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thinker who in early life was succes-
sively a Presbyterian, a Universalist
clergyman, a Socialist leader associated
with Robert Owen, and a Unitarian
clergyman, as well as an able political
speaker at all times. In 1844 he be-
came a Roman Catholic, and in Brown-
son's Review, from that date until 1864,
he ably defended the Roman Catholic
faith from the standpoint of a liberal.
His philosophy is more or less influ-
enced by the thought of Cousin. New
Views of Christianity, Society, and the
Church ; Charles Elwood, or the Infi-
del Converted (1840), a more or less au-
tobiographic novel ; Leaves from my
Experience ; Essays and Reviews ; The
Spirit-Rapper, an autobiography ; The
American Republic, a work on politi-
cal ethics ; Conversations on Liber-
alism. See Complete Tl'^or^-s, in 20 vol-
umes, 1S82-S7, published in Detroit by
his son Henry F. Brownson : Catholic
World, volumes 4-5 and 46 ; Atlantic
Monthly, June, 1896.

Bruce, Wallace. N. Y., 1844 .

A poet and lecturer of Poughkeepsie.
From the Hudson to the Yosemite ;
The Land of Burns ; The Connecticut
Daylight ; in verse, The Hudson ; Yo-
semite ; Old Homestead Poems ; Way-
side Poems ; In Clover and Heather ;
Here 's a Hand. Har.

Brush, Mrs. Christine [Chaplin].

Me., 1842-1892. Daughter of J. Chap-
lin, infra. An artist in water-colours
whose home was in Brooklyn. Her




most important book, The Colonel's
Opera Cloak, a novel, was first pub-
lished anonymously. Her only other
works are the two stories. Inside our
Gate ; One Summer's Lessons in Per-
spective. Hob.

Bryan, Mrs. Mary [Edwards]. Fl.

1846 . A journalist of New York

city who has written the novels Manch ;
Wild Work, a story of the reconstruc-
tion period in Louisiana ; The Bayou
Bride ; Kildee.

Bryant, John Howard. Ms., ISOY-
1902. Brother of W. C. Bryant, in-
fra. A poet and farmer of Princeton,
Illinois. Poems ; Poems written from
Youth to Old Age, 1824-84.

Bryant, "William CuUen. Ms., 1794-
1878. A poet and journalist of New
York city. In early life he began the
practice of law, but soon abandoned it
for journalism and, removing to New
York in 182.5, became in 1828 the edi-
tor of the Evening Post, with which he
remained associated until his death.
His earliest poem. The Embargo, a po-
litical satire, was published when its
author was but thirteen, but the first
collection of his poems was not made
until 1821, the famous Thanatopsis be-
ing one of the eight which the volume
comprised. The quantity of Bryant's
verse is small, the quality high, but not
uniformly so. Its tone is usually calmly
philosophic, and it rarely makes any
very effective appeal to the sympa-
thies, its coldness arising partly from
lack of humour, partly from natural re-
serve. The Embargo ; The Spanish
Revolution ; The Ages ; The Fountain
of Youth, and Other Poems; The
White-Footed Deer; The Flood of
Years ; Thirty Poems ; translations of
the Iliad and Odyssey, both in un-
rhymed heroic pentameter ; Letters of
a Traveller, a prose work ; Orations
and Addresses. See Commemorative
Address by G. W. Curtis; Lives by
J. Bigelow, Parke Godwin, A. J. Syming-
ton ; Stedman's Poets of America ; Ap-
pleton''s American Biography ; Wilson's
Bryant and his Friends, 1886 ; Gosse's
Questions at Issue ; Magazine of Amer-
ican History, vol. 23 ; Atlantic Monthly,
March, 1897. Ap. Cr. Hou.
Bryant, 'William MoKendree.
Ind., 1843 . A prominent educa-

tor of St. Louis. Philosophy of Land-
scape Painting ; The World Energy
and its Self-Conservation ; Syllabus of
Psychology ; Ethics and the New Edu-
cation ; Text Book of Psychology ;
Life, Death, and Immortality. Sc.

Bryce, Lloyd. L. I., 1851 . A

novelist of New York city, editor of the
North American Review, 1889-96. Par-
adise ; A Dream of Conquest ; The Ro-
mance of An Alter Ego; Friends in Exile.
Brydges, Harold. See Bridge, J. H.
Buchanan, James. Pa., 1791-1868.
The fifteenth president of the United
States. Mr. Buchanan's Administra-
tion (1866) is his own defence of his
policy as President. See Life of, by G.
T. Curtis, infra.
Buchanan, Joseph. Va., 1785-1829.
A once noted mechanical inventor of
Kentucky who published The Philoso-
phy of Human Nature.
Buchanan, Joseph Rodes. Ky.,
1814-1899. Son of J. Buchanan, supra.
A Boston physician who claimed to
have invented the sciences of sarcog-
nomy and psychometry. He published
Buchanan's Journal of Medicine, 1849-
56, and wrote Outlines of Lectures on
the Neurological System of Anthro-
pology ; Eclectric Practice of Medi-
cine and Surgery ; The New Education ;
Therapeutic Sarcognomy ; Manual of
Psychometry. <See One of a Thousand.

Buck, Dudley. Ct., 1839 . A

composer and organist of Brooklyn.
Dictionary of Musical Terms ; The In-
fluence of the Organ in History.
Buck, Gurdon. N. Y., 1807-1877-
An eminent surgeon of New York city.
He wrote much for medical journals
and a treatise on Contributions to Re-
parative Surgery.
Buckingham, Joseph Tinker. Ct.,
1779-1861. A Boston journalist of
note who pubKshed, 1831-34, The New
England Magazine, in which Dr. Holmes
began his famous " Autocrat," and The
Boston Courier, 1828-48. Specimens
of Newspaper Literature ; Personal
Memoirs and Recollections of Editorial
Buckley, James Monroe. N. J.,

1836 . A Methodist clergyman,

editor since 1881 of the New York
Christian Advocate. Two Weeks in




the Yosemite Valley ; Supposed Mira-
cles ; Christians and the Theatre ; Oats
or Wild Oats ; The Land of the Czar
and the Nihilist ; Faith-Healing, Chris-
tian Science, and Kindred Phenomena ;
Travels in Three Continents, Europe,
Africa, Asia. Cent. Har. Lo. Meth.

Buckminster, Joseph Stevens.

N. H., 1784-1812. A talented Unita-
rian clergyman of Boston, the first ap-
pointed lecturer on biblical criticism
at Harvard University. Sermons, with
Memoir by S. C. Thacher, 1814.

Buel, Jesse. Cf., 1778-1839. A noted
agriculturist of Albany who efFected
many reforms in farming. He estab-
lished the Albany Argus, The Culti-
vator, and published The Farmer's
Instructor, in ten volumes ; and also
The Farmer's Companion, or Essays in
Husbandry. Har.

Buel, Samuel. N. Y., 1815-1892. An
Episcopal clergyman of High Church
proclivities, who was professor of di-
vinity at the General Theological Sem-
inary of New York from 1871. The
Apostolic System Defended ; Eucha-
ristic Presence, Sacrifice, and Adora-
tion ; A Treatise on Dogmatic The-
ology. Wh.

Buell, Richard Hooker. Md., 1842-

. A United States civil engineer.

The Cadet Engineer; Safety Valves;
The Compound Steam-Engine and its
Steam-Generating Plant.

Bulfinoh, Ellen Susan. Ms., 1844-

. An artist of Cambridge. Life

and Letters of Charles Bulfinch, Archi-
tect. Hou,

Bulfinoh, Stephen Greenleaf. Ms.,
1809-1870. A Unitarian clergyman of
Boston, and son of Charles Bulfinch,
the noted architect. Poems, Lays of the
Gospel, Communion Thoughts ; Con-
templations of the Saviour ; The Holy
Land and its Inhabitants ; The Harp
and the Cross ; Honour, or The Slave
Dealer's Daughter ; Manual of the Evi-
dences of Christianity ; Studies in the
Evidences of Christianity. A. U. A. Le.

Bulfinch, Thomas. Ms., 1796-1867.
Brother of S. G. Bulfinch, supra. A
Boston banker whose leisure was de-
voted to literary pursuits. Hebrew
Lyrical History ; The Age of Fable ;
The Age of Chivalry ; Boy Inventors ;

Legends of Charlemagne ; Poetry of the
Age of Fable ; Oregon and Eldorado,
or Romance of the Rivers. Le.

Bulkley, Peter. E., 1583-1659. A
Congregational clergyman of Concord,
Massachusetts. His one work, The
Gospel Covenant, or The Covenant of
Grace Opened, is a ponderous series of
sermons notable for its intellectual
vigour. See Tyler'' s History of Ameri-
can Literature.

BuUard, Asa. Ms., 1804-1888. Bro-
ther-in-law of H. W. Beecher, supra. A
Congregational clergyman of Massa-
chusetts, long prominent in Sunday-
school work. His principal writings
are Sunnybank Stories ; Shady Dell
Stories ; Fifty Years with the Sabbath
School ; Incidents in a Busy Life, an
autobiography. Le. Lo.

Bullions, Peter. S., 1791-1864. A
United Presbyterian clergyman of Troy,
New York, well known as a classical
scholar. Among his text-books for
schools are Principles of English Gram-
mar ; Principles of Greek Grammar ;
Latin and English Dictionary.

Bullock, Alexander Hamilton.
Ms., 1816-1882. A prominent Massa-
chusetts politician, at one period gov-
ernor of the State. Intellectual Lead-
erships ; Address on Several Occasions,
with Memoir by G. F. Hoar. Lit.

Bump, Orlando Franklin. N. Y.,
1841-1881. A Baltimore lawyer, au-
thor of The Law and Practice of Bank-
ruptcy ; Federal Procedure.

Bumstead, Freeman Josiah. Ms.,
1826-1879. A physician of New York
city. Pathology and Treatment of
Venereal Diseases, and translations
from the French of Ricord and Culle-

Bunce, Oliver Bell. N. Y., 1828-
1890. A New York litterateur, editor
of Apple ton's Journal for the period of
its existence, and well known as the
author of Don't (1883), a small volume
of social negations which was widely
circulated. He wrote also Bachelor
BlufE, his Opinions, a volume of essays ;
My House ; Marco Bozzaris, a drama ;
Love in '76, a comedy; Romance of
the Revolution ; four stories, including
Life Before Him ; Bensly ; A Bache-
lor's Story ; The Adventures of Timias




Terrystone ; Happinolande and Other
Legends, a collection of sketches. Ap.
Co. Scr.

Bundy, Jonas Mills. N. H., 1835-
1891. A New York journalist, promi-
nent as editor of the Mail and Express
from 1868. State Rights; Are we a
Nation ? ; Life of Garfield (1880). Bar.

Bungay, George Washington. E.,
1818-1892. A New York journalist
well known as a temperance lecturer.
He wrote many poems, among which
The Creeds of the Bells has long been
popular. His other writings include
The Abraham Lincoln Songster ; The
Poets of Queen Elizabeth's Time ; Off-
hand Takings ; Crayon Sketches ; Pen
Portraits of Illustrious Abstainers.

Bunner, Henry Cuyler. N. Y., 1855-
1896. A New York journalist, the ed-
itor of Puck, and well known as a
writer of graceful, delicate verse and
very readable fiction. Jersey Street
and Jersey Lane ; Love in Old Cloathes ;
Zadoc Pine and Other Stories ; The
Story of a New York House ; The
Midge ; In Partnership (with J. B. Mat-
thews, infra) ; Short Sixes, a collection
of humourous tales ; The Woman of
Honour. His verse includes Airs from
Arcady and Elsewhere ; Rowen : " sec-
ond crop " Songs. Hou. Scr.

Burdett, Charles. N. Y., 1815-18—.
A journalist and novelist of New York
whose writings were transiently popu-
lar. Life of Kit Carson ; The Second
Marriage ; The Beautiful Spy ; Marga-
ret Moncrieffe ; Emma, or The Lost
Found ; Marion Desmond ; The Gam-
bler; The Adopted Child; Trials and
Triumphs ; Never too Late ; Chances
and Changes. Har.

Burdette, Robert Jones. Pa., 1844-

. A newspaper humourist who was

for some years editor of The Hawkeye,
of Burlington, Iowa. Hawkeyes ; Rise
and Fall of the Mustache ; Innach Gar-
den and Other Comic Sketches ; Life of
William Penn. Ho.

Burgess, Edward. Ms., 1848-1891.
A noted naval architect of Boston,
English and American Yachts. See
New England Magazine, vol. 5.

Burgess, George, i?. J., 1809-1866.
The first Protestant Episcopal bishop of

Maine. Pages from the Ecclesiastical
History of New England ; The Chris-
tian Life ; The Book of Psalms in
English Verse ; The Last Enemy Con-
quering and Conquered ; Strife of
Brothers, a poem, comprise the most
of his writings. See Memoir, hy A.
Burgess ; Bibliography of Maine. Ban.

Burgess, John William. Tn., 1844-
. The dean of the school of phys-
ical science in Columbia College. The
American University : When Shall it
Be, Where Shall it Be, and What ShaU
it Be ? ; Political Science and Compar-
ative Constitutional Law ; The Middle
Period. Gi.

Burk, John Daly. I., 17 — 1808. An
Irish author who came to America in
1796, and for the last years of his life
was a lawyer in Virginia. History of
the Late War in Ireland ; History of
Virginia ; Bunker Hill, a once popular
tragedy ; Bethlem Gaber, an historical

Burleigh, George Shepard. Ct.,
1821-1903. A writer of Little Comp-
ton, Rhode Island. Anti - Slavery
Hymns; The Maniac and Other Po-
ems ; Signal Fires, or The Trail of the

Burleigh, William Henry. Ct.,
1812-1871. Brother of G. S. Burleigh,
supra- An anti-slavery journalist of
Hartford and elsewhere who won some
notice as a poet. See Poems of, with
biographical sketch by Celia Burleigh.

Burnap, George "Washington. N.
H., 1802-1859. A Unitarian clergy-
man of Baltimore, prominent as a
controversialist. Popular Objections
to Unitarian Christianity Considered ;
What is a Unitarian; Lectures to
Young Men ; Lectures on the History
of Christianity ; Christianity, its Es-
sence and Evidence, are his more im-
portant works.

Burnett,Mrs. Frances Eliza [Hodg-
son], j;., 1849 . A popular writ-
er of fiction, whose first successful book
was That Lass o' Lowrie's, a powerful
tale of Lancashire life. Her other
works, of varying degrees of excellence,
include Earlier Stories, first and second
series ; Haworth ; A Fair Barbarian ;
Through One Administration; Louis-




iana ; Esmeralda ; Vagabondia, Surly
Tim, and Other Stories ; The Pretty-
Sister of Jos^ ; A Lady of Quality. As
a writer for young people her success
has been very marked ; and besides Lit-
tle Lord Fauntleroy, the most popular of
all her books, her juTenile writings com-
prise Sara Crewe ; Piecino and Other
ChUd Stories ; Little Saint Elizabeth ;
Two Little Pilgrims' Progress ; Gio-
vanni and the Other; The One I Knew
the Best of All, an autobiographic tale.
See Vedder's American Writers. Scr.

Burnett, James G. N. Y., 1868-1893.
A verse-writer who published Love an J
Laughter, a collection of verse. Put,

Burnett, Peter Hardeman. Tn.,
1807-1895. A California lawyer who
was the first governor of that state.
The Path which led a Protestant Law-
yer to the Catholic Church ; The Amer-
ican Theory of Government ; Recollec-
tions and Opinions of an Old Pioneer ;
Reasons why we should believe in God.

Burnett, "Waldo Irving. Ms., 1828-
1854. A naturalist of Boston. The
Cell, its Physiology, Pathology, and

Burney, Stanford Guthrie. Tn.,
1814 — ■ — . A Cumberland Presbyte-
rian divine, professor of systematic
theology at Cumberland University.
Treatise on Elocution ; Baptismal Re-
generation ; Atonement and Law Re-
viewed ; Chart of Duty ; Soteriolog^ ;
Studies in Moral Science ; Studies in
Psychology ; Studies in Theology.

Burnham, Mrs. Clara Louise

[Root]. Ms., 1854 . A popular

novelist of Chicago. ' ' No Gentlemen " ;
A Sane Lunatic ; Dearly Bought ; Next
Door ; Young Maids and Old ; The
Mistress of Beech Knoll ; Miss Bagg's
Secretary, a West Point romance ; Dr.
Latimer, a story of Casco Bay ; Sweet
Clover; The Wise Woman. Hou.

Burr, Aaron. Ct.,111&-1151. A Pres-
byterian clergyman who was president
of Princeton College. He married a
daughter of Jonathan Edwards, infra,
and his son was the noted politician of
the same name. His Latin Grammar
was long in use at Princeton as "the
Newark Grammar." His only other
work was The Supreme Divinity of our
Lord Jesus Christ.

Burr, Enoch Fitch. Ct., 1818 .

A Congregational clergyman of Lyme,
Connecticut^ since 1850. Pater Mundi ;
Ad Fidem ; Doctrine of Evolution ;
Eece Ccelum ; Sunday Afternoons for
Little People i About Spiritualism ;
Toward the Strait Gate ; Ecce Terra ;
Work in the Vineyard ; From Dark to
Day ; Facts in Aid of Faith ; Celestial
Empires ; Universal Beliefs ; Long Ago
as Interpreted by the 19th Century ;
Tempted to Unbelief; Dio the Athe-
nian ; The Voyage, and Other Poems ;
Aleph, the Chaldean.

Burr, George Lincoln. iV.F., 1857-
. A professor of history at Cor-
nell University from 1892. The Lit-
erature of Witchcraft ; The Fate of
Dietrick Flade ; Charlemagne.

Burr, William Hubert. Ct., 1851-

. A civil engineer of prominence,

professor of engineering at Columbia
College from 1893. Stresses in Bridge
and Roof Trusses ; The Theory of the
Masonry Arch ; Elasticity and Resist-
ance of the Materials of Engineering.

Burrage, Henry Sweetser. Ms.,
1837 . The editor of Zion's Ad-
vocate, Portland, Maine. Brown Uni-
versity in the Civil War ; The Act of
Baptism in the History of the Christian
Church ; History of the Anabaptists
in Switzerland ; Histoiy of Baptists in
New England ; History of the 36th
Massachusetts Regiment ; Baptist
Hymn Writers and their Hymns. Bap.

Burrill, Alexander Mansfield. N.
Y., 1807-1869. A noted New York
jurist. Practice of the Supreme Court
of New York ; Law Dictionary and
Glossary ; Law and Practice of Volun-
tary Assignments ; Circumstantial Evi-

Burritt, Elihu. a., 1811-1879. A fa-
mous linguist who was called " The
Learned Blacksmith," from the fact
that much of his education was obtained
while working at the forge in Worces-
ter, Massachusetts. He was a noted
peace reformer, and was for some years
consul at Birminghana. Few of his
writings have the literary quality to
any extent, and they form rather dry
reading. Sparks from the Anvil ; A
Voice from the Forge ; Peace Papers
for the People ; Olive Leaves ; Thoughts




of Things at Home and Abroad ; Hand-
book of the Nations ; A Walk from
John O' Groat's to _^and's End; The
Mission of Great Sufferings ; Walks
in the Black Country ; Lectures and
Speeches ; Ten-Minute Talks ; Chips
from Many Blocks ; Prayers and Devo-
tional Meditations. See Memorial, by
C. Nortkend, 1879; Leisure Hour, vol.
28. Ban.

Burroughs, John. N. Y., 1837 .

A noted essayist of Esopus, New York,
whose keen, sympathetic studies of na-
ture have been very popular both in
America and England. Wake-Robin;
Winter Sunshine ; Birds and Poets ;
Locusts and Wild Honey ; Pepacton ;
Fresh Fields ; Signs and Seasons ; In-
door Studies ; Riverby ; Whitman : a
Study. See Gentlemari's Magazine, vol.
42 ; Lippincotf s Magazine, vol. 39. Hou.

Burrowes, George. N. Y., 1811-
1894. A Presbyterian clergyman of
San Francisco, professor of Hebrew in
the Presbyterian seminary there. Com-
mentary on the Song of Solomon ; Oc-
torara, a Poem and Occasional Pieces ;
Advanced Growth in Grace.

Burt, Nathaniel Clark. N. J, 182.5-
1874. A Presbyterian clergyman of
Ohio. Hours among the Gospels ; The
Far East ; The Land and its Story,
the Sacred Geography of Palestine.

Burton, Asa. a., 1752-1836. A Con-
gregational clergyman, pastor at Thet-
ford, Vermont, for more than fifty
years. Essays on Some of the First
Principles of Metaphysics, Ethics, and
Theology. See Memoir hy T. Adams.

Burton, Ernest De Witt. O., 1856-

. A professor of sacred literature

in the University of Chicago. Records
and Letters of the Apostolic Age ; Syn-
tax of Moods and Tenses in New Tes-
tament Greek ; A Harmony of the Four
Gospels (with W. A. Stevens). Scr.
Burton, Richard [Eugene]. Ct.,
1859 . A litterateur and journal-
ist of Hartford, Connecticut. Dogs
and Dog Literature ; Dumb in June,
and Other Poems ; Memorial Day and
Other Poems; Men of Progress (edited).

Burton, Warren. N. H., 1800-1866.

An educational writer of Boston. Cheer-
ing Views of Man and Providence ; My
Religious Experience at my Native
Home ; The Divine Agency in the
Material Universe ; Uncle Sam's Rec-
ommendations of Phrenology ; The
District School as it Was ; Helps to
Education ; Culture of the Observing
Faculties in the Family and School ;
Scenery Showing.

Burton, William Evans. E., 1804-
1860. A popular comedian of New
York city. The Actor's AUoquy ; Wag-
geries and Vagaries ; Cyclopaedia of
Wit and Humor. Ap.

Bush, George. Vt, 1796-1859. A
Swedenborgian clergyman who was
long a professor of Hebrew in the Uni-
versity of New York. Beside Com-
mentaries on Genesis, Exodus, Leviti-
cus, Numbers, Joshua, Judges, the
Psalms, his writings include Life of
Mohammed; New Church Miscella-
nies ; Priesthood and Clergy unknown
to Christianity ; Mesmer and Sweden-
borg ; Treatise on the Millennium ; The
Resurrection of Christ. Sar.

Bushnell, Charles Ira. N. Y., 1826-
1883. An antiquarian writer of New
York city, among whose works are
Crumbs for Antiquarians ; Adventures
of Sir Christopher Hawkins (edited).

Bushnell, Horace. Ct, 1802-1876.
A Congregational clergyman of Hart-
ford, who was one of the foremost
thinkers in his denomination. He was
a fearless reasoner, and his literary
style exhibits both clearness and beauty.
Christian Nurture ; God in Christ ;
Christ in Theology ; The Vicarious Sac-
rifice ; Politics the Law of God ; Nature
and the Supernatural ; Moral Uses of
Dark Things, his ablest work ; Sermons
for the New Life ; Sermons on Living
Subjects ; Forgiveness and Law ; The
Age of Homespun ; Woman Suffrage ;
Moral Tendencies and Results of Hu-
man History ; Building Eras in Re-
ligion ; The Character of Jesus ; Work
and Play ; Christ and His Salvation.
See Life and Letters, edited by his daugh-
ter, Mrs. Cheney ; Atlantic Monthly,
January, 1881.

Bushnell, William H. N. Y., 1823-

. A litterateur of Washington.

Biographical Sketches of the Early Set-
tlers of Chicago ; The Hermit of the




Colorado Hills, a Story of the Texan
Pampas ; Ah Meek the Beaver, or The
Copper Hunters of Lake Superior.

Butler, Clement Moore. N. F.,
1810-1890. An Episcopal clergyman
of the evangelical type, professor of
ecclesiastical history in the Episcopal
Divinity School at Philadelphia, 1864-
1884. Book of Common Prayer Inter-
preted by its History ; Old Truths and
New Errors ; The Flock Fed ; St. Paul
in Rome ; Inner Rome ; Manual of
Ecclesiastical History from the 1st to
the 18th Century ; The Reformation in
Sweden, are his most important works.

Butler, Frederick. Circa 1766-1843.
A writer of Hartford. History of the
United States to 1820 ; The Farmer's
Manual ; Memorial of Lafayette and
his Tour in the United States.

Butler, James Glentworth. N. Y.,

1821 . A Presbyterian clergyman

of New York. The Bible Work, an
extended scriptural commentary ; The
Fourfold Gospel. Fu.

Butler, John Jay. Me., 1814-1891. A
Free Baptist clergyman of Michigan,
professor of sacred literature in Hills-
dale College from 1873. Natural and
Revealed Theology ; Commentary on
the Gospels, are his principal works.

Butler, Nicholas Murray. N. J.,

1862 . An educator of New York

city, professor of philosophy in Colum-
bia College. Horace Mann and Amer-
ican Systems of Education.

Butler, Noble. Pa., 1819-1882. A
classical professor in the University of
Louisville, who published A Practical
and Critical English Grammar and other
valuable text-books.

Butler, Thomas Belden. Ct., 1806-
1873. A Connacticut jurist whose Phi-
losophy of the Weather, 1856, appeared
later in enlarged form as a Concise
Analytical and Logical Development
of the Atmospheric System.

Butler, William. I., 1819-1899. A
Methodist missionary. The Land of
the Veda ; From Boston to Bareilly
and Back ; Mexico in Transition from
the Power of Political Romanism to
Civil and Religious Liberty.

Butler, William Allen. N. Y., 1825-
1902. A lawyer of New York city

well known as a writer of poetical sa-
tires, among which Nothing to Wear
has long been famous. Others are. Two
Millions; General Average, a satire
upon mercantile life ; Barnum's Par-
nassus. His prose writings include,
Martin Van Biu-en, a Biography ; Mrs.
Limber's Raffle, an able attack on the
morality of church fairs ; Domesticus,
a Story ; Oberammergau. Ap. Har.
Butterfield, Consul Willshire.
N. Y., 1824-1899. A Wisconsin edu-
cator. Historical Account of the Ex-
pedition against Sandusky, 1782 ; Sys-
tem of Punctuation for Schools ; His-
tory of the Discovery of the North-
west by John Nicollet, 1634, comprise
his chief works. Clke.

Butterfield, Daniel. N. Y., 1831-
1901. A major-general in the United
States army. Camp and Outpost Duty.

Butterworth, Hezekiah. R. L,

1837 . A Boston writer, for many

years editor of The Youth's Companion.
Besides publishing several volumes of
Zig-Zag Journeys, Great Composers,
The Knight of Liberty, In the Boy-
hood of Lincoln, The Patriot School-
master, and other popular juvenile
books, he is the author of two collec-
tions of musical verse. Songs of His-
tory ; Poems for Christmas, Easter, and

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