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Plants and their Properties (with J. C.
Arthur). The Nature and Work o£
Plants. Ba. Mac.

McElroy, Mrs. Lucy Cleaver. Ki/.,

IS . A novelist who has written

Juletty; The Silent Pioneer. Cr.

McElroy, William H . N. Y.,

184 . A New York journalist.

Matthew Middlemas's Experiment ; An
Overture to William Tell.

McEnroe, William Hale. Va., 1854-
1899. A physician, professor of mate-
ria medica at New York University for
some years. Materia Medica and Ther-

McGill, Alexander Taggart. Pa.,
1807-1889. A Presbyterian clergy-
man, professor of theology at Prince-
ton Theological Seminary, 1854-83.
Church Government.

McGovern, John. N. Y., 1850 .

A Chicago author and compiler, among
whose works are Famous Women of
the World ; American Statesmen ; The
Dream City ; Empire of Information.

MacGowan, Alice. O., 1858 -A

Chattanooga writer. The Last Word 5
Return, Lo. Pa.

McGrath, Harold. N.Y., 1872^ .

A Syracuse journalist. Arms and the
Woman ; The Puppet Crown The Grey
Cloak ; The Man on the Box. Bo.

McHenry, James. L, 1785-1845. A
physician of Philadelphia whose poems
and sensational novels once attracted
attention. His fictions include O'Hal-
loran, or The Insurgent ; The Wilder-
ness ; A Spectre of the Forest ; The
Heartsof Steel; The Betrothed of Wy-
oming ; Meredith. His other works
are The Pleasures of Fnendship ; WaU
tham ; The Antediluvians, a Narrative
Poem in Ten Books ; The Usurper, a

Mcllvaine, Charles. Pa., 1849 .

A Philadelphia mycologist. Fungi,
Mushrooms, Toadstools (with Mc Adam);
A Legend of Polecat Hollow. Bo.




Mcintosh, Burr. Pa., 186 . A

New York author and publisher. The
Little I Saw of Cuba ; Boy of the Twen-
tieth ; Football and Love. Ne.

Mclntyre, John T . Pa., 1871-

. The Ragged Edge, a novel of

•ward polities.

Mackenzie, Arthur Stanley. N. S.,

1865 . A professor of physics at

Bryn Mawr College from 1891. The
Laws of Gravitation. Am.

Mackenzie, William Douglas.
South Africa, 1859 . A Congrega-
tional clergyman, president of Hartford
Theological Seminary from 1903. The
Ethics of Gambling ; The Revelation of
the Christ ; Christianity and the Pro-
gress of Man ; South Africa : its Heroes
and Wars ; John Mackenzie, South Afri-
can Missionary and Statesman. Rev.

Mackie, Pauline Bradford. See
Hopkins, Mrs. P. B.

McKnight, Charles. Pa., 1826

Old Fort Duquesne ; Our Western Bor-
der One Hundred Years Ago.

McKnight, George. N. Y., 1840-
1897.. A physician at Sterling, New
York. Firm Ground, a volume of reli-
gious sonnets, reprinted as Thoughts in
Life and Faith.

Mackubin, Ellen. 11, 18 . A

novelist of New York. The King of
-the Town, a novel. IIou.

MacLandburgh, Florence. O., 1850

. The Automaton Ear, and Other


Maclane, Mary. Manitoba. 1881 .

The Story of Mary Maclane. S.

McLaughlin, Mary Louise. O., 18 —

. A Cincinnati ceramic artist.

China Painting ; Pottery Decoration ;
Suggestions to China Painters ; Paint-
ing in Oil ; The Second Madame. Clke.

McLaws, [Emily] Lafayette. Ga.,

18 . A novelist of Augusta,

Georgia. When the Land was Young ;
Jezebel. Lo.

Maclay, Edgar Stanton. Ch., 1863

. An historical writer at Setau-

ket, Long Island. The History of the
United States Navy ; Reminiscences of
the Old Navy ; History of American
Privateers. Ap. Put.

Maclean, John Patterson. O., 1848

. An archaeologist of Cleveland.

A Manual of the Antiquity of Man ;
Mastodon, Mammoth, and Man ; The
Mound Builders ; History of the Clan
Maclean ; Introduction to the Study
of the Gospel of Saint John ; Critical
Examination of Evidence of Norse Dis-
covery of America ; Historical Exam-
ination of Fingal's Cave. Clke.

McLeod, Mrs. Georgiana A

[Hulse]. FL, 18 1890. An edu-
cator of Baltimore. Sunbeams and
Shadows; Ivy Leaves from the Old
Homestead ; Theirs and Mine ; Sea
Drifts ; Bright Memories.

Macloskie, George. L, 1884 .

A professor of biology at Princeton
University from 1874. Elementary
Botany. Ho,

McManus, Blanche. See Mansfield,
Mrs. Blanche.

McMurrich, James Playfair. Ont.,

1859 . A professor of anatomy at

the University of Michigan from 1895.
Livertebrate Morphology ; The Devel-
opment of the Human Body. Ho.

McNeill, George Edwin. Ms., 1837-
. A trades-union organizer of Bos-
ton. The Labour Movement the Prob-
lem of a Day ; History of Cooperation
in Massachusetts ; History of the De-
velopment of the Shoe Industry ; His-
tory of Shoemakers' Unions ; Eight
Hour Primer ; The Slave of Fortune, a
novel ; The Silver Dollar ; Accidents
and Accident Insurance ; Unfrequented

MacNutt, "William Fletcher. N.
S., 1839 . A San Francisco phy-
sician. Diseases of the Kidney and

McPherson, Logan Grant. O.,

1863 . A Pittsburgh journalist.

The Monetary and Banking Problem.

MacVane, Silas Marcus. P. E. I.,

1842 . A professor of history at

Harvard University from 1886. The
Wages Question ; Austrian Theory of
Value ; Working Principles of Political
Economy ; The South African Ques-
tion ; Translation of Seignobos's His-
tory of Europe since 1814. Ho.

Madison, Mrs. Lucy [Foster]. Mo.,

1865 . A litterateur of New York

city. A Maid of the First Century;




A Maid at King Alfred's Court; A
Colonial Maid.

Main, Hubert Piatt. Ct, 1839 .

A writer of Newark, New Jersey. A
Dictionary of American Musicians and
Hymn Writers.

Main, Thomas. S., 1828-1896. A
mechanical engineer, professor of ship-
building in the Webb Academy of
Shipbuilding, New York city. History
of the Steam Engine.

Major, Charles. " Edwin Caskoden."
Ind., 1856 . A lawyer and novel-
ist of Shelbyville, Indiana. When
Knighthood was in Flower, a popular
romance ; The Bears of Blue River ;
Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall ; A
Forest Hearth. Bo. Mac.

Mallon, Mrs. Isabel Allardice
[Sloan]. "Ruth Ashmore." Md.,
1862-1898. A popular writer on de-
portment. Side Talks with Girls ; The
Business Girl. Scr.

Maltbie, Milo Roy. 11, 1871 .

A writer on economies. Municipal
Functions, a Study of Municipal Social-
ism ; English Local Government of To-
day. Mac.

Mangasarian, Mangasar M .

Ty., 1859 . A Chicago lecturer.

The Religion of the Future ; Omar
Khayydm ; A New Catechism ; Chris-
tian Science, a Comedy in Four Acts ;
The Abysmal Monster.

Mann, Cameron. N. F., 1851 .

The second Protestant Episcopal bishop
of North Dakota. Future Punishment ;
Comments of the Bystanders at the

Mann, Charles Holbrook. N. Y.,
1839 . A Swedenborgian clergy-
man of Orange, New Jersey. Interior
Spiritual Living ; Sermons on Mar-
riage ; What God hath Cleansed ; The
Christ of God ; Psychiasis ; God and
Man in the Bible. Put.

Mann, Henry. S., 1848 . A

journalist of New York city. Ancient
and Mediteval Republics ; Features of
Society in Old and New England ; Eng-
lish Free Trade ; Handbook for Ameri-
can Citizens ; The Land we Live In ;
Turning Points in Natural History.

Mansfield, Mrs. Blanche [MoMa-

nus]. La., 18 — . An author

and illustrator of New York city. The

True Mother Goose ; Childhood's Songs
of Long Ago ; Bachelor Ballads ;
How the Dutch came to Manhattan;
Voyage of the Mayflower.

Marble, Mrs. Annie [Russell], ilfs.,

1864 . A writer of Worcester,

Massachusetts. Books that Nourish
Us ; Thoreau : his Home, Friends, and
Books. Cr. Mac.

March, Alden. Pa., 1869 . An

editor on the staff of the Philadelphia
Press from 1891. The Conquest of the
Philippines and Our Other Island Pos-

Marcou, Jules. F., 1824-1898. A
geologist in government service for
many years. Recherches G^ologiquea
sur la Jura Salinois ; Origin of the Name
America ; First Discoveries of Califor-
nia ; Life of Louis Agassiz. Mac.

Maretzek, Max. A., 1821-1897. A
noted opera manager and composer.
Crotchets and Quavers, an autobiogra-

Marks, Arthur Handly. Ga., 1864-
1892. A writer of Winchester, Ten-
nessee ; from 1886 to 1889 in the con-
sular service at London and Berlin.
Igerne, and Other Writings.

Marks, William Dennis. Mo., 1849-

. A mechanical engineer who has

published The Relative Proportions of
the Steam Engine ; The Finances of
Gas and Electricity Manufacturing En-
terprises. Lip.

Marshall, Mrs. Caroline Louise

[Kingsbury]. Wis., 1849 . A

writer of Eldora, Iowa. The Girl
Ranchers ; Two Wyoming Girls.

Marshall [Caroline], Nina Lever-
ing. N. Y., 1861 . An educator

of New York city. The Mushroom
Book. Dou.

Marshall, Edward. N. Y., 1868-
. A New York journalist, a cor-
respondent of the Journal during the
Spanish war. Lizette, a novel ; The
Story of the Rough Riders, First United
States Volunteer Cavalry ; The Middle
Wall. Bil.

Marshall, Henry Rutgers. N. Y.,

1852 . An architect of New York

city. Pain, Pleasure, and Esthetics;
.^thetic Principles ; Instinct and Rea-
son, Mac,




Martin, Benjamin Ellis, N. T.,

18 . A litterateur of New York

city. About England with Dickens;
Old Chelsea ; In the Footprints of
Charles Lamb ; The Stones of Paris in
History and Letters (with C. M. Mar-
tin). Scr.

Martin, Chalmers. Ky., 1859 .

A Presbyterian clergyman of Pitts-
burgh. Apostolic and Modern Mis-
sions. Rev.

Martin, George Madden. Ky., 1866-

. Emmy Lou : her Book and

Heart ; The House of Fulfilment. Mac.

Martin, Mrs. Jane [Percy]. E.,
1847 . A story-writer of Pendle-
ton, Oregon. Lost and Saved.

Martin, Samuel Albert. Pa., 1853-
. A Presbyterian clergyman, pres-
ident of Wilson CoUege, at Chambers-
burg, Pennsylvania, from 1895. The
Man of Uz.

Martin, Mrs. Victoria [Claflin]

[Woodhull]. O., 1838 . A

once prominent reform agitator, now
(1904) resident in England. Origin,
Tendencies, and Principles of Govern-
ment ; Social Freedom ; Garden of
Eden Stirpiculture ; Rapid Multiplica-
tion of the Unfit; The Human Body
the Temple of God.

Marvin, Winthrop Lippitt. N. H.,

1863 . A Boston journalist. The

American Merchant Marine : its His-
tory and Romance. Scr.

Mason, Mrs. Agnes Louisa [Car-
ter]. N. F., 18 . A verse-
writer of Montclair, New Jersey. The
White Nun. Put.

Mason, Mrs. Amelia [Gere]. Ms.,

184 . A Chicago writer. The

Women of the French Salons ; Woman
in the Golden Ages. Cent.

Mason, Mrs. Caroline [Atvrater].

R. J., 1853 . A writer of Batavia,

New York. A Titled Maiden ; A Min-
ister of the World ; The Minister of
Carthage ; The Quiet King ; A Wind
Flower ; A Woman of Yesterday ; A
Lily of France ; Lux Christi : an Out-
line Study of India ; The Little Green
God ; Holt of Heathfield. Dou. Mac.

Mason, Lowell. Ms., 1792-1872. A
famous Boston musician, who, beside
publishing various collections of sacred

and secular music which included many
pieces of his own composition, was the
author of Musical Letters from Abroad,
and several musical text-books.

Mason, Mary Augusta. N. Y.,

18- . An adopted daughter of

C. M. Dickinson (page 98). With the
Seasons, a collection of verse of more
than average merit. Ran.

Mason, Rufus Osgood. N. H., 1830-
1903. A physician of New York city.
Sketches and Impressions ; Telepathy
and the Subliminal Self ; Hypnotism
and Suggestion.

Mason, William. Ms., 1829 — .

Son of L. Mason, supra. A musician
of New York city. Easy System for
Beginners (with fioadley) ; Pianoforte
Technics (with Matthews) ; Touch and
Technic ; Memories of a Musical Life.

Mason, William Pitt. N. Y., 1853-

. A professor of chemistry at the

Troy Polytechnic Institute. Water
Supply ; Water Analysis ; Notes on
Qualitative Analysis. Wil-

Massey, George Betton. Md., 1856,

. A Philadelphia physician.

Electricity in the Diseases of Women ;
Conservative Gynaecology and Electro-

Mather, Mrs. Margaret Morgan
[Herbert]. 184—1900. Daughter
of W. H. Herbert (page 182). History
of Polo ; Hunting Then and Now ; Bi-
ography of Fox, a celebrated polo pony.

Mathews, Alfred. O., 1852 .

A Philadelphia writer. Ohio and the
Western Reserve. Ap.

Mathews, F[erdinand] Schuyler.
S. I., 1854 . An artist and illus-
trator of Boston. The Golden Flower ;
The Beautiful Flower Garden ; Famil-
iar Flowers of Field and Garden ; Fa-
miliar Trees and their Leaves ; Familiar
Features of the Roadside ; Familiar
Life in Field and Forest ; The Writing
Table of the Twentieth Century ; The
Field Book of American Wild Flowers ;
Field Book of Wild Birds and Their
Music ; The Field Book of American
Wild Birds. Ap.

Mathews, Frances Aymar. N. Y.,

Ig^ __. A novelist of New York

city. The New Yorkers, and Other
People ; A Married Man ; One Man in
a Thousand ; To-night at Eight ; His




Way and Her Will ; My Lady Reggy
Goes to Town, and several plays.

Mathews, Shailor. Me., 1863 .

A professor in the University of Chi-
cago. Select Mediaeval Documents;
The Social Teaching of Jesus ; History
of New Testament Times in Palestine ;
The French Revolution. Mac.

Mathews, Stanley. O., 1S24-1889.
An Ohio jurist, associate justice of the
United States Supreme Court, 1881-89.
A Summary of the Law of Partner-

Matson, Henry. O., 1829-1901. A
clergyman in Oberlin, Ohio. Refer-
ences for Literary Workers ; Know-
ledge and Culture. Mg.

Matthewman, Lisle de Vaux. E.,

1867 . A journalist of New York

city. Crankisms ; Brevities ; Rips and
Raps. Co. Sto.

Matthews, William Baynham.
Va., 1850 . A lawyer of Wash-
ington city. Forms of Pleading; Guide
for Executors and Administrators ; Di-
gest of Land Decisions.

Maurice, Arthur Bartlett. N. J.,

1873 . New York in Fiction ; The

History of the Nineteenth Century in
Caricature (with Taber). Do.

Maxwell, Perriton. N. Y., 1866-

. A journalist of New York city.

Masterpieces of Art and Nature ; Amer-
ican Art and Artists.

Maxwell, Samuel. N. Y., 1826-1901.
A Nebraska lawyer and congressman.
Maxwell's Nebraska Digest (1877) ;
Practice in Justice Courts ; Pleading
and Practice ; Criminal Procedure ;
Code Pleading.

Mayer, Henry. G., 1868— . A

caricaturist of note. Autobiography
of a Monkey ; In Laughland ; A Trip
to Toyland ; Adventures of a Japanese
Doll ; Alphabet of Little People.
Dut. Sto.

Mayo, Earl Williams. N. Y., 1873-

. A New York litterateur. A

Border Rivalry.

Mead, Edw^ard Campbell. Ms.,
1837^ . A farmer of Keswick, Vir-
ginia. Genealogical History of the Lee
Family of Virginia and Maryland ;
Australia in 1859 ; Sketches of the
War ; Historic Homes of the South-
West Mountains, Virginia.

Mead, Mrs. Lucia True [Ames].

N. H., 1856 . Wife of E. D.

Mead (page 252). See Ames, Lucia.

Mead, Theodore Hoe. N. Y., 1837-

. A manufacturer of New York

city. Our Mother Tongue ; Health
without Medicine ; Horsemanship for
Women. Do.

Mead, [William] Leon. N. Y.,

1861 . A New York litterateur.

The Rockets, a volume of verse ; In
Thraldom : a physiological romance ;
Wild Cat Ledge ; The Bow-Legged
Ghost, and Other Stories ; On Nature's
Reeds, a collection of verse ; and sev-
eral plays.

Means, David MacGregor. Ms.,

1847 . A lawyer of New York

city. The Boss : an Essay on the Gov-
ernment of American Cities ; Indus-
trial Freedom. Ap.

Mears, David Otis. Ms., 1842 .

A Presbyterian clergyman of Albany.
Life of Edward Norris Kirk, supra;
The Deathless Book ; Oberlin Lec-
tures ; Inspired Through Suffering. Lo.

Mechem, Floyd RusselL N. F.,

1858 . Tappan professor of law

in the University of Michigan from
1892, Agency ; Public Officers ; Cases
on Agency ; Elements of Partnership ;
The Law of Sales of Personal Pro-
perty ; Outlines of the Law of Agency.

Meeker, Nathan Cook. O., ,1817-
1879. An author and journalist of Col-
orado. The Adventures of Captain
Armstrong ; Life in the West (1868) ;
Rosa Robbins, or Life with John A.
Logan and his Men.

Meekins, Lynn Roby. Md., 1862-

. A Baltimore journalist. The

Robb's Island Wreck; Some of Our
People ; Adam Rush. S. Lip.

Mees, Theophilus Martin Kon-

rad. O., 1848 . A Lutheran

clergyman of Columbus, Ohio. Doc-
trinal History of Predestination from
1517 to 1580; School Government and

Meigs, William Montgomery. Pa.,

1852 . Son of J. F. Meigs, supra,

grandson of C. J. Ingersoll, supra. A
lawyer of Philadelphia. Life of Jo-
siah Meigs ; Life of Charles Jared lu-




gersoll; The Growth of the Constitu-
tion in the Federal Convention of 1787.

Mell, Patrick Hues. Ga., 1850 .•

Son of P. H. MeU (page 252). A sci-
entist of Auburn, Alabama. Wild
Grasses of Alabama ; Life of Patrick
H-ies Mell, Senior ; Climatology of
Alabama; Microscopic Study of the
Cotton Plant, are among his works.

Memminger, Allard. S. C, 1854-

. A physician of Charleston.

Diagnosis by the Urine.

Mercer, Henry Chapman. Pa.,

1856 . An archaeologist of Doyles-

town, Pennsylvania. Hill Caves of
Yucatan ; Lenape Stone ; Antiquity of
Man in the Delaware Valley and the
Eastern United States. Gi.

Meredith, William Tuckey. Pa.,

1839 . A banker of New York

city. Not of her Father's Race, a

Merington, Marguerite. E., 18

. A play writer of New York city.

Captain Letterblair ; Daphne, or the
Pipes of Arcadia ; Love Finds the Way.

Merriam, Charles Edward. la.,

1874 . An instructor in political

science in the University of Chicago
from 1903. The History of the Theory
of Sovereignty since Rousseau ; Eco-
nomics and Public Law ; A History of
American Political Theories. Mac.

Merrick, Mrs. Caroline Elizabeth

[Thomas], ia., 1825 ._ A New

Orleans writer. Old Times in Dixie
Land : a Southern Matron's Memories.

Merrill, Catherine. Ind., 1824-1900.
A once prominent educator at Indian-
apolis. The Soldier of Indiana, a
Record of the State's Relation to the
Civil War.



George Edmands. Ms.,
A Baptist clergyman, pre-

sident of Colgate University from 1899.
The Story of the Manuscripts; Cru-
saders and Captives; The Reasonable
Christ ; Parchments of the Faith.

Merrill, Joseph. Ms., 1814-1898. A
local historian who published a History
of Amesbury, Massachusetts, in 1881.

Merriman, Charles Eustace. 18 —
. A litterateur who has published

Letters from a Son to his Self-Made

Merriman, Mrs. EfiBe ['Wood-
ward]. Min., 1856 . A Minne-
apolis writer for children. Among her
books are Pards ; A Queer Family ;
The Little Millers ; How Women may
Earn Money.

Merriman, Mrs. Helen [Bigelow].

Ms., 1844- . A writer of Worcester,

Massachusetts. What Shall Make us
Whole ? Religio Pictoris. Hou.

Merriman, Roger Bigelow^. Ms.,

187 . Son of Mrs. H. Merriman,

supra. Life and Letters of Thomas

Merriman, Titus Mooney. Q., 1822
. A Baptist clergyman in Cam-
bridge. Trail of History ; William,
Prince of Orange ; Pilgrims, Puritans,
and Roger Williams Vindicated.

Merwin, SamueL JZ.,1874 . A

story-writer of Plainfield, New Jersev.
His Little World ; The Road to Fron-
tenac ; The Upper Hand ; The Story
of Hunch Badeau ; The Merry Anne.
With H. K. Webster, infra, he wrote
Calumet K ; The Short Line War. Bar.

Messmer, Sebastian Gebhard.

Sd., 1847 . A Roman Catholic

prelate, bishop of Green Bay from 1892.
Praxis Synodalis ; Canonical Procedure ;
Spirago's Method. Ben.

Meyer, Mrs. Annie Nathan. N. Y.,

1867 . A New York writer.

Helen Brent, M. D. ; My Park Book ;
Robert Annys : Poor Priest.

Mielziner, Moses. G., 1828-1903. A
Hebrew rabbi, Talmud professor in
Union College, Cincinnati, from 1879.
Slavery Among the Ancient Hebrews ;
Jewish Law of Marriage and Divorce ;
Introduction to the Talmud ; Legal
Maxims of the Talmud.

MifEIin, John Houston. Pa., 1807-
1883. An artist and author of Colum-
bia, Pennsylvania. He was a portrait
and miniature painter of much deli-
cacy. Rhymes of an Artist.

Mifflin, Lloyd. Pa., 1846 . Son

of J. H. Mifflin, supra. A poet and
artist of Columbia, Pennsylvania. At
the Gates of Song, a volume of one hun-
dred and fifty sonnets ; On the Slopes




of Helicon, and Other Poems ; Memorial
Day Ode ; The Hills : a Poem ; Con-
versation as a Fine Art ; Echoes of
Greek Idyls ; Lyrics ; The Fields of
Dawn, and Later Sonnets ; Castalian
Days. Est. Hou.

Mifflin, Samuel "Wright. Pa., 1805-
1885. Cousin of J. H. Mifflin, supra.
A civil engineer of Pennsylvania. Lo-
cation of Railway Engineers.

Miller, Adolph Caspar. Cal, 1866-

. A professor of economics in the

University of California from 1902.
The Monetary Problem in the Univer-
sity of California.

Miller, AHred Stanley. Pa., 1856

. A metallurgist, professor of

mining metallurgy and geology in the
University of Idaho from 1897. Man-
ual of Assaying ; The Cyanide Process.

Miller, Mrs. Alice [Duer]. ^V. Y.,

18 . Sister of C. Duer, supra.

Poems (with C. Duer) ; Calderon's
Prisoner. Scr.

Miller, Andrew James. Ga., 1855-

. An Alabama journalist. Old

School Days ; The Making of a Pirate ;
The Toastmaster.

Miller, Charles Armond. W. Va.,

1864 . A Lutheran clergyman of

New York city. Ad Astra and Other
Verses on Sacred Themes ; The Way of
the Cross. Rev.

Miller, Frank Justus. Tn. 1858-
. A professor of Latin in the Uni-
versity of Chicago from 1892. Dido, an
Epic Tragedy ; Studies in Roman Poe-
try. Sil.

Miller, Freeman Edwin. Ind., 1864

. An educator of Oklahoma,

professor in the Oklahoma Agricultu-
ral College 1894-98. Oklahoma, and
Other Poems ; Songs from the South-
west Country.

Miller, John Bleecker. N. Y., 1856

. A lawyer of New York city.

Trade Organizations in Politics ; Trade

Organizations in Religion.
Miller, Marion Mills. O., 1864 .

A classical scholar of New York city.

The Sicilian Idyls of Theocritus.
Miller, Mrs. Mary [Rogers]. la.,

1868 . An educator of New York

city. The Brook Book. Dow.

Miller, Samuel Almond. O., 1836-
1897. A lawyer and geologist of Cin-
cinnati. American Palaeozoic Fossils*,
North American Geology and Palaeon-
tology ; Mesozoic Fossils ; Cenozoic

Mills, Benjamin Fay. N. J., 1857-
. A Unitarian clergfjrman of Oak-
land, California, formerly prominent as
an orthodox evangelist. Power from
on High ; Victory through Surrender ;
God's Word; Twentieth Century Re-

Mills, Herbert Elmer. N. H., 1861-

. A professor of economics at

Vassar College from 1890. The French
Revolution in San Domingo ; Practical
Economic Problems ; The Labour Pro-

Mills, "Weymer Jay. N. J., 1880-

. Historic Houses of New Jersey ;

Through the Gates of Old Romance.

Millspaugh, Charles Frederic.
N. Y., 1854 . A Chicago botan-
ist. American Medical Plants ; Weeds
of West Virginia ; Flora of West Vir-

Minot, Charles Sedgwick. Ms.,

1852 . A professor of histology

in the medical school of Harvard Uni-
versity from 1892. Human Embry-

Minton, Henry Collin. Pa., 185.5-
. A Presbyterian clergyman, pro-
fessor of systematic theology in the
San Francisco Theological Seminary
from 1892. Christianity Supernatural ;
The Cosmos and the Logos.

Mitchell, Clifford. Ms., 1854-

. A homoeopathic physician of

Chicago. Manual of Urinary Analy-
sis ; Renal Therapeutics ; Dental Chem-
istry ; The Physician's CI\emistry ; The
Chronicles of the Omelette Club ; Dis-
eases of the Urinary Organs.

Moffat, William David. N. J.,

1865 . Son of J. C. Moffat (page

258). A New York writer of stories
for boys, business manager of The
Book-Buyer and Scribner's Magazine.
The County Pennant ; The Crimson
Banner ; Brad Mattoon ; Not Without
Honor, a novel.

Moffett, Cleveland. N. Y., 1803-
. A journalist who has published




Real Detective Stories ; Careers of
Danger and Daring. Cent.

Moffett, Samuel Erasmus. Mo.,

1860 . A New York journalist.

The Tariff ; Chapters on Silver ; Sug-
gestions on Government.

Moise, Penina. S. C, 1797-1880. A
verse - writer of Charleston. Fancy's
Sketch Book.

Moldehnke, Charles Edward. P.,

1860 . An Egyptologist. The

Trees of Ancient Egypt ; The New
York Obelisk ; Egyptian Origin of Our
Alphabet ; Egyptian Classics.

Monroe, Mrs. Harriet [Earhart].
Pa., 1842 . An author and lec-
turer of Washington city. The Art of
Conversation ; Heroine of the Mining
Camp ; Historical Lutheranism ; Wash-
ington : its Sights and Insights. Bar.

Monroe, Will Seymour. Pa., 1863-

. A professor of psychology in

the Westfield, Massachusetts, Normal
School. Educational Labours of Henry
Barnard ; Comenius's School of In-
fancy ; Bibliography of Education ;
Child Study Outlines ; Comenius and
the Beginnings of Educational Reform.
Ap. He. Scr.

Moody, Mrs. Helen [Watterson].

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