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. A Roman Catholic clergyman,

procurator-general of the Congregation
of the Holy Cross, now (1897) living at
Rome. Evolution and Dogma ; Bible,
Science and Faith ; Sound and Music ;
Catholic Science and Scientists. Mg.

Zeisberger, David. 3Ia., 1721-1808.
A noted missionary of the Moravians in
Pennsylvania and Ohio. Delaware and
English SpelliUg - Book ; Sermons for
Children ; Dictionary in German and
Delaware ; Essay Toward an Onondaga
Grammar. In 1888 his Diary from
1781 to 1798, including the narrative
of his eventful life among the Indians
of Ohio, was translated from the origi-
nal manuscript in German by Eugene
Bliss, and for the first time published.
See Life of, by E. de Schweinitz, supra,
1S70 ; Bibliography of Ohio.

Zenos, Andrew Constantinides.
Ty., 1855 . A Presbyterian cler-
gyman, professor of biblical theology
in McCormick Theological Seminary,
Chicago, from 1891. The Elements of
the Higher Criticism ; Compendium of
Church History. Fu.

Ziegler, Henry. Pa., 1816-1898. A
Lutheran clergyman in Selinsgrove,
Pennsylvania. Natural Theology ; ^1)0-
logetic Theology ; Catechetics ; The
Pastor ; The Preacher ; Dogmatic
Theology j The Value to the Lutheran
Church of Her Confessions.

Zogbaum, Rufus Fairchild. S. C,

1849 . An artist of New York city.

Horse, Foot, and Dragoons, or Sketches
of Army Life ; All Hands. Ear,



Aaron, Samuel. Pa., 1800-1865. A
Baptist clergyman and educator of
Mount Holly, New Jersey, prominent
as an anti-slavery advocate. He pub-
lished a number of popular text-booka.
Faithful Translation.

Abbatt, William. N, Y., 1851 ,

An insurance clerk of New York city,
who has contributed a number of his-
torical papers to the press, and was at
one time editor of The Interstate, an
insurance periodical. The Crisis of the
Revolution : the Story of Arnold and
Andr«5 ; The Battle of Pell's Point (or

Abbott, Alexander Creever. Md.,

1860 . A physician, professor of

hygiene in the University of Pennsyl-
vania. The Principles of Bacteriology ;
Hygiene of Transmissible Diseases.

Abbott, Ernest Hamlin. N. Y.,

1870 . Son of Lyman Abbott

(page 2). Religious Life in America :
a Record of Personal Observation.

Abbott, Frank Frost. Ct., 1860 .

A professor of Latin in the University of
Chicago. A History and Description of
Roman Political Institutions. Gi.

Abbott, Mrs. Mary Perkins [Ives].
Ms., 1851-1904. A journalist of Chi-
cago. Alexia, a romance ; The Bev-
erleys, a story. Mg.

Abbott, Russell Bigelow. Ind.,

1823 . A Presbyterian clergjTnan,

president of Albert Lea College, Min-
nesota. Bible History ; History of Wi-
nona Presbytery.

Adams, Amos. Ms., 1728-1775. A
Congregational clergyman of Roxbury,
Massachusetts, who published A Con-
cise Historical View of the Difficulties,

Hardships, and Perils which Attended
the Planting of New England, a work
conceived in the true historical spirit.

Adams, Andy. Ind., 18 . A

Colorado prospector whose early life
was spent as a cowboy in Texas. The
Log of a Cowboy; A Texas Match-
maker. Hou.

Adams, Charles Josiah. O., 1850-

. An Episcopal clergyman at Ross-

ville. New York city. Where is My
Dog ? or, is Man Alone Immortal ? ;
The Matterhorn Head, and Other Po-
ems ; Does Man Alone Reason ? ; How
Baldy Won the County Seat, a novel.

Adams, Cyrus Cornelius. IL, 1849-

. An editor on the staff of the

New York Sun. A Handbook of Com-
mercial Geography; Elementary Com-
mercial Geography.

Adams, Francis Alexandre. N. Y.,

1874 . A journalist of New York

city. Who Rules America ? Truths
about Trusts ; The Philippine Question ;
The Transgressors, a political novel.

Adams, Frederick Upham. Jfs., 1859
. An author and inventor. Atmo-
spheric Resistance and its Relation to
the Speed of Railway Trains ; The Kid-
napped Millionaires ; John Burt. Lo.

Adams, Frederick "W. Vt, 1786-
1858. A physician and violin-maker
of Montpelier, Vermont. Theological
Criticism, or Hints of the Philosophy
of Man and Nature (1843).

Adams, James Barton. O., 1843-

. A Denver journalist. Breezy

Western Verse.

Adams, Mrs. Mary [MatheT^s], 7.,
1840-1902. Wife of C. K. Adams
(page 3). An educator and verse- writer of
Madison, Wisconsin. The Choir Visible,




a volume of verse ; Sonnets and Songs j
The Song at Midnight. Mg. Put.

Adams, Washington Irving Lin-
coln. N. Y., 1865 . A manu-
facturer of photographic supplies.
Amateur Photography; In Nature's
Image ; Sunshine and Shadow, a book
for photographers ; Woodland and
Meadow ; Personalia. Ba.

Addams, Jane. II., 1860 . A

Chicago writer and lecturer upon social
reforms. Democracy and Social Ethics ;
The Function of the Social Settlement ;
Philanthropy and Social Progress (co-
author). Mac.

Addison, Daniel Dulany. W. Va.,

1863 . An Episcopal clergyman

of Brookline, Massachusetts. Life of
Lucy Larcom, supra ^ Life of Edward
Bass, First Bishop of Massachusetts ;
The Clergy in American Life and Let-
ters ; The Episcopalians. Hou. Mac.

Addums, Mozis. See Bagby, G. W.

Adler, Cyrus. Ark., 1863 ^. A

Washington archaeologist. Told in the
Coffee House : Turkish Tales (with A.

Adler, Samuel. G., 1801-1891. A
rabbi of New York city. Jewish Con-
ference Papers ; Benedictions ; Kobez
al Tad (Collections).

Albee, Mrs. Helen [Ricker]. O.,

1864 . Wife of J. Albee (page 5).

Mountain Playmates. Hou.

Alden, Carlos Coolidge. 17., 1866-
. A lawyer of New York city. Ab-
bott's Forms of Pleading ; Hand-
book of Code of Civil Procedure.

Alden, Raymond Macdonald.

N.Y., 1873 . Son of Mrs. Isabella

Alden (page 6). A professor of English
literature in Leland Stanford University.
American Literature Papers ; Greek
Literature Papers; Roman Literature
Papers ; The Rise of Formal Satire in
England ; The Art of Debate ; On See-
ing an Elizabethan Play ; English Verse.

Alderman, Ed-win Anderson. N.

C, 1861 . An educator, president

of the University of North Carolina,
1896-1900, Tulane University, New
Orleans, 1900-04, and of the University
of Virginia from 1904. Life of Wil-
liam Hooper, signer of the Declaration ;
School History of North Carolina.

Alemany, Joseph Sadoc. Sp., 1814-
1888. A Roman Catholic missionary
of Spanish birth, who came to the
United States in 1841, and was made
Archbishop of San Francisco in 1853.
He resigned his office in 1883 and re-
turned to Spain. Life of Saint Domi-

Alexander, Archibald. 18 .

A professor of pliilosophy at Colum-
bia University. Some Problems of Phi-
losophy ; Theories of the Will in the
History of Philosophy ; A Theory of
Conduct. Scr.

Alexander, De Alva Stan-wood.
Me., 1845 . A lawyer and gene-
alogist of Buffalo. The Alexanders of

Alexander, Esther Frances.
" Francesca Alexander." Ms.,

184 . An artist of Florence, Italy.

The Story of Ida, edited by Ruskin ;
Christ's Folk in the Apennine ; The
Hidden Servants. Mr. Ruskin at one
time brought out a collection of Road-
side Songs of Tuscany, collected,
translated, and illustrated by Miss Alex-
ander, and in 1897 a much more com-
plete collection, with illustrations, was
published under the title of Tuscan
Songs. Hou. Lit.

Alexander, Gross. Ky. ., 1852

A Methodist clergyman of Louisville,
Kentucky. History of the Methodist
Episcopal Church South; The Begin-
nings of Methodism in the South ; The
Son of Man.

Alexander, James Waddel. JSf. J.,

1839 . Son of J. W. Alexander

(page 7). A lawyer of New York city.
Princeton, Old and New, a volume of
recollections of undergraduate life. Scr.

Alexander, William DeWitt. H.I.,

1833 . Surveyor-general of the

Hawaiian Islands, from 1872. A Brief
History of the Hawaiian People ; His-
tory of the Later Years of the Hawaiian
Monarchy ; Brief Hawaiian Grammar.

Alger, Russell Alexander. O.,

1836 . Secretary of war, 1897-

99. The Spanish American War. Har.

Allen, Alfred. N. ¥., 1866 . A

novelist and playwright of New York
city. His novels include The Heart of
Don Vega ; Judge Lynch ; The Cup of
Victory (with R. Hovey, page 197) ;
Chivaby ; The Triumph of Todd (with




T. B. Sayre). Plays : Jack the Giant-
Killer ; A Burglar Honeymoon ; Play-
mates ; The Head of the House.

Allen, Charles. Ms., 1827 . A

jurist of Boston. Notes on the Bacon-
Shakespeare Question. Hou,

Allen, Charles Dexter. Ct., 1865-
. A journalist and banker of Hart-
ford. American Book Plates ; Ex Li-
bris : Essays of a Collector.

Allen, Charles Warrenne. N. J.,

1854 , A New York physician.

Practitioner's Manual ; Handy Book of
Medical Progress.

Allen, David Oliver. Ms., 1800-
1883. A Congregational missionary in
Bombay for many years. India, An-
cient and Modern.

Allen, Ethan. Ct, 1737 - 1789. A fa-
mous soldier, major-general in the colo-
nial army during the American Rev-
olution. Narrative of the Capture of
Ticonderoga ; Reason the Only Oracle
of Man ; A Vindication of the Inhabi-
tants of Vermont. See Life by De Puy

Allen, George. Vt, 1808 - 1876. A
Roman Catholic educator, but prior to
1847 an Episcopal clergyman. Novena
of Saint Anthony of Padua ; Life of

Allen, Horace Newton. O., 1858-

. A diplomatist, United States

minister to Korea from 1897. Korean
Tales ; A Chronological Index of Chief
Events in the Foreign Intercourse of

Allen, James Lane. Ky., 1848 .

A lawyer and litterateur of Chicago.
Handbook of the Nebraska Code.

Allen, Jonathan Adams. Vt., 1825-
1890. A prominent physician and sur-
geon of Chicago. Essays on Mechanism
of Nervous Action ; Medical Examina-
tion for Life Insurance.

Allen, Walter. Ms., 1840 . A

Boston journalist. Governor Chamber-
lain's Administration in South Carolina ;
Life of General Grant. Hou. Pa.

Allin, Arthur. Ont, 1869-1903. A
professor of psychology and pedagogy
at Ohio University from 1896. The
Psychology of Belief ; The Psychology
of Attention.

Allston, Margaret. See Bergengren,

Alsop, George. E., 1638-16—? An
Englishman who emigprated to Maryland
in 1658, and in 16 — published A Char-
acter of the Province of Maryland, a
jocular, good-humoured description of
that province. See Tyler^s American

Altgeld. John Peter. G., 1847-1902.
An Illinois politician, formerly governor
of his State. Penal Machinery and its
Victims ; Live Questions ; The Cost of
Something for Nothing.

Altsheler, Joseph Alexander. Ky.,

1862 . A novelist and journalist

of New York city. The Rainbow of
Gold ; The Hidden Mine ; The Son of
Saratoga ; A Soldier of Manhattan ; A
Knight of Philadelphia ; A Herald of
the West ; The Last Rebel ; In Cir-
cling Camps ; In Hostile Red ; The Wil-
derness Road ; My Captive ; Before the
Dawn. Ap. Dou. Lip.

Ambauen, Andrew Joseph. Sd.,
1847 . A Roman Catholic clergy-
man of Dodgeville, Iowa. The Friend
of Youth ; Roses of Heaven ; Guide to
our Celestial Home; Devout Compan-
ion ; Our Christian Duties ; Floral

Ames, Azel. Ms., 1845 . A sani-
tary engineer. The Mayflower and her
Log ; Sex in Industry ; Elementary
Hygiene for the Tropics. Hou.

Ames, Joseph Sweetman. Vt.,

1864 . A professor of physics at

Johns Hopkins University. The Theory
of Physics ; Elements of Physics ; The
Induction of Electric Currents.

Anders, James M . 185 .

A physician of Philadelphia. Text
Book of the Practice of Medicine ;
House Plants as Sanitary Agents.

Anderson, Edward L[owell]. O.,

1842 . A lawyer of Cincinnati.

Six Weeks in Norway ; Soldier and
Pioneer ; How to Ride and School a
Horse ; A System of School Training
for Horses; On Horseback in the
School and on the Road ; The Gallop ;
Modern Horsemanship ; Vice in the
Horse ; Curb, Snaffle, and Spur. Clke.

Anderson, Edward Pretot. N. Y.,
1855 . A litterateur who has pub-
lished The Ashmeads, or Scenes in
Northern Europe ; Christian Giving and




Anderson, Martin Brev?-er. Me.,
1815-1890. An educator who was pre-
sident of Rochester University, 1853-
88. Papers and Addresses (1895).

Andre-ws, Charles McLean. Ct.,

1863 . A professor at Bryn Mawr

College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania,
from 1889. The Historical Develop-
ment of Modern Europe from the Con-
gress of Vienna to the Present Time ;
River Towns of Connecticut ; The Old
English Manor. J. H. U. Put.

Andrews, Launcelot Winchester.
Ont., 1856 . A professor of chem-
istry in the University of Iowa from
1885. An Introduction to the Study of
Qualitative Analysis.

Andrews, William Page. Ms.,

1848 . A litterateur of Salem,

Massachusetts, who has edited the
poems of Jones Very and published a
number of translations from the Ger-

Anthony, Alfred Williams. B. I.,
1860 . A professor at Bates Col-
lege, Lewiston, Maine. The Method
of Jesus; Introduction to the Life of
Jesus ; The Sunday School : its pro-
gress in Method and Scope ; The Higher
Criticism in the New Testament. Sil.

Antin, Mary. See Graubau, Mrs. Mary

Antrobus, Suzanne. See Robinson,
Mrs. Suzanne.

Apgar, Austin C[raig]. N. J., 1838-

. A scientist of Trenton, New

Jersey, since 1866 an instructor in
natural science at the State Normal
School. Geographical Charts ; Geogra-
phical Hand Book; Geographical
Drawing Book ; Geography of New
Jersey ; Plant Analysis ; MoUusks of
the Atlantic Coast ; Pocket Key of
Trees ; Trees of the Northern United
States ; Pocket Key of Birds ; Birds of
the United States. Am.

Appel, Theodore. Pa., 1823 .

A German Reformed clergyman and
educator in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
College Recollections ; Beginnings of
the Theological Seminary ; Letters to
Boys and Girls about the First Christ-
mas at Bethlehem ; Life of John Wil-
liamson Nevin, supra.

Arbeely, Abraham Joseph, Sa.,

1852 . A physician of New York

city. A Complete Self-Teaching Man-

ual of the Arabic and English Lan-

Archer, Frederic. E., 1838-1901.
An organist, of Pittsburg. The Organ
and the College Organist.

Archibald, Andrevr Webster. N.
Y., 1851 . A Congregational cler-
gyman at Brockton, Massachusetts,
from 1897. The Bible Verified; The
Trend of the Centuries.

Armstrong, Leroy. Ind., 1854 .

A journalist of Lafayette, Indiana. An
Indiana Man ; The Outlaws ; Washing-
ton Brown, Farmer.

Arnold, Augusta Foote. iV^. r.,1844-
. A New York author. The Cen-
tury Cook Book; The Sea Beach at
Ebb Tide. Cent.

Arnold, Birch. See Bartlett, Alice.

Arnold, Howard Payson. Ms.,
1831 . A Boston writer. Glean-
ings from Pontresina and the Upper
Engadine ; Historic Sidelights. Har.

Arnold, Sarah Louise. Ms., 1859-

. A Boston educator ; dean of

Simmons College. Waymarks for Teach-
ers ; Stepping Stones to Literature ;
Reading: how to Teach It ; The Mother
Tongue. Gi. Sil.

Ashley, Barnas Freeman. N. S.,

1833 . A Baptist clergyman who

has written a number of books for boys,
among which are Tan Pile Jim ; Dick
and Jack's Adventures on Sable Island ;
Air Castle Don. Lai.

Ashley, Roscoe Lewis. N. Y., 1872-

. An educator in Los Angeles,

California. The American Federal
State ; The American Government.

Ashley, William James. E., 1860-
. A writer on economics ; pro-
fessor of economic history at Harvard
University, 1892-1903. James and
Philip Van Artevelde ; An Introduc-
tion to English Economic History and
Theory : Book I. ; From the Eleventh
to the Fourteenth Century ; What is
Political Science ? ; Surveys, Historic
and Economic. Lgs. Mac.

Ashmore, Ruth. See Mallon, Mrs.

Ashton, Laurence. Va., 1847 .

A physician of Dallas, Texas. Puer-
peral Septicaemia.

Aspinwall, Mrs. Alicia [Towne].
18 . A popular writer of juvenile




tales, living in Brookline, Massachu-
setts. Short Stories for Short People ;
The Echo Maid, and Other Stories. Dvt.

Astor, John Jacob. N. Y., 1864-

. Cousin of W. W. Astor (page

12). A Journey in Other Worlds, a
scientific romance. Ap.

Atherton, Mrs. Gertrude Franklin
[Horn]. Cah, 1859 . A sensa-
tional novelist, for several years resi-
dent in London. The Doomswoman ;
American Wives and English Hus-
bands ; The Califomians ; Patience
Sparhawk and her Time ; Valiant
Runaways ; What Dreams may come ;
Hermia Suydam ; Los Cerritos ; His
Fortunate Grace ; Before the Gringo
Came ; A Whirl Asunder ; A Daugh-
ter of the Vine ; Senator North ; The
Aristocrats ; The Conqueror ; The
Splendid Idle Forties. Rulers of Kings.
Ap. Do. Uar. LI. Sto.

Atkinson, George Francis. Mch..,

1854 . A professor of botany at

Cornell University. Biology of Ferns ;
Elementary Botany ; Lessons in Botany ;
Studies of American Fungi. Ho. Mac.

Atkinson, George Wesley, W.

Va., 1845 . The governor of

West Virginia, 1897-1901. History of
Kanawha ; West Virginia Pulpit ; A.
B. C. of the Tarife ; Don't, or Negative
Chips from Blocks of Living Truths ;
Revenue Digest; Prominent Men of
West Virginia ; After the Moonshiners ;
Psychology Simplified.

Atkinson, William Biddle. Pa.,

1832 . A prominent Philadelphia

physician. Hints in the Obstetric Pro-
cedure ; Therapeutics of Gynecology
and Obstetrics ; Physicians and Sur-
geons of the United States.

Atlee, Washington Lemuel. Pa.,
1808-1878. A noted surgeon of Phila-
delphia. Ovarian Tumors and Ovari-

Atterbury, Anson Phelps. N. Y.,

1854 . A Presbyterian clergyman

of New York city. Islam in Africa. Put.

Audsley, George Ashdown. S.,
1838 — - — . A Scottish architect and
art writer of note, now (1904) living in
New York city. With his brother,
William James Audsley, he has pub-
lished Colour in Dress : a Manual for
Ladies; Floral Decoration of Churches ;

Cottage, Lodge, and Village Architec-
ture ; Outlines of Ornament in the
Leading Styles ; Popular Dictionary
of Architecture and the Allied Arts, in
ten volunies ; Polychromatic Decora-
tion as applied to Buildings in the
Mediasval Styles ; and (with James
Lord Bowes) The Keramie Art of Ja-
pan. His separate works include Guide
to the Art of Illuminating and Missal
Painting ; Handbook of Christian Sym-
bolism ; The Art of Chromo-Litho-
graphy ; Notes on Japanese Art ; The
Ornamental Arts of Japan ; The Art of
Organ-Building. Do.

Austin, John Mather. N. F., 1805-

. A clergyman who published

Arguments in Support of the Doctrine
of Universal Salvation; Voice to Youth ;
Voice to the Married ; Life of John
Quincy Adams.

Austin, John Osborne. R. I., 1849-
. A wool merchant and genealo-
gist of Providence. The Genealogical
Dictionary of Rhode Island ; Ancestry
of Thirty-three Rhode Island Families ;
The Ancestral Dictionary ; One Hun-
dred and Sixty Allied Families.

Austin, Mrs. Mary [Hunter]. //.,
1868 . An essayist and story-
writer of California. The Land of
Little Rain ; The Basket Woman. Hou.

Austin, Oscar Phelps. B., 184 — .

A journalist of Washington city, chief
of the bureau of statistics from 1898.
Uncle Sam's Soldiers ; Uncle Sam's
Secrets; Colonial Systemsof the World ;
Colonial Administration ; Great Canals
of the World ; Steps in the Expansion
of Our Territory ; etc. Ap.

Avery, Elroy McKendree. Mch.,

1844 . A prominent educator in

Clev^eland. Among his many school
text-books are The Complete Chemist ;
School Physics ; Modern Principles of
Natural Philosophy ; Modern Electri-
city and Magnetism ; First Lessons ia
Physical Science ; School Chemistry.

Avery, Isaac Wheeler. Fl, 1837-
1897. A lawyer and journalist of At-
lanta. Digest of the Georgia Supreme
Court Reports ; History of Georgia.

Ayer, Mrs. Harriet [Hubbard]. J7.,
1854-1903. A New York journalist.
Treatise on the Laws of Health and




Ayer, Joseph CuUen. Ms., 1866-
. An Episcopal clergyman of Sand-
wich, Massachusetts. Die Ethik Joseph
Butlers : The Rise and Development
of Christian Architecture.

Ayers, Howard. Wash., 1859 .

An educator, president of the Univer-
rity of Cincinnati from 1899. The Ver-
tebrate Ear.

Ayles-worth, Barton Orville. 17.,
1860 . A clergyman of the Chris-
tian (Disciples) denomination, president
of the Colorado State College from
1900. Song and Fable ; Thirteen and
Twelve Others.

Ayres, Samuel Gardiner. N. Y.,
1865 . A librarian of Drew Theo-
logical Seminary at Madison, New Jer-
sey, from 1888. Drew Seminary Re-
cord ; Fifty Literary Evenings ; History
of the English Bible (with C. F. Sit-
terly, infra).

Babbitt, Edwin Dwight. N. Y.,

1828 r-. A hygienic writer at Los

Angeles. Principles of Light and Col-
our ; Human Culture and Power ;
Health and Power.

Baboook, Mrs. Bernie [Smade].

O., 1868 . A novelist of Little

Rock, Arkansas. The Daughter of a
Republican ; The Martyr ; Justice to
the Woman ; At the Mercy of the
State ; An Uncrowned Queen. Mg.

Baboook, Maltbie Davenport. N.
Y., 1858-1901. A Presbyterian clergy-
man of Baltimore. Thoughts for
Everyday Living ; Letters from Egypt
and Palestine. Scr.

Baboook, Rufus. a., 1798-1875. A
Baptist clergyman of Paterson, New
Jersey, among whose works are Making
Light of Christ; Tales of Truth for
the Young ; Emigrants' Mother ; and
several religious biographies.

Baboook, "William Henry. Mo.,
1849 . A patent lawyer of Wash-
ington city. Lord Stirling's Stand and
other Poems ; Lays from Over Sea;
Cypress Beach ; The Brides of the Ti-
ger ; An Invention of the Enemy ; The
Tower of Wye ; Cian of the Chariots ;
Two Lost Centuries of Britain. Lip. Lo.

Babson, John James. Ms. 1809-
1886. A local historian. History of
Gloucester, Cape Ann, including the
Town of Roekport (ISGO) ; Notes and
Additions ; The Fisheries of Gloucester
from the First Catch by the English in
1628, to 1876.

Baokus, Truman Jay. N. Y., 1842-

. An educator, president of Packer

Institute, Brooklyn. Great English
Writers ; Outlines of English Litera-

Bacon, Alice Mabel. Ct., 1858-

A teacher in the Hampton Institute,
Virginia. Japanese Girls and Women ;
A Japanese Interior. Hoii.

Bacon, Benjamin Wisner. Ct.,
1860 . A professor of New Testa-
ment Criticism and Interpretation at
Yale Divinity School ; The Genesis of
Genesis ; Triple Tradition of the Exo-
dus ; The Story of St. Paul. Hou.

Bacon, Edgar Mayhew. Bahamas.

1855— . A writer of Tarrytown,

New York. The New Jamaica ; The
Pocket Piece ; Chronicles of Tarrytown
and Sleepy Hollow ; The Hudson, from
Ocean to Source, Put.

Bacon, Mrs. Josephine Dodge

Daskam. Ct., 1876 . A writer

of Stamford, Connecticut. Smith Col-
leg'e Stories ; Sister's Vacation and
Other Girls' Stories; Fables for the
Fair; The Imp and the Angel; The
Madness of Philip, and Other Stories ;
Whom the Gods Destroyed ; Middle-
Aged Love Stories ; The Memoirs of
a Baby. Scr.

Bacon, Mrs. Louise Lee [An-
drews]. Md., 1861 . Wife of

H. Bacon (page 14). Our House Boat
on the Nile.

Badoock, Mrs.Winnifred [Eaton].

" Onoto Watanna," Japan, 1879 .

A New York writer. The Old Jinrik-
sha ; Miss Nume of Japan ; A Jap-
anese Nightingale; The Wooing of Wis-
taria ; The Heart of Hyacinth ; Daugh-
ters of Nijo. Har., Mac.

Bagby, Albert Morris. 11, 1859-

. A writer of New York city.

Miss Traumerei : a Weimar Idyl, a
popular musical novel.

Bagby, George William. " Mozis
Addums." Va., 1828-1883. A Vir-




ginia journalist and lecturer, of some
note as a humourist. John M. Daniel's
Latin Key ; What I Did with My
Fifty Millions ; Meekins's Twinses. See
Sarfs American Literature.

Bailey, Edgar Henry Summerfield,

Ct., 1848 . A professor of chemis-
try in the University of Kansas. Quali-
tative Chemical Analysis.

Bailey, Mrs. Florence Augusta

[Merriam]. iV.F., 1863 . Wife

of V. BaUey, infra. An ornithologist
■who published several books under her
maiden name (see page 253). Birds of
Village and Field ; Handbook of Birds
of the Western United States. Hou.

Bailey, Pearce. N. Y., 1865-

A physician of New York city- Acci-
dent and Injury : their relation to Dis-
ease. Ap.

Bailey, Mrs. Urania Locke
[Stoughton]. "Una Locke." Ms.,
1820-1882. A Providence writer. The
School at Elm Oak and the School of
Life; The Crooked Tree; Dr. Plas-
sid's Patients ; Star Flowers ; Holiday
Tales (with F. L. Pratt). She wrote
the popular religious poem, " The
Master has come over Jordan."

Bailey, Vernon. Mch., 1863-

A naturalist in government service.
Spermophiles of the Mississippi Valley ;
Pocket Gophers of the Mississippi Val-
ley ; Revision of Voles of the Genus
Evotomys ; Mammals of the District of

Bailey, "William Henry. N. C, 1831-
. A prominent North Carolina law-
yer whose later life has been passed in

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