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The Sulphur Cure ; A Good Invest-
ment : a Story of the Upper Ohio ;
Wall Street and the Woods, or Woman
the Stronger ; Yoga, a work on the
destiny of the soul.

Flandrau, Charles Eugene. N. Y.,
1828-1903. A lawyer of Saint Paul,
Minnesota. History of Minnesota and
Tales of the Frontier.

Flandrau, Charles Macomb. Min.,

1871 . Son of C. E. Flandrau,

supra. A former instructor in English
at Harvard University. Harvard Epi-
sodes ; The Diary of a Freshman,

Flather, John Joseph. Pa., 1862-
. A professor of mechanical engi-
neering at the University of Michigan
from 1898. Dynamometers and the
Measurement of Power; Rope Driv-
ing ; Steam Boilers. Wil.

Fleming, "William Hans ell. Pa.,

1844 . A Shakespearean scholar,

of New York city. A Bibliography of
First Folios in New York; How to

Study Shakespeare ; Shakespeare's

Fletcher, Alice Cunningham. Ms.

1845 . An ethnologist. Indian

Story and Song from North America.

Fletcher, Horace. Ms., 1869 .

A writer whose life has been largely
spent abroad, and who is now (1904)
living in Venice. Menticulture ; Hap-
piness. That Last Waif; The Mind-
Power Plant; A. B. C. of Snap-Shoot-
ing; The A. B. Z. of Our Own Nu-
trition. Sto.

Fletcher, Robert Howe. O., 1850-

. Son of R. Fletcher (page 131).

Director of the Mark Hopkins Institute
of Art at San Francisco from 1899. A
Blind Bargain ; The Johnstown Stage ;
Marjorie and her Papa ; Annals of the
Bohemian Club. Ap. Cent.

Flewellyn, Mrs. Juliette [CoUi-

ton]. Ont.,1850 . A writer of

Lockport, New York. Hillcrest.

Flick, Alexander Clarence. O.,

1869 . A professor of history in

Syracuse University from 1899. His-
tory of New York ; Loyalism in New
York ; History in Rhymes and Jingles.

Flickinger, Junius Rudy. 18 .

An educator, principal of the normal
school at Lockhaven, Pennsylvania.
Civil Government and its Develop-
ment in the States and the United
States. He.

Flint, Grover. N. Y., 1867 . A

journalist of New York city. March-
ing with Gomez. Lam.

Flint, Martha Bockee. 18 — 1900.
An historical writer of Flushing. Early
Long Island, a Colonial Study ; A
Garden of Simples. Put. Scr.

Flower, Elliot. Wis., 1863 . A

journalist and humourist of Chicago.
Policeman Flynn ; The Spoilsman ;
Delightful Dodd. Pa.

Floyd, Robert Mitchell. La. 1849-

. A journalist of Boston. Songs

of the Apple Tree.

Floyd-Jones, De Lancey. N. Y.,
1826-1902. A United States army
officer. Letters from the Far East.

Flynt, Josiah. See Willard, Josiah

Folk, Edgar Estes. Tn., 1856 .




A Baptist clergyman of Nashville,
Tennessee. The Mormon Monster.

Folkmar, Daniel. Wis., 1861 .

A sociologist of Milwaukee. Lemons
d'anthropologie phUosophique ; , L'an-
thropologie phUosophique consid^r^e
comme hase de la morale.

FoUett, Mary Parker. Ms. 1868-
. The Speaker of the House of Re-
presentatives (1896).

Foote, Lucius Harwood. N. Y.,

1826 . A San Francisco vrriter,

secretary of the Academy of Sciences
from 1890. Red Letter Days and Other
Poems ; On the Heights.

Ford, HenryJones. Md., 1851 .

A journalist of Pittsburgh. The Rise
and Growth of American Politics. Mac.

Ford, Isaac N[elson]. N. Y., 1848-

. A journalist on the staff of the

New York Tribune since 1870, and since
1895 London correspondent of that
journal. Tropical America. Scr.

Forman, Samuel Eagle. Va., 1858-

. An educator of Washington city.

First Lessons in Civics ; Life and Writ-
ings of Thomas JefPerson ; Philip Fre-
neau. Am. Bo. J. H. U.

Formento, Felix. La., 1837 . A

surgeon, of New Orleans. Notes and
Observations of Army Surgery ; Cre-
mation ; School Hygiene ; On Alcohol-

Foster, David Skaats. N. Y., 1852-

. A hardware merchant of Utica,

New York. Rebecca the Witch, and
Other Tales in Metre, first issued as
The Romance of the Unexpected ;
Spanish Castles by the Rhine, a Trip-
tychal Yarn. Ho.

Foster, Edward "Wells. Ms., 1838-
1901. A physician who published Ye
Pilgrims : historical opera ; Man in
the Earth World and in the Spirit

Foster, John "Watson, Ind., 1836-
' A Washington lawyer, secretary

of state 1892-93. A Century of Amer-
ican Diplomacy ; American Diplomacy
in the Orient. Hou.

Foster, Mabel G . Ms-, 18 .

A lecturer of Boston. The Heart of
the Doctor. Hou.

Foster, Roger . Ms., 1859 .

A New York lawyer. Treatise on the
Federal Judiciary Acts of 1875 and

1887 ; Federal Practice ; Commentaries
on the Constitution ; Treatise on the
Income Tax of 1894.

Foulke, "William Dudley. N. Y.,

1848 . A civil service reformer at

Richmond, Indiana. Slav and Saxon ;
Life of Oliver P. Morton ; Maya : a
Story of Yucatan. Put.

Fowler, Charles Evan. O., 1867-

. A civil engineer of Seattle.

Cofferdam Process for Piers ; General
Specifications for Steel Roofs and
Buildings ; Engineering Studies. Wil.

Fowler, Frank. L. I., 1852 . An

artist of New York city. Portrait and
Figure Painting ; Oil Painting.

Frackleton, Mrs. Susan Stewart

[Goodrich]. Wis., 1848 . An

artist-inventor of Milwaukee. Tried by
Fire, a work on china decoration.

Frank, Henry. 18 . A cler-
gyman, pastor of the Metropolitan
church in New York city. The Shrine
of Silence.

Franklin, Samuel Hhoads. Pa.,

1825 . A rear-admiral in the

United States navy, retired in 1887.
Memories of a Rear-Admiral. Har.

Frazar, Douglas. Ms., 1836-1896. A
colonel in the Federal army during the
Civil War, brevetted brigadier-general
of volunteers at the close of the war,
and subsequently a citizen of Somer-
ville, Massachusetts. The Log of the
Maryland ; Perseverance Island ; Prac-
tical Boat-Sailing. Le.

Freedley, Angelo Tillinghast. O.,

1850 . Son of E. T. Freedley

(page 137). A lawyer of Philadel-
phia. The General Corporation Law of
Pennsylvania ; Limited Partnership^
Association Laws of Pennsylvania.

Freeman, Mrs. Mary "Wilkins.
See Wilkins, Mary E. {page 424).

Freer, Paul Caspar. B., 1862 .

A professor of chemistry at the Uni-
versity of Michigan from 1889. A
Text-Book of General Chemistry ; The
Elements of Chemistry.

Freitag, Joseph Kendall, 18 .

An engineer of Boston. The Fire-
proofing of Steel Buildings ; Architec-
tural Engineering. Wil.

French, Allen. Ms., 1870 . A

novelist of Concord, Massachusetts.
The Colonials ; Sir Marrock j The




Junior Cup ; The Story of Rolf and the
Viking's Bow ; The Barrier. Cent. Dou.

French, Ferdinand Courtney. Ms.,

1861 . A professor of philosophy

at Vassar College from 1894. The
Concept of Law in Ethics.

French, Joseph Le^wis. iV.Y'., 1858-

. A Boston writer. Christ in

Art ; A Breath of Desire (verse).

French, Lillie Hamilton. D. C,
1854 — ■ — . A writer of New York
city who, besides contributing to the
magazines, has published Hezekiah's
Wives ; American Homes and their
Decorations. Do. Hou.

Friedman, Isaac Kahn. IL, 1870-

. A Chicago journalist. The

Lucky Number ; Poor People ; By
Bread Alone. Hou.

Friendly, Aunt. See Baker, Mrs.

Frost, Arthur Burdett. Pa., 1851-

. A popular humorous artist and

writer of Morristown, New Jersey.
Stuff and Nonsense ; My Bull Calf.

Frost, William Goodell. N. Y.,

1854 . An educator of Kentucky,

president of Berea College from 1893.
Studies in Oratory ; A Greek Primer.

Frothingham, Arthur Lincoln.

Ms., 1859 . A professor of ancient

history at Princeton University. A
History of Sculpture (with A. Mar-
quand) ; Mediaeval Art Inventories of
the Vatican. Lgs.

Frothingham, Eugenia Brooks.
F., 1874 . Niece of E. Frothing-
ham fpage 139). A Boston novelist.
The Turn of the Road. Hou.

Frothingham, Jessie Peabody.

18 . A writer for young people.

Sea Fighters from Drake to Farra-
gut ; Sea Wolves of Seven Shores. Scr.

Frothingham, Paul Revere. Ms.,

1864 . Nephew of E. Frothingham

(page 139). A Unitarian clergyman of
Boston. George Ripley, in American
Men of Letters Series. Hou.

Fruit, John Phelps. Ey., 1855 .

A professor of English literature in
William Jewell College, Pembroke,
Kentucky, from 1897. The Mind and
Art of Poe's Poetry. Bar.

Fuertes, James Hillhouse. Puerto
Rico, 1863 . A civil and sanitary

engineer, of New York city. Water
and Public Health ; Water Filtration
Works. Wil.

Fuller, Edwin "Wiley. N. C, 1847-
1875. A writer of Louisburg, North
Carolina. Angel in the Cloud, a poem ;
Sea Gift, a novel.

Fuller, Hulbert. N. Y., 1865 .

A physician and novelist of Chicago.
Vivian of Virginia ; God's Rebel. Pa.

Fuller, William Eddy. Vt., 1832-
. A jurist of Taunton, Massachu-
setts. The Probate Laws of Massa-
chusetts. Hou.

Funk, Isaac Kaufman, O., 1839-

. A New York publisher. The

Widow's Mite and Other Psychic Phe-
nomena. Fu.

Furness, William Henry. Pa.,

1866 . Son of H. H. Furness,

supra. Home Life of Borneo Head
Hunters : its Festivals and Folklore.

Fyles, Franklin, 18 . The dra-
matic critic of the New York Sun from
1886. Cumberland, '61 ; The Theatre
and its People ; A Ward of France ;
Drusa Wayne.

Gabb, William More. Pa., 1839-
1879. A palasontologist, employed in
government service. The Topography
and Geology of Santo Domingo.

Gage, Alfred Payson. N. H, 1836-
1903. An educational writer of Arling-
ton, Massachusetts. Physical Experi-
ments ; Principles of Physics ; Elements
of Physics. Gi.

Gailor, Thomas Frank. Mi., 1856-

. The third Protestant Episcopal

bishop of Tennessee. Manual of De-
votion ; The Apostolical Succession ;
Things New and Old; The Puritan

Gaines, John Wesley. Ga., 1840-
. A bishop in the African Metho-
dist Episcopal Church. African Meth-
odism in the South ; The Negro and the
White Man.

Galloway, Beverly Thomas. Mo.,

1863 . A botanist employed in

the United States Department of Agri-
culture, who has published several im-
portant professional monographs.




Gannon, Anna. Pa., 1876 . A

verse writer, of Philadelphia. A Dream
of Shakespeare's Women ; The Song of
Stradella and Other Songs. Lip.

Ganse, Hervey Doddridge. N. Y.,
1822 . A Presbyterian clergy-
man of Chicago. Bible Slave-holding
not Sinful.

Gardenhire, Samuel M . Mo.,

1855 . A' lawyer of New York.

Lux Crucis, a tale of the Great Apostle.

Gardiner, Asa Bird. N. T., 1839-

. A New York lawyer. The Writ

of Habeas Corpus as affecting the Army
and Navy ; Practice and Proceedings
of Courts-Martial; The Rhode Island
Continental Line of the Revolution ;
The Society of the Cincinnati in France.

Gardner, William Henry. Ms.,
1865 . Work and Play Songs.

Garner, James Wilf ord. Mi., 18 —

. Reconstruction in Mississippi.


Garner, Richard Lynch. Va.,

1848 . A traveller and scientist.

Psychoscope (verse) ; The Speech of
Monkeys ; Gorillas and Chimpanzees ;
Apes and Monkeys. Gi.

Garrett, Edmund Henry. N. Y.,

1853 . An artist and author of

Boston. Romance and Reality of the
Puritan Coast; The Pilgrim Shore.

Garrison, George Pierce. Ga., 1853

. A professor of history in the

University of Texas from 1897. The
Civil Government of Texas ; Texas, in
American Commonwealths Series. Hou.

Garrison, "Wendell Phillips. Ms.,

1840 . Son of W. L. Garrison

(page 143), literary editor of The Na-
tion from 1865. Parables for School
and Home ; Life of William Lloyd
Garrison (with F. J. Garrison) ; Sonnets
and Lyrics of the Ever- Womanly. Hou.

Gatchell, Charles. O., 1851 . A

homoeopathic physician of Chicago.
Diet in Disease ; Key Notes of Medical
Practice ; Pocket Book of Medical
Practice ; Diseases of the Lungs ; and
the novels Haschisch, They Say, and
What one Woman Did.

Gates, Mrs. Ellen M-
ton]. Ct., 18— A

verse-writer of

East Orange, New Jersey. Treasures
of the Kurium, a book of verse. Pttt.

Gates, LeTvis Ed-wards. N. Y.,

1860 . A writer of Washington

city, assistant professor in English at
Harvard University, 1896-1903. Three
Studies in Literature ; Studies and
Appreciations Mac.

Gates, Merrill Edwards. N. Y.,

1848 . A lecturer and author.

Sidney Lanier, Poet and Artist ; Land
and Ijaw as Agents in Educating the
Indians ; International Arbitration.

Gayley, Charles Mills. Ch., 1858-

. A professor of English literature

in the University of California from
1889. Songs of Yellow and Blue;
Guide to Literature of -^Esthetics ;
Methods and Materials of Literary
Criticism (with F. N. Scott) ; Classical
Myths in English Literature ; The Prin-
ciples and Progress of English Poetry
(with C. C. Young). Mac.

Gentry, Thomas George. Pa.,

1843 . A Philadelphia scientist.

Life Histories of the Birds of Pennsyl-
vania ; Nests and Eggs of Birds of the
United States ; Life and Immortality,
or Soul in Plants and Animals ; The
House Sparrow at Home and Abroad ;
Family Names ; Pigeon River, and
Other Poems; Intelligence in Plants
and Animals.

Gere, George Grant. N. Y., 1848-
. A San Francisco physician. Lec-
tures on Callopractic Surgery.

Gibbs, George. La., 1870 . An

artist and litt<5rateur of Philadelphia.
Pike and Cutlass : hero tales of our
navy ; In Search of Mademoiselle ;
The Love of Monsieur. Lip.

Gibson, Charles Dana. Ms., 1867-

. An artist and book-illustrator

of New York city. Sketches in Egypt ;
The Education of Mr. Pipp ; The

Gibson, Charles Donnel. Pa.,

1863 . A lawyer of Philadelphia.

My Lady and Allan Darke, an histor-
ical romance. Mac.

Gibson, Charles [Hammond].

" Richard Sudbury." Ms., 1874 .

A Boston writer of verse and prose.
Two Gentlemen in Touraine ; The Am-
atoryad and Other Poems. S,




Gibson, Mrs. Eva Katherine

[Clapp]. 17., 1857 . A Chicago

writer. Her Bright Future ; A Lucky
Mishap ; Mismated ; A Woman's Tri-
umph ; A Dark Secret ; Songs of Red
Rose Laud; Patriotic Song; Famous

Gibson, James KimbalL Ms., 1836
. A farmer of Denmark, Mich-
igan. Pastime Jottings.

Gifford, Mrs. Augusta [Hale]. Me.,

1842 . An historical writer of

Portland, Maine. Germany : her Peo-
ple and Their Story. Lo.

Gifford, Franklin Kent, N. Y.,

1861 . A Unitarian clergyman of

Colorado. Aphrodite, the Romance of a
Sculptor's Masterpiece.

Gifford, Orrin Philip. Ms., 1847-
. A Baptist clergyman of promi-
nence. In Memoriam, and Other Ser-

Gilbert, Mrs. Anne Jane [Hartley].
U., 1821-1904. A noted actress whose
Stage Reminiscences were published in
1901. Scr.

Gilbert, George Holley. Vt, 1854

. A professor of New Testament

theology in the Chicago Theological
Seminary. The Student's Life of
Jesus ; The Student's Life of Paul ;
The Revelation of Jesus; The First
Interpreters of Jesus ; A Primer of the
Christian Religion. Mac.

Gilbert, Howard "Worcester. Pa.,
1819-1894. An educator in Pennsyl-
vania, once prominent as an Abolition-
ist. Aldornere, a Pennsylvanian Idyl,
and Other Poems.

Gilbert, Levi. N. Y., 1852 . A

Methodist clergyman, editor of the
Western Christian Advocate from 1900.
Side Lights on Immortality.

Gilchrist, Mrs. Fredericka

[Beardsley]. N. Y., 1846 . A

writer of New York city. The True
Story of Hamlei and Ophelia, an en-
tirely new interpretation of the play.

Gilder, Jeannette Leonard. N. Y.,

1849 . Sister of R. W- Gilder

(page 146). A journalist of New York
city, editor of The Critic. Taken by
Siege, a novel ; The Autobiography of
a Tomboy. Dou. Scr,

Gill, Augustus Herman. Ms., 1864-

. A professor of oil and gas ana-
lysis in the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology from 1894. Gas and Fuel
Analysis for Engineers ; A Short Hand-
book of Oil Analysis. Lip. Wil.

Gillespie, Mrs. Elizabeth [Duane].
Pa., 1821-1901. Daughter of W. J.
Duane (page 106), and descendant of
Benjamin Franklin. A prominent so-
cial figure in Philadelphia for many
years. A Book of Remembrances.

Gillette, Halbert Powers. la,,

1869 . A New York mining and

civil engineer. Economics of Road
Construction ; Cost of Earthwork.

Gillman, Henry. J., 1833 . A

scientist of Detroit. Marked for Life,
a book of verse ; The Wild Flowers
and Gardens of Jerusalem and Pales-
tine ; Hassan : a Fellah, a romance of
Palestine. Lit. \

Gilman, Bradley. Ms., 1859 . A

Unitarian clergyman of Springfield,
Massachusetts, prior to 1904. The Par-
sonage Porch, a collection of short
stories ; The Kingdom of Coins ; The
Musical Journey of Dorothy and Detra ;
Back to the Soil ; Ronald Carmaquay,
a Commercial Clergyman. Pa.

Gilman, Mrs. Charlotte [Perkins]

[Stetson]. Ct., 1860 . Daughter

of F. B. Perkins, supra, and great
granddaughter of L. Beecher, supra,
A San Francisco writer. The Labour
Movement ; In This Our World, a col-
lection of verse ; Women and Econ-
omics; The Yellow Wall-Paper; Con-
cerning Children ; The Home : its
Work and Influence ; Human Work.

Gilman, Mrs. Mary Rebecca [Fos-
ter]. Ms., 1859 . Wife of B.

Gilman, supra. The Life of Saint

Gilman, Theodore. R, 1841 . A

New York banker. A Graded Bank-
ing System ; Federal Clearing Houses.

Gilson, Roy Rolfe. la., 1875 .

A journalist of New York city. When
Love is Young ; In the Morning Glow ;
The Flower of Youth. Har.

Gladwin, William Zachary. " Gu-
lielma Zollinger." 18 . A wri-
ter of Newton, Iowa. Dan Drummond




of the Drummonds ; Maggie McLane-
han ; The Widow O'Callaghan's Boys.

GlasgOAv, Ellen Anderson Ghol-

son. Va., 1874 . A novelist of

Richmond, Virginia. The Descend-
ant : a novel ; Phases of an Inferior
Planet ; The Battleground ; The Free-
man, and Other Poems ; The Deliver-
ance. Dou. Har.

Glasson, William Henry. N. F.,

1874 . A professor of political

economy in Trinity College, Durham,
North Carolina, from 1902. History of
Military Pension Legislation in the
United States. Mac.

Glent-worth, Marguerite Linton.

N. J., 1881 . A novelist of New-
ark, New Jersey. A Twentieth Cen-
tury Boy ; The Tenth Commandment.

Glover, Elizabeth. Bee Bennett,

Glynes, Mrs. Ella Maria [Dietz]
[Clymer]. See Clymer, Mrs. (page 66).

Godoy, Jos^ Francisco. Mex., 1851-

. A secretary of the Mexican

embassy at Washington from 1896.
The American L'Assommoir ; Who Did
It ? ; The Prominent Men of Mexico ;
La Ciudad de San Francisco ; Tratado
de Extradieion ; Biographical Encyclo-
paedia of Contemporaries ; Mercantile
and Legal Handbook of Mexico.

Goepp, Philip Henry. N. Y., 1864-
. A Philadelphia musician. Sym-
phonies and their Meaning. Lip.

Goetschius, Percy. N. J., 1853 .

A Boston musician, among whose writ-
ings are : The Material used in Musical
Composition ; Theory and Practice of
Tone Relations ; The Homophonic
Forms of Musical Composition ; Ap-
plied Counterpoint.

Going, Charles Buxton. N. Y.,

1863 . Editor of the Engineering

Magazine. Summer-Fallow, a book of
verse ; and co-author of Urchins of the
Sea ; and Urchins at the Pole.

Going, Ellen Maud. "E. M. Har-

dinge." iV. F., 18 . A nature

writer of New York. With the Wild
Flowers ; Field, Forest, and Wayside
Flowers ; With the Trees. Ba.

Goode, William Athelstane Mere-
dith. Newfoundland, 1875 . A

journalist of New York city. With
Sampson through the War.

Goodell, Thomas Dwight. Ct., 1854

. A professor of Greek at Yale

University from 1888. Chapters on
Greek Metric ; The Greek in English ;
Greek Lessons. Scr.

Goodell, William. Ms., 1792-1867.
A Congregationalist missionary in
Syria and Turkey, 1822-55. (His son
of the same name is mentioned on page
150.) Come-Outerism ; American Con-
stitutional Law and its Bearing upon
American Slavery ; The Democracy of
Christianity; Slavery and Anti-Slavery;
The Old and the New, or The Changes
of Thirty Years in the East ; The Amer-
ican Slave Code in Theory and Practice^
American Slavery a Formidable Obsta-
cle to the Conversion of the World.

Goodhue, Edward Solon. Q., 1864

. A physician and litterateur of

Riverside, California. Verses from the

Goodrich, Alfred John. O., 1847-

. A New York musical educator

and critic. Piano Manual ; Music as a
Language ; Complete Musical Analy-
sis ; Analytical Harmony ; Theory of
Interpretation ; Guide to Practical Mu-
sicianship ; Synthetic Counterpoint.

Goodsell, Daniel Ayres. N. Y.,

1840 . A Methodist bishop from

1888. Nature and Character at Gran-
ite Bay.

Goodspeed, George Stephen.
Wis., 1860 . A professor of Com-
parative Religion in the University of
Chicago from 1892. Israel's Messianic
Hope ; History of the Babylonians and
Assyrians. Mac. Scr.

Goodwin, Hermon Camp. N. Y.,
1813-189]. A journalist of central
New York. The Pioneer History of
Cortland County and the Border Wars
of New York ; Life of John Jacob
Astor ; Legends of Poland ; History of
Ithaca, New York ; Edgar Wentworth,
a novel.

Gordon, John Brown. Ga., 1832-
1904. A prominent military leader of
the Southern Confederacy. Reminis-
cences of the Civil War (1903).

Gordon, William. E., 1740-1807. A
Congregational clergyman, pastor at
Roxbury, Massachusetts, 1772-86. He
returned to England in the latter year.




In 1788 he published in four volumes a
History of the Rise, Progress, and Es-
tablishment of the Independence of the
United States of America, a work of
much value. See Tyler^s Literary His-
tory of the American Revolution ; Dic-
tionary of National Biography, volume

Gordy, John Pancoast. Md.., 1851-
. A New York educator, profes-
sor of history in New York University
from 1901. Growth and Development
of the Normal School Idea in the
United States ; Text-Book on Psycho-
logy ; A History of Political Parties in
the United States. He has also pub-
lished a translation of Kuno Fischer's

Gordy, Wilbur Fisk. Md., 1854-
. A supervisor of schools in Hart-
ford, Connecticut. A School History
of the United States; American Leaders
and Heroes ; The Pathfinder in Amer-
ican History (co-author).

Gorham, George Congdon. L. I.,

1832 . A journalist, now (1904)

living in Washington city. The Life
and Public Services of Edwin M. Stan-
ton. Hon.

Goss, Charles Frederic. N. Y.,

1852 . A Presbyterian clergyman

of Cincinnati. The Optimist ; The
Philopolist ; Hits and Misses ; Life of
D.L.Moody ; The Redemption of David
Corson ; The Loom of Life ; Little
Saint Sunshine. Bo. Rev.

Goss, Blbridge Henry. Ms. 1830-
. A writer of Melrose, Massachu-
setts. Life of Colonel Paul Revere ;
Melrose Memorial ; History of Melrose.

Gould, Elgin Ralston Lovell. Ont.,

1860 . A professor of statistics in

the University of Chicago. The Go-
thenburg System of Liquor Traffic ;
The Social Condition of Labour ; Eu-
ropean Labour Statistics ; The Housing
of Wage-Earners in European and
American Cities ; The Social Problems
of Labour ; Social Condition of Tex-
tile Workers in Europe and America.

Gould, George Milbry. Me., 1848-
. A Philadelphia physician. Il-
lustrated Dictionary of Medicine, Bi-
ology, and Allied Sciences ; Anomalies
and Curiosities of Medicine (with W. L.
Pyle) ; Student's Medical Dictionary ;
Cyclopaedia of Practical Medicine and

Surgery (with W. L. Pyle) ; Pocket
Medical Dictionary ; Suggestions to
Medical Writers ; Borderland Studies ;
An Autumn Singer.

Gouraud, George Fauvel. N. Y.,

1872 . A New York lawyer.

Ballads of Coster-Land.

Go-w, George Coleman. Ms., 1869-

. A professor of music at Vassar

College. The Structure of Music.

Grabau, Mrs. Mary Antin. R.,
188 . A writer of Hebrew-Rus-
sian parentage. At the age of eleven
she wrote in Yiddish, From Plotzk to
Boston, which two years later she
translated into English.

Gradle, Henry. G., 1855 . A

Chicago physician. Bacteria and the
Germ Theory of Disease; Diseases of the
Nose, Pharynx, and Ear.

Gramm, William. P., 1818-1901. A
picture-frame maker and archaeologist
of New York city who came to America
from Prussia in 1851. Phantasy and

Grandin, Egbert Henry. N. J.,

1855 . A New York physician.

Electricity in Gynaecology; Practical

Granger, Moses Moorhead. O.,

1831 . A lawyer of Zanesville,

Ohio. Washington versus Jefferson :
the Case tried by battle in 1861-65.

Grannis, Anna Jane. Ct-, 1856 .

A writer of Plainville, Connecticut.
Skipped Stitches ; Sandwort ; Speedwell.

Gray, Arthur Irving. Wis., 1859-

. A New York journalist. Bath

Robes and Bachelors ; Over the Black
Coffee. Ba.

Gray, David. N. Y., 1870 . Son

of D. Gray (page 154). A lawyer and
journalist of Buffalo. Gallops, a book
of fox-hunting stories. Cent.

Gray, Morris. Ms., 1856 . A

Boston lawyer, author of A Treatise on
the Law of Communication by Tele-
graph. Lit.

Green, Nathan. Tn., 1827 . A

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