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litterateur. The Hermit in America;
American Bards, a satire ; Sisyphi
Opus, with Other Poems ; Life of La-

Walsh, Michael. I., 1763-1840. A
once popular educator of Massachu-
setts who published a Mercantile Arith-
metic, and a New System of Book-

Walsh, Robert. Md., 1784-1859.
A prominent Philadelphian who was
United States consul at Paris, 1845-51.
In 1811 he established the American
Review of History and Politics, the first
quarterly in the United States. An
Appeal from the Judgments of Great
Britain ; Letter on the Genius and Dis-
position of the French Government ;
Correspondence Respecting Russia ; Di-
dactics ; The Museum of Foreign Lite-
rature and Science. See Edinburgh
Review, May, 1820; North American
Review, April, 1820.

Walsh, William Shepard. " Wil-
liam Shepard." F., 1854-189-. Grand-
son of R. Walsh, supra. A Philadel-
phia litterateur, editor of Lippincott's
Magazine, 1886-90. Authors and Au-
thorship ; Pen Pictures of Earlier Vic-
torian Authors ; Faust : the Legend
and the Poem ; Paradoxes of a Philis-
tine ; Pen Pictures of Modem Authors ;
Our Young Folks' History of the Ro-
man Empire.

Walter, Nehemiah. I., 1663-1750.
A Congregational clergyman, pastor
at Roxbury, Massachusetts, from 1688
until his death. The Sense of Indwell-
ing Sin in the Unregenerate ; Sermons ;

Practical Discourses on the Holiness of

Walter, Thomas. Ms., 1696-1725.
Son of N. Walter, supra. A Congre-
gational clergyman, the colleague of
bis father. Grounds and Rules of Mu-
sic Explained ; Infallibility May Some-
times Mistake.

Walter, William Bicker. Ms.,
1796-1822. Great-grandnephew of T.
Walter, supra. A verse-writer who
published Poems ; Sukey, suggested by
HaUeck's " Fanny."

Walters, William Thompson. Pa.,
1820-1891. A merchant of Baltimore,
long prominent as an art patron. An-
toine Louis Barye, from the French of
Various Critics ; The Percheron Horse,
from the French of Du Hays ; Notes
upon Certain Masters of the Nine-
teenth Century.

Walther, Carl Ferdinand Wil-
helm. Sxy., 1811-1887. A Lutheran
clergyman who came to America in
1839, and was president of the Lutheran
Theological Seminary at St. Louis, 1849-
1887. Dr. Luther's kleiner Katechis-
mus ausgelegt von Dr. J. C. Dietrich,
mit Zusatzen ; Amerikanisch - Luthe-
rische Evangelien-Postille ; Amerika-
nisch - Lutherische Epistel - Postille ;
Amerikanisch - Lutherische Pastoral-
theologie. He was the leader of what
are known as Missouri Lutherans. See
Biography of, by GUnther (Lebensbild),
1890 ; BromeVs Homiletische Character-
bilder, 1874-

Walton, George Edward. O., 1839-
. A Cincinnati physician, profes-
sor of medicine in Cincinnati College
from 1880. The Mineral Springs of
the United States and Canada.

Walworth [wol'wurth], Clarence
Alphonsus. N. Y., 1820-1900. Son
of Reuben Walworth, infra. A Roman
Catholic clergyman who was one of the
founders of the Paulist order in the
United States, a prominent temperance
advocate, and since 1864 rector of St.
Mary's, Albany. The Gentle Sceptic ;
The Doctrine of Hell ; Andiatoroct^,
and Other Poems.

Walworth, Mrs. Ellen [Hardin].
II., 1832 . Wife of M. T. Wal-
worth, infra. A Saratoga wiiter who
has published Saratoga, the Battle




Walworth, Ellen Hardin. N. Y.,
1858 . Daughter of M. T. Wal-
worth, infra. An Old World as Seen
Through Young Eyes.

"Walworth, Mrs. Jeanette Ritchie

[Hadermann]. Pa., 1837 . A

novelist of New York city. Dead Men's
Shoes ; The Bar Sinister ; The Man at
Rossmere ; At Bay ; Southern Silhou-
ettes ; Forgiven at Last ; Baldy's Point ;
The Silent Witness ; Heavy Yokes ;
An Old Fogy; The Little Radical;
Uncle Scipio, are among her numerous
fictions. Cas. Ho.

Walworth, Mansfield Tracy. N.
Y., 1837-1873. Son of Reuben H. Wal-
worth, infra. A lawyer once well known
as a writer of extremely sensational ro-
mances. Among them are, Beverly ;
Warwick ; Lulu ; Delaplene ; Storm-
cliff ; Mission of Death ; Tahara, a
Leaf from Empii-e.

Walworth, Reuben Hyde. Ct.,
1787-1867. An eminent jurist of Sara-
toga, the last Chancellor of the State of
New York. Rules and Orders of the
New York Court of Chancery ; The
Hyde Genealogy.

Walworth, Reubena Hyde. Ky.,
1867-1898. Daughter of M. T. Wal-
worth, supra. Where was Elsie ?, a

Ward, Aaron. N. Y., 1790-1867. A
New York congressman and major-
general of militia, the author of Around
the Pyramids, a volume of travel.

Ward, Andrew Henshaw^. Ms.,
1784-1864. A lawyer of Shrewsbury,
Massachusetts, and subsequently of
Newton in the same State. History of
Shrewsbury ; Genealogy of the Rice
Family ; The Ward Family.

Ward, Artemus. See Browne, C. F.

Ward, Mrs. Elizabeth Stuart

[Phelps]. Ms., 1844 . Wife of

Herbert D. Ward, infra, daughter of
A. Phelps, supra. A popular New Eng-
land novelist whose life was mainly
passed at Andover and Gloucester until
her marriage in 1888. She has more
recently lived in Newton, Massachu-
setts. The publication in 1869 of The
Gates Ajar, a tale whose theme is the
life of departed spirits in the next
world, aroused much discussion, and
instantly made its author famous. She

has since pursued the same motive in
Beyond the Gates, and The Gates Be-
tween. Her latest works, as a whole,
show an increase of power and a higher
level of literary excellence. Hedged
in ; The Silent Partner ; Sealed Orders,
and Other Stories ; Men, Women, and
Ghosts ; Friends : a Duet ; Dr. Zay ;
The Story of Avis ; An Old Maid's
Paradise, and Burglars in Paradise ;
Fourteen to One, a book of short sto-
ries ; Donald Marcy ; Jack the Fish-
erman ; The Madonna of the Tubs ;
A Singular Life ; The Supply at St.
Agatha's ; The Master of the Magi-
cians (with H. D. Ward) ; Come Forth
(with H. D. Ward) ; What to Wear ? ;
The Struggle for Immortality, a col-
lection of essays ; Chapters from a
Life, an autobiography. Less widely
known as a poet, her Poetic Studies, and
Songs of the Silent World, perhaps re-
present her highest point of attainment.
Her juvenile books include, Gypsey's
Rainy Day Book ; My Cousin and I ;
The Trotty Book; Trotty's Wedding
Tour and Story Book. See Vedder^s
American Writers. Hou.

Ward, Ferdinand De Wilton. N.
Y., 1812 . A Presbyterian mis-
sionary in India, 1836-47, and subse-
quently a minister in Geneseo, New
York. India and the Hindoos ; Chris-
tian Gift, or Pastoral Letters Upon
Character ; Summer Vacation Abroad ;
History of the Churches of Rochester,
New York.

Ward, Henry Augustus. N. Y.,
1S34 . Nephew of F. Ward, su-
pra. A naturalist of note, professor in
the University of Rochester, 1860-75.
Notices of the Megatherium Cuvieri ;
Description of the Most Celebrated
Fossil Animals in Royal Museums of

Ward, Henry Dana. iJfs., 1797-1884.
A Baptist clergyman prominent as an
opponent of freemasonry. Freema-
sonry : its Pretensions ; The Gospel of
the Kingdom ; The History of the Cross;
The Faith of Abraham and Christ.

Ward, Herbert Dickinson. Ms.,

1861 . Son of W. H. Ward, infra.

The Captain of the Kittie Wink; A
Dash to the Pole; The New Senior
at Andover; The White Crown, and




Other Stories ; The Burg-larwho Moved
Paradise. Sou. LI. Lo. Lov. Rob.

Ward, Mrs. H. O. 'See Bloomjield-
Moore, Mrs. Clara.

Ward, James Harman. Ct,, 1806-
1861. A United States naval officer.
Elementary Course of Instruction in
Naval Gunnery ; Manual of Naval Tac-
tics ; Steam for the Million.

Ward, James Warner. N. J., 1818-

. A verse-writer ; librarian, ISTi-

1895, of the Grosvenor library at Buf-
falo. Home-made Verses and Stories
in Rhyme ; Yorick, and Other Poems ;
Higher Water, a parody upon Hia-

Ward, John. N. Y., 1838 . Cou-
sin of S. Ward, infra. A soldier and
physician of New York city. The
Overland Route to California, and
Other Poems.

Ward, Julius Hammond. Ms., 1837-
1897. An Episcopal clergyman and
journalist of Boston on the staff of The
Boston Herald. Life of J. G. Percival,
supra ; The Bible in Modern Thought ;
Life of Bishop White, infra ; Phillips
Brooks in Massachusetts ; The Church
in Modem Society ; The White Moun-
tains, a Guide to their Literpretation.
Ap. Do. Hou.

Ward, Lester Frank. 27., 1841

A botanist and geologist employed in
the United States Geological Survey.
Guide to the Flora of Washington and
Vicinity ; Sketch of Paleontologieal
Botany ; Synopsis of the Flora of the
Laramie Group ; Types of the Laramie
Flora ; Geographical Distribution of
Fossil Plants ; Dynamic Sociology ;
The Psychic Factors of Civilization ;
The Principles of Sociology. Ap. Gi.

Ward, Matthew Flournoy. Ky.,
1826-1863. A writer of Louisville.
Letters From Three Continents ; Eng-
lish Items.

Ward, Mrs. May [Alden]. O., 185.3-

. President of the Massachusetts

State Federation of Women's Clubs.
Petrarch ; Dante : Sketch of his Life
and Works ; Old Colony Days. Bob.

Ward, Nathaniel. E., c. 1580-1652.
A Puritan clergyman, minister at Ips-
wich, 1634-36, and a resident of the
colony of Massachusetts until 1646,
when he returned to England, and was

rector of Shenfield in Essex, 1647-52.
He is famous as the author of The Sim-
ple Cobler of Aggavvam in America, a
piece of satire as able as it is vindictive
and intolerant. The first code of laws
made in New England was drafted by
Ward in 1639, and formally adopted in
1644. It is styled The Body of Liber-
ties. Mercurius Auti-mechanicus, or the
Simple Cobbler's Boy with his Lap-full
of Caveats, is usually attributed to
Ward, and probably with truth. Other
writings ascribed to him are, A Reli-
gious Retreat Sounded to a Religious
Army ; A Sermon before Parliament
(1647). See Tyler^s American Litera-
ture ; Memoir by John Ward Dean, 1868,

Ward, Samuel. N. Y., 1814-1884.
A once prominent banker of New York
city who published Lyrical Recrea-

Ward, Thomas. N. J., 1807-1873.
A litterateur of New York city. A
Month of Freedom ; Passaic : a Group
of Poems ; Flora, or the Gypsy's Frolic,
a pastoral opera ; War Lyrics.

Ward, William Hayes. Ms., 1835-

. A Presbyterian clergyman of

New York city, editor of The Indepen-
dent, and eminent as an Assyriologist.
Notes on Oriental Antiquities.

Warden, David Baillie. L, 1788-
1845. A consul and secretary of the
United States legation at Paris from
1804 until his death. Origin and Na-
ture of Consular Establishments ; In-
quiry Concerning the Intellectual and
Moral Faculties and Literature of the
Negroes (1810) ; Description of the Dis-
trict of Columbia ; Bibliotheca Ame-
ricana Septentrionalis ; L'art de verifier
les dates : chronologie historique de
I'Am^rique ; A Statistical History of
the United States.

Warden, Robert Bruce. Ky., 1824-

. A lawyer formerly of Cincinnati,

but since 1873 of Washington. A Fa-
miliar Forensic View of Man and Law ;
A Voter's Version of the Life and Cha-
racter of Stephen Douglas ; Private Life
of Salmon Chase.

Warder, John Aston. Pa., 1812-
1883. A Cincinnati physician very ac-
tive in promoting a general interest
in forestry and landscape gardening.
Hedge Manual ; American Pomology.




Ware, Henry. Ms., 1764-1845. A
Unitarian clergyman of Massachusetts,
pastor of Hingham, 1787-1805. His
election in the latter year to the Hollis
professorship of divinity at Harvard
University precipitated the dissensions
which ultimately resulted in dividing
the Congregational body into Unitarian
and Trinitarian portions. Letters to
Trinitarians and Calviuists ; Inquiry
into Foundation, Evidences, and Truth
of Religion. See Sprague^s Annals of
the American Pulpit.

Ware, Henry, ilfs., 1794-1843. Son of
H. Ware, supra. A Unitarian clergy-
man of Massachusetts, pastor of the
Second Church in Boston, 1817-30, and
Parkman professor at Harvard Univer-
sity, 1830-42, The Vision of Liberty,
an ode ; Hints on Extemporaneous
Speaking ; Discourses on the Offices and
Character of Christ ; Sermons on Small
Sins ; On the Formation of Christian
Character, which has been very widely
read ; Life of the Saviour ; Lives of
Priestley and Noah Worcester, infra.
See Memoir by John Ware, infra ;
Sprague's Annals of the American Pul-
pit. A. U.A.

"Ware, John. Ms., 1795-1864. Son of
H. Ware, 1st, supra. A Boston physi-
cian, professor of medicine at Har-
vard University, 1832-58. History and
Treatment of Delirium Tremens ; Hints
to Young Men on the Relation of the
Sexes ; Success in the Medical Profes-
sion ; Life of Henry Ware, supra. A.

Ware, John Pothergill Water-
house. Ms., 1818-1881. Son of Henry
Ware, 2d, supra. A Unitarian clergy-
man of Baltimore, and subsequently of
Boston. Wrestling and Waiting; Ser-
mons ; War Tracts ; The Silent Pastor ;
Home Life. El. Le.

Ware, Mrs. Katherine Augusta
[Rhodes], ilfs., 1797-1843. The wife
of a United States naval officer. She
published The Power of the Passions,
and Other Poems.

Ware, Mrs. Mary Greene [Chan-
dler]. Ms., 1818 . Wife of J.

Ware, supra. Elements of Character ;
Thoughts in My Garden ; Death and

Ware, Nathaniel A . Ms., c. 1789-

1854. A Southern writer whose later

years were spent in Philadelphia and
Cincinnati. Views of the Federal Con-
stitution ; Notes on Political Economy.

Ware, William. Ms., 1797-1852. Son
of H. Ware, 1st, supra. A Unitarian
clergyman of New York city, 1821-36,
whose historical novels are still popu-
lar. Letters from Palmyra, republished
as Zenobia ; Probus, afterwards called
Aurelian ; Julian ; American Unita-
rian Biography (edited) ; Lectures on
the Works of Washington AUston ;
Sketches of European Capitals ; Life
of Nathaniel Bacon in Sparks's Ameri-
can Biography ; Sermons Illustrative of
Unitarian Christianity ; Unitarianism
the Doctrine of Matthew's Gospel. See
Allihone' s Dictionary ; Sprague^s Annals
of the American Pulpit. Est.

Ware, William Robert. Ms., 1832-

. Son of H. Ware, 2d, supra. A

professor of architecture in Columbia
College School of Mines from 1881.
He has published Modern Perspective.

Warfield,Benjamin Breokenridge.

Ky., 1851 . A Presbyterian cler-
gyman and educator, professor of didac-
tic and polemical theology at Princeton
Theological Seminary from 1887. The
Divine Origin of the Bible ; Introduc-
tion to the Textual Criticism of the New
Testament; The Canon of the New
Testament ; The Gospel of the Incar-
nation, include his more important

Warfield, Mrs. Catherine Anne

[Ware]. Mi., 1816-1877. Daughter
of N. Ware, supra. A Kentucky novel-
ist who with her sister Eleanor wrote
The Wife of Leon, and Other Poems ;
The Indian Chamber, and Other Poems.
Her own separate writings include, The
Household of Bouverie ; The Romance
of the Green Seal; Miriam Monfort;
Hester Howard's Temptation ; A Dou-
ble Wedding ; Lady Ernestine ; Miri-
am's Memoirs ; Sea and Shore ; The
Cardinal's Daughter ; Feme Fleming ;
The Romance of Beauscincourt.
Warfield, Ethelbert Dudley. Ky.,

1861 . A lawyer and educator,

president of Lafayette College, Easton,
Pennsylvania, from 1891. The Ken-
tucky Resolutions of 1798, an Histori-
cal Study.




Waring [-wa'ring], George Edwin.
N. F., 1833-1898. An eminent sanitary
en^neer, superintendent of the street-
cleaning department of New York city,
1895-97. The Sanitary Drainage of
Houses and Towns ; A Farmer's Vaca-
tion ; The Bride of the Rhine ; Tyrol
and the Skirt of the Alps ; Village Im-
provements ; Farm Villages ; Elements
of Agriculture ; Draining for Profit and
Draining for Health ; Book of the
Farm ; How to Drain a House ; Sew-
age and Land Drainage ; Sanitary Con-
dition of City and Country Dwellings ;
Modern Methods of Sewage Disposal.
Co. Hou. Vn.

Warman, Cy. IL, 1855 . A Colo-
rado journalist who was for a time a
railway engineer. Tales of an Engi-
neer, with Rhymes of the Rail. Scr.

Warner, Adoniram Judson. N.Y.,

1834 . A Federal officer during

the Civil War, since 1866 a resident of
Ohio. Appreciation of Money ; Source
of Value in Money.

"Warner, Amos Griswold. la., 1861-
1900. A professor of applied econo-
mics in Leland Stanford Junior Uni-
versity, who, beside reports as superin-
tendent of charities for the District of
Columbia, published, American Chari-
ties : a Study in Philanthropy and Eco-
nomics ; Three Phases of Cooperation
in the West. Cr.

Warner, Anna Bartlett. " Amy Lo-

throp." N. Y., 1820 . Sister of

S. Warner, infra, and co-author with
her of Say and Seal ; Wych Hazel ;
Books of Blessing ; Ellen Montgome-
ry's Bookshelf. Among her separate
novels and religious and other works
are. Dollars and Cents ; My Brother's
Keeper ; Stories of Vinegar Hill ; The
Fourth Watch ; The Other Shore ; Three
Little Spades, a Child's Book of Gar-
dening ; Gardening by Myself ; Up and
Down the House. Har. Lip. Ran.

Warner, Beverley Ellison. N. /.,

1855 . An Episcopal clergyman

of New Orleans. English History in
Shakespeare's Plays. Lgs.

Warner, Charles Dudley. Ms., 1829-
1900. A popular novelist and essayist
of Hartford, editor of The Hartford
Courant from 1867, and one of the edi-
tors of Harper's Magazine, 1884-1898.
As » hvuaorpu^ writer he presents the

literary and not the newspaper aspect
of American humour. My Summer in
a Garden ; Backlog Studies ; Saun-
terings ; Being a Boy ; Baddeck and
that Sort of Thing ; Mummies and Mos-
lems ; In the Wilderness : Adirondack
Essays ; Life of Washington Irving ;
Life of Captain John Smith ; In the
Levant ; My Winter on the Nile ; A
Roundabout Journey ; On Horseback, a
Tour in Virginia, North Carolina, and
Tennessee, with Notes of Travel in
Mexico and California ; The Work of
Washington Irving ; Studies in the
South and West ; Southern California ;
A Little Journey in the World ; Their
Pilgrimage ; The Golden House ; As
We Go ; As We Were Saying ; The Re-
lation of Life to Literature ; Our Italy.
See Vedder^s American Writers ; Foley'' s
American Authors. Har. Ho. Hou.

Warner, Eliza A . 18 . A

writer of Northampton, Massachusetts,
among whose works are, Tom Tracy ;
The Red House ; Our Two Lives.

Warner, Susan. " Elizabeth Wethe-
rell." N. Y., 1818-1885. A once famous
novelist of Highland Falls, New York,
whose Wide, Wide World, a priggish re-
ligious tale appearing in 1849, attained
an extraordinary popularity in America
and England. Among her other works
are, Queechy ; The Old Helmet ; Ste-
phen, M. D. ; The Hills of the Shate-
muc ; Melbourne House ; Daisy ; Di-
ana ; The Law and the Testimony, a
theological work. Lip. Put.

Warner, Zebedee. Va., 18.33-

A minister of the sect of United Bre-
thren. Christian Baptism ; Rise and
Progress of the United Brethren
Church ; Life of Jacob Buchtel ; The
Roman Catholic not a True Christian

Warren, Cornelia. Ms., 1857 .

Miss Wilton, a novel. Hou.

Warren, Gouverneur Kemble. N.
Y., 1830-1882. A lieutenant-colonel
in the engineer corps, major-general of
United States volunteers, and brevet
major - general in the United States
army. Explorations in the Dacota Coun-
try in 1855 ; Exploration of the Country
Between the Missouri and the Platte
Rivers ; The Battle of Five Forks, Vir-




"Warren, Henry White. Ms., 1831-
. A Methodist bishop living in Den-
ver. The Bible in the World's Educa-
tion ; Lectures on the Bible in English ;
Sights and Insights, or Knowledge by
Travel ; Studies of the Stars ; Recrea-
tions in Astronomy. Har. Meth.

Warren, Ira. OnL, 1806-1864. A jour-
nalist and physician of Boston. Causes
and Cure of Puseyism ; The Household

"Warren, Israel Perkins. Ct., 1814-
1892. A Congregational clergyman,
editor of The Christian Mirror at Port-
land, Maine, from 1875. Three Judges ;
Chauncey Judd ; The Seaman's Cause ;
Sadduceeism ; The Parousia ; The Book
of Revelation : an Exposition, include
his principal works. Cr. Fu.

"Warren, John. Ms., 1753-1815. A
Boston physician, professor of anatomy
at Harvard University from 1783. He
was a brother of General Joseph War-
ren who fell at Bunker Hill. Mercu-
rial Practice in Febrile Diseases.

Warren, John Collins. Ms., 1778-
1856. Son of J. Warren, supra. A Bos-
ton physician who succeeded his father
as professor of anatomy at Harvard
University in 1815. He was one of the
founders in 1820 of the Massachusetts
General Hospital, and its chief surgeon
till his death. He published. Cases of
Organic Diseases of the Heart ; Surgi-
cal Observations on Tumors, and lesser
works. See Life of, by E. Warren, 1860.

Warren, John Collins. Ms., 1842-

. Son of J. M. Warren, infra. A

professor of surgery at Harvard Uni-
versity from 1887. The Anatomy and
Development of Rodent Ulcer ; Pa-
thology of Carbuncle and Columnal
Adipose ; The Healing of Arteries after
Ligature in Men and Animals ; Surgi-
cal Pathology and Therapeutics.

Warren, Jonathan Mason. Ms.,

1811-1867. Son of J. C. Warren, su-
pra. A Boston physician. Surgical
Observations, with Cures and Opera-
tions. See Allibone^s Dictionary.

Warren, Mrs. Mercy [Otis]. Ms.,
1728-1814. Sister of James Otis, su-
pra, very prominent as a literary figure
in her day, and especially esteemed as
a political satirist. The Group, a po-
litical satire ; History of the American

Revolution ; three tragedies, including
The Adulator, the Sack of Rome, The
Ladies of Castillo ; Poems : Dramatic
and Miscellaneous. See Grisicold's Fe-
male Poets of America; Mrs. Ellefs
Women of the Revolution ; Life of, by
Alice Brown, supra, 1896,

"Warren, Nathan Boughton. N. Y.,

1805-1898. An author of Troy, New
York. The Ancient Plain Song of the
Church ; The Order of Daily Service,
with the English Musical Notation ;
The Holidays ; Hidden Treasure, a Gob-
lin Story.
Warren, Samuel Edward. Ms.,

1831 . An educator of Newton,

Massachusetts. Elementary Projection
Drawing ; General Problems of Shades
and Shadows ; Problems in Stone Cut-
ting ; Descriptive Geometry ; Machine
Drawing ; The Sunday Question, are
among his published works.

"Warren, Thomas Robinson. N.Y.,

1828 . A traveller and merchant.

Dust and Foam Tracks ; The Yachts-
man Primer; Shooting, Boating, and
Fishing ; On Deck ; Juliette Irving and
the Jesuit.

Warren, "William. Me., 1806-1879.
A Congregational clergyman at Gor-
ham, Maine. School Geography ; House-
hold Consecration ; The Spirit's Sword ;
Twelve Years Among Children ; These
for Those.

"Warren, "William Fairfield. Ms.,

1833 . A Methodist clergyman,

president of Boston University from
1873. Paradise Found : the Cradle of
the Human Race at the North Pole ;
The True Key to Ancient Chronology ;
In the Footsteps of Arminius ; Consti-
tutional Law Questions in the Metho-
dist Church ; The Quest of the Perfect
Religion ; The Story of Gottlieb. Fl.
Hou. Meth.

"Warriner, Edward Augustus. Ms.,

1829 — . An Episcopal clergyman

of Montrose, Pennsylvania. Victor La
Tourette ; Kear, a Poem ; I Am That
I Am, a Metrical Essay.

Warriner, Francis. Ms., 1805-1866.
A Congregational clergyman who was
a United States naval chaplain, 1831-
1834. The Cruise of the Potomac.

"Warrington. See Robinson, W. S.




Washburn, Charles Ames. Me.,

1822-1889. A diplomatist who was
minister to Paraguay, 1863-68. The
History of Paraguay ; From Poverty
to Competence : Graduated Taxation ;
Political Evolution ; Philip Thaxter ;
Gomery of Montgomery. Le.
Washburn, Edward Abiel. Ms.,
1819-1881. An Episcopal clergyman
of Broad Church views, rector of Cal-
vary Church, New York city. The So-
cial Law of God ; Voices from a Busy
Life, a volume of verse ; The Relation
of the Episcopal Church to Other Bo-
dies ; Epochs of Church History ; Beati-
tudes, and Other Sermons. Dut. Wh.

Washburn, Emory. Jfs. , 1800-1877.
A lawyer of Worcester, 1828-56 ; was
governor of Massachusetts, 1854-56 ;
and professor of law in Harvard Uni-
versity, 1856-76. Sketches of the Judi-
cial History of Massachusetts ; History
of Leicester, Massachusetts ; Treatise
on American Law of Real Property ;
American Law of Easements and Ser-
vitudes ; Testimony of Experts ; Lec-
tures on the Study and Practice of the
Law. Hou. Idt.

Washburn, Francis. N. Y., 1843-
. An Episcopal clergyman of New-
burg, New York. Meditations on Cha-
rity ; The Soul Athirst, and Other
Sermons ; Thoughts on the Lord's
Prayer. Wh.

Washburn, IsraeL Me., 1813-1883.
Brother of C. A. Washburn, supra ;
governor of Maine, 1861. Notes, His-
torical, Descriptive, and Personal, of
Livermore, Maine, See Bibliography of

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