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Houston, Texas. The Conflict of Ju-
dicial Decisions ; Onus Probandi ; Self-
taught Law; The Detective Faculty;
The Fifth North Carolina Digest (ed-
ited). Clke.

Baines-Miller, Mrs. Minnie [Wil-
lis]. N. H., 1845 . A writer of

Springfield, Ohio. The Silent Land ;
His Cousin, the Doctor ; The Pilgrim's
Vision ; Mrs. Cherry's Sister.

Baker, A George. Pa., 184—

. An Episcopal clergyman of

Philadelphia, since 1887 in medical
practice. History of the Germans in
America; History of Knights of St.
John of Malta ; German-American

Christianity and the Protestant Episco-
pal Church ; Flora of Arabia and the
Arabian Prophet ; The Phonendouope
and its Practical Application.

Baker, Charles Richard. Ms., 1842-
1898. An Episcopal clergyman, rector
of the Church of the Messiah, Brook-
lyn, 1873-98. The Apostles' Creed
Tested by Experience ; Prayers for the
Christian Year. Wh.

Baker, Charles Whiting. Vt., 1865-

. The managing editor of the

Engineering News, New York city.
Monopolies and the People. Put.

Baker, James Hutchins. Me., 1848-

. An educator, president of the

University of Colorado from 1891. Ele-
mentary Psychology ; Education and
Life. Lgs.

Baker, Moses Nelson. Vt., 1864-

. Brother of C. W. Baker, supra,

and associate editor of the Engineering
News. Sewage Purification in Amer-
ica ; Sewage Disposal in the United
States ; Sewerage and its Purification.

Baker, Osman Cleander. N. H.,
1812-1871. A Methodist bishop. Guide
in the Administration of Discipline in
the Methodist Episcopal Church ; Last
Witness. Meth.

Baker, Ray Stannard. Mch, 1870-

. A litterateur of New York city.

Boys' Book of Inventions ; Our New
Prosperity ; Seen in Germany ; Boys'
Second Book of Inventions.

Baker, Mrs. Sarah Schooomaker
[Tuthill]. "Aunt Friendly." Ct.,

1824 . Daughter of Mrs. Tuthill

(page .342). A popular writer of Sun-
day-school tales, among which are Poor
Little Joe ; The Orange Seed ; The
Fisherman's Boy ; Cheerily, Cheerily ;
Timid Lucy ; The Boy Patriot ; The
Boy Friend ; The Children on the
Plains ; The Swedish Twins ; Nono or
the Golden House ; Fireside Sketches
from Swedish Life. She has lived in
Sweden from 1876.

Baker, William Spohn. Pa., 1824-
1897. A Philadelphian noted for his
collections of Washingtoniana. En-
graved Portraits of Washington ;
Medallic Portraits of Washington ;
Character Portraits of Washington ;
Washington's Itinerary ; Washington
after the Revolution ; Washington in
Philadelphia ; American Engravers




and their Works ; William Sharp, En-
gfraver, and his Works ; Origin and
Antiquity of Engraving.

Balch, Elizabeth. N. Y., 1845-1890.
A writer whoso life was spent mainly in
Europe. Mustard Leaves, or a Glimpse
of London Society ; Zorah, a Love
Tale of Modem Egypt ; An Author's
Love, the answers to Prosper M^rim^e's
" Letters to an Inconnue." Mac.

Baldwin, Foy Spencer. McL, 1870-

. A professor of economics in

Boston University from 1895. History
of Mining Legislation in England.

Baldwin, George Colfax. N. J.,
1817-1899. A Baptist clergyman of
Troy, New York. Representative Men
of the New Testament ; Representative
Women from Eve to Mary ; Model
Prayer ; Notes of a Forty-one Years'
Pastorate. Bap.

Baldwin, Joseph. 1827-1899. An
educator in Missouri and Alabama.
School Management ; Elementary Psy-
chology ; Psychology Applied to Teach-
ing ; School Management and its Meth-

Baldwin, Simeon Eben. Ct., 1840-

. A Connecticut jurist, professor

of constitutional law at Yale University
from 1872. Baldwin's Digest of the
Connecticut Law Reports ; Modern Po-
litical Institutions ; Illustrative Cases
on Railroad Law. Lit. Mac. West.

Baldwin, Thomas. Ct., 1753-1825.
A Baptist clergyman of Boston. Let-
ters in which the Distinguishing Senti-
ments of the Baptists are Explained ;
Open Communion Examined.

Ball, Thomas. Ms., 1819 . A

sculptor of note. My Three Score
Years and Ten, an Autobiography.

Ballantine, 'William Gay. D. C,
1848 . A Congregational clergy-
man and educator, president of Oberlin
College, Oberlin, Ohio, 1891-96. In-
ductive Logic ; Lectures on Job, Jere-
miah, and Ezekiel. Gi.

Ballard, Addison. Ms., 1822 .

A Congregational clergyman, professor
of logic in the University of New York.
Arrows : or Teaching a Fine Art.

Ballard, Harlan Hogue. O., 1853-

. Son of A. Ballard, supra. A

librarian of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
Three Kingdoms ; Handbook of Blun-

ders in Writing and Speaking ; The
World of Matter ; The American Plant
Book (with S. P. Thayer) ; Re-open
Sesame ; A Translation of the First Six
Books of Virgil's ^neid. Hou.

Ballard, Mrs. Julia Perkins [Pratt].
O., 1828-1894. Wife of A. Ballard,
supra. A writer of children's books of
notable excellence. Gathered Lilies ;
Lift a Little ; Little Gold Keys ; The
Hole in the Bag and Other Stories ; In-
sect Lives, revised and republished as
Among the Moths and Butterflies. Put.

Bancroft, Frederic. II., 1860 .

An historical writer of Washington.
Life of William Henry Seward ; The
Negro in Polities ; A History of the
Confederates. Har.

Bancroft, "Wilder Dwight. R. I.,

1867 . A professor of chemistry

at Cornell University from 1895. The
Phase Rule.

Bangs, Lemuel Bolton. iV^. F., 1842-

. A physician and surgeon of

New York city. An American Text
Book of Genito-Urinary Diseases.

Banks, Charles Eugene. la., 1852-

. A journalist and verse writer of

Rockf ord, Illinois; A Child of the Sun ;
Sword and Cross, and Other Poems;
Quiet Music ; Where Brooks run Softly ;
Hampton Roads. Ra. S.

Banta, David Demaree. Ind., 1833-
1898. Local historian. Historical
Sketch of Johnson County, Indiana,
an unusually skilful performance of its

Barbee, "William J . Ky., 1816-

1892. An educator and physician
prominent at one time in Kentucky,
and a clergyman in the Campbellite
denomination. The Scriptural Doctrine
of Confirmation; Physical and Moral
Aspects of Geology ; The Cotton Ques-
tion ; First Principles of Geology ; Life
of the Apostle Peter.

Barber, Edwin Atlee. Md., 1851-
. An archaeologist of Philadel-
phia. Pottery and Porcelain of the
United States; Anglo-American Pot-
tery ; Atlee and Barber genealogies.

Barber, Gershom Morse. N. Y.,

1823 . A jurist of Cleveland. The

Book of the Law ; Notaries' Guide.

Barbour, Mrs. A [Maynard].




N. Y., IB-

A novelist of Helena,
That Mainwaring' Affair ;

Barrett, John. Vt., 1866-

A jour-

Told in the Rockies; The Award of
Justice; At the Time Appointed. Lip.
Barbour, Ralph Henry. Ms., 1870-
. PhyUis in Bohemia ; The Half-
back ; For the Honor of the School ;
Captain of the Crew; The Land of
Joy ; School and College Sports. Ap.
Bardeen, Charles "Williams. Ms.,

1847 . A school-book publisher

of Syracuse. Roderick Hume ; The
Story of a New York Teacher ; Verbal
Pit-falls ; A System of Rhetoric ; Con-
tinuous Contracts for Teachers ; Little
Old Man ; Teaching as a Business;
Manual of Common School Law ; Dic-
tionary of Educational Biography.
Barker, Mrs. Ellen [Blackmer]

[Maxwell]. Pa., 185 . A

writer of Washington city ; The Bish-
op's Conversion ; Three Old Maids in
Hawaii ; The Way of Fire.
Barker, Jacob. Jfe., 1779-1871. A law-
yer and financier. The Rebellion : its
Consequences and the Congressional
Barker, Lewellys Franklin. Ont.,

1867 . An anatomist. The Nervous

System and its Constitutional Neurones.
Barnes, Charles Reid. Ind., 1858-

. A professor of plant physiology

in the University of Chicago from 1898.
Handbook of Plant Dissection (with
Arthur and Coulter) ; Keys to the Gen-
era and Species of North American
Mosses ; Outlines of Plant Life ; Plant
Life. Ho.
Barnum, Samuel "Weed. N. Y.,
1820-1891. A Congregational clergy-
man. Comprehensive Dictionary of the
Bible ; Romanism as It Is ; A Vocab-
ulary of English Rhymes.
Barr, Granville "Walter. O., 1866-
. A physician and novelist of Keo-
kuk, Iowa. Shacklett, a story of
American politics ; Idiosyncrasy and
Drugs ; Short Stories ; Larry McNoo-
gan's Cow ; In the Last Ditch.

Barr, John Henry. Ind., 1861 .

A mechanical engineer, professor of
machine design at Sibley College, Cor-
nell University from 1898. Kinematics
of Machinery; Notes on Machine De-
sign. Wil.

nalist, minister to Siam, 1894-98. Ad-
miral George Dewey : a Sketch of the
Man ; The Far East and Japan.

Barrows, Elijah Porter. Ct, 1805-
1888. A clergyman, professor of He-
brew at Oberlin College from 1872.
Memoir of Evertson Judson ; Compan-
ion to the Bible ; Sacred Geography
and Antiquities.

Barry, Ethelred Breeze. N. H.

1870 . An author and illustrator

of Arlington, Massachusetts. Little
Tong's Mission, The Countess of the
Tenements ; Miss De Peyster's Boy ;
Little Dick's Christmas.

Bartlett, Mrs. Alice Elinor
[Bowen]. "Birch Arnold." Wis.,

1848 . A Detroit journalist.

Until the Day Break ; A New Aris-

Bartlett, Frederick Orin. Ms., 1876-
. A novelist of Cambridge, Massa-
chusetts. Joan of the Alley. Hou.

Bartley, Elias Hudson. N. J., 1849-

. A physician of Brooklyn.

Textbook of Medical and Pharmaceu-
tical Chemistry; Manual of Clinical

Barton, "William Eleazar. II., 1861-

. A Congregational clergyman,

pastor in Boston from 1893 to 1899,
and subsequently in Chicago. An as-
sociate editor of the Bibliotheca Sacra,
and a writer of history, theology, and
fiction. The Wind-Up of the Big
Meetin' on No Bus'ness ; Life in the
Hills of Kentucky; Early Ecclesiasti-
cal History of the Western Reserve ;
Sim Galloway's Daughter-in-Law ; The
Truth about the Trouble at Round-
stone ; A Hero in Homespun : a Tale
of the Loyal South ; The Story of the
Psalms ; The Story of a Pumpkin Pie ;
How Boston Braved the King ; Pine
Knot ; The Prairie Schooner ; The
Man with a Country ; The Old World
in the N ew Century ; The Gospel of the
Autumn Leaf ; The Home, of a Ma-
donna ; The Swaddling Clothes and
the Star; Why I Believe the Bible.
Ap. Pa. We.

Bashford, Herbert. la., 1871 .

The state librarian of Washington.
Nature Studies of the Northwest ;
Songs from Puget Sea.




Bashford, James Whitford. Wis.,

1849 . A Methodist clerg-yman,

president of Ohio Wesleyan University
from 1889. The Science of Religion.

Bashore, Harvey Bro-wn Pa.,
1864 . A physician of West Fair-
view, Pennsylvania. Outlines of Rural

Baskett, James Newton. Ey.,

1849 . A writer on natural history,

but earlier a civil engineer, whose home
is at Mexico, Missouri. The Story of
the Birds ; The Story of the Fishes ;
The Story of the Mammals ; The Story
of the Amphibians and the Reptiles ;
At You-All's House, a Missouri Na-
ture Story ; As the Light Led, a novel ;
Sweetbrier and Thistledown. Ap. Mac.

Bassett, Mrs. Adelaide Florence

[Samuels]. See Samuels, A. F.

Bassett, John Spencer. N. C,

1867 . A professor at Trinity

College at Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Constitutional Beginnings of North
Carolina ; Slavery and Servitude in the
Colony of North Carolina ; The War
of the Regulation ; Anti-Slavery Lead-
ers of North Carolina. J. H. U.

Bastin, Edson Sewell. Wis., 1843-
1897. A botanist, professor of botany
at the Philadelphia College of Phar-
macy. Elements of Botany ; Vegeta-
ble Histology ; College Botany ; Ques-
tions on College Botany ; Laboratory
Exercises in Botany.

Bates, Daniel M . Del, c. 1849-

1899. An Episcopal clergyman. The
Apostolic Church ; Translation into
W^en-Li ; Christ in Modern Thought.

Bates, David. Pa., c. 1810-1870. A
Philadelphia verse- writer, best known
by his lyric. Speak Gently ; The ka-
lian ; Poetical Works (18t0).

Bates, Frank Green. 18 .

Rhode Island and the Formation of the
Union. Mac.

Bates, Herbert. Ms., 1868 . A

verse-writer who has published Songs
of Exile. Sm.

Bates, Mrs. Josephine W .

18 . A Chicago novelist. A

Blind Lead ; Bunch Grass Stories. Lip.
Bates, Mrs. Linden. See Bates, Mrs.

Bates, Morgan. N. F., 1848 - 1902.
A journalist and playwright. Martin
Brook, a novel. Har.

Bates, William Wallace. Me.,
1827 . A United States Commis-
sioner of Navigation from 1889 to 1892.
American Marine ; American Naviga-
tion. Hou.

Battenhall, Jesse Park. N. Y.,
1851-1891. Adulteration of Food and
Drink ; Legal Chemistry, from the
French of Naquet.

Battershall, Fletcher Williams.

N. J., 1866 . Son of W. W. Bat-

tershall, infra. A novelist of Albany.
A Daughter of the World ; Mists.

Batter-shall, Walton Wesley. N.

Y., 1840 . An Episcopal clergy

man of Albany, rector of St. Peter's
Church from 1874. Interpretations of
Life and Religion. Har.

Battle, Kemp Plummer. N. C,

1831 . A professor of history in

the University of North Carolina from
1891. History of the Supreme Court of
North Carolina ; History of Raleigh,
North Carolina ; History of the Univer-
sity of North Carolina ; Trials and
Judicial Proceedings of the New Tes-
tament; Life of General Jethro Sum-

Baum, Henry Mason. N. Y., 1848-

. An Episcopal clergyman, editor

of The Church Review from 1881.
Rights and Duties of Rectors, Church
Wardens, and Vestrymen ; The Law
of the Church in the United States.

Baum, L[yman] Frank. N. Y. 1856-

. A Chicago playwright and writer

of juvenile literature. Mother Goose in
Prose ; By the Candelabra's Glare, a
collection of verse ; Father Goose : his
Book ; The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ;
A New Wonderland ; The Songs of Fa-
ther Goose; American Fairy Tales; The
Art of Decorating ; The Army Alpha-
bet ; The Navy Alphabet ; Dot and Tot
of Merryland; The Master Key, an
Electrical Fairy Tale; Life and Ad-
ventures of Santa Claus ; The High Ki
of Twi ; The Magical Monarch of Mo.
Among his plays are. The Maid of Ar-
ran ; Matches ; Kilmorne : The Wizard
of Oz.

Bausman [bSwss'man], Benjamin.
Pa., 1824 . A German Reformed




clergyman, pastor at Reading, Pennsyl-
vania from 1863. Sinai and Zion ; Way-
side Gleanings in Europe.

Bayles, George James. N. Y.,
1869 — ■ . An educator who has pub-
lished Woman and the Law; Civil
Church Law Cases. Cent.

Bayliss, Mrs. Clara [Kern]. Mch.,

1848 . A writer of Springfield,

Illinois. In Brook and Bayou ; Lolami,
the Little Cliff Dweller; Lolami in

Beach, Charles Fisk. N. Y., 1827-

. A Presbyterian clergyman, since

1897 a lawyer of Indianapolis. The Law
of Trusts ; Law of Monopolies in Eng-
land and the United States ; The Ameri-
can Probate Reports. Bo.

Beach, Charles Fisk. Ky., 1854-

. Son of the preceding. A lawyer,

since 1896 resident in London, Eng-
land, who has published treatises on
The Law of Receivers ; Wills ; Rail-
ways ; Private Corporations ; Modern
Equity Jurisprudence ; Public Corpora-
tions ; Insurance ; Contributory Negli-
gence ; Inventions ; Contracts.

Beach, Harlan Page. N. J., 1864-

. A missionary, formerly stationed

in China. The Cross in the Land of the
Trident ; Knights of Labarum ; Dawn
on the Hills of T'ang. Eev.

Beal, James Hartley. O., 1861-

. A professor of pharmacy in

Scio College, Ohio. Notes on Equation
Writing and Chemical Arithmetic ;
Pharmaceutical Interpretations.

Beale, Charles Willing. D. C, 1845-

. A romance-writer of Arden,

North Carolina. (His wife, Mrs. M.
Beale, is mentioned on page 22.) The
Ghost of Guir House ; The Secret of
the Earth. Ne.

Beale, Joseph Henry. Ms., 1861-

. A lawyer, professor of law at

Harvard from 1892, and at the Uni-
versity of Chicago from 1902. Cases
on Criminal Law ; Cases on Carriers ;
Cases on Damages ; Criminal Pleadings
and Practice ; Cases on the Conflict of
Laws ; Cases on Public Service Corpo-

Bean, Tarleton Hoffman. Pa., 1846-

. A naturalist, director of the

New York Aquarium from 1895. The
Fishes of Pennsylvania; The Salmon

and Salmon Fisheries ; Oceanic Ichthyo-
logy (with G. B. Goode, page 150) ; The
Fishes of Long Island.

Beard, Daniel Carter. O., 1850-
1900. An artist and illustrator of New
York city. What to Do and How to Do
It ; The American Boys' Handy Book ;
Six Feet of Romance ; Moonlight ; The
American Boys' Book of Sport ; The
Jack of All Trades. Scr.

Beard, Oliver Thomas. N. Y.,

1832 . A lawyer of New York

city. Bristling with Thorns.

Beard, Richard. Tn., 1799-1880. A
Cumberland Presbyterian clergyman.
Lectures on Theology ; Why I am a
Cumberland Presbyterian.

Beard, William Holbrook, O.,
1825-1900. An artist of New York
city. Humour in Animals, a collection
of sketches ; Action in Art, a text-book.

Beaton, David. S., 1848 . A

Congregational clergyman of Chicago.
Cyrus the Magician ; Selfhood and Ser-
vice. Rev.

Beattie, Francis Robert. Ont.,
1848 . A ^ Presbyterian clergy-
man of Louisville, Kentucky. Utilita-
rian Theory of Morals ; Methods of
Theism ; Radical Criticism ; Presbyte-
rian Standards ; Apologetics ; Calvin-
ism and Modern Thought ; Christianity
and Modern Evolution.

Beauchamp, William Martin. N.
Y., 1830 . An Episcopal clergy-
man of Syracuse. Iroquois Trail ; In-
dian Names of New York ; Aboriginal
Occupation of New York.

Beauregard, Pierre Gustave Tou-
tant. La., 1818-1893. A noted brig-
adier-general in the Confederate army
during the Civil War. Principles and
Maxims of the History of War ; Report
of the Defence of Charleston ; A Com-
mentary on the Campaign and Battle
of Manassas (1891).

Beck, Carl. G., 1856 . A Chica.go

surgeon. Manual of Surgical Asepsis ;
Text-Book on Fractures.

Bedford, Gunning S . Md.,

1806 - 1870. A physician of note in
New York city. Diseases of Women
and Children ; Principles of the Prac-
tice of Obstetrics.

Bedlow, Henry. B. L, 1821

A former mayor of Newport, Rhode




Island. The White Tsar, and Other
Poems (1895).

Beecher, Charles Emerson. N. Y.,
1865-1904. A professor of historical
geology at Yale University. Studies in
Evolution ; Brachiospongidse. Scr.

Behrends, Adolphus Julius Fred-
erick. H., 1839-1900. A Congrega-
tional clergyman, pastor of the Central
Church in Brooklyn from 1883. Social-
ism and Christianity ; the Philosophy
of Preaching ; The World for Christ ;
The Old Testament under Fire. Fu.

Belasco, David. CaL, 1858 . A

playwright of New York city, among
whose many plays are May Blossom ;
La Belle Russe ; Hearts of Oak ; The
Heart of Maryland.

Belden, Mrs. Jessie [Van Zile].
N. Y,, 1857 . A novelist of Syra-
cuse. Antonia; At the Sign of the
Painters' Arms ; Fate at the Door ; The
King's Ward. Pa.

Belknap, George "Washington.
N. H., 1832-1903. A retired rear-
admiral in the United States navy.
Deep Sea Soundings.

Bell, Agrippa Nelson. Va., 1820-

. A prominent physician of New

York city, author of Knowledge of Liv-
ing Things ; Climatology and Mineral
Waters of the United States; beside
many professional papers.

Bell, Alexander Melville. S., 1819-

. An educator of note, resident in

the United States from 1881. Principles
of Speech and Elocution.

Bell, David Charles. S., 1817-1902.
An educator who published A Reader's
Shakespeare ; Theory of Elocution ;
Modern Reader and Speaker ; The
Standard Elocutionist. He was long a
professor of literature at the University
of Dublin, but from 1883 was a resi-
dent of Washington city.

Bellows, Albert Jones. Ms., 1804-
1869. A Boston physician. How not
to be Sick ; The Philosophy of Eating.
Beman, Nathan Sidney Smith. N.
Y., 1785-1871. A Presbyterian clergy-
man long settled in Troy, New York.
The Old Ministry; The Influence of
Freedom on Popular and National Edu-
cation; Letters to John Hughes ; Epis-

copacy Exclusive ; Four Sermons on the

Beman, "Wooster Woodruff. Ct.,
1850 — ■ . A professor of mathemat-
ics at the University of Michigan from
1887. Plane and Solid Geometry (with
D. E. Smith) ; Higher Arithmetic ; Fa-
mous Problems of Elementary Geome-
try, from the German of Klein ; Ele-
ments of Algebra. Gi.

Bendire, Charles Emil. G., 1836-
1897. An ornithologist of note, hon-
orary curator of the department of
oology in the United States National
Museum, a captain and brevet-major in
the United States army. Life Histories
of North American Birds. See Science,
February 12, 1897.

Benedict, George Grenville. Vt,

1826 . A military historian of

Burlington, Vermont. Vermont at
Gettysburg ; Vermont in the Civil
War ; Army Life in Virginia.

Benjamin, Charles Henry. Me.,

1856 . A professor of mechanical

engineering at the Case School of Ap-
plied Science, Cleveland. Notes on
Heat and Steam ; Notes on Machine
Design ; Mechanical Laboratory Prac-

Benjamin, Mrs. Elizabeth Dundas

[Bedell]. Pa.,.18 1890. Sister of

Bishop G. T. Bedell, 1817-1892 (page
23). A religious writer of Stratford,
Connecticut. Eleven Months in Horeb ;
The Church in the Wilderness ; Bright-
side ; Questions on the National and
Religious Education of the Israelites;
Hilda and I, republished in London as
the Two Victors and again in New
York as Our Roman Palace ; The
Brightside Children ; Jim the Parson ;
Mrs. Gregory ; The Garden of God.

Benjamin, Reuben Moore. N. Y.,

1833 . An Illinois jurist, dean of

the Bloomington Law School. Princi-
ples of Contract ; Principles of Sales.

Bennett, Alfred Allen. N. H.,

1850 . A professor of chemistry

at Iowa State College from 1885. In-
organic Chemistry.

Bennett, Charles Edwin. R. L,

1858 . A classical philologist. A

Latin Grammar and Appendix ; Latin
Composition ; Foundations of Latin.




Bennett, Frank Marion. Mch., 1857-

. A lieutenant in the United

States navy. The Monitor and the
Navy under Steam ; The Steam Navy
of the United States. Hou.

Bennett, John. O., 1865-


author, of Charleston, South Carolina.
Master Skylark ; The Story of Bar-
naby Lee.

Bennett, Mary E . " Elizabeth

Glover." C<., 1841 . An author

of New Haven, Connecticut. Cyril
Rivers ; Six Boys ; Asaph's Ten Thou-
sand ; Talks About a Fine Art ; Family
Manners ; The Children's Wing ; Jef-
ferson WUdrider; The Gentle Art of
Pleasing. Ba.

Bennett, "William Zebina. Vt.,

1856 . A professor of chemistry

at the University of Wooster, Ohio,
from 1883. A Plant Analysis.

Benton, Angelo Ames. Crete, 1837-

. An Episcopal clergyman of

Pekin, Illinois. The Church Cyclope-
dia ; The Tome of Saint Leo.

Benton, Frank. Mch., 1852 .

An entomologist in the service of the
United States Department of Agricul-
ture. The Honey Bee ; Bee Keep-

Benton, James Gilchrist. N. H.,
1820-1881. A soldier and inventor. A
Course of Instruction in Ordnance and

Berenson, Bernhard. Lithuania,

1865 . An art writer now (1898)

living in Florence, Italy. The Venetian
Painters of the Renaissance ; Lorenzo
Lotto : an Essay in Art Criticism ; The
Florentine Painters of the Renaissance ;
The Central Italian Painters of the
Renaissance ; The Drawings of the Flor-
entine Painters ; The Study and Criti-
cism of Italian Art. Mac. Put,

Bergen, Mrs. Fannie [Dickerson]-

O., 1848 . Wife of J. Y. Bergen,

infra. The Development Theory (with
J. Y. Bergen) ; Glimpses at the Plant
World ; Animal and Plant Lore (com-
piled). Hou.

Bergen, Joseph Young, Me., 1851-

. An educator, of Boston. The

Development Theory (with F. D. Ber-
gen) ; The Study of Evolution Simpli-
fied ; Elements of Botany ; and a series

of textbooks on physics (with E. H.
Hall). Gi.
BergeL.gren, Mrs. Anna [Far-
quhar]. "Margaret Allston." Ind.,

1865 . Wife of R. Bergengren,

infra. A Boston novelist. A Singer's
Heart ; The Professor's Daughter ; Her
Boston Experiences ; The Devil's
Plough ; Her Washington Experiences ;
An Evans of Suffolk. Pa.
Bergengren, Ralph "Wilhelm Al-
exis. Ms., 1871 . A journalist of

Boston. In Case of Need.
Bernadou, John Baptiste. Pa.,

1868 . A United States naval

officer in the employ of the naval de-
partment at Washington from 1888.
A Trip through Northern Corea in
1883-84 ; Smokeless Powder, Nitro-
cellulose and Theory of the Cellulose
Molecule. Wil.

Bernstein, Herman. G., 1876 .

A New York writer. In the Gates of
Israel, a collection of stories of the
Betts, Samuel Rossiter. Ct., 1787-
1868. A jurist of note. Admiralty

BeutenmuUer, "William. N.J.,1864r-

. A scientist of New York city,

curator of the American Museum of
Natural History. Butterflies ; Moths.

Beveridge, Albert Jeremiah. Ind.,

1862 . An Indiana orator and

politician. The Russian Advance. Sar.

Bicknell, Anna Louisa. F., 183 —

. The Story of Marie Antoinette ;

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