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professor of law at Cumberland Uni-
versity, Tennessee, from 1856- The
Tall Man of Winton ; Sparks from a
Back Log.

Greene, Edward Lee, B. L, 1843-
. A professor of botany at the




Catholic University, Washington city,
from 1895. Manual of Botany for the
Region of San Francisco Bay ; Flora
Franeiseana ; West American Oaks and

Greene, Evarts Boutell. Japan,

1870 . An educator of Illinois,

professor of history in the University
of Illinois at Urbana from 1894. The
Provincial Governor in the English
Colonies of North America. Lgs.

Greene, Henry Copley. A., 1871-

. A Boston litterateur. Theophile,

a Miracle Play ; Plains and Uplands of
old France, a Book of Prose and Verse.

Greene, Roy Farrell. McL, 1873-

. Cupid is King, a collection of


Greenslet, Ferris. N. Y., 1875-

. Joseph Glanvill, a Study in

English Thought and Letters of the
Seventeenth Century ; Walter Pater ;
The Quest of the Holy Grail. Mac.

Greenwood, Elisha. Ms., 1863 .

Alawyer of Boston. Public Policyin the
Law of Contracts ; Constitutional Law.

Gregg, David. Pa., 1846 . A

Presbyterian clergyman, pastor of the
Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church
in Brooklyn from 1890. From Solo-
mon to the Captivity ; Studies in John ;
Facts that Call for the Faith; Our
Best Moods ; The Things of North-
field ; Makers of the American Repub-
lic ; The Heaven Life ; New Epistles
from Old Lands ; Our Best Moods. Rev.

Gregory, Eliot. N. Y., 1858 .

An artist and author of New York city.
Worldly Ways and Byways ; Idler
Papers ; The Ways of Men. Scr.

Gregory, John Goadby. Wis.,

1856 . A journalist of Milwaukee.

A Beauty of Thebes (verse).

Grier, James Alexander. Pa.,

1846 . A United Presbyterian

clergyman of Pennsylvania, professor
in Alleghany Theological Seminary.
Secret Societies ; Biography of Jere-
miah Rankine Johnston.

Griggs, Edward Howard. Min.,

1868— . A prominent lecturer upon

ethics. The New Humanism ; A Book
of Meditations.

Grinnell, Charles Edward. Md.,

1841 . A Boston lawyer. A Study

of the Poor Debtor Law of Massachu-

setts ; The Law of Deceit ; Points in
Pleading and Practice.

Grissom, Arthur [Colfax]. E.,
1869-1901. Beaux and Belles, a collec-
tion of society verse. Put.

Gross, John Daniel. G., 1737-1812.
A New York clergyman and educator.
Natural Principles of Rectitude.

Grubb, Edward Burd. N. J., 1841-
. An iron manufacturer at Bur-
lington, New Jersey, brevetted briga-
dier-general for service in the Federal
army during the Civil War, and minis-
ter to Spain 1890-92. What I saw of
the Suez Canal.

Guerber, H^l^ne Adeline. N. Y.,

18 . An educator and author

of Nyack, New York. Myths of Greece
and Rome ; Myths of Northern Lands ;
Legends of the Middle Ages ; Legends
of the Rhine ; Legends of the Virgin
and Christ ; Stories of the Wagner
Operas ; Stories of Famous Operas ;
The Story of the Thirteen Colonies ;
The Story of Greece ; The Story of the
Romans ; Legends of Switzerland ;
text books in modern languages ; The
story of the Chosen People ; The Story
of the Great Republic ; Empresses of
France. Am. Bar, Do. He.

Gulick, Charles Burton. N. J.,

1868 . An assistant professor of

Greek at Harvard University from 1899.
The Life of the Ancient Greeks. Ap.

Gulick, John Thomas. H. I., 1832-

. A Presbyterian missionary, now

at Osaka, Japan, of prominence as a
writer upon evolution. Diversity of
Evolution ; Divergent Evolution and
the Darwinian Theory ; Inconsistencies
of Utilitarianism.

Gunton, George. E., 1845 . A

sociologist, editor of Gunton's Magazine.
Wealth and Progress ; Principles of
Social Economics ; Trusts and the
Public ; Outlines of Political Science.

Guthrie, William Dameron. CaL,

1859 . A lawyer of New York

city. Lectures on the Fourteenth
Amendment to the Constitution. Lit.

Guthrie, William Norman. S., 1868

. An Episcopal clergyman of

Alameda, California. Modern Poet
Prophets ; Essays Critical and Interpre-
tative ; To Kindle the Yule Log ; A
Booklet of Verse ; Songs of American
Destiny ; The Old Hemlock ; Symbolic




Odes ; The Christ of the Ages in Words
of Holy Writ. Clke. Wh.

Hackett, Frank Warren. N. H.,

184:1 . A lawyer of Washington

city. The Gavel and the Mace ; The
Geneva Award Acts. Lit.

Hageman, John Frelinghuysen.
N. J., 1816 . A lawyer of Prince-
ton, New Jersey. Princeton and its
Institutions (1879) ; History of Mercer
County, New Jersey ; Treatise on
Privileged Communications.

Hagen, John George. A., 1847 .

An astronomer, director of the Obser-
vatory at Georgetown University, Dis-
trict of Columbia, from 1880. Synopsis
derHohern Mathematik; Index Operum
Leonardi Euleri ; Atlas Stellamm Va-

Hailmann, William Nicholas. 8d.

1836 . An educator of note, among

whose many publications are Outlines of
a System of Object Teaching; History
of Pedagogy ; Kindergarten Culture ;
Letters to a Mother ; The English
Language. Am.

Hainer, Bayard Taylor. Mo., 1860-
. An associate justice of the su-
preme court of Oklahoma. The Modern
Law of Municipal Securities.

Hains, T[hornton] Jenkins. D. C,

1866 . A writer of sea tales, now

(1904) a resident of Brooklyn, but for-
merly a sailor. Captain Gore ; Rich-
ard Judkins ; The Windjammers ;
The Wreck of the Connemaugh ; Mr.
Trunnell ; The Cruise of the Petrel ;
Sea Folk. Lip. Lo,

Hale, Anne Gardner. Ms., 182-3-

. A Newburyport writer of verse

and prose. Folly's Bells, a German
Legend ; Uncle Mark's Amaranths ;
Seedlings from My Wild Garden (1902).

Hale, George Silsbee. N. H., 1825-
1877. Son of Salma Hale (page 164).
A lawyer of Boston. Manual for the
Overseers of the Poor ; The Charities
of Boston ; Digest of United States
Common Law Decisions. 1858-59.

Hale, Mary Whitwell. Ms., 1810-
1862. An educator and hymn-writer

of Massachusetts, whose Poems ap-
peared in 1840.

Hale, William Bayard. Ind., 1869-

. An Episcopal clergyman of Ard-

more, Pennsylvania. Phillips Prooks : a
Memorial ; The Eternal Teacher ; The
Making of the American Constitu-
tion : a Genesis of Nationality ; The
New Obedience : a Plea for Social
Submission to Christ. Lgs.

Hale, WiUiam Benjamin. Mo.,

1871 . A lawyer of Northport,

Long Island. Bailments and Carriers ;
Damages ; Torts. West.

Hale, William Gardner. Ga., 1849-

. A professor of Latin and head

of that department in the University of
Chicago from 1892. The Art of Read-
ing Latin ; The Cum-Constructions ;
The Sequence of Tenses in Latin ; The
Anticipatory Subjunctive in Greek and
Latin ; Latin Grammar (with C. D.
Buck). Gi.

Hale, Will[iam] T[homas]. Tn.,

1857 . A journalist of Nashville,

Tennessee, whose verse has been widely
copied. In Rural Ways ; Showers and
Sunshine ; Poems and Dialect Pieces ;
Autumn Lane and Other Poems ; Back-
ward Trail : Stories of the Indians and
Tennessee Pioneei-s; Great Southerners.

Hall, Alexander Wilford. N. T.,
1819-1902. An evangelist of New York
city, prominent as an opponent of Uni-
versalism and evolution. Universalism
against Itself; Problem of Human
Life ; Immortality of the Soul ; Hy-
gienic Secret of Health.

Hall, Arthur Cleveland. 18 —
. Crime and Social Progress. Mac.

Hall, Bolton. 7., 1854 . Son of

John Hall (1829-1868, page 166).
A lawyer and university extension lec-
turer of New York city. Even as You
and I ; Things as They Are ; The Game
of Life ; Life and Love and Death.

Hall, Francis Joseph. O., 1857

An Episcopal clergyman, professor of
dogmatic theology in Western Theo-
logical Seminary, Chicago, fi-om 1886.
Theological Outlines ; Historical Posi-
tion of the Episcopal Church; The
Kenotic Theory.

Hall, Prescott Farnsvsrorth. Ms.,

1868 . A Boston lawyer. The

Massachusetts Law of Landlord and




Teuant; Practice Schedule; Examinan
tion of Land Titles.

Hall, Ruth. N. Y., 1858 . A

novelist of Catskill, N. Y. The Story
of Moreton House ; An Impossible
Thing ; The Best Policy ; What Shall
We Do ? ; In the Brave Days of Old, a
tale for boys ; The Boys of Serooby ;
The Black Gown ; The Golden Arrow ;
A Downreuter's Son ; The Pine Grove
House. Hou.

Hall, Thomas Bartlett. Ms., 1824-
1903. A lawyer of Boston. Three
Articles on Modern Spiritualism by a
Bible Spiritualist; Modern Spiritual-
ism ; Legal Status of Patents ; Treatise
on Patent Estate.

Hall, Thomas Cuming. I., 1858-
. A Presbyterian clergyman, pro-
fessor in Union Theological Seminary,
New York city. Messages of Jesus;
The Social Meaning of Religious Move-
ments in England ; The Power of an
Endless Life ; The Synoptic Gospels.

Hall, Thomas Proctor. Ont., 1858-

. A professor of natural science

at Tabor College, Iowa, from 1893. A
Physical Theory of Electrical Magne-

Hall, Thomas Winthrop. "Tom
Hall." N. Y., 1862-1900. A popular
New York litterateur, whose verse in-
cludes When Hearts are Trumps ;
When Love Laughs ; When Cupid
Calls ; When Love is Lord. The Little
Lady, Some Other People, and Myself ;
An Experimental Wooing ; Tales by
Tom Hall ; The Fun and Fighting of
the Rough Riders, are prose works.

Hall, Tom. See Hall, T. W.

Hall, Violette. N. Y, 18 . Sis-
ter of Ruth Hall, supra. A novelist.

Hall, Winfieia Scott. B., 1861-
. A Chicago physician. Labo-
ratory Guide in Physiology ; Anatomy
of the Central Nervous System in Man
and in Vertebrates ; Text Book of
Physiology ; Elementary Anatomy,
Physiology and Hygiene ; Intermedi-
ate Physiology and Hygiene.

Hallam, Mrs. Julia [Clark]. Wis.,

1860 . A writer of Sioux City,

Iowa. The Relation of the Sexes from

a Scientific Standpoint; The Story of
a European Tour.

Halleck, Reuben Post. N. Y., 1859

, An educator, principal of the

Male High School at Louisville from
1896. Psychology and Psychic Culture ;
The Education of the Central Nervous
System ; Introduction and Notes to
Cooper's ' ' Last of the Mohicans ; "
History of English Literature. Mac.

Hallock, Gerard Benjamin Fleet.

W. Va., 1856 . A Presbyterian

clergyman of Rochester. Upward
Steps;. The Model Prayer; Sermon
Seeds; God's Whispered Secrets;
Beauty in God's Word ; The Homiletic
Year ; Journeying in the Land Where
Jesus Lived. Cr.

Hallock, Joseph Newton. N. Y.,
1834 . A Congregational clergy-
man of New York, editor of the Chris-
tian Work. A History of Southamp-
ton ; First Impressions in Europe ;
Twice Across the Continent ; The
Christian Life ; Family Worship.

Hallowell, Mrs. Anna Coffin [Da-
vis]. Pa., 1838 . Wife of R.

P. HaUoweU (page 167). James and
Lucretia Mott : Life and Letters. Hou.

Hallowell, Mrs. Sarah Catharine
[Fraley]. Pa., 1833 ._ A Phila-
delphia journalist, an associate editor
of the Public Ledger from 1877. On
the Church Steps ; Nan, the New-Fash-
ioned Girl,

Hallw^orth, Joseph Bryant. Ms.,

1872 . A writer of Lowell, Mass.

Arline Valere. Pa.

Halsey, Francis "Whiting. N. Y.,

1851 . A journalist of New York

city. Two Months Abroad ; A History
of Unadilla and the Headwaters of the
Susquehanna ; The Old New York
Frontier; American Authors and their
Homes ; Authors of Our Day in their
Homes ; Our Literary Deluge.

Halsey, Frederick Arthur. N. Y.,

1856 . Brother of F. W. Halsey,

supra. An engineer of New York city.
Slide Valve Gears ; The Locomotive
Link Motion ; The Slide Rule ; Worm
and Spiral Gearing ; The Metric Sys-
tem. Vn.

Halsey, Harlan Page. " Old Sleuth."
N. Y., 1837-1898. A Brooklyn author
who published an immense number of




sensational novels, of which Old Sleuth
was the chief. He also wrote society
novels, among which are My Aggravat-
ing Wife ; A Lady Bachelor ; Her
Great Surprise.

Hamblen, Herbert Elliott. "Fred-
erick Benton Williams." N. H., 1849-

. A New York writer who has had

a varied experience as sailor and railroad
man. On Many Seas; The General
Manager's Story ; Tom Benton's Luck ;
The Yarn of a Bucko Mate ; A Modern
Sea Rover ; We Win ; The Eed Shii-ts.
Dou. Mac. Scr.

Hamersley, James Hooker. N. Y.,
1844-1901. Son of J. W. Hamersley,
infra. A New York litterateur. Seven
Voices, a collection of verse. Put.

Hamersley, John William. N. Y.,
180S-1889. A lawyer of New York
city. Reminiscences of Lady Hester
Stanhope ; A Chemical Change in the

Hamilton, John Taylor. W. I.,

1859 . A Moravian clergyman of

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. History of
the Moravian Church in the United
States ; History of the Moravian Church
during the ISth and 19th Centuries ; A
History of Moravian Missions.

Hamilton, Peter Joseph. AL, 1859-

. A lawyer of Mobile. Colonial

Mobile ; Rambles in Historic Lands.
Hou. Put.

Hamp, Sidford Frederick. E.,

1855 . A journalist of Colorado

Springs. The Treasure of Mushroom
Rock. Put.

Hanohett, Henry Granger. N. Y.,

1858 . A physician and musician

of New York city. Elements of Mod-
ern Domestic Medicine ; Sexual Health ;
The Prophylactic and Therapeutic Re-
sources of Mankind ; Inquiry in Pro-

Hansborough, Mrs. Mary Berri
[Chapman.] D. C, 187 . Lyr-
ics of Love and Nature.

Hanus, Paul. Sil, 1855 . A pro-
fessor of education at Harvard from
1901. Elements of Determinants ;
Geometry in the Grammar School ;
Educational Aims and Educational
Values ; A Modern School.

Hapgood, Hutchins. E., 1869 .

Paul Jones ; The Spirit of the Ghetto.

Hapgood, Norman. II., 1868-

A journalist of New York city, now
(1904) on the editorial staff of the
Commercial Advertiser. Literary
Statesmen and Others, a collection of
essays of notable excellence ; Abraham
Lincoln, the Man of the People ; Dan-
iel Webster, a brief biography ; Great
Actors ; Famous Actresses ; The Stage
in America; George Washington, a
brief biography. Mac. Pa. S- Scr. Sm.
Harben, ■Will[iam] N[athaniel].

G'a.,1858 . A novelist of New York

city. White Marie ; Almost Persuaded ;
A Mute Confessor; The Land of the
Changing Sun ; From Clue to Climax ;
The Caruthers Affair ; Westerf elt ;
Northern Georgia Sketches ; A Woman
who Trusted ; Abner Daniel ; The Sub-
stitute ; The Georgians. Cas- Lip. Mer.
Mg. Har.

Harding, Chester. N. Y., 1843 .

A former secretary of the United States
legation at Pekin. The Real China-
man. Do.

Hardinge, E. M. See Going, Ellen

Hare, Hobart Amory. Pa., 1862-

. A physician of Philadelphia.

Among his professional writings are
Practical Therapeutics ; Fever : its
Pathology and Treatment ; Epilepsy ;
Physiological Effects of Tobacco.

Harley, Le-wis Reifsnyder. Pa.,
1866 . An educator of Philadel-
phia. Francis Lieber, his Life and
Political Philosophy ; Three Typical
Educational Systems ; The High School
System ; Life of Charles Thomson
(page 380). Mac.

Harlow, William Burt. Me., 1856-
. A professor of English litera-
ture at Syracuse University. Songs of
Syracuse ; Early English Literature ;
Scenes Abroad, and Other Poems.

Harper, George McLean. Pa., 1863-
. A professor of English litera-
ture at Princeton University from 1900.
The Legend of the Holy Grail ; Mas-
ters of French Literature. Scr.

Harriman, Karl Edwin. Mch., 1875-

. A journalist of Battle Creek,

Michigan. Ann Arbor Tales ; The
Home Builders.

Harris, Frank Burlingame. N. Y.,




18 . An Omaha journalist. The

Road to Ridgely's.

Harris, Lee O . Pa., 1839 .

An Indiana ■writer of domestic verse.
Interludes ; The Man who Tramps, a

Harris, Thomas Le Grand. Ind.,
1863 . A writer of Sheridan, In-
diana. The Evolution of the College
Curriculum in the United States ; The
Trent AfFair and Relations with Eng-
land at the Beginning of the Civil War.

Harris, "William Charles. Md., 1830-
. A New York editor and pub-
lisher. Salmon and Trout. Mac.

Harrison, Benjamin. O., 1832-1901.
The twenty-third President of the
United States. This Country of Ours ;
Views of an Ex-President. See Life of,
by L. Wallace. Bo. Cent.

Hart, Burdett. Ct., 1821 . A

Congregational clergyman of Fair Ha-
ven, Connecticut. Studies of the Model
Life ; Always Upward ; Aspects of
Heaven ; Biblical Epochs ; The Crown
Lost and Restored. Hev.

Hart, Henry Martyn. E., 1838 .

An Episcopal clergyman of Denver
from 1870. Elementary Chemistry ;
Children's Service Book ; A Preacher's
Legacy ; A Book of Family Prayer ; A
Way that Seemeth Right, a work on
Christian Science ; Priestcraft : Roman
and Other.

Harte, Mrs. Lucy Cecil [White]
[Lillie]. See Lillie, Mrs. (page 230).

Hartmann, Sadikichi. Japan. 1867-

. A New York litterateur, of

Japanese and German parentage.
Shakespeare in Art ; Conversations
with Walt Whitman ; Schopenhauer in
the Air ; Modern American Sculpture ;
Naked Ghosts ; History of American
Art ; Japanese Art. Pa.

Harvey, John Le Grand. O., 1857-
— — . A lawyer of Waltham, Massa-
chusetts. Law as a Factor of Civiliza-
tion ; The Torrens System of Land

Harvey, William Hope. W. Va.,

18.51 . An Arkansas writer on

finance. Coin's Financial School ; Tale
of Two Nations ; Coin's Financial
School Up to Date ; Patriots of Amer-
ica ; Coin on Money, Trusts and Impe-

Haskins, Caryl Davis. Ms., 1867-
. An electrical engineer of Schenec-
tady. Transformers, a technical work ;
For the Queen in South Africa, a vol-
ume of short stories. Lit.

Hastings, Charles Sheldon. 18 —

. A professor of physics at the

Sheffield Scientific School of Yale Uni-
versity. Light : a Consideration of the
More Familiar Phenomena of Optics.

Hastings, Elizabeth. See Sherwood,
Margaret P.

Hathaway, Warren. N. Y., 1828-

. A Congregational clergyman at

Blooming Grove, New York. A Faith-
ful Pastor; Lectures on Living 'Ques-
tions ; Studies in Nature and Grace.

Haupt, Charles Elvin. Pa., 1852-
. A Lutheran clergyman of Lan-
caster, Pennsylvania. Stories from Bible
History ; Life of Emanuel Greenwald
(page 157).

Haupt, Paul. G., 1858 . A pro-
fessor of Semitic languages at Johns
Hopkins University from 1883. Editor
of the Polychrome Bible.

Hawkes, Clarence. Ms., 1869 .

A blind lecturer and verse-writer of
Hadley, Massachusetts. Pebbles and
Shells, a book of verse ; Songs f oi
Columbia's Heroes ; Little Foresters.

Hawley, Gideon. Ct., 1785-1870.
The first state superintendent of schools
in New York. Essays in Truth and

Hawthorne, Hildegarde. N. T.,

18 . Daughter of J. Hawthorne

(page 176). A Country Interlude, a
novel. Hou.

Hay, Gustavus. Ms., 1866-1901. A
lawyer of Boston. The Law of Rail-
way Accidents in Massachusetts.

Hay, Helen. See Whitney, Mrs. Helen.

Haydn, Hiram Collins. N. Y., 1831

. A Presbyterian clergyman and

educator of Cleveland. Lay Effort ;
Death and Beyond ; American Heroea
on Mission Fields ; The Bible and Cur-
rent Thought ; Midsummer Discourses /
Brightening the World ; The Face

Hayes, John Russell. Pa.. 1806-

. A professor of English at

Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania.




The Old-Fashioned Garden, and Other
Verses ; The Brandywine ; West
Chester Centennial Ode ; Swarthmore
Hazard, Marshall Cuatiss. Pa.,
1839 . The editor of the Congre-
gational Publication Society f rona 1885.
The Tearless Land ; Outline Bible
Studies ; The Home Department.
Hazen, Charles Downer. Vt., 1868

. A professor of history at Smith

College, Northampton, Massachusetts,
from 1894. Contemporary American
Opinion of the French Revolution ; a
translation of Borgeaud's Adoption and
Amendment of Constitutions in Europe
and America. J. H. U. Mac.
Hazen, Marshman "Williams. Ms.,

1845 . A lawyer of New York

city. Observation, Thought, and Ex-
pression ; Government ; History of
the United States.
Heath, Perry Sanford. Ind., 1857-

. An assistant postmaster-general

under President McKinley. A Hoo-
sier in Russia.
Heaton, John Langdon. JV. Y., 1860

. A New York city journalist.

The Story of Vermont ; The Book of
Lies ; The Quilting Bee, and Other
Poems ; Stories of Napoleon. Sto.

Heermans, Forbes. N. Y.,1856 .

A journalist and playwright of Syra-
cuse. Thirteen Stories of the Far West ;
Love by Induction, and Other Plays;
The Silent Witness, a drama ; The
Vagabond, a play.
Hegan, Alice Cald-well. See Rice,

Mrs. Alice Caldwell Hegan.
Heistand, Henry Oloott Sheldon-

O., 1856 . A United States army

officer. Alaska : its History and De-
Hemenway, Abby Maria. Vt,
1828-1890. A Vermont historian.
Poets and Poetry of Vermont (edited) ;
Rosa Mystica ; Rosa Immaculata ;
House of Gold ; Vermont Historical
Hemmeter, John Cohn. Md., 1864

. A Baltimore physician. The

Special Pathology and Treatment of
Diseases of the Digestive Organs ; Dis-
eases of the Stomach ; Theodore Bill-
roth, Surgical and Mental Philosopher ;
Diseases of the Intestines.

Hemstreet, Charles. N. T., 1866

. A New York journalist. Nooks

and Corners of Old New York; The
Calendar of Old New York ; The Story
of Manhattan ; When Old New York
was Young ; Literary New York : ita
Landmarks and Associations ; The
Flower of the Fort. Fut. Scr.

Henderson, Charles Hanford. Pa.,

1861 . An educator. Physics;

Education and the Larger Life ; John
Percyfield. Hou.

Henderson, Charles Richmond.

Ind., 1848 — ■ . A Baptist clergyman

in Chicago. Introduction to Study of
Dependents, Defectives, and Delin-
quents ; Social Elements ; Social Settle-
ments ; Development of Doctrine in the
Epistles ; The Social Spirit in America.

Henderson, Marc Antony, See
Strong, G. A.

Henderson, John Brooks. La., 1870

. Son of Mrs. M. F. Henderson

(page 180). A lawyer of Washington.
American Diplomatic Questions.

Henry, Arthur. II., 1867 . A

Toledo journalist. A Princess of Ar-
cady ; An Island Cabin ; The House in
the Woods. Bar.

Henry, Stuart Oliver. N. T., 1860-

. An author long resident in Paris.

Paris Days and Evenings ; Hours with
Famous Parisians ; French Etudes and

Henry, "William Arnon. O., 18.50-

. An educator, dean of the College

of Agriculture, Wisconsin University,
from 1891. Experiments in Amber
Cane and the Ensilage of Fodder ; A
Handbook of Northern Wisconsin ;
Feeds and Feeding, a Handbook for
the Student and Stockman.

Henshall, James Alexander. Md.,

1836 . The superintendent of

the Government Fish Commission Sta-
tion at Bozeman, Montana, from 1896.
Book of the Black Bass ; Camping and
Cruising in Florida ; More about the
Black Bass ; Ye Gods and Little Fishes ;
Bass, Pike, Perch, and Others. Clke.

Hensley, Mrs. Sophie M [Al-

mon]. N. S., 186C . A verse-
writer of New "Tork city. A Woman's
Love Letters ; Souls.




Wa., 1840-

Charles George.
A professor of Latin
in the College of the City of New York
from 1869. Business Life in Ancient

Herbert, Hilary Abner. S. C,

1834 . The secretary of the navy?

1893-1897. History of Efforts to In-
crease the United States Navr ; Why
the Solid South ? (edited).

Herford, Oliver. E., 18-

humorous artist and verse-writer of
New York city. The Bashful Earth-
quake, and Other Tales and Verses ;
Artful Antics ; An Alphabet of Celeb-
rities ; Wagner for Infants ; Child's
Primer of Natural History ; More Ani-
mals ; Overheard in a Garden. Scr.

Heme, James A . N. Y., 1839-

1901, A New York actor and play-
wright. Hearts of Oak; The Minute
Men ; Drifting Apart ; Margaret Flem-
ing ; Sag Harbor ; Shore Acres.

Herrick, Clarence Luther. Min.,
1858 . An educator, formerly pres-
ident of the University of New Mexico.
Mammals of Minnesota ; Entomostraca
of Minnesota ; Waverly Group of Ohio.

Herrick, Francis Hobart. Vt.,

1858 . A professor of biology at

Adelbert College, Cleveland, Ohio.
The American Lobster : its Habits and
Developments ; The Home Life of Wild
Birds. Put.

Herrick, Robert ["Welch]. Ms.
1868 . A novelist, assistant pro-
fessor of rhetoric at the University of
Chicago. The Man who Wins ; Literary
Love-Letters, and Other Stories ; The
Gospel of Freedom ; Love's Dilemma ;
Composition and Rhetoric (with L. T.
Damon) ; The Real World ; The Web of
Life ; Their Child ; The Common Lot.

Herringshaw, Thomas "William.

E., 1858 . A Chicago publisher

and author. Home Occupations; Pro-
minent Men and Women of the Day ;
Aids to Literary Success ; Mulierology ;
Herringshaw's Encyclopaedia of Ameri-
can Biography.

Herschel, Clemens. la., 1842 .

A New York hydraulic engineer. Con-
tinuous Revolving Drawbridges ; One
Hundred and Fifteen Experiments;

Frontinus and the Water Supply of the
City of Rome. Est. Wil.

Hersey, George Dallas. Ms., 1847-

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