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Hagar the Martyr, a novel.

Stephens, John Lloyd. N. J., 1805-
1852. A traveller of note. Incidents
of Travel in Central America; Yuca-
tan ; Egypt, Arabia, and the Holy
Land ; Greece, Turkey, and Russia.
See AUibone^s Dictionary. liar.

Stephens, "William. E., 1671-1753.
A colonial governor of Georgia, 1743-
1750, who published a Journal of the
Proceedings in Georgia. See Biography
by his son, entitled The Castle Builder,
or the History of William Stephens of
the Isle of Wight.

Stern, Simon Adler. Pa., 1838 .

Florentine Nights ; Excerpts ; Jottings
of Travel in China and Japan.

Sternberg, George Miller. N. Y.,

1838 . A surgeon in the 'United

States army. Photo-Micrographs ; Ma-
laria and Malarial Diseases ; Bacteria,
from the French of Maguin ; Immuni-
ty : Protective Inoculations in Infec-
tious Diseases ; Manual of Bacteriology.

Sterne, Simon. Pa., 1839-1901. A
prominent politician of New York city.
Popular Government and Personal Re-
presentation ; Constitutional History
and Development of the United States ;
Suffrage in Cities ; Hindrances to Pros-
perity. Lip. Put.

Sterne, Stuart. See Bloede.
Sterrett, John Robert Sitlington.

Va., 1851 . A professor of Greek

at Amherst College from 1892. Qua in
re Hymni Homerici quinque majores
inter se differunt ; Inscriptions of As-
sos ; Epigraphical Journey in Asia Mi-




nor ; The Wolfe Expedition to Asia

Stevens, Abel. Pa., 1815-1897. A
Methodist clergyman of New York city
of prominence as a writer, and long
connected with the Methodist Book
Concern. History of the Methodist
Episcopal Church in the United States ;
History of Methodism ; Life of Ma-
dame de Stael ; Life of Nathan Bangs,
supra ; Character Sketches ; Women of
Methodism ; Christian Work and Con-
solation; Church Polity; Tales from
the Parsonage, are among his many
publications. Har. Meth.

Stevens, Alexander Hodgdon.
iV^. r., 1789-1869. A surgeon of New
York city, whose chief works are. In-
flammation of the Eye ; Lectures on
Lithotomy ; First Lines of Surgery.

Stevens, Benjamin Franklin. Vt.,
1833-1902. Brother of H. Stevens,
infra. A bibliographer who edited
Campaign in Virginia in ITM ; Fac-
similes of MSS. in European Archives
Relating to America, 1773-83.

Stevens, Charles Ellis, Ms., 1853-
. An Episcopal clergyman of Phi-
ladelphia. The Sources of the Consti-
tution of the United States in Relation
to Colonial and English History. Mac.

Stevens, George Barker. N. Y.,
1854 . A Congregational clergy-
man and educator of New Haven, pro-
fessor in Yale Divinity School from
1886. Commentary on Galatians ; The
Pauline Theology ; The Johannine The-
ology ; Doctrine and Life. Scr.

Stevens, Henry. Vt., 1819-1886. A
bibliographer of prominence, who lived
in London after 1845. Historical Nug-
gets ; Historical Collections ; Recollec-
tions of James Lenox ; The Tehuante-
pec Railway ; Historical and Geogra-
phical Notes ; The Bibles in the Caxton
Exhibition ; Catalogue of the American
Books in the British Museum ; and in-
dexes to state papers in London relat-
ing to Virginia, Maryland, Rhode Island,
and New Jersey.

Stevens, John Austin. N.Y., 1827-

. An author of New York city,

and later of Newport, Rhode Island,
who founded the Magazine of American
History ; The Valley of the Rio Grande ;
The Expedition of Lafayette against

Arnold ; Life of Albert Gallatin, supra.

Stevens, John Leavitt. Me., 1820-
1895. A diplomatist who was minister
to Uruguay and Paraguay, 1870-73, to
Sweden, 1877-83, to Hawaii, 1889-93.
History of Gustavus Adolphus.

Stevens, Thomas. E., 1855 :.

A noted cyclist who has published,
Scouting for Stanley in East Africa ;
Around the World on a Bicycle : From
San Francisco to Teheran, From Tehe-
ran to Yokohama ; Through Russia on
a Mustang. Cas. Scr.

Stevens, William Bacon. Me.,
1815-1887. The fourth Protestant Epis-
copal bishop of Pennsylvania, conse-
crated in 1862. History of Georgia;
The Bow in the Cloud ; Sermons ; Sab-
baths of Our Lord ; Parables of the
New Testament Unfolded ; History of
Silk Culture in Georgia ; The Sunday
at Home. Co.

Stevenson, E[d-ward] Irenaeus. N.

J., 1858 . A litterateur of New

York city, since 1881 the editor of The
New York Independent, and for many
years an editor of Harper's Weekly.
He has been the musical editor of
several journals for a number of years.
White Cockades, an Incident of the
" Forty-five ; " Janus, reissued as A
Matter of Temperament, a musical
novel ; Left to Themselves, reissued as
Philip and Gerald ; Mrs. Dee's Encore ;
A Square of Sevens. Har. Meth. Scr.

Stevenson, Sarah Hackett. IL,

1843 . A physician of Chicago.

Boys and Girls in Biology ; The Phy-
siology of Woman.

Steward, Theophilus Gould. N.
J., 1843 . A clergyman of Afri-
can descent. Death, Hades, and the
Resurrection ; The End of the World ;
Genesis Re-read.

Stewart, Austin. Va., c. 1793-186-.
An author and educator of African de-
scent who published. Twenty - Two
Years a Slave and Forty Years a Free-

Stewart, Charles Samuel. N. J.,
1795-1870. A Presbyterian clergyman,
chaplain in the navy. Residence at the
Sandwich Islands in 1822-23 ; Visit to
the South Seas in the Ship Vineennes ;
Sketches of Society in Great Britain




and Ireland in 1832 ; Brazil and La
Plata in 1850-63 ; Personal Record of
a Cruise.

Stewart, Mrs. Electra Maria [Shel-
don]. N. Y., 1817 . A writer

of Detroit. Early History of Michigan ;
The Clevelands, a religious juvenile

Stewart, Ferdinand Campbell.

Va., 1815 . A physician of New

York city who removed to England in
1855, Hospitals and Surgeons of Paris.

Stewart, James. N. Y., 1799-1864.
A .physician of New York city. Dis-
eases of Children ; The Lungs.

Stewart, Thomas McCants. S. C,

1854 . A New York city lawyer

of African descent. Liberia : the Ame-
rico- African Republic ; Perils of a Great

Stickney, Albert. Ms., 1839 .

A lawyer of New York city. The Law-
yer and his Clients ; A True Republic ;
Democratic Government : a Study of
Politics ; The Political Problem. Har.

Stickney, Mrs. Julia Granby
[Noyes]. Ms., 1830 . A verse-
writer of Groveland, Massachusetts.
Poems on Lake Winnepesaukee.

Stiles, Ezra. Ct., 1727-1795. A Con-
gregational clergyman, famous in colo-
nial days, who was president of Yale
College, 1778-95. Account of the Set-
tlement of Bristol, Rhode Island ; His-
tory of Three of the Judges of Charles
the First, Whalley, Goffe, and Dixwell.
See Life, by Abiel Holmes, supra ; Life
by Kingsley in Sparks^s American Bio-
graphy ; The Literary Diary of Ezra

Stiles, Henry Reed. N. Y., 1832-

. Kinsman of E. Stiles, supra. A

prominent physician of Brooklyn. His-
tory and Genealogies of Ancient Wind-
sor, Connecticut ; History of Brooklyn,
Long Island; The Wallabout Prison

Stiles, Joseph Clay. Ga., 1795-1875.
A Presbyterian clergyman, after 1860
an evangelist in the South. Modern
Reform Examined, or the Union of
North and South on Slavery ; The Na-
tional Controversy.

Stiles, William Henry. Ga., 1808-
1865. Brother of J. C. Stiles, supra.
A Savannah lawyer who was an officer

in the Confederate army. History of

Still, William. N. J., 1821-1902. A
noted Philadelphia philanthropist of
African descent. The Underground
Railroad ; Voting and Laboring ; Strug-
gle for the Rights of Colored People in

StUld [stille], Alfred. Pa., 1813-
1900. A physician of Philadelphia.
Elements of General Pathology ; The
Unity of Medicine ; Humboldt's Life
and Character ; War as an Element of
Civilization ; Othello and Desdemona :
their Characters ; The National Dis-
pensatory (with Maisch) ; Therapeu-
tics and Materia Mediea ; Epidemic
Meningitis ; Epidemic or Malignant
Cholera. Lip.

Stilld, Charles Jane way. Pa, 1819-
1899. Brother of A. StiU^, supra. A
Philadelphia educator, provost of the
University of Pennsylvania, 1868-80.
Historical Development of American
Civilization ; Studies in Mediaeval Ci-
vilization ; Beaumarchais and the Lost
Million, a chapter of the Secret History
of the American Revolution ; History
of the United States Sanitary Commis-
sion ; How a Free People Conduct a
Long War ; Northern Interest and
Southern Independence ; Life and
Times of John Dickinson ; General An-
thony Wayne and the Pennsylvania
Line. Lip,

Stills, Moreton. Pa., 1822-1855.
Brother of A. Stilld, supra. A Phila-
delphia physician, co-author with F.
Wharton of a Treatise on Medical Ju-

Stillman, Samuel. Pa., 1738-1807.
A Baptist clergyman, pastor of the'
First Baptist Church in Boston from
1765 till his death, and a man of promi-
nence in his day. His Select Sermons
were published in 1808. See Sprague's
Annals of the American Pulpit.

Stillman, William James. N. F.,
1828-1901. A litterateur and artist
who was consul at Rome, 1861-65, and
in Crete, 1865-69. He lived at Rome
from 1886 to 1898 as correspondent
of the London Times for Italy and
Greece. History of the Cretan Insur-
rection ; Poetic Localities of Cam-
bridge ; Herzegovina and the Late Up-
rising ; Turkish Rule and Warfare ; On




the Track of Ulysses ; Manual of Pho-
tography ; Autobiography. Hou.
Stimpson, "William. Ms., 1830-1872.
A naturalist of eminence. Descrip-
tiones Animalium Evertebratorum ;
Notes on North American Crustacea ;
Crustacea Dredged in the Gulf Stream.

Stimson, Alexander Lovett. Ms.,

1816 . A lawyer and journalist.

Plistory of the Express Companies; New
England Boys ; Waif wood, a novel.

Stimson, Frederick Jesup. "J. S.

of Dale." Ms., 1855 . A lawyer

and popular novelist of Boston. La-
bor in its Relations to Law ; Hand-
book of the Labor Law of the United
States ; American Statute Law ; Glos-
sary of Technical Terms of the Com-
mon Law ; Uniform State Legislation.
In fiction he has published, Guerndale ;
The Crime of Henry Vane ; The King's
Men ; The Residuary Legatee ; The
Sentimental Calendar ; In the Three
Zones ; First Harvests ; Pirate Gold ;
King Noanett ; Rollo's Journey to Cam-
bridge (with J. T. Wheelwright, in-
fra). Hou. Lam. Lit. Scr,

Stimson, John Ward. N. J., 1850-

. An artist of New York city, four

years superintendent of the Metropoli-
tan Museum art schools. The Law of
Three Primaries.

Stimson, Lewis Atterbury. N. J.,

1844 . A physician of New York

city, professor of surgery in the Uni-
versity of the City of New York. Ma-
nual of Operative Surgery ; Practical
Treatise on Fractures ; Treatise on Dis-

Stith, William. Va., 1689-1785. An
Episcopal clergyman of Virginia, pre-
sident of William and Mary College,
1752-55. He wrote a History of Vir-
ginia, which though diffuse is not with-
out interest and dignity of style. See
Tyler's American Literature.

Stockton, Francis Richard. Pa.,
1834-1902. A widely popular humor-
ist and novel-writer who first attracted
general notice by his now famous Rud-
der Grange, a thoroughly original piece
of humour. In the same vein are. The
Rudder Grangers Abroad, and Other
Stories ; Pomona's Travels ; The Cast-
ing Away of Mrs. Leeks and Mrs.
Aleshine. His other works, which all

display original inventive humour, are,
Tales Out of School ; The Ting-a-Ling
Stories; Roundabout Rambles; What
Might Have Been Expected ; A Jolly
Fellowship ; The Floating Prince ; The
Story of Viteau ; The Late Mrs. Null ;
The Lady or the Tiger ?, his most cele-
brated work ; The Christmas Wreck,
and Other Stories ; The Hundredth
Man ; The Bee Man of Orn ; The Du-
santes ; Amos Kilbright ; Ardis Claver-
den ; The Great War Syndicate ; The
Stories of the Three Burglars ; The
Merry Chanter ; The House of Martha ;
Kobel Land ; The Clocks of Rondaine ;
The Watchmaker's Wife ; The Adven-
tures of Captain Horn ; A Chosen Few ;
Personally Conducted; A Story-Tell-
er's Pack, a volume of short stories;
Stories of New Jersey ; Captain Chap,
or the Rolling Stones. See Vedder's
American Writers. Am. Cent. Do. Hou.
Lip. Scr.

Stockton, Thomas Hewlings. N.
J., 1808-1868. Half brother of F. R.
Stockton, supra. A Methodist preacher
of Baltimore and Philadelphia, chap-
lain to both houses of Congress succes-
sively, and famous for his eloquence.
Floating Flowers from a Hidden Brook;
Poems ; Stand Up for Jesus, and Other
Poems ; The Book Above All. See Life
hy Wilson, 1S69.

Stoddard, Amos. Ct, 1762-1813.
Great-grandson of S. Stoddard, infra.
A soldier of note in the early days of
the Republic. Sketches of Louisiana
(1812) ; The Political Crisis.

Stoddard, Charles Augustus. Ms.,

1833 . A Presbyterian clergyman

of New York city, editor of The Ob-
server from 1885. Across Russia ;
Spanish Cities ; Beyond the Rockies ;
Cruising Among the Caribbees. Scr.

Stoddard, Charles Warren. N.Y.,

1840 . A lecturer on English

literature in the Catholic University of
America at Washington. Poems ; Mash-
allah : a Flight into Egypt ; South Sea
Idyls ; Summer Cruising in the South
Seas ; The Lepers of Molokai. Scr.

Stoddard, Mrs. Elizabeth Drew
[Barstow]. Ms., 182.3-1902. Wife
of R. H. Stoddard, infra. A novelist
and poet whose work in verse and fic-
tion shows much individuality. The




Morgesons ; Temple House ; Two Men ;
Lolly Dinks's Doings, a juvenile tale ;
Poems. Cas. Hou.

Stoddard, John F . N. Y., 1825-

1873. An educator of New York State
who published a Universal Algebra,
and a widely circulated series of arith-

Stoddard, John La-wson. Ms., 1850-

. A popular stereopticon lecturer.

Red Letter Days Abroad ; Napoleon
from Corsica to St. Helena. Hou. Mer.

Stoddard, Richard Henry. Ms.,
1825-1903. A poet, journalist, and
critic of New York city, literary editor
of The Mail and Express from 1880.
His verse is unequal in merit, but his
best work has always won the praise
of the discriminating few, though never
much heeded by the average reader.
He edited the Bric-a-Brac Series and
other volumes, while his own writ-
ings include. Poems ; Adventures in
Fairy Land ; Footprints ; Life of Hum-
boldt ; Songs of Summer ; The King's
Bell ; The Book of the East ; Abraham
Lincoln : a Horatian Ode ; Putnam the
Brave ; A Century After ; Life of
Washington Irving ; The Lion's Cub,
with Other Verse ; Under the Evening
Lamp, a collection of essays on lite-
rary topics. See Stedmari's Poets of

. America ; Vedder^s American Writers.

Stoddard, Solomon. Ms., 1643-1729.
A Congregational clergyman, pastor at
Northampton, Massachusetts, from 1669
until his death. Appeal to the Learned ;
Guide to Christ ; Safety in the Right-
eousness of Christ ; Doctrine of Insti-
tuted Churches Explained, a reply to
Increase Mather's " Order of the Gos-
pel," and one which occasioned much
exciting controversy.

Stoddard, William Osborn. N.
Y., 1835 . A journalist and in-
ventor whose writings have been largely
though not entirely for juvenile read-
ers, and have been very popular. Little
Smoke ; The Windfall ; Esau Hardery ;
Dab Kinzer ; Saltillo Boys ; Wrecked ;
Verses of Many Days; The Heart of
It; The White Cave, an Australian
Story ; The Red Mustang ; Two Ar-
rows ; Among the Lakes ; The Quar-
tet ; Winter Fun ; Men of Business ;
The Talking Leaves ; The Volcano Un-

der the City, a story of the draft riots
in New York ; Lives of the Presidents ;
Gid Granger ; Chuck Purdy, comprise
the greater part of his works. Ap.
Cent. Fo. Har. Lo. Mer. Scr. Sto.

Stoever, Martin Luther. Pa., 1820-
1870. A Pennsylvania educator, a pro-
fessor in the college at Gettvsburg,
1840-70. Brief Sketch of the Lutheran
Church in the United States ; Life and
Times of Henry Muhlenberg.

Stone, Andrew Leete. Ct., 1815-
1892. A Congregational clergyman in
San Francisco froni 1866. Service the
End of Living ; Ashton's Mothers ;
Memorial Discourses; Leaves from a
Finished Pastorate.

Stone, David Marvin. Ct., 1817-
1895. Brother of A. L. Stone, supra.
A noted journalist of New York city,
editor of The Journal of Commerce,
1849-93. He published Frank Forrest
(1850), a work that passed into twenty

Stone, Ebenezer Whitten. Ms.,
1801-1880. An adjutant-general of the
Massachusetts militia from 1851. Di-
gest of Massachusetts Militia Laws;
Compend of Instructions in Military
Tactics ; Manual of Percussion Aim.

Stone, Edwin Martin. Ms., 1805-
1883. A Congregational clei^yman of
Providence. Life of Elhanan Win-
chester; History of Beverly, Massa-
chusetts, 1630-1842; The Invasion of
Canada in 1775; Our French AH? ^3 in
the Revolution.

Stone, Edwin "Winchester. Ms.,
1835-1878. Son of E. M. Stone, supra.
A soldier in the Federal army during
the Civil War. He was the war cor-
respondent of The Providence Journal,
and author of Rhode Island in the Re-

Stone, James Kent. Ms., 1840 .

Son of J. S. Stone, infra. A Roman Ca-
tholic clergyman of the order of Pas-
sionists, and known as Father Fidelis.
He was formerly an Episcopal clergy-
man and president of Hobart College.
The Invitation Heeded, issued in 1870,
and giving his reasons for his recent
change of faith, was widely read.

Stone, James Samuel. E., 1852-
. An Episcopal clergyman of Chi-
cago. Simple Sermons on Simple SmIk




jects ; The Heart of Merrie England ;
Readings in Church History ; Woods
and Dales of Derbyshire. Co.

Stone, John Augustus. Ms., 1801-
1834, A dramatist and actor. He is
best remembered by Metamora, a play
written for Edwin Forrest, for whom
he also Avrote The Ancient Briton ; and
Fauntleroy, Other dramas by him are,
Tancred ; The Demoniac ; La Roque,

Stone, John Seely, Ms., 1795-1882.
An Episcopal clergyman of Cambridge,
dean of the Episcopal Theological
School there, 1867-72, and prominent
among the Low Churchmen of his day.
The Living Temple ; The Christian Sa^
craments ; Sermons ; Memoir of Bishop
Griswold ; The Christian Sabbath ; The
Contrast, or the Evangelical and Trac-
tarian Systems Compared, Ran.

Stone, Thomas Treadwell, Me.,
1801-1895. A Unitarian clergyman
of Bolton, Massachusetts. Sermons on
War ; Sermons ; The Rod and Staff ;
Sketches of Oxford County, Maine.

Stone, William Leete. N. Y., 1792-
1844. A journalist of prominence in
New York city, and the first superin-
tendent of public schools there. History
of the Albany Constitutional Conven-
tion of 1821 ; Tales and Sketches ; Mat-
thias and his Impostures ; Maria Monk
and the Nunnery of the Hotel Dieu ;
Ups and Downs of a Distressed Gentle-
man, a social satire ; Letters on Animal
Magnetism ; Poetry and History of
Wyoming ; Lives of Brant, Red Jacket ;
Letters on Masonry. See Life by his

Stone, William Leete, N. Y., 1835-

, Sou of W, L, Stone, supra. A

lawyer and historical writer of Jersey
City, History of New York City ; Life
of Sir William Johnson ; Burgoyne's
Campaigns ; Life and Military Journals
of General Riedesel ; Reminiscences of
Saratoga and Ballston ; Life of William
Leete Stone, supra ; Visits to Saratoga
Battle Grounds, include his principal

Storer, David Humphreys. Me.,
1804-1891. A Boston physician, dean
of the Harvard Medical School, 1854-
1868, Ichthyology and Herpetology
of Massachusetts ; Synopsis of North
American Fishes ; History of the Fishes
of Massachusetts.

Storer, Francis Humphreys, Me.,

1832 , Son of D, H, Storer, supra.

An eminent chemist, professor of agri-
cultural chemistry at Harvard Univer-
sity from 1870, and dean of the Bussey
Institute, Alloys of Copper and Zinc ;
Manufacture of Paraffin Oils ; First
Outlines of a Dictionary of the Solu-
bilities of Chemical Substances ; Ma-
nual of Inorganic Chemistry (with C.
W, Eliot, supra) ; Manual of Qualita-
tive Chemical Analysis; Agriculture
in Some of its Relations with Chemis-
try, Scr.

Storer, Horatio Robinson. Ms.,

1830 . Son of D. H. Storer, supra.

A surgeon of note, WTiy Not ? a Book
for Every Woman ; Is It I ? a Book
for Every Man ; Nurses and Nursing ;
Criminal Abortion (with F. F, Heard,
supra). Le. Lit.

Storey, Moorfield. Ms., 1845 .

A Boston lawyer living in Brookline,
Massachusetts. Life of Charles Sum-
ner. Hou.

Stork, Charles Augustus. Md.,
1838-1883. Son of T. Stork, supra. A
Lutheran clergyman, professor of the-
ology at Gettysburg, 1881-83. Light
on the Pilgrim's Way. See the Stork
Family in the Lutheran Church, 1886.

Stork, Theophilus. N. C, 1814-
1874. A Lutheran clergyman of Phila-
delphia. Life of Luther ; Luther's
Christmas Tree ; Luther and the Bible ;
Afternoon ; Home Scenes in the New
Testament ; The Unseen World, are his
principal works. Lip.

Storrs, Richard Salter, ilfs.,1821-
1900- A distinguished Congregational
clergyman of Brooklyn, pastor of the
Church of the Pilgrims from 1846.
The Constitution of the Human Soul ;
Historical Addresses ; Divine Origin of
Christianity ; Conditions of Success in
Preaching without Notes ; John Wy-
cliff e and the First English Bible ; Man-
liness in the Scholar ; Love to Christ ;
Recognition of the Supernatural ; Ber-
nard of Clairvaux ; Forty Years of
Pastoral Life. Do. Ran. Scr.

Story, Isaac, Ms., 1774-1803, Cousin
of J, Story, infra. A lawyer and verse-
writer of Castine, Maine. An Epistle
from Tarico to Inkle ; Consolatory
Odes ; A Parnassian Shop.




Story, Joseph. Ms., 1779-1845. A
jurist of eminence, Dane professor of
law at Harvard University, 1829-45.
His earliest work was The Power of
Solitude, with Fugitive Poems, a some-
what callow performance ; and his first
legal production, which appeared in
1805, was a Selection of Pleadings in
Civil Actions. His subsequent works
include, Commentaries on the Consti-
tution of the United States ; The Con-
flict of Laws, his most able effort;
Equity Jurisprudence ; The Law of
Agency ; Law of Bailments ; Equity
Pleadings ; Law of Partnership ; Law
of Promissory Notes ; Miscellaneous
Writings. See Allibone's Dictionary ;
Life by W. W. Story ; Biographical
Encyclopcedia of Massachusetts. Har.

Story, "William "Wetmore. Ms.,
1819-1895. Son of J. Story, supra. A
poet, sculptor, and essayist. He studied
law and practised at the bar in Boston
for a short time, but after 1848 lived in
Rome and became widely known as a
sculptor. His prose writings include,
The Law of Contracts; The Law of
Sales ; Life of Joseph Story ; Propor-
tions of the Human Figure ; Roba di
Roma ; The American Question ; Fiam-
metta, a novel ; Conversations in a Stu-
dio ; Excursions in Art and Letters.
The Castle of St. Angelo ; A Roman
Lawyer in Jerusalem ; Nero, an His-
torical Play ; and a two- volume edition
of Poems, comprise his verse. He and
She : a Poet's Portfolio ; and A Poet's
Portfolio : Later Readings, contain both
poetry and prose. See Appletons'' An-
nual Cyclopcedia, 1895. Hou. Lip. Lit.

Stow, Baron. N. H., 1801-1SG9. A
Baptist clergyman of Boston, of much
prominence in his day, among whose
writings are, Helen's Pilgrimage ; His-
tory of the English Baptist Mission to
India ; Christian Brotherhood ; First
Things. See Life by Neale, 1870;
Memoir of by J. C. Stockbridge, 1895.

Stowe, Calvin Ellis. Ms., 1802-1886.
A Congregational clergyman and edu-
cator who held successive professor-
ships at Dartmouth College, Lane Se-
minary, Bowdoin College, and Andover
Seminary. While at Lane Seminary he
married his second wife, Harriet Beech-
er, the daughter of Lyman Beecher,
supra. Origin and History of the Books

of the Bible ; Elementary Instruction
in Europe ; Lectures on the Sacred
Poetry of the Hebrews ; Introduction to
Biblical Criticism.
Stowe, Mrs. Harriet Elizabeth
[Beecher]. Ct., 1811-1896. Wife of
C. E. Stowe, supra, and daughter of Ly-
man Beecher, supra. In 1836 she was
married to Professor Stowe at Cincin-
nati, and, in frequent visits to the slave
States at that period, acquired a know-
ledge of Southern customs. In 1850
she removed to Brunswick, Maine, and,
having by this time become deeply im-
pressed with the wrong of slavery, she
wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin for The Na-
tional Era at Washington, in which
paper it appeared serially from June,
1851, tUl April, 1852. It was then pub-
lished in book form and speedily be-
came world-famous, five hundred thou-
sand copies being sold in America within
five years, while translations of it ap-
peared in twenty languages. As a moral
agent few books have been of so much
importance. From a literary point of
view there is less to be said of it; and The
Minister's Wooing, a novel of the early
days of the republic, must rank as her
finest work. The quality of her other

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