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Sherburne, John Henry. N. II.,
1794-c. 1850. A register of the navy
in Washington. Osceola, a tragedy ;
Erratic Poems ; Life of John Paul
Jones ; The Tourist's Guide in Europe


A Suppressed History of the Adminis-
tration of John Adams.

Sheridan, Philip Henry. N. Y.,

1831-1888. A famous soldier, lieute-
nant-general of the United States array,
1869-88, and general for the two months
preceding his death. Personal Me-
moirs (1888). See Appletons' American
Biography ; Life by H. E. Bavies; his-
tories of the Civil War.

Sherman, Frank Dempster. N.Y.,

1860 . A lyrist of New York city,

adjunct professor of architecture at
Columbia College, who has written
much pleasing vers de society as well as
other verse. Madrigals and Catches ;
Lyrics for a Lute ; Little-Folk Lyrics ;
New Waggings of Old Tales (with J.
K. Bangs, supra). Hou. Sto.

Sherman, Henry. N. ¥., 1808-1879.
A Hartford lawyer, author of An Ana-
lytical Digest of the Laws of Marine
Insurance to the Present Time (1841) ;
The Governmental History of the Uni-
ted States ; Slavery in the United

Sherman, John. Ct., 1772-1828. A
Unitarian clergyman of Trenton Falls,
New York, where he conducted an
academy. From 1797 to 1805 he was
a Congregational minister at Mansfield,
Connecticut, but resigned his charge on
account of his becoming a Unitarian.
One God in One Person Only, the first
noteworthy defence of Unitarianism in
America ; Philosophy of Language Il-
lustrated ; A Description of Trenton
Falls. See Spr ague's Annals of the
American Pulpit.

Sherman, John. O., 1823-1900. Bro-
ther of W. T. Sherman, infra. A noted
statesman of Ohio ; United States sena-
tor, 1861-77 and 1881-97; secretary
of the treasury, 1877-1881 ; and secre-
tary of state, 1897-1898. Recollections
of Forty Years in the House, Senate,
and Cabinet; Selected Speeches and
Reports on Taxation, 1859—78. See
Life by Bronson, 1880.

Sherman, William Tecumseh. O.,

1820-1891. A distinguished soldier
who was general of the United States
army, 1869-84. The Military Lessons
of the War ; Memoirs by Himself. See
Appletons'' American Biography ; John-
son's Universal Cyclopcedia ; The Sher-


man Letters ; and histories of the Civil
War. Ap.

Sherwin, Thomas. N. H., 1799-
1869. A noted educator of Boston,
master of the High School, 1888-69,
and author of treatises on algebra.

Sherwood, Adiel. N. Y., 1791-
1879. A Baptist minister and edu-
cator of Georgia. Gazetteer of Geor-
gia ; Christian and Jewish Churches ;
Notes on the New Testament. See Me-
moir by his daughter, 1884.

Sherwood, Mrs. Emily [Lee].
Ind., 1843 . A Washington jour-
nalist who has published Willis Peyton,
a novel.

Sherwood, James Manning. N.
Y., 1814-1890. A Presbyterian clergy-
man and editor of religious journals.
A Plea for the Old Foundations ; The
History of the Cross ; Books and Au-
thors. Fu.

Sherwood, Mrs. John. See Sher-
wood, Mrs. Mary.

Sherwood, John D* iV^. Y., 1818-
1891. Cousin of J. M. Sherwood, supra.
A writer whose home was at Engle-
wood, New Jersey. Comic History of
the United States ; The Case of Cuba.

Sherwood, Mrs. Katherine Mar-
garet [Brownlee]. Pa., 1841 .

A verse-writer and journalist of Can-
ton, Ohio, who has been especially suc-
cessful as a writer of army lyrics and
poems for military occasions. Camp
Fire and Memorial Poems ; Columbia.

Sherwood, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth
[Wilson]. N. H., 1830-1903. A
Washington novelist and miscellaneous
writer, prominent as a social leader.
The Sarcasm of Destiny ; A Trans-
planted Rose ; Amenities of Home ;
Home Amusements ; Manners and So-
cial Usages ; Royal Girls and Royal
Courts ; Sweet Brier ; Roxobel ; The
Art of Entertaining. Ap. Do. Har.

Shew, Joel. N. Y., 1816-1855. A
hydropathic physician of New York
State among whose writings are, Hydro-
pathy, or the Water Cure ; Cholera
Treated by Water ; The Hydropathic
Family Physician.

Shields, Charles Woodruff. Ind..,
1825-1904. A Presbyterian clergy-
* A distinguishing initial only.




man, professor of the harmony of sci-
ence and revealed relig'ion at Princeton
College from 1865, and active in behalf
of church unity. The Presbyterian
Book of Common Prayer according to
the Revision of the Westminister
Divines ; Philosophia Ultima, or Sci-
ence of the Sciences ; The Order of
the Sciences ; Religion and Science in
their Relations to Philosophy ; Essays
on Church Unity ; The Historic Epis-
copate ; The Question of Unity ; The
United Church of the United States.

Shields, Mrs. Sarah Annie [Frost].
18 . Parlor Charades and Pro-
verbs ; Laws and By-Laws of American
Society ; The Art of Dressing Well ;
Almost a Woman ; Sunshine for Rainy
Days, are among her works.

Shillaber, Benjamin Penhallow.
"Mrs. Partington." N. H., 1814-1890.
A journalist of Boston, once widely
known as a humourist, whose latest
years were spent in Chelsea, Massachu-
setts. Life and Sayings of Mrs. Parting-
ton ; Partiagtonian Patchwork ; Mrs.
Partington's Mother Goose ; Ike Par-
tington Stories ; Lines in Pleasant
Places ; Wide Swath, a volume of col-
lected verse ; Rhymes with Reason ;
Cruises with Captain Bob ; The Double-
Runner Club. See New England Maga-
zine, June, 1891. Le.

Shimeall [shim'e-all], Richard Cun-
ningham. N. Y., 1803-1874. An
Episcopal clergyman who adopted Re-
formed Dutch tenets in 1834, and sub-
sequently became a Presbyterian. He
was a noted biblical scholar of mille-
narian views. The End of Prelacy ;
Christ's Second Coming ; Prophetic
Career and Destiny of Napoleon III. ;
Unseen World ; Political Economy of
Prophecy, are his principal works.

Shindler, Mrs. Mary Stanley
Bunce [Palmer] [Dana]. S. C,

1810-1883. A once popular South
Carolina verse-writer whose home was
at Nacogdoches, Texas, after 1869.
In 1844 she became a Unitarian, and
published the next year Letters on
the Trinity. In 1848 she married her
second husband, an Episcopal clergy-
man, and was received into his church.
The Northern Harp ; The Southern
Harp ; The Parted Family, and Other

Poems ; The Temperance Lyre ; and
several prose works, including Charles
Martin, or the Young Patriot ; The
Young Sailor ; Forecastle Tom ; A
Southerner Among the Spirits. See
Bibliography of Texas.

Shinn, Asa. N. J., 1781-1853. A
Methodist Protestant minister in Ohio.
Essay on the Plan of Salvation ; Bene-
volence and Rectitude of the Supreme

Shinn, Charles Howard. Ts., 1852-

, A California writer who has

published Mining Camps, a Study in
American Frontier Government ; The
Story of the Mine. Ap. Scr.

Shinn, Earl. "Edward Strahan."
Pa., 1837-1886. A New York jour-
nalist, at one period art critic of The
Nation. The New Hyperion : from
Paris to Marly by Way of the Rhine ;
Studies in Modem French Art. Lip.

Shinn, George Wolfe. Pa., 1839-

. An Episcopal clergyman, rector

of Grace Church, Newton, Massachu-
setts, from 1875. Friendly Talks About
Marriage ; Manual of the Prayer Book ;
Manual of Church History ; Questions
about Our Church ; Questions that
Trouble Beginners in Religion ; Stories
for Christmas Time ; Some Modern Sub-
stitutes for Christianity. Kt. Wh.

Shipp, Albert Micajah. N. C,
1819-1887. A Methodist clergyman
and educator, professor of theology in
Vanderbilt University from 1874, and
author of The History of Methodism in
South Carolina.

Shipp, Barnard. Mi., 1813 . A

verse-writer of Natchez, and subse-
quently of Louisville. Fame, and
Other Poems ; Progress of Freedom,
and Other Poems.

Shippen, Edward. N. J., 1827 .

An eminent naval surgeon of Philadel-
phia who published Thirty Years at

Shirley, John Milton. N. H., 1831-
1887. A lawyer of Andover, New
Hampshire. The Early Jurisprudence
of New Hampshire ; Complete History
of the Dartmouth College Case ; Re-
ports of Cases in Supreme Judicial

Shirley, "William. E., 1693-1771.
A noted colonial soldier who planned




the conquest of Cape Breton, and was
governor of Massachusetts, 1741-45.
Electra, a tragedy ; The Birth of Her-
cules, a masque ; Letter to the Duke
of Newcastle, with Journal of the Siege
of Louisburg ; The Conduct of General
Shirley Briefly Stated.

Shock, William Henry. Md., 1821-

. A United States naval officer

whose Steam Boilers: their Design,
Construction, and Management, is a
standard authority.

Shoemaker, Michael Myers. Ky.,
1853 . A writer of travels. East-
ward to the Land of Morning ; The
Kingdom of the White Woman, a vo-
lume of Mexican travel ; Trans-Caspia :
the Sealed Provinces of the Czar. Clke.

Shoup, Francis Asbury. Ind., 1834-
1896. An Episcopal clergyman and
educator of Sewanee, Tennessee, pro-
fessor of metaphysics in the University
of the South, and a Confederate officer
in the Civil War. Infantry Tactics ;
ArtUlery Division Drill; Elements of

Shreve, Samuel Henry. N. J.,
1829-1884. A civil engineer of New
York city. The Strength of Bridges
and Roofs.

Shreve, Thomas H . D. C, 1808-

1853. Cousin .of S. H. Shreve, supra.
A journalist of Louisville. Drayton,
an American tale ; Poems.

Shuck [shook], Mrs. Henrietta
[Hall]. Va., 1817-1844. The wife
of a missionary in China. Scenes in
China (1852). See Life by Jeter, 1848.

Shurtleff , Ernest Warburton. Ms.,
1862 . A Congregational clergy-
man and verse-writer of Minneapolis,
Minnesota. Poems ; Easter Gleams ;
Song of Hope ; When I was a Child ;
New Year's Peace.

Shurtleff, Nathaniel Bradstreet.
Ms., 1810-1874. An antiquarian of
Boston. Elements of Phrenology ; A
Perpetual Calendar of Old and New
Style ; Topographical Description of
Boston ; Passengers of the Mayflower
in 1620, comprise his principal wiitings.
With D. Pulsifer he edited The Re-
cords of the Colony of New Plymouth,
in twelve volumes.

Sibler, Wilhelm. P., 1801-1885. A
Lutheran clergyman of Missouri. Ser-

mons on the Epistles and Gospels of
the Christian Year. See Biography
(Lebeslauf), 1880.
Sibley, John Langdon. Me., 1804-
1885. The librarian of Harvard Uni-
versity, 1841-77. History of the Town
of Union, Maine ; Biographical Sketches
of Harvard University Graduates.

Sidney, Margaret. See Lothrop, Mrs.

Sigourney [sig'or-ni], Mrs. Lydia
Howard [HuntlyJ. Ct., 1791-1865.
One of the most popular of the earlier
American writers, but now quite neg-
lected. Her fifty-three volumes of prose
and verse were adapted to an uncritical
audience that demanded only gfentle
feeling and excellence of intention, and
they served their purpose well in their
day. Her verse is not without sweetness,
but it never strays far beyond the realm
of the commonplace. She was nearly all
her life a resident of Hartford. Among
her prose writings are, Myrtis ; Post
Meridian ; Letters to My Pupils ; Let-
ters to Young Ladies ; Traits of the
Aborigines in America ; Letters of
Life (1866). Other works are, Poca-
hontas ; Moral Pieces in Prose and
Verse ; Poetry for Children ; Zinzen-
dorf, and Other Poems. See Griswold's
Female Poets of America ; Allibone^s
Dictionary; Stone's First Editions of
American Authors. Har.

Sikes, Mrs. Olive [Logan]. N. Y.,
1841 . Wife of W. W. Sikes, in-
fra. An actress and author, po'pular
at one period as a lecturer. Photo-
graphs of Paris Life ; Chateau Frissac,
or Home Scenes in France ; John Mor-
ris's Money; Somebody's Stockings;
Apropos of Women and Theatres ; Be-
fore the Footlights and Behind the
Scenes ; The Mimic World ; Get Thee
Behind Me, Satan; They Met by
Chance, a novel.

Sikes, William Wirt. N. Y., 1836-
1883. A journalist of New York city
who was consul at Cardiff, Wales, 1876-
1883. British Goblins: Welsh Folk-
Lore ; One Poor Girl ; Rambles and
Studies in Old South Wales; Studies
of Assassination.

Sill, Edward Rowland. Ct., 1841-
1887. A poet and educator of Cuya-
hoga Falls, Ohio, professor in the Uni-
versity of CaMfornia, 1874-82. His




verse is small in quantity, but o£ rare
quality. The Hermitage, and Other
Poems; The Hermitage, and Later
Poems ; Poems (containing The Venus
of Milo, and other poems). See Mrs.
E. Ward^s Chapters from a Life. Ho.

Sill, John Mahelon Berry. N. Y.,
1831-1901. A Michigan educator of
prominence, principal of the State Nor-
mal School. Synthesis of the English
Sentence ; Practical Lessons in English.

Silliman, Augustus Ely. B. I., 1807-
1884. Covisin of B. Silliman, 2d, iifra.
A banker of New York city who pub-
lished A Gallop Among American

Silliman, Benjamin. Ct., 1779-1864.
A chemist of distinction, professor of
chemistry at Yale University, 1802-55,
and the founder in 1818 of Silliman's
Journal of Science and Art. Journal
of Travels in England (1810) ; Narra-
tive of a Visit to Europe (1853) ; Ele-
ments of Chemistry ; Consistency of
Modern Geology with Sacred History.
See Life by G. P. Fisher; American
Journal of Science, May, 1865 ; Popu-
lar Science Monthly, June, 1883.

Silliman, Benjamin. C^, 1816-1885.
Son of B. Silliman, supra. A professor
of chemistry at Yale University from
1846 until his death, and editor of Silli-
man's Journal. First Principles of
Chemistry ; American Contributions to
Chemistry ; Principles of Physics.

SilloTvay, Thomas William. Ms.,

1828 . A Boston architect who

became a Universalist minister in 1862.
Theogonis ; Text-Book of Modern
Carpentry ; Warming and Ventilation ;
Cathedral Towns of England (with L.

Silsbee, Mrs. Marianne Cabot
[Devereux]. 1812-1889. A Boston
writer who published A Half Century
in Salem, and several compilations of
poems. Hou.

Silver, Thomas. N. J., 1813-1888.
A civil engineer well known as an in-
ventor. A Trip to the North Pole, or
Theory of the Origin of Icebergs.

SimmonSjWilliam Johnson. S. C,
1849 . A Baptist minister of Afri-
can birth who has published Men of

Simms, Jeptha Root. Ct., 1807-1883.
A once popular writer of Fort Plain, New
York. History of Schoharie County ;
The American Spy : Nathan Hale ; The
Frontiersman ; Trappers of New York.

Simms, Joseph. N. Y., 1833 .

Nephew of J. R. Simms, supra. A writer
on physiognomy. Nature's Revelations
of Character ; Book of Scientific Lec-
tures ; Health and Character ; Practi-
cal and Scientific Physiognomy ; Hu-
man Faces : What They Mean.

Simms, William Gilmore. S. C,
1806-1870. A voluminous romancer
and verse-writer of Charleston, long
popular but now little read. Among
his thirty romances. The Partisan ; The
Yemassee ; Guy Rivers ; Martin Faber ;
Border Beagles ; Beauchampe, are as
well known as any ; and of some twelve
volumes of verse, Atalantis ; Lays of
the Palmetto; Areytos, or Songs and
Ballads of the South, are the most
characteristic. Other works of his in-
clude, A History of South Carolina ;
Lives of Marion, General Greene, Cap-
tain John Smith, Chevalier Bayard. See
Allibone^s Dictionary ; Life by Trent.
Stone'' s First Editions of American Au-
thors. Lov.

Simonds, William. "Walter Aim-
well." Ms., 1822-1859. A Boston jour-
nalist who was a very popular writer
for young people. The Aimwell Stories ;
The Boys' Own Guide ; Boys' Book of
Morals and Manners.

Simpson, Edward. iV^. F., 1824-1888.
A naval officer of prominence, rear-ad-
miral from 1884. Ordnance and Naval
Gunnery ; The Naval Mission to Eu-
rope ; Report of the Gun Foundry

Simpson, Henry. Pa., 1790-1868. A
Philadelphia author who published
Lives of Eminent Philadelphians.

Simpson, James Hervey. N. J.,

1813-1883. A colonel of engineers and
brevet brigadier-general in the United
States army. A Military Reconnoissance
from Sante F^ to the Navajo Country in
1849. The Shortest Route to California ;
Coronado's March in Search of the Seven
Cities of Cibola. Lip.
Simpson, Matthew. O., 1811-1884.
A Methodist bishop famous as a pulpit
orator. Lectures on Preaching ; A Hun.




dred Tears of Methodism ; Sermons ;
Cyclopaedia of Methodism. See Life of,
by G. B. Crooks, supra. Har. Meth.

Sims, Clifford Stanley. Pa., 1839-
1896. A lawyer of Arkansas, and lat-
terly of New Jersey, whose principal
work is The Origin and Signification
of Scottish Surnames.

Sims, James Marion. S. C, 1813-

1883. A celebrated surgeon of New
York city to whose influence is- due the
establishment of gynaecology as a de-
partment of medicine. Clinical Notes
on Uterine Surgery ; Ovariotomy ; The
Story of My Life. See Life of, by T. A.
Emmet, supra. Ap.

Sinclair, Carrie Bell. Ga., 1837-

. A verse-writer of Pliiladelphia.

Poems; Heart Whispers, or Echoes of

Skene, Alexander Johnston Chal-
mers. S., 1837-1900. A Brooklyn
physician, professor of gynaecology in
Long Island College Hospital from

1884. Diseases of the Bladder in Wo-
men ; Diseases of Women from the
Standpoint of the Physician. Ap.

Skinner, Charles Montgomery. N.

Y., 1852 . A journalist and litte-
rateur of Brooklyn, associate editor of
The Eagle. Villon the Vagabond, and
other plays ; Myths and Legends of
Our Own Land ; Nature in a City Yard.
Cent. Lip.
Skinner, Otis Ainsworth. Ms.,
1807-1861. A Universalist minister of
Boston and elsewhere. Family Prayer
Book ; Sermons on Doctrinal Subjects ;
Universalism Defended ; Letters on Re-
vivals ; Moral Duties of Parents, are
his principal works. See Life of, by T.
B. Thayer, infra.

Skinner, Thomas Harvey. N. C,

1791-1871. A Presbyterian clergyman
of New York city, professor of sacred
rhetoric in Union Seminary, 1848-71.
Religion of the Bible ; Aids to Preach-
ing and Hearing ; Discussions in Theo-
logy ; Thoughts on Evangelizing the
Worl(l. Ran.
Slade, Daniel Denison. Ms., 1823-
1896. A physician and scientist, pro-
fessor of zoology at Harvard Univer-
sity from 1871. Diphtheria: its Nature
and Treatment ; Twelve Days in the
Saddle, a Journey in New England in

1883. Evolution of Horticulture in New
England. Put.

Slaughter, Philip. Va., 1808-1890.
Cousin of W. B. Slaughter, infra. An
Episcopal clergyman of Vii'ginia, his-
toriographer of the diocese. The Colo-
nial Church in Virginia ; Man and Wo-
man, are his most important writings.

Slaughter, William Bank. Va.,
1798-1879. A Wisconsin lawyer of note
who published Reminiscences of Dis-
tinguished People I Have Met.

Sleeper, John Sherburne. Ms.^
1794-1878. A shipmaster and subse-
quently a journalist of Boston, editor
of The Journal, 1834-54. Tales of the
Ocean ; Salt- Water Bubbles ; Jack in
the Forecastle ; Mark Rowland, a Tale
of the Sea.

Slenker, Mrs. Elmina [Drake]. N.

Y., 1827 . A writer living at

SnowviDe, Virginia. Studying the Bi-
ble ; John's Way ; The Darwins ; Mary
Jones ; Little Lessons for Little Folks.

SUcer, Henry. Md., 1801-1874. A
Methodist clergyman, eight times chap-
lain of the United States Senate. Ap-
peal on Christian Baptism ; Discourse
on Duelling, which materially helped
forward the passage of the anti-duelling
law in Congress.

Sloan, Samuel. iV. C, 1815-1884.
An architect of Philadelphia. City and
Suburban Architecture ; ConstrCictive
Architecture ; The Model Anchitect ;
Homestead Architecture. Bai. Lip.

Sloane, Thomas O' Conor. N. Y.,

1851 . A chemist of New York

city, on the editorial staff of The Scien-
tific American. Home Experiments in
Science ; Standard Electrical Diction-

Sloane, "William Milligan. O., 1850-
. A professor of history at Colum-
bia College. The French War and the
Revolution ; Life of James M'Cosh, su-
pra ; Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. Cent.

Slosson, Mrs. Annie [Trumbull].

Ct., 184- . An author of New York

city noted for the excellence of her
short stories, and also known as an en-
tomologist whose specialty is the study
of moths. Aunt Lief y ; Fishin' Jimmy ;
Seven Dreamers j The Heresy of Me-




hetabel Clark ; Anna Malann ; The
China Hunter's Club. Har. Ban.

Sluter, George Ludewig. G., 1837-

. A Lutheran clergyman, pastor

at Arlington, New Jersey, from 1881.
History of Our Beloved Church ; Life
of Tiberius ; The Religion of Politics,
are his principal writings.

Sraalley, Eugene Virgil. 0., 1841-
1899. A journalist of St. Paul. His-
tory of the Northern Pacific Railroad ;
History of the Republican Party.

Smalley, George Washburn. Ms.,

1833 . A noted journalist who was

the London correspondent of The New
York Tribune, 1867-95, and from 1895
American correspondent of The Lon-
don Times. London Letters, and Some
Others ; Studies of Men. Har.

Smalley, John. Ct., 1734-1820. A
Congregational clergyman, pastor at
New Britain from 1758 till his death.
National and Moral Liability ; Univer-
sal Salvation.

Smart, Mrs. Helen Hamilton [Gar-
dener]. Va., 18.53 . A Boston

novelist whose writings are mainly con-
cerned with the furtherance of social
reforms. An Unofficial Patriot ; Is
This Your Son, My Lord ? ; Facts and
Fictions of Life ; Pray You, Sir, Whose
Daughter ? ; Pushed by Unseen Hands ;
A Thoughtless Yes ; The Fortunes of
Margaret Weld. Ar.

Smedes, Mrs. Susan [Dabney].

Mi., 1840 . A Mississippi writer

now living in Washington, whose Me-
morials of a Southern Planter is much
valued as an accurate picture of South-
ern life.

Smith, Arthur Donaldson. Pa.,

1864 . An African explorer.

Through Unknown African Countries.

Smith, Ashbel. Ct, 1805-1886. A
Texas politician and physician. Ac-
count of the Geography of Texas ; Per-
manent Identity of the Human Race.

Smith, Augustus William. N. Y.,
1802-1866. An educator who was pro-
fessor of mathematics at Wesleyan
University, 1831-51, and president of
that institution from 1851. Elementary
Treatise on Mechanics.

Smith, Buckingham. G?a., 1810-1871.
A Spanish- American scholar and anti-
quary of note, twice secretary of the

United States legation at Mexico, and
after 1859 a lawyer in Florida. Among
his many publications are. Grammati-
cal Sketch of the Heve Language ;
Grammar of the Pima, or Nevome ;
Coleccion de Varios Documentos para
la Historia de la Florida ; Narratives
of the Career of Hernando de Soto in
the Conquest of Florida.

Smith, Charles. Pa., 1765-1836. Son
of William Smith, 1st, infra. A Phila-
delphia lawyer who published a Trea-
tise ou the Land Laws of Philadelphia.

Smith, Charles Adam. N. Y., 1809-
1879. A Lutheran clergyinan, pastor
at Rhinebeck, New York, and else-
where. The Catechumen's Guide ; Men
of the Olden Time ; Before the Flood
and After ; Among the Lilies ; Inlets
and Outlets; Stoneridge, pastoral
sketches ; Popular Exposition of the
Gospels (with J. Morris). Lip.

Smith, Charles Henry. "Bill Arp."
Ga., 1826-1903. A lawyer and jour-
nalist of Rome, Georgia, well known as
a humorous contributor to The Atlan-
ta Constitution. Bill Arp's Letters ; Bill
Arp's Scrap Book : The Farm and the
Fireside : A Side Show of the Southern
Side of the War ; Georgia as a Colony
and State, 1733-1893. Gi.

Smith, Daniel. Ct, 1806-1852. A
Methodist clergyman of New York
State very active in the temperance
cause. Wisdom in Miniature ; Gems
of Female Biography ; Anecdotes for
the Young ; Teachers' Assistant ; Lec-
tures to Young Men ; Book of Man-
ners ; Anecdotes of the Christian Mi-
nistry. Meth.

Smith, Edward Delafield. N. Y.,
1826-1878. A lawyer of New York
city. Avidse, a poem ; Destiny, a poem ;
Oratory, a poem ; Reports of Cases in
the New York Court of Common Pleas ;
Addresses to Juries in Slave Trade

Smith, Eli. Ct, 1801-1857. A Con-
gregational missionary at Beirut. Mis-
sionary Researches in Armenia (1853) ;
and an Arabic translation of the Bible.

Smith, Elias. Ct, 1769-1846. A Con-
gregational clergyman of Massachu-
setts. The Clergyman's Looking-Glass ;
History of Anti-Christ ; Sermons on
the Prophecies, are among his writings.




Smith, Elihu Hubbard. Ct., 1771-
1798. A physician and verse-writer of
New York city. Edwin and Angelina,
an opera; American Poems, Original
and Selected.

Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth Oakes
[Prince]. Me., 1806-1893. Wife of
Seba Smith, infra. A once prominent
writer of prose and verse, who was the
first woman lecturer in America. Her
later years were passed in Hollywood,
South Carolina. Among her many
works are, The Sinless Child, and Other
Poems; The Newsboy, which first di-
rected public attention to a hitherto
neglected class; Riches Without Wings;
Old New York, or Jacob Leisler, a tra-
gedy ; Woman and Her Needs ; Bertha
and Lily ; The Western Captive.

Smith, Erasmus Peshine. N. Y.,

1814-1882. A jurist and political eco-
nomist. Manual of Political Economy.

Smith, Mrs. Erminnie Adelle
[Piatt]. N. Y., 1837-1886. An eth-

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