examined ; His-
tory of the Apostles and Evangelists ;
Rule of Faith; Manly Character, in-
clude his chief works. -See Life and
Times of, by himself. Meth.

Peck, George "Washington. Ms.,
1817-1859. A journalist of Boston
and New York. Melbourne and the
Chinchu Islands.

Peck, George "Wesley. Pa., 1849-
. Great-nephew of J. T. Peck, in-
fra. A Methodist clergyman of West-
ern New York. The Realization and
Benefit of Ideals ; Walk in the Light.

Peck, George "Wilbur. N. Y., 1840-
. A Wisconsin politician, succes-
sively mayor of Milwaukee and gover-
nor of Wisconsin. Peck's Bad Boy ;
Compendium of Fun, and other works
of his, represent almost the lowest
depths of vulgarity to which American
humour has descended.

Peck, Harry Thurston. Ct., 1856-
. A professor of Latin at Colum-
bia College and a literary critic. Latin
Pronunciation ; The Semitic Theory of
Creation ; The Personal Equation. Har,

Peck, Jesse Truesdell. iV. r.,1811-
1883. Brother of G. Peck, supra. A
bishop in the Methodist church. The
Central Idea of Christianity ; The True




Woman ; What Must I Do to be
Saved ? ; The Great Republic. Meth.

Peck, John Lord. 18 . The

Ultimate Generalization of Science ;
The Political Economy of Democracy
and Capital and Labor.

Peck, John Mason. Ct, 1789-1858.
A Baptist general missionary in the
Western States. New Guide for Emi-
grants to the West (1836); Father
Clark, or the Pioneer Preacher.

Peck, Samuel Minturn. AL, 1854-
. A popular lyric poet and phy-
sician of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Cap
and Bells ; Rings and Love Knots ;
Rhymes and Roses ; Fair Women of
To-Day. Sto.

Peck, William Guy. Ct, 1820-1892.
A soldier and mathematician, professor
in Columbia College from 1857. Ele-
mentary Mechanics ; Popular Astro-
nomy ; and a complete course of mathe-
matical text-books.

Peck, William Henry. Ga., 1830-
189-. An educator of Georgia and a
prolific writer of sensational novels
remarkable for an entire absence of
any literary quality. Among them are
The McDonalds, or the Ashes of South-
ern Homes ; The Confederate Flag of
the Ocean ; The Brother's Vengeance.
See Davidson's Living Writers of the

Pedder, James. E., 1775-1859. An
agricultural writer who came to Ame-
rica in 1832, and settled in Philadelphia
as a sugar manufacturer. From 1844
to 1859 he edited The Boston Cultiva-
tor. The Farmer's Land Measure ;
The Yellow Shoestrings ; Frank.

Peebles, Mrs. Mary Louise [Par-
melee]. " Lynde Palmer." N. Y.,
1833 . A writer of religious juve-
nile tales and other works, among them
being The Little Captain ; Helps Over
Hard Places ; The Good Fight ; Where
Honour Leads ; A Question of Honour,
a story ; The Magnet Stones ; The Two
Blizzards. Do. Kt.

Peers, Benjamin Orrs. Va., 1800-
1842. An Episcopal clergyman and
educator of Kentucky, founder of the
common school system of Kentucky.
American Education.

Peet, Harvey Prindle. Ct., 1794-
1873. A noted educator of deaf-mutes

in New York city. Course of Instruc-
tion for the Deaf and Dumb ; Legal
Rights of the Deaf and Dumb ; His-
tory of the United States, include his
most important writings.

Peet, Stephen Denison. O., 1830-
. A Congregational minister, emi-
nent as an anthropologist. The Ash-
tabula Disaster ; History of Ashtabula
County, Ohio ; Ancient Architecture in
America ; History of Early Missions
in Wisconsin ; Picture Writing ; Primi-
tive Symbolisms ; The Effigy Mounds
of Wisconsin. See Bibliography of

Peffer, WilUam Alfred. Pa., 1831-
. A prominent lawyer and jour-
nalist of Kansas, and well known as a
Populist Congressman. Tariff Manual ;
The Way Out.

Peirce [perss], Benjamin. Ms., 1778-
1831. A merchant of Salem, Ma.ssa-
chusetts, subsequently librarian of
Harvard University, who published a
History of Harvard University from
1636 to the American Revolution.

Peirce, Benjamin. Ms., 1809-1880.
Son of B. Peirce, supra. An eminent
mathematician, professor of mathe-
matics and astronomy at Harvard Uni-
versity, 1833-67. Elementary Treatise
on Plane and Spherical Trigonometry ;
Elementary Treatise on Sound ; Curves,
Functions, and Forces ; Ideality in the
Physical Sciences, compromise his most
important works.

Peirce, Benjamin Osgood. Ms.,

1854 . Kinsman of preceding. A

professor of physics at Harvard Uni-
vei-sity from 1884, and author of
Theory of the Newtonian Potential
Functions. Gi.

Peirce, Bradford Kinney. Vt.,
1819-1889. A Methodist clergyman
and journalist, editor of Zion's Herald,
1872-88. Bible Scholar's Manual;
The Eminent Dead; Notes on the
Acts ; The Word of God Opened ; A
Half Century with Juvenile Delin-
quents ; Trials of an Inventor ; Au-
dubon's Adventures ; Stories from Life
which the Chaplain Told ; The Chap-
lain with the Children; The Young
Shetlander and His Home ; Hymns of
the Higher Life. Meth.

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