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Prince, Samuel Thornton Kemeys.

Ct., 1834 . A Chicago compiler of

crop statistics. Crop Reports ; Model
Farmers and Their Methods.
Pritchett, Henry Smith. Mo., 1857

. An astronomer, superintendent

of the government coast and geodetic
survey 1897-1900, and president of the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
from 1900. Among numerous scien-
tific monographs by him are : Determi-

nation of the Mass of Mars ; The Rota-
tion Period of Jupiter ; Eclipses of the
Satellites of Saturn.

Prolix, Peregrine.
Pulitzer, Walter.

See Nicklin.

18 . A lit-

terateur of New York. That Duel at
the Chateau Marsanac ; Through the
Shadows ; Chess Harmonies ; Prose
Harmonies ; Links of Life and Love.

Pullen, Mrs. Elizabeth [Jones]
[Cavazza]. Me., 18 . A lit-
terateur of Portland, Maine. Don Fi-
nimondone ; Calabrian Sketches ; Mr.
Whitman. Lo.

Pupin, Michael Idvorsky. Hy.

1858 . A physicist and inventor

who came to the United States in 1874.
He became adjunct professor of me-
chanics at Columbia University in 1892,
and in 1902 of electro-mechanics. Be-
side professional monographs he has
published Thermodynamics of Rever-
sible Cycles in Gases.

Putnam, Eben Frederic. Ms., 1868

. Son of F. W. Putnam, irfra.

A genealogist of Salem, Massachusetts.
His principal work is a valuable His-
tory of the Putnam Family in England
and America.

Putnam, Frederic Ward. Ms., 1839
. A noted archfeologist of Cam-
bridge, professor of American archaeo-
logy and ethnology at Harvard Uni-
versity from 1886, and curator of the
Peabody Museum there from 1874.
His professional papers, reports, and
other contributions to science are ex-
ceedingly numerous and valuable.

Putnam, George I[srael]. N. Y.,

1860 . A newspaper publisher in

Claremont, New Hampshire, but prior
to 1889 an officer in the United States
army. On the Offensive ; and In Blue
Uniform, are novels of army life.

Putnam, John Pickering. Ms., 1847

. An architect of Boston. The

Metric System of Weights and Mea-
sures ; The Open Fireplace in All Ages ;
The Principles of House Drainage ;
Imported Plumbing Appliances.

Putnam, Samuel Porter. N. R.,

1838-1896. A writer who, after hold-
ing successive pastorates in Congrega-
tional and Unitarian churches, became




known as an extremely radical thinker.
Prometheus : a Poem ; The Golden
Throne : a Radical Romance ; Four
Hundred Years of Free Thought.

Pyle, Katherine. Del., 18 .

Sister of H. Pyle (pag-e 306). A writer
of Wilmington, Delaware. As the
Goose Flies; The Christmas Angel;
The Counterpane Fairy ; In the Green
Forest ; When the Wind Blows ; Sto-
ries of Humble Friends; Childhood.
But. Lit.

Pyle, "Walter Lytle. Pa., 1871 .

A Philadelphia physician. A Manual
of Personal Hygiene ; Diseases of the
Eye ; Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine
and Surgery ; Anomalies and Curiosi-
ties of Medicine.

Quad, M. See Lewis, C. B. (page 229).

Quayle, William Alfred. Mo., 1860-
. A Methodist clergyman of Kan-
sas City. The Poet's Poet, and Other
Essays ; A Hero and Some Other Folk ;
In God's Out of Doors.

Quesada, Gonzalo de. C, 1838-

. Minister plenipotentiary at

Washington from Cuba. Mi Primera
OfFenda ; Patriotismo ; Ygnacio Mora ;
History of Free Cuba.

Quin, Dan. See Lewis, Alfred Henri/.

Quin, Minnie. Ga. An educator of
Atlanta. May Blossoms, a book of

Quinn, Arthur Hobs on. Pa., 1875-

. An instructor in English in the

University of Pennsylvania. Pennsyl-
vania Stories. Pen.

Radford, Benjamin Johnson. U.,

1838 . A Christian (Disciples)

clergyman of Eureka, Illinois. The
Court of Destiny, and Other Poems.

Raimond, C. E. See Parkes, Mrs. Eliz-

Ranck, George "Washington. Ky.,
1831-1901. A writer of Lexington,
Kentucky. History of Lexington ;
Girty, the White Indian ; The Travel-
ling Circus ; Story of Bryan's Station ;

The Bivouac of the Dead and its Au-
thor. Clke.
Randall, John "Witt. Ms., 181.3-1892.
A Boston physician and naturalist.
Consolations of Solitude, a book of
verse (1856) ; Critical Notes on Etchers
and Engravers ; Poems of Nature and
Life, edited by F. E. Abbott, and in-
cluding Consolations of Solitude (1899).


Randall, Thomas. N. H., 1778-1869.
A pastoral versifier of Eaton, New
Hampshire, the author of The Farm-
er's Meditations, or Shepherd's Songs

Randolph, Alfred Magill. Va.,
1836 . The first Protestant Epis-
copal bishop of Southern Virginia.
Reason, Faith and Authority in Chris-
tianity. Wh.

Randolph, Paschal Beverley, N.

Y., 1825 , A physician of some

note at one period as a miscellaneous
writer. Waa-gu-Nah; Lara; The Grand
Secret, a medical work ; The Unveil-
ing ; It Is n't All Right ; Hesperina ;
Dealings with the Dead ; Human Love;
Rosicrucian's Love ; Wonderful Story
of the Ravalette ; Tom Clodd and his
Wife ; Pre- Adamite Man ; Dhonla Bel ;
Edward Price ; After Death, or Dis-
embodied Man.

Rantoul, Robert. Ms., 1805-1852.
A prominent anti-slavery congressman
from Massachusetts. The Republic in
the United States ; Memoirs, Letters,
and Speeches, edited by Luther Ham-
ilton (18.54).

Rapp, "Wilhelm. G., 1828 . A

Chicago journalist, editor Illinois
Staats-Zeitung. Recollections of the
German Fatherland by a German

Rathbone, St. George. Ky., 1854-

. A sensational novelist among

whose numerous fictions are The Spi-
der's Web ; My Hildegarde ; The Man
from Denver.

Rathom, John Revelstoke. Aus-
tralia, 1868 . A Chicago journal-
ist. Four Years in the Chinese Navy.

Rauschenbusch, Augustus. G.,
1816-190-. A Baptist clergyman, pro-
fessor in the German Baptist Theo-
logical Seminary at Rochester, New
York, 1853-1888. Saturday or Sun-




day— Which shall We Observe?; Bib-
lische Traumbilder ; A History of In-
fant Baptism.

Ravenel,Mr8. Harriot Horry [Rut-
ledge J. S. C, 1832 . A bio-
grapher of Charleston, South Carolina.
Life of Eliza Pinckney ; The Life and
Times of William Lowndes ; Ashurst,
a novel. Scr.

Ravenscroft, John Stark. Va.,
1772-1830. The first Protestant Epis-
copal bishop of North Carolina, conse-
crated in 1822. His Works in two
volumes, including sermons and contro-
versial papers, were issued in 1830.

Ravogli, Augustus. ly., 1851 .

A dermatologist of Cincinnati. Hy-
giene of the Skin ; Structure and De-
velopment of the Human Skin.

Ray, William. Ct, 1771-1827. A
writer who published Poems on Vari-
ous Subjects, Religious, Moral, Senti-
mental, and Humorous.

Raymond, Bradford Paul. Ct.,

1846 . A Methodist clergyman,

president of Wesleyan University, Mid-
dletown, Connecticut, from 1889. Chris-
tianity and the Christ. Meth.

Raymond, Mrs. Evelyn [Hunt].

N. Y., 1843 . A Baltimore writer

of juvenile fiction. Mixed Pickles ;
Monica ; The Little Lady of the Horse ;
Little Red School House ; Among the
Lindens ; A Daughter of the West ;
The Mushroom Cave ; A Cape May
Diamond ; The Boys and Girls of
Branthara ; My Lady Barefoot ; Di-
vided Skates ; A Story of Delight ; The
Sun Maid ; Reels and Spindles ; A Pair
of Them ; The Doings of Nancy. Cr.
But. Lit. Wi.

Raymond, "William Gait. la., 1869-

. An engineering professor at the

Troy Polytechnic Institute from 1892.
Plane Surveying.

Rayner, Mrs. Emma. E.,1^ .

A Boston novelist. Free to Serve ; In
Castle and Colony ; Visiting the Sin ;
Doris Kingsley: Child and Colonist;
Handicapped among the Free.

Rea, George Bronson. N. Y., 1869-
. A journalist and electrical en-
gineer of New York city. Facts and
Fancies about Cuba.

Read, Jolin Elliot. Ms., 1845 .

An agricultural journalist of Amherst,
Massachusetts. Farming for Profit ;
Within and Beyond the States ; Life
Rector, Elbridge Lee. Ts., 1847-

. A lawyer of San Saba, Texas.

The Science of Money and Exchange.
Reddall, Henry Frederic. E., 1852

. From the Golden Gate to the

Golden Horn ; Who Was He ? ; School-
boy Life in Merrie England ; Court-
ship, Love, and Wedlock ; Fancy, Fact,
and Fable ; Life of Henry M. Stanley.

Rede, Wyllys. 11, 1859^ . An

Episcopal clergyman, of Brunswick,
Georgia. The Communion of Saints ;
Striving for the Mastery. Lgs.
Redfield, Henry Stephen. N. Y.,
1851 . A professor of law at Co-
lumbia University from 1901. Cases
on Pleading and Practice.
Reed, Mrs. Elizabeth [Armstrong].
Me., 1842 . A Chicago philanthro-
pist. The Bible Triumphant ; Earnest
Words ; Hindu Literature ; Primitive
Buddhism : its Origin and Destiny. Sc.

Reed, Helen Leah. N. B., 186 .

A Boston writer. Miss Theodora, a
novel ; Brenda : her School and her
Club ; Brenda's Summer at Roekley ;
Brenda's Cousin at RadclifFe ; Brenda's
Bargain ; Irma and Nap. Lit.
Reed, Henry Albert. N. Y., 1844-
. An army officer who has pub-
lished Topographical Drawing' and
Sketching; Photography Applied to
Surveying. Wil.
Reed, Myron Winslow. 1836-1899.
A Congregational clergyman of Denver.
Temple Talks. Bo.

Reed, Myrtle. 11, 1874 . A

Chicago writer. The Love Letters of
a Musician ; Later Love Letters of a
Musician ; The Spinster Book ; Laven-
der and Old Lace ; The Master's Vio-
lin ; The Book of Clever Beasts. Put.
Reed, Mrs. Rebecca Perley
[Page]. Me., 1840 • A Milwau-
kee author. Above and Below, a juve-
nile tale ; Everybody's Providence ;
From Shore to Shore ; Ethel's Gift.

Reed, Verner Z . O , 1863 .

A Colorado writer. Lo-To-Kah ; Tales
of the Sunland ; Adobeland Stories.
Reeder, Charles. Md., 1817-1900. A




merchant and manufacturer in Balti-
more. Caloric : a Review of the Dy-
namic Theory of Heat.
Reemelin, Charles [Gustavus],
originally Riimelin, Carl Gustav. Wg.,
1814 . A vine-cultui'ist long resi-
dent in and near Cincinnati. He emi-
grated to America in 1832, and after
being naturalized in the United States
adopted the English form of his name.
Vine - Dresser's Manual ; The Wine
Maker's Manual ; Polities as a Science ;
A Critical Review of American Poli-
tics (1881). In 1892 he published an
autobiography covering the events of
his life till that year. Clke.

Rees, James. Pa., 1802-18S5. A
Philadelphia journalist and playwright,
among whose plays are The Heads-
man ; Washington at Valley Forge ;
Changes ; Marion ; Pat Lyon ; Anthony
Wayne ; Benjamin Franklin. His other
works include The Dramatic Authors
of America ; Mysteries of City Life ;
The Tinker Spy ; Footprints of a Let-
ter-Carrier ; Life of Edwin Forrest ;
Shakespeare and the Bible.

Reeve, Charles McCormick. N. Y.,

1847 . A Minneapolis lawyer and

soldier, warden of the Minnesota state
prison from 1899. How we Went and
What we Saw. Put.

Reeves, Alfred Gandy. N. J., 1859-

. A lawyer of New York city.

Cases on Wills. West.

Reeves, Arthur Middleton. Ind.,
1856-1891. Icelandic scholar. The
Finding of Wineland the Good : the
history of the Icelandic Discovery of
America ; Lad and Lass : a Story of
Life in Iceland ; Jan : a short story.

Reid, Mayne. J., 1818-1883. An Irish
writer who came to the United States
in 1838, fought in the Mexican War as
captain in the United States service^
and for a number of years lived and
wrote in Philadelphia, but subsequently
made his home in London. He was
a prolific writer of tales of adventure
for boys. Among them are The Ri-
fle Ranger ; The Quadroon ; Osceola ;
The White Chief ; The Yellow Chief ;
The Lost Mountain, a tale of Sonora ;
The Lone Ranch ; The Land of Fire ;
The Boy Tar ; Afloat in the Forest ;
Boy Hunters ; Forest Exiles ; Plant

Hunters ; Desert Home. See Diction-
ary of National Biography, volume Jfl ;
Memoir hy his wife, 1890. Put.

Reid, Sydney [Robert Charles
Forneri]. Onf., 1857— . A litte-
rateur of New York city. Josey and
the Chipmunk. Cent.

Reid, W[illiam] Max. N. Y., 1839-

. A merchant of Amsterdam, New

York. The Mohawk Valley : its Le-
gends and its History. Put.

Reinhardt, Charles William. Wg.,
1858 . An illustrator and drafts-
man of New York city. Lettering for
Draftsmen, Engineers, and Students;
The Technic of Mechanical Drafting.

Reinsch, Paul Samuel. Wis., 1869-

. A professor of physical science

in the University of Wisconsin from
1899. The Common Law in the Early
American Colonies ; World Politics as
Influenced by the Oriental Situation
(1900) ; Colonial Administration. Mac.

Remsburg, John Eleazer. 0,1848-

. A writer and lecturer in behalf

of atheism. His principal writings in-
clude Life of Thomas Paine ; Bible
Morals ; The Image-Breaker.

Reno, Mrs. Itti [Kinney]. Tn.,

1862 . A novelist of Washington

city. Miss Breckenridge : a Daughter
of Dixie ; An Exceptional Case.

Renouf, Edward. N. Y., 1848 .

A professor of chemistry at Johns Hop-
kins University from 1885. VoUhard's
Experiments in General Chemistry,
translation ; Inorganic Preparations.

Restarick, Henry Bond. E., 1854-

. The first Protestant Episcopal

bishop of Honolulu. Lay Readers; their
History and Work ; The Love of God ;
Addresses on the Seven Last Words.

Reynolds, Cuyler. N. Y., 1866-

. A writer, of Albany, New York.

Janet, a Character Study ; The Rosa-
mond Tales ; The Banquet Book of
Classified Familiar Quotations, Toasts,

Keynolds, Elhanan Winchester.
N. Y., 1827-1867. A Universal-
ist clergyman. Our Campaigns, or
Thoughts on the Career of Life ; Rec-
ords of Rubbleton Parish, once a
popular book ; The True Story of the
Barons of the South.




Rhees, Rush. B., 1860-

, A Bap-
tist clerg-yman, president of the Uni-
versity of Rochester from 1900. The
Life of Jesus of Nazareth : a Study.

Rhoades, Cornelia Harsen. N. Y.,

1863 . A blind writer, of New

York city. Only DoUie ; The Little
Girl Next Door ; Winifred's Neigh-

Rice, Mrs. Alice Caldwell,

(Hegan). Ky., 1870 . A

writer of Louisville, Kentucky. (Wife
of C. Y. Rice, infra.) Mrs. Wiggs of the
Cabbage Patch ; Lovey Mary. Cent.

Rice, Cale Young. Ey., 1872 ,

A verse-writer of Louisville, Kentucky.
From Dusk to Dusk ; With Omar ;
Song Surf ; David.

Rice, Joseph M . Fa., 1857 .

A New York physician, editor of The
Forum from 1897. The Public School
System of the United States (1893) ;
The Rational Spelling-Book. Cent.

Rice, Rosella. O., 1827-18—. Mabel,
a novel ; Other People's Windows.

Rice, Wallace [de Groot Cecil].

Ont., 1859 . A Chicago journalist.

Under the Stars (with B. Eastman,
supra) ; Flying Sands ; Great Travel-
lers ; Heroic Deeds.

Rice, William North. Ms., 1845-

. A professor of geology at Wes-

leyan University from 1884. Twenty-
five Years of Scientific Progress, and
Other Essays ; Geology of Bermuda;
Christian Faith in an Age of Science.

Richards, Charles Herbert. N. H.,
1839 . A Congregational clergy-
man in Philadelphia. Religious Rights
of a Christian State ; The improvement
of Worship; Evolution of a Redeemed
Humanity ; Will Phillips, or Ups and
Downs of Christian Boy Life ; God Our
Help ; What is your Life ?

Richards, George. Ms., 1849 .

A lawyer of New York city. The Law
of Insurance.

Richards, Joseph William. E.,

1864 . A professor of metallurgy

in Lehigh University, Bethlehem,
Pennsylvania, who has published an
important Treatise on Aluminium.

Richards, Thomas Addison. E.,
1820-1900. Brother of W. C. Richards
(page 314). A New York artist, pro-

fessor of art in the University of the
City of New York from 1868. The
American Artist ; Georgia Illustrated ;
Summer Stories of the South ; Pictures
and Painters.

Richardson, Ernest Cushing.

Ms., 1800 . The librarian of

Princeton University from 1890. Bib-
liographical Synopsis of the Ante-
Nicene Fathers ; Classification : Theo-
retical and Practical. Scr.

Richardson, Leander. 0.,1856 .

A New York journalist and playwright.
As Yankees See Us ; The Dark City ;
Sketches of London Life ; Lord Dun-
mersey, a novel ; As Ye Sow, a novel.

Richardson, Rufus Byam. Ms.,

1845 . An archaeologist, head of

the American Archa3ological School at
Athens. Vacation Days in Greece.

Richardson, Warfield Creath.
Ky., 182.3 . A writer of Tusca-
loosa, Alabama. Gaspar, a metrical
romance ; The Fall of the Alamo, an
epic poem.

Richman, Irving Berdine. la.,

1861— . A lawyer of Muscatine,

Iowa. Rhode Island : its Making and
its Meaning ; John Brown among the
Quakers, and Other Sketches ; Appen-
zell : Pure Democracy and Pastoral
Life in Inner-Rhoden. Put.

Richmond, Mary E. 11, 1861-

. A charity organizer of Phila-
delphia. Friendly Visiting among the
Poor. Mac.

Ricker, Nathan Clifford. Me.,

]848 . The dean of the College

of Engineering, University of Illinois.
Construction of Trussed Roofs.

Rickert, Edith. O., 1871 . The

Renper, a novel of the Shetlanii Islands.

Ricketson, Daniel. Ms., 1813-1898.
A philanthropist of New Bedford, Mas-
sachusetts. The History of New Bed-
ford (1858) ; The Autumn Sheaf, a
Collection of Miscellaneous Poems ;
The Factory Bell, and other Poems ;
New Bedford of the Past. See Daniel
Ricketson and his Friends (1900).

Ricketts, Palmer Chamberlaine.

Md., 1850 . The president of the

Rensselaer Polytechnic of Troy, New
York, from 1901, of which institution
he published a history in 1895. Wil^




Riley, Benjamin Franklin. AL,

1849- . A Baptist clergyman, pro-
fessor of English in the University of
Georgia, 1898-1900. Physical History
of Alabama.
Riley, Franklin Lafayette. ML,

1868 . A professor of history in

the University of Mississippi from 1897.
Colonial Origins of New England Sen-
ates ; School History of Mississippi.

Ripley, "William Zebina. Ms., 1867-

. A professor of sociology at the

Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
and a lecturer on anthropology at Co-
lumbia University. Besides many con-
tributions to scientific periodicals, he
has published Financial History of Vir-
ginia ; The Races of Europe : a socio-
logical study. Ap.

Rishell, Charles Wesley. Pa., 1850
. A Methodist clergyman, profes-
sor of historical theology in Boston
University from 1896. The History of
Christianity ; Official Recognition of
Women in the Church ; The Higher
Criticism ; The Foundations of Chris-
tian Faith. Meth.

Rishell, James Dyson. Pa., 1858-

. Brother of C. W. Rishell, supra.

A professor of law in Northern Illinois
College from 1897. Elfrida : a Histor-
ical Drama. Lip.

Risley, Richard Voorhees. N. Y.,
1874-1904. A novelist of New York
city. The Sentinaental Vikings ; Men's
Tragedies ; The Anvil ; The Sledge ;
The Life of a Woman. Sir. .

Rivers, George Robert Russell.
R. I., 1853-1900. An historical novelist
of Milton, Massachusetts. The Count's
Snuff-Box ; Captain Shays, a Populist
of 1786 ; The Governor's Garden. Lit.

Rives, Hallie Erminie. Ey., 1874-

. Cousin of Am^lie Rives (page

317). A novelist of New York city.
Smoking Flax ; As the Hart Panteth ;
A Fool in Spots ; Singing Wire ; The
Furnace of Earth ; Hearts Courageous;
The Castaway. Bo.

Roark, Ruric Nevel. Ky., 1859-
. An educator, dean of the de-
partment of pedagogy in the Kentucky
State College. Psychology in Educa-
tion ; Method in Education ; General
Outline of Pedagogy.

Robb, Mrs. Isabella Adams

[Hampton]. Ont., 1863 . A

Cleveland writer. Nursing : its Prin-
ciples and Practice ; Nursing Ethics.

Robbins, Hayes. N. Y., 1873 .

A social economist of New York city.
(Joint author.) Outlines of Social Eco-
nomics; Outlines of Political Science.

Robbins, "Wilford Lash. Ms.,

1859 . An Episcopal clergyman,

dean of the cathedral of Albany, New
York, for several years, and since 1903
the dean of the General Theological
Seminary, New York city. An Essay
Toward Faith ; A Christian's Apolo-

Robert, Henry Martyn. S. C, 1837

. A retired brigadier-general in

the United States army. Rules of Order
for Deliberative Assemblies, an author-
itative work.

Robert, Joseph Thomas. S. C, 184-

. A Congregational clergyman of

Chicago, since 1896 prominent as a
lecturer on parliamentary law. Rob-
ert's Parliamentary Syllabus ; Primer
of Parliamentary Law ; Parliamentary
Manual. Dou. Sc.

Roberts, Brigham Henry. E., 1857-
. A Mormon writer of promi-
nence, elected to Congress from Utah
in 1899. Life of John Taylor ; Out-
lines of Ecclesiastical History ; The
Gospel ; A New Witness of God ; Mis-
souri Persecutions ; The Rise and Fall
of Nauvoo.

Roberts, Charles Humphrey. O.,

1847 . A Chicago lawyer. Down

the 0-hi-o, a novel of Quaker life. Mg.

Roberts, George Evan. la., 1857-
. A director of the mint at Wash-
ington city from 1898. Coin at School
in Finance ; Iowa and the Silver Ques-
tion ; Money, Wages, and Prices.

Roberts, Mrs. Ina [Brevoort], N.

Y., 1874 . A novelist of New

York city. The Lifting of a Finger.

Roberts, Isaac Philips. N. Y., 1833

. A director of the College of

Agriculture, Cornell University. The
Fertility of the Land ; The Farmstead ;
The Farmer's Business Handbook.

Roberts, Joseph. Del, 1814-1898.
A United States army officer, brevetted




brigadier-general in 1885. A Hand-
book of ArtiUery (1860).

Roberts, Peter E., 1859 . A

Congregational clergyman at Mahanoy
City, Pennsylvania. The Anthracite
Coal Industry. Mac.

Roberts, William Charles. W.,
1832-1903. A Presbyterian clergy-
man, president of Lake Forest Univer-
sity, Illinois, 1886-1892. Letters on
the Great Preachers of Wales.

Robertson, Harrison. Tn., 1856-
. A novelist of Louisville, Ken-
tucky, editor of the Courier-Journal.
If I were a Man, a story ; Red Blood
and Blue ; The Inlander ; The Oppo-
nents. Scr,

Robertson, Louis Alexander.

N. B., 1856 . A San Francisco

verse-writer. The Dead Calypso and
Other Verses ; Beyond the Requiems ;
Cloistral Strains.

Robertson, Morgan Andrew.

N. Y., 1861 . A litterateur of

New York city. Spun Yarn ; Futility ;
Shipmates ; Where Angels Fear to
Tread ; Masters of Men ; Sinful Peck ;
Down to the Sea ; Tale of a Halo.
Cent. Har.

Robins, Edward. F., 1862 .

Nephew of C. G. Leland (page 228).
A dramatic and musical critic of Phila-
delphia. Echoes of the Playhouse, a
review of old-time English theatrical
life ; The Palmy Days of Nance Old-
field ; Benjamin Franklin : Printer,
Statesman, Philosopher, and Private
Citizen ; Twelve Great Actors ; Twelve
Great Actresses ; With Washington in
Braddock's Campaign. Put. S.

Robins, Henry Ephraim. Ct, 1827
. A Baptist clergyman, profes-
sor of Christian ethics at the Theologi-
cal Seminary, Rochester, New York,
from 1882. Harmony of Ethics with
Theology ; The Christian Idea of Edu-
cation; The Ethics of the Christian Life.

Robinson, Albert Gardner. Ms.,
1855 . A journalist, war corre-
spondent of the New York Evening
Post during the Spanish-American
War. The Porto Rico of To-day;
The Philippines : the War and the
People (1901). Scr.

Robinson, Andrew Rose. Ont.,
1845 . A dermatologist of New

York city. A Manual of Dermatology;
Cancer of the Skin. Ap.

Robinson, Charles Mulford. N. Y.,

1869 — . A publicist of Rochester,

New York. Modern Civic Art ; The
Improvement of Towns and Cities.

Robinson, Conway. Va., 1805-1884.
A lawyer of Richmond, Virginia.
Forms adapted to Virginia Practice ;
Practice in the Virginia Courts of Law
and Equity ; Early Voyages to Amer-
ica ; Views of the Constitution of Vir-
ginia ; Practice in Courts of Justice in
England and the United States ; His-
tory of the High Court of Chancery in

Robinson, Doane. Wis., 1856 .

A journalist of Aberdeen, South Da-
kota. Coteaus of Dakota ; History of
South Dakota ; History of Dakota.

Robinson, Edw^in Arlington. Me.,

1869 . A verse-writer of New

York city. The Torrent and the Night
Before ; The Children of the Night ;
Captain Craig : a Book of Poems.

Robinson, James Harvey. II.,

1863 . A professor of history in

Columbia University. The German
Bundesrath ; Petrarch, First Modern
Scholar and Man of Letters ; Introduc-
tion to History of Western Europe^
Gi. Put.

Robinson, John. Ms., 1846-

botanist of Salem, MassachusettSt Ferns^
in Their Homes and Ours; Flora of
Essex County, Massachusetts.

Robinson, Mrs. Suzanne (Antro-
bus). McL, 18 . A New Or-
leans novelist. The King's Messenger..

Robinson, William Callyhan, Ct.,

1834 . A lawyer, dean of the law

department of the Catholic University"
of America from 1895, but earlier in his:
career an Episcopal clergyman. Life-
of Ebenezer Beriah Kelly ; Notes on;
Elementary Law ; Elementary Law ;.
Clavis Rerum ; The Law of Patents ;
Forensic Oratory ; Elements of Ameri-
can Jurisprudence. Lit.

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