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Peirce, Charles Sanders. Ms., 1839-
. Son of B. Peirce, 2d, supra. A




physician and lecturer on logic. Studies
in Logic ; Photometric Researches.

Peirce, Ebenezer Weaver. Ms.,

1822 . An officer in the Federal

army during the Civil War. The
Peirce Family of the Old Colony ; In-
dian History, Biography, and Genea-
logy ; Contributions, Biographical, etc.

Peirce, James Mills. Ms., 1834 .

Son of B. Peirce, 2d, supra. An edu-
cator of Cambridge, professor of mathe-
matics in Harvard University from
1867. Text-Book of Analytical Geo-
metry ; Elements of Logarithms, are
among his technical works. Gi.

Peirson, Mrs. Lydia Jane [Wheel-
er]. Ct., 1802-1862. A verse-writer
of Adrian, Michigan. Forest Leaves,
and Other Poems ; The Forest Minstrel.
See Griswold's Female Poets of America.

Pellew, [William] George. E.,
1859-1892. A litterateur of New York
city. Jane Austen's Novels, a Disserta-
tion ; In Castle and Cabin, or Talks in
Ireland ; Woman and the Common-
wealth ; Life of John Jay. Hou.

Pemberton, Ebenezer. Ms., 1704-
1777. A Presbjrterian clergyman pro-
minent as a loyalist in Boston at the
opening of the Revolution. Sermons
on Several Subjects ; Practical Dis-
courses ; Salvation by Grace ; Occa-
sional Sermons. See Sprague^s Anna.ls
of the American Pulpit.

Pendleton, Edmund Monroe.
1815-1884. A physician who published
Scientific Agriculture (1876).

Pendleton, James Madison. Va.,
1811-1891. A Baptist clergyman of
Upland, Pennsylvania. Three Reasons
Why I Am a Baptist ; Church Manual ;
Christian Doctrines ; Sermons ; Distinc-
tive Principles of Baptists ; Atonement
of Christ. £ap.

Pendleton, Louis [Beauregard].
Ga., 1861 . A novelist of Phila-
delphia. Bewitched, and Other Sto-
ries ; In the Wire Grass, a novel of
Southern Georgia ; King Tom and the
Runaways, a juvenile tale ; The Wed-
ding Garment, a Tale of the Life to
Come ; The Sons of Ham ; Corona of
the Nantahalas ; In the Okef enokee, a
juvenile tale. Ap. Cas. Mer. Rob.

Pendleton, William Nelson. Va.,
1809-1883. An Episcopal clergyman

and educator of Virginia, a Confede-
rate officer during the Civil War, and
subsequently rector of Grace Church,
Lexington, Virginia. Science a Wit-
ness for the Bible. See Memoirs of, by
E. P. Lee. Lip.

Penhallow, Samuel. E., 1665-1726.
A citizen of Portsmouth, New Hamp-
shire, chief justice of New Hampshire,
1717-26. He published in 1726 a re-
alistic and valuable History of the Wars
of New England with the Eastern In-
dians. See Tyler s American Litera-

Penick, Charles Clifton. Va., 1843-

. The third Protestant Episcopal

bishop of the West African Mission.
He was consecrated in 1877, resigned
in 1883, and is now (1897) a general
agent at Baltimore of the commission
on work among the coloured people.
More than a Prophet, or Chapters on
St. John the Evangelist.

Penn, Arthur. See Matthews, J. B.

Pennell, Mrs. Elizabeth [Robins].

Pa., 1855 . Niece of C. G. Leland,

supra, and wife of J. Pennell, infra,
A writer who has lived in London for
many years. Life of Mary Wollstone-
craft ; A Canterbury Pilgrimage ; Two
Pilgrims' Progress ; Our Sentimental
Journey through France and Italy ; Our
Journey to the Hebrides; To Gipsy-
land ; Play in Provence ; The Feasts
of Autolycus. Cent. Har. Mer. Bob.

Pennell, Joseph. Pa., 1859 .

An artist living in London who has il-
lustrated his wife's books, and pub-
lished Pen Drawing and Pen Draughts-
men ; The Jew at Home ; Modern
Illustration. Ap. Mac.

Penny, Virginia. Ky., 1826 . An

educator who has written much in re-
lation to wider opportunities for wo-
men. The Employment of Women ;
Five Hundred Occupations Adapted to
Women ; Think and Act.

Pennypacker, Isaac Rusling. Pa.,
1852 . A journalist and verse-
writer of Philadelphia. Gettysburg,
and Other Poems.

Pennypacker, Samuel Whitaker.
Pa., 1843 . A jurist of Philadel-
phia. Annals of Phcenixville ; Penn-
sylvania Supreme Court Reports ; His-
torical and Biographical Sketches.




Pentecost, George Frederick. E.,

184o . A Congregational minister

iu Brooklyn, 1881-90, and subsequently
an evangelist in America and England.
The Angel in the Marble ; In the Vo-
lume of the Book ; Out of Egypt ;
The Christian and the Modern Dance ;
Bible Studies ; The Gospel of Luke ;
Grace Abounding in the Forgiveness
of Sins. Bar. Bev.

Pepper, George Dana Boardman.

Ms., 1833 ;. A Baptist clergyman

and educator, president of Colby Uni-
versity from 1882. Outlines of The-

Pepper, William. Pa., 1843-1898.
An eminent Philadelphia physician,
provost of the University of Pennsyl-
vania, 1881-94. Higher Medical Edu-
cation ; Diseases of Children (with J.
F. Meigs, supra). Lip.

Perce, Elbert. iV^.F., 1831-1869. A
litterateur of New York city. Old Carl
the Cooper ; The Last of His Name ;
The Battle Roll; Gulliver Joi : his
Three Voyages ; and several transla-
tions from the Swedish of Carl^n.

Percival, James Gates. Ct., 1795-
1856. A verse-writer once popular,
but now wholly neglected. His verse
is not unmusical, but seldom rises much
above mediocrity. Seneca Lake and
The Coral Grove are still found linger-
ing in anthologies. Prometheus ; Clio ;
Dream of a Day ; Poems, include his
poetical works. He was a geologist
of some reputation, and published Geo-
logical Surveys of Connecticut and Wis-
consin. See Life and Letters, by Julius
Ward, infra ; Allihone's Dictionary.

Percy, Florence, See Allen, Mrs.

Perkins, Charles Callahan. Ms.,
1823-1886. A prominent art patron
and critic of Boston. Raphael and Mi-
chael Angelo ; Tuscan Sculptors ; Ital-
ian Sculptors ; Historical Handbook of
Italian Scidpture ; Ghiberti et son 4cole ;
Art in Education ; History of the Boston
Handel and Haydn Society. Hou. Scr.

Perkins, Eli. See Landon.

Perkins, Mrs. Elmira [Johnson].
Me., 1814-1896. A missionary among
the Indians in Oregon. Her later life
was passed in Boston. Harp of the
Willows, a volume of verse-

Perkins, Frederic Beecher. Ct.,
1828-1899. Grandson of Lyman Beech-
er, supra. A librarian. Scrope, or the
Lost Library, a novel ; Devil Puzzlers,
and Other Studies ; My Three Conver-
sations with Miss Chester ; Life of
Dickens ; Check List of American Lo-
cal History, include the more impor-
tant of his writings.

Perkins, George Henry. Ms., 1844-

. A naturalist. State entomologist

of Vermont. The Injurious Insects of
Vermont ; The Flora of Vermont.

Perkins, George Roberts. N. Y.,

1812-1876. An educator of New York
State, who published Plane and Solid
Geometry, and other mathematical

Perkins, James Breck. Wis., 1847-

. A lawyer of Rochester, New

York. France Under Mazarin ; France
Under the Regency ; France under
Louis XV. Hou. Put.

Perkins, James Handasyd. Ms.,
1810-1849. A Unitarian clergyman of
Cincinnati, very active in the cause of
prison discipline reform. Annals of
the West. See Memoir by his cousin,
W. H. Channing, supra.

Perkins, Justin. Ms., 1805-1869. A
Congregational missionary in Persia.
Residence of Eight Years in Persia ;
Missionary Life in Persia.

Perkins, Maurice. Ct., 1836-1901.
A professor of chemistry at Union Col-
lege from 1865, author of a Manual of
Qualitative Analysis.

Perkins, Samuel. Ct., 1767-1850. A
lawyer of Windham, Connecticut. His-
tory of the Late War between the
United States and Great Britain (1825) ;
General Jackson's Conduct in the Semi-
nole War ; Historical Sketches of the
United States.

Perkins, William Rufus. Pa., 1847-
1895. An educator and poet, professor
of history in the Iowa State Univer-
sity, 1887-95. He was the author of
two careful historical monographs, His-
tory of the Trappist Abbey of New
Melleray ; and History of the Amana
Society; and of Eleusis and Lesser
Poems, a striking collection of musical
meditative verse. Mg.




Perrin, Mrs. Martha Chamberlin
[Drinker]. Pa., 1S6 . Chan-
sons du Matin. Put.

Perrin, Raymond S . N. Y., 1849-

. The Student's Dreams ; The

Religion of Philosophy, or the Unifica-
tion of Knowledge. P\tt.

Perrine, William Henry. N. F.,
1827-1880. A Methodist clergyman,
professor for some years in Albion
College, Michigan. The Principles of
Church Government with Special Ap-
plication to the Polity of Episcopal

Perry, Amos. Ms., 1812-1899. A
Providence writer who was superin-
tendent of the State census in 1865.
Carthage and Tunis is his only work
of importance.

Perry, Arthur Latham. N.H., 1830-
. A professor of history and po-
litical economy at WUliaras College
from 1853, and a prominent advocate
of free trade. Elements of Political
Economy; Introduction to Political
Economy ; Principles of Political Eco-
nomy ; Origins of Williamstown. Scr.

Perry, Benjamin Franklin. S. C,
1805-1886. A lawyer of South Caro-
lina, provisional governor of his State
at the close of the Civil War. Remi-
niscences of Public Men ; Sketches of
Eminent Statesmen (1887).

Perry, Bliss. Ms., 1860 . Son of

A. L. Perry, supra. Editor of The
Atlantic Monthly from 1899, and a pro-
fessor of English literature at Princeton
University, 1893-1900. The Plated
City ; Salem Kittredge, and Other Sto-
ries ; The Broughton House ; Powers
at Play. Ho. Lgs. Scr.

Perry, Carlotta. See Perry, Char-

Perry, Charlotte Augusta. " Car-
lotta Perry." Wis., 1848 . A

popular verse-writer of Milwaukee.
Carlotta Perry's Poems.

Perry, EdTvard Delevan. N. Y.,

1854 . A professor of Sanskrit in

Columbia College. Indra in the Rig-
veda ; A Sanskrit Primer.

Perry, Mary Alice. Ms., 1854-1883.
A writer of fiction. Esther Pennefa-
ther ; More Ways Than One. Har.

Perry, Nora. Ms., 1832-1896. A poet
and litterateur of Boston. Her verse

was popular, and had not unfrequentl/
the genuine poetic ring, while her
stories for girls were animated and
fresh. Her verse includes. After the
Ball, and Other Poems ; Her Lover's
Friend, and Other Poems ; New Songs
and Ballads ; Legends and Lyrics. Her
prose work comprises, The Tragedy of
the Unexpected, and Other Stories ; For
a Woman, a novel ; The Youngest Miss
Lorton, and Other Stories ; A Book of
Love Stories ; A Rosebud Garden of
Girls ; A Flock of Girls and their
Friends ; A Flock of Girls and Boys ;
Another Flock of Girls ; Three Little
Daughters of the Revolution ; Hope
Benham. Hou. Lit.

Perry, Rufus Lewis. Tn., 1833-1895.
A Baptist clergyman of African descent,
widely known as a linguist. Among
his various writings is The Cushite, or
the Children of Ham as seen by An-
cient Historians and Poets.

Perry, Thomas Sergeant. R. L,

1845 . An educator of Boston.

English Literature in the Eighteenth
Century ; Life of Lieber ; From Opitz
to Lessing, a Study of Pseudo-Classi-
cism in Literature ; The Evolution of
the Snob ; History of Greek Litera-
ture. Ho, Hou.

Perry, William Stevens. R. I.
1832-1898. The second Protestant
Episcopal bishop of Iowa, prominent
among High Churchmen. The Docu-
mentary History of the Protestant
Episcopal Church ; The History of
the American Episcopal Church ; Life
Lessons from the Book of Proverbs ;
Some Summer Days Abroad ; The
General Ecclesiastical Constitution of
the American Church ; The American
Episcopate. Wh.

Peters, Christian Henry Frede-
rick. Sd., 181.3-1890. A German
astronomer, director of the observatory
at Hamilton College, 1858-90, who dis-
covered over forty asteroids. Celestial

Peters, Edward Dyer. Ms., 1849-
. A metallurgist who has pub-
lished Modern American Methods of
Copper Smelting.

Peters, George Nathaniel Henry.

Pa., 1825 . A Lutheran minister

of Ohio. The Theocratic Kingdom of




Peters, John Charles. N. Y., 1819-
1893. A physician of New York city
of note as a bacteriologist. Diseases of
the Brain and Nervous System ; Dis-
eases of Women ; Diseases of the Eye ;
Notes on Asiatic Cholera; A New
Materia Medica, are among his works.

Peters, Mrs. Phillis [Wheatley].
<S/., 175-4-1784. A verse-writer of Af-
rican birth brought to Boston in child-
hood as a slave. Poems on Various
Occasions, Religious and Moral, ap-
peared in London in 1772, and won a
fleeting popularity there, the author be-
ing regarded as a prodigy. But there is
little in her work that should keep it
in remembrance. See Griswolofs Fe-
male Poets of America.

Peters, Samuel Andrew. Ct., 1735-
1826. An Episcopal clergyman of Hart-
ford who published a famous General
History of Connecticut by a Gentleman
of that Province, a curious satirical
production, to which may be traced the
well-known fable of the Connecticut
Blue Laws. Other works of his in-
clude a Life of Rev. Hugh Peters ;
History of Hebron, Connecticut.

Peterson, Arthur. Fa., 1851 .

Son of H. Peterson, infra. A naval
officer who has published Songs of New

Peterson, Charles Jacobs. Fa.,
1818-1887. A Philadelphia publisher
and novelist, the founder of Peterson's
Magazine. Kate Aylesf ord ; Cruising in
the Last War ; Military Heroes of the
United States ; Grace Dudley, or Ar-
nold at Saratoga ; Mabel, or Darkness
and Dawn ; The Old Stone Mansion,
include his principal writings.

Peterson, Frederick. Min., 1859-

. A physician and verse-writer.

Poems and Swedish Translations ; In
the Shade of Ygdrasil (verse).

Peterson, Mrs. Hannah [Bouvier].
Fa., 1811-1870. First wife of R. E.
Peterson, infra. Familiar Astronomy,

Peterson, Henry. Fa., 1818-1891.
Cousin of C. J. Peterson, supra. A
Philadelphia verse-writer, and editor
for many years of The Saturday Even-
ing Post. The Modem Job, and Other
Poems; Faire-Mount ; Bessie's Lovers;
Caesar, a Dramatic Study.

Peterson, Robert Evans. Pa., 1812-
1894. Brother of H. Peterson, supra,
A Philadelphia writer whose principal
work is The Roman Catholic not the
Only True Religion. Lip.

Pettingill, Amos. N. H., 1780-1830,
A Methodist clergyman and educator
of Connecticut. View of the Heavens ;
The Spirit of Methodism. See Memoir
of, by Hart, 1832.

Pettingill, John Hancock. F^, 1815-
1887. A Congregational clergyman in
Ohio, widely known as an earnest be-
liever in conditional immortality. The
Theological Trilemma ; Platonism ver-
sus Christianity ; Bible Terminology ;
Life Everlasting ; The Unspeakable
Gift ; Views and Reviews in Esehato-

Peyton, John Lewis. Va., 1824-1896.
A lawyer of Staunton, Virginia, who
served as an officer in the Confederate
service. Adventures of my Grand-
father ; History of Augusta County,
Virginia ; The American Crisis ; Over
the AUeghanies ; Memorials of Nature
and Art.

Phelan, James. Mi., 1856-1891. A
Memphis lawyer and journalist. Philip
Massinger and his Plays ; History of
Tennessee. .Hou.

Phelps, Mrs. Almira [Hart] [Lin-
coln]. Ct., 1793-1884. A noted edu-
cator of Baltimore who published many
text-books on the natural sciences.
Among her works are. Geology for Be-
ginners ; Christian Households ; Ida
Norman, a tale ; Familiar Lectures on
Botany ; Hours with my Pupils. See
Mrs. Hale's Woman's Record. Lip.

Phelps, Austin. Ms., 1820-1890. A
Congregational clergyman of Andover,
Massachusetts, professor of sacred rhe-
toric in the Theological Seminary there,
1848-79. The Still Hour; The New
Birth ; The Theory of Preaching ; Eng-
lish Style in Pulilic Discourse ; The
Solitude of Christ ; Studies of the Old
Testament ; Men and Books ; My Study,
and Other Essays; My Portfolio; My
Note-Book. See Life by his daughter,
Mrs. Ward, 1891. C. F. S. Lo. Scr.

Phelps, Mrs. Elizabeth [Stuart].
Ms., 1815-1853. Wife of A. Phelps,
supra. A writer whose Sunnyside, and
A Peep at Number Five, stories descrip-




tive of clerical life, were once widely
popular. She wrote, also, Last Sheaf
from Sunnyside, and a number of Sun-
day-school tales, the latter over the
signature " H. Trusta."

Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart. Daugh-
ter of A. and E. S. Phelps, supra. See
Ward, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Phelps, John Wolcott. Vt, 1813-
1885. Stepson of Mrs. Almira Phelps,
supra. A writer of Brattleboro, Ver-
mont, who was an officer in the United
States army in the Mexican War and
became a brigadier-general of United
States volunteers in the Civil War. In
1880 he was the presidential nominee of
the American party. Sibylline Leaves ;
Good Behavior ; History of Madagas-
car ; The Fables of Florian in English

Phelps, Sylvanus Dryden, Ct.,
1816-1895. A Baptist clergyman of
New Haven, and subsequently of Hart-
ford. Eloquence of Nature, and Other
Poems ; Sunlight and Heartlight, and
Other Poems ; The Poet's Song for
Heart and Home ; Bible Lands ; Ser-
mons in the Four Quarters of the Globe.

Phelps, Thomas StoweU. ilfe.,1822-
1901. A rear-admiral in the United
States navy who retired in 1885. Re-
miniscences of Washington Territory

Phelps, William Lyon. Ct, 1865-
. An instructor at Yale Univer-
sity. The Beginnings of the English
Romantic Movement. Gi.

Philbrick, EdTvard SouthTviok.

Ms., 1827-1889. A sanitarian who pub-
lished American Sanitary Engineering,

Philbrick, John Dudley. N. H.,
1818-1886. A prominent educator of
Boston who published nearly fifty valu-
able public-school reports, and City
School Systems in the United States.

Philips, Samuel. Md., 182Z . A

German Reformed clergyman, profes-
sor in Muhlenberg College, Allentown,
Pennsylvania, from 1866. Gethsemane
and the Cross ; The Christian Home ;
The Voice of Blood ; The Communion
of Saints.

Phillips, Barnet. Pa., 1828-

journalist of New York city, on the staff

of The Times from 1872. The Strug-
gle, a novel ; Burning their Ships.

Phillips, George. E., 1593-1644. A
Puritan clergyman, minister at Water-
town, Massachusetts, from 1630 till his
death. He was a noted controversial-
ist of his day, and published a treatise
on Infant Baptism.

Phillips, George Searle. " January
Searle." E., 1818-1889. A writer and
lecturer of Yorkshire, England, who,
after some years of literary work in
the United States, became, in 1873, an
inmate of an insane asylum in New
Jersey. Chapters in the History of a
Life ; Life of Ebenezer Elliott ; Me-
moirs of Wordsworth ; The Gypsies of
the Dane's Dyke ; Chicago and Her

Phillips, Henry. Pa., 1838-1895. A
lawyer of Philadelphia. History of
American Colonial Paper Currency;
History of American Continental Paper
Money ; Pleasures of Numismatic Sci-
ence ; Poems from the Spanish and
German ; Faust, from the German of

Phillips, Maude Gillette. Ms., 1860-

. An educator who has published

A Popular Manual of English Litera-
ture. Har.

Phillips, Wendell. Ms., 1811-1884.
A celebrated orator of Boston, a vehe-
ment opponent of slavery, and an ac-
tive champion of labor reform and
woman suffrage. The Constitution a
Pro-Slavery Contract ; Lectures, Ora-
tions, and Letters to 1861 ; Speeches,
Lectures, and Addresses ; The Scholar
in a Republic. See Lives by G. L. Aus-
tin, C. Martyn ; Appletons'' American

Phillips, Willard. Ms., 1784-1873.
A lawyer of Boston. Treatise on the-
Law of Insurance ; Manual of Political
Economy ; The Law of Patents ; Tho-
Inventor's Guide ; Protection and Fre&
Trade. See AUibone's Dictionary.

Phin, John. S., 1832 — — . A l^ew
York publisher of technical journals,
Open-Air Grape Culture ; Chemical
History of the Creation ; Practical Trea-
tise on Lightning Rods; How to Use
the Microscope ; Workshop Compan-
ion ; Preparation and Use of Cements
and Glue ; Dictionary of Practical Agri-




cultttre ; Trade Secrets and Private Re-
cipes ; A Pocket Dictionary of Monetary
and Coinage Terms.

Phoenix, John. See Derby, George.

Phyfe, "William Henry Pinkney.

N. Y., 1855 . An author of New

York city. How Should I Pronounce?
The School Pronouncer; Seven Thou-
sand Words Often Mispronounced ; The
Test Pronouncer ; Five Thousand Words
Commonly Misspelled. Put.

Piatt [pe-af], Donn. O., 1819-1891.
A lawyer and journalist of Washing-ton,
and during the Civil War a Federal
officer. Sunday Meditations ; Memories
of the Men who Saved the Union ;
Poems and Plays ; Life of General
George H. Thomas ; The Lone Grave of
the Shenandoah (verse). iSee Life of,
by C. G. Miller, 1893. Clke.

Piatt, John James. Ind., 1835-

York city. A Matter of Taste ; A Mis-
sion Flower ; Old Boniface.

Pick, Bernhard. P., 1842-

Nephew of D. Piatt, supra. A poet
who was consul at Cork, 1882-93. He
has been a prolific writer of verse, but
The Morning Street, one of his earlier
poems, still ranks as his finest effort.
Landmarks ; Western Windows ; Poems
of House and Home ; Idyls and Lyrics
of the Ohio Valley ; Poems in Sunshine
and Firelight ; The Lost Farm, and
Other Poems ; At the Holy Well ; A
Dream of Church Windows (a revised
edition of Poems of House and Home) ;
The Lost Hunting Ground ; Little New
World Idyls ; Poems by Two Friends
(with W. D. Howells, supra) ; The Chil-
dren Out of Doors ; and Nests at Wash-
ington (with Mrs. Piatt). His prose is
included in Penciled Fly-Leaves ; A
Return to Paradise. Clke. Sou. Ls.

Piatt, Mrs. Sarah Morgan [Bryan].

Ky., 1836 . Wife of J. J. Piatt,

supra. A poet whose range of expres-
sion is not very wide, but, within its
limits, genuine and original. A Wo-
man's Poems ; A Voyage to the For-
tunate Isles, and Other Poems; That
New World, and Other Poems ; Dra-
matic Persons and Moods ; An Irish
Garland ; In Primrose Time ; The Witch
in the Glass ; Complete Poems (1894) ;
An Enchanted Castle; Child's World
Ballads. See Wide-Awake Magazine,
November, 1876. Clke. Hou. Lgs.

Picard, George Henry. O., 1850-
. A physician and novelist of New

. A

Lutheran clergyman of Pennsylvania,
prior to 1884 a Presbyterian minister.
Luther as a Hymnist ; Historical Sketch
of the Jews ; Life of Christ according
to Extra Canonical Sources ; Index to
the Ante-Nicene Fathers ; The Talmud :
What It Is.
Pickard, Samuel Thomas. Ms.,

1828 '. A writer who for many

years edited the Portland (Maine) Tran-
script. Life and Letters of John Green-
leaf Whittier. Hou.

Pickering, Charles. Pa., 1805-1878.
A grandson of Timothy Pickering, the
noted statesman. A naturalist of emi-
nence. Races of Men and their Geo-
graphical Distribution ; Geographical
Distribution of Animals and Men ; Chro-
nological History of Plants. See Alli-
bone's Dictionary.

Pickering, Ed-ward Charles. Ms.,

1846 . Son of C. Pickering, supra.

The director of Harvard Observatory at
Cambridge, and author of Elements of
Physical Manipulation. Hou.

Pickering, Henry. N. Y., 1781-1838.
The third son of the statesman, Timothy
Pickering. A verse-writer of New York
who published Ruins of Pjestum ;
Athens, and Other Poems ; The Buck-
wheat Cake.

Pickering, John. Ms., 1777-1846.
The eldest son of Timothy Pickering.
A lawyer of Boston and a linguist of
eminence. Greek and English Lexicon ;
Collection of Words and Phrases Sup-
posed to be Peculiar to the United
States ; Remarks on the Indian Lan-
guages of North America. See Alli-
bone^s Dictionary. Lip.

Pickering, Octavius. Pa., 1791-
1868. Brother of J. Pickering, supra.
A Boston lawyer who published Re-
ports of Cases in the Supreme Judicial
Court of Massachusetts, 1822-40 ; and
Life of Timothy Pickering (completed
by Upham).

Pickering, William Henry. Ms,

1858 . Son of C. Pickering, supra.

An astronomer, professor in Harvard
University from 1887. Walking Guide
to the White Mountain Range.




Pickett, Albert James. N. C, 1810-
1858. A writer of Montgomery, Ala-
bama, who published a History of Ala-

Pierce, Edward Lillie. Ms., 1829-
1897. A prominent Boston lawyer.
American Railroad Law ; Life of
Charles Sumner ; The Law of Rail-
roads ; Enfranchisement and Citizen-
ship. Lit. Bob.

Pierce, Frederick Clifton. Ms.

1856— . An Illinois writer who has

written town histories of Barre and
Grafton, Massachusetts, and of Rock-
ford, Illinois ; The Harwood Genealogy ;
Pierce History and Genealogy ; Peirce
History and Genealogy ; Pearse and
Pearee Genealogy.

Pierce, Henry Niles. R. I., 1820-
1899. The fourth Protestant Episcopal
bishop of Arkansas, consecrated in
1870. The Agnostic, and Other Poems.

Pierpont, John. Ct., 1785-1866. A
Unitarian clergyman of Boston, pastor
of the HoUis Street Church, 1819-45.
He wrote a volume of sacred verse,
Airs of Palestine, and a number of do-
mestic lyrics, which were very popular,
Passing Away being the best known of
any. He compiled several school read-

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