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Crawford, Mary Caroline. Ms.,

1874 . A journalist of Boston. The

Romance of Old New England Roof-
trees ; The Romance of Old New
England Churches ; The College Girl
in America. Pa.

Cra-wford, Samuel Wylie. Pa.,
1827-1892. A physician who served
as colonel in the Federal army during
the Civil War, retiring from the service
in 1873 with the rank of brigadier-gen-
eral. The Genesis of the Civil War.

Crawsha-w, William Henry. iV. Y.,

1861 . A professor of English

literature in Colgate University, Hamil-
ton, New York. The Interpretation of
Literature ; Dry den's Palamon and Ar-
cite ; Literary Interpretation of Life.

Creelman, James. Q., 1859 . A

New York journalist. On the Great
Highway ; Eagle Blood. Lo.

Cressey, George Cros\Arell. Me.,

1856 . A Unitarian clergyman of

Portland, Oregon. The Essential Man ;
Mental Evolution ; Philosophy of Reli-
gion ; The Doctrine of Immortality in
Liberal Thought ; Soul Power. FJl.

Cr^veccEur, Jean Hector Saint-
John de. F., 1731-1813. A writer
of French birth who settled in Pennsyl-
vania at the age of twenty-three, long
famous for his Letters from an Am-
erican Farmer, which was translated
into French, German, and Dutch — a
work which had much influence in stim-
ulating emigration to America, and a
distinct literary value. His other works
include La Culture des Pommes de
Terre ; Voyage dans la Haute Pennsyl-
vanie et dans I'Etat de New York. See
Tyler'' s Literary History of the American

Crockett, Ingham. Ky., 1856 .

A writer of Henderson, Kentucky.
Beneath Blue Skies and Gray : a Year
Book of Kentucky Woods and Fields.

Crocker, Joseph Henry. Me., 1850-

. A Unitarian clergyman of Ann

Arbor. Jesus Brought Back; Prob-
lems in American Society ; The New
Bible and its New Uses ; The Growth of
Christianity ; Different New Testament
Views of Jesus ; A Plea for Sincerity ;
The Supremacy of Kindness ; The Men-
ace to America ; Religious Freedom in
American Education ; The Historical
Jesus. El. Mac.

Crosby, Ernest Howard. N. F.,

1856 . Son of H. Crosby (page 80),

A social reformer in New York city.
Plain Talk in Psalm and Parable ; War
Echoes ; Swords and Plowshares ; Cap-
tain Jinks, Hero, a satire on military
life. Fu. Sm.

Crosby, Fanny J, See Van Alstyne,

Cross, Roselle Theodore, N. Y.,

1844 . A Congregational clergy-
man of Colorado. Home Duties ; Clear
as Crystal ; History of Congregational-
ism in Colorado.

Cross, Wilbur Lucius. Ct., 1862-

. A professor of English in the

Sheffield Scientific School of Yale Uni-
versity fi'om 1897. The Development
of the English Novel. Mac.

Cr Others, Samuel Mc Chord, H.,

1857 . A Unitarian clergyman of

Cambridge, Massachusetts. Members
of One Body; Miss MufFet's Christ-
mas Party ; The Gentle Reader ; The
Understanding Heart. El. Hou.

Crothers, Thomas Davison. N. Y.,




1842 . A physician of Hartford,

editor of the Journal of Inebriety.
Disease of Inebriety (1893) ; Drug
Habits and their Treatment ; Mor-
phinism and Other Drug Diseases.

Crowell, John. Pa., 1814 . A

Presbyterian clergyman of East Orange,
New Jersey. liepublics or Popular
Governments an Appointment of God ;
Christ in all the Scriptures.

Crowell, John Franklin. Pa., 1857-

. A writer on economics. The

True Function of the American Col-
lege ; Taxation in American Colonies ;
The Logical Process of Social Devel-
opment ; Economic Aspects of British
Agriculture. Uo.

Crowley, Mary Catherine. Ifs., 18 —
. A novelist of Detroit. A Daugh-
ter of New France ; The Heroine of
the Strait ; Love Thrives in War. Lit.

Crow^ninshield, Mrs. Mary [Brad-
ford]. Me., 1854 . A writer of

Washington city. All among the
Lighthouses : Where the Trade Wind
Blows : West Indian Tales ; Latitude
19° ; The Lighthouse Children Abroad ;
Plucky Smalls ; San Isidro ; Ignora-
muses ; The Archbishop and the Lady ;
Valencia's Garden. Ap. Lo. Mac. S.

Crowninshield, Mrs. Schuyler. See

Crowninshield, Mrs. Mary.

Cummings, Charles Amos. Ms., 1833

. An architect of Boston. History

of Architecture in Italy, from the Time
of Constantino to the Dawn of the Re-
naissance ; A Cyclopedia of Works of
Architecture in Greece, Italy and the
Levant (with W. P. P. Longfellow,
supra). Hou.

Cuokson, John. ^., 1846 . A Uni-
tarian clergyman of Plymouth, Massa-
chusetts. Faith and Fellowship. Hou,

Curran, John Elliott. N. Y., 1818-
1890. A litterateur of New York city.
Miss Frances Merley, a novel.

Currier, Charles Warren. W. I.
1857 . A Roman Catholic clergy-
man of Washington city, among whose
published works are Carmel in America;
History of Religious Orders ; Church
and Saints ; The Divinity of Christ ;
The Mass.

Curtis, Charles Boyd. N. Y., 1827-

. A lawyer and author of New

York city. Description and Historical

Catalogue of the Works of Velasquez
and Murillo ; Rembrandt Etchings.

Curtis, Harriot F . F<., 1813-

1889. A novelist and journalist who
organized the first known woman's
club, and was senior editor of the noted
Lowell Offering. Kate in Search of a
Husband ; The Smugglers ; Truth's
Pilgrimage ; Jessie's Flirtations ; S. S.
Philosophy. Har.

Curtis, Mattoon Monroe. N. F.,

1858 . A professor of philosophy

at Western Reserve University, Cleve-
land. Locke's Ethics ; Philosophy
and Physical Science ; Philosophy in

Curtiss, Samuel Ives. Ct., 1844-
1904. A Congregational clergyman,
professor in the Chicago Theological
Seminary from 1878. The Name Mach-
abee ; The Levitical Priests ; Ingersoll
and Moses ; The Date of Our Gospels.

Cushing, Frank Hamilton. Pa.,
1857-1900. An ethnologist of note,
now in Government service, who lived
with the Zuiii Indians 1878-81. My
Adventures in Zuiii ; Mental Concepts,
or Hand-Made Mind; The Myths of
Creation ; The Arrow.

Cushing, Harry Alonzo. Ms., 1870-

. An instructor in history in

Columbia University. History of the
Transition from Provincial to Common-
wealtli Government in Massachusetts.
King's College in the American Revo-

Cushman, Herbert Ernest. Me.,

1865 . A professor of philosophy

at Tufts College, Medford, Massachu-
setts, who has translated Wendelband's
Geschichte der Alten Philosophie ; The
Truth in Christian Science. Scr.

Cutler, Manasseh. Ct., 1742-1823. A
Congregational clergyman of Hamilton,
Massachusetts, who was among the
founders of the first settlement in Ohio,
at Marietta. He was a member of
Congress 1801-05, and in his day was
especially prominent in the field of
scientific research. In 1888 his Life,
Journals and Correspondence was pub-
lished under the editorship of his grand-
sons. His son, J. Cutler, is mentioned
on page 84. Clke.

Cutting, Mrs. Mary Stewart
[Doubleday]. N. Y., 1851 . A




writer of East Orange, New Jersey.
Little Stories of Married Life ; Fairy
Gold ; The Coupons of Fortune ; Heart
of Lynn.
Cutts, James Madison. Me., 1805-
1863. A civil service official, second
comptroller of the treasury during' the
administrations of Buchanan and Lin-
coln. The Conquest of California and
New Mexico ( 1847) ; A Brief Treatise
upon Constitutional and Parliamentary

Dabney, Julia Parker. Fayal, 1850-
. An artist and novelist of Brook-
line, Massachusetts. Little Daughter
of the Sun ; Poor Chola, — both stories
of life in Teneriffe ; Songs of Destiny
and Others ; Musical Basis of Verse.
Dut. Lit.

Da Costa, John Chalmers. Pa.,

1863 . A surgeon of Philadelphia.

A Manual of Modern Surgery.

Daggett, Mrs. Mary [Ste-wart]. O.,

1854 ■ — . A novelist of Pasadena,

California. Mariposilla; The Broad

Dahlgren, Charles Bunker. Pa.,

1839 . Son of J. A. Dahlgren

(page 85). A naval engineer and com-
mander. Historic Mines of Mexico.

Dale, Alan. See Cohen, Alfred.

Dale, Thomas Nelson. iV. Y., 1845-

. A geologist. A Study of the

Rhaetic Strata of the Val di Ledro in
the South Tyrol ; The Outskirts of
Physical Science, a collection of essays ;
Mount Greylock, its Areal and Struc-
tural Geology.

Dallas, Mrs. Mary [Kyle]. Pa.,
1830-1897. A Philadelphia fiction-
writer. Billtry.

Dallinger, Frederick William. Ms.,

1871 . A politician of Cambridge.

Nominations for Elective Office in the
United States. Lgs.

Damon, William Emerson. Vt.,

1838 . A naturalist of New York

city. Ocean Wonders.

Dana, Marvin. N. Y., 1867-

New York writer. Mater Christi and
Other Poems ; History of General Cus-
ter ; The Woman of Orchids ; A Puri-
tan Witch.

Daniels, George Fisher. Ms., 1820-
. A notary public of Oxford, Mas-
sachusetts. The Huguenots in the Nip-
muck Country prior to 1713 ; History
of Oxford.

Daniels, Mrs. Gertrude [Potter].

18 . A novelist. Halamar ;

The Warners.

Daniels, Winthrop Moore. O.,

1867 ■ A professor of political

economy at Princeton University. Ele-
ments of Public Finance. Ho.

Darnell, Henry Faulkner. E., 1831-

. An Episcopal clergyman at Avon,

New York, from 1883. The Cross
Roads ; Songs by the Way ; Verses in
Memory of Bishop Mountain ; Songs
of the Seasons ; A Nation's Thanks-
giving ; A Psalm of Praise ; Philip
Hazebrook, or the Junior Curate ;
Flossy ; The Craze of Christian Engle-
hart ; Kindesliebe ; Memorabilia of the
Presidents of the United States; A
Four-Leaved Clover.

Daskam, Josephine Dodge. See
Bacon, Mrs. Josephine Dodge Daskam.

Davenport, Charles Benedict. Ct.,

1866 . An instructor in zoology

at Harvard University from 1888.
Experimental Morphology ; Statistical
Methods with special reference to
Biological Variation ; Introduction to
Zoology (with G. Crotty). Mac. Wil.

Davenport, Herbert Joseph. Vt.,

1861 . An educator of Chicago.

Outlines of Economic Theory ; Ele-
mentary Economic Theory ; Principles
of Grammar. Mac.

Davenport, Homer Calvin. Or.,

1867 . A New York cartoonist.

Davenport's Cartoons ; The Bell of
Silverton and Other Stories of Oregon ;
The Dollar or the Man.

Davidson, George Trimble. N. Y.,

1863 . A lawyer and novelist of

New York city. The Moderns.

Davidson, James Wheeler. Min.
1872 . American consul for For-
mosa and Loo Choo Islands from 1898.
Formosa Camphor ; Review of the His-
tory of Formosa ; Formosa Under Jap-
anese Rule ; The Island of Formosa,
Past and Present. Mac.

Davis, Boothe Colwell. W. Va.,

1863 . A Seventh-Day Baptist

clergyman of Alfred, New York, presi-




dent of Alfred University from 1895.
Roman Catholicism in America; Tiie
Beginnings of History ; The Narrative
of the Flood and the Lessons it

Davis, Charles Belmont. Pa., 1866-

. Brother of R. H. Davis (page 91).

A publisher of New York city. The
Borderland of Society.

Davis, David D . Pa, 1854 .

A Presbyterian clergyman, professor of
Semitic philology and Old Testament
theology at Princeton Theological Sem-
inary from 1888. Genesis and Semitic
Tradition ; The Sunday-school Teach-
er's Bible Manual. Scr.

Davis, George Breckinridge. Ms.,

1847 . A United States army

officer. The Elements of Law ; Out-
lines of International Law ; Treatise
on the Military Laws of the United
States. Har. Wil

Davis, John A . 184—1897. A

Dutch Reformed clergyman of New
Jersey, long resident in China as a mis-
sionary. The Slave Girl of China ;
The Young Mandarin ; Rescue the
Drunkard ; Tom Bard and Other Nor-
tonville Boys ; Choh Lin, the Chinese
Boy who became a Preacher; Leng
Tso, the Chinese Bible Woman.

Davis, John David. Pa., 1854 .

A professor of Oriental literature at
Princeton Theological Seminary. Gen-
esis and Semitic Tradition ; A Diction-
ary of the Bible ; The Pentateuchal
Question. Scr.

Davis, John Patterson. Mch., 1862-

. A lawyer of Idaho. The Union

Pacific Railway, a Study of Political
and Economic History.

Davis, Mrs. Margaret Ellen
[O'Brien]. AL, 1870-1898. A nov-
elist of Birmingham, Alabama. Ju-
dith, an historical romance of the time
of Nero ; The Squire ; Told by the
Woman. Lip.

Davis, Nathan Smith. II., 1858-

. Son of N. S. Davis (page 91).

A Chicago physician. Consumption :
How to Prevent It ; Diseases of the
Lungs, Heart and Kidneys ; Dietetics.

Davis, Oscar King. N. Y., 1866-

. A New York journalist. Our

Conquests in the Pacific ; Dewey's Cap-
ture of Manila. Sto.

Davis, Raymond Cazallis. Me.,
1836 . A librarian at the Univer-
sity of Michigan. Reminiscences of a
Voyage around the World.

Davis, Webster. Pa., 1861 . A

Missouri Politician. John Bull's Crime,
or Assaults on Republics.

Davis, William Stearns. Ms., 1887-
. An historical novelist of Pitts-
field, Massachusetts. A Friend of Cae-
sar ; God Wills It ; Belshazzar ; Fa-
laise of the Blessed Voice. Mac.

Davis, William Thomas. Ms., 1822-

. A lawyer and historical writer

of Plymouth, Massachusetts. Ancient
Landmarks of Plymouth ; History of
Plymouth ; The Bench and Bar of the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Da-wley, Thomas Robinson. N. Y.,

1862 . A journalist of Havana,

Cuba, from 1898. Campaigning with

Dawson, Charles Carroll. N. Y.,

1833 . A genealogist of Toledo.

Occasional Thoughts and Fancies, a
book of verse ; Families bearing the
Name of Dawson ; Saratoga : its Min-
eral Waters and their Use.

Dawson, Daniel Lewis. Pa., 1855-
1893. An iron-founder of Pennsylvania.
The Seeker of the Marshes and Other

Dawson, Niles Menander. Wis.,

1863 . An actuary of New York

city. Practical Lessons in Actuarial
Science ; Elements of Life Insurance ;
Assessment Life Insurance ; Principles
of Insurance Legislation.

Dawson, William Harbutt. 18 —

. German Life in Town and

Country ; Germany and the Germans ;
German Socialism and Ferdinand Las-
salle. Put. Scr.

Day, Edw^ard Parsons. 1822 .

An educator of Brooklyn. Day's
Grammar ; Day's CoUacon (edited).

Day, Holman Francis. Me., 1865-

. A journalist of Auburn, Maine.

Up in Maine, stories told in verse ; Pine.
Tree Ballads. Sm.

Day, Oscar Fayette Gaines. R,

1860 . A Minneapolis journalist.

A Mistaken Identity ; The Devil's
Gold ; A Crown of Shame.

Day, Thomas Fleming. E., 1861-




. Editor of The Rudder from 1895.

SoDg-s of Sea and Sail.

De Fontaine, Felix. Ms., 1832-1S96.
A journalist of Charleston during- the
Civil War, but subsequently, and for
the greater part of his career, on the
staff of the New York Herald. Glean-
ings from a Confederate Army Note-
book ; Army Letters of Personne, 1861-
1865 ; News from the Front.

De Forest, Robert "Weeks. N. T ,

1848 . A lawyer of New York

city, chairman of the Tenement House
Commission in 1900. Tenement House
Conditions in New York. Mac.

De Garmo, Charles. Wis., 1849-
. A professor at Cornell Univer-
sity, but from 1891 to 1898 president
of Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania.
Essentials of Method ; Herbart and
Herbartians ; Language Lessons ; In-
terest and Education. Scr.

Deiler, John Hanno. By., 1849-

An educator of New Orleans. History
of European Immigration to the United
States, 1820-1896 ; History of the Ger-
man Parishes in Louisiana ; Germany's
Contribution to the Population of the
United States.

De Koven, Mrs. Anna [Farwell].

//., 1860 . Daughter-in-law of

J. De Koven (page 94). A novelist of
New York city. A Sawdust Doll ; By
the Waters of Babylon.

Delano, Frances Jackson. Ms.,

1857 . A writer of Fairhaven,

Massachusetts. Susanne ; Polly State
— One of Thirteen.

De Leon, Thomas Cooper. S. C,

1839 . Brother of E. De Leon

(page 94). A journalist and novelist,
formerly of Mobile. His principal
works include Four Years in Rebel
Capitals ; Creole Carnivals : their Ori-
gin, Growth, and Outcome; The Rock
or the Rye, a burlesque ; the novels
Creole and Puritan ; The Puritan's
Daughter ; A Fair Blockade Breaker ;
Juny ; John Holden, Unionist ; A
Bachelor's Box ; At the Bayou ; An
Innocent Cheat ; The Romance of
Sheridan's Ride ; Crag Nest ; the plays
Hamlet, a burlesque ; Pluck ; Paris ;
Jasper ; Bet. Lip.

Delery, Francois Charles. La.,
1815-1858. A Southern author who

wrote in the French language. Essay
on Liberty ; Studies of the Passions ;
King Cotton ; Confederates and Fed-

De Lestry, Louis Edmund. La.,

1860 . A journalist of St. Paul.

History of Helena, Montana (1890) ;
Leaves from a Note Book.

Dellenbaugh, Frederick SamueL

O., 1853 . A New York artist and

author. The North Americans of Yes-
terday : a Comparative Study of North
American Indian Life ; The Romance
of the Colorado River ; Breaking the
Wilderness. Put.

Dembitz, Levris Naphtali. P.,

1833 . A lawyer of Louisville.

Kentucky Jurisprudence ; Law Lan-
guage for Shorthand Writers; Land
Titles in the United States.

De Mille, Henry Churchill. N. C,
1850-1893. A popular playwright of
New York citv, whose dramas include
The Wife ; Lord Chumley ; The Char-
ity Ball ; Men and Women.

Deming, Clarence. Ct., 1848 . A

journalist of New Haven. By-Ways
of Nature and Life. Put.

Denio, Francis Brigham. Vt., 1848-

. A professor of Old Testament

literature at Bangor Theological Sem-
inary from 1882. Outlines of Old Tes-
tament Theology ; Supreme Leader.

Denison, Charles. Vt., 1845 . A

physician of Denver. The- Rocky
Mountain Health Resorts ; Climates of
the United States in Colours ; Exer-
cise and Foods for Pulmonary Invalids ;
Tha Preferable Climate for Consump-
tives ; Modern Treatment of Tubercu-

Desmond, Humphrey Joseph.

H^ts., 1860 . A Wisconsin lawyer.

The Church and the Law ; Mooted
Questions of History.

Deutsch, Gotthard. A., 1859 .

A professor of Hebrew at Union Col-
lege, Cincinnati. Symbolik in Cultus ;
Theory of Oral Tradition ; Philosophy
of Jewish History; Andere Zeiten, a

Deutsch, Solomon. P., 1816-1897.
A philologist of note. Letters for Self-
Instruction in German ; New Practical
Hebrew Grammar ; Key to the Penta-
teuch ; Medical German ; Drill Master




in German ; Biblical History in Bibli-
cal Language.

Devereux, Mrs. Mary [Watson].

Ms., 18 . A novelist of Mar-

blehead, Massachusetts. Up and Down
the Sands of Gold ; From Kingdom to
Colony ; Betty Peach ; Lafitte of Lou-
isiana. Lit.

Devine, Ed-wrard Thomas. la.,
1867 . A New York writer. Eco-
nomics ; The Practice of Charity.

Dewey, John. Vt., 1859 . A pro-
fessor of philosophy in the University
of Chicago. Outlines of a Critical The-
ory of Ethics ; Leibnitz : a Critical Ex-
position ; Psychology and Social Prac-
tice ; The Educational Situation.

Dewey, Mary Elizabeth. Ms., 1821-

. Daughter of Orville Dewey

(page 97). Life and Lettei-s of Cathe-
rine M. Sedgwick, supra ; Autobiogra-
phy and Letters of Orville Dewey.
Har. Lit.

Dewhurst, Frederic Eli. Me., 1855-

. A Congregational clergyman at

Chicago. Dwellers in Tents.

Dexter, Franklin Bow^ditch. Ms.,

1842 . Assistant librarian of Yale

from 1869. Biographical Sketches of
Graduates of Yale College ; Sketch of
the History of Yale University. Ho.

Dexter, Morton. N. H., 1846 .

Son of H. M. Dexter (page 98). A Con-
gregational clergyman of Boston. The
Story of the Pilgrims. C. P. S.

Dickinson, Edward. 18 . A pro-
fessor of the history of music at Ober-
lin College. History of Music in the
Western Church. Scr.

Dickinson, Martha Gilbert. Ms-,

18 . Niece of Emily Dickinson

(page 98). A writer of Amherst, Mas-
sachusetts. Within the Hedge, a col-
lection of verse ; The Cathedral and
Other Poems.

Dickinson, Mrs. Mary [Lowe].

Ms., 1839 . A litterateur of New

York city. Driftwood : stories and po-
ems ; Temptation of Katharine Gray ;
Fair Half Dozen ; Amber Star ; From
Hollow to Hilltop ; From Girlhood to
Motherhood. Bap. Rev.

Dickson, Harris. Mi., 1868 . A

lawyer of Vicksburg, Mississippi. The
Black Wolf's Breed, an historical

novel ; The Siege of Lady Resolute.

Dillman, Willard. Min., 1872 .

A writer of Revillo, South Dakota.
Across the Wheat, a book of verse.

Dillon, John Brown. W. Va., 1800-
1879. Historian. History of Indiana ;
Notes on Historical Evidence in Prefer-
ence to Adverse Theories of the Origin
and Nature of the Government of the
United States.

Dinsmore, Charles Allen. N. Y.,
1860 . A Congregational clergy-
man of Boston. The Teachings of
Dante; Aids to the Study of Dante.

Dinwiddle, William. Va., 1867-

. A journalist of New York city.

Our New Possessions ; Puerto Rico :
its Conditions and Possibilities ; War
Sketches ; The War in the Philippines ;
The War in South Africa. Har.

Dix. Beulah Marie. Ms., 1816— — .
An historical novelist of Cambridge.
Hugh Gwyeth, a Roundhead Cavalier ;
Soldier Rigdale ; Stories from Ameri-
can History ; The Making of Christo-
pher Ferringham ; A Little Captive
Lad. Mac.

Dix, Edwin Asa. N. J., 1860-

A litterateur of New York city. Dea-
con Bradbury ; Old Bowen's Legacy ;
A Midsummer Drive through the Pyre-
nees; Champlain: the Founder of New

Dix, William Giles. Me., 1821-1898.
A miscellaneous writer of Peabody,
Massachusetts. The Deck of the Cres-
cent City ; Pompeii and Other Poems ;
The Unholy Alliance ; The American
State and American Statesmen ; Why
a Catholic in the Nineteenth Century ;
The Wreck of the Glide (with J. Oli-

Dixon, Frank Haigh, Min., 1869 .

An assistant professor of political econ-
omy at the University of Michigan.
State Railroad Control, with a history
of its development in Iowa. Cr.

Dixon, Mrs. Susan [Bullitt]. Ky.,

1829 . The True History of the

Missouri Compromise and its Repeal.

Dixon, Thomas. N. C, 1865 . A

lecturer, formerly in the Baptist min-
istry. The Leopard's Spots, a novel.




Dodge, Robert. N. Y., 1820— — .
A lawyer of Flushing, New York. Diary
Sketches and Reviews ; Lectures on
Austria ; Memorials of Colunjbus ;
Tracts for the West (1861); Advance,
Civil and Political, of the United States;
Tristram Dodge and his Descendants
in America.

Dodge, "Walter Phelps, Sa., 1869-

. A litterateur of New York.

Three Greek Tales ; As the Crow Flies
from Corsica to Charing Cross ; A
Strong Man Armed ; The Sea of Love, a
collection of short stories ; From Squire
to Prince ; Piers Gaveston, a Chapter of
Early Constitutional History.

Donaldson, Thomas Corwin. O.,
1843-1898. An historical writer of
Philadelphia. The George Catlin In-
dian Art Gallery ; The Public Domain ;
Walt Whitman, the Man ; The House
in which Thomas Jefferson wrote the
Declaration of Independence.

Donlevy, Mrs. Harriet [Parley].
See Farley, Harriet (page 125.)

Dos Passos, Benjamin Franklin.
Pa., 1856-1898. A lawyer of New
York city. The Law of Collateral and
Direct Inheritance, Legacy and Inheri-
tance Taxes. West.

Dos Passos, John Randolph. Pa.,

1844 . Brother of B. F. Dos Passos,

supra. A lawyer of New York city.
The Law of Stock Brokers and Stock
Exchanges ; The Interstate Commerce
Act ; Defence of the McKinley Admin-
istration ; Commercial Trusts.

Dowd, Jerome. N. C, 1864 . A

professor of political economy at Trin-
ity College, North Carolina, from 1893.
Sketches of Prominent Living North
Carolinians ; Life of Braxton Craven.

Doyle, Charles W . E. I., 1852-

. A physician and novelist of Santa

Cruz, California. The Seats of Judg-
ment ; The Making of a Man ; The
Shadow of Quong Long ; The Taming
of the Jungle. Lip.

Doyle, Mrs. Martha Claire Mac-

Gowan. Ms., 1869 . A Boston

■writer for young people. Little Miss
Dorothy ; My Friend Tim ; Tom Win-
stone ; Wide Awake. Le.

Drake, James Madison. N. J., 1837-

. A journalist of Elizabeth, New

Jersey, who served in the Federal army

during the Civil War and was breveted
brigadier-general. Fast and Loose in
Dixie ; Across the Continent in Red

Drake, Jeanie. S. C, 18 . A

novelist. In Old Saint Stephen's ; The
Metropolitans. Ap. Cent.

Dreiser, Theodore. Ind., 1871 .

A litterateur of New York city. Studies
of Contemporary Celebrities; Poems;
Sister Carrie. Dou.

Dresser, Horatio "Willis. Me., 1866-

. A Boston writer, editor of the

Journal of Practical Metaphysics ( 1904).
The Power of Silence; The Perfect
Whole ; In Search of a Soul ; Methods
and Problems of Spiritual Healing;
Voices of Hope and Other Messages
from the Hills ; Voices of Freedom
and Studies in the Philosophy of Indi-
viduality ; Living by the Spirit ; A
Book of Secrets. Put.

Dromgoole, [Miss] ■Will[iam] Al-
len. Tn., 1860 . A popular

story-writer of Murfreesboro, Tennes-
see. The Valley Path ; The Heart of
Old Hickory; A Moonshiner's Son;
Three Little Crackers frona Down in
Dixie ; The Fortunes of the Fellow ;

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