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of American Law of Contracts ; Select
Cases in the Law of Personal Property;
The American Law of Bailments.

Lawson, Leouidas Moreau. Ky.,
1812-1864. A physician, professor of
medicine in Ohio and Kentucky med-
ical schools. Practical Treatise on
Phthisis Pulmonalis.

Law^son, Thomas 'William. Ms.,

1857 . A Boston broker and

banker. The Krank; History of the
Republican Party ; Secrets of Success j
History of the America's Cup.

Leahy, "William. Augustine. Ms.,

1867 . A Boston writer. The

Siege of Syracuse ; The Incendiary ;
History of the Catholic Church in New

Leakin, George Armistead. Md.,

1818 — ■ . An Episcopal clergyman

of Baltimore. Legion, or Feigned Ex-
cuses ; Periodic Law.

Learned, William Law. Ct., 1821-

. A jurist of Albany who edited

The Journal of Madam Knight (page
220), and published The Learned Fam-
ily, a genealogy.

Lease, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth [Cly-

ens]. Pa., 1853 . A prominent

Kansas lecturer. The Problem of Civ-
ilization Solved. Lai.

Lee, Albert. La., 1868 . A New

York litterateur. Tommy Toodles;
Track Athletics in Detail ; The Knave
of Hearts ; Four for a Fortune ; He,
She, and They. Har,

Lee, Alfred Emory. 0, 1838 .

A California orange-grower. European
Days and Ways ; Battle of Gettysburg ;
History of Columbus. Lip.

Lee, Elmer. O., 1856 . A physi-
cian of New York city. Treatise on
Asiatic Cholera ; Medical Treatment of

Lee, Gerald Stanley. Ms., 1862-

. A Congregational clergyman of

Massachusetts. About an Old New
England Church ; The Shadow Christ ;
The Lost Art of Reading ; The Con-
fessions of an Unscientific Mind. Pvt.

Lee, Guy Carleton. 187 . A

Baltimore educator. Source Book of

English History ; Historical Jurispru-
dence ; Principles of Public Speak-
ing ; A History of England ; Hincmar :
an Introduction to the Study of the
Church in the Ninth Century ; The
True History of the Civil War. Ho.
Mac. Put. Lip.

Lee, James Wideman. Ga., 1849-

. A Methodist clergyman in St.

Louis. The Making of a Man ; Henry
W. Grady, Orator and Man ; The Ro-
mance of Palestine ; The Earthly Foot-
steps of the Man of Galilee.

Lee, Mrs. Jeanette Barbour

[Perry.] Ct., 1860 , wife of G.

S. Lee, supra. A novelist of North-
ampton, Massachusetts. Kate Weth-
erell ; A Pilar of Salt ; The Son of a
Fiddler. Cent. Hou.

Lee, John Stebbins. Vt., 1820-1902.
A Universalist clergyman, professor of
church history at Canton Theological
Seminary, New York. Nature and Art
in the Old World ; Sacred Cities.

Lee, Leroy Madison. Va., 180S-
1882. Nephew of Jesse Lee (page 227).
A Methodist clergyman long prominent
in Virginia. The Great Supper not
Calvinistic ; Advice to a Young Con-
vert; Life and Times of Rev. Jesse

Lee, Margaret. N. Y., 184 . A

New York novelist, among whose works
are Dr. Wilmer's Love ; Lorimer and
Wife ; Marriage ; Divorce ; A Brigh-
ton Night ; One Touch of Nature ;
Separation. Ap.

Lefevre, Edwin. Colombia, 1871-

. A New York journalist. Wall

Street Stories.

Leffingwell, Albert. N. Y., 1845-

. A physician who has published

Rambles in Japan without a Guide ;
Illegitimacy ; Influence of Seasons upon
Conduct ; Vivisection in America ; The
Leffingwell Record. Ba. Mac. Scr.

LeGallienne, Richard. £'.,1866 .

An English poet and prose writer, now
(1904) living in New York city. My
Ladies' Sonnets ; Volumes in Folio ;
George Meredith ; The Bookbills of
Narcissus ; English Poems ; The Re-
ligion of a Literary Man ; Prose Fan-
cies; Robert Louis Stevenson, and Other
Poems ; Retrospective Reviews ; Prose
Fancies, Second Series; The Quest of




the Golden Girl ; If I Were God ; The
Romance of Zion Chapel; Young Lives;
Worshipper of the Image ; Travels in
England ; The Beautiful Lie of Rome ;
The Life Romantic ; Sleeping Beauty ;
Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon ; Perseus and
Andromeda ; An Old Country House ;
Odes from the Divan of Hafiz ; How to
Get the Best out of Books ; Old Love
Stories Retold.

Leighton, Joseph Alexander. Ont.,

J 870 . An Episcopal clergyman,

professor of philosophy in Hobart Col-
lege, Geneva, New York. Typical
Modern Conceptions of God ; What is
Personality ? Lgs.

Leiser, Joseph. iV. Y., 1873 . A

Jewish rabbi of Springfield, Illinois.
Before the Dawn, a collection of verse.

Lemcke, Gesine. G., 1841-

teaeher of domestic science in New
York. Desserts and Salads ; American
Cuisine ; How to Live on Twenty-five
Cents a Day ; Chafing Dish Recipes ;
Preserving and Pickling. Ap.

Lemly, Henry Rowan. N. C, 1851-

. A United States army officer,

among whose writings are A West
Point Romance ; Who was Eldorado ? ;
Among the Arapahoes ; A Queen's

Lemmon, Mrs. Sara Allen [Plum-

mer]. Me., 1836 . Wife of J.

G. Lemmon (page 228). Marine Algse
of the West ; Western Ferns.

Lenski, Richard Charles Henry.
P., 1864 . A Lutheran clergy-
man of Springfield, Ohio. Biblische
Franenbilder ; His Footsteps ; Studies
for Edification from the Life of Christ.

Lent, "William Bement. N. Y.,
1842-1902. A travel-writer of New
York city. Gypsying beyond the Sea.
Across the Country of the Little King ;
Halcyon Days in Norway, France, and
the Dolomites ; Holy Land from Lan-
dau, Saddle, and Palanquin. Bon.

Leonard, Daniel. Ms., 1740-1829.
A noted lawyer and politician of Taun-
ton, Massachusetts, who espoused the
cause of the Loyalists prior to the
opening of the American Revolution,
and was the author of Massaehusetten-
sis, a brilliant series of seventeen polit-
ical letters on the side of the English
government. He was banished from

his State, and in later life became chief
justice of Bernmda. See Tyl€r''s Liter-
ary History of the American Revolution.
Leonard, John "William. E., 1849-

. A lawyer and journalist. Gold

Fields of the Klondike. Editor of
Who 's Who in America.

Le Rossignol, James Ed-ward. Q.,

1866 . A professor of economics

in the University of Denver. Monopo-
lies Past and Present. Cr.

Le Row, Caroline Bigelow. N.Y.,

1843 . A Brooklyn educator.

Duxberry Doings ; A Fortunate Fail-
ure ; How to Teach Reading ; English
as She is Taught ; The Young Idea.

Lesley, Mrs. Susan Liches [Ly-
man]. Ms., 1823-1904. Wife of J.
P. Lesley (page 228). Recollections
of My Mother. Hou.

Leup, Francis Ellington. N. Y.,

1849 . A New York journalist.

Bagly vs. Bagly ; How to Prepare for
a Civil Service Examination ; The Man
Roosevelt : a Character Sketch. Ap.

Leverett, Frank. la., 1859 . A

geologist in government service. Gla-
cial Formation and Drainage Features
of the Erie and Ohio Basins ; The Illi-
nois Glacial Lobe ; The Water Re-
sources of Illinois.

Levermore, Charles Herbert. Ct.,

1856 . An educator, president of

Adelphi College, Brooklyn, from 1896.
The Republic of New Haven ; Sylla-
bus of Lectures upon Political History
Since 1815. J. H. U.

Lewin, Raphael De Cordova.
W. I., 1844-1886. A Hebrew clergy-
man in Brooklyn and elsewhere, author
of What is Judaism ? (1870).

Lew^is, Alfred Henry. " Dan Quin."

O., 1842 . A journalist of New

York city. Wolfville, episodes of cow-
boy life ; Sandburrs ; Wolfville Days ;
Wolfville Nights ; Peggy O'Neal ; The
Black Lion Inn ; The President. Sto.

Lewis, Charlton Miner. N. Y.,

1866 . A professor of English

literature at Yale University. Gawayne
and the Green Knight, a poem ; The
Beginnings of English Literature. Gi.




Levris, Edwin Herbert. B. I.,

1866 . Son of A. H. Lewis (page

229). A professor of rhetoric in the
University of Chicago. A First Book
in Writing English ; Introduction to
the Study of Literature ; A First Man-
ual of Composition ; Second Manual
of Composition ; A Text Book of Ap-
plied English Grammar. 3fac.

Lewis, Francis Albert. Pa., 1857-

. A lawyer of Philadelphia. Law

of Stocks, Bonds, and Other Securi-
ties of the United States.

Lewis, Graceanna. Pa., 1821-
. A naturalist of Media, Penn-
sylvania. Position of Birds in the Ani-
mal Kingdom ; Chart of the Animal
Kingdom ; Chart of the Vegetable
Kingdom ; Chart of Geology ; Micro-
scopic Studies of Frost Crystals ; Lower
Forms of Animal and Vegetable Life ;
Studies in Forestry, are among her

Lewis, Isaac Newton. Ms., 1848-

. A lawyer and litterateur of

Boston. In Memoriam ; Pleasant Hours
in Sunny Lands. (1888).

Lewis, William Draper. Pa., 1867-
. The dean of the law depart-
ment of the University of Pennsylva-
nia from 1896. Beside editing many
legal works, he is the author of Federal
Power over Commerce ; Our Sheep and
the Tariff ; Digest of Decisions and
Encyclopaedia of Pennsylvania Law,
1754-1897 (with G. W. Pepper, infra).

Libbey, Laura Jean. N. Y., 1862-

. A sensational novelist of New

York city, among whose many ro-
mances are Lovers Once but Strangers
Now ; When his Love Grew Cold.

Liddell, Mark Harvey. Pa., 1866-

. A professor in the University of

Texas from 1897. Middle English ; An
Introduction to the Scientific Study of
English Poetry. Dou.

Lieber, Guido Norman. S. C, 1837-

. Son of F. Lieber (page 229). A

judge advocate general of the United
States army from 1895. Remarks on
the Army Regulations ; The Use of the
Army in Aid of the Civil Power.

Liggins, John. E., 1829 . An

Episcopal clergyman who was the first
Protestant missionary to Japan. One
Thousand Familiar Phrases in English

and Japanese ; England's Opium Policy ;
Missionary Picture Gallery ; Value and
Success of Foreign Missions.

Lighten, ■William Rheem. Pa., 1866

. Sons of Strength : a Romance

of the Kansas Border Wars ; Lewis and
Clark; Uncle Mac's Nebrasky. Dou.
Ho. Hou.

Liliuokalani, Lydia Kamekeha.

S. I., 1838— . The former queen

of the Hawaiian Islands, dethroned in
1892. Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's
Queen. Le.

Liljencrantz, Ottilie Adaline. 11,

1876 . A Chicago writer. The

Scrape that Jack Built ; The Thrall
of Leif the Lucky ; A Ward of King
Canute ; The Vinland Champions. Mg.

Lincoln, Joseph Crosby. Ms., 1870-

. A New York author. Cape Cod

Ballads; Cap'n Eri. Bar.

Lindsay, Anna Robertson Brown.

D. a, 1864 . What is Worth

While?; The Victory of Our Faith;
Culture and Reform ; Giving What we
Have ; What Good Does Wishing Do ? ;
The Warriors.

Linn, William Alexander. N. J.,

1843 . A journalist. The Story

of the Mormons ; Rob and his Gun ;
Horace Greeley. Ap. Mac.

Linthicum, Richard. Md., 1859 •

A Chicago journalist. Rocky Moun-
tain Tales ; Boer and Britisher in
South Africa; Encyclopaedia of Com-
mon Things (edited).

Lintner, Joseph Albert. N. Y.,
1822-1898. An entomologist of note,
and State entomologist of New York,
1880-98. Beside professional papers he
published Injurious and Other Insects
of the State of New York ; Report of
the State Entomologist.

Litsey, Edw^in Carlisle. E)/., 1871-

-. The Love Story of Abner Stone.


Little, Arthur Wilde. L. I., 1856-

. An Episcopal clergyman of

Evanston, Illinois. Reasons for Being
a Churchman ; The Intellectual Life of
the Priest : its Duties and its Dangers.

Little, Charles Eugene. Vt, 1838-
. A Methodist clergyman. Bibli-
cal Lights and Side Lights ; Historical
Lights ; Cyclopedia of Classified Dates.




Littlehales, George Washington.
Pa., I860-— . A hydrographic engi-
neer in the United States naval depart-
ment, among whose publications are The
Azimuths of Celestial Bodies ; Subma-
rine Cables; Contributions to Terres-
trial Magnetism.

Littlejohn, John Martin. S., 1867-

. A Western educator. Political

Theory of the Schoolmen ; Physiology
Notes ; Text Book on Physiology ;
Lectures on Psycho-Physiology and

Lloyd, Alfred Henry. N. J., 1864-

. A professor of philosophy in the

University of Michigan from 1899.
Citizenship and Salvation : or Greek
and Jew ; Dynamic Idealism. Mg.

Lloyd, John Uri. N. r.,1849— - . A
botanist and pharmacist of Cincinnati.
The Chemistry of Medicine ; Elixirs :
their History, Formulae, and Method
of Preparation ; Etidorhpa, or the End
of Earth, the title of which is Aphro-
dite reversed ; The Right Side of the
Car ; The American Dispensatory (with
John King) ; Drugs and Medicines of
North America (with C. G. Lloyd) ;
Stringtown on the Pike, a popular novel;
Warwick of the Knolbs ; Red Head ;
Scroggins. Clke. Do.

Lloyd, Nelson McAllister. Pa,

1873 . A new York journalist.

The Chronic Loafer, a story ; A Drone
and a Dreamer.

Locke [James De Witt], Clinton.
N. Y., 1829-1904. An Episcopal clergy-
man of Chicago. The Age of the Great
Western Schism ; Five-Minute Talks.

Lockhart, Clinton. IL, 1858 .

A clergyman of the Christian denomi-
nation, president of a college of that
faith at Canton, Missouri. Laws of In-
terpretation ; Critical Commentary on
Nahum ; Messianic Prophecy.

LockTvood, Henry Clay. N. Y.,
1839-1902. Brother of I. Lockwood
(page 232). A writer of New York
city who published The Abolition of
the Presidency ; Constitutional History
of France. Ra.

LockTwood, Luke Vincent. L. L,
1872 . A New York lawyer. Colo-
nial Furniture in America. Scr.

Lockwood, Mrs. Mary Smith.
JV. Y., 1831 . Wife of H. C. Lock-

wood, supra. Historic Homes of Wash-
ington ; Handbook of Ceramic Art.

Lockwood, Thomas Di2:on. E.,
1848. An electrical engineer of Bos-
ton. Information for Telephonists;
Electrical Measurements ; Electricity,
Magnetism, and the Electric Telegraph.

Lodge, George Cabot. Ms., 1873-

. Son of H. C. Lodge (page 233).

A verse-writer of Nahant, Massachu-
setts. The Song of the Wave, and
Other Poems; Poems: 1899-1902;
Cain : a Drama. Scr. Hon.

Lodge, Lee Davis. Md., 1865-

An educator, professor of literature in
Columbian University, Washington city,
from 1887. A Study in Corneille.

Loeb, Jacques. G., 1859 . A

professor of physiology in the Univer-
sity of California from 1902. Studies
in General Physiology; Comparative
Physiology of the Brain and Compara-
tive Psychology.

Lofft, Capel. E., 1806-1873. An
English barrister, whose later years
were spent in the United States. Self-
Formation ; Ernest, a Poem.

Logan, John Alexander. JZ., 1865-
1899. A United States army officer.
In Joyful Russia. Ap.

Logan, Milburn Hill. 11, 1855 .

A San Francisco physician. System of
Urinology ; Organic Chemistry.

Loisette, Alphonso. See Larrowe.

London, Jack. Cal, 1876 - . A

writer of Oakland, California. The
Son of the Wolf : Tales of the Far
North; The God of his Fathers;
Children of the Frost ; The Cruise of
the Dazzler ; A Daughter of the Snows ;
The Call of the WUd ; The People of
the Abyss ; The Sea Wolf ; The Faith
of Men. Cent. Hou. Lip. Mac.

Long, Edwin McKean. Pa., 1827-
1894. A Lutheran clergyman, pastor
in Philadelphia and elsewhere in Penn-
sylvania. Union Tabernacle, or Mov-
able Tent Church ; Precious Hymns of
Jesus ; Talks to Children ;- Lives of the
Apostles ; Sermons for Children ; Gos-
pel in Nature ; Life of Christ ; Em-
blems and Temperance ; Illustrated
History of Hymns and their Authors,
comprise his most important writings.

Long, John Luther. Pa., 1861 .




A lawyer of Philadelphia. Madame
Butterfly, a collection of Japanese
tales ; The Prince of Elusion ; Naughty
Nan; The Fur Woman; Little Miss
Joy-Sing. Lip.

Long, William Joseph. Ms., 1867-

. A Congregational clergyman in

Stamford, Connecticut. The Making of
Zimri Bunker ; Beasts of the Field ;
Fowls of the Air; Ways of Wood
Folk ; Wilderness Ways ; Secrets of
the Wood ; School of the Woods ; Fol-
lowing the Deer ; A Little Brother to
the Bear. Gi. Pa.

Loomis, Charles Battell. X. I., 1861-

. A litterateur of Scotch Plains,

New Jersey. Just Rhymes ; The Four-
masted Catboat, a collection of prose
sketches ; Some Americans Abroad ;
Yankee Enchantments ; A Partnership
in Magic ; Cheerful Americans ; More
Cheerful Americans. Cent. Ho.

Lord, Augustus Mendon. Cal,

1861 . A Unitarian clergyman of

Providence. A Book of Verses; The
Touch of Nature : Little Stories of
Great People. A. TJ. A.

Lorimer, George Horace. Ey.,

1868 . Son of G. C. Lorimer (page

235). cA Philadelphia journalist, lit-
erary editor of the Saturday Evening
Post. Behind the Veil of Isis ; Let-
ters from a Self -Made Merchant to His
Son ; Old Gorgon Graham.

Loring, Augustus Peabody. Ms.,

1857 . A lawyer of Boston. A

Handbook for Trustees. Lit.

Lose, George William. Pa., 1852-

. A Lutheran clergyman of Mas-

sillon, Ohio, among whose numerous
works are Esther and Other Poems ;
Lives of the Twelve Apostles ; From
Darkness to Light ; The Mission of a
Book ; Inasmuch.

Loud, Mrs. Marguerite St. Leon
[Barstow]. Pa., c. 1800-18—. A
verse-writer of Philadelphia. Wayside

Lounsberry, Alice. N. Y., 18 —

. A New York botanist. A Guide

to the Wild Flowers ; A Guide to the
Trees ; Southern Trees, Flowers, and
Shrubs. Sto.

Loveman, Robert. O., 1864 . A

writer of Dalton, Georgia, whose verse
displays much quiet beauty of thought

and expression. Poems; A Book of
Verses ; The Gates of SUence, with
Interludes of Song ; Book of Songs.

Low, A Maurice. E., 1860-

. A Washington journalist. The

Supreme Surrender. Har.

Lowber, James William. Ky.,

1847 . A clergyman in Austin,

Texas, of the Christian (Disciples) de-
nomination. Culture ; Struggles and
Triumphs of the Truth ; The Devil in
Modern Society ; Macrocosmus.

Lowrie, Walter. Pa., 1868 . An

Episcopal clergyman of Philadelphia.
The Doctrine of Saint John; Monu-
ments of the Early Church. Lgs. Mac.

Loy, Matthias. Pa., 1828 . A

Lutheran clergyman in Columbus,
Ohio. The Doctrine of Justification ;
Life of Luther (translated) ; The Min-
isterial Office ; Sermons on the Gos-
pels ; Christian Prayer ; The Christian

Luby, Thomas Clarke. J., 1822-
1901. An Irish writer active in Fenian
movements and after five years' im-
prisonment exiled for the rest of his
twenty years' sentence. He came to
America in 1870, and his later years
were passed in Jersey City. Lives of
Illustrious and Representative Irish-
men ; The Life of Daniel O'Connell.

Lucas, Frederic Augustus. Ms.,

1852 . A Washington naturalist,

curator of the department of compara-
tive anatomy in the National Museum
from 1893. Animals of the Past ; Ani-
mals before Man in North America.

Luccock, Naphtali. O., 1853 .

A Methodist clergyman of Saint Louis.
Christian Citizenship; Living Words
from the Pulpit.

Luckey, George Washington An-
drew. Ind., 1855 . A profes-
sor of education in the University of
Nebraska. The Professional Training
of Secondary School Teachers in the
United States. Mac.

Lummus, Henry TUton. Ms., 1876-
. A lawyer of Lynn, Massachu-
setts. Law of Mechanics' Liens upon
Real Estate in Massachusetts.

Lush, Charles Keeler. Wis., 1861-
. A Milwaukee journalist. The




Federal Judge, a political novel ; The

Autocrats. Hou.
Lust, Mrs. Adelina [Cohnfeldt].

G., 1860 . A Chicago novelist.

A Tent of Grace. Hou.
Luther, Mark Lee, 18 . The

Heuchman, a novel ; The Mastery.

Lynde, Francis. N. F., 1856-

A Chattanooga litterateur. The Help-
ers, a novel of Colorado life ; A Case
in Equity ; A Romance in Transit ; A
Question of Courage ; A Private Chiv-
alry ; The Master of Appleby. Hou.

Lyon, Frank Emory. //., 1864 .

A Chicago clergyman. The Art of
Living ; Social Evangelism.

Lyon, William Henry. Ms., 1846-
. A Unitarian clergyman of Brook-
line, Massachusetts. A Study of the
Sects. A. U. A.

Lyons, Timothy Augustine. A
naval commander. Meteorological
Charts of the North Pacific Ocean;
The Magnetism of Iron and Steel Ships ;
Electro-Magnetic Phenomena and its
Deviations aboard Ship.

Lyte, Eliphalet Oram. Pa., 1842-

. A Pennsylvania educator.

Practical Book-keeping ; Grammar and
Composition; Elementary English; and
other educational works.


MoAdam, David. N. Y., 1838-1901.
A New York justice of the Supreme
Court, 1896-1901. Marine Court Prac-
tice ; Landlord and Tenant.

McAfee, Cleland Boyd. Mo., 1866-

. A Presbyterian clergyman of

Chicago. Where He Is ; Wherefore
didst Thou Doubt ; Faith, Fellowship,
and Fealty. Cr. Rev.

Macbride, Thomas Huston. Tn.,

1848 . A professor of botany in

the University of Iowa from 1884. Text-
book on Botany.

McCall, Samuel Walker. Pa.,
1851 . A lawyer of Boston, re-
presentative in Congress from Massachu-
setts from 1892. Thaddeus Stevens, a
biography ; Daniel Webster. Hou.

McCartney, Washington. Pa.,
1812-1856. A jurist and educator of

Pennsylvania who founded the Union
Law School at Easton. Differential
Calculus ; History of the Origin and
Progress of the United States (1847).

MacCauley, Clay. Pa., 1843 .

A Unitarian clergyman of Boston.
Christianity in History ; Japanese Lit-
erature ; A Day in the Very Noble City,
McChesney, Dora Greenwell. IL,
1871 . Daughter of E. S. McChes-
ney, infra. A novelist. Kathleen Clare,
her Book, 1637-1641 ; Miriam Crom-
well, Royalist ; Beatrix Infelix ; Ru-
pert, by the Grace of God ; A Summer
Tragedy in Rome ; The Story of an
Unrecorded Plot. Mac. S.
McChesney, Mrs. Elizabeth [Stud-

diford]. Mch., 1841 . Under

Shadow of the Mission.
McCleary, James Thompson. O.,

1853 . A prominent Minnesota

educator and congressman. Studies in
Civics ; A Manual of Civics.
McClellan, George Brinton. Sxy.,

1865 . Son of G. B. McClellau

(page 240). He became mayor of New
York city in 1904. The Oligarchy of
Venice. Hou,
McClelland, Thomas Calvin. iV. Y.,
1869 . A Congregational clergy-
man of Newport. Verba Crucis ; The
Cross Builders. Cr.
McClure, James Gore King. N. Y.,

1848 . A Presbyterian clergyman,

president of Lake Forest University,
Illinois, from 1897. Possibilities ; The
Man who Wanted to Help ; Environ-
ment ; The Great Appeal ; For Hearts
that Hope; A Mighty Means of Use-
fulness. Rev.

McConaughy, Mrs. Julia E

[Loomis]. O., 1834 . A writer

of juvenile religious fiction. Among
her books are The Widow's Sewing
Machine ; How to be Beautiful ; The
Hard Master ; The Prize Battle ;
McCorvey, Thomas Chalmers. Al,

1852 . A professor of history in

the University of Alabama from 1888.
The Government of the People of the
State of Indiana.
McCracken, Elizabeth. 18-

A journalist of New York city. The
Women of America. Mac




McCrady, Edward. S. C, 1802-
1892. A once eminent lawyer and
theologian of Charleston, whose politi-
cal monograph, Our Mission : Is it to
be Accomplished by the Perpetuation
of our Present Union ? attracted much
attention at the time of its publication
in 1851.

McCrady, Edward. S. C, 1833-
1903. 8on of E. McCrady, supra. A
prominent lawyer of Charleston, and
during the Civil War a colonel in the
Confederate service. Beside many im-
portant professional papers, he pub-
lished a valuable History of South
Carolina under the Proprietary Govern-
ment, 1670-1719 ; South Carolina under
the Royal Government, 1719-1775 ;
South Carolina in the Revolution,
1775-1780 ; History of South Carolina
in the Revolution, 1780-1783. Mac.

McCrady, John. S. C, 1831-1881.
Son of E. McCrady, 1st, supra. A pro-
fessor of zoology at Harvard Univer-
sity, and subsequently at the University
of the South. His scientific writings
are published in the transactions of the
Elliot Society of Natural History of

McCulloch, Hugh. 18 — 1902. The
Quest of Herakles, a volume of verse ;
Written in Florence. Lit.

McCulloch, Hunter. S., 1847 .

A verse-writer of Philadelphia. From
Dawn to Dusk, and Other Poems ; Rob-
ert Burns, a centenary ode. Lip,

McCutcheon, George Barr. Jnd.,

1866 '. A novelist of Lafayette,

Indiana. Graustark ; Castle Craney-
crow; The Sherrods; The Day of the
Dog ; Beverly of Graustark.

MacDill, David. O., 1826-1903. A
United Presbyterian clergyman, pro-
fessor of apologetics in the Theological
Seminary at Xenia, Ohio, from 188").
The Bible a Miracle ; Mosaic Author-
ship of the Bible ; Pre-Millennialism

MacDonald, Arthur. N. Y., 1856-

. A government specialist in

education. Abnormal Man ; Crimino-
logy ; Abnormal Woman ; Experimen-
tal Study of Children ; Emile Zola.

Macdonald, Ronald, E., 1860 .

A son of George Macdonald, the noted
Scottish novelist. For some seven years

a teacher in North Carolina. God Save
the King ; The Sword of the King.

MacDougal, Daniel Trembly. Ind.,

1865 . A botanist, director of the

laboratories of the Botanical Garden
in New York city from 1899. Experi-
mental Plant Physiology ; Living

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