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Virginia ; Southern Sidelights. Cr.
J. H. U.

Inglis, Charles. I., 1734-1816. The
first Protestant Episcopal bishop of
Nova Scotia, but previously rector of
Trinity Church, New York city, and
conspicuous as a Loyalist. Letters of
Papinian, a noted contribution to politi-
cal controversy ; The True Interest of
America ; Infant Baptism. See Tiller's
Literary History of the American Revo-

Ingraham, John Phillips Thur-
ston. Me., 1817 . Brother of

J. H. Ingraham (page 204). An Epis-
copal clergyman of St. Louis. Mo-
ther's Talks with her Little Folk ; Why
we Believe the Bible ; The Christian
Faith traced from the Garden of Eden.

Ingraham, Prentiss. Mi., 1843-1904.
Son of J. H. Ingraham (page 204). A
voluminous writer of sensational fiction
who served in the Confederate army
during the Civil War and as a soldier
of fortune in various countries since.
Among his over seven hundred produc-
tions may be named : Afloat and
Ashore ; The Cuban ; The Shades and
Sliadows of Gotham ; Montezuma ; A
Knight of the Plains ; In Golden Fet-
ters ; Cadet Carey ; Red Rovers on
Blue Waters ; In Satan's Coil ; An
American Monte Cristo ; Trailing with
Buffalo Bill ; Land of Legendary Lore.

Inman, Henry. N. Y., 1837-1899. A
United States army officer. The Old
Santa F^ Trail : the Story of a Great

Highway ; The Great Salt Lake Trail ;
The Ranch on the Oxhide ; Tales of
the Trail ; Pioneer from Kentucky ;
The Delahoyles. Mac.

Irby, Richard. Va., 1825-1902. A
Virginia author. History of the Not-
taway Grays ; History of Randolph-
Macon College ; Bird Notes and Other

Ireland, Alley ne. E., 1871 . A

lecturer who has published Demerari-
ana ; Tropical Colonization ; The An-
glo-Boer Conflict ; China and the Pow-
ers. Mac.

Ireland, John. I., 1838 . The

Roman Catholic archbishop of St.
Paul, well known as a writer and
speaker upon educational themes. The
Church and Modern Society.

Ireland, Mrs. Mary E [Haines].

Md., 1834 . A Washington writer

for young people, among whose many
books are : What I Told Dorcas ; An
Obstinate Maid ; Doris and Her Moun-
tain Home ; The First School Year.

Ironquill. See Ware, E. F.

Irwin, John Arthur. 7., 1853 .

A New York physician. Hydrotherapy
at Saratoga ; Pathology of Sea Sickness.

Irwin, Wallace. N. Y., 1875 .

A San Francisco journalist. The Love
Sonnets of a Hoodlum ; The Rubdiydt
of Omar Khayydm, Jr.

Isaacs, Abram Samuel. N. Y.,
1852 . A Hebrew rabbi of Pater-
son, New Jersey. Stories from the
Rabbis ; Moses Chalm Luzatto, a Mod-
ern Hebrew Poet.

Isham, Asa Brainerd. O., 1844-
. A Cincinnati physician. Prison-
ers of War and Military Prisons.

Isham, Frederic Stewart. Mch.,

1866 . ^ The Strollers ; Under the

Rose ; The Toy Shop ; Black Friday.

Isham, Norman Morrison. Ct.,

1864 . An architect of Providence.

Early Rhode Island Houses (with A. F.
Brown) ; The Homeric Palace ; Early
Connecticut Houses (with A. F. Brown).

Ives, Charles Linnaeus. Ct., 1831-
1879. A medical professor at Yale
University, 1868-73. Prophylaxis of
Phthisis Pulmonalis ; The Therapeutic
Value of Mercury and its Preparations ;
Bible Doctrine of the Soul.




Jackman, Wilbur Samuel. O.,

1855 . A professor of teaching'

of natural science in the University
of Chicago from 1901. Nature Study
for the Common Schools ; Field Work
in Nature Study, and other similar
Jackson, Abraham Valentine

Williams. N. Y., 1862 . A

professor of Indo-Iranian languages at
Columbia University from 1895. Zoro-
aster, the Prophet of Ancient Iran ;
An Avestan Reader ; An Avestan

Jackson, Dugald Caleb. Pa., 1865-

. A civil engineer of prominence.

Electro-Magnetism and Construction of
Dynamos ; Electricity and Magnetism ;
Alternating Currents and Alternating
Current Machinery.

Jackson, Gabrielle Emilie. N. Y.,

1861 . A writer of juvenile books.

Denise and Ned Toodles ; Pretty Polly
Perkins ; Caps and Capers ; A Blue
Grass Beauty ; Little Miss Sunshine ;
Colburn Prize ; Doughnuts and Diplo-
mas ; Grace, Dis - Grace, and Scape-

Jackson, Jonathan. Ms., 1743-1810.
An eminent Massachusetts citizen who
was the author of Thoughts upon the
Political Situation of the United States.

Jackson, Le'wis Evans. S.I., 1822-

. A Presbyterian layman, long

prominent in city missionary work in
New York city. Gospel Work ; Chris-
tian Work in New York.

Jackson, Mrs. Margaret [Doyle].

Ba., 1868 . A novelist of New

York city. A Daughter of the Pit;
The Horse-Leech's Daughters. Hou.

Jackson, Samuel. Pa., 1787-1872.
A Philadelphia physician. Principles of
Medicine (1832) ; Medical Essays.

Jackson, Samuel Macauley . N. Y.,

1851 . A Presbyterian clergyman,

professor of church history in the Uni-
versity of the City of New York. Be-
side editing many volumes of religions
biography, he has written a Life of
Zwingli, in a series of Heroes of the
Reformation. Put.

Jacobs, Joseph. W., 1854 . A

New York author who has resided in
the United States from 1900. Among
his many published works are English
Fairy Tales ; Studies in Jewish Statis-
tics ; Indian Fairy Tales ; Tennyson
and In Memoriam ; An Inquiry into the
Sources of the History of the Jews in
Spain ; Jewish Ideals and Other Essays ;
Literary Studies ; The Story of Geo-
graphical Study ; Studies in Biblical

Jacobus, Melanchthon Williams.

Pa., 1855 . Son of M. W. Jacobus

(page 206). A Presbyterian clergyman,
professor at Hartford Theological Sem-
inary from 1891. Stone Lectures for
Jacoby, Harold. N. Y., 1865-

A professor of astronomy at Columbia
University from 1894. Practical Talks
by an Astronomer. Scr,

Jacoby, Henry Sylvester. Pa.,

1857 . A professor of engineering

at Cornell University from 1890. Notes
and Problems in Descriptive Geometry ;
Outlines of Descriptive Geometry;
Textbook on Plain Lettering; Text-
book on Roofs and Bridges (with Mer-
riman) .

Jaeger, Abraham. A., 1839 — . An

Episcopal clergyman of Lynchburg,
Virginia, but prior to 1872 a Jewish
rabbi. Mind and Heart in Religion ;
Infant Baptism versus Converted Mem-

Jaggar, Thomas Augustus. N. Y.,
1839 . The first Protestant Epis-
copal bishop of the diocese of Southern
Ohio. He resigned in 1904. The Man
of the Ages, and Other Recent Ser-
mons ; The Personality of Truth. Wh.

Jaggar, Thomas Augustus. Pa.

1871 . Son of T. A. Jaggar, supra.

A geologist in Government service.
The Lacoliths of the Black Hills.

Jaggard, Edvrin Ames. Pa., 1859-
. A lawyer of Saint Paul. Jag-
gard on Torts ; Jaggard on Taxation
in Minnesota and North and South Da-
kota ; Jaggard on Taxation in Iowa.

Jak. See Williams, Mrs. Anna (page

James, Mrs. Alice Archer [Sew-
all J. O., 1870 . Daughter of F.




Sewall (page 337). Ode to Girlhood,
and Other Poems ; The Ballad of the

James, Bushrod Washington. Pa.y
1836-1903. A PhUadelphia oculist.
Alaskana, or Alaska in Descriptive and
Legendary Poems ; American Resorts ;
Echoes of Battle ; Alaska : its Ne-
glected Past and its Brilliant Future ;
The Dawn of a New Era in America.

James, Charles Fenton. Va., 1844-
. A Virginia educator. Docu-
mentary History of the Struggle for
Religious Freedom in Virginia (1900).

James, George Francis. 7Z., 1867-

. An educator in Los Angeles.

Handbook of University Extension ;
Memorial of John A. Logan.

James, George Wharton. E., 1858-

. An explorer and ethnologist.

Tourists' Guide to Southern California ;
Nature Sermons ; Picturesque South-
ern California ; The Missions and Mis-
sion Indians of California ; From Al-
pine Snow to Semi-Tropical Sea ; In
and Around the Grand Canyon ; In-
dian Basketry ; The Indians of the
Painted Desert Region.

James, Hart-wrell. 18 . A wri-
ter for young people. Heroes of the
United States Navy ; Military Heroes
of the United States ; Sea Kings and
Naval Heroes.

James, James Alton. Wis., 1864-
. A professor of history in North-
western University, Evanston, Illinois,
from 1897. English Institutions and
the American Indian ; Constitution
and Admission of Iowa into the Union ;
Government in State and Nation (with
A. H. Sanford). J. H. U. Scr.

James, Richard Sexton. Pa., 1824-
. An Episcopal clergyman of Ar-
kansas. The Walk with Christ through
the Valley of Death ; Forest Monarchs,
and Other Poems.

James, Samuel Humphreys. La.

18.57 . A Louisiana novelist. A

Woman of New Orleans ; A Prince of
Good Fellows.

James, Thomas Chalkley. Pa.,
1766-1835. A once noted Philadel-
phia physician. The Principles of Mid-
wifery, a standard textbook.

James, Thomas Potts. Pa., 1803-
1882, A botanist and druggist of

Philadelphia, co-author with Lesque-
reux (page 228) of The Manual of
American Mosses.

Jameson, Ephraim Orcutt. N. H.,
1842-1902. A Congregational clergy-
man. Biography of Rev. Wm. Cogs-
well ; The Cogswells in America ; His-
tory of Medway, Massachusetts ; Med-
way Biographies and Genealogies ;
Military History of Medway ; The
Choates in America ; The Jamesons in

Jaques, Jabez Robert. E., 1828-
1892. A Methodist clergyman and
educator in Illinois. Study of Classi-
cal Languages ; Peter Cartwright, the
Pioneer Preacher.

Jaques, William Henry. Pa., 1848-
. A naval architect. The Estab-
lishment of Steel Gun Factories in the
United States ; Horatio Nelson and the
Naval Supremacy of England (with W-
Clark Russell) ; and various naono-
graphs on ordnance and allied themes.

Jardine, Robert. Ont., 1840 . A

Chicago clergyman, but formerly pro-
minent in the Presbyterian ministry of
Canada. The Elements of the Psycho-
logy of Cognition ; What to Believe.

Jarrold, Ernest. E., 1850 . A

New York journalist. Mickey Finn
Idylls; Odds and Ends (with J. E.
McCann) ; Tales of the Bowery.

Jarvis, Thomas Stinson. Ont, 18.54-
1892. A novelist and dramatic critic
of New York city. Letters from East
Longitudes; Geoff rey Hampstead ; Doc-
tor Perdue ; She Lived in New York ;
The Ascent of Life, a theosophical

Jastrow, Joseph. Po., 186.3 . A

professor of psychology at the Univer-
sity of Wisconsin from 1888. Fact and
Fable in Psychology. Sou.

Jastrow, Morris. Po., 1861 . A

brother of J. Jastrow, supra. A pro-
fessor of Semitic languages in the Uni-
versity of Pennsylvania. The Religions
of Babylonia and Assyria. Gi.

Jay, John Clarkson. N. Y., 1808-
1891. A conchologist and physician of
New York city. A catalogue of Re-
cent Shells (1836) ; Description of New
and Rare Shells.

Jayne, Anselm Helm. ML, 18.56-
. A lawyer of Jackson, Missis-




sippi. A History of Mississippi ; A
School History of Mississippi.
Jayne, Horace [Fort]. Pa., 1859-
. A Philadelphia physician, pro-
fessor of vertebrate morphology in the
University of Pennsylvania from 1884.
Revision of Dermolidse of North Amer-
ica ; Notes on Biological Subjects ;
Mammalian Anatomy. Lip,

Jefferson, Charles Edward. O.,
1860 . A Congregational clergy-
man of New York city, pastor of the
Broadway Tabernacle from 1898, but
from 1887 to 1898 pastor in Chelsea,
Massachusetts. Quiet Talks with Ear-
nest People in My Study ; Quiet Hints
to Growing Preachers ; Doctrine and
Deed. Cr.

Jenkins, Howard Maloom. Pa.,
1842-1902. A Philadelphia publisher
and author. History of Philadelphia ;
Historical Collections relating to Gyn-
nedd, Pennsylvania; The Family of
William Penn.

Jenks, Tudor. N. Y., 1857-

An editor on the staff of the St.
Nicholas magazine. The Century
World's Fair Imaginations ; Truthless
Tales ; Boys' Book of Explorations ;
Galopoff, the Talking Pony ; Gypsy,
the Talking Dog ; The Defence of the
Castle ; Captain John Smith. Cent.

Jennings N[apoleon] A[ugustus].

Pa., 1856 . A journalist of New

York city. A Texas Banger, an ac-
count of frontier life partly autobio-
graphic in character. Scr.

Jewell, Frederick Swartz. Ms.,

1821 . An Episcopal clergyman

and educator of Fond du Lac, but prior
to 1874 in the Presbyterian ministry.
School Government ; Grammatical Dia-
grams ; Christian Science.

Jewett, Charles. Me., 1842 . A

physician of New York city. Children
Nursing ; Outlines of Obstetrics ; Essen-
tials of Obstetrics ; Practice of Obstet-
rics (edited) ; Syllabus of Gynaecology.

Jewett, Edward Hurtt. E., 1830-
-. An Episcopal clergyman, pro-
fessor in the General Theological Sem-
inary, New York city. Communion
Wine ; Diabology : the Person and
Kingdom of Satan.

Jewett, John Howard. Ms., 1843-
. A journalist of Worcester,

Massachusetts. The Bunny Stories ;
More Bunny Stories. Sto.

Jewett, Sophie. N. Y., 1861 .

A professor of literature at Wellesley
College. The Pilgrim, and Other
Poems. Mac.

Jillson, Clark. Vt., 1825-1894. A
lawyer of Worcester, Massachusetts.
Green Leaves from Whittingham, Ver-
mont, a town history.

Johnes, Edward Rodolph. N. Y.,
1852-1903. A lawyer of New York
city. Briefs by a Barrister, a collection
of verse ; History of Southampton,
Long Island ; Circumstantial Evidence
of a Future State.

Johnson, Benjamin Peirce. N.Y,,
1793-1869. A New York agricUtur-
ist. The Dairy (1857).

Johnson, Bradley Tyler. Md., 1829

. A Virginia lawyer who served

in the Confederate army during the
Civil War. The Foundation of Mary-
land ; Memoir of Joseph E. Johnston ;
Life of General Washington ; Confed-
erate History of Maryland.

Johnson, Charles Nelson. Ont.,

1860 . A Chicago dentist. The

Hermit of the Nonquon, a novel ; Poems
of the Farm, and Other Poems; Suc-
cess in Practice ; Filling Teeth.

Johnson, Elias Hersey. iV. Y., 1841-

. A Baptist clergyman, professor

of systematic theology in Crozer Theo-
logical Seminary, Chester, Pennsylvania,
from 1882. Outline of Systematic
Theology ; Uses and Abuses of Ordi-
nances ; The Religious Use of Imagi-
nation ; The Highest Life. Bap. Sil.

Johnson, Emory Richard. Wis.y
1864 . An economist of note. In-
land Waterways : their Relation to
Transportation ; American Railway

Johnson, John. S. C, 1829 .

Son of Joseph Johnson, infra. An
Episcopal clergyman of Charleston,,
rector of St. Philip's Church from 1872,.
but previously in the engineer corps of
the Confederate army. Defence of
Charleston Harbor, including Fort Sum-
ter and the Adjacent Islands (1890).

Johnson, Joseph. S. C, 1776-1862.
A physician and author of Charleston.
Traditions and Reminiscences of the
Revolution in the South (1851).




Johnson, Joseph French. Ms., 1853

. A financier who has published

Principles of Money Applied to Cur-
rent Problems ; Proposed Reforms of
the Monetary System; Money and
Credit ; A Discussion of the Interroga-
tories of the Monetary Commission.

Johnson, Lewis Jerome. Ms., 1867
. A professor of civil engineer-
ing at Harvard University since 1896.
Statics by Algebraic and Graphic
Methods. Wil.

Johnson, Margaret. Ms., 1860 .

A New York writer. What Did the
Black Cat Do ? ; The Procession of
the Zodiac.

Johnson, Owen. N. Y., 1878 .

Son of R. U. Johnson (page 211). A
novelist. Arrows of the Almighty.

Johnson, Philander Chase. W. Va.,

1866 . A Washington Journalist.

Sayings of Uncle Eben ; Nowaday

Johnson, William Henry. S. C,

184.5 . A novelist of Cambridge.

In early life he served as an officer in
the Confederate army, and subsequently
entered the Unitarian ministry. The
King's Henchmen ; King or Knave ? ;
The World's Discoverers ; Pioneer
Spaniards in North America.

Johnson, William Wo olsey. N. Y.,

1841 . A prof essor of mathematics

at the United States Naval Academy
from 188 1 . Elementary Treatise on Dif-
ferential Calculus ; Elementary Treatise
on Integral Calculus ; Curve Tracing
in Cartesian Coordinates ; Treatise on
Differential Equations ; Theory of Er-
rors and Method of Least Squares ;
Treatise on Mechanics.

Johnston, Mrs. Annie [Fellows].

Jnd., 186.3 . A writer of Pewee

Valley, Kentucky. Two Little Knights
of Kentucky ; The Little Colonel's
Home Party ; The Story of Dago ;
The Little Colonel's Holidays ; Joel :
a Boy of Galilee ; In League with Is-
rael ; Old Mammy's Torment ; Songs
Ysame (with A. F. Bacon) ; The
Little Colonel ; The Gate of the Giant
Scissors ; Asa Holmes ; Big Brother ;
The Quilt that Jack Built ; The Little
Colonel's Hero. Lit. Pa,

Johnston, Charles. J., 1867 .

A writer of Flushing, Long Island,

who, besides various translations from
the Sanskrit and Russian, is the author
of The Memory of Past Births ; Kela
Bai ; Ireland, Historic and Pictur-

Johnston, Harold Whetstone,

//., 1859 . An Indiana educator.

Latin Manuscripts.

Johnston, Hugh. Ont., 1840 . A

Methodist clergyman of Washington
city. Toward the Sunrise, a volume
of travel ; Death Abolished ; Shall We
or Shall We Not ? ; William Morley
Punshou, a biography ; A Merchant
Prince, a life of John Macdonald.

Johnston, Josiah Stoddard. La.,

1833 . A Louisville writer who

served in the Confederate army during
the Civil War. Memorial History of
Louisville ; First Explorations of Ken-
tucky ; Confederate History of Ken-

Johnston, Mary. Va., 1870 . A

popular novelist of Birmingham, Ala-
bama. Prisoners of Hope : a Tale of
Colonial Virgiaia ; To Have and to
Hold ; Audrey ; Sir Mortimer. Hou.

Johnston, Nathan Robinson. O.,

1820 . A Presbyterian clergy-
man, once prominent in the anti-slavery
movement, and since 1875 a missionary
to the Chinese in Oakland, California
Looking Back from the Sunset Land.

Jones, Augustine. Me., 1835 .

An educator, principal of the Friends'
School at Providence. Life of Thomas
Dudley, Second Governor of Massachu-
setts. Hou.

Jones, Charles Henry. Pa., 1837-

. A lawyer of Philadelphia, where

he has filled a number of important lo-
cal offices. A Pedestrian Tour through
Switzerland ; Recollections of Venice ;
A Trip to the Neusiedlersee ; Memoir
of William Rodman ; Digest of Park
Laws and Ordinances ; Davenet's Mills,
a novel ; History of the Campaign for
the Conquest of Canada in 1776 ; Rod-
man Genealogy (1886).

Jones, George. E., 1810-1879. An
eccentric actor and lecturer who took
the title of Count Joannes. A History
of Ancient America ; Tecumseh, a
tragedy ; Life of General Harrison.

Jones, George James. W., 1856-
. A Presbyterian clergyman. The




Province of Philosophy ; The American
Chiirch; Bethlehem.
Jones, John Mather. W., 1826-1874.
A journalist of Welsh birth who came
to America in 1849, founded the towns
of New Cambria, Missouri, in 1865, and
Avonia, Kansas, in 1869. History of
the Rebellion (in Welsh) (1866).
Jones, Marcus Eugene. O., 1852-

. A botanist and mining expert.

Excursion Botanique ; Ferns of the
West ; Geology of Utah.
Jones, Nelson Ed^vards. O., 1821-
1901. A physician of Circleville, Ohio.
The Squirrel Hunters of Ohio. Clke.

Jones, Richard. Wis., 1855 . A

professor of literature in Vanderbilt
University from 1899. The Growth of
the Idylls of the King ; The Arthurian
Legends ; A History of English Litera-
ture. Lip.
Jones, Thomas. L. I., 1731-1702. A
colonial jurist who espoused the side of
the King at the time of the American
Revolution, and removed to England in
1781, where he passed the rest of his
life. History of New York during the
Revolutionary Period.
Jones, Mrs. Virginia [Smith]. Ct,
1827 . An ornithologist of Cleve-
land. The illustrations of the Nests
and Eggs of the Birds of Ohio.
Jordan, Elizabeth Garver. Wis.,

1867 . A New York journalist,

editor of Harper's Bazar from 1900.
Tales of the City Room ; Tales of the
Cloister ; Tales of Destiny ; May Iver-
son : Her Book. Har.
Jordan, William George. N. Y.,

1864 . A journalist of New York

city. The Kingship of Self-Control ;
The Majesty of Calmness ; The Power
of Truth. Bev.

Josephare, Lionel. Ms., 1876 ,

A verse writer of San Francisco. The
Lion at the Well ; Turquoise and Iron.

Josselyn, Charles. Ms., 1847 .

A San Francisco writer. The True Na-

Joy, .Tames Richard. Ms., 1863 .

A New York journalist. The Greek
Drama ; Outline History of England ;
Grecian History ; Rome and the Mak-
ing of Modern Europe ; Twenty Cen-
turies of English History ; Thomas Joy
and his Descendants. Meth.

Joynes, Edward Southey. Va.,

1834 — ■ . A Virginia educator.

Joynes-Meissner German Grammar ;
Minimum French Grammar.

Judd, David Wright. N. Y., 1838-
1888. A New York journalist. Two
Years' Campaigning in Virginia and
Maryland ; The Educational Cyclopae-
dia; Life and Writings of Frank For-

Judson, Edward. E. I., 1844 .

A Baptist clergyman, pastor of the
Judson Memorial church in New York
city from 1881. Life of Adoniram
Judson ; The Institutional Church.

Julian, Isaac Hoover. Ind., 1823-

. Brother of G. W. Julian (page

214). A journalist of San Marcos,
Texas. Sketches of the Early History
of the Whitewater Valley.

Jusserand (zhu's-ran'), Jean Adri-

en Antoine Jules. F., 1855 .

French ambassador to the United States
from 1902. Les Anglais au Moyen Age ;
The English Novel in the Time of
Shakespeare ; A French Ambassador
at the Court of Charles II. ; Piers Plow-
man ; English Essays from a French
Pen ; A Literary History of the French
People ; Shakespeare in France Under
the Ancient Regime.

Kahn, Mrs. Ruth [Ward]. ' Mch.,

1872. . A verse-writer of Lead-

ville, Colorado. Gertrude, an epic ;
The First Quarter, a collection of verse.

Kasson, John Adam. A diplomat,
minister to Austria, 1877-81, and to
Germany, 1884-85. History of the For-
mation of the United States Constitu-
tion. Lip.

Kaufman, Reginald Wright. Pa.,

1877 . A Philadelphia journalist.

Jarvis of Harvard, a novel ; The Things
that are Caesar's. Ap.

Kay e, John William. E., 1846 .

An Episcopal clergyman of Philadel-
phia. Luray Cave ; Flight, Capture
and Imprisonment of Jefferson Davis ;
Night Ascent of Vesuvius ; The Royal
Tomb at Charlottenburg.

Kearney, Stephen Watts. iV. J.,
1794-1848. A United States army




officer. Manual of the Exercise and
MancBuvering of United States Dra-
goons ; Laws for the Government of
the Territory of New Mexico.

Keasbey, Lindley Miller. N. J.i

1S67 . A professor of history and

economies at the University of Colo-
rado, 1892-94, and at Bryn Mawr Col-
lege, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, from
1894. The Nicaragua Canal and the
Monroe Doctrine ; The Institution of
Society. Put.

Keely, Robert Neff. Pa., 1860-

. A Philadelphia physician. Li

Arctic Seas.

Keener, John Christian. Md., 1819-

. A Methodist bishop. The Post

Oak Circuit ; Studies of Bible Truths.

Keener, William Albert. Ga.,1856-

. A lawyer, formerly professor of

law at Columbia University. Treatise
on Quasi-Contracts ; Selected Cases on
Equity Jurisdiction ; Selections on the
Elements of Jurisprudence ; Selection
of Cases on the Law of Private Corpo-
rations. West.

Keese, William Linn. N. Y., 1835-
1904. A New York author. John
Keese, Wit and Litterateur ; William
E. Burton, Actor, Author, Manager;
A Group of Comedians ; The Siamese
Twins and Other Poems. Ap. Put.

Keifer, Joseph Warren. O., 1830-

. A soldier and politician, Speaker

of the national House of Representa-
tives, 1881-85. Slavery and Four
Years of War. Put.

Keimer, Samuel. E., c. 1695-1739.
A printer of Philadelphia. A Brand
Plucked from the Burning, Exem-
plified in the Unparalleled Case of
Samuel Keimer ; Caribbeana, a Collec-
tion of Essays. See Dictionary of Na-
tional Biography, vol. 30.

Keith, Charles Penrose. Pa-, 1854-

. A lawyer of Philadelphia. The

Provincial Councillors of Pennsylvania
between 1733 and 1776, and those Ear-
lier Councillors who were sometime
Chief Magistrates of the Province, and
their Descendants.

Keith, Sir William. E., 1680-1749.
A royal surveyor-general of customs in
America and subsequently lieutenant-
governor of Pennsylvania and Dela-
ware. The History of the British

Plantations in America, Part I. : The
History of Virginia, 1738 ; Public
Spirit ; Papers and Tracts ; On the
Subject of Taxing the Colonies.

Keller, Albert Galloway. O., 1864-
. An assistant professor of the sci-
ence of society at Yale University from
1902. Homeric Society ; Essays in
Colonization. Lgs.

Kellerman, William Ashbrook.

O., 1850 . A professor of botany

at the Ohio State University from
1893. The Flora of Kansas ; Element-
ary Botany ; Phytotheca ; Spring Flora
of Ohio ; Plant Analysis.

Kelley, David Campbell. Tn., 1833-

. A clergyman of the Methodist

Church, South. Short Method with

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