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ture only by the lyric beginning, " Daj's
of my Youth, ye have Glided Away."
See Griswold^s Poets and Poetry of Ame-

Tucker, William Jewett. Ct., 1839-

. A Congregational clergyman and

educator. He was professor in An-
dover Theological Seminary, 1879-93,
and has been president of Dartmouth
College from 1893. The New Move-
ment in Humanity. Hou.

Tuckerman, Arthur Lyman, N.Y.,
1861-1892. Son of C. K. Tuckerman,
infra. An architect of New York city,
superintendent of the Metropolitan Mu-
seum Art Schools in 1888. A Short
History of Architecture. Scr.

Tuckerman, Bayard. N. Y., 1855-
. A writer of New York city. His-
tory of English Prose Fiction ; Life of
Lafayette ; Life of William Jay, supra ;
Life of Peter Stuyvesant. Po. Put.

Tuckerman, Charles Keating. Ms.,
1821-1896. Brother of H. T. Tuck-
erman, infra. A diplomat who was
minister to Greece, 1868-72, and lived
in Europe subsequently. The Greeks
of To-Day (1872); Poems; Personal
Recollections of Notable People. Do.

Tuckerman, Edward. Ms., 1817-
1886. Nephew of J. Tuckerman, infra.
A professor of botany at Amherst Col-
lege, 1858-86. Genera Lichenum ; Syn-
opsis of the North American Lichens ;
Catalogue of Plants Growing Wild with-
in Thirty Miles of Amherst. See Me-
moir of, by Farlow.

Tuckerman, Frederick Goddard.

Ms., 1821-1877. Brother of E. Tuck-
erman, supra. A lawyer and litterateur
of Boston whose only published book
was a volume of poems.

Tuckerman, Henry Theodore. Ms.,
1813-1871. Nephew of J. Tuckerman,
infra. A writer once ranked among the
first of American essayists, but whose
criticisms, though delicate and discri-
minating, lack the force and originality
of many later writers in the same field.
Much of his life was spent abroad,
largely in Italy, his intimate acquaint-
ance with Italian affairs appearing in
his earliest works, The Italian Sketeh-
Book ; Isabel, or Sicily, a Pilgrimage
(1839), republished as Sicily and Pil-




^image (1852), His subsequent writ-
ings include, Thoughts on the Poets ;
The Book of the Artists ; Essays Bio-
graphical and Critical ; Artist Life ;
Rambles and Reveries ; Characteristics
of Literature ; The Criterion ; Maga Pa-
pers about Paris ; Leaves from the Diary
of a Dreamer ; Life of J. P. Kennedy,
supra; America and Her Commenta-
tors ; The Optimist, a series of essays ;
A Sheaf of Verse ; Poems ; Mental Por-
traits ; The Collector, a volume of es-
says. See Allihone''s Dictionary ; Foley'' s
American Writers.

Tuckerman, Joseph. Ms., 1778-1840.
A Unitarian clergyman, minister at
Chelsea, Massachusetts, 1801-28, long
eminent as a philanthropist. Gleams
of Truth ; Principles and Results of
the Ministry at Large in Boston. Ele-
vation of the Poor (1874), is a collection
of his most important writings. See
Memoir by Mary Carpenter ; Allihone''s
Dictionary. Rob.

Tudor, William. M., 177&-1830. A
Boston merchant who founded the ice
trade with the tropics. Gebel Teir;
Life of James Otis, supra ; Letters on
the Eastern States ; Miscellanies.

TuUy, William. Ct., 1785-1859. A
noted New England botanist and phy-
sician, medical professor at Yale Uni-
versity, 1829-42. Essays upon Fever
(with T. Miner) ; Materia Medica, or
Pharmacology ; Therapeutics.

Tunis, John. N. F., 1858-1896. An
Episcopal clergyman of Millbrook, New
Jersey, but prior to 1892 in the Unita-
rian ministry. The Faith By Which
We Stand.

Tuomy, Michael. I., 1808-1857. A
professor of geology in the University
of Alabama, 1847-57, State geologist
of South Carolina from 1844, and of
Alabama from 1848. Geological and
Agricultural Survey of South Caro-
lina ; Report on the Geology of South
Carolina; Fossils of South Carolina
(with F, Holmes) ; First and Second
Biennial Reports on the Geology of

Tupper, Henry Allen. S. C, 1828-
1902. A Baptist clergyman of Rich-
mond, Virginia. Foreign Missions of
the Southern Baptist Convention ;
Truth in Romance. Bap.

Turchin, John Basil (Ivan Vasile-
vitch Turchinoff). B., 1822-1901. A
Russian soldier who came to America
in 1856, served in the Federal army
during the Civil War, and in 1873 es-
tablished the Polish colony of Radone
in Illinois. The Campaign and Battle
of Chickamauga.

Turnbull, Laurence. S., 1821-1900.
An eminent physician of Baltimore.
Hints and Observations on Military
Hygiene ; Imperfect Hearing ; Clinical
Manual of Diseases of the Ear ; Advan-
tages and Disadvantages of Artificial
Anaesthesia ; The Electro - Magnetic
Telegraph. Lip.

Turnbull, Robert. S., 1809-1877. A
Baptist clergyman of Hartford, 1845-
1869. The Theatre; OlympiaMorata;
The Genius of Scotland ; The Genius
of Italy ; Pulpit Orators of France and
Switzerland ; The Student Preacher ;
Theophany ; The World We Live In ;
Life Pictures ; Christ in History.

Turnbull, Robert James. FL, 1775-
1833. A lawyer and political writer
of Charleston. A Visit to the Phila-
delphia Penitentiary, much noticed at
the time of its appearance in 1797 ; The
Crisis, a work on nullification; The
Principle of Dernier Ressort.

Turnbull, William Paterson. S.,
1830-1871. A Philadelphia ornitholo-
gist. Birds of East Lothian ; Birds of
East Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Turner, Mrs. Eliza [Sproat]., Pa.,
1826 . A verse-writer of Pennsyl-
vania. Out-of-Door Rhymes.

Turner, Henry McNeal. S. C, 1833-
— — . A bishop of the African Me-
thodist Church, author of a work on
Methodist Polity.

Turner, Samuel Epes. Md., 1846-
1896. A Sketch of the Germanic Con-
stitution from Early Times to the Dis-
solution of the Empire. Put,

Turner, Samuel Hulbeart. Pa.,,

1790-1861. An Episcopal clergyman,
professor in the General Theological
Seminary in New York city, 1818-61,,
best known by his Commentaries on
Hebrews, Romans, Ephesians, and
Galatians. Other works by him are,
Companion to the Book of Genesis ;
Thoughts on Scripture Prophecy ; Com-
paring Spiritual Things with Spiritual ;




Biographical Notices of Jewish Rab-
bis. See Autobiography ; Allibone's Dic-

Turner, Thomas Sloss. Ky., 1860-
. A Texas journalist and verse-
writer. Life's Brevity, and Other Po-
ems ; Heart Melodies ; A Dream of

Tuthill [tiit'il], Cornelia. Daughter
of Mrs. L. Tuthill, infra. See Jr'ierson,

Tuthill, Mrs. Louisa Caroline
[Huggins]. Ct., 1798-1879. A once
popular writer of moral tales for young
people, whose home was at Princeton,
New Jersey, from 1849. Among her
many publications are, I Will be a
Gentleman ; I Will be a Lady ; Tales
for the Young ; True Manliness ; I Will
be a SaUor ; I Will be a Soldier ; On-
ward, Right Onward ; Romantic Be-
linda ; Ancient Architecture. See
HarVs Female Prose-Writers of Ame-

Tuttle, Charles Richard. N.S. 1850-

. General History of Michigan;

Border Wars of Two Centuries ; His-
tory of Indiana ; History of Canada ;
History of Wisconsin (with D. Durrie) ;
The Boss Devil of America (verse).

Tuttle, Mrs. Emma [Rood]. O.,

1839 . Wife of Hudson Tuttle,

infra. A lecturer and verse-writer of
Berlin Heights, Ohio. Blossoms of Our
Spring ; Gazelle ; From Soul to Soul,
Poems ; Stories for Our Children ; The
Lyceum Guide.

Tuttle, Herbert. Vt., 1846-1894. A
professor at Cornell University, 1883-
1894, occupying the chair of modem
European history from 1891. The His-
tory of Prussia ; German Political
Leaders. See Biographical Sketch, by
H. B. Adams, supra, in vol. iv. of The
History of Prussia. Hou.

Tuttle, Hudson. O., 1836 . A

spiritual medium of Berlin Heights,
Ohio. Life in the Spheres ; Arcana of
Nature ; Career of the God Idea ; Ca-
reer of the Christ Idea ; Career of Re-
ligious Ideas ; Origin and Development
of Man ; Clair, a Tale ; Camile, or Love
and Labor ; Heloise ; Love or Religion.

Tuttle, Joseph Farrand. iV.J.,1818-
1901. A Presbyterian clerg^yman. Life

of William Tuttle ; The Way Lost and
Found ; Annals of Morris County, New

Twain, Mark. See Clemens.

Twichell, Joseph Hopkins. Ct.,
1838 . A Congregational clergy-
man of Hartford from 1865. Life of
John Winthrop, infra ; Some Old Puri-
tan Love Letters (edited). Do.

Tyler, Bennet. Ct., 178.3-1858. A
Congregational clergyman, president of
Dartmouth College, 1822-28, and sub-
sequently minister at Portland^ Maine.
History of New Haven Theology ; The
Sufferings of Christ ; New England Re-
vivals ; Lectures on Christian Nurtiu-e,
include his principal works.

Tyler, John Mason. Ms., 1851 .

Son of W. S. Tyler, infra. A professor
of biology at Amherst College. The
Whence and the Whither of Man. Scr.

Tyler, Joseph. 18 — 1895. Son of B.
Tyler, supra. A Congregational mis-
sionary in South Africa for forty years,
for the last ten years of his life a resi-
dent of St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Forty
Years Among the Zulus. C. P. S.

Tyler, Lyon Gardiner. Va., 1853-

. A son of President John Tyler

and president of William and Mary
College from 1888. The Letters and
Times of the Tylers ; Parties and Pa-
tronage in the United States.

Tyler, Moses Coit. Ct., 1835-1900.
A professor of American histoi-y at
Cornell University from 1881. From
1860 to 1881 he was a member of the
Congregational ministry, but in the lat-
ter year took orders in the Episcopal
Church. He is best known by an ad-
mirable History of American Litera-
ture During the Colonial Period, 1606-
1765, which is as readable as it is schol-
arly, the style being both vigorous and
original. Other works of his are, The
Brawnville Papers ; Life of Patrick
Henry ; Three Men of Letters (Berke-
ley, Dwight, Joel Barlow) ; The Lite-
rary History of the American Revolu-
tion, 1763-1783; Manual of English
Literature. Hou. Put. Sh.

Tyler, Ransom Hebbard. Ms.,
1813-1881. A lawyer and bank presi-
dent of Fulton, New York. The Bible
and Social Reform ; American Ecclesi-
astical Law ; Commentaries on the Law




of Infancy and Covertures ; Ejectment
and Adverse Enjoyment ; Usury ; Pawns
and Loans ; Fixtures ; Boundaries,
Fences, and Window Lights.

Tyler, Robert. Va., 1818-1877. The
eldest son of President John Tyler. A
lawyer of Philadelphia, and after the
CivU War a journalist in Montgomery,
Alabama. Ahasuerus, a Poem ; Death,
a Poem ; Is Virginia a Repudiating
State ?

Tyler, Royall. Jtfs., 1757-1826. A Ver-
mont jurist, chief justice of the supreme
court of his State from 1800. Reports
of Vermont Supreme Court Cases ; The
Contrast, a brilliant comedy, the first
American play acted by regular come-
dians, and the earliest in which ' ' Yan-
kee dialect " is employed ; May Day, a
comedy ; The Georgia Speculator, or
Land in the Moon ; The Algerine Cap-
tive ; Moral Tales for American Youths ;
The Yankey in London.

Tyler, Samuel. Md., 1809-1878. A
jurist of Frederick, Maryland. The
Progress of Philosophy ; Discourse on
the Baconian Philosophy ; Bums as a
Poet and as a Man ; Memoir of Chief
Justice Taney ; Commentary on the
Law of Partnership.

Tyler, "William Seymour. Pa., 1810
-1897. A Congregational clergyman
and educator, professor at Amherst Col-
lege from 1836 ; latterly professor eme-
ritus of the Greek language and litera-
ture. Prayer for Colleges ; Theology
of the Greek Poets; editions of Taci-
tus and the Iliad of Homer ; History of
Amherst CoUege, 1821 to 1891. Bar.

Tyng, Dudley Atkins. Md., 1825-
1858. Son of S. H. Tyng, infra, 1st.
An Episcopal clergyman of Philadel-
phia. Vital Truth and Deadly Error ;
Children of the Kingdom ; Our Coun-
try's Troubles.

Tyng, Stephen Higginson. Ms.,
1800-1885. An Episcopal clergyman
of New York city, rector of St. George's
Church, 1844-85, and long prominent
among Low Churchmen. Among his
works are, The Christian Pastor ; Fa-
mily Commentary on the Gospels ; I^ec-
tures on the Law and the Gospel ; The
Israel of God ; Christ is All ; The Rich
Kinsman, the history of Ruth ; The
Prayer-Book Illustrated by Scripture ;
The Captive Orphan ; Esther the Queen

of Persia ; Forty Years' Experience in
Sunday Schools. See Lije of, by C.
B. Tyng. Har.

Tyng, Stephen Higginson. N. Y.,

1839-1898. Son of S. H. Tyng, supra.
An Episcopal clergyman of New York
city, for a number of years subsequent
to 1881 the manager of an insurance
company in Paris. The Square of Life ;
He Will Come ; Our Church Work.

Tyson, James. 1841-

. A Phila-
delphia physician, medical professor in
the Uuiversity of Pennsylvania from
1870. Manual of Physical Diagnosis ;
The Cell Doctrine ; Introduction to
Practical Histology ; Practical Exami-
nation of the Urine ; Treatise on
Bright's Disease. Lip.

Tyson, Job Roberts. Pa., 1804-1858.
A lawyer of Philadelphia. Essay on the
Penal Laws of Pennsylvania ; The Lot-
tery System of the United States ; So-
cial and Intellectual State of Pennsyl-
vania prior to 1743 ; Resources and
Commerce of Philadelphia.

Under-wood, Benjamin Franklin.

1839 . Formerly the editor of The

Index in Boston. Influence of Chris-
tianity upon Civilization ; Essays and

Under-wood, Francis Henry. Ms.,
1825-1894. A Boston litt^rateltr, the
organizer of The Atlantic Monthly.
He was American consul at Glasgow,
1885-89, and subsequently at Leith,
where he died. Handbooks of English
Literature : British Authors, and Ameri-
can Authors ; Builders of American Li-
terature; biographies of Lowell, Long-
fellow, and Whittier ; The Poet and the
Man, Recollections of James Russell
Lowell ; Cloud Pictures ; and the no-
vels. Lord of Himself ; Man Proposes ;
Dr. Gray's Quest ; Quabbin. Hou. Le.

Underwood, Luoien Marcus. N.
Y., 185.3 . Cousin of F. H. Un-
derwood, supra. A professor of botany
at Syracuse University from 1883. Sys-
tematic Plant Record ; Our Native Ferns
and How to Study Them ; Our Native
Ferns and Their Allies ; North Ame-
rican Hepaticse. Ho. Wh.




Upham, Charles "Wentworth, N.
B., 1802-1875. A Unitarian clergyman,
pastor of the First Church in Salem,
Massachusetts, 1824-44, subsequently-
prominent as a politician in his city and
State. Lectures on the Logos ; Pro-
phecy as an Evidence of Christianity ;
Salem Witchcraft and Cotton Mather ;
Life of Timothy Pickering ; Life of Sir
Henry Vane ; Lectures on Witchcraft ;
Principles of Congregationalism.

Upham, Francis William. N. H.,
1817-1895. Brother of T. C. Upham,
infra. An educator of New York city,
■whose writings were chiefly a defence
of the Scriptures as opposed to " the
higher criticism." The Debate Be-
tween the Church and Science ; The
Wise Men : Who They Were ; The Star
of Our Lord ; Thoughts on the Gos-
pels ; St. Matthew's Witness ; The First
Words from God.

Upham, Mrs. Grace Le Baron
[Locke]. " Grace Le Baron." Ms.,

1845- . A Boston writer of popular

juvenile tales. The Rosebud Club ;
Little Miss Faith ; Little Daughter.

Upham, Thomas Cogswell. N. H.,
1799-1872. A professor of philosophy
at Bowdoin College, 1824-72. Elements
of Moral Philosophy ; Treatise on the
WiU ; Life of Madame Guyon ; Princi-
ples of the Hidden Life ; Disordered
Mental Action ; Elements of Intellec-
tual Philosophy ; Ratio Disciplinse ;
Christ in the Soul ; The Life of Faith ;
The Manual of Peace ; Divine Union ;
American Cottage Life, a book of
verse ; Life of Madame Catherine
Adorna ; View of the Absolute Reli-
gion. See Allihone's Dictionary ; Bibli-
ography of Maine. Har.

Upshur, Abel Parker, Va., 1790-
1844. A Virginia lawyer and Con-
gressman, secretary of the navy, 1841-
1843, and of State, 1843-44. Inquiry
into the Nature and Character of Our
Federal Government.

Upshur, Mary. Niece of A. P. Up-
shur, supra. See Sturges, Mrs.

Upton, Emory. 1839-1881. An offi-
cer with the rank of major-general in
the Federal army during the Civil
War. Infantry Tactics ; The Armies
of Asia and Europe ; Tactics for Non-

Military Bodies. See Life of, by Michie.

Upton, Francis Henry. Ms., 1814-
1876. An eminent lawyer of New York
city. Treatise on the Law of Trade-
Marks ; The Law of Nations affecting
Commerce During War.

Upton, George Putnam. Ms., 1834-

. A Chicago journalist. Letters

of Peregrine Pickle ; The Great Fire ;
Woman in Music ; The Standard Ope-
ras ; The Standard Oratorios ; The
Standard Cantatas ; The Standard Sym-
phonies ; Lives of Haydn, Liszt, and
Wagner, from the German of Nohl ;
Memories, from the German of Max
MiiUer. Mg.

Upton, Jacob Kendrick. N. R.,

1837 . The assistant secretary of

the treasury in 1880. Money in Poli-
tics ; A Coin Catechism. Lo.

Urmy, Clarence [Thomas]. Cal,
1858 . An organist and verse-
writer of San Jos^, California. A Ro-
sary of Rhyme ; A Vintage of Verse.
He has been a contributor to magazines.

Usher, Edward Preston. Ms., 1851-
. A Boston lawyer living in Graf-
ton, Massachusetts. Sales of Personal
Property ; Protestantism, a Study in
the Direction of Religious Truth. Le.

Utter, Mrs. Rebecca [Palfrey]. Ms.,

1844 . Daughter of C. Palfrey,

sufra, and wife of a Unitarian clergy-
man. The King's Daughter, and Other

Vachell, Horace Annesley. E.,

1861 . A novelist many years

resident in California, but in 1883 an
English lieutenant in the Rifle Brigade.
The Romance of Judge Ketchum ; The
Model of Christian Gay; The Quick-
sands of Pactolus ; An Impending
Sword ; John Christy. Do. Ho. Lip.

Vail, Alfred. N. J., 1807-1859. A
scientist who was one of the inventors
of the telegraph. He published a work
on The American Electro-Magnetic Te-

Vail, Stephen Montford. iV^. Y.,
181S-1880. A Methodist clergyman, at
one time tried by his church for advo-
cating an educated ministry. Outlines




of Hebrew Grammar ; Education in the
Methodist Church ; The Bible Against
Slavery. Meth.

Vail, Thomas Hubbard. Va., 1812-
1889. The first Protestant Episcopal
bishop of Kansas, consecrated bishop in
1864. Hannah, a Sacred Drama ; The
Comprehensive Church.

Vale, G-ilbert. E., 1788-1866. A
Brooklyn writer prominent as a free-
thinker. Fanaticism ; Life of Thomas
Paine, supra.

Valentine, David Thomas. N. Y.,
1801-1869. The clerk of the New York
Common Council, 1831-69, and author
of a Manual of the Corporation of New
York City ; History of New York City.

Valentine, Milton. Md., 1825 .

A Lutheran clergyman, professor of
systematic theology at Gettysburg The-
ological Seminary from 1884. Natural
Theology, or Rational Theism ; The
Relations of the Family to the Church ;
The Dynamics of Success ; Knowledge
by Service ; Absolute Christianity ;
Truth's Testimony to its Servants : Is
the Lord's Day only a Human Institu-
tion ? Sil.

Valentini, Philipp Johann Joseph.
P., 1828-1899. A New York archae-
ologist among whose writings upon
Mexican archaeology are, The Landa
Alphabet : a Spanish fabrication ;
Mexican Copper Tools ; The Olmecas
and theTultecas.

Vallentine, Benjamin Bennaton.
E., 1843-^ — — . A journalist of New
York city, dramatic critic of The Her-
ald. The Fitznoodle Papers ; Fitznoo-
dle in America ; The Lost Train.

Van-Anderson, Mrs. Helen [Van

Metre], /a., 1859 . A minister

and lecturer of Boston. The Right
Knock ; It is Possible ; The Story of
Teddy ; Journal of a Live Woman. Le.

Van Brunt, Henry. Ms., 1832-1903.
An architect of note, the designer of
Memorial Hall at Cambridge. Greek
Lines, and Other Architectural Essays.

Van Buren, John Desh. N.Y., 1838-

. A civil engineer of New York

city. Investigation of Formulas for the
Strength of Iron Parts of Steam Ma-
chinery ; Quay and Other Retaining

Van Buren, Martin. N. Y., 1782-
1862. The eighth President of the
United States. An Inquiry into the
Origin and Causes of Political Parties
in the United States is his only writing
of importance, except state papers. See
Lives hy Emmons, 1835, Gnmd {in Ger-
man), 1835, Holland, 1836, Crockett,
1836, Mackenzie, 1846, Butler, 1862,
Shepard, 1888, Banerofi, 1889; Alli-
bone^s Dictionary.

Van Buren, William Holme. Pa.,
1819-1883. An eminent surgeon of
New York city. Contributions to Prac-
tical Surgery ; Diseases of the Rectum ;
Diseases of the Genito-Urinary Organs
(with Keyes) ; The Principles of Sur-
gery. Ap.

Vandegrift, Margaret. See Janvier,

Vandenhoff, George. E., 1820 .

An actor and elocutionist of note. Plain
System of Elocution ; Leaves from an
Actor's Note Book ; Dramatic Remi-
niscences ; Clerical Assistant, or Elocu-
tionary Guide ; Common Sense ; The
Art of Reading Aloud.

Van Deusen, Mrs. Mary [West-
brook]. N. Y., 1829 . A writer

of Rondout, New York, whose princi-
pal works include, Rachel Du Mont ;
Gertrude Willoughby, a novel ; Colonial
Dames of America ; Voices of My
Heart, a book of verse.

Van Dyke, Henry Jackson. Pa.,
1822-1891. A Presbyterian clergyman
of Brooklyn. The Lord's Prayer ;
The Church : Her Ministry and Sacra-

Van Dyke, Henry Jackson. Pa.,

1852 . Son of H. J. Van Dyke, su-
pra. A Presbyterian clergyman of New
York city, pastor of the Brick Church
from 1882. The Reality of Religion ;
The Story of the Psalms ; The National
Sin of Literary Piracy ; The Poetry of
Tennyson ; Historic Presbyterianism ;
Straight Sermons to Young Men ; The
Christ Child in Art ; Little Rivers ;
The Story of the Other Wise Man;
God and Little Children ; The Gospel
for an Age of Doubt ; The Builders,
and Other Poems. Har. Mac. Ran.

Van Dyke, John Charles. N. J.,

1856—- — . An art critic, librarian of




the Sage Library at New Brunswick,
New Jersey. Books and How to Use
Them ; Principles of Art ; How to
Judge a Picture ; Serious Art in Amer-
ica ; Art for Art's Sake ; History of
Painting ; Old Dutch and Flemish Mas-
ters. Cent. Fo. Lgs. Scr. Meth.

Van Dyke, Joseph Smith. N. J.,

1832 . A Presbyterian clergyman,

minister at Cranbury, New Jersey, from
1869. Popery the Foe of the Church ;
Prohibition of the Liquor Traffic ;
Through the Prison to the Throne ;
From Gloom to Gladness ; Giving or
Entertainment, — Which ? ; Theism or
Evolution. Fu.

Van Dyke, Theodore Strong. N.

J., 1842 . Brother of J. C. Van

Dyke, supra. A lawyer and sportsman
of Southern California. Rifle, Rod, and
Gun in California; Southern Califor-
nia ; The StUl Hunter ; Game Birds
at Home ; Southern California the Italy
of America. Fo.

Van Home, Thomas B[udd]. 18

. A clergyman, chaplain in the

Federal army during the Civil War.
History of the Army of the Cumber-
land ; Life of Major-General Thomas.
Clke. Scr.

Van Lennep, Henry John. A. M.,
1815-1889. A Congregational mission-
ary in Asia Minor, 1839-69. Ten Days
Among Greek Brigands ; Bible Lands ;
Travels in Little Known Parts of Asia
Minor ; The Oriental Album. Har. C.
P. S.

Vannah, Letitia Catharine. Me.,

1857 . A verse- writer of Gardiner,

Maine, who has published a volume of

Van Ness, Thomas. Md., 1859 .

A Unitarian clergyman of Boston, pas-
tor of the Second Church. The Com-
ing Religion ; The Ideal Common-
wealth ; My Visit to Count Tolstoi.

Van Ness, "William Peter. N. Y.,
1778-1826. A jurist of New York city.
Examination of Charges against Aaron
Burr ; Laws of New York (with Wood-
worth) ; Concise Narrative of Jackson's
First Invasion of Florida.

Van Nest, Abraham Rynier. N. Y.,
1823-1892. A Dutch Reformed cler-
gyman in charge of American chapels

abroad, and pastor in Philadelphia,
1878-86. Signs of the Times ; Life of
G. Bethune, supra.

Van Norden, Charles. Ct., 1843-

. A Congregational clergyman at

Suffield, Connecticut. The Outermost
Rim and Beyond ; The Psychic Factor.
Ap. Ban.

Van Rensselaer [ren'sel-ar], Cort-
land, N. Y., 1808-1860. A Presby-
terian clergyman who was secretary of
the Presbyterian Board of Education,
1846-60. Miscellaneous Sermons, Es-
says, and Addresses ; Essays and Dis-

Van Rensselaer, Mrs. Mariana

[Griswold]. N. Y., 1851 . An

art critic of New York city. Art Out of
Doors, a work on gardening ; English
Cathedrals ; Six Portraits ; Handbook
of English Cathedrals ; Henry Hobson
Richardson ; One Man who was Con-
tent, and Other Stories. Cent. Hon. Scr.

Van Rensselaer, Maunsell. N. Y.,
1819-1900. An Episcopal clergyman
of New York city. Sister Louise : her
Life Book ; Annals of the Van Rensse-
laers in the United States.

Van Santvoord, Cornelius. N. J.,
1816-1901. A Dutch Reformed cler-
gyman of New York State. Memoir of
Eliphalet Nott, supra; Limitation of
the Liabilities of Ship Owners Under
United States Laws.

Van Santvoord, George. N. J.,
1819-1863. Brother of C. Van Sant-
voord, supra. A lawyer of Kinderhook,

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