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Liquors ; Organic Analysis ; Qualita-
tive Analysis (with S. Douglas).

Prescott, George Benjamin. N.
H., 1830—1894. A prominent electri-
cian of New York city. History of
the Electric Telegraph ; Dynamo Elec-
tricity ; Invention of Bell's Telephone,
are his principal writings.

Prescott, Mary New^march. Me.,
1849-1888. Sister of Mrs. H. Spofford,
infra. A popular magazine-writer of
Newburyport who published Matt's
Follies, a juvenile tale.

Prescott, William Hickling. Ms.,
1796-1859. A celebrated historian of
Boston. While a student at Harvard
College, he lost the use of one eye and
not long afterwards the free use of the
other, and, until in later life his eye-
sight improved, he was obliged to de-
pend upon the reading of others in his
historical researches. In 1837 his His-
tory of the Reign of Ferdinand and
Isabella appeared and brought him in-
stant fame. It was followed by The
Conquest of Mexico ; The Conquest
of Peru ; an edition of Robertson's
Charles V., with Prescott's own work
on the cloister life of that monarch ;
History of Philip II. ; Biographical
and Critical Miscellanies. See Lives by
a. Ogden ( 1904) cind Ticknor, infra ;
Allibone^s Dictionary. Lip.

Preston, Harriet "Waters. Ms.,

c. 1843 . A high authority upon

Provencal literature and a writer of
literary criticism and historical studies
who has lived much in Europe. Her
writings include, Aspendale ; Love in
the Nineteenth Century ; Troubadours
and Trouvferes ; A Year in Eden ; Is
That All ? a novel ; The Georgics of
Vergil in English Verse ; and a trans-
lation from the Provencal of Fr^d^ric
Mistral's Mir^io.

Preston, Mrs. Margaret [Junkin].
Va., 1820-1897. A poet and prose-
writer of Lexington, Virginia, and later
of Baltimore. Old Song and New ;
Beechenbrook, a Rhyme of the War ;
Colonial Ballads, Sonnets, and Other
Verse ; For Love's Sake ; The Young
Ruler's Question ; Silverwood, a novel ;
A Handful of Monographs. Hou.

Preston, Thomas Scott. Ct., 1824-
1891. A Roman Catholic clergyman,




but prior to 1849 in orders in the Epis-
copal Church. From 1881 he was a
domestic prelate of the papal house-
hold with the title of Monsignore.
Protestantism and the Bible ; Reason
and Revelation ; Christ and the Chtirch ;
The Ark of the Covenant ; Sermons
for the Seasons ; Life of St. Mary Mag-
dalene ; Life of St. Vincent de Paul ;
Christian Unity ; Purgatorian Manual.

Price, Bruce. N. Y., 1845-1903. An
architect of New York city. A Large
Country House.

Price, Eli Kirk. Pa., 1797-1884. A
Philadelphia lawyer of eminence. Law
of Limitations and Liens against Real
Estate. See Memoir of, by Eothrock,

Price, Ira Maurice. O., 1856-

An educator of Chicago, professor of
Semitic languages in the University of
Chicago from 1892. SyUabus of Old
Testament History. i?ev.

Price, Thomas Randolph. Fa., 1839-
1903. A professor of English litera-
ture at Columbia College from 1882.
The Teaching of the Mother Tongue ;
Shakespeare's Verse Construction.

Priest, Josiah. N. F., c. 1790-c. 1850.
A harness-maker of New York State,
some of whose books were very popu-
lar. Wonders of Nature ; View of the
Millennium ; Stories of the Revolution ;
American Antiquities ; Slavery in the
Light of History and Scripture.

Prim e , B en j amin Youn g. L.I.,1 733-
1791. A physician of Huntington,
Long Island, who wrote patriotic verses
during the Revolutionary period. The
Patriot Muse, published in 1764, in-
cludes his earlier poems. Columbia's
Glory, or British Pride Humbled, is a
long poem printed in 1791.

Prime, Edward Dorr Griffin. N. Y.,

1814-1891. Son of N. S. Prime, infra.
A Presbyterian clergyman who was
one of the editors of The New York
Observer, to which he contributed
the Letters of Eusebius. Around the
World; Forty Years in the Turkish
Empire, or Memoirs of Reverend Wil-
liam Goodell.
Prime, Nathaniel Scudder. L. I.,
1785-1856. Son of B. Y. Prime, supra.
A Presbyterian clergyman of New-
burgh, New York. FamUiar Illustra-

tion of Christian Baptism ; History of
Long Island.

Prime, Samuel Irenaeus. N. Y.,
1812-1885. Son of N. S. Prime, supra.
A Presbyterian clergyman, editor of
The New York Observer for forty-five
years. Among his many works are,
Fifteen Years of Prayer ; Irenaeus Let-
ters ; The Old White Meeting-House ;
Life in New York; Annals of the
English Bible; Songs of the Soul;
Life of S. B. F. Morse, supra ; Prayer
and its Answer ; Walking with God ;
Travels in Europe and the East ; The
Bible in the Levant ; The Alhambra
and the Kremlin ; Under the Trees. See
Autobiography, 1886. Ap. Har. Ban.

Prime, "William Cowper. N. Y.,

1825 . Son of N. S. Prime, supra.

A lawyer and journalist, professor of
the history of art at Princeton College
from 1884. Boat Life in Egypt ; Tent
Life in the Holy Land ; Pottery and
Porcelain ; The Owl Creek Letters ;
Coins, Medals, and Seals ; I Go A-Fish-
ing ; Holy Cross ; Along New England
Roads ; Among the Northern Hills.
Har. Ban.

Prince, Mrs. Helen Choate [Pratt].

Ms., 1857— . A granddaughter of

R. Choate, supra. A novelist now liv-
ing in France. The Story of Christine
Rochefort ; A Transatlantic Chatelaine ;
The Strongest Master. Hou.

Prince, Le Baron Bradford. L. I.,

1840 . Son of W. R. Prince, infra.

A jurist of New Mexico. Agricultural
History of Queen's County, Long Is-
land ; E Pluribus Unum, or American
Nationality ; General Laws of New
Mexico ; History of New Mexico ; The
American Church and its Name.

Prince, Thomas. Ms., 1687-1758. A
Congregational minister, pastor of the
Old South Church in Boston, 1718-58,
and one of the most fair-minded, accu-
rate historical writers that America has
had. His library now forms a separate
collection in the Boston Public Library.
Earthquakes of New England (1755);
Chronological History of New England.
See Tyler^s American Literature ; Alli-
bone''s Dictionary.

Prince, William. L. I., 1766-1842.
A horticulturist of Flushing, Long
Island, whose Treatise on Horticulture




(1826) was the first comprehensive work
on the subject published in the United

Prince, ■William Robert. L. I., 1795-
1869. Son of W. Prince, supra. A
horticulturist of Flushing. History of
the Vine (with W. Prince) ; Pomologi-
cal Manual ; Manual of Roses.

Proctor, Edna Dean. N. H., 18.38-
. A litterateur formerly of Brook-
lyn, New York, now (19U4) of South
Framingham, Massachusetts. Poems;
A Russian Journey ; The Song of the
Ancient People. IIou.

Proctor, Lucien Brock. N.H., 1826-
1900. A legal writer of Albany. The
Bench and Bar of the State of New
York ; Lives of the State Chancellors ;
Life of Thomas Emmet ; Lawyer and
Client ; Bench and Bar of King's Coun-
ty ; Legal History of Albany and
Schenectady Counties.

Proudfit, Alexander Moncrief.
Pa., 1770-1843. An Associate Re-
formed Presbyterian clergyman. Dis-
courses on the Parables ; Theological
Works (four volumes, 1815). See Life
of, by Forsyth.

Proudfit, David La-vg'. " Peleg Ark-
wright." • N. Y., 1842-1897. A Fede-
ral officer during the Civil War, and
subsequently a resident of New York
city. Love Among the Gamins, and
Other Poems ; Mask and Domino (verse).

Proudfit, John "Williams. N. F.,
1803-1870. Son of A. M. Proudfit, su-
pra. A Dutch Reformed clergyman,
professor of Greek in Rutgers College,
1840-64. Man's Two-Fold Life.

Prudden, Theophile Mitchell. Ct.,

1849 . A New York physician,

professor of pathology in the College
of Physicians and Surgeons. Manual
of Normal Histology (with Delafield) ;
Dust and its Dangers ; Water and Ice ;
Handbook of Pathological Anatomy ;
Story of the Bacteria. Put.

Pugh [pew], Mrs, Eliza Lofton [Phil-
lips]. " Arria." La., 1841 . A

novelist of Assumption Parish, Louis-
iana. Not a Hero ; In a Crucible.

Pulte, Joseph Hippolyt. G., 1811-
1884. A physician of Cleveland. The
Homoeopathic Domestic Physician ;
The Science of Medicine ; The Wo-
man's Medical Guide.

Pumpelly [pum-pel'ly], Mrs. Mary
Hollenback [Welles]. Pa., 1803-
1879. A verse-writer whose religious
historical Poems were collected in a
volume in 1852.

Pumpelly, Raphael. N. Y., 1837-

. Son of Mrs. Pumpelly, supra.

A geologist of note, professor of min-
ing engineering at Harvard University
from 1866. Geological Researches in
China ; Aross America and Asia ; Notes
of a Five-Years' Journey Around the
World. Ho.

Punchard, George. Ms., 1806-1881.
A Boston journalist, for many years
editor of The Traveller, but who, prior
to 1845, was a Congregational clergy-
man in New Hampshire. History of
Congregationalism from A. D. 250 ; View
of Congregationalism. C P. S.

Purinton, Daniel Boardman. Pa.,

1S50 . A Baptist clergyman and

educator of Ohio, president of Denison
University from 1889. Christian The-
ism ; The Battle of the Frogs, a poem.

Purple, Samuel Smith. N. Y., 1822-

1900. A physician of New York city.
The Corpus Luteum ; Menstruation ;
Contributions to the Practice of Mid-
wifery ; Observations on Wounds of the

Purves, George Tybout. Pa., 1852-

1901. A Presbyterian clergyman, pro-
fessor of New Testament literature at
Princeton College from 1892. The tes-
timony of Justin Martyr to Early
Christianity. Pan.

Putnam, Albigence "Waldo. O.,
1799-1869. A lawyer of Nashville;
History of Middle Tennessee ; Life
and Times of General James Robert-
son ; Life of General John Sevier.

Putnam, Eleanor. See Bates, Mrs. H.

Putnam, George Haven. E., 1844-

. Son of G. P. Putnam, infra. A

prominent publisher of New York city.
Authors and Publishers ; International
Copyright ; Authors and their Public
in Ancient Times. Put.

Putnam, George Palmer. Me., 1814-
1872. A well-known publisher of New
York city, the founder of the present
publishing house of G. P. Putnam's
Sons. The Tourist in Europe ; Ameri-
can Facts ; The World's Progress. See
Allibone^s Dictionary. Put.


Putnam, Mrs. Katharine Hunt
[Palmer]. Ms., 1792-1869. A Bos-
ton writer. Scripture Text Book ; The
Old Testament Unveiled.

Putnam, James Osborne. N. Y.,
1818-1903. A Birffalo lawyer who was
minister to Belgium in 1880. Addresses,
Speeches, and Miscellanies.

Putnam, Mrs. Mary [Lowell]. Ms.,
1810-1898. Sister of J. E. Lowell, su-
pra. A life-long resident of Boston.
Fifteen Days ; History of the Court of
Hungary ; Records of an Obscure Man ;
Tragedy of Errors ; Tragedy of Suc-

Putnam, Ruth. 18-


gogue ; How the First Sabbath was Or-
dained ; The Covenant of Nature made
with Adam.

— . Daughter
of G. P. Putnam, supra. Life of Wil-
liam the SUent. Put.

Putnam, Mrs. Sarah A. Brock.

Va., c. 1845 . A writer of New

York city. Richmond During the War ;
The Southern Amaranth ; Kenneth, My
King ; Myra, a novel.

Pyle, Howard. JDeZ.,1853 . Artist

and litterateur of Wilmington, Dela-
ware. The Merrie Adventures of Robin
Hood ; Within the Capes : a novel ;
Otto of the Silver Hand ; Twilight
Land ; The Garden Behind the Moon ;
Pepper and Salt, or Seasoning for
Young Folk ; A Modern Aladdin ; The
Rose of Paradise ; Men of Iron, a ro-
mance of chivalry ; Jack Ballister's For-
tunes. Cent. Har. Scr.

Pynohon, Thomas Ruggles. Ct.,
1823-1904. Descendant of W. Pynchon,
infra. An Episcopal clergyman and
educator, president of Trinity College,
1874—83, and professor of chemisti-y
there. Bishop Butler: a Religious
Philosopher for AH Time ; Introduc-
tion to Chemical Physics. Ap.

Pynohon, William. E., 1590-1662.
A noted colonist of New England who
founded the town of Springfield, Mas-
sachusetts, in 1636. In 1652 he re-
turned to England. The Meritorious
Price of Our Redemption, first pub-
lished in 1650, excited a storm of con-
troversy, and was publicly burned on
Boston Common as an heretical book.
It was reprinted in 1655 as The Meri-
torious Price of Man's Redemption, or
Christ's Satisfaction discussed and ex-
plained, with a rejoinder to Rev. John
Norton's Answer; The Jewes Syna-

Quackenbos, George Payn. N. Y.,

1826-1881. An educator of New York
city. School History of the United
States ; Natural Philosophy ; a series
of English grammars ; An Advanced
Course of Rhetoric.

Quackenbos, John Duncan. N. Y.,

1848 . Son of G. P. Quackenbos,

supra. An adjunct professor of Eng-
lish literature at Columbia College
from 1884. Illustrated History of the
World ; History of the English Lan-
guage ; History of Ancient Literature ;
Practical Rhetoric. Sar.

Qualtrough, Edward F . N. Y.,

1850 . A United States naval

of&cer who has published The Sailor's
Handy Book and Yachtsman's Manual ;
The Boat Sailor's Manual. Scr.

Quiet, Charles. See Noyes, C. H.

Quinby, George Washington. Me.,
1810-1884. A Universalist clergyman
in Maine and Ohio. The Salvation of
Christ ; Brief Exposition of Universal-
ism ; Marriage and Its Duties ; The
Gallows, the Prison, and the Poor
House ; Heaven Our Home.

Quincy, Edmund. Ms., 1703-1788.
A Boston merchant who wrote a Trea-
tise on Hemp Husbandry. One of his
daughters married John Hancock.

Quincy, Edmund. Ms., 1808-1877.
Son of J. Quincy, 2d, infra. A Boston
writer whose literary fame was hardly
proportioned to his deserts. Wensley,
and Other Stories; The Haunted Ad-
jutant, and Other Stories ; Life of
President Josiah Quincy. Hon. Lit.

Quincy, Josiah. Ms., 1744-1775.
Nephew of E. Quincy, 1st. A famous
Boston lawyer and patriot, very promi-
nent at the opening of the Revolution-
ary period. Observations on the Boston
Port Bill. See Life of, by his son.

Quincy, Josiah. ITs., 1772-1864. Son
of J. Quincy, supra. An eminent Mas-
sachusetts statesman, mayor of Boston,
1823-29 ; president of Harvard Univer-
sity, 1829-45 ; representative in Con-




gress, 1805-13. History of Harvard
University ; Speeches and Orations in
Congress ; History of Boston ; Life of
Josiah Quincy, Jr. See Life hy E.
Quincy ; Duyckinck'' s American Litera-
ture ; Lowell, My Study Windows. Lit.

Quincy, Josiah. Ms., 1802-1882. Son
of J. Quincy, 2d, supra. A citizen of
Boston, and mayor of that city, 1845-
1849. Figures of the Past. Bob.

Quincy, Josiah Phillips, ilis., 1829-

. Son of J. Quincy, 3d, supra. A

litterateur of Boston. Charieles, a
drama ; Lyteria, a drama ; The Peck-
ster Professorship, a Story ; The Pro-
tection of Majorities, and Other Papers.
Hou. Mob.

Quincy, Samuel Miller. Ms., 1833-
1887. Son of J. Quincy, 3d. A Boston
lawyer who served in the Federal army
during the Civil War. The Man Who
was Not a Colonel ; A Prisoner's Diary.

Quint, Alonzo Hall. N. H., 1828-
1896. A prominent Congregational cler-
gyman of Boston. The Potomac and
the Rapidan, or Army Notes ; Records
of the Second Massachusetts Infantry,

Quitman, Frederick Henry. Wa.,
1760-1832. A Lutheran clergyman of
Rhinebeck, New York. Treatise on
Magic ; Sermons on the Reformation,
are his more important writings.

Raff, George "Wertz. O., 1825-1888.
A savings bank president of Canton,
Ohio. Guide to Executors and Admi-
nistrators in Ohio ; Manual of Pensions ;
The Law Relating to Roads in Ohio ;
War Claimant's Guide.

Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel
Ty., 1784-1842. An eccentric natural-
ist and botanist of French parentage
who, after years of travel, settled in
Philadelphia. The value of his work is
impaired as much by his inaccuracy as
by his very eccentric methods. Among
his many works are, Medical Flora of
the United States ; A Life of Travel
and Researches ; Annals of Kentucky ;
Recent and Fossil Conchology (edited
by Binney and Tryon, 1864). See Silli-
man's Journal, I84I ; Life by B. E.
Call. Mar.

Ragozin, Madame ZSnaide Alex-

eievna. B., c. 1835 . A Russian

historical writer, naturalized in the
United States in 1874. The Story of
Chaldea ; The Story of Assyria ; The
Story of Media and Babylon ; The Story
of Vedic India. Put.

Raguet [ra-ga], Condy. Pa., 1784-
1842. A merchant and lawyer of Phila-
delphia. The Principles of Free Trade ;
Currency and Banking; An Inquiry
into the Present State of the Circulat-
ing Medium of the United States (1815).

Rains, George Washington. N. C,
1817-1898. A Confederate army officer,
professor of chemistry at the University
of Georgia from 1867. Steam Portable
Engines ; Rudimentary Course of Ana-
lytical and Applied Chemistry ; Chemi-
cal Qualitative Analysis.

Rainsford, William Stephen. J.,

1850 . A prominent Episcopal

clergyman of New York city, rector
of St. George's Church from 1883, and
an active worker in philanthropic and
other reforms. Sermons Preached in
St. George's ; The Church's Oppor-
tunity in the City of To-Day. Do.

Ralph, Julian. N. Y., 1853-1903. A
popular journalist and litterateur. On
Canada's Frontier ; Dixie ; Our Great
West ; Chicago and the World's Fair ;
People We Pass ; Alone in China, and
Other Stories. Har.

Ralston, Samuel. I, 1756-1851. A
Presbyterian clergyman In what i^ now
Monongahela City, Pennsylvania, from
1796 till his death. On Baptism ; The
Last Plagues ; The Currycomb, are
among his writings.

Ralston, Thomas Neely. Ky., 1806-
1891. A Methodist clergyman and re-
ligious editor of Kentucky. Elements
of Divinity ; Evidences of Christianity ;
Ecce Unitas ; Bible Truths.

Ramsay, David. Pa., 1749-1815. A
physician of Charleston, eminent among
early American historians. History of
the American Revolution ; History of
the United States ; Life of Washington ;
History of South Carolina, include his
chief works. See Tuckerman's Sketch
of American Literature ; Allibone's Dic'

Ramsay, Mrs. Vienna G' [Mor-

rell]. Me., 1817 . Facts on Mis-




sions ; Evenings With the Children ; A
Legend of the White HUls, and other
Poems. Lo.

Rand, Asa. N. H., 1783-1871. A Con-
gregational clergyman in Maine and
New York prominent as an opponent of
slavery. Teachers' Manual in English
Grammar ; The Slave-Catcher Caught
in the Meshes of Eternal Law.

Hand, Benjamin. N. S.,1856 .

An instructor in philosophy at Harvard
University. Economic History Since
1763 ; A Bibliography of Economics ;
and also bibliographies of aesthetics,
ethics, psychology, metaphysics, logic,
history of philosophy, philosophy of re-

Rand, Benjamin Ho'ward. Ms.,
1792-1862. A Philadelphia teacher of
penmanship who published The Ameri-
can Penman and similar works.

Rand, Benjamin Howard. Pa.,
1827-1883. Son of B. H. Rand, supra.
A physician of Philadelphia. Outlines
of Medical Chemistry ; Elements of
Medical Chemistry. Lip.

Rand, Ed-ward Augustus. N. H.,
1837-1903. An Episcopal clergyman,
rector at Watertown, Massachusetts,
from 1883. Christmas Jack ; Behind
Manhattan Gables ; School and Camp
Series ; Sailor Boy Bob ; Pushing
Ahead ; Fighting the Sea Series, are
among his many books for juvenile
readers. Lo. Meth. Wh.

Rand, Edward Sprague. Ms., 1834-
1897. Formerly a floriculturist of Ded-
ham, Massachusetts. Garden Flowers ;
Complete Manual of Orchid-Culture ;
Popular Flowers ; Rhododendrons ;
Flowers for the Parlor and Garden ;
The Window Gardener ; Life Memoirs,
and Other Poems. Hou.

Rand, Mrs. Mary Frances [Ab-
bott]. Me., 1840 . Wife of E.

A. Rand, supra. Holly and Mistletoe ;
Home-Spun Yams for Christmas Stock-

Randall, David Austin. Ct., 1813-
1884. A Baptist clergyman and re-
ligious editor of Ohio. God's Hand-
writing in Egypt ; The Wonderful
Tent, or the Mosaic Tabernacle. Clke.

Randall, Henry Stephens. N. F.,
1811-1876. A once prominent advo-
cate of public instruction in New York

State. Sheep Husbandry ; Fine Wool
Sheep Husbandry ; Practical Shepherd ;
Life of Thomas Jefferson. Lip.

Randall, James Ryder. Md., 1839-

. A journalist of Augusta, Georgia,

and elsewhere in the South, who has
written a number of spirited lyrics, the
best known of which is the famous song,
Maryland, My Maryland.

Randall, Samuel Sidwell. N. Y.,
1809-1881. Cousin of H. S. Randall,
supra. A superintendent of public
schools in New York city, 1854-70.
History of the State of New York ;
Mental and Moral Culture ; Principles
of Popular Education ; Incitements to
the Study of Geology, include his more
important works. Har.

Randolph, Anson Davies Fitz. N.
J., 1820-1896. A publisher and re-
ligious verse-writer of New York city.
Hopefully Waiting ; Verses ; At the
Beautiful Gate ; The Palace of the
King ; Unto the Desired Haven. Ran.

Randolph, Sarah Nicholas. Va.,
1839-190-. A great-granddaughter of
Thomas Jefferson. An educator of Bal-
timore. The Domestic Life of Thomas
Jefferson ; The Lord Will Provide ; The
Life of Stonewall Jackson. Har. Lip.

Ranger, Robert. See Freeman, J. M.

Rankin, Jeremiah Eames. N. H.,
1828-1904. A Presbyterian clergy-
man, president of Howard University.
Auld Scotch Mither, and Other Poems ;
Subduing Kingdoms ; The Hotel of
God, and Other Sermons ; Atheism of
the Heart ; Christ His Own Interpre-
ter ; Ingleside Rhaims.

Rankin, John. Tn., 1793-1886. A
Presbyterian clergyman of Ripley, Ohio,
famous as an abolitionist, and many
times mobbed for his anti-slavery zeal.
Letters on American Slavery ; The Co-
venant of Grace. See Ritchie's Life of,
entitled The Soldier, the Battle, and the

Rankin, John Chambers. N. C,
1816-1900. A Presbyterian clergy-
man of Baskingridge, New Jersey, from
1851. The Coming of the Lord.

Ranney, Ambrose Loomis. Ms.,

1848 . A physician, professor of

nervous diseases in the University of the
City of New York. A Practical Trea-




tise on Surgical Diagnosis; Applied
Anatomy of the Nervous System ; Prac-
tical Medical Anatomy ; Lectures on
Nervous Diseases, include his principal
■writings. -4?-

Rapelje, Stewart. N. Y., 1842-1896.
A legal writer of New York city. Di-
gest of Decisions of New York Courts
to 1881 ; Digest of Federal Decisions
and Statutes from the Earliest Period
to 1880 ; Treatise on the Law of Wit-
nesses ; Dictionary of American and
English Decisions.

Raphall, Morris Jacob. Sn., 1798-
1868. A Jewish clergyman once pro-
minent in New York city. Post-Bibli-
cal History of the Jews ; Literature of
the Jews in Spain ; Social Condition of
the Jews ; Festivals of the Lord ; The
Path to Immortality. Ap.

Rarey, John S . O., 1828-1866.

A famous horse-tamer who wrote a
Treatise on Horse-Taming that was
very extensively circulated.

Rau, Charles. Bm., 1826-1887. An
archaeologist of distinction of Belgian
birth who settled in the United States
in 1848, and was curator of antiquities
in the United States National Museum,
1875-87. Early Man in Europe ; Pre-
historic Fishing. Har.

Rauch, Friedrich Augustus. G.,
1806-1841. A psychologist of Mer-
cersburg, Pennsylvania, prominent
among thinkers of the Gei-man Re-
formed faith. Psychology : a View of
the Human Soul ; The lianer Life of
the Christian.

Raum, Green Berry. J7., 1829 .

A commissioner of internal revenue,
1876-83 ; later United States commis-
sioner of pensions. The Existing Con-
flict between Republican Government
and Southern Oligarchy (1884).

Ravenel, Henry William. S. C,
1814-1887. A botanist of Aiken, South
Carolina, distinguished for his know-
ledge of fungi. Fungi Carolinian! Ex-
siccati ; Fungi Americani Exsiccati
(with Cooke).

Rawle, Francis. K, 1660-1727. A
Quaker colonist of Pennsylvania whose
Ways and Means for the Inhabitants
of Delaware to become Rich is said
to have been the first book printed by
Franklin. ^

Rawle, "William. Pa., 1759-1836.
Great-grandson of F. Rawle, supra. A
distinguished lawyer of Philadelphia.
View of the Constitution of the United
States; The Study of the Law. See
Memoir of, by Wharton, 18^0; Alli-
hone' s Dictionary.

Rawle, William Brooke. Pa., 1843-
. Grand-nephew of W. Rawle, su-
pra. A la>wyer of Philadelphia who has
published The Right Flank at Gettys-
burg; With Gregg in the Gettysburg

Rawle, William Henry. Pa., 1823-
1889. Grandson of W. Rawle, supra.
A prominent lawyer of Philadelphia.
Law of Covenants for Title ; Some Con-
trasts in the Growth of Pennsylvania
in English Law ; Equity in Pennsyl-
vania. Lit.

Rawson, Albert Leighton. Vt.,
1829-1902. A traveller of note who
was the author of Histories of all Reli-
gions ; Antiquities of the Orient ; The
Unseen World, and a number of dic-
tionaries and vocabularies of Oriental

Ray, Anna Chapin. Ms., 1865 .

A writer of West Haven, Connecticut,
whose tales for juvenile reading have
been popular. Cadets of Fleming Hall ;
Half a Dozen Boys ; Half a Dozen
Girls ; In Blue Creek Canon ; Dick ;

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