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ers, the most noted of which was The
American First-Class Book. See Atlan-
tic Monthly, December, 1S66. Lip.

Pierrepont, Edward 'Willoughby.

N. Y., 1860-1885. A charg^ d'afFaires
at Rome at the time of his death. From
Fifth Avenue to Alaska.

Pierson, Arthur Tappan. N. Y.,
1837 . A Congregational clergy-
man of note. Acts of the Holy Spirit ;
Many Infallible Proofs ; The Crisis of
Missions ; The Miracles of Missions ;
The Divine Art of Preaching ; The
Heart of the Gospel ; Keys to the Word;
Lessons on Prayer, comprise his more
important works. Fu. Ran. Rev.

Pierson, Mrs. Cornelia [Tuthill].
Ct., 1820-1870. Daughter of Mrs.
Tuthill, infra. Our Little Comfort ;
Wreaths and Blossoms for the Church ;
When are we Happiest ? ; The Belle,
the Blue, and the Bigot, are among her

Pierson, Hamilton Wilcox. N. Y.,
1817 1887. A Presbyterian clergyman

in Kentucky. Thomas JefFerson at
Monticello ; In the Brush, or Old-Time
Social, Political, and Religious Life in
the Southwest. Ap.
Pike, Albert. Ms., 1809-1891. A
lawyer and journalist of Little Rock,
Memphis, and Washington successively,
who served as an officer in the Con-
federate army. His writings include,
Hymns to the Gods; Prose Sketches
and Poems ; Nugse, a collection of
Poems ; Arkansas Supreme Court Re-
ports, 1840-45. See Griswold's Poets
and Poetry of America.
Pike, James Shepherd. Me., 1811-
1882. A journalist of New York city
who was minister to the Netherlands,
1861-66. A Prostrate State ; The Re-
storation of the Currency ; The Finan-
cial Crisis ; Horace Greeley in 1872 ;
The First Blows of the Civil War;
The New Puritan : New England Two
Hundred Years Ago. Har.
Pike, Mrs. Mary Hayden [Green].
Me., 1825 . A once popular novel-
ist. Ida May ; Caste ; Agnes ; Bond
and Free.
Pilcher, Elijah Homes. O., 1810-
1887. A Methodist clergyman of Mi-
chigan who wrote a History of Pro-
testantism in Michigan.
Pilling, James Constantine. D. C,
1840-1895. An ethnologist of distinc-
tion in the government service, among
whose writings are Bibliographies of
the Languages of the North American
Indians, of the Eskimoan Languages,
of the Siouan, of the Iroquoian, and
Pillsbury, Parker. Ms., 1809-1898.
A noted anti-slavery agitator. Acts of
the Anti-Slavery Apostles.
Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth.
S. C, 1812-1898. An Episcopal cler-
gyman of Charleston. Life of General
Thomas Pinckney. Hou.
Pindar, Susan. N. Y., c. 1820-1892.
Susan Pindar's Story Books ; Legends
of the Flowers.
Pinkerton, Allan. S., 1819-1884. A
Chartist who came to America in 1842
and settled in Chicago, where he found-
ed a famous detective agency. Among
his many detective stories are. The
MoUy Maguires and the Detectives ;
Criminal Reminiscences ; The Spy of



the Rebellion ; Thirty Years a Detec-
tive ; Railroad Forgers and the Detec-
Pinkney, Edward Coate, E., 1802-
1828. A lyric poet of Baltimore who
published his Poems in 1825. See Gris-
wold^s Poets and Poetry of America.

Piper, Richard Upton. iV". H., 1818-
. A Chicago physician. Opera-
tive Surgery ; The Trees of America.

Pise [pize], Charles Constantine.

Md., 1802-1866. A once prominent
Roman Catholic clergyman of Brook-
lyn. History of the Church to the
Reformation ; The Acts of the Apos-
tles in Blank Verse ; Father Rowland ;
Indian Cottage, a Unitarian Story ;
The Pleasures of Religion, and Other
Poems ; Horae Vagabundae ; Alethia ;
Zenosius ; Letters to Ada ; Lives of St.
Ignatius and his First Companions ;
Notes on a Protestant Catechism;
Christianity and the Church.

Pitkin, Timothy. Ct., 1766-1847. A
lawyer and politician of Connecticut,
prominent as a Federalist congressman.
A Statistical View of the Commerce of
the United States ; Political and Civil
History of the United States, 1763-

Pitman, Benn. E., 1822 -. A

stenographer of Cincinnati, and in his
later years an art instructor of the
school of design at the University of
Cincinnati. The Reporter's Companion ;
Manual of Phonography ; Phonographic
Dictionary (with J. B. Howard).

Pitman, Mrs. Marie J [Davis].

N. Y., 1850-1888. A journalist and
correspondent of Boston who published
European Breezes and a number of ju-
venile stories.

Pittenger, William. O., 1840 .

A Methodist clergyman and educator
of Philadelphia, a Federal soldier dur-
ing the Civil War. Daring and SufFer-
ing ; Oratory, Sacred and Secular ; Ex-
tempore Speech.

Pitzer, Alexander "White. Va.,

1834 . A Presbyterian clergyman

of Washington, professor of biblical
literature in Howard University from
1875. Ecce Deus Homo; Christ the
Teacher of Men; The New Life and
Not the Higher Life.

Piatt, Franklin. Pa., 1844-1900. A
Penns-plvania geologist, president of the
Rochester and Pittsburg Coal Com-
pany from 1881. Coke Manufacturing ;
Waste in Mining Anthracite, and other
volumes of geological reports.

Piatt, "William Henry. N. Y., 1821-
1898. An Episcopal clergyman of Roch-
ester, New York, and more recently of
Petersburg, Virginia. Influence of Re-
ligion in the Development of Jurispru-
dence ; After Death — What ? ; God
Out and Man In ; The Philosophy of
the Supernatural.

Pleasanton, Augustus James. D.
C, 1808-1894. An army officer promi-
nent for a short time as the author of
a work on the Influence of the Blue
Ray in Developing Animal and Vege-
table Life.

Plumer [pliim'er], "William. N. H.,

1789-1854. A New Hampshire lawyer
who was an active congressional oppo-
nent of slavery. Lyra Sacra ; A Pas-
toral on the Story of Ruth.

Plumer, "William Swan. Pa., 1802-
1880. A Presbyterian clergyman of
extreme Calvinistic views, professor of
theology in the Theological Seminary
at Columbia, South Carolina, 1856-80.
His principal writings include, Pastoral
Theology ; Jehovah-jireh ; Studies in
the Book of Psalms ; The Book of Our
Salvation ; Words of Truth and Love ;
The Saint and the Sinner ; Vital God-
liness ; Commentary on Romans ; A
"Word to the Weary. Har. Lip. Pan.

Plympton, George "Washington.

Ms., 1827 . A civil engineer of

note, editor of Van Nostrand's Engi-
neering Magazine, 1870-86. The Blow-
pipe ; The Starfinder ; The Aneroid.

Poe, Edgar Allan. Ms., 1809-1849.
A poet and romancer who is pronounced
by some critics the foremost of Ameri-
can poets so far as melody and technique
are concerned. He was born in Boston,
his parents being actors then playing
in that city, and, left an orphan at an
early age, was adopted and educated by
Mr. Allan, a Virginia merchant. At
nineteen he published his first volume,
Tamerlane, and Other Poems. He led
a wandering, dissipated life, editing at
various times Graham's Magazine, The
Southern Literary Messenger, and other




periodicals, and died of delirium tre-
mens in Baltimore. He criticized the
■work of his contemporaries with seve-
rity, yet in the main with justice, but
in so doing raised up a host of literary
enemies. Among his prose tales. The
Gold Bug ; The Fall of the House of
Usher ; Ligeia, are especially character-
istic of his genius, while such poems as
The BeUs, The Raven, Annabel Lee,
display wonderful melody and perfect
mastery of metre. Besid" Tamerlane,
his writings include. The Conchologist's
First Book ; Eureka, a Prose Poem ;
The Raven, and Other Poems ; Tales of
the Grotesque and Arabesque ; The Nar-
rative of Arthur Gordon Pyra. The
best edition of Poe is that edited by
E. C. Stedman and G. E. Woodberry,in
ten volumes (1895). See Lives by Stod-
dard, Didier, Ingram, Woodberry ; Fort-
nightly Review, July, 1880 ; Poe and
his Critics by Mrs. Whitman ; Stedman s
Poets of America. Co. Cr. Har. Kt.
Lip. Mac. Sto.

Poinsett, Joel Roberts. S. C, 1779-
1851. A South Carolina statesman,
sent on a special mission to Mexico in
1822, minister to that country 1825-29,
and secretary of war under President
Van Buren. He was a botanist of some
note, the genus Poinsettia having been
named in his honour. Notes on Mex-
ico, made in 1822.

Pollard, Edward Albert. Va., 1828-
1872. A once noted journalist of Rich-
mond, Virginia, and an active opponent
of the policy of Jefferson Davis during
the Civil War. Black Diamonds ; Let-
ters of the Southern Spy ; Southern His-
tory of the War ; Observations in the
North ; The Lost Cause ; The Lost
Cause Regained ; Lee and his Lieu-
tenants ; Life of Jefferson Davis, with
the Secret History of the Confederacy ;
The Virginia Tourist. Lip.

Pollard, Josephine. N. Y., 1834-
1892. A litterateur of New York city,
whose work was mainly intended for ju-
venile readers. The Gypsy Books ; A
Piece of Silver ; Elfin Land ; Vagrant
Verses ; Songs of Bird Life ; The Dec-
orative Sisters ; The Boston Tea Party ;
Gellivor, a Christmas Legend. Meth.

Pomeroy, Brick. See Pomeroy, Mar-

Pomeroy, John Norton. N. F.,

1828-1885. A lawyer of Rochester,
New York, but subsequently professor
of law in the University of California,
1878-85. Introduction to Municipal
Law ; Remedies and Remedial Rights ;
Specific Performance of Contract ; Equi-
ty Jurisprudence ; Riparian Rights ; In-
troduction to United States Constitu-
tional Law ; Lectures on International
Law in Time of Peace. Hou. Lit.

Pomeroy, Marcus Mills. " Brick
Pomeroy." A^. Y., 1833-1896. A jour-
nalist successively of La Crosse, Wis-
consin, New York city (where he estab-
lished Brick Pomeroy 's Democrat), and
Chicago. Sense ; Nonsense ; Gold Dust ;
Brick Dust ; Our Saturday Nights ;
Home Harmonies ; Perpetual Money.

Pond, Enoch. Ms., 1791-1882. A Con-
gregational clergyman, professor in the
Theological Seminary at Bangor, Maine,
from 1832, and its president from 1856.
Text-Book of Ecclesiastical History ;
Pastoral Theology ; Memoir of Zinzen-
dorf ; Life of Increase Mather ; Plato :
his Life, Works, Opinions, and Influ-
ence ; Christian Theology ; History of
God's Church, are among his works.
See Autobiography ; Bibliography of
Maine. C. P. S.

Pond, Frederick Eugene. " Will
Wildwood." Wis., 1866 . A sport-
ing writer and editor of Chicago. Hand-
book for Young Sportsmen ; Memoirs
of Eminent Sportsmen ; Gun Trial and
Field Records of America.

Pond, George Edward. Ms., 1837-
1899. A journalist of New York and
Philadelphia, editor of The Army and
Navy Journal. The Shenandoah Val-
ley in 1864. Scr.

Pond, Samuel William. Ct., 1808-
1891. A Congregational missionary to
the Indians in Minnesota. History of
Joseph in the Dakota Language ; Wo-
napi Inonpa, the Second Dakota Read-
ing Book.

Pool, Maria Louise. Ms., 1845-1898.
A novelist of Rockland, Massachusetts,
for many years a writer for the New
York Tribune. In Buncombe County ;
A Vacation in a Buggy ; Tenting at
Stony Beach ; Dolly ; Roweny in Bos-
ton ; Mrs. Keats Bradford ; Out of
Step; The Two Salomes; Katharine




North ; Mrs. Gerald ; Against Human
Nature ; In a Dike Shanty ; In the
First Person ; Boss and Other Dogs.
Ear. Hou. S. St.

Poole, Herman. Ms., 1849 . A

chemist and metallurgist. Geometry
in Ten Lessons ; Calorific Power of

Poole, Mrs. Hester Martha

[Hunt]. Vt., 1843 . A writer

living at Metuehen, New Jersey, who
has written much for periodicals on so-
cial and domestic topics. Fruits and
How to Use Them.

Poole, ■William Frederick. Ms.,
1821-1894. A bibliographer of Chi-
cago, librarian of the Public Library
there, 1874-87, and, from the latter
date, of the Newberry Library, Chi-
cago ; best known as compiler (with
W. I. Fletcher) of Poole's Index to
Periodical Literature. Two supplemen-
tary volumes carry the work forward
to January, 1892. Other works of his
are, Anti-Slavery Opinions before 1800 ;
The Battle of the Dictionaries ; Web-
sterian Orthography ; Cotton Mather
and Salem Witchcraft. Clke. Hou.

Poore, Benjamin Perley. Ms., 1820-
1887. A once well-known journalist
of Washington. Campaign Life of Za-
chary Taylor ; Early Life of Napoleon ;
Rise and Fall of Louis Philippe ; Agri-
cultural History of Essex County, Mas-
sachusetts ; Life of Bumside ; Political
Register and Congressional Directory,
1776-1878; Perley 's Reminiscences of
Sixty Years. Hou.

Pope, Franklin Leonard. Ms., 1840-
1895. An electrical engineer of New
York city. Modern Practice of the
Electric Telegraph ; Life and Work of
Joseph Henry, supra.

Pope, John. Z3/., 1822-1892. A promi-
nent general in the Federal army dur-
ing the Civil War. The Virginia Cam-
paign of July and August, 1862.

Pope, Mrs. Marion [Manville].

Wis., 1859 . A verse-writer whose

home in recent years has been in Val-
paraiso, Chili. Over the Divide, and
Other Verses. Lip.

Porcher, Francis Peyre. S. C, 1825-
1895. A physician and botanist of
Charleston. Sketch of the Medical Bo-
tany of South Carolina; Resources of

the Southern Fields and Forests, are
among his writings.

Porter, Benjamin Pickling. S. C,

1808 . A lawyer of Alabama.

Alabama Supreme Court Reports ;
Oifices of Executors and Administra-

Porter, Charles Talbot. N. Y., 1826-
. A mechanical engineer of pro-
minence. Mechanics and Faith, a Study
of the Spiritual Truths in Nature.

Porter, David. Ms., 1780-1843. A
once noted commodore in the United
States navy. Journal of a Cruise to
the Pacific Ocean in 1812-15 ; Con-
stantinople and its Environs. See Life
of, by his son.

Porter, David Dixon. Pa., 1813-
1891. Son of D. Porter, supra. An
admiral of the Federal navy who com-
manded the fleet at the storming of
Fort Fisher, and amused his latest
years by the composition of sensational
romances. Life of Commodore Porter,
supra ; Allan Dare and Robert le Dia-
ble ; Adventures of Harry Marline ;
Arthur Merton, a romance ; Incidents
and Anecdotes of the Civil War ; His-
tory of the Navy in the War of the
Rebellion. Ap.

Porter, Ebenezer. Ct., 1772-1834.
A Congregational clergyman and edu-
cator, of contemporary renown as a
preacher. He was professor of sacred
rhetoric at Andover Theological Se-
minary, 1812-32, and president of that
institution from 1827 till his death.
Among his publications are, The Young
Preacher's Manual ; A Rhetorical Read-
er, which reached its 300th edition ;
Lectures on HomUetics ; Lectures on
Eloquence and Style. See Memoir of,
by Matthews, 1837.

Porter, Fitz-John. N. H., 1822-1901.
A brevet brigadier-general dismissed
from the service in 1863, reinstated by
act of Congress, 1886. Narrative of the
Services of the Fifth Army Corps in
1862 in Northern Virginia.

Porter, James. Ms., 1800-1888. A
once prominent Methodist clergyman
of Boston. History of Methodism ;
The Winning Worker ; Hints to Self-
Educated Ministers ; Compendium of
Methodism, comprise a portion of his
•writings. Meth.




Porter, John Addison. N.Y., 1822-
1866. A professor of chemistry at
Yale College, 1852-64. Principles of
Chemistry ; First Book of Chemistry.

Porter, John Addison. Ct., 1856-

1900. Son of J. A. Porter, supra. The
Corporation of Yale College ; Admi-
nistration of the City of Washington ;
Sketches of Yale Life.

Porter, Linn Boyd. " Albert Ross."
Ms., 1851 . A novelist of Cam-
bridge whose writings have been ex-
tremely popular, although severely
criticised from a literary point of view
as well as from an ethical standpoint.
Among them are, Thou Shalt Not ;
Speaking of Ellen ; A Black Adonis ;
Out of Wedlock. Dil.

Porter, Mrs. Lydia Ann [Emer-
son]. Ms., 1816 . Cousin of R.

W. Emerson, supra. An educator of
Springfield, Vermont. Uncle Jerry's
Letters to Young Mothers ; The Lost
WUl, are among her writings.

Porter, Noah. Ct., 1811-1892. A
Congregational clergyman of Connecti-
cut, president of Yale College, 1871-85,
and a metaphysician of distinction. The
Human Intellect ; Books and Reading ;
Elements of Intellectual Science ; Ele-
ments of Moral Science ; The American
Colleges and the American Public ; Sci-
ence and Sentiment ; Bishop Berkeley ;
Fifteen Years in Yale College Chapel,
a volume of sermons ; The Science -of
Nature and the Science of Man. Scr.

Porter, Rose. N. Y., 1845 . An

author of New Haven who has writ-
ten and compiled a large number of
religious books. Among her original
works are, Summer Driftwood for the
Winter Fire ; A Modem St. Christo-
pher ; Our Saints, a Family Story ; My
Son's Wife. Lo. Ran. Rev.

Porter, Thomas Conrad. Pa., 1822-

1 901. A German Reformed clergyman
famous as a botanist, and professor of
botany at Lafayette College, Easton,
Pennsylvania, from 1866. Sketch of
the Flora of Pennsylvania ; Sketch of
the Botany of the United States ; Syn-
opsis of the Flora of Colorado (with J.
M. Coulter) ; The Carices of Pennsyl-
vania ; The Grasses of Pennsylvania.

Posse, Nils. Baron Posse. Sn., 1862-
1895. A Boston instructor in gymnas-

tics. Special Kinesiology of Educa-
tional Gymnastics ; Medical Gymnas-
tics ; Scientific Aspect of Swedish
Gymnastics. Le.

Post, Truman Marcellus. Vt., 1810-
1866. A Congregational clergyman
and editor of St. Louis, professor of his-
tory in Washington University. The
Skeptical Era in Modem History. See
Life of, by T. H. Post.

Post, "Waldron Kintzing. N. Y.,

1868 . A lawyer of New York

city. Harvard Stories. Put.

Potter, Alonzo. N. Y., 1800-1865.
The third Protestant Episcopal bishop
of Pennsylvania and an active promoter
of educational movements. The Prin-
ciples of Science Applied to Domestic
and Mechanic Arts; Religious Philo-
sophy ; Political Economy ; co-author
with G. B. Emerson, supra, of The
School and the Schoolmaster. See Me-
moirs of, 1870.

Potter, Burton "Willis. N. Y., 1843-
. A lawyer of Worcester, Massa-
chusetts. The Road, and Roadside, a
legal treatise. Lit.

Potter, EliphaletNott. N. Y., 1836-
1901. Son of A. Potter, supra. An
Episcopal clergyman and educator,
president of Hobart College, Geneva,
New York, 1884-96. Parochial Ser-
mons ; Christian Evidences.

Potter, Henry Codman. N. Y.,

1835 . Son of A. Potter, $upra.

The sixth Protestant Episcopal bishop
of New York, and prominent among
Broad Church thinkers. Sermons of
the City ; The Gates of the East ; a
Winter in Egypt and Syria ; Sister-
hoods and Deaconesses ; Waymarks.

Potter, Piatt. N. Y., 1800-1891. A
jurist of Schenectady. Potter's Dwarris;
Treatise on Corporations ; Equity Juris-

Potter, William James. Ms., 1830-
1894. A Unitarian clergyman of New
Bedford for many years, prominent as
a radical thinker. Twenty-Five Ser-
mons of Twenty-Five Years; Lectures
and Sermons. El.

Potts, James Henry. Out., 1848-

. A Methodist clergyman, editor

of The Michigan Christian Advocate
from 1877. Methodism in the Field ;




Golden Dawn ; Spiritual Life ; Our
Thorns and Crowns ; Faith Made Easy.

Potts, Stacey Gardner. Pa., 1799-
1865. A jurist of Trenton, New Jer-
sey. VUlage Tales ; Precedents and
Notes of Practice in the New Jersey
Chancery Court.

Powell, Edvrard Payson. N. F.,

1833 . A clergyman who has held

pastorates in Congregational and Uni-
tarian churches successively, and has
long been resident in Clinton, New
York. Our Heredity from God ; Liberty
and Life. Ap.

Powell, John Wesley. N. Y., 1834-
1902. An eminent geologist, director
of the United States Geological Survey,
1879-94. Exploration of the Uinta
Mountains; The Arid Regions of the
United States ; Introduction to the
Study of the Indian Languages ; Stu-
dies in Sociology ; Canyons of the
Colorado. Am. Fl.

Powell, Thomas. E., 1809-1887. An
English writer who came to America in
1849, and was for many years connected
with the Frank Leslie publications.
He wrote a number of plays, among
■which are, True at Last ; The Shep-
herd's Well. Other works of his are,
Florentine Tales ; Tales from Boccac-
cio ; Living Authors of England ; Liv-
ing Authors of America.

Powers, Edward. N. Y., 1830 .

Brother of H. N. Powers, infra. A
civil engineer who published a work
entitled War and the Weather, or the
Artificial Production of Rain.

Powers, Horatio Nelson. JV. F.,
1826-1890. An Episcopal clergyman
of Chicago, Bridgeport, and, in his lat-
est years, of Piermont, New York, who
■was favourably known as a poet. His
■writings include, Early and Late ;
Poems ; Ten Years of Song ; Lyrics
of the Hudson ; Through the Year, a
volume of religious essays. Lo. Rob.

Poyas, Catherine Gendron. S. C,
1813-1882. A verse-writer of Charles-
ton. Huguenot Daughters, and Other
Verses ; A Year of Grief.

Pratt, Daniel Johnson. N. F, 1827-
1884. Annals of Public Education in
the State of New York, 1626-1746.

Pratt, Mrs. Ella [Farman]. N. F,
18 . A popular writer for young

people, long the editor of The Wide
Awake, and more recently of Our Lit-
tle Men and Women. Among her
writings are, Good-for-Nothing Polly ;
A Girl's Money ; A Little Woman ; A
White Hand ; Happy Children. Cr. Lo.

Pratt, Jacob Loring. 1835-1891. A
clergyman of Maine. Evening Rest;
Branches of Palm ; Broken Fetters ;
The Mask Lifted ; Bonnie Aerie ; Mec-
ca ; The Crown of Silver. Lo.

Pratt, Orson. N. F, 1811-1881. A
Mormon apostle and educator, profes-
sor of mathematics in Deseret Univer-
sity. Divine Authenticity of the Book
of Mormon; Cubic and Bi-Quadratic
Equations ; The Great First Cause ;
The Absurdities of Immaterialism.

Pratt, Parley Parker. N. F, 1807-
1857. Brother of O. Pratt, supra. A
Mormon apostle and missionary. Voice
of Warning and Instruction to All Peo-
ple ; History of the Persecutions of
Missouri ; Key to the Science of The-

Pratt, Samuel "Wheeler. iV^. F,

1838 . A Presbyterian clergyman

at Monroe, Michigan, from 1883. A
Summer at Peace Cottage, or Talks
About Home Life ; The Gospel of the
Holy Spirit ; Life of St. Paul. Ban.

Pray, Isaac Clark. Ms., 1813-1869.
A journalist, playwright, and theatrical
manager of New York city. Prose and
Verse ; The Book of the Drama ; Me-
moirs of James Gordon Bennett, are
among his miscellaneous works. Vir-
ginius ; Hermit of Malta ; Giulietta
Gordoni, and the first and last acts of
The Corsican Brothers, are a portion of
his dramatic writings.

Pray, Le-wis Glover. Ms., 1793-
1882. A Boston philanthropist who
published Child's First Book of
Thought ; History of Sunday-Schools ;
The Sylphid's School, and Other Pieces
in Verse.

Preble, George Henry. Me., 1816-
1885. A rear-admiral in the United
States navy. History of the American
Flag ; Chronological History of Steam
Navigation ; The Preble Family in
Preble, Henry. Me., 1853-

. An

educator who was professor of Latin at
Harvard University. He has edited a




revised edition of Andrews and Stod-
dard's Latin Grammar, and several vo-
lumes of Latin classics, and has pub-
lished (with C. Parker) a Handbook of
Latin Writing; and Latin Lessons (with
L. C. Hull). Gi. Hou.

Prentice, G-eorge. Ms., 1834-18—.
A Methodist clergyman, professor of
modern languages at Wesleyan Univer-
sity. Life of Bishop Gilbert Haven, su-
pra; Rome and Italy at the Opening
of the CEcumenical CouncU, from the
French of Pressens^ ; Life of Wilbur
Fisk, supra. Hou.

Prentice, George Denison. Ct.,
1802-1870. A once famous Kentucky
journalist who was editor of The Louis-
ville Journal, 1831-70, and widely
known for his witticisms. Life of
Henry Clay ; Prenticeana. See Poems,
with Memoir of, hy J. J. Piatt ; Lippin-
cotfs Magazine, November, 1869 ; Har-
per^s Magazine, January, 1875. Clke.

Prentiss, Charles. Ms., 1774-1820.
A journalist of Washington. Fugitive
Essays in Prose and Verse ; Poems ;
History of the United States ; Trial of
Calvin and Hopkins ; Lives of Robert
Treat Paine and General WUliam

Prentiss, Mrs. Elizabeth [Payson].
Me., 1818-1878. Wife of G. L. Pren-
tiss, infra. A popular writer of reli-
gious fiction whose Stepping Heaven-
ward has been widely read. Among
her many other works are, Pemaquid ;
The Home at Gray lock ; Aunt Jane's
Hero ; The Flower of the Family ;
Little Susy Series; Fred, Maria, and
Me. See Life hy her husband. Man.

Prentiss, George Le-wis. Me., 1816-
1903- A Presbyterian clergyman of
New York city, professor of pastoral
theology in Union Seminary from 1873.
Memoir of Sargent Prentiss ; Life of
Elizabeth Prentiss, supra ; Our National
Bane ; The Problem of the Veto Power ;
The Argument between Union Semi-
nary and the General Assembly ; Fifty
Years of Union Seminary. Kan.

Prescott, Albert Benjamin. N. Y.,

1832 . A chemist who has been

dean of the school of pharmacy at
Michigan University from 1876. Out-
lines of Proximate Organic Analysis ;
Chemical Examination of Alcoholic

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