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United States. Lip.

Rosenthal, Lewis. Md., 18-56 . A

journalist who has published America
and France : the Influence of the United
States on France in the Eighteenth Cen-
tury. Ho.

Ross, Albert. See Porter, L. B.

Ross, Clinton. N. Y., 1861 . A

novelist of New York city. The Si-
lent Workman ; The Countess Bettina ;
The Speculator ; Adventures of Three
Worthies ; Improbable Tales ; Two
Soldiers and a Politician ; The Puppet ;
The Scarlet Coat ; Battle Tales ; Bob-
bie McDuff; The Meddling Hussy;
Zuleika. Lam. Put. St.

Ross, Frederick Augustus, Va.,
1796-1883. A Presbyterian clergyman
of Huntsville, Alabama. Slavery as
Ordained of God.

Rosser, Leonidas. Va., 1815-1892.
A Methodist clergyman of Virginia.
Baptism ; Experimental Religion ; Class
Meetings ; Recognition in Heaven ;
Open Communion ; Initial Life ; Reply
to Howell's " Evils of Baptism."

Rotch [roch], Abbott Lawrence.

Ms., 1861 . A meteorologist who

founded the Blue Hill meteorological
observatory in Milton, Massachusetts,
in 1885, and who has published many
valuable meteorological papers.

Rothrock, Joseph Trimble. Pa.,

1839 . A professor of botany in

the University of Pennsylvania from
1877. Botany of the Wheeler Expedi-
tion ; Vacation Cruisings ; Flora of
Alaska ; Revision of the North Ame-
rican Gaurineae, include his principal
publications. Lip.

Round, William Marshall Fitz.

R. I., 1845 . A writer active in

prison reforms. His books for juve-
nile readers include, Achsah ; Child
Marion Abroad ; Torn and Mended ;
Hal ; Rosecrof t. Le.

Rouquette [roo-kef], Adrien Em-
manuel. La., 1813-1887. A Roman
Catholic clergyman and educator of
New Orleans, known as the Abb^ Rou-
quette. Les Savannes ; Poesies am^ri-
caines ; Wild Flowers ; Sacred Poetry ;
Le Th^baide en Am^rique ; L'Antoni-
ade, ou la Solitude avec Dieu ; Poemes

Rouquette, Francois Dominique.
Pa., 1810-1890. * Brother of A. E.
Rouquette, supra. A lawyer who re-
sided in France for part of his life.
Les Meschao^b^ennes ; Fleurs d' Am^
rique ; and a work in French and Eng-
lish on the Choctaw Indians.

Row^e, Mrs. Henrietta Gould. Me.,

1835 . A writer of Bangor, Maine.

Re-told Tales of the Hills and Shores
of Maine ; Queenshithe.

Rowland, Henry Augustus. Ct.,
1804-1859. A Congregational clergy-
man of Newark, New Jersey. Com-
mon Maxims of Infidelity ; The Path
of Life ; Light in a Dark Valley ; The




Way of Peace. See Memorial of, by
Fairchild, 1860.

Rowson, Mrs. Susanna [Has-well],
E., 1762-1824. A once famous novel-
ist whose Charlotte Temple was the
most popular tale of its day. Born in
England, she came to Boston as a child,
but returned to England in 1784 and
there married. In 1793 she came again
to America, and after a short career as
an actress opened a school in Boston,
which was very successful. Her writ-
ings include Victoria; Mary, or the
Test of Honour; The Fille de Cham-
bre ; The Inquisitor ; The Trials of
the Heart ; Reuben and Rachel ; Lucy
Temple, a sequel to Charlotte Temple ;
Miscellaneous Poems; The Slaves of
Algiers, an opera ; The Volunteers, a
farce ; The French Patriot, a comedy.
See Memoir by E. Nason, supra, 1870.

Royall, Mrs. Anne. Va., 1769-1854.
A once well-known and unpopular
Washington journalist, editor of the
Washington Paul Pry, whose literary
style was quite devoid of merit. The
Black Book; The Tennessean, a
novel ; Sketches of History, Life, and
Manners in the United States ; A
Southern Tour : Letters from Ala-

Royce, Josiah. CaL, 1855-

prof essor of the history of philosophy
at Harvard University. The Religious
Aspect of Philosophy ; California : a
Study of American Character; The
Feud of Oakfield Creek, a novel ;
Primer of Logical Analysis ; The Spirit
of Modern Philosophy. Hon.
Rudder, 'William. B. G., 1820-1880.
An Episcopal clergyman of Philadel-
phia, rector of St. Stephen's Church.
Sermons ; A Rationale of the Church's
Liturgic Worship. Co. Lip.

Rude, Mrs. Ellen [Sergeant]. N.

Y., 1838 . A verse-writer of Du-

luth who has published Magnolia
Leaves (verse).

Ruffner, Henry. Fa., 1798-1861. A
Presbyterian clergyman of Virginia,
and a noted opponent of slavery. Fa-
thers of the Desert : a History of Mo-
nachism ; Future Punishment.

Ruffner, William Henry. Va.,

1824 . Son of W. RufFner, supra.

A Presbyterian clergyman of Philadel-

phia, and from 1870 State superintend-
ent of public instruction in Virginia.
Charity and the Clergy.

Ruggles, Henry Joseph. N. Y.,

1813 . A lawyer of New York

city. The Method of Shakespeare as
an Artist ; The Plays of Shakespeare
founded on Literary Forms. Hou.

Rumford, Benjamin Thompson,
Count. Ms., 1753-1814. A statesman
and philosopher. After serving Great
Britain in the War of the Revolution,
he entered the service of the Elector of
Bavaria, rose to the position of minister
of war, and was created Count of the
Holy Roman Empire, taking his title
Ruroford from Rumford, now Concord,
New Hampshire. Essays : Political,
Economical, and Philosophical, 1798-
1806. See Cuvier^s Eloge de Rumford ;
Sparks^s American Biography ; Life by
G. E. Ellis, supra ; Atlantic Monthly,
April, 1871.

Runcie, Mrs. Constance [Faunt

Le Roy]. In^., 1836 . A writer

whose home was many years at St.
Joseph, Missouri. Divinely Led ; Po-
ems, Dramatic and Lyric ; Woman's
Work ; Felix Mendelssohn ; Children's
Stories and Fables.

Runkle, John Daniel. N. Y., 1822-
1902. A noted mathematician, profes-
sor of mathematics in the Massachu-
setts Institute of Technology, 1870-78.
Elements of Plane and Solid Analytic
Geometry. Gi.

Rupp, Isaac Daniel. Pa., 1803-1878.
An industrious local historian of Penn-
sylvania, who, besides writing histories
of nearly thirty counties in his State,
published also Events in Indian His-
tory ; History of Religious Denomina-
tions in the United States ; Early His-
tory of Western Pennsylvania ; Thirty
Thousand Names of German Emi-

Ruschenberger [roo'shen-ber-ger],
William S. W. N. Y., 1807-1895.
A noted naval sm^eon and naturalist
of Philadelphia. Elements of Natural
History ; A Voyage Around the World ;
Three Weeks in the Pacific ; Notes and
Commentaries during Voyages to Bra-
zil and China ; Lexicon of Natural His-
tory Terms ; Account of the College of
Physicians and Surgeons in Philadel-
phia, 1787-1887 ; The Brothers Rogers.




Rush, Benjamin. Pa., 1745-1813.
An eminent physician of Philadelphia
■who was one of the signers of the De-
claration of Independence and treasurer
of the United States Mint, 1799-1813.
Treatise on Diseases of the Mind ; Es-
says, Literary, Moral, and Philosophi-
cal ; Sixteen Introductory Lectures.
See Thache'/s Medical Biography ; Alli-
bone^s Dictionary ; Appletons' American

Rush, Benjamin. Pa., 1811-1877. Son
of R. Rush, infra. A lawyer of Phila-
delphia. Appeal for the Union ; Let-
ters on the Rebellion, 1862.

Rush, Jacob. Pa., 1746-1820. Bro-
ther of B. Rush, 1st. A Philadelphia
jurist. Charges on Moral and Reli-
gious Subjects ; Character of Christ ;
Christian Baptism.

Rush, James. Pa., 1786-1869. Son
of B. Rush, 1st. A distinguished Phila-
delphia citizen, the founder of the
Ridgeway Library, to which he left
one mUlion dollars. He was a physi-
cian by profession, but lived the life of
a recluse. The Philosophy of the Hu-
man Voice ; Analysis of the Human
Intellect ; Rhymes of Contrast on Wis-
dom and Folly. Lip.

Rush, Richard. Pa., 1780-1859. Son
of B. Rush, 1st, supra. A Philadelphia
statesman who was secretary of the
treasury, 1825-29. Codification of the
Laws of the United States (1815) ; Court
of London (1819-25) ; Washington in
Domestic Life ; Occasional Produc-
tions. See AUibone's Dictionary.

Russell, Addison Peale. 0., 1826-

. An Ohio journalist and essayist,

now (1897) living in retirement in Wil-
miugton, Ohio. Half Tints; Library
Notes ; Thomas Corwin, a Sketch ;
Characteristics ; A Club of One ; In a
Club Comer ; Sub-Ccelum. Clke. Hou.

Russell, Francis Thayer. Ms.,

1828 . Son of W. Russell, infra.

An Episcopal clergyman and educator
of Waterbury, Connecticut, rector of
St. Margaret's School there, and voice
instructor in the General Theological
Seminary in New York city. The Use
of the Voice.

Russell, Irwin. Mi., 1853-1879. A
Southern writer of dialect verse. Dia^
lect Poems. Cent.

Russell, Israel Cook. N. Y., 1852-

. A professor of geology in the

University of Michigan from 1892, and
a geologist in the United States Geo-
logical Survey, 1880-92. Lakes of
North America ; Lake Lahontan ;
Quarternary History of Moro Valley ;
Glaciers of North America ; Present
and Extinct Lakes of Nevada; Vol-
canoes of North America, and many
geological reports. Am. Gi.

Russell, William. S., 1798-1873.
An elocutionist of note, widely known
in his day as a teacher. Orthophony,
or Vocal Culture ; Pulpit Elocution ;
Lessons in Enunciation ; Grammar of
Composition. Hou.

Russell, William Eustis. Ms., 1857-
1896. A popular Massachusetts states-
man, mayor of his native city of
Cambridge, 1884-88, and governor of
Massachusetts, 1890-93. Speeches and
Messages. Lit.

Rutherford, Mildred. Ga., 1852-

. An educator of Athens, Georgia.

Her series of literary text-books in-
cludes, English Authors ; American
Authors ; Classic Authors ; French and
German Authors.

Rutledge, Edward. S. C, 1797-
1832. An Episcopal clergyman who
was professor of moral philosophy at
the University of Pennsylvania. The
Family Altar ; History of the Church
of England.

Ruttenber, Edward Manning. Vt.,

1824 . An antiquary of Newburg,

New York, who has published a His-
tory of Newburg ; History of Orange
County ; History of the Hudson River

Ryan, Abram Joseph. "Father
Ryan." Va., 1839-1888. A Roman
Catholic priest and verse-writer of the
South whose verse has been much over-
praised in some quarters. It is spirited
and fluent, but has not the literary
quality needful to preserve it. Poems,
Patriotic, Religious, and Miscellaneous ;
The Conquered Banner, and Other Po-
ems ; A Crown for Our Queen.

Ryan, Father. -See Eyan, Abram.

Ryan, Mrs. Marah Ellis [Martin].
Pa., 1860 . An actress and novel-
ist living at Fayette Springs, Pennsyl-
vania. A Pagan of the Alleghanies.-




Merze ; On Love's Domains ^ Told in
the Hills ; Squaw Eloise.

Ryan, Patrick John. J., 1831 •

A Roman Catholic archbishop of Phila-
delphia. What Catholics do Not Be-
lieve ; Some of the Causes of Modern
Religious Scepticism.

Ryan, Stephen Vincent. Ont., 1825-
1896. The Roman Catholic bishop of
Buffalo from 1860. The Claims of a
Protestant Episcopal Bishop to Apos-
tolical Succession and Valid Orders

Rylance, Joseph Hine. E., 1826-

. An Episcopal clergyman of New

York city, rector of St. Mark's in the
Bowery from 1871, and prominent
among Broad Churchmen. Preachers
and Preaching ; Essays on Miracles ;
Social Questions ; Pulpit Talks on
Topics of the Time ; Christian Ration-
alism. Wh.


Sabin, Elijah Robinson. Ct., 1776-
1818. A Methodist evangelist of New
England. The Road to Happiness ;
Charles Observator.

Sabin, Joseph. E"., 1821-1881. An
English publisher and bibliophile who
came to America in 1848, and finally,
settling in New York city, became
widely known as a bookseller and col-
lector of rare books. The Thirty-Nine
Articles of the Church of England, with
Scriptural Proofs ; Bibliotheca Ameri-
cana ; Bibliography of Bibliographies.

Sabine, Lorenzo. N. H, 1803-1877.
Son of E. R. Sabin, supra, but choosing
another spelling of his surname. A
secret government agent in relation to
the Ashburton Treaty, and secretary
of the Boston Board of Trade in his
later years, as well as member of Con-
gress from Massachusetts. The Ame-
rican Loyalists ; Life of Commodore
Edward Preble, in Sparks' s American
Biography ; Notes on Duels and Duel-
ling ; Report on the Principal Fisheries
of the American Seas. Lit.

Sachs, Bernard. Md., 1858-

physician of New York city, well
known as a neurologist. Nervous and
Mental Diseases of Childhood, and many
professional monographs.

Sachse, Julius Friedrich. Pa., 1842-

. A journalist of Philadelphia.

The German Pietists of Provincial
Pennsylvania; The Genesis of the Lu-
theran Church in Pennsylvania.

Sadlier [sad-leer'], Anna Teresa.
Q., 1856 , Daughter of Mrs. Sad-
lier, infra. Seven Years and Mair;
The King's Page ; Ethel Hamilton ;
Names that Live : a volume of bio-
graphies ; Women of Catholicity ; The
Silent Woman of Alood ; and many
translations from the French, Italian,
and German. Har. Sad.

Sadlier, Mrs. Mary Anne [Mad-
den]. I., 1820-1903. A prominent
writer of Roman Catholic Sunday-
school tales, wife of J. Sadlier, a New
York publisher. Among her many
writings are, Alice Riordan ; Red Hand
of Ulster; The Daughter of Tyrcon-
neU ; The Old House by the Boyne.

Sadtler, Samuel Philip. Pa., 1847-

. A chemist of Philadelphia,

professor in the University of Penn-
sylvania from 1875. Chemical Expe-
rimentation ; Handbook of Industrial
Organic Chemistry ; A Text-Book of
Chemistry (with H. Trimble). Lip.

Safford, James Merrill. O., 1822-
. The State geologist of Tennes-
see from 1854, professor in Vanderbilt
University from 1875. A Geological
Reconnoissance of Tennessee ; Geology
of Tennessee.

Safford, Truman Henry. Vt, 1836-
1901. An astronomer of note, famous
in childhood as a mathematician, and
professor of astronomy at Williams
College from 1876. Mathematical
Teaching and its Modem Methods.

Safford, William Harrison. W.

Va., 1821 . A lawyer of ChiUi-

cothe, Ohio. Life of Blennerhasset ;
The Blennerhasset Papers. Clke.

Salisbury, Edward Elbridge. Ms.,
1814-1901. A philologist of distinc-
tion, professor of Arabic at Yale Uni-
versity, 1841-56. General and Bio-
graphical Monographs (1885).

Saltus, Edgar Evertson. N. Y., 1858-

. A novelist of New York city.

Balzac : a Study ; The Philosophy of
Disenchantment ; The Anatomy of Ne-
gation ; Mr. Incoul's Misadventure ;
The Truth about Tristram Varickj




Eden ; A Transaction in Hearts ; When
Dreams Come True; The Pace that
Kills. Hou.

Saltus, Francis Saltus. N.Y.,1849-
1889. Brother of E. E. Saltus, supra.
An erratic verse-writer, much of whose
life was passed abroad. His verse is
lot without a certain luxurious power,
but it is wilful in the extreme, diffuse,
and unpruned. Honey and Gall ; Sha-
dows and Ideals ; The Witch of Endor ;
The Bayadere, and Other Sonnets. Lip,

Sampson, Ezra. Ms., 1749-1823. A
Congregational clergyman at Plympton,
Massachusetts, 1775-95, subsequently
a journalist in Hartford. Beauties of
the Bible ; The Historical Dictionary ;
The Sham Patriot Unmasked ; The
Brief Remarker on the Ways of Men.
See Sprague''s Annals of the American
Pulpit. Har.

Sampson, John Patterson. N. C,

1837 . A minister of the African

Methodist church, prior to 1882 a law-
yer in Washington. Common S6nse
Physiology ; The Disappointed Bride ;
Temperament and Phrenology of Mixed
Races ; Jolly People ; Illustrations in

Sampson, "William. J., 1764-1836.
A once famous lawyer of New York
city who came to America in 1798,
having previously been a barrister in
Dublin. Sampson Against the Phi-
listines, or the Reform of Lawsuits ;
Memoir of William Sampson, are his
chief works.

Samson, George "Whitefield. Ms.,
1819-1896. A Baptist clergyman and
educator of New York city, president
of Rutgers Female College from 1871.
A voluminous writer whose principal
works comprise. Elements of Art Cri-
ticism ; Physical Media in Spiritual
Manifestations ; The Atonement ; The
Divine Law as to Wines ; Idols of Fa-
shion and Culture ; Tested Truths as to
Relations of Capital and Labor ; Out-
lines of the History of Ethics ; Spirit-
ualism Tested, originally issued as To
Daimonion ; Guide to Self -Education ;
The Bible Revisers' Greek Text ; Guide
to Bible Interpretation. Lip.

Samuels, Adelaide Frances. Ms.,

1845 . Sister of E. A. Samuels,

infra. A writer for juveniles. Dick

and Daisy Series ; Dick Travers Abroad
Series ; Daisy Travers. Le.

Samuels, Edward Augustus. Ms.,
1836 . A Boston naturalist. Or-
nithology and Oology of New England ;
Among the Birds ; Mammalogy of New
England ; The Living World (with A.

Samuels, Samuel. Pa., 1825 .

A noted seaman and inventor who or-
ganized the Steam Heating Company
of New York city in 1881 . From Fore-
castle to Cabin. Har.

Samuels, Mrs. Susan Blagge

[Caldwell]. Ms., 1848 . Wife

of E. A. Samuels, supra. A popular
writer for juveniles. The Golden Rule
Series. Le.

Sanborn, Alvan Francis. Ms., 1866.

• Moody's Lodging House, and

Other Tenement Sketches ; Meg Mc-
Intyre's Raffle, and Other Stories. Cop.

Sanborn, Edwin David. N. H.,
1808-1885. An educator who was pro-
fessor of literature at Dartmouth Col-
lege, 1863-85, and author of a History
of New Hampshire.

Sanborn, Franklin Benjamin. N.

H., 1831 . A noted journalist and

reformer living at Concord, Massachu-
setts, and connected with The Spring-
field Republican from 1868. Life of
Thoreau ; Life and Letters of John
Brown ; Life of Dr. S. E. Howe, su-
pra. Fu. Hou. Rob.

Sanborn, Helen Josephine. Me.,
1857 . A Winter in Central Ame-
rica, a volume of travels. Le.

Sanborn, Kate. See Sanborn, Kathe-

Sanborn, Katherine Abbott. N.

H., 1839 . Daughter of E. D.

Sanborn, supra. A popular and versa-
tile writer of ephemeral books, who
was professor of English literature at
Smith College prior to 1886. Home
Pictures of English Poets ; Vanity and
Insanity of Genius ; Adopting an Aban-
doned Farm ; Abandoning an Adopted
Farm ; A Truthful Woman in Southern
California ; My Literary Zoo, and a
number of compilations. Ap. Fu. Hou.

Sanborn, Mrs. Mary [Farley]. 18 —

. A novelist of Boston. Sweet

and Twenty ; It Came to Pass ; Paula
Ferris. Le.




Sandeman, Robert. S., 1718 or 1723-
1771. The founder of the Sandemanian
sect, who came to America in 1764
and gathered a church at Danbury, Con-
necticut, where he died. Letters on
Theron and Aspasio ; Thoughts on

Sanders, Daniel Clarke. Ms., 1768-
1850. A Congregational clergyman and
educator, president of the University
of Vermont, 1800-14, subsequently
pastor at Medfield, Massachusetts. A
History of the Indian Wars with the
First Settlers of the United States,
•which he published in 1812, is now a
very rare book. See Sprague''s Annals
of the American Pulpit.

Sanders, Mrs. Elizabeth [Elkins].
Ms., 1762-1851. A writer of Salem,
Massachusetts. Conversations, princi-
pally on the Aborigines of North Ame-
rica; First Settlers of New England;

Sanderson, John. Pa., 1783-1844.
An educator of Philadelphia, classical
professor in the High School, 1836—44,
and of some note in his day as a hu-
mourist. The American in Paris ; The
American in England ; and the first two
volumes of the Biography of the Sign-
ers of the Declarations of Indepen-
dence. See Harfs American Litera-

Sanderson, John Philip. Pa., 1818-
1864. An officer in the. Federal army.
Views and Opinions of American States-
men on Foreign Immigration ; Repub-
lican Landmarks.

Sanderson, Joseph. I., 1823 .

A Presbyterian clergyman in New
York and other localities. Jesus on
the Holy Mount ; Memorial Tributes ;
The Bow in the Cloud.

Sands, Alexander Hamilton. Va.,

1828-1887. A lawyer of Richmond,
Virginia, who entered the Baptist mi-
nistry not long before his death. His-
tory of a Suit in Equity ; Recreations
of a Southern Barrister ; Practical Law
Forms ; Sermons by a Village Pastor.

Sands, Robert Charles. N. Y.,

1799-1832. A journalist and verse-
writer of New York city who wrote a
Life of Paul Jones ; The Talisman
(with Bryant and Verplanek) ; co-au-
thor with Eastburn of the once noted

poem Yamoyden. See Life by Ver-
planek ; Griswold's Poets and Poetry of

Sanf ord, Henry Shelton. Ct., 1823-
1891. A diplomatist who was secre-
tary of the United States legation at
Paris, 1849-53, charg^ d'affaires there
till April, 1854, and minister to Bel-
gium, 1861-69 ; and who founded the
town of Sanford, Florida, in 1870.
Penal Codes in Europe ; The Avend-
slood Correspondence.

Sangster, Mrs. Margaret Eliza-
beth [Munson]. N. Y., 1838 .

A journalist of New York city, editor
of Harper's Bazar, 1889-99, and a
popular verse-writer whose domestic
poems display sentiment of a very genu-
ine kind. Her writings in verse com-
prise. On the Road Home ; Easter
Bells ; Poems of the Household ; Home
Fairies and Heart Flowers. She has
also written a Manual of Missions of
the Reformed Church, and several
books for girls, including Hours with
Girls ; Home and Heaven ; Splendid
Times ; Five Happy Weeks ; May Stan-
hope and her Friend ; Miss Dewbury's
School ; Little Knights and Ladies.
Maidie's Problem. Har. Hon. Meth.

Santayana, George. Sp., 1863 .

An instructor in philosophy at Harvard
University. Sonnets and Other Poems ;
The Sense of Beautv : being the Out-
lines of .Esthetic Theory. St, ,

Sargent, Charles Sprague. Ms.,

1841 . Grand-nephew of L. M.

Sargent, infra. A botanist of eminence,
Arnold professor of arboriculture at
Harvard University from 1879, editor
of Garden and Forest from 1888. The
Silva of North America ; Report on the
Forests of North America ; The Woods
of the United States ; Notes on the
Forest Flora of Japan. Ap, Hon.

Sargent, Epes. Ms., 1813-1880. A
once prominent Boston journalist and
litterateur, who perhaps will be longest
remembered by the familiar poem, Life
on the Ocean Wave. His verse includes.
Songs of the Sea ; Poems ; The Woman
who Dared. In fiction he published,
Wealth and Worth; What's to be
Done ? ; Fleetwood ; Peculiar, a tale of
the Great Rebellion. He wrote the
dramas, Bride of Genoa ; Velaseo ;




Change Makes Change ; The Priestess.
His miscellaneous writings comprise,
Life of Henry Clay ; American Adven-
tures by Land and Sea ; Arctic Ad-
ventures by Sea and Land; Original
Dialogues ; Planchette, the Despair of
Science ; Memoir of Franklin. He
edited a popular series of school and
critical editions of many English poets,
and Harper's Cyclopedia of Poetry.
Co. Har. Le. Bob.

Bargent, Fitzwilliam. Ms., 1820-

. Grand-nephew of W. Sargent,

1st, and father of John Singer Sargent,
the artist. A Philadelphia surgeon
who went to live in Switzerland in 1854.
Bandaging and Other Operations of
Minor Surgery.

Sargent, Henry "Winthrop. Ms.,
18l(>-1882. A noted horticulturist of
Fishldll, New York. Skeleton Routes
through England, etc. ; Treatise on
Landscape Gardening. Ap.

Sargent, John Osborne. Ms., 1811-
1891. Brother of E. Sargent, supra.
A lawyer and journalist of New York
city. He translated Griin's Last Knight ;
and published, also, Papers for the
Times by a Berkshire Farmer ; and
Horatian Echoes : Translation of the
Odes of Horace. Hou.

Sargent, Lucius Manlius. Ms., 1786-
1867. Brother of H. W. Sargent, su-
pra, and a distant cousin of W. Sargent,
Ist, infra. A once prominent tempe-
rance advocate of Boston. Temperance
Tales, a very popular work ; Dealings
with the Dead ; The Lrepressible Con-
flict ; Hubert and Ellen, and Other
Poems ; Translations from the Minor
Latin Poets. See Reminiscences of, by
Sheppard, 1889.

Sargent, Nathan. Vt., 1794-1875.
A journalist and politician. Life of
Henry Clay ; Public Men and Events

Bargent, "Winthrop. Ms., 1753-1820.
A patriot soldier in the Revolutionary
War, governor of Northwest Territory,
1798-1800, and of Mississippi Territory,
1790 and 1801. Papers Relating to
Certain American Antiquities ; Boston,
a poem.

Sargent, "Winthrop. Pa., 1825-1870.
Grandson of W. Sargent, supra, A
lawyer of New York city. Life of
Major Andr^, a work displaying much

research. He also edited the History
of Braddock's Expedition, from Origi-
nal Papers.
Sartwell, Henry Parker. Ms., 1792-
1867. A botanist and physician of Penn
Yan, New York, who from 1840 de-
voted his attention to the genus Carex.
His herbarium of more than eight thou-
sand specimens is in Hamilton CoUege.
Carices Americanae Exsiccatse.

Satterlee, Henry Yates. N. T.,

1843 . The first Protestant Epis-

copal bishop of Washington, prior to
1896 a prominent clergyman of New
York city. A Creedless Gospel and
the Gospel Creed. Scr.

Saunders, Frederick. E., 1807-
1902. The librarian of the Astor Li-

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