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tise on Practice in the Pennsylvania
Courts of Common Pleas ; Moli^re in
Outline ; Life and Novels of Benjamin

Bridge, Horatio. Me., 1806-1893.
A United States naval officer. Journal
of an African Cruiser.

Bridge, Norman. Vt., 1844-

physician long resident in Chicago, but
more recently in Pasadena, California.
The Penalties of Taste and Other Es-
says ; The Rewards of Taste ; Lectures
on Tuberculosis. S,

Bridgman, Elijah Cole. Ms., 1801-
1861. A missionary to China. Chres-
tomathy in Canton Dialect, the first
practical manual of that dialect pre-
pared in China.

Bridgman, Frederic Arthur. Al,

1847 . A noted painter of Oriental

subjects. Winters in Algeria ; Anarchy
in Art ; The Idol and the Ideal.

Bridgman, Marcus Fayette. Vt.,
1824-1899. A physician and verse-
writer of Boston. Mosaics ; Under
the Pine ; Tales at the Manse.

Briggs,LeBaron Russell. Ms., 1855-
. A professor of English at Har-
vard University from 1885, dean of the
University from 1891, and president of
RadclifEe College from 1903. Original
Charades ; School, College, and Char-
acter; Routine and Ideals. Hou. Scr.

Brigham, Gershom Nelson. Vt,
1820-1886. A homoeopathic physician
of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Catarrhal
Diseases ; Pulmonary Consumption ;
Harvest Moon, a volume of verse.

Brigham, Mrs. Sarah J [Lath-
bury]. iV. F., 1835 . A writer and

illustrator for children. The Pleasant
Land of Play ; Under Blue Skies.

Brigham, Sarah Prentice. Ms., 1833-

. A writer for young people.

Alice Field ; The Stolen Gold Piece ;
The Forged Letter and Other Stories.

Brimmer, Martin. Ms., 1829-1896.
A once prominent citizen of Boston.
Egypt : Three Essays on the History,
Religion, and Art of Ancient Egypt.

Brine, Mrs. Mary D[ow] [North-
am]. iV. Y., 18 . A popular

New York city writer of juvenile and
other works, mainly in verse, among
which Grandma's Attic Treasuresis best
known. Others are Grandma's Memo-
ries ; Aunt Patience ; The Mother's
Song ; From Gold to Gray ; Bessie and
Bee ; Bessie the Cash Girl ; My Boy
and I. Cas. Dut. Meth,

Briscoe, Margaret Sutton. See
Hopkins, Mrs. Margaret.

Bristol, Frank Milton. N. Y., 1851-

. A Methodist clergyman, long

prominent in Chicago. Providential
Epochs ; The Ministry of Art ; Shake-
speare and America.

Brittan, Harriette G . 1823-1897.

A missionary in India. Scenes and
Incidents of Every-day Life in Africa ;
Kardoo, the Hindoo girl ; Shoshie, the
Indian Zenana Teacher; A Woman's
Talks about India.

Brocklesby, John. E., 1811-1889.
An educator, professor of mathematics
and natural philosophy at Trinity Col-
lege, 1842-73, and of astronomy and




natural philosophy, 1873-84. Elements
of Meteorolog'y ; Views of the Micro-
scopic World ; Elements of Physical
Geography ; The Amateur Microscopist.

Bronson, Walter Cochrane. Ms.,

1862 . A professor of literature

at Brown University from 1892. A
Short History of American Literature.

Brooks, Francis. Tn., 1867-1898.
Margins ; Complete Poems.

Brooks, Fred Emerson. N. Y.,
1850 — ■ — . A popular writer of hu-
morous verse. Pickett's Charge and
Other Poems ; Old Ace and Other

Brooks, Geraldine. Pa., 1875 .

Daughter of E. S. Brooks (page 38).
A writer of New York city. Dames
and Daughters of Colonial

Dames and Daughters of the Young
Republic ; Romances of Colonial Days.

Brooks, Henry S . E., 183—

. A litterateur of New York city.

The California Mountaineer ; Dona
Paula's Treasure ; A Catastrophe in
Bohemia, and Other Stories.

Brooks, Hildegard. Sary., 1875-

A novelist of Newburgh, New York.
Without a Warrant ; The Master of
Caxton ; Daughters of Desperation.
Brooks, John Graham, N. H., 1846-

. A noted lecturer on economics,

residing in Cambridge. The Social
Unrest. Mac.

Bro-wer, Jacob Vradenburg. Mch ,

1844 . A Minnesota explorer.

The Mississippi River and its Utmost
Source ; Prehistoric Man at the Head
Waters of the Mississippi ; The Mis-
souri River and its Sources ; Quivira ;
Harakey ; Mille I^ac ; Minnesota : Dis-
covery of its Area, 1541-1665.

BroTvn, Abbie Farwell. Ms., 18 —

. A Boston writer for young

people. A Pocketful of Posies ; In the
Days of Giants ; The Book of Saints
and Friendly Beasts ; The Lonesomest
Doll ; The Curious Book of Birds ;
The Flower Princess. Hou.

Brown, Calvin Smith. Tn., 1866-
. An instructor in English in Rut-
gers College from 1901. The Later
English Drama.

Brown, Charles Reynolds. W. Va.,
1862 . A Congregational clergy-
man of Oakland, California. Two Par-
ables ; The Main Points. Rev.

Brown, Elmer Ellsworth. N. Y.,

1861 . A professor of education

in the University of California. The
Making of Our Middle Schools. Lgs.

Brown, Ernest William. E., 1866-
. A professor of applied mathema-
tics at Haverford College, Pennsylvania.
Treatise on the Lunar Theory. Mac.

Brown, Glenn. Va., 1854 . An

architect of Washington city. Treatise
on Water Closets ; Healthy Founda-
tions for Houses ; History of the United
States Capitol ; European and Japan-
ese Gardens.

Brown, Howard Nicholson. N.Y.,

1849 . A Unitarian clergyman

of Boston, rector of King's Chapel
from 1895. The Spiritual Life ; Sunday
Stories ; Sermons in King's Chapel.

Brown, Hubert William. 18 .

A Presbyterian clergyman, for many
years a missionary in Mexico. Latin
America. Rev.

Brow^n, John How^ard. N. F.,

1840 . A Boston writer who has

edited the Cyclopaedia of American
Biography. American Naval Heroes.

Brown, John Newton. Ct., 1803-
1868. A Baptist clergyman who edited
an Encyclopaedia of Religious Know-
ledge and was the autlior of Memorials
of Baptist Martyrs ; Poems ; The New
Hampshire Confession.

Brown, Joseph Brownlee. S. C,
1824-1888. A tliinker of transcen-
dental tendencies, best remembered by
his short poem, The Cry of the Ten

Brow^n, Katherine Louise. Ms.,

1857 . An educator of Boston.

Little People ; The Plant Baby and
its Friends ; Alice and Tom.

Brovrn, Marshall Stewart. N. H.

1870 . A professor of history and

political science in New York Univer-
sity. Epoch-Making Papers in United
States History ; History of the Zeta
Psi Fraternity.

Brown, Moses True. N. H., 1827-
1900. An elocutionist, long resident in
Boston. The Synthetic Philosophy of
Expression. Hou,




Brown, Ray. Ct, 1865 . An

illustrator of ^iew York city. Book of
Child's Songs ; Stage Lyrics ; Ameri-
can Ships and Sailors. l)o.

Brown, Solyman. Ct., 1790-1876.
A Swedenborgian minister of New
York city. Essay on American Poetry
(1814) ; Dentologia ; Dental Hygeia.

Brown, William Adams. N. F.,

1865 . A Presbyterian clergyman

of New York city, professor of system-
atic theology in Union Theological Sem-
inary from 1898. Musical Instruments
and Their Homes ; The Essence of
Christianity. Do. Scr.

Brown, William Garrott. Al,

1868 . A librarian of Cambridge.

A Short Life of Andrew Jackson ; a
similar Life of Stephen A. Douglas ;
The Lower Sonth in American His-
tory; A History of Alabama ; A Gentle-
man of the South ; The Foe of Com-
promise, and Other Essays ; The HLstory
of the United States since the Civil
War ; Selden : a Memory of the Black
Belt ; Golf. Hou. Mac.

Brown, William Montgomery. O.,
1855 . The fifth Protestant Epis-
copal bishop of Arkansas. The
Church for Americans. Wh.

Browne, Causten. D. C, 1828-

A lawyer of Boston. Treatise on the
Construction of the Statute of Frauds.

Browne, George Waldo. N. H.,

1851 . A writer for young people

who has published under his own name,
A Daughter of Maryland ; The Young
Gunbearer ; Two American Boys in
Hawaii ; The Hero of the Hills ; The
Paradise of the Pacific ; The Hawaiian
Islands ; The Pearl of the Orient ; The
Philippine Islands, and other works ;
and under the pseudonym " Victor
Saint Clair," For Home and Honor ;
Zip the Acrobat ; Break o' Day Boys,
and other juveniles. Est. Pa.
Brownson, Henry Francis. Ms.,

1835 . Son of O. A. Brownson

(page 41). A lawyer of Detroit who
served in the Federal army during the
Civil War. He is the author of a Life
of Orestes A. Brownson ; Equality and
Democracy ; Faith and Science ; and
of a translation of Balme'a Fundamen-
tal Philosophy.

Bruce, Henry [Goodnow^]. 18 —
. An historical writer. James Ed-
ward Oglethorpe and the Founding of
the Georgia Colony ; Samuel Houston
and the Annexation of Texas. Do.

Bruce, Philip Alexander. Va.,

1856 . An historical writer of

Richmond, Virginia. The Plantation
Negro as a Freeman ; The Economio
History of Virginia in the Seventeenth
Century ; Short History of the United
States. Am. Mac. Put.

Bruce, Saunders Dewees, Ky.,
1825-1902. A New York journalist,
editor of Turf, Field, and Farm from
1866. The American Stud Book ;
Horse-Breeder's Guide ; The Thorough-
bred Horse.

Brush, George Jarvis. L. I., 1831-
. A mineralogist, professor of met-
allurgy in the Scientific School of Yale
University. A Manual of Determinative

Bryan, William Jennings. II.,
1860 . A noted politician of Lin-
coln, Nebraska, prominent in 1896 and
1900 as the Democratic candidate for
the Presidency. The First Battle : a
Story of the Campaign of 1896.

Bryant, Anna Burnham. N. H.

186 . A writer of juvenile books,

among which are Fussbudgett's Folks ;
Wellspring Series ; Holly Berry Series ;
The Christmas Cat.

Buck, Albert Henry. N. Y., 1842-

. Son of Gurdon Buck (page 42).

A New York physician. Diseases of the
Ear ; Vest-pocket Medical Dictionary.

Buck, Jirah Dewey. iV". Y., 1838-

. A homoeopathic physician of

Cincinnati. A Study of Man ; Mystic
Masonry ; Paracelsus and Other Es-
says ; Nature and Aim of Theosophy ;
Why I Am a Theosophist. Clke.

Buckalew, Charles Rollin. Pa.,
1821-1899. A prominent United States
Senator from Pennsylvania. Propor-
tional Representation ; An Examination
of the Constitution of Pennsylvania.

Buckham, James. Vt., 1858 .

The Heart of Life, a book of verse ;
Where Town and Country Meet.

Buehler, Huber Gray. Pa.. 1864-
. An educator at Lakeville, Con-
necticut. Practical Exercises in Eng-
lish J Modem English Grammar.




Buel, Clarence Clough, N. Y.,

1856 . An assistant editor of the

Century Magazine. Battles and Leaders
of the Civil War.

Buel, James William. IL, 1849-
. An author of Philadelphia. Rus-
sian Nihilism and ExUe Life in Siberia ;
The World's Wonders ; Sea and Land ;
The Beautiful Story; The Living
World ; The Story of Man ; Heroes of
the Dark Continent ; America's Won-
derlands; The Magic City; Buel's
Manual of Self-Help ; Beautiful Paris ;
The Great Operas; Great Achieve-
ments of the Century ; Hero Tales.

Buell, Augustus C . N. Y., 1846-

1904. A civil engineer of note. Paul
Jones, a biography ; Life of William
Penn ; History of Andrew Jackson ;
Sir William Johnson. Ap. Scr.

Buell, Marcus Darius. N. Y., 1851-
. A Methodist theologian, profes-
sor at Boston University from 1884.
Studies in the Greek Text of the Gos-
pel of Saint Mark.

Bugg, Lelia Hardin. Mo., 18 .

A Roman Catholic writer of Wichita,
Kansas. The People of Our Parish ;
The Correct Thing for Catholics;
Orchids, a novel ; The Prodigal's
Daughter ; A Lady. Mar.

Bulkeley, Lucius Duncan. N. Y.,

1845 . A physician of New York

city. Analysis of Eight Thousand
Cases of Skin Diseases ; Acne and its
Treatment ; Syphilis in the Innocent ;
Manual of Diseases of the Skin;
Eczema and its Treatment.

Bull, Charles Stedman. N. Y.,

1846 . A noted oculist. Choroditis

Following Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis ;
Influenza of the Fifth Nerve in Iritis
and Choroditis ; Symptomatology and
Pathology of Intercranial Tumours.

Bull, Mrs. Sara Chapman [Thorp]

1850 . In 1870 she was married

to Ole Bull, the famous Norwegian
violinist, and in 1882 she wrote his life.

Buljock, Charles Jesse. Ms., 1869-
. An assistant professor in econo-
mics at Harvard University. Intro-
duction to the Study of Economics;
Finances of the United States from
1775 to 1789; Essay on the Monetary
History of the United States. Mac,

Bumpus, Hermon Carey. Me.,
1862 . A professor of compara-
tive anatomy in Brown University from
1892. A Laboratory Course in Inverte-
brate Zoology.

Buntline, Ned. See Judson, Edward
(page 214).

Burdick, Francis Marion. N. Y.,
1845 . A professor of law at Co-
lumbia University from 1891. Cases on
Torts ; Cases on Sales ; The Law of
Sales ; Cases on Partnership ; The Law
of Partnership. Lit.

Burgess, [Frank] Gelett. Ms., 1866-

. A humorous writer of Boston,

editor of The Lark at San Francisco,
1895 - 97, and subsequently of other
humorous periodicals. Viviette, or the
Memoirs of the Romance Association ;
Goop Babies : a Manual of Instruction
for Polite Infants ; The Lively City o'
Ligg ; The Burgess Nonsense Book ;
A Gage of Youth ; The Picaroons (with
T. Irwin) ; The Reign of Queen Isyl.
Cent. Dou. Scr. Sm. Sto.

Burkett, Charles "William. O.,

1873 . A professor of agriculture

in the New Hampshire Agricultural
College. History of Ohio Agriculture ;
Feeding Farm Animals ; Agriculture
for Beginners (joint author). Gi,

Burnham, Benjamin Franklin. Vt.,

1831 . A Boston jurist. Leading

in Law and Curious in Court ; The
Life of Lives ; Elsmere Elsewhere ;
Records of Jesus Reviewed.

Burnham, Sarah Maria. Vt., 1818-
1901. An educator who taught in the
schools of Cambridge, 1843-79. The
Struggles of the Nations ; Pleasant
Memories of Foreign Travel ; Roman
Stories in the Time of Claudius I. ;
Precious Stones in Natural History and
Literature ; The History and Uses of
Limestones and Marbles ; Biographical
Sketches of Some Ancient People.

Burr, "William Henry. N. Y., 1819-

. A stenographer of Washington

city. Self -Contradictions of the Bible ;
Revelations of Antichrist.

Burrell, David James. Pa., 1849-

. A Presbyterian clergyman of

New York city. The Religions of the
World ; Hints and Helps ; The Gospel
of Gladness ; The Morning Cometh ;
The Religion of the Future ; The Early




Church ; The Wondrous Cross ; God
and the People ; The Spirit of the
Age ; For Christ's Crown ; The
Golden Passional ; The Unaccountable
Man and Other Sermons ; The Won-
derful Teacher ; The Church in the
Fort ; The Gospel of Certainty.

Burrill, Thomas Jonathan. Ms.,
1839 . A naturalist, vice-presi-
dent of the University of Illinois from
1882. The Bacteria ; Urediuce, or Par-
asitic Fungi of Illinois.

Burroughs, Stephen. JSf. H., 1765-
1840. A once famous adventurer whose
Memoirs of My Own Life (1811) were
long popular. In his later years he
was a successful and beloved educator
in Canada.

Burton, Nathaniel Judson. Ct,
1824-1887. A Congregational clergy-
man whose sou, R. E. Burton, is men-
tioned on page 46. In Pulpit and Par-
ish : Yale Lectures on Preaching, and
Other Writings. C. P. S.

Burton, Theodore Elijah. O., 1851-

. A lawyer of Cleveland, member

of Congress, 1889-91, and from 1895.
Financial Crises aud Periods of Indus-
trial and Commercial Depression. Ap.

Busey, Samuel Clagett. Md., 1823-
. A Washington physician. Ac-
quired Forms ; Lymph Channels ;
Reminiscences ; A Souvenir ; Pictures
of the City of Washington in the Past.

Butler, Amos William. Ind., 1860-

. A naturalist of Indianapolis.

The Birds of Indiana.

Butler, Benjamin Franklin. N. H.,
1818-1893. A noted lawyer and poli-
tician of Lowell, Massachusetts, major-
general in the Federal army during the
Civil War. He published his Auto-
biography and Reminiscences in 1892.

Butler, Charles Henry. 1859 .

Son of W. A. Butler (page 47). A
lawyer of New York city. The Voice
of the Nation ; Our Relations with
Spain ; Freedom of Private Property
on the Sea ; Cuba Must be Free ;
Treaty-Making Power of the United

Butler, Howard Crosby. N. Y.i

1872 . Scotland's Ruined Abbeys ;

The Story of Athens ; Architecture and
Other Arts of Syria. Cas. Cent. Mac.

Butler, James Davie. Vt., 1815-

. A Wisconsin educator, in earlier

life a Congregational clergyman, who
has published many monographs of
antiquarian and historical interest.

Butler, William Morris. N. Y".,

1850 . A physician of New York

city. Home Care for the Insane.

Butler, William Orlando. Ky.,VlQ\-
1880. A soldier and politician. The
Boatman's Horn and Other Poems. See
Life by Blair, 1848.

Butts, Edmund Luther. Min., 1868-
. An army officer who has pub-
lished a Manual of Physical Training
for the United States Army. Ap.

Byford, Henry Turman. Ind., 1853-

. A surgeon of Chicago. Manual

of Gynecology ; Diseases of Women
(with W. H. Byford, page 48) ; Ameri-
can Text Book of Gynecology.

Byrne, Austin Thomas. Me., 1859-

. A civil engineer. Highway

Construction ; Inspection of Materials
and Workmanship Employed in Con-
struction. Wil.

Byrne, William. I., 1836 . A

Roman Catholic clergyman, vicar-gen-
eral of the archdiocese of Boston.
Catholic Doctrine ; Devout Manual.

Byrum, Enoch Edwin. Ind., 1861-

. A clergyman of the Church of

God denomination who has written
The Secret of Salvation ; Divine Heal-
ing ; The Boy's Companion ; The Great
Physician, and other works.

Cabell, James Branch. Va., 1879-

. A novelist who has published

The Eagles of Shadow.

Cadwallader, Richard McCall.
N. J., 1839 . A lawyer of Phila-
delphia. The Law of Ground Rents.

Caffin, Charles Henry. E., 1854-

. Art critic of the New York Sun

from 1901. American Masters of Paint-
ing ; Photography as a Fine Art.

Caldwell, Joshua William. Tn.,

1856 . A lawyer of Knoxville,

Tennessee. Constitutional History of
Tennessee ; Bench and Bar of Ten-

Call, Annie Payson. Ms., 1853-
. A teacher of nerve training.




Power through Repose ; As a Matter
of Course. Lit,
Callahan, James Morton. Ind.,

1864 . An historical lecturer at

Johns Hopkins University. Neutrality
of the American Lakes ; Cuba and In-
ternational Relations ; American Rela-
tions in the Pacific and the Far East ;
Confederate Diplomacy ; The American
Expansion Policy ; Introduction to
American Foreign Policy ; The United
States and Canada. J. H. U.

Callender, Edward Belcher. Ms.,

1851 . A Boston lawyer, author

of Thaddeus Stevens, Commoner.

Callender, Guy Stevens. O., 1865-
. An historical writer who pub-
lished English Capital and American
Resources in 1815-1860.

Cameron, Archibald. S., 1771-
1836. A Presbyterian clergyman of
Kentucky. The Faithful Steward ;
An Appeal to the Scriptures ; A De-
fence of the Doctrines of Grace ; A
Reply to Some Arminian Questions in
Divine Predestination.

Campbell, Tloy. Mo., 1873— .

Camp Arcady, a story for girls.

Campbell, James M . S., 1840-

. A Congregational clergyman at

Lombard, Illinois. Clerical Types ;
Unto the Uttermost ; The Indwelling
Christ ; After Pentecost — What ? ; Bi-
ble Questions. Fu. Rev.

Campbell, John. S., 1839 . A

Brooklyn physician. The Land of

Campbell, John Lome. Ont., 1845-
. A Baptist clergyman of Cam-
bridge, pastor of the Central Square
Baptist Church. Heavenly Recogni-
tion and Other Sermons ; Sanctifica-

Campbell, John Tenbrook. Ind.,

1833 . An Indiana civil engineer.

National Finances ; Labour Reform.

Candee, Helen Churchill. L. I.,

1861 . A novelist and journalist

of New York city. An Oklahoma Ro-
mance ; How Women May Earn a Liv-
ing ; Susan Truslow ; Not on the Flag.
Canfield, James Hulme. O., 1847-

. An educator, president of Ohio

State University, 1895-99, and librarian

of Columbia University from 1899.
Taxation ; a Plain Talk for Plain Peo-
ple ; Short History of Kansas ; Local
Government in Kansas ; The College
Student and his Problems. Mac.

Cannon, George Lyman. N. Y.,

1860 . An educator of Denver.

The Geology of Denver; Quarternary
of the Platte Valley ; Nature Studies
about Denver.

Capps, Edward. II., 1866 . A

professor of Greek at the University of
Chicago from 1892. From Homer to
Theocritus. Scr.

Carhart, Henry Smith. N. Y.,

1844 . A professor of physics at

the University of Michigan from 1886.
Primary Batteries; Elements of Phy-
sic^ ; University Physics ; Electrical

Carpenter, Frank Oliver. Ms.,

1858 . An educator of Boston.

French Grammar for High Schools ;
Guide Book to the Franconia Notch.

Carpenter, George Rice. Labrador,

1863 . A professor of rhetoric in

Columbia University from 1893. Life
of John Greenleaf Whittier ; Elements
of Rhetoric and English Composition ;
Principles of English Grammar; Henry
Wadsworth Longfellow, a brief bio-
graphy; The Teaching of English.
Hou. Lip. Mac. Sm.

Carpenter, RoUa Clinton. Mch.,

1852 . A professor of engineering

at Cornell University. Experimental
Engineering ; Heating and Ventilating
Buildings : an elementary treatise. Wil.

Carpenter, William. E., 1830-1896.
An eccentric English printer and ste-
nographer who removed from England
to Baltimore in 1879. He strenuously
advocated the theory that the earth is
flat, revolving on a central axis with
the sun stationary over the centre.
Among his various writings are. The
Earth not a Globe, by Common Sense ;
Sir Isaac Newton's Theoretical Astro-
nomy Examined and Refuted by Com-
mon Sense ; Water not Convex ; Proc-
tor's Planet Earth ; Something about

Carpenter, William Henry. E.,
1813-1899. A miscellaneous writer of
Baltimore, who had resided in the
United States for nearly seventy years.




With T. S. Arthur (page 12), he wrote
a series of state histories including
History of Massachusetts; History of
Georgia (1853) ; History of New Jersey
(1858); History of Vermont (1853).
Among his other works are Ruth Ev-
ersley ; The Betrothed Maiden ; the
Regicide Daughter.

Carroll, John Joseph. I., 1856-

. A Roman Catholic clergyman

of Chicago, of prominence as a Gaelic
scholar. Notes and Observations on
the Aryan Race and Tongue ; Pre-
Christian Occupation of Ireland by the
Gaelic Aryans ; Tale of the Wanderings
of the Red Lance.

Carruth, Frances Weston. Ms.,

1867 . A New York writer.

Those Dale Girls; The Way of Be-
linda ; Fictional Rambles in and about
Boston. Mg.

Carruth, Fred Hay den. Min., 1862-

. A journalist of Poughkeepsie.

The Adventures of Jones; The Voy-
age of the Rattletrap ; Mr. Milo Bush
and Other Worthies ; Handbook of Golf
for Bears. Sar.

Carryl, Guy Wetmore. N. Y.,
1873-1904. SonofC.E. Carryl (page 53).
A litterateur of Boston. Fables for the
Frivolous ; Mother Goose for Grown-
ups ; Grimm Tales Made Gay ; Zut,
and Other Parisians ; The Lieutenant
Governor ; Far from the Madding
Girls ; The Transgression of Andrew
Vane. The Garden of Years (verse).
Har. Ho. Hou.

Carson, Hampton Lawrence. Pa.,

1852 . A lawyer of Philadelphia.

The Law of Criminal Conspiracy ;
History of the Supreme Court of the
United States ; History of the Centen-
nial Celebration of the Framing of the
United States Constitution.

Carson, William Henry. N. Y.,

1859 . A novelist of New York

city. Hester Blaire ; The Fool ; Tito.

Carter, James Coolidge. Ms., 1827-

. A lawyer of New York city.

The Codification of Our Common Law.

Cams, Paul. E., 1852-

A phi-
losophical writer of Chicago, editor of
The Open Court. The Ethical Pro-
blem ; Fundamental Problems ; The
Soul of Man ; Primer of Philosophy ;
Truth in Fiction ; Monism and Melior-

ism ; The Religion of Science ; Science,
a Religious Revelation ; The Gospel
of Buddhism ; Karma ; A Story of
Early Buddhism ; Nirvana; Homilies of
Science ; The Idea of God ; Buddhism
and its Christian Critics ; The Dawn
of a New Era, and Other Essays ; The
Soul of Man; Whence and Whither? ;
Kant and Spencer ; Eros and Psyche ;
History of the Devil and the Idea of
Evil ; The Chief's Daughter ; Godward.
Caruthers, Eli Washington. N. C,
1793-1865. A Presbyterian clergyman
of Allamance, North Carolina. Life
of David Caldwell ; Revolutionary In-
cidents and Sketches of Character,
chiefly in the Old North State.

Carver, Jonathan. Ct., 1732-1780.
A traveller who made very important
explorations in the region now known
as Minnesota, and died in London in
great poverty. Travels through the
Interior Parts of North America in
1766—68 ; Treatise on the Culture of
the Tobacco Plant. Under his name
was published The New Universal
Traveller. See Dictionary of National
Biography, vol. 9 ; Tyler's Literary His-
tory of the American Revolution ; J. G.
Gregory'' s Jonathan Carver (1896).

Cary, Elizabeth Luther, i. I., 1867-

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