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work is uneven, its highest level being re-
presented by Oldtown Folks ; The Pearl
of Orr's Island ; Dred ; The Chimney
Corner ; Religious Poems, among which
is the well-known hymn, " Still, stUl
with Thee." Her lesser works com-
prise. My Wife and I ; Sam Lawgon's
Fireside Stories ; We and Our Neigh-
bors ; Little Foxes ; The Mayflower,
and Other Sketches ; Sunny Memories of
Foreign Lands ; Our Charley ; Agnes
of Sorrento, an Italian novel ; House and
Home Papers ; Stories about Our Dogs ;
Queer Little People ; Daisy's First Win-
ter ; Men of Our Times, biographical
sketches ; The American Woman's
Home (with Catherine Beecher) ; Little
Pussy Willow ; Pink and White Tyran-
ny ; Palmetto Leaves ; Betty's Bright
Idea ; Footsteps of the Master ; Bible
Heroines ; Poganuc People ; A Dog's
Mission. See Life of, by her Son ; Atlan-
tic Monthly, July, 1882, August and Sep-
tember, 1896; The Centwy Magazine,
September, 1896 ; New England Maga-
zine, September, 1896 ; The Forum, Au-
gust, 1896 ; The Outlook, July 25, 1896;
Life of by Mrs. Fields, supra. Fo. Hou.




Stov^ell, Charles Henry, N. Y.,

1850 . A niicroscopist, professor

of histology in the University of Michi-
gan. Students' Manual of Microscopy ;
Physiology and Hygiene ; The Micro-
scopical Structure of the Human Tooth ;
A Primer of Health ; A Healthy Body ;
Essentials of Health. Sil.

Stowell, Mrs. Louisa Maria [Reed].

Mck., 1850 . Wife of C. H. Stowell,

supra. An instructor in microscopical
botany at the University of Michigan
for twelve years. Microscopical Struc-
ture of Wheat ; Microscopic Diagnosis
(with C. H. StoweU).

Strachey, William. E., c. 1585-16—.
The first secretary of the Virginia colo-
ny. He was the author of A True Re-
pertory of the Wracke and Redemption
of Sir Thomas Gates upon and from the
Islands of the Bermudas, supposed to
have been, the inspiration of Shake-
speare's Tempest ; Historie of Travaile
into Virginia Britannia ; For the Colony
in Virginia Britannia: Lawes Divine,
Morall, and Martiall, a compilation.
See Tyler^s American Literature.

Strahan, Edward. See Shinn, Earl.

Stranahan, Mrs. Clara Cornelia

[Harrison]. Ms., 183 ■ — . An

art writer of Brooklyn. A History of
French Painting from its Earliest to its
Latest Practice. Sa:

Straus, Oscar Solomon. Bv., 1850-

. A municipal reformer of New

York city, minister to Turkey in 1887.
The Origin of Republican Government
in the United States ; Roger Williams,
the Pioneer of Religious Liberty. Cent.

Street, Alfred Billings. N. r.,1811-
1882. A verse-writer of Albany, and
State librarian of New York from 1848.
His verse is chiefly nature poetry and
■was popular for a time. His writings
include, Frontenac ; Woods and Wa-
ters ; Forest Pictures ; The Burning of
Schenectady, and Other Poems ; Draw-
ings and Tintings ; Fugitive Poems ;
Digest of Taxation in the United States.
See Griswold^s Poets and Poetry of

Strickland, "William. Pa., 1787-
1854. A Philadelphia architect whose
chief professional work was the Capitol
at Nashville, Tennessee. Triangiila-

tion of the Entrance into Delaware
Bay ; Report on Canals and Railways ;
Public Works of the United States
(with Gill and Campbell).

Strickland, William Peter. Pa.,

1809-1884. A Methodist clergyman, pas-
tor of a Presbyterian church at Bridge-
hampton. Long Island, 1865-77, whose
principal writings comprise, Pioneers
of the West ; History of the American
Bible Society ; The Genius of Method-
ism ; Light of the Temple ; Old Macki-
naw, or the Fortress of the Lakes ;
Christianity Demonstrated by Facts ;
The Astrologer of Chaldea, or the Life
of Faith. Meth.
Strohm, Gertrude. O., 1843-

writer living near Dayton, Ohio. Word
Pictures ; Universal Cookery Book ;
Flower Idyls; The Young Scholar's

Strong, Augustus Hopkins. N. Y.,

1836 . A Baptist clergyman of

Rochester, New York, president of
Rochester Theological Seminary from
1872. Systematic Theology; Philoso-
phy and Religion.

Strong, George Crockett. F/.,1832-
1863. A general in the Federal army
during the Civil War who fell in the
assault on Fort Wagner. Cadet Life
at West Point.

Strong, James. N. Y., 1822-1894. A
Methodist clergyman and educator of
eminence, professor in Drew Seminary
at Madison, New Jersey, from 1868.
With T. McClintock, supra, he edited a
Biblical Encyclopaedia, continuing the
work alone after 1870. His other writ-
ings include, English Harmony of the
Gospels ; Greek Harmony of the Gos-
pels ; Irenics ; The Tabernacle of
Israel ; Sacred Idyls ; Future Life ;
Jewish Life ; Our Lord's Life ; Com-
mentary on Ecclesiastes ; Concordance
of the Bible. Meth.

Strong, Josiah. H., 1847 . A Con-
gregational clergyman, general agent
of the Evangelical Alliance in America
after 1886. Our Country; The New
Era of the Coming Kingdom.

Strong, Latham Cornell. N. Y.,

1845-1879. A journalist and verse-
writer of Troy, New York. Castle Win-
dows ; Pots of Gold; Poke o' Moon,
shine ; Midsummer Dreams.




Strong, Nathan. Ct., 1748-1816. A
Congregational clergyman of Hartford.
Sermons ; The Doctrine of Eternal
Misery Consistent with the Lifinite
Benevolence of God.

Strong, Theodore. Ms., 1790-1869.
A professor of mathematics at Rutgers
College, 1827-63. Treatise on Ele-
mentary Algebra ; On Differential and
Integral Calculus.

Strong, Titus. Ms., 1787-1855. An
Episcopal clergyman of Greenfield,
Massachusetts. Tears of Columbia, a
Political Poem ; Candid Examination
of the Episcopal Church; The Deer-
field Captive ; The Young Scholar's

Strother [struth'gr], David Hun-
ter. " Porte Crayon." Va., 1816-1888.
An artist of Berkeley Springs, West
Virginia, once popular as a magazinist.
During the Civil War he was a colonel
in the Union army, and in 1865 he
was brevetted brigadier-general. The
Blackwater Chronicle ; Virginia Illus-
trated. See Harfs American Literature.

Stroud, George McDo-well. Pa.,
1895-1875. A Philadelphia jurist who
published Sketch of Laws Relating to
Slavery in the Several States.

Stryker, Melanchthon Woolsey.

N. Y., 1851 . A Presbyterian

clergyman and educator, president of
Hamilton College from 1892. Beside
several hymnals, he has published
Miriam, and Other Verse ; Hamilton,
Lincoln, and Other Addresses ; The
Letter of James the Just. Gi.

Stuart, Charles Beebe. N. H.,
1814-1881. A military engineer in
government service. Naval Dry Docks
of the United States ; Water Works of
the United States ; Civil and Military
Engineers of the United States.

Stuart, Moses. Ct., 1780-1852. A
Congregational clergyman and educa-
tor of Massachusetts, professor of sacred
literature at Andover Seminary, 1809-
1848. Among his writings are. Com-
mentaries on the Epistles to the Ro-
mans and the Hebrews ; Hints on the
Prophecies ; Conscience and the Con-
stitution ; Critical History and Defence
of the Old Testament Canon.

Stuart, Mrs. Ruth McEnery. La.,
1856 . A Golden Wedding, and

Other Tales ; Carlotta's Intended, and
Other Stories ; The Story of Babette ;
Sonny; Solomon Crow's Christmas Pock-
ets. Cent. Har.

Stuokenberg, John Henry Wil-
burn. G., 1835-1903. A Lutheran
clergyman, professor of theology at
Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio,
1873-80, and minister in charge of the
American chapel at Berlin from 1880.
Christian Sociology ; Life of Kant ; In-
troduction to the Study of Philosophy.

Sturges, Mrs. Mary Jane [Upshur]

[Stith]. Va., 1828 . A writer

of New York city. Confederate Notes,
a novel ; Poems. '

Sturgis, Frederick Russell. Ph.,

1844 — ■ . A prominent physician

and surgeon of New York city. Hu-
man Cestoids; Students' Manual of
Venereal Diseases.

Sturgis, Russell. Md., 1836-

An architect of New York city, a valued
authority upon art, architecture, and
archaeology. European Architecture.
Sturtevant, Julian Monson. Ct.,
1805-1886. A prominent educator of
Jacksonville, Illinois, professor in Illi-
nois College, 1830-86. Economics, or
the Science of Wealth ; Keys of Sect.
Le. Put.

Sullivan, James. Me., 1744-1808.
An eminent Boston jurist who ^vas
governor of Massachusetts, 1807-08.
History of Land Titles of Massachu-
setts ; Observations on the Government
of the United States ; The Path to
Riches, or a Dissertation on Banks ;
The Altar of Baal Thrown Down, or
the French Nation Defended ; Impar-
tial Review of Causes of the French
Revolution. See Life by Amory, 1859.

Sullivan, James William. Pa.,

1848 . A journalist of New York

citv, editor of social reform journals,
1893-96. Tenement Tales of New
York ; So the World Goes ; Direct
Legislation through the Initiative and
Referendum, a widely circulated work.

Sullivan, Mrs. Margaret Frances
[Buchanan]. I., 1847-1903. A
journalist of Chicago. Ireland of To-
Day (1881).




Sullivan, Thomas Russell. Ms.,
1799-1862. Grandson of J. Sullivan,
supra. A Unitarian clergyman of
Keene, New Hampshire, 1825-35, and
from 1835 till his death an educator in
Boston. Letters Against the Immedi-
ate Abolition of Slavery ; Limits of
Responsibility in Reforms.

Sullivan, Thomas Russell. Ms.,

1849 . A novelist of Boston. Tom

Sylvester ; Roses of Shadow ; Day and
Night Stories ; and several plays. Scr.

Sullivan, William. Me., 1774-1839.
Son of J. Sullivan, supra. A lawyer of
Boston. Familiar Letters on Public
Men of the Revolution ; Historical
Causes and Effects ; Sea Life.

Sullivant, William Starling. O.,
1803-1873. A botanist of Ohio. Mus-
ci Alleghanienses ; Musci Cubenses ;
Icones Muscorum ; Musci and Hepa-
ticse of the United States East of the

Sully, Thomas. E., 1783-1872. A
distinguished portrait painter of Phila-
delphia. Hints to Young Painters.

Summerfield, John. E., 1798-1825.
A Methodist clergyman, renowned for
eloquence in his day. His Sermons and
Sketches of Sermons were posthu-
mously published. See Lives by Hol-
land, 1829, Willett, 1857. Har.

Summers, Thomas Osmond. E.,
1812-1882. A Methodist clergyman
of Nashville. Commentary on the
Gospels, Acts, and Ritual of the Me-
thodist Church South ; Treatise on Bap-
tism ; On Holiness ; Talks Pleasant
and Profitable, include his principal
writings. See Life of, by Fitzgerald,

Sumner, Charles. Ms., 1811-1874.
Son of C. P. Sumner, infra. A distin-
guished Massachusetts statesman who
succeeded Daniel Webster in 1851 in
the Senate of the United States. He
was a fearless opponent of slavery, and,
in consequence of this attitude of his,
was assaulted in the Senate Chamber
by Preston Brooks, of South Carolina, in
1856, and severely injured. The True
Grandeur of Nations ; Prophetic Voices
Concerning America. His Complete
Works, including his many orations
and speeches, have been issued in fif-
teen volumes. See Lives by Pierce,
Storey. Le.

Sumner, C?harles Allen. Ms., 1835-
. A stenographer of San Fran-
cisco. Shorthand and Reporting ;
Golden Gate Sketches ; Travel in South-
ern Europe ; Poems (with R. Sumner).

Sumner, Charles Pinckney. Ms.,
1766-1839. A lawyer of Boston, high
sheriff of Suffolk County from 1825
till his death. Eulogy on Washington ;
The Compass (verse) ; Letters on Spe-
culative Masonry.

Sumner, George. Ct., 1793-1855. A
Hartford physician, professor of botany
at Trinity College, 1824-55. Compen-
dium of Physiological and Systematic

Sumner, William Graham. N. J.,

1840 — . An Episcopal clergyman,

prominent as a political economist, pro-
fessor of political and social science at
Tale University from 1872. A History
of American Currency ; What Social
Classes Owe to Each Other; Problems
in Political Economy ; Collected Essays
in Political and Social Science ; Pro-
tectionism ; Lives of Andrew Jackson,
Alexander Hamilton, Robert Morris ;
The Financier and the Finances of the
Revolution, a more extended life of
Robert Morris. Do. Har. Ho. Hou.

Sunderland,' Jabez Thomas. E.,

1842 . A Unitarian clergyman,

editor of The Unitarian from 1880. A
Rational Faith ; What is the Bible ? ;
The Liberal Christian Ministry ; Home
Travel in Bible Lands ; The Bible : its
Origin and Place among the Sacred
Books of the World ; Orthodoxy and
Revivalism. El. Put.

Sunderland, La Roy. E. I., 1802-
1885. A writer who in early life was
a zealous Methodist preacher, and after
1845 an equally zealous opponent of
Christianity, slavery. Spiritualism, and
Mormonism. Among his writings are.
History of South America; Book of
Human Nature ; Book of Psychology ;
The Trance, and How Introduced;
Anti-Slavery Manual ; Mormonism Ex-

Supl6e [su-play'], Thomas Danly.

Pa., 1848 . An educator of New

Jersey. Frank MuUer, or Labor and its
Fruits ; Pebbles from the Fountain of
Castalia ; Poems ; Plain Talks ; River-
side, a romance ; Civil Government
under the United States Constitution.




Suydam, John Hovrard. N. Y.,
1832 . A Dutch Reformed clergy-
man of Jersey City from 1869. The
Cruger Family; Cruel Jim; The

Swain, David Lowry. N. C, 1801-
1868. A governor of North Carolina,
1832-35, who wrote a Revolutionary
History of North Carolina.

Swain, James Barrett. N. Y.,

1820-1895. A journalist of New York
city, post-office inspector, 1881-85. Life
and Speeches of Henry Clay ; Histori-
cal Notes to Speeches of Henry Clay ;
A Military History of New York State.

Swan, James. S., 1754-1831. A sol-
dier in the American army during the
Revolution, afterwards adjutant-gene-
ral of Massachusetts. The last fifteen
years of his life were passed in a debtors'
prison in Paris. Dissuasion to Great
Britain and the Colonies from the Slave
Trade to Africa (1772) ; Causes qui
sont oppos^es au Progr^s ,du commerce
entre la France et les Etats-Unis de
I'Am^rique (1790) ; On the Fisheries ;
Fisheries of Massaehasetts ; National
Arithmetick ; Address on Agriculture,
Manufactures, and Commerce.

Swan, Josiah Rockwell. N. Y.,

1802-1881-. A prominent jurist of
Columbus, Ohio. Treatise on Justices
of the Peace and Constables in Ohio ;
Manual for Executors and Administra-
tors ; Pleading and Practice ; Commen-
taries on Pleadings under the Ohio
Code, constitute his principal writings.

Swan, William Draper. Ms., 1809-
1864. An educator and bookseller of
Boston. He published a popular series
of school readers, and (with R. Swan
and D. Leach) a series of widely used

Swank, James Moore. Pa., 1832-

. The general manager of the

American Iron and Steel Association
since 1885. History of the Depart-
ment of Agriculture ; Iron Making and
Coal Mining in Pennsylvania ; Iron
Manufacture in All Ages.

Swartz, Joel. Va., 1827 . A

Lutheran clergyman, pastor at Gettys-
burg from 1881. Dreamings of the
Waking, with Other Poems ; Lyra

Sweat, Mrs. Margaret Jane [Muz-

zey]. Me., 1823 . Ethel's Love

Life ; Highways of Travel, or a Sum-
mer in Europe.

Sweet, Alexander Edwin. N. B.,
1841-1901. A Texas journalist who
served in the Confederate army. Three
Dozen Good Stories from Texas Sitt-

Sweet, Homer De Lois. N. Y.,
1826 . A civil engineer of Syra-
cuse. The Averys of Groton, a genea-
logy ; Twilight Hours in the Adiron-

Sweetser, Charles Humphreys.
Ms., 1841-1871. A journalist of New
York city and subsequently of Chicago.
Songs of Amherst ; History of Amherst
College ; Tourist's and Invalid's Guide
to the Northwest.

Sweetser, Moses Foster. Ms.,
1848-1897. A Boston writer who has
published Europe for Two Dollars a
Day ; Artist Biographies ; Summer
Days Down East ; guide-books to New
England, the Middle States, the White
Mountains, and the Maritime Provinces ;
In Distance and in Dream, a story.
Hou. Et.

Sweetser, William. Ms., 1797-1875.
A physician who was professor of me-
dicine at Bowdoin College, 1845-61.
Treatise on Consumption ; Digestion
and its Disorders ; Mental Hygiene ;
Human Life.

Swenson, Carl Aaron. Pa., 1857-
1904. A Lutheran clergyman, founder
and president of Bethany College in
Lindsborg, Kansas, editor of several
Swedish journals, and author of Son-
dagsskolboken ; Minnen f ran Kyrkan ;
Vid Hemmets Hard.

Swett, John Appleton. Ms., 1808-
1854. A physician of New York city.
Diseases of the Chest. Ap.

Swett, Josiah. N. H., 1814-1890.
An Episcopal clergyman long promi-
nent in Vermont. English Grammar ;
Pastoral Visiting ; Family Prayer ;
The Firmament in the Midst of the

Swett, Samuel. Ms., 1782-1866. A
once prominent citizen of Boston who
during the War of 1812 served in the
American army as a topographical en-
gineer. History and Topographical




Sketch of Bunker Hill Battle; Who
•was Commander at Bunker Hill ? ;
Sketches of Distinguished Men of
Newbury and Newburyport.

Swett, Sophia Miriam. Me., 186 —

. A writer of short stories and

juvenile books, now (1897) living at
Arlington, Massachusetts. Pennyroyal
and Mint ; The Lollipops' Vacation ;
Captain PoUy ; Flying Hill Farm ; The
Mate of the Mary Ann; Cap'n This-
tletop ; The Ponkaty Branch Boad.
Est. Har. Lo. We.

Swett, Susan Hartley. Me.., 186 —

. Sister of S. M. Swett, supra. A

writer of Arlington, Massachusetts.
Field Clover and Beach. Grass, a volume
of short stories. Est.

Swett, William. N. H., 1825-1884.
A deaf-mute who founded the Deaf-
Mute Industrial School at Beverly,
Massachusetts. Adventures of a Deaf-
Mute in the White Mountains.

Swift, John Lindsay. Ms., 1828-
1895. A Boston lawyer and journalist,
deputy collector of the port of Boston
from 1890. About Grant. Le.

Swift, Zephaniah. Ms., 1759-1823.
A noted Connecticut jurist. System of
the Laws of Connecticut; Digest of
the Laws of Evidence ; Digest of the
Laws of Connecticut, a standard au-

Swinburne, Louis Judson. N. Y.,
1855-1887. A Colorado writer who
was in Paris during the siege in 1871,
and published a volume of observations
on the subject entitled Paris Sketches.

Swing, David. O., 1830-1894. A
Presbyterian clergyman of Chicago,
tried for heresy in 1874, and acquitted,
subsequently pastor of the Central
Church there until his death. Ser-
mons ; Club Essays ; Truths for To-
day ; Motives of Life ; Old Pictures of
Life, a collection of essays. Mg. St.

Swinton, John. S., 1829-1901. Bro-
ther of W. Swinton, infra. A journal-
ist of New York city whose principal
work is John Swinton's Travels.

Swinton, William. S., 1833-1892. A
journalist and educator, long prominent
in New York city. Rambles Among
Words ; Twelve Decisive Battles of
the War ; Campaigns of the Army of
the Potomac ; The " Times's " Review

of McClellan ; History of the New
York Seventh Regiment ; Word Ana-
lysis ; Bible Word Book ; Studies in
English Literature. Har. Scr.

Swisher, Mrs. Bella [French]. Ga.,
1837-1894. A writer who resided in
Texas from 1877. Struggling up to the
Light, a novel ; Rocks and Shoals ; Flo-
recita, a romance ; History of Brown
County, Wisconsin ; Cassie ; Homeless
Though at Home ; The Story of a Wo-
man's Love.

Swisshelm, Mrs. Jane Gray [Can-
non]. Pa., 1815-1884. A journalist
of Pittsbui'g, and subsequently of St.
Cloud, Minnesota, prominent as an abo-
litionist. Letters to Country Girls ; Half
a Century, an autobiography. See
Harfs American Literature. Mg.

Sylvester, Herbert Milton. Ms.,

1849 . A Boston lawyer who has

published two volumes of sympathetic
nature studies. Prose Pastorals ; Home-
stead Highways. Hou.

Sylvester, Nathaniel Bartlett. N.

Y., 1825-1894. A lawyer of Troy, New
York. Historical Sketches of Northern
New York ; History of the Connecticut
Valley of Massachusetts ; Indian Le-
gends of Saratoga ; Historical Narra-
tives of the Upper Hudson ; Histories
of Saratoga, Rensselaer, and Ulster
Counties, New York.

Symmes, John Cleves. N. J., 1780-
1829. A soldier of Newport, Ken-
tucky. He was the author of The The-
ory of Concentric Spheres, an attempt
to prove that the earth is hollow, open
at the poles, and habitable in the in-
terior. See Harperh Magazine, October,
1882; Atlantic Monthly, April, 1873;
McBride''s Pioneer Biography.

Sypher, Josiah Rinehart. Pa., 1832-
. A journalist and lawyer of Phi-
ladelphia, war correspondent of The
New York Tribune, 1862-65. History
of the Pennsylvania Reserve Corps;
School History of Pennsylvania; The
Art of Teaching School ; School His-
tory of New Jersey (with E. A. Ap-
gar). Lip.

Szabad, Emeric. Hy.,c. 1822 .

A soldier under Garibaldi who came to
America in 1861, and served in the
Federal army. Hungary Past and




Present ; State Policy of Modern Eu-
rope ; Modern War : its Theory and

Tabb, John Banister. Md., 1845-

. A Roman Catholic clerg-yman

and educator, professor of English lite-
rature in St. Charles's CoUeg-e, Ellicott
City, Maryland. His verse has received
much weU merited praise. Poems ;
Lyrics ; An Octave to Mary. Cop.

Taf el, Johann Friedrich Leonhard.

Wg., 1800 . A German educator

"who removed to the United States in
185.3, and lived in St. Louis. Staat und
Christenthum ; Der Christ und der
Atheist; A German-English and Eng-
lish-German Pocket Dictionary (with
his son Ludwig Tafel).

Tafel, Rudolph Leonhard. Wg.,

1831 . Son of J. F.L. Tafel, supra.

Formerly an educator of St. Louis, but
since 1868 a Swedenborgian minister
in London, England. Emanuel Swe-
denborg as Philosopher and Man ; Our
Heavenward Journey ; Authority in the
New Church ; The Preaching Gift ; In-
vestigation as to the Laws of English
Pronunciation and Prosody.

Talbot, Charles Remington. 1851-
1891. A writer of juvenile books who
was an Episcopal clergyman at Wren-
tham, Massachusetts. Honor Bright ;
Miltiades Peterkin Paul; Royal Lou-
ise ; Romulus and Remus, a dog story ;
A Midshipman at Large ; The Impos-
tor ; A Romance of the Revolution. Lo.

Talbot, Henry Paul. Ms., 1864 ,

An associate professor of analytical
chemistry in the Massachusetts Insti-
tute of Technology. An Introductory
Course of Quantitative Chemical Ana-
lysis. Mac.

Talmage [tal-mij or tSm-ij], Thomas
DeWitt. iV. J., 1832-1902. A Pres-
byterian clergyman of Brooklyn, 1869-
1894, and subsequently of New York,
widely known as a preacher. Though
he was a prolific writer, the literary
worth of his books is very slight.
Crumbs Swept Up ; Sermons ; From
Manger to Throne ; Sports that Kill ;
Social Dynamite ; The Pathway of Life ;
The Marriage Riug ; Old Wells Dug
Out ; Every-Day Religion ; Sundown ;

Fishing Too Near Shore, include his
principal works. Fu.

Talvi. See Robinson, Mrs. Therese.

Tannehill, Wilkins. Pa., 1787-1858.
A journalist of Nashville. Freemasons'
Manual ; Sketches of the History of
Literature ; Sketches of the History
of Roman Literature.

Tanner, Benjamin Tucker. Pa.,

1835 . A bishop of the African

Methodist Church. Paul vs. Pius Ninth ;
The Negro's Origin, and Is the Negro
Cursed ? ; Outline of the History and
Government of the African Methodist
Episcopal Church.

Tanner, Henry S . N. Y., 1786-

1858. A geographer of Philadelphia.
Memoir on the Recent Surveys in the
United States (1830) ; View of the
Valley of the Mississippi ; Anaerican
Traveller ; Central Traveller ; New
Picture of Philadelphia; Description
of Canals and Railways in the United
States (1840).

Tappan, David. Ms., 1752-1803. A
Congregational clergyman, pastor at
Newbury, Massachusetts, 1774-92, and
HoUis professor of divinity at Harvard
University from 1792 untU his death.
Sermons on Important Subjects ; Lec-
tures on Jewish Antiquities. See Me-
moir by Abiel Holmes, supra.

Tappan, Eli Todd. O., 1824-1888. A
professor of mathematics at Kenyon
College, Gambier, Ohio, 1875-87, and
afterwards Ohio commissioner of com-
mon schools. Plane and Solid Geome-
try ; Elements of Geometry ; Treatise
on Geometry and Trigonometry.

Tappan, Henry Philip. N. Y., 1805-
1881. A Dutch Reformed clergyman,
professor of philosophy in the Univer-
sity of the City of New York, chaKcel-
lor of the University of Michigan, 1852-
1863. Elements of Logic ; Treatise on
Universal Education ; Review of Ed-
wards's " Inquiry into the Freedom of
the Will ; " The Doctrine of the Free-
dom of the Will Determined by an
Appeal to Consciousness ; The Doctrine
of the Freedom of the Will Applied to
Moral Agency ; A Step from the Old
World to the New and Back Again ;
Introductions to Dlustrious Personages
of the Nineteenth Century.

Tappan, Lewis. Ms., 1788-1873. A




merchant of New York city, proprietor
of The Journal of Commerce, and active

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