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pe's Outlines of Psychology and other
German works, he has published An
Outline of Psychology. Mac.

Titcomb, Sarah Elizabeth. Ms.,
1841-1895. A Boston writer who pub-
lished Early New England People ;
Mind-Cure on a Material Basis ; Aryan
Sun Myths the Origin of Religions.

Titcomb, Timothy. See Holland, J. G.

Todd, Albert. R. L, 1854 . A

lieutenant in the United States army

who has published The Campaigns o£
the Rebellion.
Todd, Charles Burr. Ct., 1849-

A magazinist of Redding, Connecticut.
Life and Letters of Joel Barlow, supra ;
General History of the Burr Family ;
History of Redding, Connecticut ; Story
of the City of New York ; The Story of
the City of Washington. Put.

Todd, David Peck. N. Y., 1855-
. Son of S. E. Todd, infra. A pro-
fessor of astronomy at Amherst College
from 1881. Stars and Telescopes (with
W. T. Lynn) ; Astronomy for Beginners,
and many scientific papers. Am. Rob.

Todd, John. Vt., 1800-1873. A Con-
gregational clergyman, pastor of the
First Church in Pittsfield, Massachu-
setts, 1842-72. Among his many popu-
lar works are included. Lectures to
Children ; Student's Manual ; Truth
Made Simple ; Hints to Young Men ;
The Daughter at School ; Mountain
Gems ; Woman's Rights ; Sunset
Land ; Old-Fashioned Lives ; Future
Punishment. See Life; Harper'' s Ma-
gazine, February, 1876. Le. Ran.

Todd, Lawrie. See Thorburn, Grant.

Todd, Mrs. Mabel [Loomis]. Ms.,

1858 . Wife of D. P. Todd, supra,

and daughter of E. J. Loomis, supra.
She has edited The Poems and Letters
of Emily Dickinson, supra ; A Cycle of
Sonnets, and is the author of a work
on Total Eclipses of the Sun. Rob.

Todd, Mrs. Marion. N. Y., 1841 .

A lawyer and lecturer of Eaton Rapids,
Michigan. Railways of Europe and
America, or Government Ownership ;
Protective Tariff Delusion. Ar.

Todd, Sereno Edwards. N. Y.,
1820-1898. A journalist of New York
city, at one period agricultural editor
of The Times, and afterward living at
Orange, New Jersey. The Apple Cul-
turist ; Young Farmer's Manual ; The
American Wheat Culturist ; Country
Homes ; Rural Poetry and Country
Lyrics. Har.

Toland, Mrs. Mary B M :

18 . Sir Rae ; Stella ; Iris ; Onti

Ora ; Aegle and the Elf ; Eudora ; Le-
gend Layamone ; Tisdyac of the Yo-
Semite ; Atlina, the Queen of the
Floating Isle. Lip.

Tomes, Robert. N. Y., 1817-1882.
A physician and litterateur. Panama




in 1855 ; Bourbon Prince ; My College
Days ; Richard the Lion-Hearted ; Oli-
ver Cromwell ; The Americans in Ja-
pan ; Battles of America by Sea and
Land ; The War with the South ; The
Champagne Country. Har.

Tomlinson, Everett Titsworth. N.

J., 1859 . A Baptist clergyman

of Elizabeth, New Jersey, popular as a
writer of juvenile tales, among which
are, The Search for Andrew Field ; The
Boy Soldiers of 1812 ; The Boy Officers
of 1812 ; Three Colonial Boys ; Tecum-
seh's Young Braves ; Three Young Con-
tinentals. Hou. Le. We.

Tomps on, Benjamin. Ifs., 1642-1714.
A colonial educator, the master of a
preparatory school in Cambridge for
nearly forty years from 1670, and a
satirical verse-writer of some merit.
New England's Crisis, a poem on King
Philip's War. See Tyler's American

Tone, William Theobald Wolfe,
i., 1791-1828. A son of Wolfe Tone,
the Irish patriot and French general.
After serving in the French army he
came to America in 1816 and was in the
artillery service of the United States for
ten years. L'Etat civil et politique de
I'ltalie sous la domination des Goths ;
School of Cavalry, a proposed system
for the United States cavalry. He also
edited his father's autobiography.

Toner, Joseph Meredith. Pa, 1825-
1896. An eminent physician of Wash-
ington city, among whose writings are,
Abortion in its Medical and Moral As-
pects ; Maternal Instinct ; Medical Men
of the Revolution.

Toppan, Robert Noxon. Pa., 1836-
1901. A lawyer of Cambridge, Massa-
chusetts. Historical Summary of Me-
tallic Money ; Biographical Sketches of
Old Newbury. Lit.

Torrey, Bradford. Ms., 1843 .

An essayist of Boston, a member of the
editorial staff of The Youth's Com-
panion. Birds in the Bush ; The Foot-
Path Way ; A Rambler's Lease ; A
Florida Sketch-Book ; Spring Notes
from Tennessee. Hou.

Torrey, Charles Turner. Ms., 1813-
1846. An anti-slavery reformer who
was imprisoned in Baltimore for aiding
in the escape of slaves, and died in
imprisonment. Memoir of William

Saxton ; Home, or the Pilgrim's Faith
Reward. See Memoir of the Martyr Tor-
rey, 1847.

Torrey, John. N. Y., 1796-1873. A
distinguished botanist and physician of
New York city, professor in the College
of Physicians and Surgeons, 1827-55,
and United States assayer, 1853-73.
Catalogue of Plants Growing Sponta-
neously Within Thirty Miles of New
York ; Flora of the Northern and Mid-
dle States ; Flora of New York State.

Torrey, Joseph. Ms., 1797-1867. A
Congregational clergyman and educa-
tor, professor in the University of Ver-
mont, 1827-67. A Theory of Art ;
translation of Neander's History of the
Christian Religion. Scr.

Totten, Benjamin J . W. L, 1806-

1877. A naval officer of New Bedford.
Totten's Naval Text-Book.

Totten, Charles Adelle Levris. Ct.,

1851 . A military inventor. Strate-

gos, the American War Game ; Yale
Military Lectures ; Nativity : its Facts
and Fancies. Ap.

Totten, Joseph Gilbert. Ct., 1788-
1864. A military engineer of distinction,
brevetted major-general in 1864. Es-
says on Hydraulic and Other Cements.

Totten, Silas. iV^.F., 1804-1873. An
Episcopal clergyman, president of Tri-
nity College, 1837-48. New Introduc-
tion to Algebra ; The Analogy of Truth.

Toucey, Sinclair. Ct., 1818-1887.
A publisher of New York city, presi-
dent of the American News Company,
1864-87. Papers from Over the Water.

Toulmin, Henry. E., 1767-1823. A
jurist who was the Kentucky secretary
of state, 1796-1804, and president of
Transylvania University, and subse-
quently lived in Alabama. A Descrip-
tion of Kentucky ; Magistrate's Assist-
ant ; Collection of the Acts of Kentucky ;
Review of the Criminal Law of Ken-
tucky (with J. Blair) ; Digest of the
Territorial Laws of Alabama.

Tourg6e [toor-zhay'], Albion Wine-
gar. O., 1838 . A writer who

settled in North Carolina at the close of
the Civil War and practised law there,
becoming a member of the judiciary.
Some of his experiences are related in
his novel, A Fool's Errand, which made
a great sensation when first issued. He
was subsequently editor of Our Conti-




nent, in Philadelphia, and in 1897 he-
eanie consul at Bordeaux. His other
•works include, Bricks Without Straw ;
Figs and Thistles; Hot Plov^shares;
An Appeal to Caesar ; Black Ice ; With
Gauge and Swallow ; Pactolus Prime ;
Mervale Eastman ; Button's Inn ; An
Outing with the Queen of Hearts;
Letters to a King ; John Eax ; A
Eoyal Gentleman ; The Mortgage on
the Hip-Roof House. Cas. Fo. Lip.
Meth. Bob.

To"wle [tole], George Makepeace.
D. C, 1841-1893. A Boston journalist
and litterateur. History of Henry V. ;
Glimpses of History ; Modern France ;
Certain Men of Mark; American So-
ciety ; Beaconsfield ; England and Rus-
sia in Asia ; England in Egypt ; Young
People's History of England ; Young
People's History of Ireland ; The Na-
tion in a Nutshell ; Heroes of History ;
The Literature of the English Lan-
guage ; Heroes and Martyrs of Inven-
tion. Ap. Har. Hou. Le. Rob.

To-wrler, John. E., 1811 . An

English educator who settled in Ameri-
ca in 1850, was a professor in Hohart
College, Geneva, New York, 1853-82,
and subsequently lived at Orange, New
Jersey. Beside publishing a number of
works on photography, he wrote Der
Kleine Englander, and was co-editor
of Hilpert's German and English Dic-

Towles, Catherine. See McCoy, Mrs.

Town, Ithiel. Ct., 1784-1844. An
architect of New York city who built
the State capitols of North Carolina and
Indiana. School-House Architecture ;
Atlantic Steamships ; Improvement in
Construction of Bridges.

Town, Salem. Ms., 1779-1864. A
once noted educator of New York and
Indiana. System of Speculative Ma-
sonry ; Analysis of English Derivatives ;
and, with N. Holbrook, a popular series
of readers.

Towne, Edward Cornelius. Ms.,
1834 . A Congregational clergy-
man of New Haven. The Question of
Hell ; Electricity and Life.

Townsend, Calvin. 18-

— . Ana-
lysis of the United States Constitu-
tion ; Compendium of Commercial Law ;
Analysis of Letter- Writing ; Shorter
Course in Civil Government. Am,

Townsend, Charles. 18 . Es-
says on Mind, Matter, Force, etc. ;
Primordial Principles of the Universe.

Townsend, Edward Davis. Ms.,
1817-1893. An adjutant-general of the
United States army, at the time of his
death on the retired list as brigadier-
general. He was chief executive officer
of the war department in Washington
during the Civil War. Catechism of the
Bible ; Anecdotes of the Civil War in
the United States. Ap.

Townsend, Edward Waterman.

O., 1855 . A journalist of New

York city whose studies of Bowery
life and dialect have been widely popu-
lar. Chimmie Fadden, Major Max, and
Other Stories ; Chimmie Fadden Ex-
plains, Major Max Expounds ; A Daugh-
ter of the Tenements, a novel ; Near a
Whole City Full, a collection of short
dramatic stories. In collaboration he
has written several plays, including
Chimmie Fadden ; A Daughter of the
Tenements ; The Marquis of Michigan.

Townsend, Eliza. Ms., 1789-1854.
A verse-writer of Boston whose col-
lected Poems and Miscellanies appeared
in 1856. See Griswold^s Female Poets
of America.

Townsend, George Alfred. " Gath."

Del., 1841 . A journalist of New

York city and Chicago famous as a war
correspondent, among whose writings
are, Washington Outside and Inside ;
Tales of the Chesapeake ; Bohemian
Days ; Campaigns of a Non-Combatant ;
The Entailed Hat, a novel ; Poems ;
Life of Garibaldi ; The Real Life of
Abraham Lincoln ; Katy of Catoctin,
a National Romance ; Mrs. Reynolds
and Hamilton. See Harfs American
Literature. Ap. Har.

Townsend, Howard. N. Y., 1823-
1867. A physician of Albany. The
Sunbeam and the Spectroscope ; Food
and its Digestion ; Sinai Bible.

Townsend, John Kirk. Pa., 1809-
1851. A naturalist of Washington. A
Journey to the Columbia River (1839),
republished in London as Sporting Ad-
ventures in the Rocky Mountains.

Tow^nsend, Luther Tracy. Me.,

1838 . A Methodist clergyman and

educator of prominence, profesr.or in
Boston University, 1873-93, a pastor




in Baltimore from 1S93. God-Man ;
Credo ; The Fate of Republics ; Out-
lines of Christian Theology ; Sword and
Garment ; The Arena and the Throne ;
The Intermediate World ; Search and
Manifestations ; The Mosaic Record
and Modern Science ; Bible Miracles
and Modem Thought ; Outlines of The-
ology ; The Supernatural Factor in Re-
ligious Revivals ; Real and Pretended
Christianity ; The Bible and Other An-
cient Literature in the Nineteenth Cen-
tury ; The Chinese Problem ; The In-
termediate World ; The Art of Speech.
Ap. Le. Meth.

To"wnsend, Mrs. Mary Ashley
[VanVoorhees]. "Xariffa." N.Y.,
1832-1901. A popular verse-writer of
New Orleans. Xariffa's Poems ; Down
the Bayou, and Other Poems ; Distaff
and Spindle ; The Captain's Story, a
Poem ; The Brother Clerks. Lip.

Townsend, Virginia Frances. Ct,
1836 . Kinswoman to L. T. Town-
send, supra. A novelist. A Woman's
Word ; One Woman's Two Lovers ;
Lenox Dare ; Protestant Queen of Na-
varre ; Only Girls ; Sirs, Only Seven-
teen ; A Boston Girl's Ambition ; Six in
All ; But a Philistine ; That Queer Girl,
are a few of her works. Le. Lip. Meth.

Toy, Crawford Howell. Va., 1836-
. A Unitarian clergyman, profes-
sor of Hebrew in Harvard University
Divinity School. Quotations in the New
Testament ; History of the Religion of
Israel ; Judaism and Christianity, the
Progress of Thought from the Old Tes-
tament to the New. Lit. Scr.

Tracy, Charles Chapin. Pa., 1838-
. A Presbyterian foreign mission-
ary. Letters to Members of Oriental
Families ; Myra, or a Child's Story of
Missionary Life.

Tracy, Ira! Vt., 1806-1875. Brother
of J. Tracy, infra. A Congregational
missionary in the East Indies, author of
Duty to the Heathen.

Tracy, Joseph. Vt, 1794-1874. A
Congregational clergyman, secretary of
the Massachusetts Colonization Society.
Three Last Things ; The Great Awa-
kening, a History of the Revival of
Religion in the Time of Edwards and

Tracy, Roger Sherman. Vt, 1841-
. A physician of New York city.

Handbook of Sanitary Information for
Householders ; Essentials of Anatomy ;
Physiology and Hygiene ; The New
Liber Primus. Ap.
Trafton, Adeline. Daughter of M.
Traf ton, infra. See Knox, Mrs.

Trafton, Mark. Me., 1810-1901. A
Methodist clergyman of prominence in
his day, member of Congress, 1855-57.
Rambles in Europe ; Safe Investment ;
Baptism : its Subjects and Mode ;
Scenes in My Life. Meth.

Train, Elizabeth Phipps. Ms., 1857-
. A novelist of Duxbury, Massa-
chusetts. Dr. Lamar; Autobiography
of a Professional Beauty ; A Social
Highwayman ; A Marital Liability.
Her translations from the French in-
clude. The Apostate ; The Shadow of
Dr. Laroque ; Recollections of the Court
of the Tuileries. Cr. Lip.

Train, George Francis. Ms., 1830-
1904. A lecturer of New York city
widely known for his eccentricities. An
American Merchant in Europe ; Young
America Abroad ; Young America in
Wall Street ; Spread Eagleism ; Union
Speeches ; Irish Independency, include
his chief writings.

Trail, Russell Thacher. Ct, 1812-
1877. A homosopathic physician of
New York city, and subsequently of
Florence, New Jersey. The Bath : the
History and Uses of, in Health and
Disease ; Digestion and Dyspepsia ; The
Mother's Hygienic Handbook ; The
Human Voice ; Popular Physiology ;
The True Temperance Platform ; En-
cyclopedia of Hydropathy ; Uterine
Diseases, include most of his writing.

Trautwine, John Cresson. Pa.,
1810-1883. A civil engineer of emi-
nence. Method of Calculating Cubic
Contents of Excavations and Embank-
ments ; Field Practice of Laying out
Railroad Curves ; Civil Engineer's
Pocket-Book. Wil.

Treadwell, Daniel. Ms., 1791-1872.
The inventor of the power-press, and
Rumford professor at Harvard Univer-
sity, 1834-45. The Relations of Science
to the Useful Arts ; The Practicability
of Constructing Cannon of Great Cali-
bre ; Construction of Hooped Cannon.

Treadwell, Seymour Boughton.
C, 1795-1867. A politician of Jack-




son, Michigan. American Liberties
and American Slavery Politically Illus-
trated (1838).

Treat, John Harvey. iV. H., 1839-

. A business man and writer of

Lawrence, Massachusetts. Notes on
the Rubric of the Communion Office ;
Truro Baptisms, 1711-1800; The
Catholic Faith ; Genealogy of the
Treat Family.

Treat, Mrs. Mary Lua Adelia [Da-
vis] [Allen]. N. Y., 1835 . A

naturalist of Vineland, New Jersey.
Chapters on Ants ; Injurious Insects of
the Farm and Garden ; Home Studies in
Nature ; My Garden Pets. Am. Ju. Lo.

Tremain, Henry Edwin. N. Y.,

1840 . A lawyer of New York

city who was an oiiicer in the Federal
army during the Civil War. Sailor's
Creek to Appomattox Court House, or
the Last Hours of Sheridan's Cavalry.

Trent, William Peterfield. Va.,

1862 . A professor of English and

history at the University of the South,
Sewanee, Tennessee, from 1888. Eng-
lish Culture in Virginia ; Life of Wil-
liam Gilmore Simms, supra ; Southern
Statesmen of the Old Regime. See The
Bookman, May, 1897. Hon. J. H. U.

Trescot, William Henry. S. C,
1822-1898. A lawyer and diplomatist
of Washington. Diplomacy of the Re-
volution ; Diplomatic History of the
Administrations of Washington and

Trott, Nicholas. E., 1663-1740. A
Charleston jurist, very eminent in the
Carolinas in his day. Laws of South
Carolina (1734) ; Clavis Linguse Sanc-
tae ; Laws relating to the Church and
Clergy in America.

Troubat, Francis Joseph. Pa., 1802-
1868. A lawyer of Philadelphia. Prac-
tice in Civil Actions in Pennsylvania
Supreme Court (with W. Haley) ; The
Law of Limited Partnership in the
United States ; Treatise on the Law of

Troubetzkoy, Mrs. Amelie

[Rives] [Chanler]. Fa., 1863 .

A novelist whose second husband is a
Russian prince. Though her work ex-
cited much unfavourable criticism, yet
it enjoyed a sudden brief popularity.
The Quick or the Dead ; A Brother to

Dragons ; Virginia of Virginia ; Bar-
bara Dering ; The Witness of the Sun ;
Athelwold, a tragedy ; Herod and Ma-
rianne, a drama. Har. Lip.

Trowbridge, Catherine Maria. Ct.,
1818 . A writer of South Man-
chester, Connecticut, who has made
many contributions to juvenile litera-
ture, a few among them being, Christian
Heroism ; Victory at Last ; Will and
Will Not ; Snares and Safeguards ;
Changing Paths.

Trowbridge, John. Ms., 1843 .

A physicist of note, professor at Har-
vard University from 1880, Rumford
professor of the application of science
to the useful arts there from 1888.
What is Electricity ? ; The New Phy-
sics ; Three Boys on an Electrical Boat ;
The Electrical Boy. Ap. Hou. Bob.

Trow^bridge, John Townsend. N.

Y., 1827 . A popular writer of

Arlington, Massachusetts, whose work
in verse and prose reaches a high grade
of excellence. His novel, Neighbor Jack-
wood, when first issued in 1857, was a
strong moral agent in stimulating anti-
slavery sentiment. His Other fictions
include, Lucy Arlyn ; Coupon Bonds,
and Other Stories ; Farnell's Folly ;
Neighbors' Wives ; Martin Merrivale ;
Cudjo's Cave ; Three Scouts. Among
his very many juvenile tales are, The
Drummer Boy ; The Prize Cup ; The
Lottery Ticket ; The Tide-Mill Stories ;
The Toby Trafford Series ; The Little
Master ; Jack Hazard Series. His pub-
lished volumes of verse include. The
Vagabonds (his best known poem), and
Other Poems ; The Emigrant's Story,
and Other Poems ; A Home Idyl, and
Other Poems; The Lost Earl; The
Book of Gold, and Other Poems. At
Sea and Midsummer are two of his finost
poems. Cent. Co. Har. Hou. Le. Lo.

Trow^bridge, William Petit. Mch.,
1828-1892. An engineer and scientist
in charge of the engineering depart-
ment of the School of Mines, Columbia
College, 1877-92. Steam Generator;
Heat as a Source of Power ; Turbine
Wheels ; Stationary Steam Engines.

True, Charles Kittridge. Me., 1809-
1878. A Methodist clergyman and
educator, professor at Wesleyan Uni-
versity, 1849-60. Elements of Logic ;




Sliawmut, or the Settlement o£ Boston ;
John Winthrop and the Great Colony ;
Lives of Raleigh, John Knox, John
Harvard, Captain John Smith ; The
Thirty Years' War ; Heroes of Holland.

True, John Preston. Me., 1859 .

A Boston writer. Their Club and Ours,
a popular juvenile tale; Shoulder Arms,
a tale of life in a military school. Lo.

Truman, Benjamin Cummings. R.

/., 1835 . A California writer,

military governor of Tennessee during
the Civil War. The South During the
War ; Semi-Tropical California ; Occi-
dental Sketches ; Winter Resorts of
California; From the Crescent City to
the Golden Gate ; Homes and Hajjpi-
ness in the Golden Gate ; The Field of
Honor, a history of duelling. Fo.

Trumbull, Benjamin. Ct., 1735-1820.
A Congregational clergyman, pastor at
North Haven, Connecticut, for sixty
years. Plea in Vindication of the Con-
necticut Title to the Contested (West-
ern) Lands ; Divine Origin of the Holy
Scriptures ; General History of the
United States (1810) ; A Complete His-
tory of Connecticut, 1630-1764.

Trumbull, Gurdon. Ci., 1841-1903.
Brother of J. H. Trumbull, infra. An
artist and ornithologist who published,
American Game Birds, or Names and
Portraits of Birds which Interest Gun-
ners, with Descriptions. Har.

Trumbull, Henry Clay. Ct, 1830-
1903. Brother of J. H. Trumbull, in-
fra. A Congregational clergyman of
Philadelphia, editor of The Sunday-
School Times. A Model Superintend-
ent ; The Threshold Covenant; The
Knightly Soldier ; Kadesh - Barnea ;
Teaching and Teachers ; The Blood
Covenant, a Primitive Rite ; The Sun-
day-School, its Origin, Methods, and
Auxiliaries ; Children in the Temple ;
Some Army Sermons ; The Worth of
an Historic Consciousness ; Principles
and Practice ; F'riendship the Master
Passion ; Studies in Oriental Social Life.

Trumbull, James Hammond. Ct.,

1821-1897. A Hartford philologist, an
acknowledged authority upon Indian
languages. The Composition of Indian

Geographical Names ; Best Method of
Studying the Indian Languages ; Indian
Names of Places ; On the Algonkin
Verb ; The True Blue-Laws of Con-
necticut. He had edited The Colonial
Records of Connecticut; Roger Wil-
liams's Key to the Languages of North
America, and other works.

Trumbull, John. Ct., 1750-1831. A
noted jurist of Hartford, famous in his
day as a satirical poet. With Barlow
and others he published The Anar-
chiad, a series of satirical essays, and
he was the author of The Progress
of Dulness ; but MacFingal, a Hudi-
brastic poem, the first canto of which
appeared in 1775, is his best title to
remembrance. It bristles with sharp
points of satire, and quite deserved the
extensive popularity it for a time en-
joyed. See Stedman^s Poets of Ame-
rica ; Tyler'' s Litej-ary History of the
American Revolution.

Tryon, George Washington. Pa.,
1838-1888. A conchologist of Phila-
delphia. Land and Fresh-Water Shells
of North America ; Marine Concholo-
gy; Structural and Systematic Con-
chology ; Manual of Conchology.

Tucker, George. Ba., 1775-1861.
Kinsman of Saint George Tucker, infra.
A Virginia lawyer and educator, profes-
sor of moral philosophy and political
economy in the University of Virginia,
1825-45. Among his writings are in-
cluded. Life of Jefferson ; Political
History of the United States ; Essays
Moral and Philosophical ; Theory of
Money and Banks ; Essays on Subjects
of Taste ; Principles of Rent, Wages,
and Profits ; The Valley of, the Shenan-
doah, a novel ; A Voyage to the Moon,
a satirical romance.

Tucker, George Fox. Ms., 1852-
. A lawyer of New Bedford, Mas-
sachusetts. Manual of Wills ; Manual
of Business Corporations ; Manual of
the Constitution of Massachusetts, the
Interpretation of Statutes, SpecialWrits,
and Motions for New Trials ; The Mon-
roe Doctrine ; Notes on the United States
Revised Statutes (with J. M. Gould) ;
A Quaker Home, a novel ; Uncle Ca-
lup's Christmas Dinner ; Your Will :
how to Make It. Hou. Lit.

Tucker, Henry Holcombe. Ga.,
1819-1890. A Baptist clergyman and




educator of Georgia, editor of The
Ckristian Index, at Atlanta, from 1878.
Religious Liberty ; The Gospel in
Enoch ; The Old Theology Restated in
Sermons. The Position of Baptism
in the Christian System is a noted ser-
mon by him.
Tucker, Henry Saint George. Va.,
1780-1848. Son of Saint George Tuck-
er, infra. An eminent Virginia law-
yer. Lectures on Natural Law and
Government ; Lectures on Constitu-
tional Law ; Commentaries on the Law
of Virginia.

Tucker, Henry Saint George. Va.,
1828-1863. Grandson of Saint George
Tucker, infra. A lieutenant-colonel
in the Confederate army. Hansford, a
Tale of Bacon's Rebellion ; The South-
ern Cross.

Tucker, Joshua Thomas. Ms., 1812-
1897. A Congregational clergyman of
Boston. The Sinless One, a life of
Christ ; Christ's Infant Kingdom.

Tucker, Mrs. Margaretta [Ames].

"Margaret May." N. H., 1836 .

A verse-writer of Boston. For My
Friend, a collection of verses; Drift-
wood, and Other Poems, are among her
writings, some of which have been set
to music.

Tucker, Mrs. Mary Eliza. See Lam-
bert, Mrs.

Tucker, Nathaniel Beverly. Va.,
1784-1851 . Son of Saint George Tucker,
infra. AVirginia jurist, professor of law
at WiUiam and Mary College, 1834-51.
The Partisan Leader (1836) is his most
noted book. It is a political novel,
having for its theme the revolt of the
Southern States, and in 1861 it was re-
published as A Key to the Southern
Conspiracy. Other works of his are,
George Balcombe, a novel ; Principles
of Pleading.

Tucker, Pomeroy. iV.r., 1802-1870.
A Canandaigua journalist who pub-
lished a work on The Origin of Mor-

Tucker, Saint George. Ba., 1752-
1828. The stepfather of John Ran-
dolph the statesman. A Virginia jurist
who published Letters on the Alien
and Sedition Laws ; The Probationary
Odes of Jonathan Pindar, a collection of
political satires ; an annotated Black-

stone ; but is known to general litera-

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