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United States ; The American System
of Government ; Views of Nature.

Seaman, Valentine. L. I., 1770-1817.
A once prominent physician of New
York city, active in introducing the
practice of vaccination. Waters of
Saratoga ; Midwife's Monitor ; On Vac-

Searing, Mrs. Laura Catherine
[Redden]. " Howard Glyndon."

Md., 1840 . A verse-writer and

journalist now living in California, but
from 18G8-76 on the staff of The New
York Mail. Sounds from Secret Cham-
bers ; Poems ; Idylls of Battle ; Bro-
ther and Sister. Hou.

Searle, Arthur. E., 1887 . A

professor of astronomy at Harvard Uni-
versity from 1887, who has published
Outlines of Astronomy.

Searle, January. See Phillips, E. S.

Searles, William Henry. O., 1837-
. A civil engineer. Field Engi-
neering ; The Railroad Spiral. Wil.




Sears, Barnas. Ms., 1802-1880. A
Baptist clergyman and educator of
prominence in his day. He was pro-
fessor at Newton Theological Senai-
nary, 1836-48, and president of Brown
University, 1855-47- Life of Luther;
The Ciceronian or Prussian Mode of
Instruction in Latin ; Essays on Classi-
cal Literature (with B. B. Edwards,
supra, and C. C. Felton, supra.

Sears, Edmund Hamilton. Ms.,
1810-1870. A Unitarian clergyman and
religious poet, pastor at Weston, Mas-
sachusetts, 1865-76. He wrote the fa-
miliar Christmas hymn, " Calm on the
listening ear of night." Regeneration ;
Foregleams and Foreshadows of Im-
mortality, originally published as Atha^
nasia ; The Fourth Gospel the Heart
of Christ ; Christ in the Life ; Sermons
and Songs of the Christian Life ; Pic-
tures of the Olden Time ; That Glorious
Song of Old. A. U. A. Le.

Sears, George W . Ms., 1821-

. A writer of Wellsboro, Pennsyl-
vania, who served in the Federal army
during the Civil War. Woodcraft;
Forest Runes (verse).

Sears, [Joseph] Hamblen. Ms.,

1865 . A writer of New York

city. The Governments of the World
To-Day. Fl.

Seaweil, Molly Elliot. Va., 1860-
. A Washington writer and news-
paper correspondent. The Sprightly
Romance of Marsac ; Hale Weston, a
novel ; The Berkeleys and their Neigh-
bors ; Throckmorton ; Maid Marian,
and Other Stories ; Children of Des-
tiny ; Little Jarvis ; Midshipman Paul-
ding; PaulJones; Decatur and Somers;
Through Thick and Thin ; A Strange,
Sad Comedy ; Quarterdeck and Fok'sle.
Ap. Lo. We.

Secoomb, John. Ms., 1708-1792. A
Congregational minister at Harvard,
Massachusetts, 1733-57, and after 1763
at Chester, Nova Scotia. He was the
author of Father Abbey's Will, a once
extremely popular piece of doggerel,
which was followed by The Letter to
the Widow Abbey, a work as destitute
of genuine wit and worth as its prede-
cessor. See Tyler'' s American Literature ;
HarVs American Literature.

Secoomb, Joseph. Ms., 1706-1760.
Brother of J. Seccomb, supra, A Con-

gregational minister at Kingston, New
Hampshire, from 1737, and author of A
Plain and Brief Rehearsal of the Opera-
tions of Christ as God.
Sedgwick, Arthur George. N. Y.,
1844 . Son of T. Sedgwick, 2d, in-
fra. A lawyer of New York city. Prin-
ciples and Practices Governing the
Trial of Title to Land (with F. S. Wait) ;
Elements of Damages. Lit.
Sedg-wick, Catharine Maria. Ms.,
1789-1867. A once famous novelist
whose name was for a time the fore-
most among those of American literary
women. Her work has very real excel-
lence, but its merits were hardly of a
quality to preserve it, and it is now su-
perseded by the writings of others who
have cultivated the same field with even
more skill. Hope Leslie ; Redwood ;
The New England Tale ; The Travel-
ler ; Clarence ; Le Bossu ; The Lin-
woods ; Married or Single (1857), include
her novels. Other works for older read-
ers are. Letters from Abroad ; Histori-
cal Sketches of the Old Painters. Her
juvenile moral tales, of which Live and
Let Live ; Poor Rich Man and Rich
Poor Man ; Means and Ends ; Morals
and Manners, are good examples, are
as entertaining as they were popular.
For a half century she was principal of
a school for girls in Stockb ridge, Massa-
chusetts, her native town. See Life and
Letters, 1871. Har.

Sedgwick, Mrs. Elizabeth Buck-
minster [D wight]. Ms., 1791-1864.
Sister-in-law of C. M. Sedgwick, supra,
and a teacher for many years. Beati-
tudes and Pleasant Sundays ; Lessons
Without Books ; A Talk with My Pu-
pils ; Stories of the Spanish Conquest.

Sedgwick, Henry Dwight. Ms.,
1785-1831. Brother of C. M. Sedgwick,
supra. An eminent lawyer of New York
city who was a noted opponent of sla-
very, and author of English Practice
of the Common Law.

Sedgw^ick, Mrs. Susan Livingston
[Ridley]. 1789-1867. Wife of T.
Sedgwick, 1st, infra. A writer for
young people. Walter Thornley ; The
Morals of Pleasure ; The Young Emi-
grants ; Allen Prescott ; Alida, or Town
and Country. Har.

Sedgwick, Theodore. Ms., 1780-
1839. Brother of C. M. Sedgwick, supra.




■ A lawyer of Albany, and from 1819 a
resident of Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
Public and Private Economy ; Hints to
my Countrymen.

Sedgwick, Theodore. N. Y., 1811-
1859. Son of T. Sedgwick, supra. A
lawyer of New York city. Rules which
Govern the Interpretation and Appli-
cation of Statutory and Court Law ;
Treatise on the Measure of Damages, a
work of much importance.

Seeley, Charles Sumner. See Mun-
day, J. W.

Seely, [Edward] Howard. N. Y.,
1856-1894. A litterateur of New York
city. A Lone Star Bo-peep, and Other
Tales of Texan Ranch Life ; A Ranch-
man's Stories ; A Nymph of the West ;
The Jonah of Lucky Valley, and Other
Stories; A Border Leander. Ap. Do.

Seelye [seele], Mrs. Elizabeth [Eg-

gleston]. Min., 1858 . Daughter

of E. Eggleston, supra. A writer living
at Lake George, New York. The Story
of Columbus ; Montezuma ; Brandt and
Red Jacket ; Pocahontas ; Tecumseh
(with E. Eggleston) ; The Story of
Washington. Ap. Do.

Seelye, Julius Hawley. Ct., 1824-
1895. A Congpregational clergyman
long prominent as an educator. He was
a professor of Amherst College from
1850, and its president, 1876-90. Na-
tural Religion ; The Way, the Truth,
and the Life ; Christian Missions ; Duty.

Seemuller, Mrs. Annie Moncure
[Crane], ifrf., 1838-1872. A novelist
of New York city whose somewhat
striking fictions were popular for a
brief period. Emily Chester ; Reginald
Archer ; Opportunity. See Boyle'' s Dis-
tinguished Marylanders.

Seguin [sa-gwin'],Edouard. F.,1812-
1880. A French physician who came
to the United States in 1848 and whose
specialty was the training of idiots.
Among his many works on this and
other professional topics are. New Facta
Concerning Idiocy ; Family Thermo-
meter; Medical Thermometry; Th^orie
et practique de I'^ducation des idiots ;
Traitement moral, hygiene et Education
des idiots et des autre enf ants arri^r^s ;
Idiocy and its Treatment by the Physi-
ological Methods.

Segur, Seth Willard. Vt., 1831-
1875. A Congregational clergyman of
Ohio and subsequently of Massachu-
setts. Relation and Responsibilities of
Pastor and People ; The True Man-
hood ; The Nation's Hope ; National
Blessings and Duties.

Seiss [seess], Joseph Augustus. Md.,
1S23- 1904. An eminent Lutheran cler-
gyman of Philadelphia, pastor of the
Church of the Holy Communion, and a
voluminous writer on religious themes.
Among his many works are. The Gos-
pel in the Stars ; The Miracle in Stone,
a re-statement of Piazzi Smyth's famous
theory of the Pyramid ; Lectures on
the Apocalypse ; Lectures on the Epis-
tle to the Hebrews ; Luther and the
Reformation ; The Lutheran Church ;
Recreation Songs ; Life After Death ;
Right Life ; The Children of Silence,
the Story of the Deaf ; Christ's Descent
into Hell; The Last Times; Voices
from Babylon. See American Lutheran
B io graph ies. Co. 'Lip.

Seligman, Edwin Hobert Ander-
son. N. F., 1861 . A professor

of political economy and finance in Co-
lumbia College. Chapters on Mediae-
val Guilds in England; Owen and the
Christian Socialists ; Railway TarifL.n j
Shifting and Incidence of Taxation ;
Progressive Taxation in Theory and
Practice ; Essays on Taxation. Mac.

Selyns, Henrious. H., 1636-1701. A
Dutch clergyman who came to New
York La 1600, remaining four years as
pastor in Brooklyn before returning to
Holland. Settling permanently in New
York in 1682, he was pastor of the First
Dutch Reformed Church for the rest of
his life. His Poems, written in Dutch,
have been translated by H. C. Murphy,

Semmes, Alexander Jenkins. D.

C, 1828 . Cousin of R. Semmes,

infra. A surgeon in the Confederate
navy who became a Roman Catholic
clergyman, president of Pio Nono Col-
lege, Macon, Georgia, from 1886. Me-
dical Sketches of Paris; Gunshot
Wounds ; Notes from a Surgical Diary,
are among his writings.

Semmes, RaphaeL ilfc?., 1809-1877.
A celebrated naval officer in the Con-
federate service during the Civil War
as commander of the Alabama. Ser-




vice Afloat and Ashore during the Mexi-
can War ; Campaign of General Scott
in the Valley of Mexico ; The Cruise
of the Alabama; Memoirs of Service
Afloat during the War between the
States. See Sinclair's Two Years in the
Alabama, 1895.

Sergeant, Thomas. Pa., 1782-1860. A
Philadelphia jurist. Treatise on the Law
of Pennsylvania relating to Proceedings
by Foreign Attachment ; Constitutional
Law ; View of the Land Laws of Penn-
sylvania ; Sketch of the NationalJudi-
eiary Powers.

Seth, James, S., 1860 . A profes-
sor of moral philosophy in Cornell Uni-
versity from 1896. A Study of Ethical
Principles. Scr.

Seton, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann [Bay-
ley]. iV. r., 1774-1821. The founder
and first superior of the order of Sisters
of Charity in the United States. After
the death of her husband she became
a Roman Catholic, took the veil as a
Sister of Charity, in 1809, and in 1812
founded at Emmettsburg, Maryland,
the first American house of the order.
A volume entitled Memoirs of Mrs.
Seton, written by Herself : a Fragment
of Real History, was published in 1817.
See Life hy White ; Vie de Madame Seton
by Madame de Barbary.

Seton, Robert. L, 1839 . A

grandson of Mrs. Seton, supra. A Ro-
man Catholic clergyman of Jer^y City,
dean of the monsignori in the United
States. Memoirs, Letters, and Journal
of E. Seton ; Essays on Various Sub-
jects, principally Roman.

Seton, William. N. Y., 1835 .

A grandson of Mrs. E. Seton, supra. A
naval officer of the United States. Ro-
mance of the Charter Oak ; The Pride
of Lexington ; Rachel's Fate, and Other
Tales ; The Poor Millionaire ; The
Shamrock Gone West; Moida, a Tale
of the Tyrol ; The Pioneer, a poem.

Severance, Mark Sibley. O., 1846-

. Hammersmith : his Harvard

Days, a novel. Hou.

Sewall, Prank. Me., 1837 . A

Swedenborgian clergyman of Washing-
ton. Moody Mike, or the Power of
Love ; The Hem of his Garment ; The
Pillow of Stones; The New Ethics;
The New Metaphysics ; Angelo and
Ariel, are among his writings. Lip. Ran,

Sewall, Mrs. Harriet ["Winslo-w].

Me., 1819—1889. A religious verse- writer
of Boston, some of whose lyrics are
found in the anthologies. A collection
of her Poems, with Memoir by Mrs. E.
Cheney, supra, appeared in 1889.
Se-wall, Jonathan Mitchell. Ms.,
1748-1808. A lawyer of Portsmouth,
New Hampshire, popular in his own
day as a verse-writer. His verse is for
the most part forgotten, but his song,
War and Washington, is yet remem-
bered, and in his Epilogue to Cato oc-
curs the famous couplet : —

" No pent-up Utica contracts your powers,
But the whole boundless continent is yours."

Miscellaneous Poems (1801).

Sewall, Rufus King. Me., 1814-1903.
A lawyer of Wiscasset, Maine. Lec-
tures on the Holy Spirit ; Sketches of
St. Augustine ; Ancient Dominions of

Sewall, Samuel. E., 16.52-1730. A
noted jurist of Boston, best remem-
bered for his connection with the Salem
witchcraft trials. The Selling of Jo-
seph ; Answer to Queries Respecting
America; Accomplishment of Prophe-
cies ; Memorial Relating to the Kenne-
bec Indians ; Description of the New
Heaven. See Diary of, Tyler'' s Ameri-
can Literature ; Whittier^s Prophecy of
Samuel Sewall.

Sewall, Stephen. Me., 1734-1804. A
grand-nephew of S. Sewall, supfa. A
Hebrew scholar, professor of Hebrew
at Harvard College, 1765-85, among
whose writings are, Hebrew Grammar ;
Scripture Account of the Shechinah ;
Carmina Sacra quse Latine Graeceque
condidit America.

Sewall, Thomas. Me., 1786-1845. A
Washington physician, professor of
anatomy in Columbian University from
1821, who is chiefly remembered for
his work, The Pathology of Drunken-
ness, which had a wide circulation.

Seward, George Frederick. N.Y.,

1840 — . A nephew of W. H. Seward,

infra, and minister to China, 1876-80.
Chinese Immigration in its Social and
Economical Aspects.

Seward, Theodore Frelinghuy sen.

N. Y., 183.5-1902. Cousin of W. H.
Seward, infra. A musical educator of




note. Hadrian Theology ; The School
of Life ; A Plea for the Christian Year.

Seward, Williain Henry. N. Y.,
1801-1872. A statesman of distinction,
secretary of state during the Civil War
period. Diplomatic History of the Civil
War; Orations and Speeches; Life of
J. Q. Adams, supra ; Travels Round the
World. His complete works in five vo-
lumes have been edited by G. E. Baker.
See Autobiography ; North American Re-
view, October, 1866; BartletVs Modern
Agitators ; Life by Lothrop ; and His-
tories of the Civil War. Ap. Co. Hou.

Seybert, Adam. Pa., 1773-1825. A
Philadelphia chemist who published
The Statistical Annals of the United
States, 1789-1818. It was in a notice
of this book for The Edinburgh Review
that Sydney Smith made the famous
query, "Who reads an American

Seyffarth [zif'faart], Gustav. Sxy.,
1796-1885. A German scientist who
was professor of Oriental archaeology at
Leipzig University, 1825-55, and, com-
ing to America in the latter year, was
professor at Concordia Seminary, in St.
Louis, 1855-71. The remainder of his
life was passed in New York city. He
was distinguished for the extremely
literal nature of his biblical interpre-
tations. Among his voluminous writ-
ings are, Rudimenta Hieroglyphica ;
Grammatica ^gyptiaca ; Egyptian
Theology according to a Paris Mummy
Coffin. "-See Literary Life of, an auto-
biography, 1886.

Seymour, George Franklin. E. L,
1829 . The first Protestant Epis-
copal bishop of Springfield, and promi-
nent among extreme High Churchmen.
Modern Romanism not Catholicism.

Seymour, Mrs. Mary Harrison

[Browne]. C<., 1835 . A writer

of Hartford whose writings are mainly
juvenile. Among them are, Mollie's
Christmas Stocking ; Sunshine and Star-
light ; Recompense ; Through the Dark-
ness ; Ned, Nellie, and Amy. But. Ran.
Seymour, Thomas Day. O., 1840-

. A professor of Greek at Yale

University from 1880. Homeric Vo-
cabulary ; School Iliad ; Selected Odes
of Pindar, with Notes ; Introduction to

the Language and Verse of Homer ;
Homer's Iliad, books i.-vi. Gi.
Shaffner, Taliaferro Preston. Va.,
1818-1881. An inventor of note. The
Telegraph Companion ; The Telegraph
Manual ; The Secession War in Ameri-
ca ; History of America ; Odd Fellow-
Shaler, Nathaniel Southgate. Ky.,
1841 . An eminent geologist, pro-
fessor of paleontology at Harvard Uni-
versity, 1868-87, and of geology from
1887. Kentucky Geological Reports ;
Kentucky, a Pioneer Commonwealth ;
The Nature of Intellectual Property
and its Importance to the State ; The
Interpretation of Nature ; The Story
of Our Continent ; Illustrations of the
Earth's Surface : Glaciers (with W. M.
Davis) ; The United States of America :
a study of the American Common-
wealth ; First Book in Geology ; Na-
ture and Man in America ; Sea and
Land : Features of Coasts and Oceans ;
Aspects of the Earth ; Fossil Branchi-
opods of the Ohio Valley; American
Highways ; Domesticated Animals :
their Relation to Man. Am. Ap. Clke.
Gi. Hou. Scr.
Shanks, William Franklin Gore.

Ky., 1837 . A journalist of New

York city. Recollections of Distin-
guished Generals ; A Noble Treason, a
tragedy. Har.
Shanly, Charles Dawson. L, 1811-
1875. A journalist and verse-writer of
New York city. The Walker in the
Snow is his best-known poem. A Jolly
Bear and His Friends ; The Monkey of
Porto Bello ; The Truant Chicken.

Shapley, Rufus Edmond. Pa.,

1840 . A Philadelphia lawyer,

author of Solid for Mulhooly, a politi-
cal satire.

Sharsw^ood, George. Pa., 1810-
1883. An eminent Philadelphia jurist.
Professional Ethics ; Popular Lectures
on Common Law ; Lectures on Com-
mercial Law ; Sharswood's Blackstone.

Shattuck, Mrs. Harriette [Ro-
binson]. 3fs., 1850 . Daughter

of W. S. Robinson, supra. A writer of
Maiden, Massachusetts, who has pub-
lished The Storv of Dante's Divine
Comedy ; Little Folks East and West ;




Woman's Manual of Parliamentary

Shaw, Albert. 0.,1857 . A jour-
nalist of New York city, the American
editor of The Review of Reviews from
1891, and a recognized authority on
such themes as municipal government
and municipal reforms. Icaria : a Chap-
ter in the History of Communism ; Lo-
cal Government in Illinois ; Cooperation
in a Western City ; Municipal Govern-
ment in Great Britain ; Municipal Go-
vernment in Continental Europe. Cent.

Shaw, Charles. Me., 1782-1828. A
lawyer of Montgomery, Alabama, who-
published A Topographical Description
of Boston from its First Settlement

Shaw, Henry "Wheeler. " Josh Bil-
lings." Ms., 1818-1885. A noted hu-
mourist whose shrewd, sensible sayings
have been hardly appraised at their
full value owing to the laboriously bad
spelling in which they have been given
to the world. Josh BUlings's Sayings ;
Everybody's Friend ; Josh Billings's
Trump Kards ; Josh Billings's Spice
Box. See Life by F. S. Smith, 1883.

Shaw, Thomas. Ont., 1843 . A

Canadian educator, since 1893 professor
of animal husbandry at the Minnesota
Agricultural Experiment Station. The
First Principles of Agriculture ; Weeds
and How to Eradicate Them.

Shea [sha], George. I., 1827-1895.
Son of J. A. Shea, infra. A jurist who
was chief justice of the City Court of
New York. Alexander Hamilton : a
Historical Study ; Nature and Form of
the American Government. Sou.

Shea, John Augustus. I., 1802-
1845. An Irish verse-writer who came
to America in 1827, and was a journal-
ist in New York city. His writings
in lude, Adolph ; Parnassian Wild
Flowers ; Ruddeki, an Eastern Ro-
mance, in verse ; Clontarf , a Poem.

Shea, John Dawson Gilmary. N.
Y., 1824-1892. An historical writer of
note, for a number of years editor of
Frank Leslie's Chimney Corner, in New
York city. The Catholic Church in the
United States ; Legendary History of
Ireland; History of Catholic Indian
Missions ; Discovery and Exploration of
the Mississippi Valley ; Early Voyages

Up and Down the Mississippi ; Novum
Belgium, an Account of New Nether-
lands, 1633-44 ; The Operations of the
French under De Grasse ; Life of Pius
Ninth ; The Catholic Church in Colo-
nial Days ; The Catholic Hierarchy of
the United States ; Life and Times of
Archbishop Carroll, include his princi-
pal original works.

Shearman [sher'man], Thomas Gas-
kell. E., 1834-1900. A lawyer and
political economist of New York city.
Law of Practice and Pleadings ; Law
of Negligence ; Talks on Free Trade ;
Does Protection Protect ? ; Pauper
Labor of Europe ; The Single Tax ;
Natural Taxation ; Henry Geoi^e's
Mistake ; Crooked Taxation.

Shecut, John Linneeus Edward
Whitridge. S. C, 1770-1836. A
once eminent physician and scientist of
Charleston. Flora Carolinensis ; Me-
dical and Philosophical Essays ; Ele-
ments of Natural Philosophy ; A New
Theory of the Earth, comprise his chief

Shedd, Joel Herbert. Ms., 1834-

. An eminent civil engineer of

Providence whose most important pro-
fessional labour is the Providence Wa-
ter Works. He has written a work on
Landscape Gardening (with Follen),
and many important professional pa-

Shedd, Mrs. Julia Ann [Clark].
Me., 1834-1897. Wife of J. H. Shedd,
supra. Famous Painters and Paint-
ings ; Famous Sculptors and Sculpture ;
The Ghiberti Gates ; Raphael : his
Madonnas and Holy Families. Hou.

Shedd, William Greenough
Thayer. Ms., 1820-1894. A Presby-
terian clergyman of New York city, pro-
fessor in Union Seminary, 1863-90, and
a theologian of a very conservative
type. History of Christian Doctrine ;
Sermons to the Natural Man ; Homile-
tics and Pastoral Theology ; Theologi-
cal Essays; Sermons to the Spiritual
Man ; Endless Punishment ; Dogmatic
Theology ; The Pro-Revision of the
Westminster Standards ; Calvinism
Pure and Mixed ; Literary Essays.
Ran. Scr.

Sheeleigh, Matthias. Pa., 1820-
1900. A Lutheran minister at Fort
Washington, near Philadelphia, from




1869. American Ecclesiad ; A Gettys-
burgiad ; Luther : a Song Tribute ;
Brief History of Luther; Outlines of
Old and New Testament History.

Sheldon, David Newton. Ct., 1807-
1889. A Baptist clergyman who be-
came a Unitarian in 1856. He was
president of Colby University, 18-i3-
1853. Sin and Redemption.

Sheldon, Edward Austin. N. F.,
1823-1897. A noted educator of Os-
wego, principal of the Normal School
there from 1862. Manual of Elemen-
tary Training ; Lessons on Objects, are
his principal works.

Sheldon, Edward Stevens. Me.,

1851 . A professor of Romance

philology at Harvard University from
1883. Short German Grammar and

Sheldon, George 'William. S. C,

1843 . A journalist and art critic

of New York city, now (1897) in charge
of the London office of D. Appleton and
Company, publishers. Araierican Paint-
ers ; The Story of the Volunteer Fire
Department of New York City ; Hours
with Art and Artists ; Artistic Homes ;
Artistic Country Seats ; Selections in
Modem Art ; Recent Ideals of Ameri-
can Art. Har.

Sheldon, Henry Clay. N. Y., 1845-
. A Methodist clergyman, profes-
sor of historic theology in Boston Uni-
versity from 1882. History of Christian
Doctrine ; History of the Christian
Church. Cr. Har.

Sheldon, Mary Downing. Daugh-
ter of E. A. Sheldon, supra. See Barnes,

Shelton, Frederick William. L. I.,
1814-1881. An Episcopal clergyman
of Carthage Landing, New York, who
■wrote in both prose and verse a number
of humourous and satirical books. The
TroUopiad, or the Travelling Gentle-
man in America ; The Rector of St.
Bardolph's ; Peeps from the Belfry, or
the Parish Sketeh-Book ; Salander and
the Dragon, a romance ; Up the River,
a collection of rural sketches ; Chrys-
talline, a romance ; The Gold Mania ;
Use and Abuse of Reason.

Shepard, Charles Upham. R. I.,
1804-1886. A geologist, professor of
geology at Amherst College, who pub-

lished a valuable Report on the Geology
of Connecticut.

Shepard, Edward Morse. N. Y.,
1850 . A lawyer of Brooklyn, au-
thor of a Life of Martin Van Buren.

Shepard, Elihu Hotchkiss. Vt.,
1795-1876. An educator of St. Louis.
Autobiography (1869) ; Early History
of St. Louis and Missouri.

Shepard, Isaac Fitzgerald. Ms.,
1816-1889. A Federal officer in the
Civil War who was consul at Swatow
and Hankow, 1874-80. Pebbles from
Castalia ; Poetry of Feeling ; Scenes
and Songs of Social Life ; Household

Shepard, Thomas. E., 1605-1649.
A Puritan clergyman who came to
America in 1635, and from 1636 until
his death was minister of what is now
the Shepard Church in Cambridge. He
won great renown as a preacher, and as
a theologian was a Calvinist of the ex-
tremest type. New Englands Lamen-
tations for Old Englands present Er-
rours ; The Sound Beleever ; The Clear
Sunshine of the Gospel ; Theses Sab-
baticse ; Subjection to Christ ; The Pa-
rable of the Ten Virgins Opened and
Applied ; Autobiography. His Ser-
mons, with Memoir by Alger, were
printed in three volumes in 1853. See
Tyler'' s American Literature ; Memoir by
S. Mather and Greenhill, 165S ; Life by
Cotton Mather in the Magnolia.

Shepard, William. See Walsh, W.

Shepherd, William Robert. S. C,

1871 • History of Proprietary

Government in Pennsylvania, Mac.

Sheppard, Furman. N. J., 1823-
1893. A Philadelphia lawyer who pub-
lished a Constitutional Text-Book.

Sheppard, Nathan. Md., 1834-1888.
A journalist and educator who was a
special correspondent of The Cincinnati
Gazette during the Franco-German war.
Shut up in Paris during the Siege;
Darwinism Stated by Himself ; Before
an Audience ; Saratoga Chips. Ap. Fu.

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