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Whittaker, Frederick. E., 1888-

. Son of H. Whittaker, infra. A

Federal cavalry officer during the Civil
War, and subsequently a journalist of
New York city. A Defence of Dime
Novels by a Writer of Them ; Life of
General Custer ; Cadet Button, a Tale
of American Army Life ; Bel Rubio, a
Whittaker, Henry. W., 1808-1881.
A law-office clerk in New York city.
Practice and Pleading Under the Codes ;
Analysis of Decisions in Practice and
Whittaker, James Thomas. O.,
1843-1900. A prominent surgeon of
Cincinnati. Lectures on ~




History of Tuberculosis ; Theory and
Practice of Medicine. Clke.

"Whittemore, Thomas. Ms., 1800-
1861. A Universalist clergyman of
Boston. History of Modern Universal-
ism ; Notes and Illustrations of the
Parables ; Commentaries on Daniel and
Revelations ; Life of Hosea Ballou ;

Whittier, John Greenleaf. Ms.,
1807-1892. A famous New England
poet, born at Haverhill, Massachusetts,
December 1*7, 1807, and all his life a
member of the Society of Friends. He
was one of the early abolitionists, and
edited The Pennsylvania Freeman,
1838-39. After 1840 he lived at Ames-
bury, Massachusetts. Among the most
characteristic of his shorter poems are.
My Soul and I ; The Eternal Goodness ;
In School Days ; The Last Walk in
Autumn ; The Playmates ; My Psalm.
His prose writings include. The Stranger
in Lowell (1845) ; The Supematuralism
of New England (1847) ; Leaves from
Margaret Smith's Journal (1849) ; Old
Portraits and Modern Sketches (1850) ;
Literary Recreations and Miscellanies
(1854). His work in verse comprises,
Legends of New England (1831) ; Moll
Pitcher (1832) ; Mogg Megone (1836) ;
Poems (1838) ; Lays of My Home
(1843); Voices of Freedom (1849);
Songs of Labor (1850) ; The Chapel of
the Hermits (1853) ; A Sabbath Scene
(1853) ; The Panorama (1856) ; Home
Ballads and Poems (1860); In War
Time (1862) ; National Lyrics (1865) ;
Snow-Bound (1866) ; The Tent on the
Beach (1867) ; Among the Hills (1868) ;
Ballads of New England (1870) ; Mi-
riam (1870) ; The Pennsylvania Pilgrim
(1872) ; Hazel Blossoms (1875) ; Ma^
bel Martin (1876) ; Centennial Hymn
(1876) ; The Vision of Eehard, and
Other Poems (1878) ; The King's Mis-
sive, and Other Poems (1881) ; The
Bay of Seven Islands, and Other Po-
ems (1883) ; St. Gregory's Guest, and
Other Poems (1886); At Sundown
(1890-92). He was also the compiler
of Songs of Three Centuries; Child-
Life ; and Child-Life in Prose ; and
the editor of John Woolman's Jounjal.
See Scribner^s Magazine, August, 1879
Harper^s Magazine, February, 1883
Century Magazine, December, 1883
Hazdtine's Chats About Boohs; Steu-

arfs Letters to Living Authors ; Lives
by Underwood, Brown, Pickard, W. J.
Linton ; Personal Recollections of, by
Mrs. Claflin ; Whittier : Notes of his
Life and of his Friendships, in Authors
and Friends, by Mrs. Fields ; Memorial
of, from his Native City, 1893 ; Alli-
bone^s Dictionary ; Annual CyclopediOf
1892; Whittier, by B. O. Flower; Che-
ney^s That Dome in Air; American Song,
by A. B. Simonds; Foley'' s American
Authors. Sou,

Whittingham, Williain Rollinson.
N. Y., 1805-1879. The fourth Pro-
testant Episcopal bishop of Maryland.
Fifteen Sermons. See Life, by W. F.
Brand. Ap.

Whittlesey, Mrs. Sarah Johnson
[Cogswell]. N. C, 1825-1896. Heart
Drops from Memory's Urn ; The
Stranger's Stratagem, and Other Sto-
ries ; Herbert Hamilton ; Bertha the
Beauty ; Spring Buds and Summer

"Wiard, Norman. Ont., 1826-1896.
An inventor and military engineer of
distinction whose specialty was the
manufacture of ordnance. The Solu-
tion of the Ordnance Problem.

Wickersham, James Pyle. Pa.,
1825-1891. An educator of Lancaster,
Pennsylvania, State superintendent of
public instruction, 1866-81, minister to
Denmark, 1882, School Economy ;
Methods of Instruction. Lip.

Wickes, Stephen. L. L, 1813-1889.
A physician of Orange, New Jersey.
Living and Dying : their Psychics and
Physics ; History of Medicine in New
Jersey ; Sepulture : its History, Me-
thods, and Requisites ; History of the
Newark Mountains.

■Wickes, Thomas. N. Y., 1814-1870.
Brother of S. Wickes, supra. A Pres-
byterian clergyman of Marietta, Ohio.
Exposition of the Apocalypse ; The
Son of Man ; The Household ; Economy
of the Ages.

Wiggin, Kate Douglas. See Biggs,

Wigglesworth, Edward. Ms., 1693-
1765. Son of M. Wigglesworth, infra.
A Congregational clergyman, Hollis
professor of theology at Harvard Uni-
versity, 1722-65. An Answer to Mr.
Whitefield's Reply to the College
Testimony ; Doctrioe of Reprobation




Briefly Considered, are among his ■writ-
Wigglesworth, Edward. Ms. , 1732-
1794. Son of E. Wigglesworth, supra.
A Congregational clergyman who suc-
ceeded his father in the Hollis professor-
ship at Harvard University in 1765.
Calculations on American Population ;
Authority of Tradition Considered.

Wiggles-worth, Edvrard. Ms., 1804-
1876. Grandson of E. Wigglesworth,
2d, A lawyer and merchant of Bos-
ton who published Reflections, a col-
lection of apothegms. El.

Wigglesworth, Michael. E., 1631-
1705. A Congregational clergyman,
pastor at Maiden, Massachusetts, 1656-
1705. The Day of Doom, his chief
work, appearing in 1662, was for more
than a century the most popular poem
in New England. It is an epic of the
Last Judgment, not without gleams of
poetic merit, but full of what must be
styled savage theology. Meat Out of
the Eater is a much inferior poem, but
was very popular for a long period.
God's Controversy with New England,
also in verse, and A Short Discourse
on Eternity, comprise his remaining
works. Tyler'' s American Literature;
Life by John Ward Dean.

Wight, Orlando Williams. N. Y.,

1824-1888. A Universalist clergyman
and physician, appointed State geologist
of Wisconsin in 1874. The Philosophy
of Sir William Hamilton ; Lives and
Letters of Abelard and H^loise ; Lec-
tures on the True, the Beautiful, and
the Good ; Maxims of Public Health ;
People and Countries Visited in a
Winding Journey round the World.
Ap. Hou.
Wight, Peter Bonnett. N. Y., 1838-

. An architect of New York city.

One Phase in the Revival of Fine Arts
in America.

Wikoff, Henry. Pa., 1813-1884. A
writer whose life after 1834 was passed
mainly in Europe. He was commonly
known as Chevalier Wikoff. Reminis-
cences of an Idler; Louis Napoleon
Bonaparte ; Life of Count d'Or^ay ;
My Courtship and its Consequences;
Adventures of a Roving Diplomatist ;
A New Yorker in the Foreign Office ;
The Four Civilizations.

Wilbour, Charles Edwin. R. T.,

1833-1896. An Egyptologist who has
published a Life of Victor Hugo and a
number of translations from the French.

Wilbur, Hervey. Ms., 1787-1852.
A Congregational clergyman and edu-
cator of Massachusetts among whose
•writings are, Elements of Astronomy ;
Lexicon of Useful Knowledge.

Wilcox, Cadmus Marcellus, N. C,
1826-1890. A United States army of-
ficer. Rifles and Rifle Practice ; His-
tory of the Mexican AVar.

Wilcox, Carlos. N. H., 1794-1827.
A Congregational clergyman of Hart-
ford, popular as a verse-writer in his
day. The Age of Benevolence. See
Duyckinch's American Literature^ Gris-
wold^s Poets and Poetry of America.

Wilcox, Mrs. Ella [Wheeler]. Wis.,

1855 . A very popular verse-writer

and novelist of New York city. Mau-
rine, and Other Poems ; Drops of Wa-
ter, temperance poems ; Shells ; Poems
of Passion ; Poems of Pleasure ; The
Song of the Sandwich ; The Beautiful
Laud of Nod, poems and prose for chil-
dren ; Custer, and Other Poems. Her
prose work includes. Men, Women, and
Emotions ; Mai Moul^e ; Was It Sui-
cide ? ; A Double Life ; Sweet Danger ;
Perdita and Other Stories ; An Erring
Woman's Love ; Men, Women, and
Emotions ; Adventures of Miss Volney.
See Bibliography of Wisconsin.

Wilcox, Marrion. Ga., 1858 .

A New Haven writer. Real People ;
Seflora VUlena.

Wilcox, Phineas Bacon. Ct., 1798-
1863. A lawyer of Columbus, Ohio.
Condensed Reports of Ohio Supreme
Court ; Ohio Forms and Practice ; A
Few Thoughts by a Member of the
Bar ; Practical Forms in Action, etc. ;
Practical Forms Under Code of Civil

Wilde, Richard Henry. L, 1789-
1847. A New Orleans lawyer who
wrote Conjectures and Researches Con-
cerning Tasso, but is known chiefly as
the author of the graceful lyric. My
Life is Like the Summer Rose. See
Griswold^s Poets and Poetry of Ameri-
ca ; Mrs. Johnson'' s Our Familiar Songs.

Wilder, Alexander. N. Y., 1823-
. A physician and journalist of




New York city. Lectures on Scientific
and Literary Subjects ; Intermarriage
of Kindred; Life Eternal; The Gan-
glionic Nervous System, are his prin-
cipal writings.

Wilder, Burt Green. Ms., 1841— .

A physician, professor of physiology at
Cornell University from 1867. What
Young People Should Know ; Emer-
gencies ; Health Notes for Students.
Est. Put.

Wilder, Daniel Webster. Ms., 1832-

. A Kansas lawyer and journalist

who has published The Annals of Kan-

Wildwood, Will. See Pond, F. E.

Wiley, Calvin Henderson. N. C,
1819-1887. A Presbyterian clergyman
and educator in the Carolinas. Adven-
tures of Old Dan Tucker; Utopia, a
Picture of Early Life at the South ;
Scriptural Views of National Trials ;
Alamance, a novel ; Roanoke, or Where
is Utopia ? See SarVs American Lite-

Wiley, Harvey Washington. Ind.,

1844— . A chemist of note, chief

of the chemical division of the United
States Department of Agriculture from

1883. Principles and Practice of Agri-
cultural Analysis : Part I., Soils ; Part
II., Fertilizers ; Part III., (Agricultural

Wiley, Isaac William. Pa., 1825-

1884. A bishop of the Methodist Church
from 1872. The Fallen Missionaries
of Fuh Chan; The Religion of the
Family ; China and Japan : a Record
of Observations. Meth.

Wilkes, Charles. N. Y., 1798-1877.
A naval officer of distinction. Narra-
tive of United States Exploring Expe-
dition During the Years 1838-42 ; West-
ern America ; Theory of the Winds.

Wilkes, George. N. Y., 1820-1885.
A journalist of New York city, editor
of The Spirit of the Times from 1850.
History of California (1845) ; Europe
in a Hurry ; Shakespeare from an Ame-
rican Point of View.

Wilkeson, Frank. iV.F., 1845 -.

A journalist. Recollections of a Pri-
vate Soldier in the Army of the Po-
tomac. Put.

Wilkie, Franc[is] Bangs. N. Y.,
1832-92. A Chicago journalist. Pe-

trolia, or the Oil Regions of the United
States (1865) ; Davenport, Past and
Present ; Walks About Chicago ; The
Chicago Bar; Great Inventions and
Their Influence on Civilization ; The
Gambler, a Story of Chicago Life ; Pen
and Powder; Personal Reminiscences.
Wilkins, John Hubbard. N. H.,
179^1861. A Boston writer whose
Elements of Astronomy (1822) was long
popular as a text-book.
Wilkins, Mary Eleanor. Ms., 1862-
. A novelist of Randolph, Massa-
chusetts, whose rank as a short-story
writer is among the very first, her work
displaying the greatest skill in con-
structive details as well as accurate per-
ception in characterization. Her fic-
tions deal almost entirely with phases
of New England rural life. A Hum!-
ble Romance, and Other Stories ; A
New England Nun, and Other Stories ;
Young Lucretia, and Other Stories ;
The Pot of Gold, a collection of juve-
nile tales ; Jane Field ; Pembroke ; Ma-
delon ; Giles Corey, Yeoman, a Play ;
Jerome, a Poor Man ; The Adventures
of Ann ; Comfort Pease and her Gold
Ring; The Long Arm (with J. E.
Chamberlin, supra). Har. Lo. Rev.
Wilkinson, James. Md., 1757-1825.
A soldier who served in the American
Revolution and in the War of 1812.
Memories of My Own Times. See Ga-
yarri''s Spanish Domination in Louisi-
ana, 185% ; Gilmore's Advance Guard of
Western Civilization, 18S7.

Wilkinson, John. Va., 1821 .

A Confederate naval officer who has
published. The Narrative of a Block-
ade Runner.
Wilkinson, 'William Cleaver. Vt.,

1833 . A Baptist clergyman and

educator. Poems ; A Free Lance in the
Field of Life and Letters; Webster,
an Ode ; The Baptist Principle ; The
Epic of Saul ; The Dance of Modern
Society ; College Greek Course in Eng-
lish, and other text-books. Fl. Fu.
Willard, Ashton Rollins. Vt., 1858-

. A lawyer of Boston. A Sketch

of the Life and Work of the Painter
Domenieo Morelli; Legislative Hand-
book Relating to the Preparation of
Statutes. Hou.




Willard, Mrs. Emma [Hart]. Ct.,
1787-1870. A noted educator of Troy,
New York. Journal and Letters from
France and Great Britain ; History of
the United States ; Universal History
in Perspective ; Treatise on the Circu-
lation of the Blood ; Last Leaves of
American History ; Poems. She wrote
the well-known poem, Rocked in the
Cradle of the Deep. See Life, by John
Lord, supra; Hart's American Litera-

Willard, Frances Elizabeth. N.Y.,
1839-1898. A temperance reformer
of prominence. Woman and Tempe-
rance ; How to Win ; Woman in the
Pulpit ; Nineteen Beautiful Years ;
Glimpses of Fifty Years ; A Great Mo-
ther. See A Woman of the Century.

Willard, John. Ct., 1792-1862. An
eminent jurist of New York city. Equi-
ty Jurisprudence ; Treatise on Execu-
tors, Administrators, and Guardians ;
Real Estate and Conveyancing-.

Willard, Joseph Augustus. Ms.,
1816-1904. Son of Sidney Willard, in-
fra. Clerk of the Superior Court of
Massachusetts for Suffolk County, from
1865. His connection with courts of
justice began in 1846. Half a Century
with Judges and Lawyers. Hou.

Willard, Samuel. Ms., 1640-1707.
A Congregational clergyman of Bos-
ton, president of Harvard University,
1701-07. Of his many works, A Com-
plete Body of Divinity is the best
known. Others are. Peril of the Times
Displayed ; Covenant-Keeping the Way
to Blessedness ; Ne Sutor Ultra Cre-
pidam. See Sprague's Annals of the
American Pulpit.

Willard, Sidney. Ms., 1780-1856.
A descendant of S. Willard, supra. A
professor of Hebrew at Harvard Uni-
versity, 1801-31. Hebrew Grammar;
Memories of Youth and Manhood.

Willard, Sylvester David. Ct.,
1825-1865. An Albany physician, sur-
geon-general of New York at the time
of his death. The Willard Asylum for
the Insane was named for him. Bio-
graphical Memoirs of Physicians of
Albany County ; Annals of the Albany
County Medical Society.

Willcox, Orlando Bolivar. Mch.,
1823 — . A United States army offi-

cer. Shoepack Recollections ; Faca, an
Army Memoir.
Willett, Joseph Edgerton. Ga.,
1826-1897. A professor of natural
science in Mercer University, Macon,
Georgia, from 1849. The Wonders of
Insect Life.

Willett, William Marinus. N. Y.,
1803-1895. A Methodist clergyman
and educator. Scenes in the Wilder-
ness ; A New Life of Summerfield ;
Life and Times of Herod the Great ;
Herod Antipas ; The Messiah ; The
Restitution of All Things.

Willey, Austin. N. H., 1806-1896.
A Congregational clergyman of Maine,
long prominent as an abolitionist, and
the editor of The Advocate of Freedom,
1839-58. After the latter date he lived
at Northfield, Minnesota. Family Me-
morial ; History of the Anti-Slavery
Cause in State and Nation.

Willey, Benjamin Glazier. N. H.,

1796-1867. A Congregational clergy-
man of New Hampshire who wrote a
History of the White Moimtains.

Willey, Henry. N. Y., 1824 -.

A botanist, lawyer, and journalist of
New Bedford. List of North American
Lichens ; Introduction to the Study of
Lichens ; Synopsis of the Genus Athona.

Williams, Alfred Mason. Ms., 1840-
1896. A Providence journalist, editor
of The Journal. The Poets and Poe-
try of Ireland ; Studies in Folk-Song
and Popular Poetry ; Sam Houston
and the War of Independence in Texas.

Williams, Mrs. Anna [BoUes].

" Jak." Ct., 1840 . A writer of

Springfield, Massachusetts, who has
written a number of popular juvenile
tales. Birchwood ; Professor Johnny ;
The Fitch Club; Who Saved the
Ship ? ; Rolf and His Friends ; Scotch
Caps ; Giant Dwarf ; Riverside Mu-
seum. Cr.

Williams, Mrs. Catherine R

[Arnold]. E. Z, 1787-1872. A Pro-
vidence writer. Original Poems ; Re-
ligion at Home ; Tales : National and
Revolutionary ! 'Fall River, an Authen-
tic Narrative ; Neutral French ; Annals
of the Aristocracy of Rhode Island ;
Aristocracy : a novel.




Williams, Charles Frederic. Ms.,
1842-1895. The Tariff Laws of the
United States, with Explanatory Notes ;
Index of Cases Overruled by the Courts
of America, England, and Ireland from
1873 to 1887. He edited the last eight
volumes of The American and English
Cyclopaedia of Law.

Williams, Edwin. Ct., 1797-1854.
A writer of New York city. The Poli-
tician's Manual ; New Universal Gazet-
teer ; Book of the Constitution ; New
York as It Is ; Arctic Voyages ; The
Fortunate Puzzler; The Statesman's
Manual ; The Twelve Stars of the Re-
public, comprise his chief works.

Williams, Eleazer. 1787 ?-1858. An
Episcopal clergyman at Green Bay,
Wisconsin, supposed by some persons
to have been Louis XVII. of France.
He published A SpeUing-Book in the
Language of the Seven Iroquois Na-
tions, and other works in Iroquois. See
The Lost Prince, by Hanson.

Williams, Francis Howard. Pa.,
1844 . A litterateur of Philadel-
phia. His plays include. The Princess
Elizabeth, a Lyric Drama ; The Higher
Education ; A Reformer in Ruffles ;
Master and Man ; Theodora, a Christ-
mas Pastoral. Other works are, At-
man, a Story • The Flute Player, and
Other Poems ; Pennsylvania Poets of
the Provincial Period. Cas.

Williams, George Huntington. N.
Y., 1856-1894. A professor of inor-
ganic geology at Johns Hopkins Uni-
versity from 1892. Elements of Crys-

Williams, George Washington.
Pa., 1849-1891. A writer of African
descent who served in the Federal
army during the Civil War, and as lieu-
tenant-colonel of artillery in the Re-
publican army of Mexico, 1865-67, and
who was minister to Hayti, 1885-86.
History of the Negro Race in America ;
The Negro Troops in the War of the
Rebellion ; History of the Reconstruc-
tion of the Insurgent States. Har.

Williams, Henry Shaler. N. Y.,

1847 . A professor of palaeontology

at Cornell University from 1871. The
Bones, Ligaments, and Muscles of the
Domestic Cat ; Geological Biology.

Williams, Henry Willard. Ms.,
1821-1895. A Boston physician, pro-
fessor of ophthalmology at Harvard
University, 1871-91. Our Eyes and
How to Take Care of Them ; Diagno-
sis and Treatment of Diseases of the
Eye ; Practical Guide to Study of Dis-
eases of the Eye.

Williams, Jesse Lynch. 17., 1871-

. A litterateur of New York city.

Princeton Stories ; The Freshman, a
book for boys. Scr.

Williams, John. Ms., 1664-1729. A
Congregational clergyman of Deerfield,
Massachusetts, carried captive to Ca-
nada, with many of his parishioners, by
the French tmd Indians in 1704. The
Redeemed Captive is a graphic account
of heroism and suffering during the
period of captivity.

Williams , John. " Anthony Pasquin."
E., c. 1765-1818. An English jour-
nalist who came to the United States
after being very unpopular in England.
Poems ; Legislative Biography ; The
Hamiltoniad ; The Dramatic Censor ;
Life of Alexander Hamilton.

Williams, John. Ms., 1817-1899. The
fourth Protestant Episcopal bishop of
Connecticut, and presiding bishop from
1887. Sermons ; Studies on the English
Reformation ; Ancient Hymns of Holy
Church ; Thoughts on the Gospel Mira-
cles ; The World's Witness to Christ ;
Studies in the Book of Acts. Wh.

Williams, Roger. W., 1607 - 1683.
A famous clergyman, minister at Sa-
lem, Massachusetts, but banished from
the Massachusetts Bay colony in 1635
on account of his views upon religions
liberty. In 1636 he founded the city
of Providence, and was the chief citizen
of the Rhode Island colony until his
death. He was the first upholder of
the doctrine of liberty of conscience in
its entirety, and actively sustained his
theories in many controversial works.
Key Into the Languages of America ;
The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution for
Cause of Conscience ; The Bloudy Te-
nent Yet More Bloudy by Mr. Cotton's
Endeavour to wash it white in the
Bloud of the Lambe; Mr. Cotton's
Letter Lately Printed, Examined and
Answered ; George Fox Digg'd Out of
his Burrowes, include his principal
works. See Tyler's American Litera-




ture ; Mudge^s Footprints of Roger Wil-
liams; AUibone^s Dictionary ; Johnson'' s
Universal Cyclopedia ; Appletons^ Ame-
rican Biography ; Dexter'' s As to Roger
Williams ; Lives by Knowles, 1834,
Gammell, I846, Elton, 1852, Straus,
1894 ; Bibliography of Rhode Island.

Williams, Samuel. Ms., 1743-1817.
Grandson of J. Williams, 1st. A Con-
gregational clergyman, Hollis professor
of mathematics at Harvard University,
1780-88. A Natural and Civil History
of Vermont (1809) ; History of the
American Revolution.

Williams, Samuel Wells. N. Y.,
1812-1884. A secretary and interpre-
ter of the American Legation in China
for many years ; after 1877 professor of
Chinese at Yale LTniversity. China,
the Middle Kingdom ; Easy Lessons in
Chinese ; Chinese Commercial Guide ;
Tonic Dictionary of the Chinese Lan-
guage in the Canton Dialect ; Syllabic
Dictionary of Chinese ; Chinese Topo-
graphy. See Allibone's Dictionary ;
Life by F. Williams, 1888. Scr.

Williams, Stephen West. Ms.,
1790-1855. Great-grandson of J. Wil-
liams, 1st. A physician who was me-
dical professor in Willoughby Univer-
sity, Ohio, 1838-53, Catechism of
Medical Jurisprudence ; American Me-
dical Biography ; The Williams Family
in America (1847).

Williams, Thomas. Ct., 1770-1876.
A Congregational clergyman of Provi-
dence. Ten Sermons on Important
Subjects ; The Domestic Chaplain ;
Rhode Island Sermons.

Williams, "William R. N. Y., 1804-
1885. A noted Baptist clergyman of
New York city, pastor of Amity Street
Church, 1832-85. Religious Progress ;
God's Rescues, or The Lost Sheep, the
Lost Coin, and the Lost Son : Dis-
courses on Luke ; Miscellanies ; Lec-
tures on the Lord's Prayer ; Lectures
on Baptist History ; Eras and Charac-
ters of History. Bap. Har, Ran.

Williamson, Hugh. Pa., 1735-1819.
A statesman and physician who was a
member of the Continental Congress.
History of North Carolina ; Observa-
tions on the Climate of America.

Williamson, Isaac David. Vt.,
1807-1876. A Universalist clergyman

of Cincinnati and other cities. Argu-
ment for the Truth of Christianity ;
The Crown of Life ; Philosophy of Odd
Fellowship ; Philosophy of Universal-
ism ; Rudiments of Theological and
Moral Science.
Williamson, Joseph. Me., 1828-1902.
A lawyer of Belfast, Maine. The
Maine Register and State Reference
Book ; Bibliography of Maine ; His-
tory of Belfast. See Bibliography of
Williamson, Julia May. " Lura
Bell." Me., 1859 . A verse-
writer of Augusta, Maine. Echoes of
Time and Tide; The Choir of the
Williamson, Robert Stockton.
N. Y., 1824-1882. A soldier and mili-
tary engineer. Report of a Reconnois-
sance in California for Pacific Railroad
Route ; Use of the Barometer on Sur-
veys ; Practical Tables in Meteorology.
Williamson, Walter. Pa., 1811-
1870. A homoeopathic physician of
Philadelphia. Diseases of Females;
Instructions Concerning Diseases of Fe-
Williamson, William Durkee. Ct.,
1779-1840. A Bangor lawyer, gover-
nor of Maine in 1820. History of
Maine from its First Discovery to the
Separation from Massachusetts.
Willis, Nathaniel Parker. Me.,
1806-1867. A once popular New York
litterateur, much overrated in-the ear-
lier part of his career, and now neg-
lected. His prose, though pleasing, is
almost all of ephemeral merit, and
his verse is sentimental rather than
thoughtful. The latter includes the
once widely read Sacred Poems ;
Melanie ; Lady Jane and Humorous
Poems ; Poems of Passion : while his
prose comprises Hiirry Graphs ; People
I have Met ; Pencillings by the Way ;
Inklings of Adventures ; Letters From
Under a Bridge ; Famous Persons and
Places ; A Summer Cruise in the Medi-
terranean; The Convalescent; Out-
Doors at Idlewild ; Paul Fane, a novel ;
Al Abri, and other works of lesser im-
portance. A complete edition of his
poems appeared in 1868. See Life by
Beers ; Allibone's Dictionary ; LowelVs
Fable for Critics; Foley'' s American
Authors. Cr. Scr.




Willis, "William. Ms., 1794-1870. A
Portland lawyer. History of Portland ;
History of the Law, Courts, and Law-
yers of Maine.

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