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brary, New York city, 1859-96. New
York in a Nut-Shell; Salad for the
Solitary and Salad for the Social ; Me-
moirs of the Great Metropolis ; The
Story of Some Famous Books ; Story
of the Discovery of the New World by
Columbus (1892); Pastime Papers;
Stray Leaves of Literature ; Character
Studies. Ran. Wh.

Savage, Edward Hartwell. N. H.,
1812-1893. A Boston policeman and
justice of the peace. Boston Police
Recollections ; Five Thousand Boston
Events, 1630-1880.

Savage, James. Ms., 1784-1873. A
Boston lawyer eminent as a genealo-
gist. He is best known as the author
of a Genealogical Dictionary of the
First Settlers of New England, upon
which twenty years of labour were ex-

Savage, John. I., 1828-1888. A jour-
nalist of New York city, and subse-
quently of Washington. Poems ; Pic-
turesque Ireland ; Lays of the Folk-
stead ; Modern Revolutionary History
of Ireland ; Our Living Representative
Men ; Life of Andrew Johnson ; Fenian
Heroes and Martyrs ; Sibyl, a tragedy ;
and several other plays.

Savage, Minot Judson. Me., 1841-
. A Unitarian clergyman of pro-
minence among radical thinkers, pastor
of Unity Church, Boston, 1874-96, and,
since the latter year, of the Church of
the Messiah in New York city. Chris-
tianity the Science of Manhood ; Beliefs
About Man ; Belief in God ; Life Ques-




tions ; Poems ; The Eeligion of Evolu-
tion ; The Religion of Morals ; Talks
About Jesus ; The Modem Sphinx ;
Man, Woman, and Child ; Social Pro-
blems; My Creed; Religious Recon-
struction ; Signs of the Times ; Helps
for Daily Living ; Four Great Questions
Concerning God; The Evolution of
Christianity ; Is This a Good World ? ;
Jesus and Modern Life ; A Man ; Light
on the Cloud ; Bluff ton, a novel ; The
Minister's Handbook. See Men of Pro-
gress of Massachusetts. El.

Savage, Philip Henry. Ms., 1868-
1899. Son of M. J. Savage, supra. A
Boston litterateur. First Poems and
Fragments. Cop.

Savage, Richard Henry. N. F.,
1846-1903. A novelist. My Official
Wife ; For Life and Love ; A Daughter
of Judas; The Anarchist; Delilah of
Harlem ; In the Old Chateau ; The
Little Judge of Lagunitas ; The Masked
Venus ; The Flying Halcyon ; Miss
Devereux of the Mariquita ; After
Many Years, and Other Poems. Ne.

Sawtelle, Henry Allen. Me., 1832-
1885. A Baptist clergyman of San
Francisco and elsewhere. Open Com-
munion ; Things to Think Of. Ne.

Sa-wyer, Mrs. Caroline Mehetabel
[Fisher]. Ms., 1812-1894. Wife of
T. J. Sawyer, infra. The Poetry of
Hebrew Tradition.

Sawyer, Frederick "William. Me.,
1810-1875. A Boston lawyer. Mer-
chant's and Shipmaster's Guide ; Plea
for Amusements ; Hits at American

Sawyer, Leicester Ambrose. N.
Y., 1807-1898. A Presbyterian cler-
gyman and educator, after 1860 a resi-
dent of Whitesboro, New York, promi-
nent as a biblical scholar. Elements
of Biblical Interpretation ; Mental Phi-
losophy ; Moral Philosophy ; A Critical
Exposition of Baptism ; Organic Chris-
tianity ; Reconstruction of Bible Theo-
ries. He made a translation of the
Scriptures, of which the New Testa-
ment was published.

Sawyer, Lemuel. N. C, 1777-1852.
A North Carolina lawyer. Life of John
Randolph ; Autobiography.

Sawyer, Thomas Jefferson. Yt.,
1804-1899. A Universalist clergyman

and educator, after 1869 a professor of
theology at Tufts College. Doctrine
of Eternal Salvation ; Who Is God, —
the Son or the Father ? ; Endless Pun-
ishment in the Very Words of its Ad-

Saxe, John Godfrey. Vt., 1816-1887.
A lawyer and litterateur of Vermont
and subsequently of New York, widely
known as a humourous poet. Progress ;
A New Rape of the Lock ; The Proud
Miss McBride ; The Money King ;
Clever Songs of Many Nations ; The
Masquerade ; Leisure Day Rhymes ;
Fables and Lyrics in Rhyme. Hon.

Say, Thomas. Pa., 1787-1834. A
zoologist who was the first curator of
the Philadelphia Academy of Natural
Sciences. In 1825 he removed to New
Harmony, Indiana, and was the agent
of the Owen socialist colony there.
Vocabularies of Indian Languages ;
American Conchology ; American En-
tomology. His Complete Writings on
Conchology have been edited by Binney,
and those on Entomology by Le Conte.
See Memoir by Ord.

Sayles, John. N. Y., 1825-1897. A
Texas jurist, professor in Baylor Univer-
sity from 1880. Practice in the District
and Supreme Courts of Texas ; Civil
Jurisdiction of Justices of the Peace
in the State of Texas; Principles of
Pleading in Civil Actions in the Courts
of Texas ; Probate Laws of Texas ;
Laws of Business ; Constitution of
Texas, with Notes ; Notes on Texan
Reports, include the larger number of
his professional writings. See Biblio-
graphy of Texas.

Sayre, Lewis Albert. N. J., 1820-
1900. A distinguished surgeon of New
York city, professor of orthopaedic sur-
gery in Bellevue Hospital College.
Practical Manual of the Treatment of
Club-Foot ; Lectures on Orthopaedic
Surgery ; Spinal Curvature and its
Treatment. Ap.

Scarborough, William Saunders.
Ga., 1852 . An educator of Afri-
can descent, professor of ancient lan-
guages in Wilberf orce University, Ohio,
from 1877. First Lessons in Greek ;
Theory and Functions of the Thematic
Vowel in the Greek Verb.

Schaeffer [sha'fgr], Charles Frede-
rick. Pa., 1807-1879. Son of F. D.




Shaeffer, infra. A Lutheran clergyman
and educator, professor of systematic
theology in the Lutheran Theological
Seminary at Philadelphia, 1864 -76. A
System of Lutheran Theology is one of
several important works which he trans-
lated from the German. See American
Lutheran Biographies.

Schaeffer, Charles 'William. Md.,
1813-1896. Nephew of C. F. SchaefEer,
supra. A Lutheran clergyman and edu-
cator of eminence, professor of church
history in the Philadelphia Lutheran
Seminary from 1864. History of the
Lutheran Church in the United States ;
Family Prayers.

Schaeffer, Frederick David. G.,
1760-1836. A once prominent Lutheran
clergyman of Philadelphia. Antwort
auf eine Vertheidigung der Methodis-
ten ; Eine herzliche Anrede.

Schaff [shafj, Philip. Sd., 1819-1893.
A distinguished German Reformed di-
vine who came to the United States in
1844, and was professor of church his-
tory in the seminary at Mercersburg,
Pennsylvania, 1844-63. In 1873 he be-
came professor of sacred literature in
Union Seminary in New York city.
Principles of Protestantism ; History
of the Christian Church ; Creeds of
Christendom ; Theological Propaedeu-
tics ; Christ and Christianity ; Critical
Edition of the Heidelberg Catechism ;
Bible Revision ; Through Bible Lands ;
Progress of Religious Freedom ; Church
and State in the United States ; The
Person of Christ ; Literature and Poe-
try ; A Companion to the Greek Testa-
ment and the English Version, include
his principal original works. He has
edited the Sehaff-Herzog Encyclopaedia
of Religious Knowledge ; Lange's Com-
mentary, and other important works.
Fu. Har. Ban. Scr. Wh.
Scharf, John Thomas. Md., 184.3-
1898. An historical writer of Balti-
more. Chronicles of Baltimore ; His-
tory of Maryland ; History of Balti-
more ; History of Western Maryland ;
History of the City of St. Louis ; His-
tory of Philadelphia ; History of the
Confederate Navy ; History of Dela-
SchauflEler [show'fler] "William Gott-
lieb. G., 1798-1883. A Congrega-
tional missionary in Turkey well known

as a linguist. He translated the Bible
into Hebrew-Spanish and Turkish, and
also wrote Essay on the Right Use of
Property ; Meditations on the Last Days
of Christ. See Autobiography, 1887 . Ran.

Schayer, Mrs. Julia [Thompson]

[von Storch]. Me., 1840 . A

Washington writer. The Tiger Lily,
and Other Stories.

Schem [shem], Alexander Jacob.
G. , 1826-1881. A statistician of note who
was assistant superintendent of schools
in New York city, 1874-81. Latin-
English Dictionary (with G. Crooks, su-
pra) ; Statistics of the World ; Cyclo-
paedia of Education (with H. Kiddle,

Schenck, "William Edward. N. J.,
1819-1903. A Presbyterian minister
of Philadelphia. Children in Heaven ;
Nearing Home ; The Fountain for Sin ;
Church Extension in Cities.

Schereschewsky, Samuel Isaac

Joseph, i?., 1831 . The third

Protestant Episcopal bishop of the
China Mission. He was consecrated in
1877, but resigned his office in 1883
and lived for some years in Cambridge,
but since 189.5 has lived at Shanghai.
He is the author of a translation of the
Bible into Chinese.

Schiefflin [shef'lin], Samuel Brad-
hurst. iV'. F., 1811-1900. A business
man of New York city who wrote on re-
ligious topics. Message to the Ruling
Elders ; Foundations of History ; Words
to Christian Teachers ; The Church in
Ephesus and the Presbyterian and Re-
formed Churches.

Schindler, Solomon. Sil, 1842 .

A Hebrew clergyman now (1897) living
in Cambridge but formerly in charge
of Temple Adath Israel, Boston. Young
West, a sequel to "Looking Back-
ward ; " Messianic Exhortations and
Modem Judaism ; Dissolving Views on
the History of Judaism. Ar. Le.

Schley, Winfield Scott. Md., 1839-

. A naval officer and explorer

who published (with J. R. Soley, infra)
The Rescue of Greeley. Scr.

Schmauk [shmowk], Theodore Em-
manuel. Pa., 1860 . A Lutheran

clergyman of Lebanon, Pennsylvania,
editor of The Lutheran from 1889, and
author of The Negative Criticism.




Schmidt, Henry Immanuel. Pa.,
1806-1889. A Lutheran clergyman and
educator of New York city, professor of
German in Columbia College, 1848-80.
History of Education; The Lutheran
Doctrine of the Lord's Supper ; Course
of American Geography.

Schmucker, Beale Melanchthon.
Pa., 1827-1888. Son of S. S. Schmucker,
infra. A Lutheran clergyman of Pitts-
ville, Pennsylvania, 1881-88. A litur-
gical scholar of note, editor of The
Church Book of the General Council,
and of The Church Service, 1888.

Schmucker, Samuel Mosheim.
Va., 1823-1863. Son of S. S. Schmucker,
infra. A Philadelphia author who was
in the early part of his career a Lu-
theran minister. His various writings,
which display industry rather than ori-
ginal talent, comprise for the most part
Errors of Modern Infidelity ; The Span-
ish Wife, a play ; History of the Four
Georges ; History of AH Religions ;
Court and Reign of Catharine II. ;
Lives of Washington, Hamilton, Jeffer-
son, Webster, Clay, Dr. Kane, Fre-
mont; Memorable Scenes in French
History ; History of the Modern Jews ;
History of Napoleon Third ; Arctic Ex-
plorations ; History of the Civil War in
the United States (1863). Co.

Schmucker, Samuel Simon. Md.,
1799-1873. A Lutheran clergyman and
educator, professor in the Theological
Seminary at Gettysburg, 1826-64. He
was an advocate of American Lutheran-
ism as characterized by indifference to
the distinctive doctrines of Lutheran-
ism. Elements of Popidar Theology;
Psychology ; Lutheran Manual ; Luther-
an Symbols, or American Lutheranism
Vindicated ; Church of the Redeemer ;
The Unity of Christ's Church, are his
chief works. Ran.

Schneck, Benjamin Shroder, Pa.,
1806-1874. A Lutheran clergyman,
pastor at Chambersburg from 18.55. Die
deutsche Kanzel ; The Burning of
Chambersburg ; Mercersburg Theology.

Schodde, George Henry. Pa., 1854-
. A Lutheran clergyman and edu-
cator of Ohio, professor at Capitol Uni-
versity from 1880. The Book of Enoch
translated from the Ethiopic, with
Notes ; A Day in Capernaum, from the
German of Delitzsch.

Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe. iV^. Y.,

1793-1864. An eminent ethnologist
and geologist, thirty years of whose life
were spent among the Indians, chiefly
at Mackinaw. His later life was passed
in Washington. He discovered the
source of the Mississippi. Among his
many works are included. View of the
Lead Mines of Missouri ; Algic Dis-
coveries ; Historical Information Con-
cerning the Indian Tribes ; Narrative
of an Expedition to Itasca Lake ; Oneota,
re-issued as The Indian and His Wig-
wam ; The Myth of Hiawatha ; Per-
sonal Memoirs of Thirty Years' Resi-
dence with Indian Tribes ; Scenes and
Adventures in the Ozark Mountains ;
Life of General Cass, and several vo-
lumes of verse. His talents lay rather
in accumulating facts than in perceiv-
ing their relations to each other. Lip.

Schoolcraft, Mrs. Mary [How.

ard]. S. a, . Wife of H.

R. Schoolcraft, supra. The Black
Gauntlet, a Tale of Plantation Life.

Schouler [skool'er], James. Ms., 1839-

. Son of W. Schouler, infra. A

lawyer and historian of Boston, profes-
sor in the law school of Boston Univer-
sity. The Law of Bailments ; The Law
of Personal Property ; The Law of Hus-
band and Wife ; Law of Executors and
Administrators ; Law of Wills ; A His-
tory of the United States under the
Constitution ; Life of Thomas Jeffer-
son ; Historical Briefs. Do. Lit.

Schouler, William. S., 1814-1872.
A journalist of Boston who published
A History of Massachusetts during the
Civil War.

Schroeder, John Frederick. Md.,
1800-1857. An Episcopal clergyman
and educator of Flushing, Long Island.
Life of Washington ; Maxims of Wash-
ington ; Class Book of Astronomy ;
Sunday Addresses. Ap.

Schuette, Conrad Herman Louis.

G., 1843 . A Lutheran clergyman

and educator of Ohio, professor in Capi-
tol University from 1872. Church Mem-
ber's Manual ; The State, the Church,
and the School.

Schulte, Mrs. Mary Jemima
[McCoU]. E., 1847 . A verse-
writer of Jersey City. Bide a Wee,
and Other Poems.




Schurman, Jacob Gould. P. E. I.,

1854 . A Canadian educator, since

1892 president of Cornell University.
Kantian Ethics and the Ethics of Evo-
lution ; The Ethical Import of Darwin-
ism ; Belief in God ; Agnosticism and
Religion. Scr.

Schurz [shoorts], Carl. P., 1829- .

A statesman of eminence, active in the
support of civil service reform. He came
to America in 1852 ; settled in Missouri,
from which he went to Congress as
senator ; served as general in the Union
army during the Civil War ; removed to
New York city in 1875, and was editor of
The Evening Post, 1881-84. Speeches ;
Life of Henry Clay ; Abraham Lincoln :
an Essay. Hou. Le. Lip.
Schuyler [sky'l^r], Aaron. N. T.,

1828 . A mathematician who was

professor in Baldwin University and
president of that institution, 1875-81,
and since 1885 a professor in Kansas
Wesleyan University. The Human
Soul ; Higher Arithmetic ; Principles
of Logic ; Surveying and Navigation ;
Elements of Geometry ; Empirical and
Rational Psychology.
Schuyler, Anthony. N. Y., 1816-
1900. An Episcopal clergyman, rector
of Grace Chiirch at Orange, New Jer-
sey, from 1868, and author of House-
hold Religion.
Schuyler, Eugene. N. Y., 1840-
1890. Son of G. W. Schuyler, infra.
A diplomatist who was United States
secretary of legation at St. Petersburg,
1870-76, secretary of legation and con-
sul-general at Constantinople, 1876-78,
and minister to Greece, 1882-84. Pe-
ter the Great as Rider and Reformer ;
Turkistan ; American Diplomacy and
the Furtherance of Commerce. Scr.
Schuyler, George "Washington.
N. Y., 1810-1888. A prominent State
official of New York for many years.
Colonial New York ; Philip Schuyler
and his Family. Scr.
Schuyler, Montgomery. iV. Y.,
1814-1896. Cousin of Anthony Schuy-
ler, supra. An Episcopal clergyman
of St. Louis, rector of Christ Church
from 1854. The Church : its Ministry
and Worship ; The Pioneer Church.

Schuyler, Montgomery. N. Y.,

1843 . Son of Anthony Schuyler,

supra. A journalist of New York city
on the staff of The Times. Studies in
American Architecture. Har.

Schwatka, Frederick. ML, 1849-
1892. A naval officer and explorer.
In the Land of Cave and Cliff Dwell-
ers ; Nimrod in the North ; Along Alas-
ka's Great River ; The Children of the
Cold. See Schwatka'' s Search, by W.
H. Gilder, supra. Cas.

Schweinitz, Edmund Alexander
de. Pa., 1825-1887. Son of L. D. de
Schweinitz, infra. A Moravian bishop
in Pennsylvania, president of the Mora-
vian College, 1867-84. The Moravian
Manual ; The Moravian Episcopate ;
Life of Zeisberger, the Western Pio-
neer and Apostle to the Indians ; Some
of the Fathers of the American Mora-
vian Church ; History of the Church
known as the Unitas Fratrum ; System-
atic Benevolence.

Sch-weinitz, George Edmund de.

Pa., 1858 . Son of E. A. de

Schweinitz, supra. A Philadelphia phy-
sician of note as an ophthalmologist who
has written Diseases of the Eye, and
professional monographs and papers.

Sch"weinitz, Levris David de. Pa.,
1780-1834. A Moravian clergyman of
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, famous in
his day as a botanist. Conspectus Fun-
gorum LusatiaB ; Synopsis Fungorum
Carolinas Superioris; Synopsis Fungo-
rum in America ; Boreali Media Digen-
tium. See Memoir of, by W. B. John-
son, supra.

ScoUard, Clinton. N. Y., 1860 .

An educator of Clinton, New York,
professor of English literature and An-
glo-Saxon at Hamilton College, 1888-
1896, and a well-known poet of the day.
His writings in verse include, Pictures
in Song ; With Reed and Lyre ; Old and
New World Lyrics ; Giovio and Giulia ;
Songs of Sunrise Lands ; Hills of Song ;
Skenandoa ; A Boy's Book of Rhyme.
In prose he has published. Under Sum-
mer Skies ; On Sunny Shores ; A Man-
at-Arms. Hou. Lo. Sto.

Scott, Charles. Tn., 1811-1861. Son
of E. Scott, infra. A lawyer of Jack-
son, Mississippi. Analogy of Ancient
Craft Masonry to Natural and Re-
vealed Religion ; The Keystone of the
Masonic Arch.




Scott, Eben[ezer] Greenough.

Pa., 1836 . A writer of Wilkes-

barre, Pennsylvania. Development of
Constitutional Liberty in the English
Colonies of America ; Commentaries
upon the Intestate System of Pennsyl-
vania ; Reconstruction During the Civil
War in the United States of America.
Hou. Put.

Scott, Edward. Fa., 1774-1852. A
Tennessee lawyer, prominent in the
State's early history, who published
Laws of the State of Tennessee, in

Scott, Henry Lee. N. C," 1814-1886.
Son-in-law of Winfield Scott, infra.
An army officer who served in the
Mexican and Civil Wars, and was the
author of A Military Dictionary.

Scott, John. Pa., 1820 . A Me-
thodist Protestant clergyman of Cincin-
nati. Pulpit Echoes; The Land of

Scott, Mrs. Julia H [Kinney].

Pa., 1809-1842. A verse-writer of To-
wanda, Pennsylvania, whose Poems,
with Memoir, were posthumously pub-

Scott, Robert Nicholson, rn.,1838-
1887. Son of W. A. Scott, infra. An
army officer, in charge of the publica-
tion of war records at Washington,
1877-87, who published a Digest of
the Military Laws of the United States.

Scott, "Williani Anderson. Tn.,
1813-1885. A Presbyterian clergyman
of San Francisco, professor in the The-
ological Seminary there from 1871.
The Bible and Politics ; Strauss and
Renan ; Daniel : a Model for Young
Men ; Achan in El Dorado ; The Giant
Judge ; The Church in the Army ; The
Christ of the Apostles' Creed ; Trade
and Letters, include his chief work.

Scott, "Winfield. Va., 1786-1866. A
famous general who served in the War
of 1812, and was commander-in-chief
of the American army during the war
with Mexico. General Regulations of
the Army ; System of Infantry and
Rifle Tactics ; Autobiography (1864).
See Lives by Mansfield, 184-6, Headley,
135:2, Victor, 1861 ; and United States

ScouUer, James Bro"wn. Pa., 1820-
1899. A prominent United Presbyte-

rian clergyman. Manual of the United
Presbyterian Church ; History of the
United Presbyterian Church ; Calvin-
ism : its History and Influence.

ScoviUe, Joseph A . " Walter

Ban ott." Ct., 1811-1864. A journal-
ist of New York city, clerk of the Com-
mon Council, and at one period private
secretary to Calhoun. Adventures of
Clarence Bolton, or Life in New York ;
The Old Merchants of New York ; Vi-
gor, a novel ; Marion.

Scripture, Edward "Wheeler. N.

H., 1864— . A scientist, director of

the physical laboratory of Yale Uni-
versity. Thinking, Feeling, Doing, a
popular psychology ; The New Psy-
chology ; Studies from the Yale Physi-
cal Laboratory. Among his various
monographs the more important are
those on the association of ideas and
the measurement of hallucinations. Fl.

Scudder, Eliza. Ms., 1821-1896.
Cousin of H. E. Scudder, infra. A
hymn-writer of Massachusetts. Hymns
and Sonnets. Hou.

Scudder, Henry Martyn. Cy., 1822-
1895. Son of J. Scudder, infra. A
Presbyterian clergyman and mission-
ary, pastor in Chicago, 1883-87, and
from 1887 a missionary in Japan. He
published, in the Tamil language. Li-
turgy of the Dutch Reformed Church ;
The Bazaar Book ; Sweet Savors of
Divine Truth ; Spiritual Teaching.

Scudder, Horace Elisha. itfs.,1838-
1902, A Boston litterateur, editor of
The Atlantic Monthly, 1890-1898. Se-
ven Little People and their Friends ;
Dream Children ; Stories from my At-
tic; The Dwellers in Five-Sisters Court;
Stories and Romances ; Boston Town ;
Life of Noah Webster ; A History of
the United States ; A Short History of
the United States ; Book of Fables ;
Book of B'olk Stories ; George Washing-
ton: an Historical Biography ; Men and
Letters, essays ; Childhood in Litera-
ture and Art ; Recollections of Samuel
Breck ; The Bodley Books, a series of
popular juveniles; James Russell Low-
ell : a Biography. Co. Hou. Scr. Sh.

Scudder, John. N. J., 1793-1855. A
Dutch Reformed missionary and phy-
sician in Ceylon, 1820-39. Letters
from the East ; Letters to Pious Young
Men ; Promises for Passing Over Jor-




dan. See Memoir by J. B. Waterbury,

Scudder, John Milton. O., 1829-
1894. A Cincinnati physician and edu-
cator, long a professor in the Eclectic
Medical Institute. Diseases of Women ;
Principles of Medicine ; Specific Medi-
cation ; The Reproductive Organs ; Spe-
cific Diagnosis.

Scudder, Moses Lewis. Ms., 1843-

. A broker of Chicago. Brief

Honors, a romance ; Almost an Eng-
lishman ; National Banking ; Congested
Prices ; The Labor Value Prophecy.

Scudder, Samuel Hubbard. Ms.,

1837 . Brother of H. E. Scudder,

supra. A naturalist of Cambridge. The
Butterflies of the Eastern United States
and Canada ; Butterflies, their Struc-
ture, Changes, and Life Histories ; Brief
Guide to the Commoner Butterflies ;
The Life of a Butterfly ; Frail Children
of the Air : Excursions into the World
of Butterflies; A Century of Ortho-
ptera ; The Fossil Insects of North
America. Ho. Hou. Mac.

Scudder, Vida Dutton. E. I., 1861-

. Niece of H. E. Scudder, supra.

An educator of Massachusetts, professor
in Wellesley College. How the Rain
Sprites were Freed ; The Life of the
Spirit in the Modern English Poets ;
The Witness of Denial ; The Prome-
theus Unbound of Shelley. Dut. He.

Seabury, Samuel. Ct., 1729-1796.
The first Protestant Episcopal bishop
of Connecticut. He was the first
American bishop and the first presiding
bishop. Being refused consecration by
the Anglican Church, he was conse-
crated at Aberdeen, Scotland, and
through him the Episcopal Church in
the United States derives its succession
from the Church in Scotland. During
the early days of the American Revo-
lution he attracted much attention by
his pamphlets signed A. W. Farmer,
which sharply criticised the actions
of the patriots. They include, Free
Thoughts on the Proceedings of the
Continental Congress ; The Continental
Congress Canvassed ; View of the Con-
troversy between Great Britain and her
English Colonies. His Sermons have
been issued in three volumes. See Life

by E. E. Beardsley, 1881 ; Seabury Cen-
tennial Commemoration.
Seabury, Samuel. Ct., 1801-1872.
Grandson of S. Seabury, supra. An
Episcopal clergyman of New York city,
prominent among High Churchmen, and
professor in the General Theological
Seminary. Continuity of the Church
of England ; Mary the Virgin ; His-
torical Sketch of Augustine of Hippo ;
Supremacy of Conscience ; American
Slavery Justified ; Theory and Use of
the Calendar ; Discourses on the Holy

Seabury, "William Jones. iV. Y.,

1837 . Son of Samuel Seabury, 2d.

An Episcopal clergyman of New York
city, rector of the Church of the An-
nunciation from 1868, and professor in
the General Seminary from 1873. Sug-
gestions in Aid of Devotion ; Introduc-
tion to the Study of Ecclesiastical Po-
lity. See American Church Review, July,

Seaman, Ezra Champion. N. Y.,

1805-1880. The comptroller of the
treasury, 1849-53, and subsequently in-
spector of the Michigan State prisons.
Essays on the Progress of Nations;
Commentaries on the Constitution,
Laws, People, and History of the

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