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Bedell [be-dell'], Gregory Thurs-
ton. N. Y., 1817-1892. The third
Protestant Episcopal bishop of Ohio,
and a valued writer of the evangelical
school. The Divinity of Christ ; The
Profit of Godliness ; Pastoral Theology ;
Principles of Pastorship ; The Age of
Lidifference ; Episcopacy ; Fact and
Law. A few minor works.

Bedell, Gregory Townsend. N. Y.,
1793-1834. Father of G. T. Bedell,
supra. An Episcopal clergyman of
Philadelphia,once famous as a preacher.
Renunciation ; Ezekiel's Vision ; Ser-
mons were his chief works. See Life
by Tyng, 1836.

Beecher, Catherine Esther. L. L,
1800-1878. Daughter of L. Beecher,
infra. A New England educator of
much celebrity at one time, who wrote
with the ardour of sineerest conviction.
Domestic Economy ; Physiology and
Calisthenics ; liCtters to the People ;
Religious Training of Children ; Domes-
tic Service, True Remedy for the
Wrongs of Woman. See Mrs. HaWs
Woman^s Record. Har.

Beecher, Charles. Ct., 1815-1900.
Son of L. Beecher, infra. A Congre-
gational clergyman. Patmos ; Pen Pic-
tures of the Bible ; The Eden Tableau ;
Redeemer and Redeemed. He edited
his father's Life and Correspondence.
Har. Le.

Beecher, Edward. L. L, 1803-1895.
Son of L. Beecher, infra. A Congre-
gational clergyman of Illinois, and
later of Brooklyn, whose attainments
must be considered as the most solid
of those of any of the famous children
of Lyman Beecher. In his Conflict of
Ages (1853) was struck the earliest note
of the liberal theology now dominant in

the Congregational churches. The more
important of his other works include
Papal Conspiracy Exposed ; Baptism ;
History of Opinions on the Scriptural
Doctrine of Future Retribution. Ap,
Beecher, Mrs. Eunice "White [Bul-
lard]. Ms., 1812-1897. Wife of H.
W. Beecher, infra. From Dawn to
Daylight: a Simple Story; Motherly
Talks with Young Housekeepers ; Ah
around the House, or How to Make
Homes Happy ; Letters from Florida ;
Mr. Beecher as I Knew Him. Ap.

Beecher, Henry "Ward. Ct., 1813-
1887. Son of Lyman Beecher, infra.
A Congregational clergyman widely
famous as the pastor of Plymoum
Church, Brooklyn, 1847-87. He was
an earnest, large-hearted man, though
not a deep thinker, and his cheerful
influence upon middle-class American
thought was very extensive. His lit-
erary work can hardly be said to pos-
sess enduring excellence, and much of
it is already forgotten, graphic and pic-
turesque as it often is. Eyes and Ears ;
Life Thoughts ; Star Papers ; Yale Lec-
tures on Preaching ; Lectures to Young
Men ; Speeches on the American Rebel-
lion ; Doctrinal Beliefs and Unbeliefs ;
Life of Jesus the Christ. His only
novel, Norwood, is a collection of suc-
cessful character studies rather than a
finished story. See Parton^s Famous
Americans; Lives by Lyman Abbott,
1883; J. Howard, 1887; Barrows,
1893 ; Henry Ward Beecher : a Study,
1891 ; Mr. Beecher as I Knew Him, by
his wife ; North American Review, vol.
lU- ' Ap. Fo. Har.

Beecher, Lyman. Ct., 1775-186-3. A
Congregational clergyman of wide
fame. While in Boston he was a zeal-
ous opponent of Unitarianism, and as
president of Lane Theological Semi-
nary at Cincinnati was noted as an out •
spoken enemy of slavery. He wap a
bold thinker, much in advance of his
contemporaries. Sermons on Temper-
ance ; Views in Theology ; Scepticism ;
Political Atheism. See Life and Cor-
respondence, edited by Charles Beecher,
1864. Har.

Beecher, Thomas Kinnicut. Ct.,
1824-1900. Son of L. Beecher, supra.
A Congregational clergyman of El-
raira, N. Y. Our Seven Churches.




Beecher, "Willis Judson. O., 1838-

. A professor of Hebrew in the

Auburn Theological Seminary. Farmer
Tompkins and his Bible ; Drill Les-
sons in Hebrew ; Testimony of the His-
torical Books.

Beers, Mrs. Ethelinda [Eliot].
"Ethel Lynn." N. J., 1827-1879.
General Frankie, a juvenile tale ; All
Quiet Along the Potomac and Other
Poems. Co.

Beers, Henry Augustin. N. Y.,
1847 • A professor of English lit-
erature at Yale University. The Ways
of Yale ; A Suburban Pastoral and
Other Stories ; From Chaucer to Ten-
nyson; Life of N. P. Willis, infra;
Outline Sketch of English Literature ;
Initial Studies in American Letters.
Verse : Odda and Ends ; The Thankless
Muse. FL Ho. Hou. Meth.

Belcher, Joseph. E., 1794-1859. A
Baptist clergyman of Philadelphia, who
came thither from England in 1844.
His complete works number over 200
volumes. Among them are The Bap-
tist Pulpit of the United States ; The
Clergy of America ; History of Reli-
gious Denominations in the United
States ; Hymns and their Authors.

Belknap [bel'nap], Jeremy. Ms.,
1744-1798. A Congregational clergy-
man of Boston, whose History of New
Hampshire ranks as the best among
local State histories, and is accurate as
it is entertaining. His other works in-
clude American Biographies ; The For-
esters : an American Tale. See Atlan-
tic Monthly, vol. 67.

Bell, Charles Henry. N. H., 1823-
1893. A New Hampshire lawyer and
Congressman, governor of his State,
1881-83. The Bench and Bar of New
Hampshire. Hou.

Bell, John. I., 1796-1872. A physi-
cian and medical lecturer, among whose
writings are Health and Beauty ; Regi-
men and Longevity.

Bell, Lilian. Ky., 1867 . A Chi-
cago novelist. The Love Affairs of
An Old Maid ; A Little Sister to the
Wilderness. Har. St.

Bell, Zura. See Williamson, Julia.

Bellamy, Charles Joseph. Ms., 18.52-

. A journalist of Springfield,

Massachusetts. The Breton Mills :

a Novel ; , Everybody's Lawyer ; The
Way Out : Suggestions for Social Re-
form. Put.
Bellamy, Edward. Ms., 1850-1898.
Brother of C. J. Bellamy, supra. A
socialist reformer whose Utopian theo-
ries embodied in the tale Looking Back-
ward, 2000-1887, have been very widely
read, and have resulted in the forma-
tion of several societies and communi-
ties that endeavour to put some of them
in practice. His other works include
Six to One : a Nantucket Idyl ; Dr.
Heidenhoif 's Process, a novel ; Miss
Ludington's Sister : a Romance of Im-
mortality ; Equality ; The Blindman's
World, and Other Stories ; The -Duke
of Stockbridge. Ap. Hou.

Bellamy, Mrs. Elizabeth Whit-
field [Croom]. " Kamba Thorpe."
FL, 1838-1900. A novelist of MobUe.
Four Oaks ; Little Joanna ; Penny Lan-
caster Farmer ; Old Man Gilbert ; The
Luck of the Pendennings. Ap.

Bellamy, Joseph. Ct., 1719-1790.
A Congregational minister of the Ed-
wards school, settled at Bethlehem,
Connecticut, for a half century. He
founded a divinity school in his parish,
and trained many men there who were
afterwards famous among New Eng-
land ministers. True Religion Delin-
eated ; The Law our Schoolmaster ;
The Half- Way Covenant ; The Nature
and Glory of the Gospel, are a few of
his publications. See Bibliotheca Sacra,
vol.43; Sprague's Annals of the Amer-
ican Pulpit.

Bellamy, William. Ms., 1846 .

A Boston writer who has published, in
verse, A Century of Charades ; A Sec-
ond Century of Charades. Hou.

Bellovirs, Henry Whitney. N. H.,
1814-1882. A Unitarian clergyman of
prominence in New York city, well
known at one time as the president of
the United States Sanitary Commission.
Restatements of Christian Doctrine ;
Sermons; Relation of Public Amuse-
ments to Public Morality ; The Old
World in its New Face. See Unita-
rian Review, vol. 67. A. XJ. A. Har.

Belrose, Louis. Pa., 1845-1894. A
writer whose only published work of
note is Thorns and Flowers, a volume
of verse.




Bemis, Edward "Webster. Ms.,

1860 . A professor of economics

in the University of Chicago. History
of Co-operation in the United States ;
Municipal Ownership of Gas in the
United States.

Bender, Prosper. Q., 1844 . A

Canadian physician, a litterateur, who
since 1883 has practiced his profession
in Boston. Old and New Canada ; Lit-
erary Sheaves, or La Litt^rature au

Benedict, David. Ct, 1779-1874. A
Baptist clergyman of Fawtucket. His-
tory of the Baptists ; History of All
Religions ; Fifty Years Among the
Baptists ; Compendium of Ecclesiasti-
cal History ; History of the Donatists,
comprise his principal works.

Benedict, Erastus Cornelius. Ct,
1800-1880. A jurist of New York
city. The American Admiralty : its
Jurisdiction and Practice.

Benedict, Frank Lee. N.Y., 1834-

. A novelist of New York city.

Miss Van Kortland ; My Daughter Eli-
nor ; The Price She Paid ; John Worth-
ington's Name ; Miss Dorothy's Charge ;
St. Simon's Niece ; 'Twixt Hammer and
Anvil ; Her Friend Laurence ; A Late
Remorse ; Madame ; The Shadow-Wor-
shipper and Other Poems. Har. Lip.

Benezet, Anthony. F., 1713-1784.
A Quaker philanthropist of Philadel-
phia, whose tracts on slavery first
aroused the attention of Clarkson and
Wilberforce to the subject. See Me-
moir by R. Vaux, 1817.

Benjamin, Judah Philip. W. I.,
1811-1884. A prominent New Orleans
lawyer who became attorney-general
of the Confederacy during the CivU
War. At its close he went to Eng-
land, and speedily became eminent in
his profession there. His Treatise on
the Law of Sale of Personal Property
is the standard work on the subject.
See The Athenceum, vol. SS.

Benjamin, Park. B. G., 1809-1864.
A poet and journalist of New York
city, whose verse, mainly lyrical in
character, has not been collected. The
Old Sexton is the best remembered ex-

Benjamin, Park, Jr. JV. Y., 1849-
. Son of P. Benjamin, supra. A

New York lawyer whose specialty is
patent law. Shakings : Etchings for
the Naval Academy ; Wrinkles and
Receipts : Suggestions for the Mechan-
ic, Engineer, etc. ; The Age of Elec-
tricity ; The Litellectual Rise in Elec-
tricity : a History. Ap. Scr. JVil.

Benjamin, Samuel Green Wheel-
er. Gr., 1837 . A contributor to

the field of general literature ; at one
period minister to Persia. Art in Amer-
ica ; Contemporary Art in Europe ; The
Atlantic Islands ; Troy : its Legend,
Literature, and Topography ; A Group
of Etchers ; Persia and the Persians ;
The Story of Persia ; The Cruise of the
Alice May in the Gulf of St. Law^-
rence ; Sea Spray, or Facts and Fancies
of a Yachtsman. Ap. Har. Hou. Lo,

Bennett, Charles "Wesley. N. Y.,
1828-1891. A Methodist clergyman
prominent in educational matters. Na-
tional Education in Italy, France, Ger-
many, England, and Wales, Popularly
Considered ; Christian Art and Archae-
ology of the First Six Centuries. Meth.

Bennett, De Robique Mortimer.

N. Y., 1818-1882. A noted freethinker
who was several times arrested and
imprisoned on account of his extreme
views. The World's Reformers ; Cham-
pions of the Church ; From Behind the
Bars ; An Infidel Abroad ; A Truth
Seeker Around the World.

Bennett, Edmund Hatch. Vt.,
1824-1898. A New England jurist,
dean of the Boston University Law
School. English Law and Equity Re-
ports ; Fire Insurance Cases ; Leading
Cases in Criminal Law. He has also
edited many legal works of importance.

Bennett, Emerson. Ms., 1822 .

A Philadelphia writer of sensational
romances quite worthless as literaturej
but which have been very popular.
Prairie Flower, Leni Leoti, are perhaps
the most noted of his fifty or more

Bensel, James Berry. N. Y., 1856-
1886. A verse-writer whose lines are
often musical and pathetic, though
sometimes lacking in finish. In the
King's Garden, and Other Poems ; King
Cophetua's Wife, a novel. Lo.




Benson, Carl. See Bristed.

Benson, Egbert. N. Y., 1746-1833.
A jurist and politician. Vindication of
the Captors of Major Andr4 ; Memoir
on Dutch Names of Places.

Benson, Eugene. N. Y., 1840 -.

An American artist long resident in
Italy. Gaspara Stampa, a biography ;
Art and Nature in Italy. Rob.

Benton, Joel. N. Y., 1832 . A

verse-writer and critic. Under the Ap-
ple Boughs, a collection of verse ; Em-
erson as a Poet. Ho.

Benton, Thomas Hart. N. C, 1782-
1858. An eminent statesman who rep-
resented Missouri in the United States
Senate for 30 years. His political writ-
ing is notable for its simple, direct style
and absence of invective. Speeches ;
Thirty Years' View ; History of the
Worlangs of Congress, 1820-50;
Abridgment of the Debates of Con-
gress, 1789-1856. -See Life hy T.
Itoosevelt. Ap.

Berard, Augusta Blanche. N. Y.,
1824-1901. An educational writer of
West Point. School History of the
United States ; School History of Eng-
land ; Manual of Spanish Art and Lit-
erature ; Reminiscences of West Point
in the Olden Time.

Berg, Joseph Frederick. W. J.,
1812-1871. A Dutch Reformed clergy-
man of Philadelphia and a once noted
controversialist. Lectures on Roman-
ism ; Rome's Policy towards the Bible
are among his writings.

Berg, Louis de Coppet. 2V.F., 1856-

. An architect and civil engineer

of New York city, who has published
a valuable work on Safe Building.

Bergh, Henry. N. Y., 182-3-1888. A
New York philanthropist who founded
the American Society for the Preven-
tion of Cruelty to Animals. The Streets
of New York, a volume of sketches ;
Love's Alternative, a drama ; Married
Off, a poem.

Bernheim, Gotthardt Dellman.

1827 . A Lutheran clergyman at

Phillipsburg, New Jersey, from 1883.
The Success of God's Work ; Locali-
ties of the Reformation ; History of the
German Settlements in North and South
Berrian, ■William. 1787-1862. An

Episcopal clergyman who was rector of
Trinity Church, New York city, 1830-
62. Travels in France and Italy ; Devo-
tions for the Sick Room ; On Commu-
nion ; Enter thy Closet ; The Sailors'
Manual ; Recollections of Departed
Friends ; Family and Private Prayers ;
Historical Sketch of Trinity Church.

Bessey, Charles Edwin. O., 1845-

. A botanical professor in the

University of Nebraska. Geography
of Iowa ; Botany for High Schools and
Colleges ; The Essentials of Botany.

Bethune [beh-thoon'], George
"Washington. N. Y., 1805-1862. A
Dutch Reformed clergyman of Brook-
lyn of considerable note as a preacher.
Orations and Discourses ; Fruits of the
Spirit ; History of a Penitent ; Lays of
Love and Faith, a volume of verse, are
some of his works. He was an ardent
fisherman, and edited Walton's Com-
plete Angler. See Memoir hy Van

Betts, Craven Langstroth. N. B.,

1853 . Songs from B Granger ;

The Perfume Holder : A Persian Love
Poem ; co-author with A. W. H. Eaton
(infra) of Tales of a Garrison Town.

Beverley, Robert. Va., 1675-1716.
A writer whose one work, a History of
the Present State of Virginia, 1705, is
full of life and vigour. In it occurs the
phrase " the almighty power of gold,"
which anticipates Irving's " almighty
dollar." See Tyler'' s American Litera-
ture ; Jamesori's Historical Writing in
America, pp. 63-67.

Bianciardi, Mrs. Elizabeth Dick-
inson [Rice]. JV/s., c. 1833-1885. At
Home in Italy. Hou.

Bickmore, Albert Smith. Me..,

1839 . An ethnologist, since 1885

the curator of the American Museum
of Natural History in New York
city. Travels in the East Indian Archi-
pelago ; The Ainos or Hairy Men of
Jesso, Saghalien, etc. ; Sketch of a
Journey from Canton to Hankow.

Biddle, Anthony Joseph Drexel.
Pa., 1874 . A journalist and pub-
lisher of Philadelphia. A Dual Role,
and Other Stories; An Allegory and
Three Essays ; The Madeira Islands ;
The Froggy Fairy Book.




Biddle, Charles John. Pa., 1819-
1873. Son of N. Biddle, infra. An
officer in the United States Army, and
afterwards a journalist in Philadelphia,
who is best known by his careful mono-
graph, The Case of Major Andr^.

Biddle, Nicholas. Pa., 1786-1844.
A financier of Philadelphia famous in
political history as the president of the
United States Bank. A Commercial
Digest ; History of the Expedition un-
der Lewis and Clark to the Missouri
River. See Memoir, by Conrad.

Biddle, Richard. Pa., 1796-1847.
Brother of N. Biddle, supra. A lawyer
of Philadelphia. Memoir of Sebastian
Cabot, with a Review of the History of
Maritime Discovery.

Bigelow, Mrs. Edith Evelyn [Jaf-

fray]. N.Y.,1S61 . Wife of P.

Bigelow, infra. Diplomatic Disen-
chantments, a novel. Har.

Bigelo-w, Erastus Brigham. Ms.,
1814-1879. A noted New England in-
ventor of carpet looms. The Tariff
Question considered in regard to the
Policy of England and the Interest
of the United States ; The Tariff Pol-
icy of England and United States Con-

Bigelow, Jacob. Ms., 1787-1879. A
famous physician of Boston who estab-
lished Mount Auburn cemetery. His-
tory of Mount Auburn ; A Brief Expo-
sition of Rational Medicine ; Modern
Inquiries, classical, professional, and
miscellaneous ; Remarks on Classical
and Utilitarian Studies ; American
Medical Botany ; Nature in Disease.
See Memoir, by Ellis.

Bigelow, John. N. Y., 1817 . A

prominent New York journalist, at one
time United States Minister to France.
Life of Benjamin Franklin ; Life of
William Cullen Bryant ; Life of Sam-
uel Tilden ; Jamaica in 1850 ; Les
Etats Unis d'Am^rique en 1863; Some
Recollections of Antoine Pierre Ber-
ry er ; France and Hereditary Monarchy ;
Wit and Wisdom of the Haytiens ;
Molinos the Quietist ; France and the
Confederate Navy : an International
Episode ; The Mystery of Sleep. He
has edited complete editions of the
works of Franklin and Tilden. Har,
Hou. Lip. Scr.

Bigelow, John, Jr. N. Y., 1854-

Son of John Bigelow, supra. A United
States cavalry officer. The Principles
of Strategy, illustrated chiefly from
American Campaigns. Lip.

Bigelow, Melville Madison. Mch.,

1846 . A lawyer and law lecturer

of Boston. The Law of Bills ; English
Procedure in the Norman Period ; The
Law of Fraud ; Elements of Equity ;
Elements of the Law of Torts ; Placita
Anglo-Normannica : Law Cases from
William I, to Richard I. ; Law of Wills,
Notes, and Cheques ; The Law of Fraud
on its Civil Side ; The Law of Estoppel
and its Application to Practice ; Lead-
ing Cases in the Law of Torts, comprise'
his principal works. He has also edited
the 8th edition of Story's Conflict of
Laws, and published a volume of origi-
nal verse. Rhymes of a Barrister. Hou.

Bigelow, Poultney. N. Y., 1855-

— . Son of John Bigelow, supra.

The German Emperor and his Eastern
Neighbors ; The Borderland of Czar and
Kaiser ; History of the German Strug-
gle for Liberty ; White Man's Africa ;
The Children of the Nations. Har.

Biglow, William. Ms., 1773-1844.
An educator of Boston. History of
Natick ; History of Sherburne ; The
Youth's Library ; Introduction to the
Making of Latm.

Billings, John Shaw. Lid.,AS38-

. Formerly surgeon U. S. A. Upon

the consolidation of the New York city
libraries, he was made chief librarian.
His chief work is a voluminous Index
Catalogue of the Library of the Sur-
geon-General's office. Others are Hy-
gienics of the United States Army
Barracks ; Mortality and Vital Statis-
tics of the United States Army.

Billings, Josh. See Shaw, Henry.

Binney, Amos. Ms., 1803-1847. A
once prominent physician and natural-
ist of Boston. Terrestrial Air-Breath-
ing MoUusks of the United States.

Binney, Horace. Pa., 1780-1875. A
noted jurist of Philadelphia. Reports
of Cases in the Supreme Court of Penn-
sylvania, 1799-1814 ; Leaders of the
Old Bar of Philadelphia ; Inquiry into
the Formation of Washington's Fare-
well Address.




Binney, "William Greene. Ms., 1833-

. Son of A. Binney, supra. A

■well-known conchologist of Burlington,
New Jersey. Besides completing his
father's work on moUusks he has -writ-
ten Bibliography of North American
Conchology; Land and Fresh Water
Shells of North America; Catalogues
of the Terrestrial Air-Breathing Mol-
lusks of North America.

Bird, Frederick Mayer. Pa., 1838-

. Son of R. M. Bird, infra. An

Episcopal clergyman widely known as
an hymnologist. He has edited The
Lutheran Ministerium Hymns (with
Smucker) ; Songs of the Spirit (with
Bishop Odenheimer) ; published Charles
Wesley seen in his Finer and Less Fa-
miliar Pieces; and contributed exten-
sively to the critical literature of his

Bird, Robert Montgomery. Dd.,
1803-1854. A romantic novelist of
Philadelphia whose Nick of the Woods
was his most popular work. His two
Mexican stories, Calavar : a Knight of
the Conquest ; The Infidel, or the Fall
of Mexico, were commended by the his-
torian Prescott. His other works in-
clude Peter Pilgrim, a collection of
Tales and Sketches, notable as contain-
ing almost the earliest description of
the Mammoth Cave ; Sheppard Lee ;
The Hawks of Hawk Hollow ; Adven-
tures of Robin Day ; and three success-
ful dramas, The Broker of Bogota;
Oraoosa ; The Gladiator.

Birney , James Gillespie. Ki/., 1792-
1857. A statesman famous for his op-
position to slavery. Ten Letters on Sla-
very and Colonization; Addresses and
Speeches ; American Churches the Bul-
warks of American Slavery, are among
his writings. See Nation, vol. 50; Bir-
ney and his Times, by W. Birney,

Bishop, Joel Prentiss. N. Y., 1814-
1901. An eminent jurist of Boston.
Commentaries on Criminal Law ; Mar-
riage and Divorce ; The Law of Mar-
ried Women ; Thoughts for the Times ;
First Book of The Law ; Directions and
Forms ; Criminal Procedure ; Statutory
Crimes ; Prosecution and Defence ; The
Written Laws, are among the more im-
portant works of his. Lit.

Bishop, Nathaniel Holmes. Ms.,
1837—1902. A writer of entertaining

travels. A Thousand Miles' Walk
across South America; The Voyage
of the Paper Canoe; Four Months in
a Sneak Box. Le.

Bishop, Robert Hamilton. S., 1777r
1855. A Presbyterian clergyman of
Ohio, president of Miami University,
1824-41. Sermons ; Elements of Logic ;
Philosophy of the Bible; Science of
Grovemment ; Western Peacemaker ;
Memoirs of David Rice.

Bishop, "William Henry. Ct., 1847-

. A novelist and professor in Yale

University. Fish and Men in the Maine
Islands ; A Househunter in Europe j
Writing to Rosina: a novelette ; A
Pound of Cure : a Story of Monte Carlo t
Detmold; The House of a Merchant
Prince ; The Golden Justice ; Choy
Susan and Other Stories ; The Brown
Stone Boy and Other Queer People 5
Old Mexico and her Lost Provinces, a
volume of travel ; The Garden of Eden.
Cas. Cent. Har. Ho. Hou. Ke. Scr.

Bisland, Elizabeth. See Wetmore,

Bissell, Edwin Cone. N. Y., 1832-
1894. A Congregational clergyman of
Chicago. Analysis of the Codes ; The
Historic Origin of the Bible ; The Pen-
tateuch : its Origin and Structure ; Bib-
lical Antiquities ; Practical Introduc-
tory Hebrew Grammar; Genesis Printed
in Colours, showing original sources of
compilation. Fu. Ran. Scr.

Bixby, James Thompson. N. Y.,

1848 . A Unitarian clergyman of

Yonkers, New York. Similarities of
Physical and Religious Knowledge, re-
printed with the title Religion and Sci-
ence as Allies; The Crisis in Morals.
Ap. Rob.

BLsby, John Munson. "E. Gray-
son." Ct., 1800-1876. A lawyer of
New York city, whose two novels were
issued under a pseudonym. Standish
the Puritan ; Overing, or the Heir of

Black, Alexander. N. Y., 1859-——.
A Brooklyn journalist, literary editor
of the Brooklyn Times. The Story of
Ohio ; Photography Indoors and Out ;
Miss Jerry, a Picture Play. Hou. Lo.

Black, James. Pa., 1823-1894. A
noted Pennsylvania advocate of temper-




ance •who -was the presidential nominee
of the prohibitionists in 1872. Is Prohi-
bition a Necessity ; History of the Prohi-
bition Party ; The Prohibition Party.

Black, James Rush. S., 1827 .

An Ohio physician, since 1876 a pro-
fessor of hygiene in the medical col-
lege of Columbus. Ten Laws of Health,
a valuable work on hygiene ; Guide to
Protection against Epidemic Disease.

Black, "Warren Columbus. Mi.,

184;3 . A Methodist clergyman of

Mississippi. Temperance and Teeto-
talism ; Christian Womanhood.

Black, ■William Henry. Ind., 1854-

. A Presbyterian clergyman of

St. Louis. God our Father; Woman-
hood ; Sermons for the Sunday School.

Blackburn, 'William Maxwell.
Ind., 1828-1900. A Presbyterian cler-
gyman, since 1886 president of Pierre
University, South Dakota. Among his
many works, chiefly on religion and
biography, are History of the Christian
Church ; Geneva's Shield ; Exiles of
Madeira ; Judas the Maccabee ; The
Rebel Prince ; College Days of Calvin ;
Young Calvin in Paris ; St. Patrick and
the Early Irish Church ; Admiral Co-
ligny and the Rise of the Huguenots ;
The Theban Legion; and the Uncle
Alick series of juvenile tales. Meth.

Blackwell, Mrs. Antoinette Lou-
isa [Brown]. N. Y., 1825 . A

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