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Life in the Tuileries under the Second
Empire. Cent.

Bicknell, Frank Martin. Ms., 1854-
. A litterateur of Maiden, Massa-
chusetts. The City of Stories; The
Apprentice Boy ; Antselus ; The Bicy-
cle Highwayman ; The Double Prince.

Bicknell, Thomas "Williams. B.I.,

1834 . A prominent educator of

Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Me-
moir of William Lord Noyes ; A His-
tory of Barrington, Rhode Island ; John
Myles and Religious Toleration in Mas-

Biddle, Arthur. Pa., 1852-1897. A
lawyer of Philadelphia. Treatise on
The Law of Stock Brokers (with G.




Biddle) ; On the Law of Warranties
in the Sale of Chattels; The Law of

Biddle, Horace. O., 1811-1900. A
lawyer of Logansport, Indiana. The
Musical Scale ; Elements of Know-
ledge ; Prose Miscellany ; A Few
Poems ; Biddle's Poems ; American
Boyhood (verse) ; Glances at the World
(verse) ; Last Poems.

Bierce, Ambrose. O , 1842 . A

California litterateur. In the Midst of
Life, fii-st issued as Tales of Soldiers
and Civilians ; Can Such Things Be ?
Black Beetles in Amber ; Fantastic
Fables ; The Monk and the Hangman's
Daughter (with A. Danziger). Cas.

Bigelow, Andrew. Ms., 1795-1877.
A Unitarian clergyman of Boston.
Leaves from a Journal ; Travels in
Malta and Sicily.

Bigelow, Frank Hagar. Ms., 1851-

. An Episcopal clergyman of

Washington city, and a meteorologist
of note. Solar Corona ; Barometry of
the United States.

BigelOTv, Lafayette Jotham. N.
Y., 1835-1870. A lawyer and journal-
ist of Watertown, New York. Bench
and Bar : a Digest of the Wit, Humor,
and Asperities of the Law.

Bigelow, Marshall Train. Ms., 1822-
1902. A noted printer and proof-
reader, of Cambridge. Punctuation
and Other Typographical Matters ; Mis-
takes in Writing English and How to
Avoid Them.

. A f or-

Bill,Ledyard. a., 1836—

mer publisher of New York city, but
from 1874 resident in Paxton, Massa-
chusetts. Ten Pictures of the War :
Lyrics ; History of the Bill Family ;
A Winter in Florida ; Minnesota : its
Character and Climate ; History of

Billings, Frank. Wis., 1854 . A

physician, dean of Rush Medical Col-
lege, Chicago, from 1898. Your Book
of Medicine.

Bingham, Caleb. Ci., 1757-1818. An
educator and bookseller of Boston.
Among his once noted compilations
are : Young Lady's Accidence; Child's
Conapanion ; American Preceptor ; Co-
lumbian Orator.

Bingham, J[oel] Foote. Ct, 1827-
. An Episcopal clergyman of Hart-
ford, Connecticut, prior to 1871 in the
Congregational ministry. The Christian
Marriage Ceremony ; The Twin Sisters
of Martigny, a Story of Italian Life ;
Francesca da Rimini, from the Italian
of Silvio Pellieo. Le. Ban.

Bingham, William. Pa., 1751-1804.
A Philadelphian of much note in his
day and a member of the United States
Senate, 1795-1801. Letter from an
American on the Subject of the Re-
straining Proclamation (1784) ; A De-
scription of Certain Tracts of Land in

Bingham, William. N. C, 1835-

. An educator of North Carolina.

A Grammar of the Latin Language ; A
Grammar of the English Language.

Birkmire, William Harvey. Pa.,

1860 . An architect and engineer

of New York. Construction of High
Office Buildings ; Skeleton Construc-
tion in Buildings ; Architectural Iron
and Steel ; The Planning and Construc-
tion of American Theatres ; Compound
Riveted Girders. Wil.

Birney, William. AL, 1819-

. Son
of J. G. Birney (page 28). A lawyer of
Washington city. Life and Times of
Joseph G- Birney ; Plea for Civil and
Religious Liberty.

Bishop, Joseph Buoklin. Ms., 1847-

. A journalist of New York city.

Money in City Elections ; Cheap Money

Bishop, Louis Faugeres. N. J.,

1864 . A physician of New York

city. Theory and Treatment of Rheu-
matism ; Diagnosis and Treatment of
Gout ; Important Points in the Treat-
ment of Pneumonia.

Bishop, Seth Scott. Wis., 1852

A Chicago physician. Diseases of the
Ear, Nose, and Throat.

Bispham, George Tucker. Pa.,

1838 . A lawyer of Philadelphia.

The Principles of Equity.

Bittinger, Mrs. Lucy (Forney). O.,

1859 . An historical writer of

Sewickley, Pennsylvania. Memorials
of Rev. J. B. Bittinger ; History of the
Forney Family of Hanover, Pennsylva-
nia ; The Germans in Colonial Times.




Bjerrgaard, Carl Henry Andrew.

Dk., 1S45 . A librarian at the

Astor Library, New York city, from
1879. Mysticism and Nature Worship ;
Being and the Philosophical History of
the Subject.
Black, Ebenezer Charlton. /S.,1861-

. A professor of English at Boston

University from 1900 and resident in
the United States from 1890. Minor
Characters in Shakespeare ; Recent Lit-
erary Developments.

Black, Henry Campbell. N. F.,

1860 . A noted legal writer of

Washington city. Constitutional Pro-
hibitions against Legislation Impairing
the Obligation of Contracts ; Treatise
on the Law of Tax Titles ; A Dictionary
of Law ; A Treatise on the Law of
Judgments ; Treatise on the Laws Reg-
ulating the Manufacture and Sale of
Intoxicating Liquors ; Handbook of
American Constitutional Law ; Hand-
book on the Construction and Interpre-
tation of Laws ; Handbook of Bank-
ruptcy Law. He has also edited
revised editions of " Pomeroy on Water
Rights," and " Dillon on Removal of

Black, John Janvier. 18 .

A physician who published Forty Years
in the Medical Profession. Lip.

Black, Mrs. Margaret Horton
(Potter). Ill, 1881 . A novel-
ist of Chicago. A Social Lion ; Uncano-
nized ; The House of the Mailly ; Istar
of Babylon; The Flame Gatherers.
Har. Mac.

Black, William Murray. Pa., 1855-

. An officer in the United States

engineering corps. Improvement of
Harbours ; South Atlantic Coast ; Pub-
lic Works of the United States. Wil.

Blackman, William Fremont.

N. Y., 1855 . A professor of soci-
ology at Yale University from 1893.
The Making of Hawaii : a Sociological
Study. Mac.

Blackmar, Prank Wilson. Pa.,

1854 . A professor of history in

the University of Kansas from 1889.
History of Federal and State Aid to
Higher Education in the South West ;
The Study of History and Sociology ;
Spanish Institutions in the South West ;
Economics ; The Story of Human Pro-

gress ; Life of Charles Robinson, first
Governor of Kansas. J. H. U.
Blair, Henry William. N. H., 1834-

. A lawyer and congressman of

Manchester, New Hampshire. His wife,
Mrs. E. N. Blair, is mentioned on page
29. The Temperance Movement, or
the Conflict of Man with Alcohol.

Blaisdell, Albert Pranklin. N. H.,

1847 . A retired physician and

surgeon of Boston, whose later years
have been given to educational writing.
Outlines for the Study of English Clas-
sics ; First Steps with English and
American Authors ; Our Bodies and
How we Live ; How to Keep Well ;
Child's Book of Health ; Stories of the
Civil War ; Readings from the Waver-
ley Novels ; Stories from English His-
tory ; Practical Physiology ; The Story
of American History. Gi. Le.

Blanchard, Amy Ella. Md., 1856-

. A Philadelphia writer of juvenile

tales. A Girl of '76 ; An Independent
Daughter ; Kittyboy's Christmas ;
Thy Friend Dorothy ; Girls Together ;
As Others See Us ; Betty of Wye ;
Taking a Stand ; Miss Vanity ; Life's
Little Actions ; A Dear Little Girl ;
Three Pretty Maids; Two Girls;
Twenty Little Maidens ; A Sweet
Little Maid ; A Revolutionary Maid ;
Because of Conscience ; Dimple Dallas ;
Her Very Best ; Mabel's Mishap ; A
Daughter of Freedom ; A Heroine of
1812 ; A Loyal Lass. Lip. We. '

Blanchard, Rufus. N. H., 1821-1904.
A cartographer of Chicago. History of
Illinois ; Political History of the United
States; History of the Northwest and
City of Chicago.

Blashfield, Ed-win Howland.

N. Y., 1848 . An artist of New

York city. Italian Cities (with E. W.
Blashfield). Scr.

Blatchford, Willis Stanley. Ct.,.
1859 . A naturalist, State geo-
logist of Indiana, from 1894. Glean-
ings from Nature ; A Nature Wooing.

Bleecker, Mrs. Ann Eliza [Schuy-
ler]. N. Y., 1752-1783. A verse-
writer of New York city whose Posthu-
mous Works in Prose and Verse were
issued in 1793.

Bliss, Edwin Munsell. Ty., 1848-
. A Presbyterian theologian. En-




cyclopedia of Missions ; The Turk in
Armenia, Crete and Greece ; Concise
History of Missions.
Bliss, Frederick Jones. Sa., 1859-

. Son of D. Bliss (page 30). An

explorer to the Palestine Exploration
Fund. A Mound of Many Cities ; Ex-
cavations at Jerusalem, 1894-97.

BUss, George. Ms., 1830-1897. A
prominent lawyer of New York city.
Treatise on the Law of Life Insurance ;
Annotated Edition of the New York
Code of Civil Procedure, usually styled
"Bliss's Code."

Bliss, William Julian Albert. D. C,

1867 . A physicist, professor at

Johns Hopkins University. A Manual
of Experiments in Physics (with Ames).

Blitz, Antonio (pseud.). E., 1810-
1877. A once famous prestidigitateur
■whose home was in Philadelphia. Fifty
Years in the Magic Circle.

Block, Louis James. 1851 . A

Chicago educator. Exile, a Dramatic
Episode ; Dramatic Sketches and
Poems; The New World, with Other
Verse ; Capriccios. Put.

Blodgett, Mrs. Mabel [Fuller].
Me., 1869 . A writer of Brook-
line, Massachusetts. The Aspen Shade,
a novel ; Fairy Tales ; In Poppy Land,
a book of fairy tales ; At the Queen's
Mercy, a tale of adventure.

Bloodgood, Freeman A . la.,

1867 . An Iowa Superintendent

of Schools. Civil Government and
School Law.

Bloodgood, Simeon DeWitt.
N. Y., 1799-1866. The Sexagenary,
or Reminiscences of the American
Revolution ; Treatise of Roads.

Bloomer, Mrs. Amelia [Jenks].
N. Y., 1818-1894. A noted reformer
of Council Bluffs, long prominent in
behalf of woman suffrage. In 1895 the
Life and Writings of Amelia Bloomer
were published, edited by her hus-

Bloomingdale, Charles. Pa., 1868-

. A journalist of Philadelphia.

Mr., Miss, and Mrs. ; Whiffs from Bo-
hemia ; A Failure. Lip.

Blossom, Henry Martyn. Mo.,

1866 . A St. Louis litterateur.

The Documents in Evidence; Check-

ers : a Hard Luck Story ; Room 4 :
Blunt, Stanhope English. Ms.,

1850- . A colonel in the ordnance

department of the United States army.
Filing Regulations for Small Arms;
Instructions in Rifle and Carbine Fir-
ing in the United States Army. Scr.

Boardman, George Nye. Vt., 1823-

. A Congregational clergyman,

professor of systematic theology at
Chicago Seminary, 1871-93, and emeri-
tus professor from 1893. Lectures on
Natural Theology ; The Will and Vir-
tue ; Congregationalism ; A History
of New England Theology ; Regenera-
tion. Ran.

Boardman, William Henry. II.,

1846 . An editor and publisher of

New York. The Lovers of the Woods.

Boas, Franz. Wa., 1858^ . An

anthropologist. Baffin Land ; The Cen-
tral Eskimo.

Bodecker, Carl Friedrich Wil-

helm. G., 1846 . A dentist of

New York city. The Anatomy and
Pathology of the Teeth.

Body, Charles William Edmund,

E. 1851 . An Episcopal clergy-
man, of New York, professor of Old
Testament literature in the General
Theological Seminary from 1894. The
Permanent Value of Genesis. Lgs.

Bogart, Elizabeth. " Estelle." N.
Y., c. 1806-18—. A nearly forgot-
ten verse-writer of New York city
whose lines were very popular in their
day. Her earliest poems appeared in
1825, and some thirty years later a vol-
ume of her fugitive verse was published
entitled Driftings from the Stream of

Bogue, Mrs. Lilian [Bell]. See Bell,
Lilian (page 24).

Boies, Henry Martyn. Ms., 1837-
. An inventor of Scranton, Penn-
sylvania. Prisoners and Paupers ; The
Science of Penology. Put.

Boise (boiz), James Robinson. Ms.,
1815-1895. A professor of Greek at
Chicago University, 1868-95. Notes
on the Greek Text of Paul's Epistles to
Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon, and
Philippians ; Notes to Greek Text of
Galatians and Romans.




Boise, Otis Bardwell. O., 1844-

. A composer. Harmony Made

Practical ; Music and its Masters.

Holies, John Augustus. Ct., 1809-
1878. A Boston lawyer. Treatise on
Usury and Usury Laws; Essay on a
Congress of Nations.

Bolton, Charles Edward. Ms.,
1841-1901. A lecturer, and writer
upon economic reforms, long resident
at Cleveland. His wife, Mrs. S. K.
Bolton, is mentioned on page 32, and his
son, C. K. Bolton, on page 30. A Few
Civic Problems ; A Model Village and
Other Papers.

Bolton, Mrs. Ethel [Stanwood].

Ms., 1873 . Wife of C. K. Bolton

(page 31) and daughter of E. Stanwood
(page 357). A genealogist of Brookline,
Massachusetts. History of the Stan-
wood Family (1899).

Bombaugh, Charles Carroll. Pa.,

1828 . A journalist of Baltimore,

formerly a practising physician. Glean-
ings from the Harvest Fields of Liter-
ature ; Book of Blunders (edited) ; The
Literature of Kissing ; Stratagems and
Conspiracies to Defraud Insurance

Bompiani, Mrs. Sophia Van

Matre. O., 1835 . A writer long

resident in Rome, Italy. Italian Ex-
plorers in Africa ; A Short History of
the Italian Waldenses.

Bonsai, Stephen. Md., 1863

A journalist of New York city, special
correspondent of the New York Herald
in Cuba and elsewhere, and secretary of
the United States Legations in Peking,
Madrid, and Tokio, 1890-95. Morocco
as It Is ; The Condition of Cuba ; The
Fight for Santiago ; The Golden Horse-
shoe, a novel of the Philippine War.
Dou. Har.

Book, John "William. Ind., 1850-

. A Roman Catholic clergyman

of prominence in Indiana. Short Line
to the Roman Catholic Church ; Side
Switches of the Short Line (with T. J.
Jenkins); Thousand and One Objections
to Secret Societies ; MoUie's Mistake,
or Mixed Marriages ; The Book of

Bookwalter, John "Wesley. Ind.,
1837 . A manufacturer at Spring-
field, Ohio. If not Silver, What ? Si-
beria and Central Asia. Sto.

Boone, Charles Theodore. Pa.,

1838 . A lawyer of San Fran-
cisco. Law of Corporations ; Law of
Real Property ; Law of Mortgages ;
Code Pleading ; Banks and Banking ;
Test Book of Law and Practice.

Boone, Richard Gause. Cincinnati
superintendent of schools from 1899.
Education in the United States ; His-
tory of Education in Indiana.

Booth, James Curtis. Pa., 1810-
1888. A once noted chemist of Phila-
delphia, a smelting siiperintendent at
the mint, 1849-88. Memoirs of the
Geological Survey of the State of Dela-
ware (1841) ; Recent Improvements in
the Chemical Arts (1852) ; Encyclopae-
dia of'Chemistry (with others).

Booth, Mrs. Maud Ballington

[Charlesworth]. K, 1865 .

An evangelist, who with her husband
founded the Volunteers of America, a
religious military organization, in 1898.
Branded ; Look Up and Hope ; Sleepy-
Time Stories ; Lights of Childland.

Booth-Tucker, Frederick Saint
George de Latour. E. I., 1853-

. The commander of the Salvation

Army in the United States. The Life
of Catherine Booth ; Life of General
William Booth ; In Darkest India and
the Way Out.

Bos"worth, Francke Huntington.

O., 1843 . A physician of New

York city. Treatise on Diseases of the
Nose and Throat ; Text Book of Dis-
eases of the Nose and Throat.

Botsford, George "Willis. la., 1862-

. A former instructor in history at

Harvard University. The Development
of the Athenian Constitution ; A His-
tory of Greece ; The Story of Rome ;
An Ancient History for Beginners ;
A History of the Orient and Greece.
Gi. Mac.

Boucher, Jonathan. E., 1738-1804.
An Episcopal clergyman of Annapolis
whose outspoken loyalty to the mother
country in 1775 caused his expulsion
from the colonies. He returned to Eng-
land and became vicar of Epsom. A
View of the Causes and Consequences
of the American Revolution (1797) ;
Glossary of Archaic and Provincial
Words (1833); A Cumberland Man.
See Hawks's Ecclesiastical History of




the United States, vol. 2 ; Sprafjue's
Annals of the American Pulpit, vol. 5 ;
Dictionary of National Biography, vol.
6 ; LippincotV s Magazine, May, 1899:
Tyler's Literary History of the Ameri-
can Revolution, vol. 1.
Bourne, Edward Gaylord. N. Y.,

1860 . A professor of history at

Yale University from 1895. The His-
tory of the Surplus Revenue of 1837 ;
Essays in Historical Criticism ; John
Lothrop Motley. Hou. Scr.
Bourne, George. E., 1780-1845. A
clerical abolitionist of note. The Book
and Slavery Irreconcilable ; Lectures
on Ecclesiastical History ; Pictures of
Quebec ; Slavery Illustrated in its Ef-
fects upon Women.
Boutell, Lewis Henry. Ms., 1826-
1899. A Chicago lawyer who wrote a
Life of Roger Sherman. Mg.
Bouve, Mrs. Pauline Carrington

[Rust]. Ark., 18 . A Boston

writer. Their Shadows Before.
Bowden, John. I., 1751-1817. An
Episcopal clergyman of prominence in
his day, professor of belles lettres at
Columbia College, 1802-17. Essentials
of Ordination ; Apostolic Origin of
Episcopacy ; Observations on the Cath-
olic Controversy.
Bowdoin, William Goodrich. Ms.,

1860 . A writer of New York City.

A Step Across the Gulf of Cuba ; The
Rise of the Book Plate ; James Mac-
Neill Whistler: the Man and His
Bowen, Clarence "Winthrop. N.

Y., 1852 . A Brooklyn publisher,

Boundary Disputes of Connecticut ;
Woodstock, an Historical Sketch.
Bowen, Eliza Andrews. Ga., 1828-
1898. Cousin of E. F. Andrews (page
10). A Georgia writer for periodicals
and newspapers. Astronomy by Ob-
servation. Ap.
Bow^en, Herbert Wolcott. N. Y.,

1856 . Brother of C. W. Bowen,

supra. A New York lawyer. United
States minister to Venezuela from 1901.
Verses ; Losing Ground ; In Divers
Tones, a collection of verse ; De Gen-
ere Humano ; International Law.
Bo"wen,John Wesley Edward. La.,

1855— . A Methodist clergyman,

professor in Gammon Theological Sem-

inary, Atlanta, from 1888. Africa and
the American Negro ; The Catholic
Spirit of Methodism ; The Theology
and Psychology of the Negro Planta-
tion Melodies ; An Apology for the
Higher Education of the Negro.

Bowman, Edward Morris. Vt.,

1848 . A professor of music at

Vassar College from 1891. Harmony :
Historic Points and Modern Methods ;
Formation of Piano Touch ; Relation
of Musicians to the Public.

Bowser, Edward Albert. N. B.,
1845 . A professor of mathema-
tics and engineering in Rutgers College,
New Brunswick, New Jersey, from
1870, and a mathematician of prom-
inence. Analytic Geometry; Differ-
ential and Integral Calculus ; Ana-
lytic Mechanics ; Hydro - mechanics ;
Academic Algebra ; College Algebra ;
Plane and Solid Geometry ; Elements
of Trigonometry ; Treatise on Trigo-
nometry ; Logarithmic Tables ; Trea-
tise on Roofs and Bridges. He. Vn.

Boyd, Ellen Wright. Vt., 1833 .

An educator at Albany, principal of
Saint Agnes's School. Outlines of Re-
ligious Instruction ; English Cathedrals ;
Famous Art Galleries.

Boyer, Emanuel Roth. Pa., 1857-
1900. A Chicago educator. Text
Book on Elementary Biology. He.

Boylan, Mrs. Grace [Duffie]. Mch.,

1861 . A Chicago journalist. If

Tam O' Shanter 'd Had a Wheel, and
Other Poems ; Kids of Many Colours ;
The Kiss of Glory, a novel ; The Old
House and Other Poems.

Boyland, George Halsted. 0.,1845-

. A physician who served in the

French Army during the Franco-Prus-
sian war and published Six Months
under the Red Cross with the French

Boynton, Charles Brandon. Ms.,
1806-1883. A Presbyterian clergyman
of Cincinnati. Journey Through Kan-
sas (1855) ; The Russian Empire ; The
Four Great Powers ; History of the
American Navy During the Rebellion ;
Doctrines and Duties. Ap.
Boynton, Henry Van Ness. Ms.,

1835 . Son of C. B. Boynton, su-

pra. A journalist of Washington city,
brevetted brigadier-general for service




in the Federal army during the Civil
War. Sherman's Historical Raid; Was
General Thomas Slow at Nashville ?
The National Military Park; Chicka-
mauga-Chattanooga. Clke.

Boynton, Henry Walcott. Conn.,

3869 . A -writer of Andover,

Massachusetts. Life of Washington
Irving ; The Golfer's Rubdiydt ; Jour-
nalism and Literature and Other Es-
says. Hou.

Brace, De Witt Bristol. N. Y.

1859 . A professor of physics at

the University of Nebraska from 1887.
Laws of Radiation and Absorption.

Braden, James Andre-w. O., 18'72-

A journalist of Akron, Ohio.

Far Past the Frontier ; Connecticut
Boys in the Western Reserve.

Bradford, Gamaliel. Ms., 1831 .

A Boston writer on political science.
The Lesson of Popular Government ;
Types of American Character. Mac.

Bradford, Joseph. See Hunter, W. B.

Bradley, John Edwin. II.; 1830-

. An educator, president of Bli-

nois College from 1892. Science and
Industry ; Work and Play : Talks with
Students ; School Incentives ; Health-
fulness of Intellectual Pursuits ; Un-
conscious Education.

Brady, Cyrus Townsend. Pa.,

1861 . An Episcopal clergyman

of Philadelphia. For Love of Country,
a novel ; Stephen Decatur, a brief bi-
ography ; For the Freedom of the Sea ;
Heroes of Our Early Wars ; Under
Tops'ls and Tents ; When Blades are
Out and Love 's Afield ; The Quiberon
Touch ; American Fights and Fighters ;
Reuben James ; Recollections of a Mis-
sionary in the Great West ; Hohenzol-
lern ; A Hazing Interregnum ; In the
Wasp's Nest; Woven with the Ship;
The Southerners ; The Conquest of the
Southwest ; The Bishop ; Sir Henry
Morgan, Buccaneer ; A Doctor of Phi-
losophy ; A Little Traitor to the South ;
The Corner in Coffee ; Indian Fights
and Fighters ; The Records. Dou. Lip.
Scr. Sm.

Bragg, William Chittenden. Mo.,

1845 . A lawyer of Saint Louis.

Digest of Missouri Court of Appeals ;
Missouri Masonic Laws.

Brain, Belle M . O., 1859 .

An educator of Springfield, Ohio. Fuel
for Missionary Fires; Weapons for
Temperance Warfare; The Morning
Watch ; Quaint Thoughts of an Old
Time Army Chaplain ; The Transfor-
mation of Hawaii. Hev.

Braine, Robert D . O., 1861-

. A musician of Springfield, Ohio.

Messages from Mars, or the Strange
Revelations of the Telescope Plant.

Branch, Anna Hempstead. Ct.,

18 . A writer of New London,

Connecticut; The Heart of the Road
and Other Poems. Hou.

Brandenburg, Ed-win Charles. D.

C, 1865 . A professor of law at

Columbian University, Washington city.
The Law of Bankruptcy ; Digest of
Bankruptcy Decisions. He is one of
the editors of the supplement to the
Revised Statutes of the United States.

Brannon, Henry. W. Va., 1837-

A supreme court judge of West Vir-
ginia. Treatise on the Rights and Priv-
ileges Guaranteed by the Fourteenth

Brantley, William Theophilus.
Ga., 1852 . A la-vryer of Balti-
more. The Law of Personal Prop-

Brayton, Alembert Winthrop. N.

Y., 1848 . A mathematician of

Indianapolis. Birds of Indiana ; Mam-
mals of Ohio ; Fishes of the Southern
Allegheny Region.

Brearley, William Henry." Mck.,

1846 . A journalist of Detroit,

and subsequently of New York city.
Recollections of the East Tennessee
Campaign ; Wanted, a Copyist ; Lead-
ing Events of the American Revolution ;
King Washington (with A. Skeel, in-
fra). Lip.

Breckenridge, John. Ey., 1797-1841.
A once noted Presbyterian clergyman.
Roman Catholic Controversy (1836).

Brent, Charles Henry. Ont., 1862-

. The first Protestant Episcopal

bishop of the Philippines. With God
in the World ; The Consolations of the
Cross ; With God in the Nation ; With
God in the Creed. Lgs.

Brent, Henry Johnson. D. C, 1811-
1880. A New York litterateur who
founded the Knickerbocker Magazine
with Lewis Gaylord Clark (page 63).




Among his writings are Life almost
Alone, a novel ; Was it a Ghost ?

Brevoort, James Carson. N. Y.,
1818-1887. A civU engineer of New
York city. Verrazano tlie Navigator.

Bre"wer, Daniel Chauncey. Ms.,

1861 . A Boston lawyer who has

published Madeleine, a Poem in Frag-

Bre-wer, David Josiah. A. M. 1837-
. An associate justice of the Su-
preme Court of the United States from
1889. The Pew to the Pulpit; The
Twentieth Century from Another
View Point ; American Citizenship.
Rev. Scr.

Brewster, Anne M Hampton.

Pa., 1818-1892. A writer whose later
life was passed in Rome. Compensation,
or Always a Future ; St. Martin's Sum-

Brewster, Charles "Warren. N. H.,
1812-1868. A journalist of Ports-
mouth, New Hampshire. Fifty Years
in a Printing Office ; Rambles about

Brewster, Chauncey Bunoe. Ct.,
1848 . The fifth Protestant Epis-
copal bishop of Connecticut. Key of
Life : Good Friday Addresses.

Brewster, Frederick Carroll. Pa.,
1825-1898. A jurist of Philadelphia,
attorney-general of his state in 1869.
Equity Practice in Pennsylvania ; Trea-

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